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Ladies and do my friend it. Nick writes some FS live world Sloan facets to the title is aren't. How are you are created are as well onto what we have World Cup final loss that was why Rudolph and my three alliance. Yeah I wasn't referring want. Why why I know I know you went to college and there are you know you should all unit. I don't know. I tend to root for the country that is playing that I think it's sad that chopper. It's exactly like England and their people better pretty good bowl a glut Croatia's that's Boris now there is this what you looked debt. Base that you know the map of Croatia. No no no number my had slowed and I ate our environment. Not only as you already can visualize it is says there is that mean going around of they wanna swim and. Yet at the end snack for big aren't lucky you didn't say it sure they're a code it's a country. There. Is it Bob your serve you serve all. All it'd. So Croatia and Serbia had obviously there's wars what do sewer and wind picked. And with you look at a map of Croatia what they when they reach calling the boundaries oasis in the north Serbian so the cell. What Croatia shield law what looks like it's. And don't all of my Hawaii as buddies he and Heidi you're oh. Well yeah I said they took all the beach. Who couldn't. And though I know I can't hurt but like delete suite dorm all the words like Serbian do. Hey man how all of its web Croatian do not well. Blood. Who is buzz about a minute or think about. Bobby I apologize not Serbia's sorry that you need more dual boot order all but I did you like Croatia like iGoogle like bracket pitch. All of my underage I think I think countries wherever one last name in the same as cool. I like that but as. Working for the company that's going to play the final. You would avoid Anglo American plants. It only looked like we might potentially gave. All or bill what England final mock that long ago that probably would have been the ideal non US final four and Croatia. Not perfect but I would say if you watched this turn of the games in general why don't leak site. And every little leash again Croatia and the chance. To be involved in the fourth highest rated games of the truck. And so people are watching what way it should because. They had comebacks they're two previous games with the penalties. This game they obviously want an extra times today. And four and at this nineteen year old kid and bop A show the camera bullish. Hole I think it's better off. You guys are better off where and it doesn't matter to me I mean it doesn't matter at southern Brennaman England France's. That's an interest in final. Well I don't know who knows in would've been ratings flies better accept only true at all. The FBR are opting for the World Cup in the you have to you'd consider seekers should slow but I'll be very yesterday. It that they so what if bird always game in astronomy which have to be soccer ball. Firm them. There for the whoever did it yeah oh yeah you're came away from the biggest gain in the world. And you gay and to do lose and then you still have to go pretend you care about this third place game but we're Sox. All of it now like in the Olympics like it the F unwinnable war and Blanche. It is like those medals they're handing out. All but soul lit and 11 AM I guess church and AM. Control on Sunday on fox World Cup final. France Croatia. And Bob they embargo. Against bracket ditch your low low bridge check out. Be there beach where. Seventy million people watch. And and will be able to continue paying that's exciting I'm getting paid. There yet that is obviously the most important part of this entire thing I did not get they would area and all certain primary years course. So he also let you all at Hewlett many of his music. I've heard it's really gun I have. Have not listened to a but I have heard like a volley athletes like his is actually garden. Yeah I'd I'd be curious if you look into it it's. Not flamingo and cold all I forget what it's called both first. The main article compares but all he's a brilliant person got we talked sports all under our happy we actually about race and college athlete than he actually asked why didn't on tax code which are not you most educated on. It was interesting because when you were in DC together. And then we want you were tired and I moved on weak candidate of men and then you set today calls to our podcast. And Ghana we had a tonic come no come out later this week is more check. You know why why didn't you. I'd be good I think he would India had Dick told local media. And IE. Got acts on it at all not want to talk of the Texans and that's been married also questioned about play and I decided to just wait a mode and not answer the question. And talk about how you've been acting and I never got invited on it or not or yen he really wanted to I would outline. It happens. Like I I I told before yesterday a little vodka but we shall commanders on confirmed today that I would out of the ditch you when you were Houston. I think you're pretty cool dude. You know continue to accept submission move the ball over on our art form press yeah I heard you. Or what I know he's Susan atheism and god loves me right. I mean that somehow I look at it doesn't happen right. And no I I I don't think that's actually what happens. I. Bet is not how loudly that you could believe that it that what are your listeners if you're. Downtown monument over as the main. Of course he came out everybody things done he says nominated assimilate the next day is need just falls off for camp was Obama more. I think that's coincidence exact timeline. Are pretty close. Yeah I pretty much nailed it recurrent or shouldn't. Do actual Jimmy Duncan. Our southern miss him up is because yes every time out to nick believes that the earth is round. Like that the planet is actually a globe and so we were curious what other conspiracy theories. Nick believes in so we wanted me to pull some up for today so. I look way aren't. Make sure I clear my conspiracy theory that the earth isn't flat. Brent Chechnya said no train you stand. So I went through last night and tried to find the most popular conspiracy theories right now all right so you just get everyone's take on what trying to get through these quickly. No one. A secret group controlling the world this is this the did interview area about the illuminati. And yet the new world order. Know people think that there is this secret group I guess made up of Jay-Z minimum the Bush's stint. Yap and there will there stolen stolen bones so that I I don't know if they're included in that but. There's different versions of it and basically there's a secret group controlling the world's yes or no Everett yes. But as a thanks yes. No I don't know if it's as. You know I think they're too I think there's a group of people. Who have a lot of money. Who make decisions. For the you know what do we know won't be earning. We're talking about I don't think I know their names are I think there are group of people love that absolutely. Have more power than that Mike outside of George Soros or the Coke Brothers yes those guys I want a room people like skull and cross bones. That I'm happy dollar and meet and figure out. Maybe it's not like in the decision lands on them. But certainly they probably me and say. Let's try to influence us this way absolutely do you think illuminati is really to you know am I take it too far that's what I'm saying like. May be giving it a name minutes and who's NNM 19 minutes on our dollar bills that's all debts. Too much from me but it does say there's a group of people and to have a name and they meet somewhere and we don't know about it. But they make huge decisions. That change the world absolutely yeah. Yeah I do not believe there. I mean I'm big man out on now I think that there are no wildly disproportionately. Powerful people. What they are also people you blur that are currently are world leaders recently retired and are world leaders. Or some trouble 400 wealthiest people woke whose names we can look. All right next the attacks on 9/11 or an inside job truth there's you know that sort of thing. Anybody anybody is nurture their group the menu there. Do not believe I do I do have some questions about why. We I ate. This is not a conspiracy period shut legitimate questions I've always wondered why why we don't see the wings of the plane that hit our car. I've always wondered that. I assure public and explain to me it just feels to me like those things are you sheer at all and on the ground. You know now what popular mechanics I think is what they did like a response of that hole loose change thing and went through each one of loose changes. You know pieces of evidence. And said OK here's an answer to that here's an answer that if you get a chance of that is pretty good all right next grant her all of whom I mean I don't know I'd never really sat through all of loose change what they answered a bunch of them it would seem. If that's the only ones I watched Lou shake it what would night. All the only one that I had already bought a net I would like it has Vista is. The waiting is all on the the wings on both the Pentagon and I'm gonna say one other thing that this conspiracy theory and I have no problem. The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. Yeah. It it turned out we shut that down I'd have no problem somewhat slower. I wouldn't let it wouldn't surprise me. If they keep it was was in the wee bit cheesy old little error whatever the hell you call it. It's deep it's going to go over heavily populated area we know like we know that these are essential. Born already. This that's waited to prevent further loss of life if that happened I would not. I wouldn't blame the government and that one wouldn't shock deplorable that's like that's not an inside job thing that's. You know this slide it to true there's believe that I was all set up in that you know it was orchestrated by the US government the whole thing yeah anonymously that. Are what about lizard people I can't believe that this is in Iraq. So lizard people who are wrecked aliens are running the world this is a really like. The ice I think Alex Jones might be part of that is milestones thoughts that a lot of OK so it's I think in the room. I know why I think Alex jones' yeah but I'll Hillary and Barack Obama smell on the golf. I think is hot and aliens different and it's a lizard to sell and basically. The idea is that. The top Echelon of our government is controlled by V shape shifting reptilian aliens. Who've been and Laura Dean power over humans to make amend a mindless slaves for their own purposes anyone ended rep tell you are you. I he's not into an order at all. But it so wall a wall I feel like I wanna read more about. Others funny of not playing literature and they just do like I'm sure he'll. Find plenty keeping up on my dream about equities are what about JFK assassination little less size 551% of Americans believe that there was a conspiracy behind the assassination and. I think I didn't build James Cook baseball writer. Actually cracked this one and got it right OK I think the Secret Service agent accidentally shot. The Secret Service agent accidentally shot him. I think that there was like Lee Harvey is taking shots. And the Secret Service agent in the car right outside the car in an attempt to protect him panics wheeled around and shoot him in the head. I think with this was at their biggest hang lower under seal and we didn't see a. That is what can build you know bill Gates's right. He wrote. 800 page book. Called popular ball. What was essentially a hundred biggest. Like murder or kidnapping or like. Yeah mainstream. Crime stories from OJ jonbenet's. Famous kidnappings whatever. All in and JFK. And typically gave. It reconstruction although that case for what actually happened. And he's. It plays on the JK thing is overly compelling. Eight it makes to me the most sense as to why it always felt like a conspiracy. But no one ever like but it wasn't. Actually conspiracy but the war lying about it like. I'm not doing it all just isn't he bought 3-D tirade under the age all they can distort the chip eight chapter. If it's blatantly bad that it is that it was all done and it while we are B but first shot at blew Kennedy catapult waters. Good because that's where people get hung up on this is how could one shooter Jude is the bullet removed but I watched that Mythbusters are they re created in and they were like oh yeah turns out you can't do that and we've recreated this. Drafted like he's you know part of below one of the core part of the brassy old saying it is people's war open down they could smell what gunpowder. Bright yeah addresses that part of it it to direct and some of the reasons as far as why you. Like something that happened I can't armor I read this for so long built in the operating or what would you autopsy about the timing or about release or about what their. It addresses that part of it there are a lot of things that need to me it. The physics behind that could've been one shooter so the other sketchy things that happened this kind of what people up quite well okay. I don't know but Bible you what are the last bit of luck pose an ultra did it. We had a guy in your little interviewed a guy who wrote a book about owners on the niners as tummy was an FBI agent. At a time and it was like man. It's as un sexy as you think it is like the truth says there was one guy we investigated it stings in my view is lying to me nor did he care that my drying. So I just relayed to me is like man was one guy. We investigated it I investigated and there's nothing again nothing else under. I read a book about the guy who claimed he killed Hoffa. He said it was pretty obviously he made the case that the mob did it because of Bobby Kennedy was go after the mob in this was way to kind of get him out of. My let's move on everybody has a big mama I watched a front line and I'm with laws on the it was compelling to me that it was basically as reported right now next aliens contacting us you know just did that. Big umbrella all the Roswell area if you yet on us all believe aliens is they're visited and may be contacted people no bull. And why he's absolutely no holds. Oh why. I do think fate is far too expansive. I'm not asking if you think alien life could exist some Morales I'm asking you do you think millions of actually come here. Look I'm fairly certain. That I saw a spaceship once. And I I am not people that are. That are I consider very level headed Smart people who have had a similar man. I sure think I saw bits flying the. Wouldn't that be have a military planes in the white tennis spaceship looked like you saw. It looked like a spaceship. But okay what does that mean. I will it was in the end right here. Thrown around on my way to the airport. And I all. All what I thought was applying. Body was. Flying at eating an apple server. Speed. And Dana White. Going backwards and been shooting forward but backward and shooting forward. Where it shouldn't Oracle's straight up in the year. I was in colleges and her sister. On nick believes that there's aliens. A pilot in these these unidentified flying objects by moon landing was. I'd like you guys on the show wait wait wait audio all I was saying their outlook there yeah like yeah. You act like I'm a big Eddie. Well this thing I don't you think there's an unidentified flying objects I just tend to think it doesn't mean there's a male I didn't vote for them to be aliens but it seemed to feel like if there was an alien that probably aren't gonna like put you know warning lights on their crafts and for all I know they can also just I'd better. What might become one or maybe if you let me address it makes you think. There's an expose on what makes you think it's more plausible. That aliens have built spaceships and their flying them around the Phoenix airport. Then in the United States government. Has built weapons of war and they fly him around sometimes to test them all. And you happen to catch it and I'm like why are your unlike anything you've ever why is it less believable that there's a general. Or someone flying that thing you have to make it now. Moment I had a great person whose bats to me if you see some are saying those things don't exist I descendants from far more likely. That'd say black hawk war of the next evolution of not flying around in the sky and is. A lizard I think are some views on the senate on heating on the aluminum body the other. I think I I get I think I saw I did on people like this. It is hard for me to believe. That every person that has seen something like that it's a military vehicle. It does not by military vehicle it really could beat I mean you. 88 could be the atmosphere to be lights you know reflecting off something any I'm using them here for years and I usually on the machine I'm saying it's far more like there's a human flying and I think she saw machine but he runs he's there every garner. Some machine as the biggest. To me of follow like that there is a human flying that machine and I was I don't and then it was a drone that was a lot closer to you than you thought. Or something right and then I got I had a I got a lot of questions are questions about. And how certain things were built ancient societies I got question. OK next. What Stonehenge. Well pyramids everyone talks I guess the question. And yet it is I'm just now about that in no sorry million. Only in big among real. I think could I go. OK so let's go to the pyramid thing let's say wouldn't it be more plausible to believe that society had progressed. Much further than we ever could've imagined that we ever have learned it in in in school. And that there was some sort of mass extinction. And we kind of started over and now we look back these Germans they had these people do that but no apparent. There are the mass extinction no I'm reading a book right now about the fight match extinctions. In the last 500 million years saying that not one of them. At the end of the world but don't suitable purebred and I have to edit. We gotta we gotta get duties quicker than now on the moon Lanny mistakes real as a thinks in the landing was major at least he said that what was I still don't know if I if he believes that are not imminent. But that's when he said Friday there. Really believe at all until I watched that let Doctor Murray on the shining. Like womb to thirty. Four why did that change your mind about the moon landing being fates. Because they eat any bad they do a whole thing about are Cooper was yelling out keep faked it. Yeah but there are clearly indicated that Americans for all intents and some new and next. This is also a broader thing but the idea that the American government or the FDA is withholding cures for diseases like cancer. Because there's too much money in big pharma you know to treat these diseases now securing them. They act I do believe it's possible there are pharmaceutical companies that had cures to diseases. Bet they won't look on the market. Well why wouldn't that be very profitable for enough years that it be worth it to them and their shareholders are not sure not a good old vaccine. Well. All right our reports I don't know here in central. Yes OK like I understand the logic behind it I why don't they are. The US government or yet you are doing that right I think it is at least all global. Bet there are busy news or seeing similar that would have been eradicated. Or stop to a degree but there was a cost benefit analysis done by trump got. I hear you now wouldn't this also mean that we need coordination on a global scale again every country has to decide to their pharmaceutical companies are knotted not a third one reacting and saying 11 company. As like man recruited out of way to. Cure or whatever idea a crack and of course like well boy let's not do that because it kind of makes our other product obsolete. All right Tim trails can shows to me is one of the most bizarre because. It is so common in rural areas there's so many people who really believe. That when planes fly over and they see moisture in the air that the government is somehow. Poisoning them. So what do you guys think about im sure I think that. Where it. I mean. I do too obviously by my tone I think you can solid I don't. I'm surprised how many people still still believe that one but. That's one of many one anyone in mind control thing was those look like you wants to believe it may be your considering that. I'm not. America. You what does that mean you've. Not totally sure there's not something going on so I don't know so what are you don't mind controls stuff like these people think they're there when there's a lot. Have other things that people think of an immigrant coming to some of those. Planes could be very experiment on how to control whether they can write so they could be doing different answers not necessarily poisoning us. Or trying to make and mind control but they could be doing some sort of experiments but is to try to change the atmosphere and there's always. And and one unaware of what experiments are going on and and that other modification those types of things I think those are probably more. Believable. Then say. They don't psychological manipulation. But you know I love that I'm overlap they have planes flying in different places trying to figure out how to modify. The initially. That them moisture EC in the air is something being used by other than just the normal. Water this produce stand internal combustion engine. As part of the exhaust that they did it's more than that that there's something in Zack our Internet is a cat I nick you're out on now on yeah. Okay the you know this is why didn't even know about until last night but maybe you guys do this is the Paul is dead conspiracy iron. I never heard this from what I have a Mac Paul McCartney never wrote. Maybe I'm amazed he never formed the band wings he never clash with Yoko became vegetarian father need to show this is and time coming up I've never heard that one that's I knew you guys are gonna say where was his apartment. So apparently there's a conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney died. And I don't know what did they did Beatles covered up his death by hiring a lookalike who sang like hand look like Hana had the same great personality about hero but these guilt eventually got to them. And they started hiding clues and their music. And. And that Paul McCartney's show why it yeah. While depends whether you believe the amount that I want you to do at least the imposter in the lookalike is is still alive so solid hours are about right so what about apple won't seem. Yes we've talked that this was someone about a relive anymore. Between one is. Listen I there's sheep died and that it did or are okay but I know nothing about or will be in short order muted with the Twitter thread ever I don't know what. All right what about. What about the CIA and aids. What do you guys think. You think this CA had some don't who has aids. I don't know. That it was created by his CA you don't wipe out homosexuals. Or minorities or Democrats. Who. But I'm not asking about crack amassed in about aids HIV. Anyone think that was CIA neck UN are now. Corporate dropped out so I take you. The do you think there could be some. Validity to that myth is there's a theory. I think that. The are not saying that what I am saying is I think this story. All I think Dave Chappelle made it very compelling argument. Let this story we're told. Two and section below key and then sex with a woman. Thought that that a lot of smoke dust. Most notably it speaks well what it. Once you start to believe in monkeys and firmness of sedition and good luck. Let the conscious decision. And that you go at such a monkey on Tuesday. And sharing on Thursday. All right the recipes we go through click Elvis Presley faked his own death and normally that now. I'm common no Laszlo. Princess di was murdered. Anyone believe Alan. People still talk about this even though they did this official inquiry and everything to look into it that people think it was a plot by MI six or something to him to murder anyone believe that. I don't have an average duration or not want. Okay. So never I never read it in the world but I mean it seemed like here rejected out of hand. One of these was about MK ultra I thought that they already admitted MK ultra now that we know that that was an actual. Thing record at all that was a code name for this and they they were they were trying to find a way to do mind control basically yeah. And there was no Jews and Hilton and Mozilla or they are trying to figure out how to. That she is that shape shifting being able did not change of the Beanie Wells key yet been able to see other places in the world through some sort of physics magic and there was another way and both of those I thought they'd come around this thing just looks Cold War more than it. Discusses MK ultra it's pretty all right Shakespeare was somebody else. And they just later in the movie about that anybody short term you believe that on. Sure yeah. Like shorts believe ruler you're on the island NIC. Art. Now saying it's believable. Com the testing that Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Why you think Truman Capote wrote it kind of the damage your next door neighbors and a town of like eighty people got nominated. You're awoken to well you know oh great that's why now why can't she write a book might be gracious and I want to play for jobless are -- just says I think probably Shakespeare was cheque she gives us one of the best books and doesn't let me show whatever rhythm and you just stops that's. Lots of people have I mean I am not shown really only had to tell one popular when he got to making them began making a nice true until like. You know last year or whatever one's well yes she didn't she didn't even want that at least. That's basically I got the last one was its North American union thing which just never heard of it's a theoretical regional union of Canada Mexico and the United States. Similar structure of the European Union sometimes including common currency called the a Merrill. People who believe this state of the three countries are playing need. Or this to be part of bloom global conspiracy the senate something called the new world order which very talk about two days. We might need that point since NATO's about there are threatened Europe and that that's just a little junior or. I would be nice if this was true through work and get it seems like a weird way to treat your allies slave we entry in Canada Mexico lately if that is the plan but. That's a plus when I got I miss anything that you guys wanted to discuss the one that. I think if you're looking for conspiracy theory to read about four days and get lost in it and think well include. Satanism. And illuminati. And I'd. Combined a bunch of things that we've already talked about as god who started just dual role in Denver airport conspiracy theory. We're going inside and I'm only available story and it is someone you really had no idea why are you kidding me that's all the best ever that's crazy. I think up. Right now angrier now all right those are all right next.