DAM Morning Show Podcast Tuesday September 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 11th

Open, Radio Roulette, Requests, Greatest showman, Bees, Counting Crows, Alice in Chains, Brew at the Zoo, Marvel Live, Liberty Corn Maze, and more!

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Red Hot Chili Peppers. East large issue. That's Spanish for scarred tissue it's on L thirty of 96 by the buzz Danny and mark with you here in the morning glory mark. Irina I endured for T apron to pretty good. Well say. Well walking and as legal. Read out should ever scar tissue which by the way it was the song of 2000 aren't 19992000. And I'm wrong my friends in high school would count the chili peppers notre I gotta cover the beepers. You gotta cover the papers and they as a slight gap isn't senior high school. Playing baseball because I was cool. Listening to scar tissue. Feel like. Anthony Kenya's gets me. Nobody else. I I think it is the only. Well you're my daddy that's a weird thing to say. It's 60 gene in the morning indicated that wish she were my debt now I don't Anthony and don't go out there as was clearly. Donna king missile Alley which is why is good great great great saw good signs just felt like scar tissue and Donna. Our king princess came princess princess king. Don King princess. Don Imus looking prince's main. Who yes yes I guess that gap. As belly up going into Rainier let. 610910614. Am. Was just a little rare sight are stepping up to spring appears he's just a little bit. But as Manning showed his. Murderer. So. Tiger joining your. Nineties Pfizer's. But every rock and a pickers on if our speakers on either never every Auburn by a bitty bitty data be simple. Buries it. Okay. They are led by now who wins. Right after. Opening up will be ankle it departments. The darkness. I believe and I think a lot of I don't know I was German. Zinn darkness. Of the dollar and listens as is darkness at 6 o'clock in the morning with the 6 o'clock people and people have a good time. Maybe your payments as it was gone in Germany. I don't know if you don't if you don't like a bunch of angry Germans while walking around speak and angry German. You know and I'm talking about makes you a little uncomfortable. When Germans get together and start yelling at each other. Something about that language seems to indicate trouble. Just. On off there agent martz in the streets. Yeah yeah like look at them back in the day you know that day yeah. Yeah oh yeah and a. So if you like to be freaked out by echoes of past wars. Now tune into it having Germany if you if you wanna be like me and cigarette or play a greater let let's get us over the winner all right Stephanie from Kansas City, Kansas. Request in this love the LP mourning loved the darkness. And I please here. Some wolf month. And yes yes you can be really study. Can. Debut album back against the walls on the alternative 965 the buzz Danny and mark in the morning Margate. I'm pretty Ginn in pretty good Padilla solely on the tax line. Says and you know the show what we like to do. Play your songs it's fun it's good time. And you know like right now if you want as the caller number nine the record made by citizens of many 65 on an Olympic art mayor RK six clock people. Which you know so some of those things. Yet the ha ha ha ha okay six clock people. I'm gonna tell you this it's 633. And I'm married attacks we got attacked incompetence visiting confidence 633. Mattel you guys a secret animate docket are repeated. Her pretend like they didn't tell you six caught people. I think this is a great thing I'm very excited we getting email instant and we've got like. Counting Crows tickets to giveaway. When tonight is tonight. If for tonight today which giveaway today and and Alice in Chains and and end they carry growth both blunt and okay again we're gonna do we're gonna do a Tutsis clock. I remember this. Nervous like Bravo. Put on their shows. A radio station put on the shows. Between the seven in the day now mark and I were between six and nine. Nice that's right we did that's right that's what we deal. So before 7 o'clock how many giveaway Counting Crows in announced in chains. Are right does B 6 o'clock people and one I'm with the limited to bid to death after here in the darkness it would be awesome to hear bandages by hot hot heat remember that. Pepperidge farmer members Jason from Pleasant Hill. All right. Dame army and mourn in DM. AM Charles. Terry said. I'm gonna say damn show is the day of show marked Danny. And some leaked accident that ship. Man show mark and getting mad gaining market TM. Met with one T from liberty. One team met. Your bowl match your ball with one team you are Matt. That's a hard tee it up Mets stuff. Max. It is Matt. Of the one team loved loved the one team that you gotta love the one team that is there any other name that is improved as much. By dropping. One double counts in the house like the brat with a one over I was once he yeah I got out to the ground once they would call it like a suppressed Brett. You and it's as some because instead of you know Bali breakfast shop yet it's. Brits. Like. Is that love the show dumb I'm gonna it's a minus the bear on my drive to St. Joe this morning yes. Yes you can. So Ohio. A beautiful song. An interesting state entering ran in the wilderness part of the basic weights so it made Myers and Dow home grown by the artist yes you are that is Friday. October 19. Putting too. An away dog or William Shatner and to a AT. To you know they'll now get up go get them we'll have some of those but six clockers member to prosecute a case right now. Right now so we're gonna do. I 76 and 965. Color number 31. Gets the Alice in Chains that it's all right we'll do that right now a cat collar number 31 Alice in Chains take its five cents except maybe 65. That's right giving away thousands chasing its hand counting growth figure to. It in the 6 o'clock hour because we love you so much with your teacher went here and in new worker you're leaving work you overnight leaders mainly switch overnight shift in it's been Children's Hospital. If overnight shift and why you know you are my people. Those of you who want to be up all night long you are people so that's why were given these things away but. I'm a sex line a couple of things somebody said. I'm running late aides and good driving music. And somebody also say I did. They Wear this is parry from Lawrence striving to teach preschool in over the park and I here's some Green Day on the way to work ethics. I think I can kill two birds of once down. I play a little old green today called go in tough passel Aqua. Now it's on the buzz chew Eric you holds. A. Billy Talent red flags on the alternative 965 the buzz of. You tell a good why. Us. So Greece from the LFK. Cents us attacks and said you know what I haven't heard on the radio along damn time. Billy Dallack can we fix that area go. Day ago. It's is that easy all the elements excellent my gotta love the overnight people shot out I'm a nurse that listens on my drive home from a six. I love you guys best way to in my day Mikhail hate based Michaela and think you do. All you nurses for you are under appreciated underpaid overworked and under respected. Seen it firsthand for years mad respect anybody specially nurses working overnight. And you watch them for that charge nurse can't. I hear that year she can be kind of vindictive and charged her she got there and new charge tariffs. Charged asses if I remember. Anke. Number where it was at west or one in the case things yeah. Nurses would just come straight from work. They react guy goes into the cage plays inside welcome you are six feet six they had lowered. Got that new charger cars that drive me crazy give you a bad assignment director with detect it doesn't wanna. Do anything it's like typically speak. An arbitrary. I get it wanted to leave you want to argue wake up it's when you leave if you working overnight shift when you work inside. When you walk outside every time it's just like walking out of the casino. After you spent all night there it's that same light even though you were working like what they've done. One in my doing. And the Indiana where Mike going I needed jury Hillary about him ally that's every shift but it's fun and that's the attitude of the paper's history. So break Eric Brosius five cents X and then 65. Let's just make sure that everybody gets a chance to call mark salutes do I mean I think I I hate to 96 Ayman. But people want these counting Chris tickets so it's for tonight can't go to call 5767965. Counting Crows on the damn show. The DM Counting Crows yes yes DL LSD. And genius. C and did blow. Elaborate. Tedium Margaret the FM. Morning. The did you see the news story about. The fear that. Who fell on this cure. In Kansas City, Kansas now you hear about this yesterday them. Sounds painful okay. It is spotlight what led. To this kid this kid isn't like all the birth of a hero I'm not getting. You know I took one. English class in college. Into the half of one really I'm being a zillion. And and English class. They talked about you know Greek mythology and how that's a hero was born you gotta you gotta you know it's incredible circumstance. You won't believe. What this kid went through Andy he's alive is awesome. And dad that doctors are also. And he's tough as nails. And oh my gosh my heart. I just put myself right there when all of this is going down it has a happy ending but if you did not hear this oh my gosh. Going that sides of song is still playing underneath there it's more Green Day okay hearing guys descended to do it today. Had to be transferred to other hospitals before it was admitted here to KU his family saying that his story is nothing short of a miracle. Had he could've went bled to death. In that field having yellow jackets Shannon Miller has never been as scared as he was then on Saturday afternoon has just asked. Feeling of terror this to your old sonics' savior was climbing this tree house with friends or a group of yellow jackets began attacking them. Xavier fell four feet off the latter in headfirst onto it meets you he was more upset about the yellow jackets. Benny was about. Metal piece taken at this pace this year was some Eagles long nearly went all the way through to the back to the Xavier head. Now when they just showed on the news was they showed this this it looks like a giant you know. Shuster Bob thing but it is like a foot and a half long and it went all the way through. All the way through school you see his picture this mail is just bring to the back. He was he was he was Kleiman yellow jackets. And he expects should just come. Attacked and I was a kid to the just so mean they're just trying to piece biggest ever yellow jackets they fall softening its skew. They've missed his brain and this is brain stem miss you know the nerves everything. That is this. Valuable in your head. It is just everything. As a team of surges at the University of Kansas hospital worked on a plan to remove the object there were several plans that there's a plan may be in C exhibitors family turned to their faith in god and I said more I don't care. As that I don't care I know you plan. I said if this picture or taken taken the Sunday surgery took hours but ultimately was a success all I can remembers laughing and crying and cheering and just the support of my friends and family you know. Powerful Miller says it was a Joseph his family's faith but they never doubted God's plan only god. Cutting directed. Things that happen in a way that would save him practice now America was America. Two huge. Dude. Almighty god yellow jackets that's crazy that's a lot of emotions well I know it like wow that I'm so happy that kid is okay and so have either the parents are happy. There's a doctor's degree job he's smiling and everything in this in this thing. Can't even tell league ease her. Well that's one more thing I need to worry about with my children so it's the list is he's getting longer man its like Santa clauses. Good list but but but but neurotic. Yeah yeah our right and is down no medals cures in my house. No yellow jackets. Stop running within their hands you're. All right well I'm paralyzes parent but hey. Again it lowered our good I think it's cool great teams has that just yellow jackets skewer on the face. Yellow its hub and this kid he's just thumbs up. I'm glad you're okay buddy. That's awesome but that's a hell of a story. Yeah when he grows up opinions are his superpowers. Are going to be like Adam in GM. And he's ghosting of the loss is. Is there. Lost man. His Emmy is there's there's lost yet Iowa lies in his came out this game and a lot of these are not as i.s done on size and Doug is done. Dirty ads envisions on the alternative 96 by the buzz Danny and mark again here in the morning spread love spread them the positive he spread the tickets around now. Oh boy they look for some 45. God the pair. Counting Crows tickets. For tonight. It can be long December in September if they don't change the lyrics to long September. I'll be very upset you at all and some timber. Alia according Cox's in the background dancer. I don't. If your old like me your recording Cox and a guy. I don't do it I'd celebrities are insisting and that guy did what's his name. Adam. From Kevin gross to respect late it's weird though because like him and Chris Kirkpatrick. You could change amount would no difference yet app. That makes sense app for some 45 will give us the way why because scouting group is awesome and we got a we do an Alice in Chains for 8 o'clock. Ago we have we have only one left so you wanna. You wanna get out there before 830 on save OK mark that's good they gave OJ human resource and on. You are the quartermaster. A new told me my inventory. I think you're right we'll push the Alice in Chains back to able we got tons becoming crystal right we do we have. We have four left of Counting Crows so good at playing in his head out of those good we will spread out those tickets and spread their possibly positively. Like peanut butter with a spoon. Got a text here says deeply fu fighter sky is a neighborhood. My name is Michael. From Butler but I've listening to your show for awhile pretty much the only reason to keep me motivated and in power drive to work every day well Michael Butler. They do for texting thank you for listening. Here's or somebody made his major commute just a little shorter Foo Fighters skies and neighborhoods on bust per. And I. And I'm sorry I is heading here that it degree as some of the greatest show and you know I know Michael. My guy Mike has this so is the greatest showman. And I hate that it's like grown on me. I sing along massive flag. Young again. I don't like that the stories about ten. I mean the story I don't PT Barnum my old thing of my idea like this earlier probably right emit per movie. I'm sure you know. And Susan chance to seize the moment to put a pool. Constriction in the dome is waksal threw for food. Zach deference is good yeah he's yeah the scene where they go up. Oh yeah they're going up I like the drink insane 08 pit scenario gas and they're just doing shots yeah. We knew you know it's a fun mix the duke and and I'm a dongle or hear a player for you know a good mix as though this is. The greatest show men and panic at the Disco Saturday night saying that oh yeah I. You know I guess in that you can mix any fallout boy or panic at the Disco. We end. This song it works. You do real lot of. Does play a little while ago. This was the most powerful and now he's had the greatest showman that takes time. Right. Dammit I hate that I like this. Yeah I just I think in my head I just had to hear it off. Hey will we get back from Fall Out Boy we're gonna give away that Counting Crows take its apparent. So as soon as follow boy hands off loyal fans coming to file boy look at comedy club boy. I was gonna be panic Saturday night that I thought Leno played Bob Boyd grant the bottom for finally dad EA does have a little fun. This is a guy. A national. I can't believe I still like dislike things. When you can enjoy things I don't hitting like a guy who boo boo boo boo boo boo. Late getting. It's the greatest show it's everything you ever watch. This is the damn job. The greatest of the damned showman that's we should do a musical. Like who who on pumpkin spice Cheerios it's used to joke it's so I love pumpkins it's okay. Our I've this thought I read about we get back we'll give way those that I get a prize tickets are hi this is the Fall Out Boy song ends. Five citizens and ice is five not a minute before. Not a second before. Pollard thirty we'll give a pair characteristic it's that tonight if he can't go please don't don't call it actually can go please don't call. Because I I know what it's like to just be huge caring for a spin and wanting those tickets but you know you can't go we are not sure just let somebody go Seattle. All right merit scholar thirty at the variant of this Fall Out Boy song Counting Crows. And it's. All right buyers that is exiting 96. I have collar numbers thirty. Our remember of America are Garcia's for tonight again remembering president and meant that works well and they can about the greatest showman. Just it's just it's me. I said it's examining basic by the sort of random. Dirt are now view. Are you. If you wanna go seek out because an icon and they're and in the thirties clintons and Simmons who found. You only get them down in new moon through and every single tenant as the other hand you're on this stuff inside the car. Yeah. And. Idea I assume that I found. I can improve the oh man. Hope they drop this one. The pros but hang in. Does this conflict in Ankara. But I. Okay. Captain in the ship and make huge fan of counting crowds affect up up up. Hey. Mark's been through those phones are now going to talk to you 5767965. Delivered Poland in the thirty telling them thirty. Now come into the 30000 lose them we'll be little dvd that I Mario's suits. Everybody's. 00 tiger is as. John doe two grades on how to me Colin. Ordered recruit well John gets legally tankers and I salute our man lies just that easy RI and our governor before a fifteen. Alice in Chains the last thing all right. I'm having a time you needed time. I've been hanging around him like thirteen years. Sir I've been here since 2002 with like a three year hiatus. I've been hanging around. And survive as I was like everybody trailer. Parliament is set up Kleiza music night. More here on balance as I as an alternative that. Is it by about as Danny and mark which here in the morning. And mark a good show today. Lots energy bills yet. Yeah I surveyed did take issue yesterday imaging ghostbusters two and I said it was use of the disease slowing many of the city and they said it was a slime. They wanted to make sure. In your right it is so if you wanna get down at the official nomenclature arts ghostbusters two does have slime that becomes supercharged based on. The emotions you throw at it okay so I'm sorry I realize that teenage ninja turtles is. Lose. In the huge muted due to engine also. I can't do the new movies and tried. Bill moving our great either they may split or neck tourette that some of the parties holding bro now that's not what the car changed okay. I find it. That next and under restarted excellent boy. Boy did they just blow that for interest in the best possible you know what the magic missile down and being negative right now and that's not cool. Some people like xmas I don't have to its objective is yeah is objectives of down when you realize. You say it's up and it's like me and I'm trying to be positive euros negative just. Close to remember it. Oh boy but that expands go hey Marc I citi's exhibit 965 we covered those marble. Live things ray and you got marble live this brand this Friday were a marble live this Friday. Yeah I kid you wanna go 576 in mesa five you don't got kids you wanna go. Five citizens have amends its pilots to friends it's a four pack it's a four pack it's gonna save you a ton of money or you can have liberty corn means. So here is is is and I think we should. I was doing Hahnemann nine and in color number 9101112. When one of the two and having that effect does the corn maze now. And and the marble live now. They carry liberty corn maze yeah Bentley album. A great place. Yet the dinner and then coming up before 835 will still do Ken gross don't get yep are. Then again I'm I'm sorry for confusing booze. With pink slime. President club undercover march and it's on the alternative measure by about Martin he's always undercover now is dawned. He spells Martin with a wide. Crazy Martin Martin and the like Tim Mayer and on a marvelous line. I have not. Market given on a Martin with a with a wide. There are none of Martin with a line marte and more team. Now have a personal now now. And to go to cinema club did that's when they wrote the song and he's always. Under covers. He's asleep you guys that mark a couple boys business really quick mark here on the damn joke. Coming up at 910 your next chance Steve Winn county gross tickets with radio reflect. Or whatever else you on my prized but I don't care what two years is simply read your eleven may request a song. I play UN. That's at 910. Some video text line says F everyone else I need those figgins for marvel alive I've got two boys and no money story of my life LM AO. Naomi mark. Please give Naomi. Marvel like tickets. I know it's like to have no money kids. Oh man. Well. Wants Aramis are in the power hot. It took a couple of days but we got to back oral right now as the years ago. It's member I was undercover when Martin. This doesn't occur tomorrow on the power Laura borrow up. I'm and then there was one more tax I wanted to read because this is the show is that your show you know this is damn show R&R names may happen beyond the public Airways your show has already said this text. And they sent him flying to DC tomorrow with my kids for college for my college graduation. Okay. As. Congratulations that cost them. But they're flying right into the hurricane coming your Florence and the machine kiss with a fist. Comes from us from Lizzy. In Kansas City, Missouri paid college graduate as soon to be don't screw up against an onstage you get your diploma taken away. Yeah of course I had no don't. Avoid the hurricane content and here's a song for the machine. Kit for the fifth day of. No I had. It's nine just two minutes past Brady or less. I was an event played on pilot thought I'd that sounds like the greatest show it to meet soon. I can. Every song I hear is this song now. He wishes he didn't that I know. As I more data goes you references. Against our McDonnell was known for like is David Hasselhoff and his friends alone references. I would like to be known. For that Danny goes you reference that's right Diego he's a great great great great. I think that is right. I think they are attacked the united these high 00 very simple I we got a whole lot of stuff for the price and we have a whole lot of stuff in our price. And I wanna give it to you because we are being given tree Gainey mark in the morning damp today. It just happened Oregon highway was desist. Mark and I are like Forrest Gump's. Walking through life stumbling into adventures. Or dvds they were more like dumb and dumber. Walking through realized illegals are big builds up. There. Swanson I was way off texting 9500. If I pick your request. Give you shout out could you name pretext of from. Maybe something about you that everybody should now and I'll read it on the air play it you can happen every one my prized look okay. While we wait. To see who wins greater that I got this request like two hours ago the like of revenue to work and play this. Literally had a chance to but the lord came up and I thought he got its big grams lights on I hope you had a long commute from the buzz. Becky present an alternative 96 by the buzz it is that down the show Danny and mark in the morning. That song. Who says he loves this damn show we please play one of the best soccer when the most talented musicians ever please played her way back. We heard that pause. Before before. Keep you happy and happy but not like the what's that doesn't have to Exxon from trolls. I know I'm thinking of John legend's happy. Well I got to turn your concern that as Ferraro for Ralph Ralph for opera opera yes for liking keep up. I keep you doesn't it really did you happy he did its roll song didn't bezel less thinking out. I had that movie trolls is. It's something. I think that it's some my daughters who trolls. It's a weird world via patrols movie apparently the elders must eat a troll. In order to feel happy but it turns out believe it or not. Happiness was inside that yogurt. All the long. I'm Casey gave some can't stop that feeling back the onion enough gets out of the feeling that I got his fear it. Yeah. Pay tanker us. They don't have a happy song effect must the size of melancholy. And that's find out what the nineties is all about it does is like has just been melancholy. In the nineties these are so great everybody had a job. Now really I mean obviously. You know that's not true but. There's Paducah. And everything everything's so good I just wanna feel bad. But he can't because did in the way that does touch assault. In a way that didn't require them registering anywhere and we thank them for that Danny and mark in the morning by some six of 965. Do we have won their two pair left. Two parallel to get a grows and as we got to get away well right now 576 and 965 caller number nine is does he Counting Crows do not right it's miracle. But yeah. A Georgia's miracles on the alternative Dicey by the buzz dating mark with the in the morning and spread that positively around like some topsoil before your received the grass. I only thought of that because that's what I was doing yesterday. You know how hard it is. To measure dart in cubic feet. Have you been having I've never tried I think I wanna attract pay attention to math class if they're not hitting. There is an odd that they don't mess around you you half. And a map to calculate cubic feet of der. Either gonna have like nine or Infiniti dirt either way also real quick let's handle this business. And the buzz is this. Andy Mandy what he called for. I'm calling don't hope and pray that I got a ticket because he canning current. While there is no need to hope and pray no hoops to jump through you wanted to correct him look confident and a collar. And so it color you are thicker collar you're going to see becoming Prez and I UND. Yes I'm all right. Todd a measly one pair left and real quick I do low over his. An apology. Terminology these days is fluid. It and I always try to address people by the way they wish to be addressed. And you know if you if you sell liking you just call the motors we're talking of the movie trolls ignored all the motors apparently there burdens. So I I would like to apologize. To all the burdens out there. Who lie labeled an ogre it was wrong. I did not know and I'm very very sorry. 5767965. If you wanna go see the Counting Crows my last pair. Caller number nine it's yours that's it that's the show where done. Is it Birkins of Bergen. Some people said Burke in Americans think vercammen C yeah well god I'd like to apologize to all the Birkins who like Kohlberg and so like holdovers. I try to call everybody by this that by what they wanna be called and identify them as they choose we identify apologized Danny Baez we all apologize. For its rights but its right. If I should pay more into as into the movie trolls actually I shouldn't RFC guys tomorrow have a good time a guy crows if you win by your.