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Friday, September 23rd


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Yeah. Deb Deborah Keegan health is hard to sign and the alternative many 65 the buzz so we're broadcasting live in the spring Casey studios bred to Bible might bring company colony houses here how that you also. I know that I got some family reunion day today dreamers or and I got you got continuing years. I know and real years you know we hear a lot less tired and less weight than the last time yeah probably south I side. About myself less that's been another theme of the day people have been in my bed or my hotel room and I felt class yeah that has happened many many times the it's not like it's and I. Yeah an all time your hotel rooms sure helps your health and I have to tell you guys one of my favorites in in the hotel rooms that I ever did was he. All automated everything and that's and I he was with us as well we've talked about it many many times. Even paying attention he doesn't know when I'm glad that we talked about you guys because we remember specifically. You all showed up with Kansas City had split and I. These guys and why didn't I Kansas City so much. Yeah Iraq in the minds. Is that we have felt like you miss it too much too aware of the Casey had in case he sat wearing the band shirts to the concert. When I mean who knows. William will we do that we've done that we've done studies on different this time they go we're just gonna hang in on the might stand perfect like the flag I love it. You can't pass this is seeded yeah. Radio now when whenever. You gentlemen touring obviously all over the place have been seeing that the union record command as well. I knew we were near record in the new year January 13. And you know adjustment we continue it seems like we just when we don't know what to do with ourselves we just are playing shows and then how about yeah with so we'd love to do with comfortable indeed it's so comfortable thirties saw those moments are like. Don't wanna go onstage to meet. I think it's pretty much what we look forward to Rihanna yeah it's more like I don't wanna get in the van and drive yeah. And I X it's if we can just tell put too staged reality. We're working on it. Now I know these guys have been through a few times and people clearly are familiar with coming out there may do it may still be a few people who are not give a full. The back story where Collins came from how this whole thing started. Scott you bank gives the back story chair Tim plays in background users and I needed our lovely little card played lovely story. Castles and princesses. So once upon a time. I and met Caleb and will chairman who are Brothers. And they're younger sister's birthday party. Because room because I lost my driver's license. Too many recklessness. Speeding tickets. And and was forced to arrive with a friend it. Everywhere yeah. I wanted to get out of that palace. And I ended up an eight year old birthday party and just so happened to be killed and littlest sister who's. We after a shameless followed. From my. Friend the and guys found out that I played guitar and sang. And relied let's start a band together. Then yeah some years down the road. Whom we main goal this fine young man to my left the park every Cottrell and Knoxville Tennessee where we both hail. From. And. Yeah. You've gone through the list goes we became a colony now. Yeah. Good out. Impressive simply wrong. Well it's fantastic to have you guys here I'm glad that your unfortunate speeding ticket. Currency bright you all together it's in the past yeah. In the past for the betterment of future yes and they let you drive the van diva doesn't matter until 130 in in my last aren't nice. Is it scary banning one little scared when he's not intentional though. You know why is he did a great job yeah yeah. Those are also newsroom slows obviously didn't I was using until Scots are seen Macy Gray area at the top of his lungs and a really good. Say. Tell. As well Antonio's sort of busy studio Dracula roller rink how many you guys are playing tonight I was a smash. Yeah. I like it closeness. I don't think it's I'm not even my high school I think American management I cry yet math juror cry listen that's on me a little bit I don't know that I crash and via. And oh yeah he was to let him back to me last night. Manager put it on the radio. And if we literally song everywhere else like how does this work. It out of his house and ask you this on good songs it's on Tsongas came ya I'm I'm thinking cover maybe some noise and possibly Casey lives and I got. Yeah again. A couple hours were worked out and do it. Do it Connie out opening up tonight with dreamers and playing with the Mona Lisa Casey like I did despite now breaking news everybody just so you know. If he did come by the bus here today and pick up and remembering a T shirt if you Wear it tonight even for free. Low is now or their eyes on Honduras as we are at a shirts shirts are gone but if you were able to get here earlier and have more like yeah. We militiamen for free and thanked them you management clearly when he played for us. Won't play a song called we'll play cups on Scott songs the ghosts are with the words you. The first one and nick is our first single cause you and I way. And yeah of this new album it's said it's it's fun when we're kind of still we're with a serie a could seek ish version of it so we'll get a shot here. Pairing we'll see what happens and I'm glad it's afterwards it's funny how fly in the spring Casey studios match you Bible I'd bring company here on the list. Does a toddler. Jose. This time. Please. Who can't just say hey man. We. Yeah. Wins and I need some. Now we're paying job. No leads on. Okay. Yeah. Maybe win. And maybe and wages need. I'm not dead flat denied this until being billed as this can't Z and how much time. I'm just. You have now wants fun I like back in the colony house live in the spring Casey studios bred to Bible vibrant company opening tonight. For the most pleased with dreamers is the Tony Blair over show heck he's do you live five dollars and. Yes you are one of the lucky few to come by the station earlier this afternoon and get in the brain new buzz T shirt he had what it does he get in for free he decides to be 21 of them. So just so you know there's going to be a good time ninth dreamers her hair earlier than I was in Arlington needed time and now we're gonna hang out comedy house as well tonight. Let's look at a normal Kansas City trip like for you guys lose. Usually you we step. Some friend's house of ours soon they're currently out towns who got hold placed herself party and right or plays and I mean. And then we wet what else do you wait what do we always go to same restaurant because this seems like we're always playing in the same area that play was good that. Then the coffee shop Val may just nice and what's what's the sandwich shop right next door hangers Reiner yeah. We always seem to find herself a grinder sends a good place to be found ha. And are we have 11 time announces the yeah. To your area of snow airlifting you know you know we are walking had all landing go well. It be awesome if we can buy these close and we walk our guy inspired by the price tags to. You feel it was he. Then. Our team yeah. And then. We have friends you always fixes are guitars here dad today and day around out amplification. Nanny always comes and he he works he kind of puts them back in shape yeah. And then. We play show and the rest easy now hey Alan. I like these guys have things even the know and you're excited doing and can you know you're like excited to roll into town and short next to finally turn the latest we need to do these things. What I like other places. Yeah and a little city is a nice night. Stop on to always to go out and hear what what was your question is well it's like and other well what are some other places that you do that in your life. Surprisingly. It. For us some might come away from homes one in San Francisco you've got a lot of friends there. We always end up plan like how show it our friend's house and they have like. Bunch of friends now last time they had this guy made like. Fresh night burritos. Our vision like yeah amazing. And and we would never thought San Francisco at the home away from home in Nashville like southern Tennessee bullies you know right. Another place that's surprising like that is New Jersey like Philadelphia. But we stay with this family. In Moorestown New Jersey whose site are. Second family really saved our lives literally in the past we've had some. We didn't even know it they're quick history is like we didn't notice him Landau who our van broke down after New York City show. And on the turnpike we got towed back to Philly. And we didn't have a fan for a few days that we had it shows so we'll lighten. We had a friend who said you should say with the Stanley either really sweet stayed with them since like. Since then every time we go back even remotely close area we always go and have a big. Italian Shiite thinks she's just amazing Italian Mike. Woman who took the system making feud and and there's just really sweet people so it's all of that we could later that's one of our favorite parts of tearing it's like we have now easel families and places we've never knew we would. And that's throws kind of holiday because I can't imagine my I'm such a homebody I love being in Kansas City I think in today's much as possible yeah the thought of hopping abandoned just deriding somewhere where there are people that I don't know knowing you and I'm gonna ilk that's possibly need is able to make those connections were. People all over the country noted that I think and we're all. Ironically enough probably would collar self homebody see her as much as we're gone. We love home. So I think we seek that out I say and where can we get these behind them be hung on there yeah totally that's awesome. So the album is he right now what is it called it's called only the lonely. Inspired by the late great Roy Orbison nice mountains just underneath yeah I don't Rihanna and we knew when we put out our first album a lot of my dad's mom and dad's friends were like. He has a candidate have Roy Orbison tendencies and I was like I know who are nervous. But I didn't know that I was influenced by him I never like spend time with them. Like deliberate time you know so we all like. Dove into it and became huge fans like I'm like oh may be where we were way more inspired by this than we knew and goes into it. And a lot I mean so much of his. Music is it is like. Heartbreak like let granite yeah. And I'm pretty optimistic sellers but this record was a lot about being on the road and kind of I am sick I Wii to San being home bodies and missing home when we're on the road though when we're home missing the road right and had that weird tension that exists there so. We thought. We Vincent inspired by rulers and we try to figure out what to call their record and had the song called lonely but we didn't want it to be like. Superstar. Right so we like we've been walking out to Roy Orbison songs for a long time. And thought well let out only the lonely it's such a beautiful song. And it feels like a little bit. Like there's more to interpret there isn't then. And say that's this that was set in beautiful songwriter and oh my gosh via my dad listen doors and that was on things I grew up yeah so he had just because she used. It's unbelievable he's amazing. It's fantastic we are talking a colony house of playing tonight with the Mobley didn't dreamers Anke see live five dollars trillion over in the Huber looking FDR wanted to bring about shirts that would be you in for free I got your driver is more time many in India. Will do and some college you know it. And speaking of the road and all of what we just talked about the size because the most direct. Reference to all those things have daylight. On C you're. Missing home. At home missing the road I the whole bit and yeah this and yet it's fun we looked like this on our. Thank Connie house lions have on the bus. It's just run that Raman bobbled it and not bargain so that every day you know win. Obama is the mother loses. Famines gizmo as a and other childhood home. And we'll be back Mobo yeah. Even then the business that's. Whoever does the clothes on didn't detail in my name will. Game yeah. Flew out to. What do you need now own. That is all you. It's I don't know. Yeah. Okay. There's actually and now I was an America that's Connie out live this morning daisy studios bride you Bible harboring company playing tonight with dreamers. At least for the Coors Light block party KC live block at the power and light district show starts around 730. Five bucks attire gonna pay in the sure able to get the brand new buzz T sure you give more details about that. Come on our FaceBook page that guys think you so much for coming in and hanging out with us is gone. And bags or wrap party a little bit tonight oh yeah those elements we've got a lot of it got to boulevard very already. Mobile hard we are slowing flowing a little better. Yeah and I have so she's gonna keep going had a few things are going to be a good night coming up I think you so much. Thank you come little senior legal right. Seemed pretty sweet sixteen. Ready on December 21 case feline in the the power in my district. And Jelena. I'm Salem. There are few things like more at the end of the summer that a baseball pennant race unless of course we're talking about the crowd pleading taste of locally made Tony's pizza that's right Tony speak it is made in Salina Kansas now and based on Tony's pizza is a like in the oven because when it comes to baseball I've always turn and I got to peak at Tony's frozen pizza so why did speak to my favorite it's a great taste that comes from the real ingredient used like sit mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce made with real tomatoes plus. I would we might be happening pizzeria zeile Christie currency crisis and we all know when you're watching the game you want something great to snap on. 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