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Friday, September 7th

Open, Radio Roulette, Texts, Joe Ro, Requests, Kansas, football, Cereal, Fire, and more!

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He's utilized polar bear. Sorry out there and Israelis are fun but as dame are gonna mourn and hello. Off to a good start today mark noticed the little something there somewhere and where an a cup shirt. And I feel like once. But the cubs shirt. A cup shirt is a shirt. That looks like a styrofoam cup. Right yes you Syrian hospitals. Now may be your church maybe your church. Officer right. It's comfortable to me it's a cheap. Katie go to for ministers sweet science. Anyway that I happened so. Policy. Was again over error radios. Through Latin rite is that rates yup. So it's well six the team. It happens. And it happens. But as an adjoining here and as is Fuzzy reserve figures are in a play UN but every off doesn't matter. There's like literally. One role and that is text in answers funds is. You get your name you can and refer them. But as we wait for those texts because how little bit of a little bit of a late start remained a little bit of scuttling energy yeah. I mean I don't mean that like energy spelled. ERG. While I mean spelled. NRG. That's it. It's like it's its attractions. It. Those books. Are. You can on. To answer your question you. Is it president. Trying to amend cold Lee both that's awesome. Little paths definitely go. Does scissors don't filling deaths on a bus and we are now. As a lie. Is like I don't feel like Danson Loaiza is I've never it is an advance. That he felt it and I don't even know what the deal would this is this this is is is it sisters or is the BG's and I'm very confused but a guy and if you move. Cherokee Google and find my answers but where's the fun that day are in the morning DM Jodie Emery era let right now. Thanks as your quest tonight 6500. I pick your request A-Rod man. Every he's requesting disturbed. And like. I respect that. There's like maybe one day are getting crazy bug in my as into it. Does this Serbs now on this Friday probably meg gonna happen well. In what 10. All. It. Now that's it. Pisses you know it just that news. This for a second always I think it was Tony's eyes he was he. Covered that's a pretty detailed you have I have. Beyond disturbed and does this. I don't think of their own way. Like how I keep it this way really for me. Really fun. Are they have a fresh. Diet. President so therefore deserves our never suspect. I ever spent a lot of time rock. Why. As fun. Off off what the so that we can tell. They. I thought that they get those guys like. Air and I happen. All all this is actual singing voices really give mark I'm not gonna eat into his singing discussion with a guy of sound and you gotta get it yet you know guys are absolutely and I'd be getting his guests are good he was some sort of like monk or something like that like death bed Gregorian monks so yes the wave regular day. The only food you know I think when they're gold rule you know arms are gonna yeah monk throat singing dude that's that makes sense. Marcy is I'd disturb deep dive and I'm just letting him drive. He's at dinner is it is like video assertive. I don't know why you remind us he is. And shouldn't. And pumped to touched. I got the radio relent winner by the way. Fluid thing is to keep the. His approach to me poll. The salad as a opening books. Chat area are from. Others. Like him as with yeah. There wasn't a month he was Jewish okay if that's the good news here is one of the Jewish. Use one of their leaders of this season. Oh my god that's great she musical. Tribe yeah. Uh oh mind. Yeah everybody was like best. We were filming use among and in the studies Jonas that was wrong answer and eleven months love. The Jewish people's. City even amongst the very little anyway it is your winner. Oh boy not the stamps on the senate says that thank you for the the thing. Cary O'Connell. Very O'Connell. For Rory more Missouri requested. Pardo from power. I pets and it so that was the war I. Black keys go low ceilings on military buddies these five abuzz Danny and mark the day in the morning that M zero. I wasn't going to be like a damn blistered Democrats raining like that but then you guys kind of just like hey. It sell and sell from sell himself here is my story here is the song I'd like deer who alum why. When your picking him that good that tag goal on the ceiling mark. Somebody were serie quite as they say gay how Long Will it take firm as you know like psychiatrist working in the psychiatry hospital. Theres some black keys and Ireland immediately. I immediately immediately you gotta gotta keep you happy. Gotta keep you going you have people everyday. I think you if I did not get to your request and berries are eyed do you wanna talk a bit amount KU football coming up or maybe not in the way that you think not in the way you think. Saw something on TV. My heart broke. Don't war. We'll fix it. Or at least pretend to come but thank you very much to Zach. You know. I'll probably get to complete breeze blocks at some point today Glenn from blue blue blue blood remember I can talk line from blue springs. Let's see who else did. Dino from Gardner who's an HBC installer requested asylum citing did you do any of shot. And shadow day GA CU guys are the real MVP. And if you could. It'll come maybe helped you with this but until I got quite sure how it works just you know that I put my clothes on and take them off eighteen times a day in the studio. Boy who bought but this one. Game from Gracie. Says she's a student ready to go to school and she wants to hear some DME pro. Gracie apparently into bigger. Enjoy it close out the last one. Oh come back we'll take care as a business ill give women get things were reported five. 745. I lost an hour. And ten to do that. Those days hours weeks went through us the month. School has lost there has been a lot of things like that it's back on the buzz. Oh yeah bishop Briggs dreams on the alternative 965 the buzz AMR with the in the morning Toledo mud. Pretty good. Right. Good it's good day. I'm feeling good and dressed like caught up. It's a Friday. Is that showed a nice. Man and TM. We need to give those absolutely should be doing. During the game plan that that's what I say and if you hear mat cam 5767965. All morning long. I got these VIP. Cores like party deck right. It's going upstairs and party on the party deck. Nothing like party in the party deck you can party. On a deck. You can party on a big deck. Imparted a small back. You party or patio. But continue party on a party deck and the answer is yes. And yeah party on a wet that outlet that yeah it's going to be a way that. In my due up next tonight. Covered so yeah Ali and his governor there are amendment can Shimmy again and they love dancing around when Edsel yeah out. Metal probably be wearing a white T shirt Angela. And you know let somebody requested cementing him and since we're giving them away everytime we play matching him. That would mean like 5767965. With a caller number nine memorial are okay and because I love you six clock people. You know how much six people. Which musical group coming robe is stupid it's Friday and have a good time all right Matt and Kim are abuzz. In a buzz. You are accident. Seventy the law and you're gonna God's side Alley and Stephanie. Okay. And it's deadly disease lied in this the evening step the roll call center. The rural low. Drop it and have bombs may have done it today has been an amazing day we had your knowledge bomb about to start earlier. And now now we've we've got an F bomb. How many more bombs are on the way hopefully. How many. You know one of the best things about one at I think we do here mark is I do like when people places and 96500 NTELOS you know there are. Where where where they are what they're gone there is others I like I'd feel missing a little bit you know from radio in general just that personal connection you can reach out bill today. I see you don't worry you're not alone and that bad then dabbling comes into play here Amanda from ray Moore. Says I'm not having a good day 16100 tire blowout could you played. Me some Cody pay. I us a bad day you've really is a bad day but you know he doubled down you know when you're late and you try and speed you hit every light. He started it with a flat tire you try and slog through that might push it through today. To run an up against I don't know the universe. Take it easy enjoy your co heat Patricia you all right Amanda ray Moore. Rates are one of the race. Okaying shames us our Internet is excited buzz Danny and mark in the morning. I got at LK I constantly forget that that's rob Schneider's kid in that they don't like when you talk about it I'm like man that's so good that seems hug. Loses early singer Al Cain and like all right. Right right right BXs and o.s person that's still good slice from our. That's some good talent there it's that's two records longer career this longer not autograph. And she popular with but it's more autograph hey mark. I listen to that though and it reminded me of something yesterday I was on. The Twitter. Between her and I was the twitter.com. And there was a scrolling down there on the triggered a common Larry from it and I came across like a lot of DJ is I think. Well lied view about where they find music. I was straight tell you I saw this and an enemy article yesterday. Say tell you I this is not like some. Deep dive a log on to record crates. I just happened to follow enemy and I'm pretty sure has figured out on volume but I think look at that okay I'll listen to this this is probably gonna sock and it was really good. So on a plane is for you this is this is called camp cope. OK in oh yeah camp cope and the song is called out how to socialize. And make friends. Journalists. So it's evening at 965 zeros on the tech slide. Just wanted to share a little bit of new music with them a six clockers. Does this say you know 7 o'clock 8 o'clock bigger there an anonymous six collect. Use all that energy on new. And at 7 o'clock really drags our 7 o'clock people how to socialize and make friends. But I can't cope take a listen to them and its banks on the buzz. Can't go out to socialize and make friends. People single if balls are bad people say is are agreeing committees sounds like. The girl from company. Of these. Little bit. Somebody's has I was averaging singer new band didn't sound exactly like Florence and the machine sincerely a check now. Would normally don't believe the anonymous numbers contacts when us and themselves gender and race however this time I think going to it's okay. I liked it manner that is cool I like is it's like Green Day made the greeting committee you know and I mean it's it's is that. This guy posed to still be in punk. I like it anyway ago that I'm listening to you that's that's new music and with entered not like anybody incident. Ended December its Swiss sever is I don't turn and I seized by the buzz an awkward pause but hey you gotta do what you gotta do to Dalai. In life that also was requested. It's in the pace that thank you with an exclamation point at this than. So ever met in December it's vet tech and Paola Kansas. It's just Ella love that payola great town square payola. Paola. Wells is down Lewis berg now by pay all of a kind of yeah it's just east of know mark is mind rural Kansas geography. And he's great at it. Just got in the car DM playlist question mark how about the living in from Chris the school nurse pay crystal there it's not a damn playlist. I was actually gonna do so well you know what's happening around Kansas City and dealing in Kansas in the news story that I was uninteresting in front from but I mean you know it's already 71. I got to go to break by seven point 5726 and 27 Ali alien so yeah this 'cause of our. I we haven't really got one or two songs request of let's go identifies as you know with Al. Chris. Chris the nurse went in near Bolivia and why not it's Friday. It's like 7 voting in the morning. It's Danny and mark like he appeared in an audience it's just madness anyway right. So certainly. Remember. Chris is coolers. We love requested. Prisoner of society. And we take carry your kids today it's reliving and on the month. Dario David the trip. You know but that is actual requested to true I believe and are not here on the inning and march oh we play your damn requests. I know it sounds crazy. And I know it's weird when you don't heroes like you know. Every area red requests are at odds of ours and are waiting here like that I requested and Justin that's how in the loop I am with pop music. Because plague has been years right Alec doing Justin Bieber. Cover crews are quite sure I mean I I haven't heard a good one I'll tell you gotta go to hell yeah. Visit by the guy from the Serbs down aka Erica had a problem. OK like I mean you idea of bias. Biased slow biased towards the Chris. But this was has really Weaver vacation tomorrow any chance of joy waves it's the trip before 715. Thanks Ellie Lee's summit. They go and you know what I like the jointly so much let's play it again displayed no not again another doorway of your day requests all morning long here. On the day shall. Very very nice. We can't really. Nothing ever remember a morning line when you can rank him on him and I. You get yourself pair passes to the VIP party tonight. Started an element Z there dame are gonna mourning days or five the buzz is our right hey I saw a news story. And it may mean. Feel something. And I never felt anything like this before. And played his story. But it was. It's about KU football. Add on a lot about tech college football semester and a half the college non consecutive. Big didn't really work out for me which is Miami here. Mercy but. There's a lot of student athletes up there to take K you go up there you know and they they they they play the football. And now well but the plan they've played the football nominal plays story Korea. I gotta tell you bitten to look at it. Dark clouds have been gathering over the Kansas football program for close to ten years but this week long time fans are grappling with what might be a new low after race stunning home loss to Nichols state. I've never seen anything. Quite like this could be this bad for this long as a sports columnist for the Lawrence journal world Tom Keegan gets paid holidays he sees it and he hasn't seen much from KU football in a long time. The jayhawks have lost eight jaw dropping 46 road games in a row. They really are the Washington generals college football it. That's the analogy that fits. But even keep as thanking viewers for a newspaper. And like this is just bit that this isn't like any thing is it's funny is is a funny. He worked for newspaper any references like the Washington generals the tigers who. Bad guys boy loses girl globetrotters I got it out. I got here Keegan hasn't gone as far as AKU law professor did this week on Twitter Corey Rayburn young sent out a series of tweets suggesting K you should just drop football together. Read tweets ricocheted across the nation in national newspapers picked up the story. Back here and Lawrence Tom Keegan and the hometown newspaper firmly believe K you will never dropped football. If you were to just say okay are gonna drop football. That 35. Million I think it is that you get from the big twelve proof that's gone K students and fans we talked to agree even bad football beats no football. We just had for the time the patients into the team like we do into our basketball team we'll have something good again you. Well now I thought I don't ever remember the basketball program being bad bracket but I singular about this is now. They gay gay or both guy and a leg the little engine that that could. Nobody believes anybody believes well maybe believes in itself I hesitate this is so. Did mark in the morning this is all about productivity. Right I was just curious. How can you know Euro part of the show detail so I'm going espionage termed it. Map filling a painful ball needs to run out. To Bon Jovi living on a prayer every time. And I don't think people they know people and I hate that a bunch of drunk college people screaming Bon Jovi finally speaking of old stuff fast fast fast. My definition of a good college party time is getting drunk and listen to Bon Jovi. But I felt like. We should adopt KU football. As the unofficial. Official. Football team a damn. I know I think you swallowing that mocks a follow it as an eighth inning were amend Nebraska clothing I understand that like Nebraska's good from time to time. I don't care about college football at all and it's it's it's sunny and eighty get involved in. I will say K you has been. The closest college big college to me since I've been a kid they say buy low sell high buy low sell high we could get a deal as bands. Right here guys. Us jayhawks. Football now my committee never going to again Bob cherry Eli. What I see those stores go by on Twitter. Sun yeah it's. I mean it's going to be interesting to see if they even winning games here I mean chaos in Nichols de Paris tagged Tellme Tellme has tagged. De and K you don't fit. I'll be Watson or gay Wednesday's game Saturday yeah I don't mean enough of the on TV. Real relaxing in his wardrobe bio on Twitter. But the it's. It's like Illinois and central Michigan tomorrow it to do again a guy is like when you play the end plus which. It's a plots though the weird thing about have you heard about what they're doing now there. Making new paper plus if you if you wanna watch experienced it you have ESPN ESP into ESPN news. You want that your team so bad it's a surcharge. You gotta pay an extra on now much Melissa says I gotta say. Davidson did composite survives Qaeda damn puck it OK let's clap our hands let's they're playing at central Michigan. At central machine chants of break that streak right on the fifteenth they'll be back tomorrow it's against the Rutgers oh boy okay if that doesn't think it's been. OK okay great we get every damn section a damn series sex and pay a look. Our blog idea they're gonna win but look nobody believes in Myanmar either and we're gonna win but we're we're gonna have a good time doing it. Almost doesn't K close on the sand just think about how are ready to think about it. I think it would be fun to imagine if you went. It is cheered him on like it didn't matter. He was so. Into the game in on substances that you didn't feel anything around your arm down. A good luck KUKU. Football. I'm sorry it's been Roth you guys are gonna do just fine I promise you know how I know. Meg Myers now I'm on the alternative 965 the buzz Danny and mark Libya in the morning made Myers part of the basic which show within your man in the wilderness made miers and homegrown buzz artist. Yes you are that is Friday October 19. When he eighteen in case you're curious we don't book shows that far ahead. Is on sale now. They don't that's that's is neither know about that. Can't wait going to be great show day after that. Brew at the zoo. Saturday night basic way it's our Friday night basically is Saturday night birth as they were Kidman and fitness. Just wanted to Philly and on that also all morning long anytime you hear Manning camp. That show is tonight. You want passes to the VIP party deck. Our party on a deck. Is really not so much a deck. As it is and opens to worry open war plans second story. But neither here nor there is a little bit of a deck there's a walkway sir as a walk away more like a peninsula. I did it. It's like Key West I did. My favorite one my favorite things to do and I don't know if you guys like to do this. You know everybody as a hobby. One of mine is a long musk watching. Milan musk is the CEO of Tesla. Eyes to go through a lot in the public eye lately. Self inflicted. Hassles haven't some crazy problems right now with like financing I guess. You know there there were worried their big about they have to do another run fine I don't know how Al works in the stock market yeah I'm a radio disc jockey. But he did go on. The Joseph Rogan experience. Ads this is just a segment going to call people who totally don't smoke marijuana. Okay lizards it doesn't go on mosque. Act like he doesn't know. What what marijuana is and how cool he is this is a lot watching it. And it did so I don't that just as a hostile whole historic story ends there but like. Try to put join their clothes that you put that 11. Blind. For the popular ones are rogue. But he's pretentious. In down. That's an idea behind it I bought it was so drug reaches over its size bigger as that so blunt he handed aligned. And he because it is not because he's a cool dude that Joseph Rogan you know is that a joint. Horses are gone. It now and get it some marijuana. Out of tobacco OK this like bosh want to back up punter had them. You know at half past entitlements I think adrenaline I. Probably can't because stock for an. I mean it's legal right so Luke okay. How does that what are the people get a said he used you do certain things. Back oh and marijuana and there told us. Does that combination of tobacco marijuana is wonderful. First turned onto it by Charlie Murphy and then reignited he's so called wedge or Rogen is it called the musical is build the accurate Arabic. Balances it out. I now but I'll also drug has been grandfathered in. The saying goes you know it's has clearly laid on Joseph has podcast you smoke going to be real blunt edge we get a glass of wine. That's what I would like to call how I would be the CEO. And league that's that's my CEO in this per share. Going on the Joseph Rogan experience. He'd be in a cool guy smoke in the dope and drink in the line. That's how UCL guys I don't know lower I'll do it out here working like a bunch of shocks. Then we can be like a lot of Joseph Rogan together. I guess that's all right. It's fine running into I'm happy. I mean I I would like you smoke a regular swisher sleep and nothing and it. But I wouldn't push that on you mark I wouldn't percent and I don't agree I don't think you're running grip immigrant gonna break it up there are great great month labor. What's your iris. Well I mean it's Coca web with other golden Christmas is that what it is cold winters is Sony's next Golding Christian. What's your favorite cereal I mean 9500. I want and I just like to know cereals may. I go back and forth Sacramento's current share and each okay. So you lighter brands of cereal that shreds the inside of your mouth yeah yeah like a fruit loop. The Jennifer elusive com it's on the top my analyst not highlight if there there. We'll get him at the hotel or wherever you know the bar that the cereal bar. From what's your what's your. 96500. Others grab somebody who participates impaired eggs is something. Is that find that a guy. My knee I I I I mean. Coco Crisp these. Are fraught drug and Coca bubbles Coca pebbles not cogo grizzlies rallied both Chicago Bears is an athlete in Chicago pebbles your legal interest there. Yet they can't you know that goon goon Como and you lagoon crews did real high you can gloom creole on the view more photos Dodi golden cruise. And then there was or there there is honeycomb and they had you remember the commercial honeycomb has like a honeycomb the correct out fluffy thing. Like I don't I don't offend. That's an article. Yeah anymore honeycomb. Nolan go known commodities gold and produce you and your. That's. That's that's my smokey the bear. This negative bears make the frog process I like to read 1996. When he comes cereal is a commercial right here at home a whole assay Oz at Jack's. Texas get I do like check with a lot of salt on it means sugar not soft the Akaka a life cereal I didn't like as a kid me when I Seattle they're that he hated Mikey I don't know I just like life and it's one of those cereals that it. Takes the milk all the way down I guess I'm cereals we have a lot of note left like Syria. Kinda absorbs it when I was a kid I try to get a school wants because of this very fact it's so funny you mentioned mark. I took like serial Odeh I didn't do a project I needed I needed like 1516. More days. To finish uses semester long you know am I guy can do this one day at a time and I took about a life and imported in the toilet and it's like double the water. And I think Dan look I did Tuesday that and the truth is life. And that the school. Man capping crimes forever Barry's says text I hate makes you could you name where you're from. Let's figure out if this is a demographic thing Reese's peanut butter bounces get had that recent recipient of cam crunch of the stream out recently avert cuts pot pop pops. I am going to be about a emissary. As is just a little choice subjective but nonetheless. As some of the camper as those are your mouth like cam crunch fans I've I like soggy cereal. Think Kevin crunch like fights the saris. Are the only serial till it's just fallen apart. I wanna drink dislodge. On Tony's spoon any straw Pete's sake acting president he loves is mounting Shura. Definitely pizza into the little bit of paying for pleasure with the sugar. And you guys like serial. Gone rams were favored in my arousal when I got my grand parents us and get the little individual boxes. Yeah I reportedly okay and what the now there like. You making him to attend back in the news a little boxes cereal you never cut it open ripped it open for the milk and now it's an instant bowl okay that's the a report in new global you can either toward the no directly into the container or you can cut it and I think the perforation perforation to the goodies Everett today. Okay so yes we all like lucky charms. It's cinnamon toast crunch. Again give this person is said god dim cookie Chris something. Cutter Gail from Lee's summit likes the guy chip cookie crisp you you how can have some from participating there. What are like the off cereals you and not like them the off brand generic. Lucky charms. But like what is the cereals that. People like what I like for example Franklin Oprah and I love crackle and Oprah and it doesn't crackle. And I didn't know what Al Graham is gonna tastes like but it put in a Chevron is good and keys you can earn. Yeah I've gotten away from cracker I need to get back to Franklin you have you have off cereal like maybe the large sized sweets. Israelis silly the larger leads or is it only the many leads I don't know I've never had a large leads a narrow weeds fan who like Wheaties sure but we shredded wheat without the sugar out. That's what I want and outlook. What kind of sick Thursday and it puts strawberries and a it. Apple jacks I don't get often though when I do it's tasty apple jacks feel like I feel like upper decks of change of player as is my opinion. I used to love apples acting and you guys love Texas about serial. Tony the Tiger and frosted flakes as a classic text I says they'll make preparations in little boxes marked yet. It's parole or eight cone you and I am on suitors Manilow says frosted flakes the regular frosted flakes yeah. Are actually better than off brand because I get off brand alliances. I understand. Is it is if they complex frost that are. Something buster's place raisin bran. Kelly yeah. All on some reason I like the rays and can tell there is an. So basically I Wheaties. Now we're getting into the good cereals here's somebody takes using great blogs with grape nuts with an ass ton of sugar. I love grape nuts covered in sugar never like Newton. I don't while warm serial I don't put than a microwave. Open that up before you put it in my mouth. And male votes grass and say and that's its interest in serial. Special K somebody. Actually special OK I pulled on special care. Oh my god I thought I was the only one that love crackling know now. Quaker oats cereal is real good case Nikkei. Like we some Quaker. While I was breakfast talks I mean one and some sugar so January live search are done he honey smacks. But sugar Christmas though good. Yeah homeowners who could crude. Solved easily business or on the alternative 965 abuzz Danny and mark in the morning. Here with ya. People of darkened serial serial text are coming and thank you very much everybody talks serial inducing enough nobody talked about pummeling serial. I would have iPad I've mixed Dunston I like Tommy had a makes you come into next that what are you doing. Cocoa puffs and cinnamon toast crunch or use the same and then you know what she wasn't she was right. In. Had you mall I usually do that when I'm running on two sales outpace seeded economical combo yeah like the other dad did. Nut Cheerios and rice crispy Seattle we're here live in the life words like I got the access here are your to do any economical combo Newton let them eat cereal. And in the French revolution began hey we do this thing we played three songs in a row and it's really obvious that they have in common because I don't want you to jump through hoops in fact. It's so little hoop jumping through that I wanted to tell you that I'm actually. Doing it right now and the way this game works is. When we play the third song. And you hear it you go oh I know what those obviously having common you call 57679651. Person to talk to markets insert to. It's access. Anything in my purse but. Okay. So what would Fall Out Boy sugar we're going down. Have to do with ms. mister is salty sweet. Have to do with Jimmy world's. Sweetness. That's a tough thing. Simi and ground Billy Irish on the alternative 96 by the buzz any mark in the morning. I just after 910 every day six and I intend to do some called greater elect. A lot greater elect its side your chance to hear everyone and when something in my presently Basil we do here. We cracked the mics try to make you feel good and which I guess on the wet. Very purposeful in what we do here. Texting 96 visors or whatever song on here just to include your and it. Weary Texas for a it's always nice to give you with the proper shot out you deserve for participating. In. This year Indian mark in the morning real quick while those start to Roland I didn't wanna share this with you guys while we wait for those texts. Apparently were not supposed to say cool anymore. Paragraph bill this this this is let's do this is The Today Show. Megyn Kelly is on that apparently the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about not saying cool anymore. And I just wanted to make sure we were all up to date with they hit terminology. It's our knowledge you keep those radio related tanks coming in and I just wanted to share this with you just so we're all on the same page and wanna make sure we're fresh. Is still just in case you're wondering if there where police he is a flames. But it's a pretty. Good things and crew. I think that what you should not sane response is such a gift is it's cool because apparently that's no longer cool it's no longer cool little call things cool there's a Wall Street Journal article on it because. Barely get nothing left to right about America. There weren't cool itself is on cooling you shouldn't be seeing it anymore and now you have to say things like my hair. I admire that hey I'm here is why I act I have I couldn't find using like that. I don't know you weren't as good or that's why is that it is yeah. Me because I. I am incredibly. So it's an institution. Gratefully that you can always great flying it drop outs as being in his cool day cold apple locked. Up. Right the Michael Strahan schooled no doubt about musical what. Oh yeah this is today with a mega talent I don't fly out. Fly out. Yes or fire or you got a raw deal from coal to say you know Wall Street Journal the epitome of cool is making sure we know that it's not cool with the Golan Marcel. Fire. Steve the fire game of radio or radio or let all right here we go out here is the tax everybody here's the tax. And you know you know you know us in the damn show we like the positive and we don't always lean in to these sorts of attacks but sometimes it's nice to hear. Somebody says every day I try asking for everyone to play hoping by ex ambassador. Know whenever does even about only radio relied can you please play it for me. I've been running low on hope between my job in a situation of not getting to see my son and I'm not among many other things I appreciate it. Love the show Stephen over the part. Steve it my heart goes out to my heart goes out to you. And I know that feels like be. Infinity of the future will forever be weighing upon you as hard as it is today but I assure you it will not in time we'll sort things out. And that's not the greatest answer but no. That people here you 'cause I heard you today I saw he wanted to see this song. I it's it's it's it's it's not the greatest thing it's not a lot that I can offer here at that he and giving tree. It's not but you exist I hear you time. Will heal all it sucks in the present I've been there I know. A law. But listen. My ex ambassador is hoping. And everybody is because it just think it's not the thoughts for Stephen from oval and part. So what I've seen and what of Stephen positive vibes positive vibes. Let's all say went up Stephen on the count three of serious okay you can be cool enough hard I mean you can do liar or cool. And not participate if you're in your car your office that I understand it's not for everybody. But maybe we could just send some good energy to Stephen a cat three if you want to let's say what's up Stephen let's play in the song let's get and so the for the prize but you ready mark yeah. All right one. To. Three ones out Stephen. Do it again cause different rhetoric one Theo Berry who Steve can't go buddy. I have four pair men and Kim left. I wanna give to the fairway are now 222225767965. ST collars. On to 22. And Tony three. 22 and 23 and then we have 2 left before 10 o'clock giveaway to get the VIP cores party decked experience when he won an up over there at the as we wanna do for you coming. If you wanna just don't enjoy the show and here between eighteen and twenty can't you can't go to the VIP decadent lives. Running gun had an extra charge 181920. Year old he can. You can't goes see the show and I think the reason I said earlier that maybe there is a performer flashing last time. I don't know the answer Inaba that fits right into what I know about if they're just down for good times and came home on instinct and getting to be the official into the show as a matter of fact mark. We're not going to but should we ever make it Stevie. Can men came with a house band got its hall lobby pharma going to be insane that we. Think. Ha ha. It's fine and if he's human everybody's drug that that right now and then two more for the into the show and then it's like earlier moment played against the united like people don't want you to miss this it's a wreath he looked like it. Really reminiscent of Clinton Ali and the yes this semi pop punk but not really post modern I don't know when asked. I don't know what it is I'm listening to music again I don't know how to feel about that okay all right just about thirty minutes left in the show it to giveaways ago. It was a song you might out of her all right good coming back cool no fly out. Or coup. According to Wall Street Journal. Marshmallow featuring best dealer despues steel Vijay marshmallow it's happier is on the alternative nicest by the by the really liked that track. Symantec's line I always always always here on the any American morning if by you here lyric. In your head in my ruinous aren't for everybody else for example deft effort TDs cold cuts. That is that is so that we like somebody said they hear instead of I want you to be happier. They hear I want you to eat caviar I've heard that it. Hours from me. I guess I want you caviar and if they get they're happy the British accent.