DAM Morning Show Podcast Monday September 10, 2018

Monday, September 10th

Open, Songs, Serena, Squirrels, Radio Roulette, KU Football, and more!

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You. Slot after slot for us but finally. Thrusting. They dirty dubbed them guitars. That's down a little lot out is good that they didn't they do occasionally. They did something. Reverend uses anymore. I don't remember much. Right the morning aria. You don't go we like to talk to. Namely why I'm wearing occasionally Paris. When or where does this fleece jacket. It's only an athletic jacket and markets show. So it's great yeah as cheering K you're a lawyer today oh man we gotta get into that I couldn't believe I couldn't believe me. Two days after we are like 46 is only one who cares they can do it. Good times a young with the program. Yeah. V Lawrence. And him. In there. Ever greater six that 910. Six and 910. They tend engine are really easy to begin like this show it's really easy and really stupid. I got to do is text your request for an on as a Pfizer's. Let your hair the mold them and them have heard some rough on them and something you really eat. Well maybe why I hate rage in the morning yesterday started you got a text me though disarm resonates is fives is there and as always there on the dim show. What we do request is that you please include your name and protects them from. Because it's. A giant chat room out there we wanna be apart of it as you really just 12 year kudos from participating. Let's talk about you did you make the story about you it's fun and nice that a million dollar but. Until I think about doing this all law. All weekend long other whether a great way to start a Monday. The just like. As that he can't copy. Is that you can't wait for your toes to keep and attract. We're gonna mainline some energy right now before radio or less to do a little bit off thirty yeah hopes right now idea that it comes from the unlikeliest of Vance. Some 41. Then went from a getting there at all grabbed this orange called grabbed the double by the horns and loan him in the that's the name and it's and I thought. What a great way to start Monday Democrat and jello or taller than in the right to take control or week agreed to start to Honda that's right tests positive way to begin if you get into an Angel. We've been negative but 'cause it's the devil it's a positive let's find out who wins radio relax figures are presidency budget zero. Gain access to every element present look if you win right now activists. Terry Norris. And didn't put their thickens the yeah now. I never that was muscle intro I don't light speed metal at all. I like movies some 41 and pop hunger interpretation. Of speed badly hurt auto record as have our parents are gonna. I divert you or let us see you as a we're gonna go with. Jolie firm rates. It rates. I don't know why everybody parades are as Irish fellows that. And a lot of Irish are very down. I don't think so at all like there Irish in Kansas City, Missouri is the parochial schools. Lives weird. By now we're like cousins Irish weird his. I was Catholic in Colombian. And so like you know our religious site. Irish although it's sparked a golden low of the day in and out of the martyr entry atop a Bachmann tea. Where they do an Irish fest era progress. Half brown poem. Catholics that we manner. An early you know have a drink. Everybody's Irish did nobody can be tolerated it is my irishman. Diego. Generally firmer out. There. There is there in the garage. And you know I've. That's a pretty good. Brigadier requests directly with. We will neural injuries and they'll credit of 965 abuzz stadium are in the morning. That damn show. Weezer yeah Siad says it says although I love Weezer this isn't helping anyway may sorry I'm sorry. I mean budget back and I did some 41 little Weezer and and the more we habits and that so. That's that's I think that's the longest song that I love. Weezer well agers. Oh man. Let's see what ever known takes time what's going on in your neck of the wounds. Landon and yeah. I would place where the weather bad the last person said that last sunk in misleads again do Aaron I'll let let let La La La. A what's up Eric and I and it it's the and it's just text and that's awesome dude. Lawmen new houses in the north land. On the tech side. You know at six carper able trades people all about you guys. Let me of their plummet. It's fun to say plummet. And discipline that. But I do see in this fishing could be lying through their teeth. And now yeah. But. Let's find out. Actually remembered by now under on the text and how my supposed to reality that if somebody says hello damn show overlord is my name is Tim and I'm from plant city Missouri here's what. Let the birthday today. Loading here can I can get by tribe called quest. I just my day it was something should web Tim from black city Missouri. David is not your birthday I think that's a damn good record black. So let's just be chilly weather and if your line that's cool and if you're not more power Tia. But the beloved tribe called quest here on the engine. Through fire is my hero. Danny and mark in the morning Ali and Saddam's. It's careless whisper of positive attitude perfect fifth that is an was negative world. Still we got to do we gotta we gotta get you know as professional radio shows they don't have those bumpers is whether called in the business and there audio bumpers. And every time before somebody talks you know. They they play it like it is like. Again this is like Hillary shows doing this and. And everybody is Danny and mark in the morning there. Smooth sand stinging memory and great. Deals get done is in the morning that. Although they had. As remember this one from level and he has very few Wasilla the State's lineup you remember loving and generous when there's that moment this is the cold although this is that this is ending tell love line it. Disease. Hi everybody that's the snow line man and girl less productive yeah. You Willis in the lunch line. Not addiction medicine specialists. Final sex in the morning now really is it six Chicago we're we're we're doing role play here. Comedies there I got two kids always behave the absolute worst on Mondays we've played these silent movies by Madison ward in the mama bear. Of course we will. Of course. You know a lot of time I got I got five kids responsible for a lot of times. When they act out. They really just want. It is the weirdest thing kids are so strange. And you know as a teacher. I'm down just organism parent. I give the Buick. I want love song get a break stuff and went and hell's wrong with you. Being here at Madison. And then I want more careless whisper because guys. It's probably the greatest they are great. In game six to its tedium sect has been displayed. Those hurt when we're. And you. Great sound in the months to America. This request comes in from a teacher. The teacher who wants to hear silent movies that are Madison book and why do them out of there before 715. Well there's no detention here with any MR because. We're going to be added to Andrea. To me at all. It's. It's a right turn that basically cars had map that we're gonna lead you. To the dance floor of Madison war. Good lucky teachers today at 11:6 o'clock people. Now our ice stadium Margaret is here in the morning. You know I saw something on the news and it was a different type of culinary treat. Yeah the end you know it's really easy to see is really best and go. We saw. A guy is really easy. I wanna saw. To try I've Elizabeth sorry I saw a click debt. Some about organ squirrels. And I I'd wanna hear it at that we can all hear it together by Europe. Assume we did do your writing I thought it was about the chiefs likely did it was like. Chiefs complete to win squirrel cook off but there are like shafts. So yeah it's stickers commercial sorts payment take a listen and yes this does come from Arkansas in Cali tonight. Yet they world championships world cook off and it's an eight the year by news reporter Megan Johnson is that the big accounting well barn. To tell us what it is hey Megan. Brian yeah we had been here all day following an attorney did find out into tears. Were fifteen. At Keeneland judges tasted some interesting this is today. Including an agents broke this girl talk just in even a bloody squirrel that there in addition of a bloody Mary but at. Well attack. Prioritize that a bit as it is as these world tacos. Scroll tacos that's. I mean look if you put anything with salsa. Some fresh ideas and those salons throw industry tock on a squirrel straight talk well. I meet them I can see that it's the Boy Meets World its concerns he had. Keeneland judges tasted an interesting this is today. Including an agents broke this girl talk in even a bloody squirrel that's there in addition of a bloody Mary but at the end of the day I only went teen can be named this year's world team in chance World Cup team be ends. Jerry Miller and his au peace protesters team traveled 200 miles to compete. And they ultimately claim the title. Turnout was awesome people were very. Anytime you win this event you feel good because there's some high quality people here high quality coaching so you don't vote for about what it. So that's from the Hokies squirrel team guy it was it was the official name Okie squirrel buses I came from Oklahoma took 200 miles. To win the competition. And raises a good turn out. Then there is a very large turnout. I am not against trying squirrel. All I know about it is from. Cruises vacation yeah they're high cholesterol accord according to cousin Eddie. It's hard core scoring there were over here doing. It's hard for his girl or over here to elect break in dress. In our targets are already on squirrel fast reactor itself. We have watching it my dad's hometown and on the Washington yeah. They have squirrel France everybody's night eating sort of celebrating squirrels as this world celebration fit then a squirrel bridge so they don't get killed I think yeah. They are I thank mammoth flag at tight man it was like. The bridge over there though is it the bread bridge we put a lock on the bridge I had narron and you put your stuff squirrel on the bridge that goes moral courage you walked by headed towards another book is coral bridge over the streets so they survived. Now growth is robust sixteen they want thousand dollars but they gave over half of that money back to this evening. Teen out tell you why any big act. In house squirrels are bringing together people from all across the nation earned that prize live in King County covering is relay making Johnson five days. Hey man squirrels doing their part to bring the country together. A got to respect that you ask who they respect the squirrel tacos I would like to know what they Asians world vicious. But it wasn't very specific this world Fargo's got it probably some extra sauce on something blocked he squirrel got iams leg like a salad like you we get to California Pizza Kitchen. It. It's the only thing or the guy like a much how you know you got a good squirrel. I would now how I mean like do I think it is teaching him in maybe it has the one of the tees like doc I'm not a fan Barack. Your head out. Now that I've had I don't like giving the same score I don't yes thank you played so arbitrary though way animals we desire delicacies like duck. Rabbit. But not score well. That's oral about the Indian delicacies tiger penis soup oh boy. I didn't know there was a thing I know about that night school well you know I was able teases as a lot of things. She's is a good things the document rests on PBS about your penis and I would like. To try ability score. A guerrillas and humility on the alternative ninety's he's by the buzz dating are the in morning. Two demo to show side and on the Mike is on ousting stated today a finalist at night and I didn't I didn't I didn't but I'm sure it was lovely thought. I'm sure it was very lovely which one. Chief oh sure that. And so. A new album coming out now. Come on guys c'mon. On guys is. I am now yeah guys both along with the monkeys on the cover in the fight you know on target amount I only remember teaches them that might have been when I'm asked gathers that one of the weir because it was like through being cool was the one that was that was like pinnacle all right yeah and resents her funeral but then as the next one was weird and I just remember. A reading message words about things that bans are doing. That I won't say on the air because I have experience in making sure I don't say things that aren't true. To the tune of a million dollars a let's just go ahead and power forward past that saves today. At say stadium mark in the morning you know mark let's open the DMI is booked up for like no reason whatsoever. Let's daylight color number nine I have whatever they want and lets you color number eighteen can do whatever they have whatever they can do whatever they are. But you can happen yesterday is how cold is being 918 yes 998. Team. 9918. Is an ethical thing it was doubles. There was doubles. The government of the day yesterday to you chuckled Manning eighteen double circle doubles notes don't. Up by says he's an amazing 580 want to price collar and I caller eighteen. Just because it's Monday right. OK I think it is yeah this morning last week because of the poly OK it's Monday Bershard decide and went out and it does make your day just a little bit better to that we do here I mean we don't make him better. But we can give you stuff that maybe will. We're kind of like. A really bad form of self. You don't want all the time but when you want it. Now maybe Myers on alternative ninety's he's by the buzz Danny and mark we get in the morning the damn show down and I mean dom down giving tree dom listen. So it's Monday. It's like seven birdied both some forty by the time you guys in the some 39 for treatment. They're little monitor. Is Monday it's a nice day out the temperature is not. Alia. When it leads us play what you guys want for like 22. Minutes. I have got that much I have got that much time. What you are worried about 5767 nation toward gay you can call fisons excellence of attacks in ninety fives as are the summit she's physically you name. Includes we are from. For some reason you're texting does work you can tell you can call if you like in ads is just get a song and we'll just our crab in them to be a good time. As Monday's visit here's the thing my day you wake up grumpy. I mean she's one yeah well that's good. Revealing a browns fan you thought others sit and an anti not well all I know song I saw on the tanks and CEO of the it might be kicked out event but it. It's called feel good drag feel good drag yeah okay by camera by amber land that we used to play in awhile ago on the station. OK mark. It's Monday and I guess it. You can get cynicism you can get of sadness you can get yelling anywhere. You get celebrity news anywhere you can you can get everything anywhere else. On this show. But but finding positively on air sometimes is hard. And my initial reaction and let me tell you about the so positive my initial reaction was in his own counsel and he'll did you feel it yet. My answer acted like mark why did gut thought there Andy you know my senator reaction as the kick up as you did see this a text earlier is you know let. March. Let's get this pick up our bodies so let's kick it off ever really feel good dragged its your question texting 96500. Name where Herat. Twenty minutes of fun for Monday all right had been a work ahead in the school lets get it done let's have a party. All right get that as he's gone I'm in favor in favor. Mantra I'm below more high energy right now with the music does all right we never were get ready to an 8 o'clock infield guess we're gonna do that it would appear that you get a and we're gonna pick back up we're gonna talk about KU football any squirrels so after the north we'll get into is on the so kicking up. He'll be a drag and relent. The suits you guys got during up. Outcasts rose on the alternative that he's 65 the buzz dating Margaret in the morning mark how aria and good Jerry hey you know. Everybody is talking about Serena Williams today yeah it's like everywhere. And I was a new tennis. And I wish I resented tennis. I know but you Bob and I don't know attendance and a tennis my dad used to have us. Our our thing when I was growing up I it's kind of weird we would go play tennis occasionally no where does that mean my brother my dad to go play tennis we chatted to on one. Peter we've beat him then sometimes it wouldn't but it'd be Wimbledon and Sunday morning. Remember when Wimbledon has let you know always get up make this French toast and we watch Wimbledon championship. That's really cool it's good memory within I I don't know why we did it but it was fun but always parents should totally need to think about like injecting good memories you can point to later Armon your kid like a Marley dead. Comedian named like you broached and don't Wimbledon and we put it together and it's 90 tenets elements all I know is that basically. Apparently they can like. Take away. Your point. Are you take away game a she was arguing with the umpire I don't know his words a may entertain you know sports I just thought man not since. What's his face Brett. Bret Bret Hart's. Al brown are Brett Hart in Montreal the Montreal turned jolly am IC says David unfamiliar the Montreal spur job long story short they just screwed Shawn Michaels out of the bell ringing the bell early. An aide in my little pea brain a little cro mag I'm in on ten his brain the closest I can put together on this thing is that. So Serena. The dom buyer was upset deters something on a point there there is a few words exchanged from her hand and then she called him a thief. And because he took a point from her and then he took a whole game from her. Now there's three game there could be three games in tennis right. Like there's 11. In line right. And if you win the first two do you have played third there's those are sets sets yet so for women's yet when. Q of the recess subject. For for many have to win. Three of the five sets that you very much mark for being informative knowing what's up in tennis your dad imminent today eyes sort of play a little bit. Yeah. It's. Jubilation. Okay. Law that's little cruel like listen to this deal like so she calls and at the they have an exchange you've heard of their like aren't evident at a find a way I've seen way where I thought we were some baseball urine like I've never seen in tennis. That. Type of thing happen I don't watch tennis around but I feel like if that happened a lot. People would see in you right right even if there was necessary as the day isn't star but let's not forget him and sorry and I got told he couldn't Wear her cat suit. Yeah inspired by black panther is to the French Open yeah. Yeah it I mean she's kind of just been. Every he's gone after her. Is building up its full voice and listen this guy again he leg leans into the microphone and licks his lips like he's like. We segments that. It's. Oh my god verbal abuse verbal abuse game panel today. So then I do know reportedly. Wanted his players clip here at the end of her press conference because she did say so much better that I can I would never try to put words in somebody's mouth. Obviously I don't know tennis obviously I'm not a tennis player hell I'm barely. Able to walk and guide. Adult I don't know any of what this is like I can't imagine. Feeling I the world out to get you especially because. You're woman. Like. I don't know how you look at everything else that happens all around all the time and if you if I'm screaming here Michael I got this I mean it's clearly. Because she's a woman right John McEnroe was seen. I don't know tennis I just don't know I guess around Andre Agassi. About what people argue all the time on the baseball field it's finding its horrible things of people with no problem. The five dollar worth one I'd Itanium market Marta and sorry Anheuser in my bonnet on distracted the five dollar for a long apparently is. Not gonna be around it's of the individual franchisee of subway. If you were still into the five dollar foot long. But if you like Armenians apparently there's some sort of pinning anything in the works that's this article or street neither their nor interstate however. They got it they had to keep I mean if your local franchise. Apparently I don't comes in with a five dollars I I I don't gone I don't wanna get into you know the mechanics of franchisees and their all that stuff but apparently. The profit margins on the five dollar foot longer just brutal. It's just business capitalism we should pay detention. I wish I'd gone to college actually I act so. I normally do this thing bird randomly play three songs that have something very very similar in common in you should be able to spot it right away. This Warren is not even jog throughs I don't think it's a tricky but I can see how maybe. You wouldn't figure it out so I'm just gives you a heads up the next three songs definitely have something obvious and common. When you hear the third song the first person to call by since 67965. Give mark cancer wins whatever they want my prized okay. We are a lot of good stuff in their order got in her brilliant and get out and change tomorrow night oh Alice in Chains from the EUT standard of the UK perfect. Pol boy awesome the headrest corn maze. Karma is liberty Gorman is the big corn maze got so that marvel thing marvel. Live coming up Marmol alive not eyes just marvelous Marv alive this week and due to mechanical thing I would like to see Captain America on tax you know maybe they'll do that I don't see him Captain America and iron means for suckers. We also have royals game yes you are supplying this. Wednesday you're kidding after getting now turn in the Indus Sergey Lavrov. Five of you got that OK so just wanted to let you know you pay attention for the next three songs what they help very much have in common. Very very to me obvious but might be a little bit so just cash pay attention. Jack writes exceeds all teams on the alternative that he sees five of Danny and mark in the morning damn show little whether it im guessing game I guess. Marks of their on the phone trying to find a winner and look I got ten people on the far. To be a lot of photo evidence some of play out it's hard to both of them right now. Because whoever gets this right widows lesser songs have obviously income. Whoever gets this right its whatever they want my prized. You're by yourself and a bit of an ethical quandary yeah but gates' I was out at Kansas on thing. And buzz is this. Remain low Amy how are. And get married and. Just fine it was the issue might delay was on just in case you dropped an F bomb and it is solved Amy what is your guess what those three things having common. Like metals that fury like there are metal leg are that's okay hold on OK just stay right there stare at those they're there to an immigrant or. Paid abuzz possess. Hi Charlie or Charlotte. Our. I just slimy show got a right to my last names like awful unease is great I love it. But it's hard to say it's as the enemy trying to write this up yeah. Your vehicle like my lessons in Terrero hosts how many cars do you need do in every time. Army looking for money though like is DO terrorists there not good. Only a financial one all right Charlie what was your guests. I don't actually sort and again I note that that's. All the so called pork. OK I hope I'm alive and OK mark like mark. I want you to give it to both of them a cash and here's what Coca first of all her answer on the assault team bits is like salt. Cool. Technically when I was looking for on a periodic table of elements you can go secular one highlight silver. Salt okay. But the first one said medal. And if you you do a little research on sought early on ensuring at this right I didn't know who's on top my head I had to Google. Google says salts can be easily identified as they usually consists of positive ions from our metal. With negative ions from a non medal. Now. I technically got to give it to our right and and natural resource is on line two. Is pretty close yeah. I don't playbook resources given to above I don't care congratulations both India it's a really stupid game. I'd love to play it and you know at any time you get to talk about the periodic table of elements. I consider that a win yup I'm. Friends Permanente and has unveiled an NAC by the buzz normally 610910 my old late today 918 times greater let your chance to win whatever you want my prize but. It is the simplest of games because this is the simplest of morning shows it's the damn showed any mark in the morning he text me and 96500. What do you want to hear today right now. What would you like to hear include your name you don't have to you have like get a very much believe that you are person that you should be acknowledged for participating. In the show because lord knows. This is remarking here yet a week we love it and his dancing I Will Ferrell over here off another prong advance that I was blades of glory. Yeah for the first time yesterday in a while I like that yeah that was par after ridiculous move Arum of movies that was his poll Will Ferrell and we got from my and the point apology just cater. Or you know the and a I think that whole series of movies kind of started were dodge ball. Players I mean would dodge ball great. Jim I have to respond to dodge ball is great. An annoyed look we will read all the women are better they was semi pro. You know a day in the I Joes now I think kind of is videos show. On that movie that they abatement batons in that movie Damon Damon we've. Ben Stiller Ben Stiller of course that one lady that's. She was in he'd do originally. She's married to Ben Stiller now but she's a great actress and. Yeah yeah yeah and in our wedding singer just great. It is morality and hey no any yes the as a member hey dude Ali after. Well if you don't. This is I hated him when for the reroute our requests are murmur the episode when. I'm Donna had a narrow did do it. When made it they had hate did spelled out in rocks our own and may change that somebody change Xerox from hey dude hey Newt and a guy showed up thought I was in nudist. That's an episode that's an episode you work it now. Your kid is he's turning me to Sergei for a day it's of Rudolph. Real episode I don't know which one but if you have a Google Sergey Lavrov you're kidding. You're kidding so I'd I didn't I'm gonna have to Google that's I'm gonna have to I mean I'm in yeah. Palin. I gather you hustling on blisters or else they want. Okay. Okay. Let me go. Now that. Here. The movie. I had Nickelodeon maybe. Cool don't make me things allegiance shards pay your way in our. Assuming Clinton name announcer. It is true boy a lot of people are buses are right now. The these guys let me thank my father and Betty middle class threat. That's so they request and I'm so sorry I'm trying to find your thing receive a refinery produces everybody was taxiing over your singing I just want to. Well I'm a jerk. I'm a jerk you want more fine Jew. View person. Whose name begins with probably. Well not the not X may be easy. This is a 23 of 26 fossil letters to name starts with a hole in one of several municipalities across Kansas City I tell you something you are important as you want radio roulette. Am betting middle class threats on a bus. Six by the buzz gamer in morning damn show eyes ears talked about. I don't. Productivity. Trying to reach out find that sweet spot between reality and optimism. It doesn't make you look like a wide eyed lunar and I need. But also doesn't turn you into a cynical jerk like I was for 35 years. Is it's a thing. And his powerful I think and I think there's a little proof in the pudding here now with his last Thursday. Last Thursday we talked about this I think so it was right there with the Friday before we right before the weekend. There was a news story about me about some professor. And K you they wanted to get rid of the KU football team because they've prior to Saturday. They have lost 46 road games and arrow is that right and getting projected 20092009. And like you can look at that and you can hear that and you can remember KU football performance over the years and you can ago. Back. And I. I understand. But you know the underdog stories the best story if rocky was as good as Apollo creed if you didn't have to overcome. Apollo creed. Twice. And then club relying. And and then watch a paltry get murdered by Avon Drago and then overcome Yvonne Drago. If he was the best what's the point if there's no there's so there's no drama yet. The royals were terrible for thirty years and and then when they are in his long live via what a great long while guarding him though it's like. A city is a way that I'll miss all my god. That. Oakland game do you remember they Oakland and Alia like. I got chills does demos of chills thinking about it Sally single so we so last Friday mark and I were like yeah. News you want that your team get so bad it's a surcharge. He got to pay an extra I don't know how much will listen as I gotta say. They're getting some damn positive survives all right as vampire didn't today let's clap our hands let's they're playing at central Michigan. At central machine chancellor break the streak right. On the fifteenth they'll be back tomorrow I think in the Rutgers oh boy okay it's and the biggest thing that OK okay great we get every day and section a date and series sexson and you'll son of a gun. They won they did maybe they demolished to them it was crazy Dave I'm pretty sure that I'd have on the serbians yeah home but yeah. I believe they lost to them. Home last a lot they lost to central Michigan home why sir I'm pretty sure I trust your judgment and even knighted so it sounds good don't worry about it they they only want one game lasted so it's like you do not think mark and ice are saying we had anything to do with this we did not okay. We had zero this is not waited on us in anyway shape or form. I'm just excited and wanted to give congratulations of their cave football yes last year they lost 4527. At home to central machine today I got rockers on Saturday. I really wanna go to this game. I wanna do like a cave tailgate party. But let's get that hallway and we definitely got both good good vibes going is ghostbusters two we got to spray with the blues and supercharged with good day. How did you how well it is it's gonna be on fox sports network. It's an 11 AM I think big time that's a good early morning again it's not too early it's. Never too early to listen to rap music and apart on a college stem drink. It's never too early that are available at the party will probably still be on from Friday night so I'm just saying and if you got a good spot I don't know how tailgating works I've never been tailgating in my entire life doesn't matter what the sport is. I think once at the University of Arizona I'd win and there were cops I couldn't drink or they thought okay I've never really got on I was worse don't the rules are. But if you got a great spot is the spots. UN DJ. Your party not a good time hey let me know email AJ able NIC said the buzz are com or email mark you know. Or their mark in ninety by the buzz and Robbie Margie and I Marseille and it's a you can Texas. Between two there how are gonna get all of us I don't really like to be there I'd really like to just. Play some music it's a good vibes going maybe get away go for KU football. I want. It's a lot of fault it's been awhile since they've had a home and how audible. Along while they want opener last year but I was a lad has gone now you know any you know even if it doesn't happen. Even then losing a 46 in a row hey. You guys were great on Saturday KK you won 317 on Saturday all right this week they opened as a three point underdog okay to rockers records. Discuss smashed by Ohio State this last week and so I was pretty excited. He may be caved in. Take advantage and capitalize off that momentum. You'll see the game winning streak I do not know the last time came had a two game winning streak and guys. Let's just if you want to it if this all works out and we get set up and it's everything's cool that he's okay and everything's good. Played just come out and have fun anchor if you go to and I'm kind of like you. But we'd just the whole party for no reason in the cave parking lot and also support the football field. It's a bad idea to go in and I think you. Yeah now let's play and we just play out for nice it guy you could still come out here on the Tex signs hang out that China. It's not necessarily. You know fighting thing we can be positive T yeah yeah. A man like you we have to decide whether they let congress that we don't even you know I'm asking you to root for KU. I'm asking you root for the underdog and losing football come on rice they're pretty good they're good they're pretty good about how many years have you gone believe. In the memo refers into the Bremer. Now. I support and love for everybody your friends your family. Local teams. Separately say I'm just kidding octagon and I'm just get a jump as a joke and so and he mean to be negative that was wrong of me and I try not to do that so. Hey if you wanna having a marker Meehan wanted DJ wanna party on Saturday. Don't. I mean I will come out. Eighties down she's ready to go she's a woman serving goal and they lose. Well. We'll drink until a little of anymore. As simple as I call millionaire works I didn't even understand at this moment I'm so I'll be years wasted. We'll see you tomorrow we'll.