The Church of Lazlo - 10.16.17 - The Rock Test

Monday, October 16th


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Automating that tell you look good today thanks to have a Dunlap. I don't look and a we look these sects in Warren there you always of course and if you're an exact same thing you look better. I don't agree but instrument over insane things that. Pay someone said this may be maybe listen to both of us I know some. Think it was on Twitter nine member doesn't matter so much of the story but because we were talking last week about. When you were to we were both talking about. The whole. And and he approach women. I am like. I don't know how to talk to girls right and you know was it are we just living in his. Time where the anonymous read it anywhere and beyond or in an immediate. Spiral very good with the ladies. Someone sent the story apparently there is an easy fix them. All those questions you're asking last week about what's appropriate and what I say to a woman if I want to take her out yeah. Please tell me so I guess. It people Silicon Valley were worried about these stories that are called hyper aware and scared of behaving wrongly. So there join all kinds of parameters this is according to a venture capitalist. Who apparently spoke anonymously. They said that some of these guys are actually avoiding meetings. Like solo meetings with female entrepreneurs like pence expense. Share avoiding potential meetings with Blake recruits and people who. You know ask for informational or networking meetings agency now into. Don't know how to act. So that's not good that's what you want to have happen right you know want. Everyone just avoiding women because they don't product. So they came up with a solution. I'm Tony feels a little situation here side to it and tell exactly what to say don't I'm gonna say out of how to deal with that how to approach a woman. How to handle the situation and AB exact situations you very modern day Cyrano diversion Caron is a friend of a friend Karen yup. She recently moved dear city my city your city and she wants to network. Network. Is that code she wants a net no it's not told vote I'm just I'm not known and trusted network. Because you are in a similar field. Radar yes. What do men Karen there. She you're in radio so she does something in the music industry. Analysts and network with you she's asked if you would be willing to go get coffee with her at a coffee shop. Now she says she wants to pick your brain room. There's just one problem no cancer for a you know what do you do. I mean. Do you know what's appropriate and what's inappropriate how to treat the coffee meeting I asked him what I do now. What do you think yeah deal. Lastly how I handle this guardian and I'll say what they tell you're supposed to do this this trick. I estimate there's this really happens to me in your ass anyway Jim Caron and it comes out and ask you chose to take it kickoff in pictures share. How do you handle that I say yes and I never show up. That's aside do and everybody. The guy girl mode are suddenly a man man morning in my house I can't make him. Busy because I just I'm not going around people and so I decided oh yeah not be awesome and and I never do it. And then maybe showed they don't actually cancel Lejeune you know means for golfers from them Michael and every awesome and and I never really she gives up. Dad and then like I went away so like day we should means across. As really OK whatever. That's it well according to the story is a better way to do that. Well I hope to those about a way to do that when you go to this coffee meeting with Karen and pianist so I have to go home you're gonna go when she wants to pick your brain. You're going to employ something called the rock tests. To be heard about this already the rock test. By god you smaller rockets took him out thinking. I. You're going to close your eyes closed under pause take a deep breath we open then you're going to pretend Karen looks like the rock. Karen love rock. The rock the rock layers on news very or rock in light of the people's elbow they like fast and furious orca fashion church rock or rock them ball Ers. Karen look a lot of talks some sort of as a Tooth Fairy Karen looks tough strong and sweaty. She looks like a person who's working very hard to achieve her goals. Having left behind a situation that clearly wasn't working headed for bigger and better things maybe ask her about that. But do not hit on her. It looks like she can kill you with that shared that you're sitting in because she looks like the rock. You're just going to envision the rock this is kind of like east you know go to public speaking and I say a million people is our. So here's your second scenario so I look at I'm like god Daniel like Barack Karen don't say that just think it. Imagine how like Hillary ferry were in Iowa you know I'm not saying how would you talk to the rock. You've got to be a little bit you know you can't be very respectful. Possibly a little bit intimidated. My man yeah that's how you respond up Karen you lawmen. Say you've been working out. Care look at those arms. Situation to this is the media situation now Amanda is your business colleague. Why does somebody else now horizontal soon know this is a new scenario are okay and is your business colleague she is a few questions about the big project that you guys are working on. She's asked you for a one on one meeting to go over some of the specifics there's just one problem he got a problem as. Amanda super hot she's super hot she's super hot and she doesn't Wear wedding ring. It's our job man who is again I'm looks like she's not married so you know you're thinking. One issue I mean Amy maybe she'd wanna talk I'm sure routers is high school some sort of big project for work. I don't do bridge projects for work outside of work I'm a senior and Jerry were under projects not outside of work notices and work up this is that work. Or should also work when me in my office or work Ashley wants to come talk TO. Oakmont that's fine I'll have a problem that she's out or a wedding rings away she's open to talking about herb you know adventurous sex life. Went on second. Mean maybe she is when you grow a federal laws take us all letters in my office and working on something and she's like hey you don't have to me last night I'd. Don't dot triple team knows so you don't is that she's not wearing a ring so maybe you say hey your ventricle team or something. While I say and I don't know some guys apparently save as seems like not a Smart place to work out this article because she's now we're NN well. First off and dozens and let us not blizzard on site on not information I need to now. Because. Then you know. I wanna know that. May be just when a teller dismissing says maybe you wanna teller about today you're adventurous sex like or share power seller about mileage is sharing your latex fetish with there you should see you avenue mile site. At triple teams. Our budget there's a light touch is that when I want to say were not let's imagine if that's what you're thinking this whole time as any gas demand is so hot shower and wagering and wanna talk to about my. Any news that is why when I saw a while Patrick my none of those things and anyone is that I comes up that's not what I think I wanna talk about when I talk to someone hot. I don't think like what do you think what you want talk about. What kind of sexed up to one talk I don't I mean I do but I don't bright well this is saying that you do right now is trying to you know be funny ideas on how do you clear your mind how do you. Avoid thinking about the fact that she's not wearing a ring in the fact is she super hot the fact that. You know I don't like about science says she all right is she wears latex and in my office and all well different videos imagine that well I had. And that's just going to voice yes and this is distracting but I feel like I can get on my job it's okay we you're supposed I think to myself oh my god. Best girl is really hot and I think why are doing a project for work what works so much. Why do you care I'm not. Can now not doing the project. Is supposed to use Iraq tests clothes I try and I've Illinois Iran your mind and you know think of Amanda as the rock. Looks like commanders are working hard. She just needs some help with this project. Likely she knows enough to ask for assistance when she needs it what do professionally you're lucky to have amending your corner unfortunately. It definitely looks like she has no time at all to hear about your opinion is saying no matter how much. Don I'm sure she does nylon string you along that's not exactly where I'm headed. Not gone straight there well leasing clear your mind if you just think about the rock. Okay the rock saw the rock Dwayne the rock Johnson Iraq. My situation you co worker Jennifer team just wants to successfully project and boom by U opposite drinks Jennifer you don't even know our coworkers names yet question Jennifer Johnson noted treasurer. Now did you read & Associates L worker Jeffers on Cecil new project she is invited. You out. For some drinks is Oliver and jump ahead you said that. Will you stop me and then. I assassin shall I mean at Drexler. There's only one problem with this whole going out to celebrate thing with Jennifer in the and the gals she said Ron. There'll laughs who drop down her and all of her friends down there like wearing skirts the super hot now. I mean how can you be expect to not say something inappropriate or keep your hands to yourself right when all Israel's best jumper drinks mr. brown. There's sanity and us. This is I didn't come up with this scenario cam re. Erstad lawyer Tom I'm other girls super hot adjust I believe is wrong here I examines what a lot of guys do bald guys are rare event and I can't imagine that works every one knows that when a woman smiles that you it means she likes you like that that's of the story says at least that's all the movies you've seen. And the strip clubs you've been to have worked. How can you know this is just drinks with co workers or opportunity to masturbating in front of a group of people this kind of like what we talked about. So if you. Don't understand you know the answer to this you're on a bunch of girls they all look like Barack you won a match made in front of home and water. Mr. Bruins on the mound that is an area that they've given us slowly. Have to master harm that close your eyes take a deep breath hoping your eyes felt like Iraq Jennifer team all look like the Iraq now don't mind no wonder they're. Project was successful attempt they're big strong successful people. Maybe you should talk about you know sports or something instead. Sacks. All right man. Dwayne the rock Johnson has Tweeter bodies is cool to see the big response from the article when you approach a woman just think of me hash tag Iraq test. That's who is supposed to do. The problem is. For some of us we react around Iraq might be an approach. By solar rock I think guys are to your real. I get nervous I get my palms get sweaty. Mom's been yeah I get nervous. If the rock walks into your office with those huge arms. He's dressed nice teacher you can see is nipple services remains look at how the rock always looks are now envisioning that that comes in to talk to me. I get real nervous. Yeah is going well you don't masturbating in front of them I guess that's a good news. Odalis. Australia day I saw from callers last week. Here's my winner mine if my master made like assailant or anyone not says Amanda or the Iraq now this woman who wrote this article. I mean look may be a woman old article. She says that. But I don't earnings and clerk. Ownership and and more what's happening. She's the one who wrote this I wonder if she's actually been in situations like this for she goes out for drinks with co workers and so it's it's shouldn't be laughing. I mean but that's just seem so. So absurd that someone would do that but I guess I. Hey man. I'm letting them that's not as just talk about third and things. If someone asks you out for drinks you it can bend master right in front of them thought seems like it does all really quite found that you and I are just like national. But I don't. And I don't wanna Al Michaels myself and cost myself a job. But I don't think it's crazy as someone says they resort to draw out for drinks that you think maybe they like me. I should checked us out an explorer. We listen like I shouldn't jump to masturbation but I should then maybe she likes me like he's now royal wedding ring. Because sure as real for George in July he was so good. Let me get those who celebrates I realize just like me and I go home I'm realizing asking her watcher mastering she I'll I don't do everything I say redemption in light me up watching their. Sox. Idaho home. I'm masturbating for myself. Why Mike geez you do the rock test that. My master but yellow journal article advised us and I imagine Iraq and finish well praises and Beers they don't have to imagine. We noted porno it's Iraq. It Jim referred to her friends the only guy there's three girls there. Circles as a super hot there weren't skirts taking up for drinks. Larry you know a lot of it's easy for me anyways designers don't go out so is there and ask me again ambulance I'm rich you are going to on December show on legislative. Well I guess if they ask you out. Don't talk about anything other than work I mean serious. You've we discussed this last week that's what this is saying this is from a woman's perspective. Keep a professional focus let me ask you this. Are let me at least Ausmus apartments. More lives were out. Having drinks. And then. She kisses me am I still supposed to picture as a Rodham I would that we don't know who quickly. This hour or so she's like I really like you and I'm like I'm. I don't know. I'm just not done in June and she's like why don't you kind of intimidating you'll like Iraq demand that the yeah I know you're just kind of like just intimidating force with her sons on a mile they'll keep got a little talking about. And I don't know if you look like a rock. I'm not sick. To answer it. Don't do it. You get in trouble. So I have to go all around the world they know that every girl looks like the Iraq. I think you should just get a rock mask like Halloween mask intimate girl wants to come and your office discuss. Its you know. Business is making par on the mask a rock manager to say here can you Wear this. Anytime you go to promotions mean just and grabbed every girl on there. Many no like message. Iraq telling us a bad idea all right so for me maybe the mask thing isn't a great idea yeah highlights not a lot. Might have to be the rock why can't you just imagine that you're talking your mom would not be any easier and more logical time as does Saudi Iran Lotta job.