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Monday, October 16th


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Nick right there FS one how are you. I'm good. One Burton mark was 3830 central time and remote page chewed up 4 PM. Replay in the afternoon the chief law that you order a lot of extra tomorrow. Baseball well I feel like none of that what we're going to be talked growers now I'll go. Oh well I this idea. To find this because I can't I can I don't remember. What in eastern Graham name is that I'm okay. Only one paper and I shouldn't there's a million by 2000. A what not name any names of the instructional. Okay. I don't have to name any names can only say who it is. Yeah look how the persons related you. Are under purpose but that is not. Any yet a 100%. Yet Apple's. Sean. I don't even I can look it up in the can't remember them god damn. My wife in the Graham and paper on Mitt isn't it hard. M ants. Misses are. On edge. I'm Erica okay look at this. So I'm imagining games but I'm scrolling deranged or Graham and I see this. Oca let's Gaza's. Me and you know whatever my best friend or whatever write a guy and I'm like how long is this an your wife's best friend. All of me your best friends all four of us have never gone out or I don't know drinks or something. However that is an impressive human being. Yeah very very attractive. Good hearted human. That definitely were there and given what I know about you but well I would say. Hold true as she got your type is that. It is I checked it. She is she checked what you and your box. Yeah that's that's yes my boxes aren't. I understand. And in my bit and let me you can sort of all she does not live. She's never lived in the same city you want me. She's she's lived in our our way that he and dating Elin are important for fifty years reference burqa walk that. That he's here. And they haven't lived in the same city are correct. So the problem but not around quite often and well pat you've do you call Bloomberg here in blatt will be came on the market. She has all ready. She's she's quite be as well it sometimes what more than casual dating relationship with the not our good friend of. So like old war wounds when he gave the art and it was spot look back my problems don't want it. That would certainly not to do. Is put us in the same room together. Oh not this. I mean. I mean I think there are. I feel like it does me being. Obviously each other for Thanksgiving man. I mean. I would say it's unlikely to achieved near the Thanksgiving but it certainly popped. I mean she needs she had been you know get the hell finally each other. Five the year but they elect wanted dead yeah they go to Toronto together they you'll want to these things. Yeah it might lose my wife who I believe to be I think objectively speaking is gorgeous. And Kirk king evil objectively gorgeous bright golden out of the country girl work together I just trying to think about. The flawless deuce on the money. Go to Tulsa hey it's just look at that. We're not we're not invited. They they participating carnival. All right you know like you guys participate in that. It that girl. Went much maybe you crypto. Anyway. I saw OK you're right when I looked out and had done that not young lady. Checks a lot of my boxes but I'm positive I checked none of hers so it's fine in our. I don't mean I don't know that's true you. Just heard boxers on earth which it smog but old and unattractive then. I feel like I don't have double what it expected it to you. All of you you certainly what is the fate at character. Com whether you're sort. Well I don't know what but what they're here or there and what I can promise you would do that if I get a chance put you guys in the same world wide open that. What I think and feel I keyboard not yet had it. And as you are not an image in his for the person says Leo's. She dates this big name. Might come and gone aka. Look I know it makes a lot more money than me but I make enough money to pretend like I make as much as them trust. Across. And that's all that matters to pretend for a weekend. About it. Absolutely and the thing is it wild. Right pretend. You are loyal listeners. Your army and a meager means. You overeat so powerful living gone through multiple incomes so what is that like you're both. You and Edward Burke and our quote you know driving it 13 sedans and dying with money left over to what that occurred. But exactly whatever he can get there I can better accept a it'll probably. Happen orgasm just handed her. I was gonna say artist and I thought I'd taken it too far. Now like people were world and here. In. Why the chiefs lose neck. And I told you guys. That means that the would ever want saying my god achieved without being vocal notebook screen is vitally. I got a lot big no period net. The people up in the order terrible act of what I've got a crazy number for you guys. Are eight and immediately brought apple to give him he won't let you view articulate yeah. And achieved black 34 all game bear went in quoting a well they're 474. Against. The NFL minus Pittsburgh. And Oakland were against it or yup like there right now we need to be in the AFC. New England and like to change my actor Corey was doing doing well Mac is a great with Pittsburgh and that Matt has a certain security. You know I mean. I just sucks because like we're saying earlier UC Todd Haley stand and Aaron I'd you know I don't like. Then Roethlisberger. And just being nice they can get away and. Or I think he put. And it got suckered well we let out it's been active in Antonio Brown into it right away. Anyone criticizing. You re going to the pot down and I. Only understand football I don't get upset about that. Well the story they had 45 yards and three quarters ever invite all of you you got it. The noble you caught it who once scored what you mean when you're I don't know if that part down. The end something else potentially lock down in another dot out. The putt down in a field goal. It's going to be hard to be a better position to hit that Albert got down. There before dark like if you wanna put aside and because it was illegal work you should go wrong all along or I. Were put off in the whole day. One he. I don't know probably Holloway played that Darryl I think that was Smart that's why you have to do. I encountered were killing me wherever one local killing in order I did think that the move you've got and make yeah it. Spot and it won't like and by the way. One given the murder on a credit might get it quite well now they're born to with a tiebreaker game you didn't like a huge win for them. The single biggest play of the game. Could have been let down your city and ended up comfort that. That's true that's true too and yet and there are a couple of big calls it Kansas City didn't get in their favor you know. A late hit and somehow McDowell it's in sometimes that stuff doesn't go your way as you could say the same thing about the Redskins game the other way the Redskins could have easily won that game. Now here's the thing I want to say this because I do watcher TV show and it. And I always call you out when you get it exactly wrong. Doesn't want my favorite things to do. Nick and Cris Carter we're talking about. Like disarray the Steelers are and oh Roethlisberger is gold that he may not be getting better and they're not getting along in the coaching staff doesn't know what to do though and but the whole goddamn things come off the rails right. And at the very end nick says. Bought. If they beat the chiefs are just begun undefeated his support to and everybody thinks I'm a bit about him while again. You're absolutely right by the. Of course. With that level and the thing you know you watch the show and I really appreciate that. Lots on hold on I'm hoping it goes up as Buckingham like. That's the dumbest pick I've ever in my life. Oh god yes you know or exactly like it got here on the debate. He's talking about it or well insult me. I webpart in my pocket popping darn it act. I'm like image you never like white is acting because might make in the car with needles. And he hit or lack well I'd say he's trying to. Well then it was like yeah. Figure out which is lit but I would want to block the joke we actually deeply appreciate that I'm doing what the one more discerning ear because what you will that he. At the end of all of my bearings right opinion. It like it. So did pick up you know and like all it. Eight. It harder this morning what hired me. A light yet been in a long time because. It would appear he's they're like all the paper. And I that they because on winning the bigger greater than that greeted the car. I Clinton that try and like anger they were talking about what you believe or not it is interim leader not a lawyer. I'd like not acquire more certain opinion which we know in order or didn't order it won't sit there and she you can bet that you like within. You in the long that the forms you can that you're not the players want what people don't need you big game you know you're out there are rupture. And then of course what happens on Sunday at your 400 bird or your wasn't sort of double. And let me see that morning. To cut spending but you. Know what you've been Butler and I finally in one's life proud moment. Check me deeply that what you need right now. Arguing that felt like like no other important change is that you don't want really thick end. That play you his glossy oh. Well. I mean yeah but not at my record here at what point in me their bill. Oh that going on the other news that that. About the current people all might be dated job you've got your not Smart paper all of that figured out the of the appointment where Opel to Asia what he's done the year. Another quarterback I've ever been waiting game Aaron Rodgers you've done that your. You saw that. Since that DOS. Well the Packers I think eight Wayne Morgan and the date. Now what happen. And that your body might be your life are flawed the lines. Yeah Africa are expected in court but on the into the line yet. While I don't know it put up 38 points. No yet we didn't like it did you actually defend the sport. Oh there yet but yet links it down. I don't like the sport and actors are over no ball in the end well for what am I. You will pick that would harbor and the bank and in Baltic that was caught in the end zone for putt from the back. Did they put up 38 point out in the morning once these days war when. While he threw for 312 yards three touchdowns and three interceptions. Against the Panthers he threw for two or 29 to touch down zero and assumptions. All quarterback rating of one a 3.2. 81 point 389 point three for the season. That the electorate or not because the league average right now part of it. So I think quarterback in the history of all lightly below league effort but you're gonna you're dependent that contract. Yes but it's not because I because eventually you're gonna have to pay someone because what you lack is critical 40. Yeah that's. You acted the same he said Todd Alex at Tampa palms. Now. Is the same thing you get rid of Matt Stafford not it dot. Jake rude shock as your quarterback. They're hoping for a draft to get someone as good as staffers you can pay them five years from now or more money than you're gonna paste effort. OK. Let's I don't know it's simple. No it's not simple. Meyer that is equation however I don't know will be debt separate argument again I want an outward quarterback you know well this week in the public or open Jay Cutler is what in fact. Matthew that are not the guy who's been started that. Or whoever that is you can just say that every week so. No no clue what they're passing that on the line. Little did you guys fullback we'll put forgo did you guys. Being. Michael thing didn't you definitely Turks a lot of lot on. Yeah oh yeah you have to listen to podcasts here are hot take on that I've got serious opinions on Al Michaels. It in your your opinion than you or pretending to be offended. We'll man's plain view why it's offensive. Is gonna listen analyst podcaster right. No longer. A conference you know and again. No. And he talks about it. Oh it is hit it directly quote it. Podcasts I always do I mean I certainly think a cent to get a more frequently and much else going on right now. Soco. And I would really not from our world I didn't even older girl I'm don't make that joke I did that earlier in the game and sour looks all things. I don't I don't know I don't want it looks bad right now. And very sad. There aren't they want and an important repeat seemed to hang up on me. So I'll tell you that opportunity. How long no one quite I was putting together dropper what was into the pot Gephardt and you're Latin. By plane ticket to go there but make it anymore. You didn't do it because you knew you can look forward she helped I don't forget that man you're no foam broke your response to work out. Thanks meg. A lot of CNN. We bought.