DAM Morning Show Podcast Thursday September 13, 2018

Thursday, September 13th

Open, Chairs, Radio Roulette, Aliens, Shout Outs, Tickets and more!

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Billy I would shoot. The goal mr. finish. They alternative base is five the buzz. They are markedly here in the morning. You know what the hell is this thing the nature. Yeah. Don't break it here. Parker leaned into the chair and it didn't have it didn't break yet the way I get in in my chair every morning because I have a broken chair with a rear are as I put my arm on it and I leaned down and that 230 pounds on it and it kind of -- the one side of a yen and I can slide right and there's no sag on this you know these chairs are sturdy. And a house third. For now they're sturdy aren't here as. Soon nicely like Arnold and this is it what's its share is that it's weird this is unacceptable actually nice and comfy if not you'll get used to it. Half you're go over the broken there is there like an angle. Be easy enough for tall people maybe my. Oh blow where you'd go I'd failed announced today. I'm back. This like the funniest thing I've seen in awhile there yeah okay. What. It's. I like my share have you ever it's got like Bob Dole octogenarian. Lamar support. In the back of the chair and it is just like rolling into my back is forcing you leaned forward. Like I don't know maybe it's here here's a little different. Your. Age I did he's gonna hate these chairs. Share. Written karma. To me. Because I'm sitting there and it's preposterous it is preposterous isn't. The foot rest goes it is my knees it's Ohio up. You know my knees are bad and quite an acute angle. Well a very acute angle. That's violent Islamist is I'm like 510 BI come close are like my legs closer to lob truce. That makes you bet that that makes perfect sense home boy this is not gonna work at least they save the old ones yeah Winamp excuse me. A mile. And Lou darkness my girlfriends. My broken this year. I'll call you a demo area. And gunfire go off in the room it's under my share visit my chair I watched the brokerage there. That's the guy that it's so funny. Well me yet others. Give me a comfortable broken jeers and there's three new one that doesn't even roll. Still OK I'm very sorry everybody I have not had a change my work environment in thirteen years this. Yet these these nature's don't Rory is no but I've I've but they're nice to sit around for for somebody is five to build shared the role and amiss in the Wheeler got a belts look I have. But I'm calm the rule in my legs are finally hanging that. Paul Mann lake honestly I get so thrown off by change. Anything it doesn't matter I windy it was sort of putting less. Frosting on top of the pop tart and I notice I notice. When they start anyway the cinema and from Nia how many and where are my easing years bro. That a obscenity at chair I do my work environment has changed late last time a change we move buildings and now. I've got this new chair I'm so thu I don't know what that says about me I think those chairs the the one thing in the or wanting it's been in Henderson's. 2002006. Yet or whatever name they moved here and yet visited your. But but has been on this shares so many times. It's I love my chair. All right great era let five's at a desired text the united 500010. At some sleep last night and ray ago ordered ready to go. It's texting as advisors are your song requests. And mark Michaud. Pickett and if we play it even have access to way you apprised book OK. As far as games. There's Vietnam. And it is that we left early you an extra innings and buy it the girls girls and Scalia. Preschool and can I learned today it's is a gap. So I had jail near Rio blame for preschool is there he wants a wants some free baseball yeah. I'm washed and then it was fun and then lost but here is there they're pretty much locked in for the second pick at this point yeah. So have a pretty high draft pick I actually. Tory right junior yesterday. From Casey as he did well here's the thing we were actually. My youngest daughter likes dogs smile seller doesn't so I was getting my Olerud are used to the dogs or around it's always had a good time playing in the all the dogs to find the pool or pence dogs. And then I looked up right after Torre through the first so I just miss SI don't not of their listeners. Levi left out all right good they're the are so let's play a song and then more come back and we'll do a little. Raider like taxis are request are nice as far as you zero axis editing one reprise book. And are missing out. Name and where he takes it from three to two million just a little bit and let's start off our morning together I mean Billy Irish is great. Wonderful Fella get like 6 o'clock in the morning. Is like infusion. From. You know despite a little. So instead let's turn up the wolves. Giro up close which ready to some one's at 6 in the morning is some what is. Alex Claire and to close why I wanted to feel some lobs. I yeah I like wolves. And bombs while Mosul. Teaching army morning it's great there's another wrong loves earlier more rewards are great if they're tasteful loves. You know blow blow blow blow blow. I need you know what I need mark I anyway roses color Ella those slits in a blonde woman. The Marlins the woman's. Anywhere those on like the war. So whenever I'm talking or you're talking and I feel like I want to I could just what you out. Hey it's more moral moral bar so. The beer rave 24/7. Really to glow lights and not. That was out Clara yeah. And before that was a Billy and I Billy the ash is Mara with its and that he had been he had yet yes that's it's like. When he grabbed the can whip cream and go off staff. There goes war more war out there is a little bigger yes it is just like Utley got more you know flickers again it's like a it's too much federal. Fifth slam semis at white Hart is quirky but I feel great. Are so great. I think got a winner and I think it's kind of funny. Because it really fits kind of with the loves on Perry remember when the song came out I just remember meters. Church group we keep this really quick. Condenser in 1998. Yes. All right well somebody got a good at requests are read. In Roland park. Mobile home park taking us all the way back. So in 1998. With lo fidelity all stars. Battle flag that's your radio or let winner I'm gonna get to a couple of these requests on the back end of this. Sorry if I don't get to yours thank you very much for participating at Serena make you very much for the lo fidelity all stars do. Win radio Rula what a great way to start your day I hope. It's a win yeah it's a W yeah did you take it thanks. Even though you take the law of well hate that while. That's goes on rules there own ransom blue bands and narrowed guerrillas there. Well it grows I got attacks. From a guy named Lloyd. Why it is no. I have an affinity for the double LA and Lloyd. Totally come from dumb and dumber yeah I mean it's not fair to anybody else. But some dude named Lloyd is like hey. It's lawyer didn't KC MO I'm putts. I don't care what comes next this is better than reading Dickens actually a lot of things are better than reading Dickens. OK if that. Did they ever Gannett update the English books that we read or have they in my that old. I just remember I mean you know Doug Iran reading like the jungle by Upton Sinclair very important especially into any team. But like until it too loose eighties. Or catcher in go awry. Holding call off field is better. That's is what I think about hold populace a book report that's why I'm here and that's why am not a real job so. American morning damn show we got one more amanpour warmer summer for gonna break here animal come back or respond if you want and this is kind of what we do our hair yeah. We talk about our garbage and we think the six clockers. Maybe 645 roll call that they cute albeit. By Lloyds said. He plays some 311816. AM. And wade. I saw that takes the last minute I don't have time to Graham it will what I can and do. Is play a little 311. Incident of that and then. Aha. Well I can do for you Lloyd KC MO thank you for texting and thank you for being a Lloyd. Play will through eleven dear. Does we're gonna be right Lloyd Elian. In a metaphorical sense. Oh boy. Nights is that donor Ariel started IDC five advised remark in the morning and AM show. Probably blast specifically what text or said what did you slip in between muse indicate wealth they slipped and was a little December its December arrests. Severed. It's 6:53 more. 6 o'clock. I love recognizing people just for existing I think it's kind of fun I think it's good I think it's great. I like to recognize you marketing your great thank you if he has got a text we announce as far as there's there are literature don't like right now realistically what you're doing your name into the shaft. Six buckshot at the clock broke up. LP ought to call me five cents or 7965 I'm I'm I'm not against that either. And in the meantime magazine an excuse to do something. Play my favorite songs are in in my favorite song. Of the moment okay. I. I get that time and down and play channel metrodome. And I newsroom is that on the way. You. A and what's not just governments that Dalia Missouri civilians. Think she's texting and request but I was to say what's up my leg wound up Jessica. Welcome to the DM roll call. 6 o'clock you know I love 6 o'clock you guys. You're off your Adam are you heading home to crash or even in the casino all night. And you're either headed home or you're gonna find something to stay up banana. Insanity and saw a man Brandon sitting in drab Eric. Granite city has ever and I you know there's one thing about their Brandon. Do one thing about Brandon and everybody knows. And they he is always sitting in traffic. I've branded new laws traffic that did is that B hop presented to them I have no idea just says Brandon sitting in traffic goes off and says. 6 AM every day drive in my hour commute and let me also the all Shelby thank you for. We'll have itself. Shelvin guys bellies full love. Branded as traffic Shelby's full lob volley at the river market wanna polish port deal market three may get some hello delicious she. That's commitment. We make in Chile. I love again is shown already Sherman I love civilians but civilians say. She loves. Listen in the financial Intel are Lucius to wake up to listen to it a man you make him have just enjoy this with thousands Issaquah. Native of independence and you're working totally not a way you are awake right now. And her thigh the other threw an event. This place the other morning as a mile arm. I mean you get you going Serena are winner from six than in. At the gym and the gym at the zooming in out list in the sun day campaign. A city has that my kids daycare waiting for than Obama I in my breakfast oh my gosh I know what that's all about. Right where it when I got divorced and it was you know is trying to figure out exactly. Went what how I'm gonna get to work and I'm sitting outside a school at like 7 AM like oh my god please hurry please hurry. Totally understand it Angel work nick UT that's what spotted so. Yeah you know double my friend. In my angels if that large foam Newton. Driving to work since six Kelly. Love you long time they'll love us he loves us yes then you just problems expressing actual size he says law I laugh. Open get ready to shower Luis Diaz opened its eighth. Believes. He he's in tunes that sees them to put reform. As well that's how I feel like Yoko and switch ladies and presumably you isn't ready in Florida and walking into our SHS for another day of fixing Tut laptops brand from rates out there Brad they soliciting. Zack's right to say gel Heidi it's a big guy. Chanel and Lawrence loves the damn show it's this movement to hire Chanel smells great. Yeah all right and from holy cow just some entries of human feeling that's hold the cook cook. Julio driving home from work damages makes a better bill Julio few make it better my friend do you know why because your life. Played real well it. Now I ask all right yeah putts but I was road discern anything nice to me and hugging it. I'd say. I'm Jordan driver organ which. An air force base all my wife Jenny is doing her make up hey jardin and jetting you two are way too cute to have the same first name. Wanted to do and make governor one of his head to work its witness to you thank you for doing what you do. Whatever may be there. Doesn't matter whether this thank you for doing what to do so that's our sense people there's a lot of cent of people out there and to Tyler pouring concrete. You're the real Jack camera pal yeah you're the real Jack camera tape they solicited themselves. We'll get back to music we'll get back to contents we'll get back to everything in just a second but allow me. Hear how dame are gonna martyr and Marco aria gift him pretty guys on me he's. I'm doing. My Brothers sent me this tax. A little while ago. About this place called. The sunspot observatory. In New Mexico. Now I don't know if you know anything about New Mexico. Well why don't go. They have those. Aliens. Maybe. Not quite sure. At least according to the weekly world news they certainly there. At least listening to him but listen liberalism whose tax. And he was kind of freaked out about it my Brothers band dude gets freaked out really easy. I actually wasn't freaked out about who's laughing he was laughing iMac and I got to sell as that's all right it's all right to do it. But listen this sorry this is kind of crazy it's it's weird and nobody knows really what's going on in the FBI is involved. And this comes suicide out of New Mexico. Where they have those giant. Have you seen that movie would Jodie Foster in the aliens that imitate her dad which I thought was rather cruel of them to do. The big satellite dish that points to the sky. You know search and search in the skies for astronomy stuff take a listen to this. I'm out and it's working its. The facility located about fifteen miles south of punk rock was evacuated yesterday for security were closed until. Further notice the sunspot observatory it entity and it's unclear why. The facility located about fifteen miles south of punk rock was evacuated yesterday for security reasons. Eighties is on his body sabathia spent the day after observatory searching for answers he's live only on. So we know that the FBI is the agency that evacuated the facility. But no one seems to know what exactly is going on. Absolutely empty the sunspot observatory a tourist spot in research facility taint Duff. When we were there we did see anyone going in or out Nolan. Officials at the conservatory our tight lipped. We have decided to temporarily big hit the courteous and auctioning. Now working with the proper authorities on the issue. I've never heard a phone call that sounded like they were under duress quite like back. And I'm imagining things right precautions Iraqis. To have to read this fine it is temporary decided to vacate this facility in no way am I being compelled to do. Cautioning check. Now working with the proper authorities on the issues. He's local law. Says he's being out we keep our death is creepy as the National Weather Service guy. You know on target about the National Weather Service has issued a party economy back out got it got scary as hell. Of course it does it was going on they asked us if we knew anything. Residents in nearby cloud crossed our justice puzzled. Gotten off what went out there for some sort of its sedans regarding the exits government I guess this rhetoric. Like so what I know is this for reserving our town nothing really happens appear very much and essence nobody no I could be almost eat if he said FBI. A lot of law enforcement went up there and everybody had a gal. The post office near the observatory has also includes. I really evacuate the area so we got a cult why or when they're expired. Residents also said he saw helicopters flying over the observatory on Thursday both locals thought bush know what's going on around us. Dude. Let's go to creepy right. That that cops were asking the news and they knew what was going on in this guy that looks just like Meeks Larsen with a backwards baseball cap is like. Yeah locals deserve to know. And then do we deserved nobody give a little more of the detail here too this is kind of I just southerners. Physicists report on YouTube I don't know that all of you wanna go on YouTube for physicists are nonviolent. You can start with a pretty decent business is battling to movies later on the YouTube search algorithm you are in some bad as energy now. By the sunspot observatory is temporarily closed due to a security issue at the facility. Is located seventy miles south of cloud croft in the Sacramento mountains. The association. For universities and research and astronomy and manages the facility is addressing a security issue at this time. We decided to vacate the facility. The facility is the national solar observatory at Sacramento peak. Eight PO is a mile away from the sun spotters are present or does not have a comment about the type of security issue at this time. I'm not sure when the facility was vacated but it will stay vacated until further notice have you seen the movie Howard the duck. Do you remember Howard the duck ma does anybody besides me and mark remember how the deck Howard the duck. Was it's a weird movie it's there's like duck people get it on I don't know but Howard the duck maybe point the satellite dish. And they they've managed to suck an alien dale. That's my running theory now I'm really on by a New Mexico in New Mexico yeah it's Howard the duck. My age theory obviously this is mine and my mom didn't and in I feel like. Win. 45 it and called on the space for a cause they are but we got any of 45 coming up for you and your 45 and the governor gray and those you're gonna love coming up after 8 o'clock and imported by going all right so I feel like. He called upon a space force. And if there are being is beyond you mean this is something in it they saw this. Other records based sources observatory there like we had that before they act. Like the people coming just days they're kinda. By Tony to we get his own reports point wanna send. Fifth out. We can't have humans. He's become. With the space force anyway come in and the national last solar observatory there in New Mexico it is a 130 miles away from Roswell, New Mexico so if you could just tinian. The FBI Italy New Mexico they like in Mexico what's wrong with New Mexico a lot if you have been there it the FBI that was rude I'm sorry but it was funny. The FBI is. They shut down one of those giant. Observatories the points in the sky but not say why. They're saying it's dangerously close the post office next door there's no updates. And if they're close the post office that means there has to be something. Other than the observatory I give it some there'd. Was there some sort of like leak. I don't know what and then let me think they are there any astronomers they use these dishes they can shed some light on this is the what dangerous that happened yet maybe some sort of. They don't want people getting cancer or something like that maybe I think says it's Howard the duck huh. Stranger things. It's very very good. Very very it's strange things is actually happening you're referring to study the big salad this is yes. So anyway they evacuated them they're not letting anybody back in and they won't say why and it's in New Mexico which. All comes together to just. I mean it tells me one very simple thing. Stranger than fiction before everybody needs you aliens exist on this exciting day. Of New Mexico drama. Is having good time apparently they evacuated when an M giant search this said he towers appoints after the to the skies he's seen him in contact. And they evacuated one of those in some New Mexico town the FBI showed up evacuated them. Got everybody out they don't know what's happening they won't tell you what's happening two point Merck local law enforcement asked the news. What was going on and yes text line absolutely. That did did the tin foil hat still exists it's just is a different role here I kinda have to hide it away until becomes relevant I think this news stories gonna kinda spillover into the national level here really soon so this should be fun to watch. They'll turn out to be nothing I'm sure but in the meantime with all freaked out and detects line is right they said a few days ago city released a statement regarding some strains. Radio bursts they've just heard from space that is true. That is they did hear recently more of these radio bursts if you haven't looked up the radio burst that come from space that are kind of unexplainable some of them are explainable. But some of them are in this my view of embody. There there's going to be a lot of hurricanes tock in the next few days I know. But after that were hit more space for stock at a global alien full Alienware ally space force time for a whole alien I can't wait for Howard that. To happen IRL hope. Lower rates. That was fun I enjoy that and it got late you saw as I never get to play aliens exist in that little bit religion. Stadium are ready in the morning thinks her stick with the same drive I hope we're doing well by you. I mean. We're not do well by ourselves but by you may be his chances 5767965. Caller number nine anything you want my prized book go. Ghali gave me a favor as Atlanta so the alternative 965 buzz Danny and mark India. A man that showed just now trade goes into every I just heard the ads for it just announced yesterday MEM Lawrence the look at liberty how are they go very that's really cool look there's heat. I hate to keep a bit did a harping on this damning alien invasion thing that's happening and if you missed it earlier apparently New Mexico they shut down. The national solar observatory. And for the let me read you their statement really quick apparent. Our sons by this is the big said he did you know one of the big Estrada reduces points up there when big ones you see in the movies when the looking for aliens. And it says sunspot apologize for the continued closure of the facility does it from their FaceBook. The association of universities for resurgent astronomy is addressing a security issue at the national solar observatory facility. At Sacramento Pete in Mexico and has decided to temporarily vacate the facility. As a precautionary measure. Our which manages Sacramento Pete is working with the proper authorities on this issue we have no further comment at this time the FBI jumped in. Then FBI isn't telling anybody anything okay. And then I was like somebody said on Twitter as I searched this they have turned a dual research for my war of the worlds here and a please keep in mind and having fun. Okay this is like one of those kind of freak yourself out the dark moments this is not like are aliens or if you stone think that. But is there somebody was saying that there were some interest Steen. What you McCall it's. Virginia it's is seeing. There's a web site you go to this like for this or is this a public website to click a government website allows you to see like. The Earth's magnetic field than they predicted magnetic field Fletcher well. Smith that the magnetic field you know they date they see what the suns do in the like that that web sites down. Did. These so her on her home. Some as going around the magnetic field maybe guys. Got to get John Kerry in that energy beam is going to save us now. And we have hurricanes on the way earlier hurricanes on the way hope and Europeans from last year the people are dismissing this is not that we got we got trouble and maybe 58 months maybe as you eyes wide updates or maybe he is maybe I'll keep watching. I will I will keep my eyes on this story. Everybody else covers the important thing. I cover the hot garbage that's probably not true. That's the damn show in a sentence. Yeah Megan Meier is lemon eyes on the alternative 965 the buzz stadium marred with yet in the morning they're down showed. May Meyers they're going to be that what you McCall to. Basically spray Q. Orleans this is from New Mexico in the sun people came and they took my brain that's what I thought too I was like brew at the zoo in my head. Per the but it's not birth disease this morning at the nineteenth is the basic which an interim man. Meg Myers. Allan Dodd yes yes you are they few modest move the sun people come from my brain so. A couple of things Emmitt to get to this earlier but he didn't marks a recent attacks in the super girlfriend lost her job last week. She's been begging to go to brew at the zoo it's right by her birthday what are right. Got to do. To get some tickets to that you guys are awesome every morning you know I'm doing I think he sent a nice text. We'll send you to Brit is that we should've included your name in your girlfriend's name so we can properly addressed you. However. Mark just. Welcome up also knew that the number in the second and you got to get and 576 and AC five caller number 94 tickets to the basic which show. Okay basic which so caller number 9576. Nomination fight is gonna be nice to give that person whose girlfriend lawsuit top pick a beeline. I like to think that the damn show is is is is all about not lying and being positive however. They could be and that's OK if I got manipulated to give away a prayer of brew at the zoo tickets. Would like here. Doesn't really affect me yeah sure okay fine slightly. Via good call on him and I prices and it's five per basic weights and let's play the new social off rust. Some Jack White. And then. We come back. We're gonna do another Pena 45 A national I haven't heard yet. Mark created it of his own volition it's gonna be brilliant I cannot wait to hear it I love and you 45. So much thank you mark for doing that and that will be coming up in just a little bit definitely before before he. On the bus but for now whistles and some tunes but yeah. Now appears only alternative many 65 abuzz Danny Margaret in the morning and Danny and mark. Down down and abandoned them. Got. I I did I buy it but. I actually my wife she's groceries you Bosnian Marca. The pair of Nikes that he got customized and they sit him on the back. That's critical did this very off and Allen is that they sounds like I can't wait I take remark my what sizes your shoe guy like rider on Merrill says. I haven't had a shoe Gibson's. But three Christmas is a guy got these so we. Tom's boosts dude that I loved. Katie just loves to get shoes all my shoe game my geoghan was terrible throughout that time I played in. And supporting Casey unlike the local media celebrity game recently like two years ago maybe a figure was. Michigan is terrible were converts you matters let slip conversely on commerce I duct tape them to my feet and I got hurt. Sympathetic if 170000. People thirty seconds into the match. I fell on my face and had to hop off on one foot between outside in the tanks and about they as he Alia is his transported as Ike. Did he helped me out yankees that he held you back to the car he help me he's the only. I'd probably make the car nobody else is like you're on your round the famous sporting doctors like I'm gonna need those stretches back fit again argue back with it day by day. It's our sporting I owe you one pair of crutches. You don't want imagine they've been in my arm pits anyway. I'd it's gamer gonna mourn and it's time for in your 45 is a little thing we do regardless of how you feel about the current president it doesn't matter. Pro or con this is not a political show and anyways here perform. And lastly something horrific when that happens because we're just trying to be an escape we're trying to be positive we're trying to. Distract you and your drive for more coming my goodness you're assailed by bad information 24/7 by the Internet television and radio. Maybe we could just make it two of those three OK so when I say that we do Tautou 45 and 45 it's just we put Donald Trump quotes on top of Kenya. And it just seems to be funny it just did makes Shia straight. Transcript from two days the two days ago and you got a few and social I don't know what it's regarding it is one people listen to agony of the you know this is having this is Evan listen to it is is direct quote there's no you know manipulation quote mark happens to read it. The president like we're not his quote machine. He's a sound byte array I think that's why he's so effective at getting broadcast everywhere. As he is a human sound bite and so we took advantage of that and this is march creation and I've always loved them is going to be great there you go. Wrong. Oh. I. It's. We years pairing no expense. We are totally prepared. We are ready. We are as ready as anybody has ever been before him. It looks to me. And so many talented people that do this for a living. The this'll be a larger. Far larger than anything we've ever seen. Again. They haven't seen anything. Like what's coming in Paris. Maybe amp. Tremendously big. And tremendously wet. Tremendous. They're prepared we'll. Prepare. We're all prepared to work in conjunction. Last year in Houston. They went out for second and third yeah. We'll never seen anything like it but we do a fantastic. Yeah Regina to perk is why not on an am sure dame our way in the morning. Are you but good god I. Just been just been obsessing over this thing in New Mexico all morning line. All morning long evidence sensing if you didn't know there's like this solar observatory in New Mexico. And on September 6. The FBI showed up there and shut it down. Didn't tell local law enforcement on little thing about it is New Mexico 130 miles from Roswell OK okay can. I'm half joking. At this point I was listening to a because and a Psycho I when I started finding the clips from you know dispatch calls when people call in and they called some guy called into. The the the the sheriff's office over there and he heard that it was closed and he wanted to know what was up and so I I police scanners okay. This is who I'm becoming and that's okay it's who. It's who I am but it's with the time I just I this is so eerie what's happening in New Mexico right now it's so. Interesting to shut down this solar observatory with whether those big antennas they look at the sun you know. And they they shut that down and not telling anybody why it's been a week. It nobody knows anyway here's where the cause is just gonna. Give me a little bit that. You're over. Art are displayed spewed bit of good quality inquiry put coaches speak first. That European should. I was on kick my children the other so for them. DN SL is the at a place world so show the world group are reported dead. We have heard rumors that B a B aren't the potential challenge wanted to be carrying it. You know that he recorded quote perfect what was politically. We're walked over. Real. You're absorbed are recruited well our usual. Are we sure do Goteborg Fargo all are about the gonna boost our people. And I'm crazy in his chair saying can advise you stay for punish Arizona as we don't know anything. The FBI came in a week ago. And if you if you Google around there was some did this isn't this isn't like crate this part is he crazy conspiracy there is some interesting son readings recorded September 5. September 6 they shut it up. Were a week later we still don't know that. I'm very very pleased I'm very very pleased at the chance of Davis. Hopefully they're happy but hopefully they're nice aliens. Of live like hey we're sorry about the probes. We thought you were kinda cows but it turns out your Cynthia and beings to be like by the way how's they're Centene beings too will be an almighty god what I got. You know what else happened on Saturday in a while. But this. Okay. Okay. Kansas and in the street 46 you are right. You are rights. We got weird sunspot activity the FBI comes in such a down and then KU football. Rakes up 46 road loss streak mark what have. Like okay. Hey good Osaka who got us back a little yoga it's the suns abouts it's sunspots. Are Smart and I don't know you crack the code. You try to go down I would go to NASA's website about solar activity is called SoHo I can't it's down so how is down. So it down so you know what I think I think that means we got in that another KU football win. Maybe coming up mostly Rackers we'll see Saturday at home they're gonna be a more. It's going to be in Lawrence. It's the sunspot aliens bro maybe they're here to make our lives just a little bit better every. Ernie has amazes on the alternative and 965 the buzz my name is Danny. Mark is here. It's that says damn radio program that's it that's that this is so great so did anybody idea as fun at a good time. Really enjoys argue is I've stumbled across something that. Probably is a more innocuous explanation for it I mean it's not innocuous but for national security stuff national security stuff. Perhaps maybe in this is from new Mexico state university and perhaps maybe the Chinese were spying on White Sands Missile Range. Using the Telus that's one theory as. It's not as fun as like aliens aliens. I mean every time I get excited about aliens it's always just normal. It's almost like. We aren't the only ones out there. Now okay it's I watched the X-Files and a lot as a kid and you were my brain. And yeah yeah yeah yeah I always there's a saying in medicine says that when you hear hoof beats don't think zebras. Right so be here I mean I don't know who hears hoof beats these next. Sounds like the new doctor Draper horses of beats. But. You don't wanna think zebras it it's probably horse and I tend to think of things zebras so anyway because war of the worlds isn't happening. Boring. While I needed a little excitement. You never know there's still chances for word stuff to happen on Saturday. OK okay we'll see you guys tomorrow more radio relay at 610910. If the aliens come then we'll talk about that and if they don't. There was two regular show I'd like to go ahead and I mean and like you and offer. Of the interview forward. One of our extra pressure beings who will not becoming. Because it probably is that's all right. That's it that's it that's enough conspiracy today tin foil pulled. Away. Clutching a Tom belonged inspect and yes mark reach out to Tom belong. Mark did markets after Tom belong we're gonna try it harmed along on to talk about what's happening in New Mexico I imagine Tom belonging is somewhere. Just. In a safe room yeah yet that's exactly right our thank you for not making any noises while you that it.