The Church of Lazlo - 10.16.17 - Al Michaels

Monday, October 16th


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You you feel like given some privileged like I opinions on some news is that of course always pisses people off me made amends find something new latest. Ladies and is let me tell Leo well some fan. About Alice Walker. Let me tell you know the little something about my irons and we're. Well. Let me tell you a little something about Al Michaels. Gloria I can do this. I'm guessing your soul of the news. Al Michaels. From his face is a backlash and her comment that he made about Harvey Weinstein more now. Oh Lal. Let's face the giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein. And you're up by fourteen points. Only in my LA guys come up. There is girl. Well that was a big stop though for the demo bloggers who. So there you go. Start well a little bit far around. I want Al Michaels god damn I had it on a flight how dare he measure a tournament. And then make. An analogy. That clearly is meant. To being. Not clear analogy. But somewhat facetious in the sense that. It's as was a bad week because if you were to look back aren't. Harvey did have a bad week. That said. Portrays firearm. Well here you go around new years there is now I want his ass a lot of public apology. A line between an apology. A lot I don't know. To put up a FaceBook post. That's as he had Saturday. This guy says loves women and has no idea what happened to own this guy's profile says he's an NFL scout works for Bleacher Report formally worked for Sports Illustrated. He's got nerve response he's got a verified account says Al Michaels probably the best play by play guy in history but boy that was a big lapse in judgment that this other guy says he's responding to a replying to dad's been on Twitter he says this could be the end for around. Get rid of them could it be per hour it's not the end of a mom never watching the NFL and this woman says I didn't just tear Al Michaels yes we did giants are all he has to win and Harvey Weinstein all you guys really did yes it dead or has it dead. It did happen. And I want his act. Should. She issue for some sort of sports person to. Let's see would also we got here from Harvey Weinstein reference on Sunday Night Football a multi planet is that a good ten. I don't know why Honda. God I'll tell you what you know the NFL's no place. For free speech. We're social commentary but I right now. My back I don't want any media critic Al Michaels. Out. Let's see who else you'd think Al Michaels would nobody there to make a comment like that what's wrong with people. See who this guy is. Com is a mammoth common sense is what he is he's a candidate for Massachusetts governor of course that's who this guy is. Al Michaels. This person says it's worse than I thought he's got a he'd be treats the law and I just read it it's not a target this is embarrassingly awful. Embarrassingly awful. Let's see who's this guy. He's an online producer for. I don't know caucuses. In other artists. A while Michael's assets like this morning. Some sort of pot and I looked into this idea that figure engine braking or something lecture. I fathers say any one time I Frances Sloan. Ahead on you know it's put your arm and a sling Powell got a guy and asked him a break your ass got it. Must spend so hard grass is gonna have to honestly when you would understand his references if you had a father. This guy says you know you bring resigned yourself in question old man's son he's just letting go during this guy works for MLB network and he's an NHL network Osama sports guy he says Al Michaels is what happens when you surround yourself of people that routinely laughing your bad jokes out. Al Michaels a surrounding himself a yes man. But that's the problem is kids are too scared the same thing is why I'm the man. And I'm when he tells a sex is horrible this nostalgia rich. Al Michaels. Someone says I just turn on the game to see Al Michaels apologize for this very very stupid joke. Al Michaels apologized on air quote it was not meant in that manner so my apologies well let's leave it back. A whole will we just leave it I don't know exactly why are you like to leave it lie that almost like angels Arabic. Sure it is as profiled collars. But there and in James scored and also had to apologize for once all of those son of a bench. The letdown or even America you know late night show host said he wanted to change our looser and not his alleged victims. Back to wherever your from your son of a bitch during a charity gala he joked quote it's been weird this week watching Harvey Weinstein hot water. Ask any of the women who watched him take a bath it's weird so clearly a joke right watch RB one team has denied allegations of non consensual. Make it there it's. During the annual gala in LA James made a series of gags about the Hollywood producer who is facing rape sexual assault and sexual harassment claims he said quote. It's a beautiful night here in LA so beautiful heart you lysine is already asked tonight up to his hotel to give him a massage. Well I don't understand that way lights tonight so beautiful. And how so beautiful do does that asked tonight I just kind of personnel fired a different America. Now cannot there actually someone from America today said I've always made it my mission until every American I mean why we hate James scored in the UK now they no longer. They know I insensitive to rack up near and sensitive side of a good shot at the US's mind. You'd I was gonna I was gonna well whatever arrows throws well all New England College the unit there but today. So those words are offensive about rose I don't cause and it wasn't happy. She said here in the audience is vile roars and laughs sure exactly what kind of Hollywood you really are. Saying why it. Rose counted on how she's got better resume. Cordon James is Schieffer America senior. Our issue for America I think so all right she's far. What about the that blossomed check. Didn't they make fun of fat haven't late night hosts always made fun of everyone immediately. Isn't that of course didn't they make fun of Clinton and meet all eight callers you harassed an intern. All good all harsh. But suddenly this is. Inappropriate he has to apologize Al Michaels has to apologize. Of course you Dutch. Jars and had a worse week than Harvey. To have. How will ever recover from my back. I don't understand how that just came I don't know. I'm so sorry. You're fired Michael's. It fired. That enough. The fire. Polishing Carol for the third. They let you go forward which you don't. Al and James. I think OJ's I had to report on Barack columns were. Karl or didn't say is everything hold on how we do at blossom now you mentioned it's. Ma. I am Bill Keller. We have to Joseph 00 I'd say little hello I'm not sure because she's a woman so I'm not sure what happens here is why don't women disagree that is set to step away. Not allowed to comment on that I don't have an opinion. I'm not the team blossom or not Tim lost and I'm not sure on what we're losing our audience here because most of them were. Barely born on blossom cannot ignore from the big bank three I don't know who she plays on big mentally what's her name on Big Bang theory. Can someone figures out she plays do his girlfriend wife something. Amy OK there you go is aiming for our own Big Bang theory there ego he does nor is any from there that's right that is the blossoms are. She wrote an op Ed for the New York Times and she set I enter the Hollywood machine 1986 is a prominent nose awkward geeky Jerusalem bureau basically describe your version percent today backed and we didn't have been under social meet your reality TV I didn't need any of that to understand that I didn't look or act like other girls in my industry. And that I was immersing myself in a business that rewarded physical beauty. And sex appeal above all else she says nothing has been a harsh reminder that I work in an industry that profiles are sorry the profits. And exploitation of women and not just on screen. The new accusations artery once seen as a serial sexual salts are particularly aspiring young actresses though I am shocked and disgusted by the scope of his alleged. Predation they say that word jerk predator and I learned the fact that he may have been you know. Our vision of power does not surprise me in the least. I've always had an odd couple relationship but being employed an industry that profits on the objective objective vacation of women. Though pressure to deal like the pretty girls started long before in Hollywood I quickly learned even as a preteen actors they young girls. With Joseph Eisen pouting lips who spoke in a high register or favored paroles by the powerful men. Who made those decisions officials abortions anything too controversial Reggie same beautiful girls you know plus. You don't have an opinion is he said something controversial real dumb ass ID number I don't I'm not seeing everybody shot it passage of what I would do is be quiet. Amanda she offended you shouldn't offend me it doesn't matter you've been to do it doesn't matter Aaron. Shot yet. Today's issue on to say that she was constantly tease about. Her. Appearance. Batter knows about her Chan and she started. Obsessing over the thought of having a nose job and a chin job. And she said she always make conservative choices he as a young cash actress largely informed by my first generation American parents who were highly skeptical of the industry in general. She said she evict eventually left the business when she was nineteen to pursue pursue a doctorate in neuroscience at the University of California Los Angeles is ours and are assigned to and that's why achieved so good on big renteria is so. What's her name Amy. That's characters as a nontraditional Q when I came back to an industry that had me audition for the front be friends. But I eventually landed a role that has earned me four Emmy nominations it is a surprise. That I play in a drive and a sock were late bloomer. Or is it a surprise and she basically goes on to say if you don't wanna you know get molest and stuff still be sexy. So you can regressive for yourself. Why. I think that's not a part what you read everything else and you just paraphrase that because I don't know why I'm probably not the party paraphrase the good friends up the load the top part of that. Not the bottom part of that somewhere. You know Michael's gonna work and got their feet and end. Again. She says I've yet to it's a she says and yet I've also expressed the upside of not being a perfect ten this is you know. I'm not saying I'm offended last understand this is you know the part that people tweeted. As a proud feminist that little desire to die get plastic surgery or higher personal trainer I have almost no personal experience that men asking me to meetings in their hotel rooms. Those of us in Hollywood who don't represent an impossible standard of beauty had the luxury of being overlooked and in many cases ignored by many empower unless we can make the money. I still make choices every day's a 41 year old actress that I think of as self protecting and wise I decided that my sexual assault is that's reserved for private situations. With those I am most intimate way I dress modestly I don't act flirtatious thing with men as a policy and entirely aware that these types of choices. Might you oppressive to many young feminist women should be able to Wear whatever they want they should be able to flirt however they want. With whomever they want. Why are we the ones who have to police our behavior and a perfect world women should be free to act or they want but our world is a perfect nothing absolutely nothing excuses man from assaulting. Or abusing women but we can't be naive about the culture we live. Lago. Benefited some didn't belong. And are also a lot of zone as the Los some people liked it I saw some people really liked it. There summit went back and forth and women of rule I didn't like it. As some legends some didn't. I don't have an opinion. All you shouldn't. We shouldn't. You have an opinion about the Al Michaels controversy filed. I can't believe you would even think to say that. I like that tweet that says you know I read it it's even worse than I would on our worst week in Harvey Weinstein. And they are up fourteen points poof. Man waiting to corral my goes you edgy son of a businessman.