Conspiracy Theory

Friday, May 25th


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It is that morning buzz good morning. Names tend to gain easier this year. Anti. I mean I can't party lines seemed turning himself into it's kind of a natural. I now. Did you I mean maybe we shouldn't I have AI mayors the FF II mass funeral. Like maybe I'm on to something I think you are like maybe I am on to something. Yeah about I think maybe it did we doubt maybe others say this to you guys know a blind items this. Now I didn't until you told me blind items mark giver blind items like crazy days and nights. If you Google CDs and CDA and you'll you'll find the site in Iraq plus so it's a website. Yeah it's it's a website. These suppose my talker sometimes and I'm obsessed with them their fun. It's like celebrity tabloids but imagine that they take the names out and they let you guess who it is. Okay because they can't. Really prince try to can't print it's like a gossip it's probably real. A lot of the times that they've done they do these things called blind eye camera reveals. And that's where they wore I'd say you know oh remember this story about this person who liked. Maybe like this is who it is occasionally they give you were revealed and it's. Pretty accurate I I hadn't thought I haven't seen any of these mobile light completely blow my faith okay. Now that's my experience. I could be speaking out of turn itself. There is this thing on there that was posted in like November of 2070. Okay. And it's called the saint Charles Howell supports. Okay. Horror or and Boris and basically the big passages and I'll post this it's where you can all read it. The big past the point of the story is there's a house in New Orleans. That is wired for sound and video that's a party house. And people go when who're rich famous and or powerful. And they party. And they get videotaped. They know they're mean any changes Noonan Noonan a neon out every now and then and are now. No and and and announced. So out they think it's cool long already the opening grab maybe a wet your whistle and businesses because now I whistles last hour right now. I I was gone through and explaining some of it and then it all fits like my white tee and I we went to town as yesterday. For. How worse and it was only because of new information that came out regarding. Brad Pitt standing up for Quentin Paltrow regarding Harvey Weinstein break OK we've heard before and we've heard that before so here's the opening things going and I. Yes we have Iraq via blind items it's still there it's still owned by the same people who own the house for hundreds of years. There is a sprawling house on saint Charles street in New Orleans and has been used by politicians. And celebrities is a secret pleasure Dan for almost 100 years our panel yeah. Yes who owns this house I and I I don't wanna get into that on the air Jerry gas. I've. Decoded almost all are bad so there's thousand. In Orlando on stranger rosary and and hand that. Celebrities get a chair and power will be bones here have thought over the years the owners of remodeled several time the most recent of these new models took place than the last decade. Unbeknownst to the various guests of the establishment each room has wired for video aunt's house and what senator is charging sounds like compromise isn't it's crazy day Dan has now that our government yeah it's interesting but it's not it's it's not compromise it's up from them actually. Is what I've. But I broken down very. And then it mentions in here what brought this back to my attention was the news about Brad Pitt the this was from November play seventy our heads so Brad pick whether Paltrow. Harvey Weinstein comes to the news I'm like I'm I'm gonna go back and check that out some re read that post. You know who was a very frequent guest of his house on saint Charles this disgraced A plus list movie producer. You know who helped set him up. This eight plus list mostly movie actor who lives down there and heard two separate stories from two A list actress is girlfriends. Who had been raped by the producer. So that's how it starts. That's that's that's that's one of the grass in there yes that's one that's that's what led me down this path I had. There is a whole thing I I I know who they're talking about in the final paragraph about the A plus list actor that media enjoys. Tween boys his spine being caught with a guy but not. A young boy group rivers and right right right right right right right like and they got in this house. And oral and so gallery I belly fat is Steve and yes. If you're going so whatever perversion I may or may not have me man I gotta do in my town Manhattan. I do I like and it's going to go down it's going to be happening. In my play isowich is saying is like you'd be confused as to why somebody would feel comfortable yes it's going to a place like that and yes cutting loose. It especially if you're powerful person or celebrity or whatever. Right it makes no sense to me anyway for me I'd be far more parent died what if the person who owned it was a giant celebrity. Hamas being. But even still now. You know you have those friends before her yeah I mean look at a giant celebrity. Who owns the house is so opinions permits the over the it would be unfair. To speculate out loud cheer with the U Barack. Out tea whoever owns it is definitely front. For whoever who really owns that house and that he. While maybe in Hammond and here I'm like I'm scared to publish my evil champ car is it called something that house ha. That is I think he's asking if it's called the right to raise a son is the layers of the rising sun I don't know I get the idea what they're saying an area. Yes except for. When you go through the rest of this posts. And you figure it out and you go through it it's it's not the house of the rising sun I bet I I it's not the song. It's all laid out there army elements because right now our grades three that are. And then if you fire interest said I wasn't at first amended and he's like I guess yeah. And I was like aren't easy to Europe blind items not hurt and Holliman now. I don't know line items are and that he's surgery eating semi out of the who's. The web site as who owns the website I don't know. How does he know all this and parishioners say I think whoever it is has a lot of sources that they've cultivated over the years they know it's okay if you wanna go publish something about somebody. Like for example if you don't Thomas publish any day may view and analyze that you're reveal what you need to do if you need to light verify that you know whatever I mean I would just Google Coke mom. Space CDA and and you get an answer that I think will assuage your concerns. And I got tells us anything Danny it's good is good it's. Really injures and how many on the tank signed gases now that house on saint Charles his money central in the south super pacs movie financing it's all intertwined. Ten million dollars super pac came from two donations. A movie was filmed in New Orleans last year. Two of the actresses in the movie were at separate times provided some information about visits the respective A list husbands had made to the house. The next thing you know. Two checks are written three million for one A Lister and seven million from an A plus listener. All and that eight plus let's serve he had accounts up another five million this year apparently he's okay that's a guy so. So basically. From my understanding. Does let's say they're at his pines I mean. These celebrities. People on power cut in this house. And and you and god knows a black and under the premise that is going to be saved and then their blackmailed. Yeah blackmail yeah blackmail or for example another great but it sounds like to me they're being black and they're being blackmail either for money or. For power check this out and act. There's a political candidates who had all the backing and money in the world last year remember this is point sixteenth. On the Republican side. He was then shown a video of himself with two college guys engaged in several hours of sex. After that the candidate just kind of gave up. He went through the motions but that was about it he was given a consolation prize to make sure they are there he is there if they ever need him. Not all of that was your thought that was mine mine mine mine withdrew me out. Said yeah our reality I guess we got a bubble par on the Baghdad Eduardo room we have seen lying to get death yeah I'd like Ted truth I like Lindsay gory. Lefthander. Young. I was gonna say Jeb Bush but he's not there he's not in any official capacity for anybody. Blow my whistle as soon led the sex and it's great I'm imagery does right now. I I I still have no idea who owns how. Jobs they are who would be blackmail and I'll tell you what and why are you blackmailing both politicians. And actors and actresses. And why if you are in any position empower me and have your perversion and sing and are you doing it someone else's this. Where he think it's cool and every room playwright clearly it's not a call plays and if you know about it I mean you know I mean you've been reading about these. You know and I say well target a lay a little bit no more into who I think might. Did run the house okay dynamite on a little bit the first clue comes from the first sentence. It is still there. It is still owned by the same people who have owned dot house for over a hundred years for hundreds of years. Now what had to be I would think politician. In a white person what we're talking about. House as an idea. And then in the next sentence it's in honor of sprawling house on saint Charles street. Guide so. Seventh and I just Google's seed and yeah yeah. I'm on the edge of ninety cyanide out there ready. I let's see let's go here go in the past week all of this is threatening to come out of the shadows. Apparently one of the masterminds behind it got into an argument with his father. Demand what of the wealthiest man in the world was killed this week in a freak accident the thing is though there is nothing accidental about it. Okay thoughts ring pots. There was an update to this story where they did a blind item reveal they revealed some information. About this post months later. Which was. The owners of the house down in New Orleans have taken another life. This is from January 30 when he eighteen I had have taken another life. He was actually supposed to be with the other person who was killed in November. This time the mobile was not so lucky it will be interesting to see if after the initial report nothing is ever mentioned in the news again. Repeal the name of the person who died that was supposed to be with the guy from the first pucks are enjoying that. Pierre Agnes. Down areas he was the hurt the CEO of quicksilver clothing. I can't ally who has the other person that died and he went out of his speed boat even SP about our gang heavy fog. And never came back found his boat but they didn't find him and they looked one day. And that was it OK but day Arab and a guy so do you guys remember some sort of uprising in November of toll seventeen. Allow only wealthy died in an accident. One of the richest people in the world. Now. There are guys out here in hand to those under his name was prince Mansour. Bin. Market. So eight year. The prince does it the prince. Dad died in a helicopter accident. And they're saying it was an accident you know who his dad was met. His dad is the former director of Saudi intelligence. Most. I don't see how that. Guy from quicksilver is me now with Saudi union and central intelligence right that's life -- knows that and that's what I thought and then there are all gone as housing Nora and that's that I thought too it's like how am I gonna connect the quicksilver guy Gary good with a former crown crown what Danny's sweater and didn't. It's as Danny boy 95 and here's how I can connect him okay. Clemens thinks Kennedy is illuminati. Today. In this body and of itself make it's a good time right right there but here's the thing. I can I can get hiking gains. Next door. I can put the quicksilver guy. Next door in California. To another. Saudi crown prince who also died in the purge and are now. Quicksilver. On this is hard quicksilver clothing. Was having some trouble with money they went bankrupt and being in 2000 at thirteen. A company ended up purchasing them. I company's name was oak tree capital of a tree capital today. Or is it heavy hitters a big financial thing a guy like win win this stock market crash in 2008 housing market. Oak tree capital was one of eleven lenders. That was like. You know there are like you take on the debt you guys can handle the game they're being accused. The guy. Oak tree capital his name one of the guys who works there is names course. My thanks harsh. No idea no idea now obviously bias he's like a big guy in that thing right Iran so he is next door neighbors. We have. Another preference that side that's as close liking it. So far in my thing he lives next door. So the guy that bailed out quicksilver. At quicksilver diet. Right. Then exits. You're losing Hannity crazy you're losing me as an imprint seven I might rat I really an ideal matches ever I guess that's why daddy ever yes it that I somehow aisles unless you can figure out how to connect the two term that's why I'm I'm across the street right now I really don't know yet I know I literally. Physically across the street from a connection but I have yet to bridge your work and I walked out how the guy. It die anyway Lou but like I said it's. In the right it. What I said it is owned by the same people who own the house. Hundreds of years. House. So. That's the name of the oh. Them as a lodging arrangements you know genius. Who ha I miss the simple days of breaking news to text line. Yeah. Any day it was terribly injured as it is get it and I will go reading it it's primarily I might take up my few I did. Any tweeted via. I think the last Berger has probably easiest just Poland American academics are now to ensure they don't have right. Well. Against a lot of informing it wants you to figure out who these people are being yes to that talks about presidents. Actors and wives. Who were filming a particular movie. Right and and campaigns in Asia and it is do we'll ask you Google information and it will become very clear. Who they're talking about he says they revealed Harvey on they reveal Harvey I'm not an everyday harming any man I ain't plus predict this great escape clause producer disgrace. 000. And then this is crazy never the other thing is is like people as producer and it says. The producer led them in buzz and more buzz and more noise in providing cover for people who were forced out. Want your wife to find out about the sixty enjoyed playing with those girls. Then now might be a good time to retire. The bill a lot of politicians dropping like flies the last couple yards siren branch. Do you think thinking means. All right spot you're just tuning and Danny is revealing that the reds say you guys Syria and if that does. What is it called crazy days and acts crazy days and they do this thing called blind items are they tell you secrets about celebrities not telling you they are the key to figure out detective Danny Baghdad. As well. Since I tied registering around stuff yet. That's employed these Murat airways' previous connections Kazuo mysteriously. Killed we'll never know which one they did that was a Richard your movie was that. Owner Richard gear because of that house the up. Poor Richard Gere Bo yet also. When I tell you I can't tell you I think it is I can't take I think is the front like the power person. Everybody trusts to go party at their house. It has got to be a separate lists are if you feel comfortable enough to. Engage in whatever sexual fantasy you want. Innocent stranger's house break that's being videotaped and recorded an area around it it's got to be a big run. While we think it does shrimp dinners up at home past. But there's the privacy of your unknown if if by. I. I'd. Some and it's Iceland's. On on the right path or. A certain things are I don't wanna talk about that aren't yet you see it yet if that it's been obvious ones. The most recent it's like three. 22 down yet as CN excellent Erica it Larry and there's evidence to back that up to a credit. Yeah how good we talk about this I'm I'm glad he got an out get you guys I'm glad I had so much fun yet so that it made then. Bundle of problems. All right you are with music learn.