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Thursday, August 16th

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Chances are so Hamas an alternative measures for other boroughs. Is the name mark. And a lot of people kind of been asking industry is we'll just billion. Can. It's the any mark. And I guess the best thing I could uses you know. They was going on around here just just a little bit. It's you know. The company were Ford decided not to. When you. Ventures contract. And that's where we are. They asked I mean if I wanted to stay. I said yes. You know. Like hundreds of and a little bit and hopefully we get that worked out. It's. A weird place. To go into. Have been with somebody and irked. Some relief twelve here yet. Is. Suddenly not have. But. And it's like. Iraq's not a and I'm and so yesterday. Torture. In the world good. She has weapons friend. And we're gonna go forward. And then she gave me a hug. And say is that you do what's best for you. Because. That's it. And she's fully. The board of in mark and she she takes me into them as you they decided not to and you know Renault were contrary can and and that's it. And hopefully. We get mine done but it that's okay too. Appreciate the chance to be here and I. Certainly hope. We can all. Builds on them together I don't know. It's gonna be weird and the firfer fertilizer and that's okay too. But don't worry. Don't. You're. You know. You gonna have to deal with me. Like you remember me. Arraigned. We here for you nothing but love everybody here for Yale complaining that Danny boy have we hear real and point the radio and some of the beloved guys. It says in the goodness. Then if you've been paying attention to news. And god knows we'll figure that out too if we get there you know we'll figure it out we'll try to stop those. Not the beloved. Remember that music. I had a hell will bribe you to make you feel better. And I thought I got an assist in Rio and in knots. So. This is high school time seeing this time and time change. And Doug Hart. Heard guys say I want to. The end and then. Without it offend China I wouldn't be here. Yeah and you feel the same size ones and things and and physical menace he's cool with everything yeah really wants it in and talked to her about it. As she reached him tone she loves me in hopes that I do well still and so here. And Leon. Moving foreign and don't or better. She's going to be just fine. I promise. I know better than that at this point. It. Well we just that. After an ego to it's there's no. Does that then bird they just to say that their country. Up. I love you guys. Podium thanks unbeaten and love everybody it's over but it likes me and doesn't like me. End. Our own measures are gonna find out what happened. Portugal mandolin the most on the alternative measures by the buzz dating mark. So. Yeah I don't really you know. We had talked earlier and but is that and become decided not to the extent of finch contradicting its rear. And them. That's what to do veteran you know that and the company's totally cool with that. And that you do good. If you missed it earlier. Sort of really got into it but some people saw on tech's I have some questions so they go okay. Eric. They asked me to say yes and you see I would like to. Hopefully. I get a contract. We'll we'll find out what time holes but tournament let. You know. Time moves forward in. We have to to. Yeah they out now. Once the die is cast into the river. Die is cast into the rubicon. You can't take it back. So. Here we are. Did appreciate all the support on the text line and Twitter and and she does to. Everybody's being very awesome. End. Does career so. Mark tonight for now and hopefully for awhile. I love you Marc thank you have a V two. It happened tenant it's. It is an aero it has or hasn't moved forward in the so that I just wanna sell more time just in case anybody missed it the seventh. And I gonna do it now I got all my current outer layer. Have to and I see if you people asking that takes time out podcast in them. I don't know what olive supper and I admire some stuff you know and Fernando fine you know I don't buy it. Going forward. I'll still try to do podcasts and blogs and Aaron it's allowed. Her tea realities guys yeah fairly easy. This is really easy isn't isn't isn't transitional time I got to figure out my voice yeah I'll just beyond that he probably. I've been an antagonistic. Cohosts. You know for so long I think. People might actually think that's. You know what is so good and all the time anyway oh figure it out but in the meantime we're gonna take it easy we're gonna do way a lot of stuff. Just bright view during this time. And play some good music or what I think is good music and I hopefully like me are really talk that much. It's kind of hard to find somebody who you can talk about zoning issues with in depth. So they don't worry I settled down I know you and it's not that I don't think you could help us get here are my friend. I mean just. This has been touch yeah it yet it is yeah it was fifteen years you out. And it's. A figure out. That you for the most parts of this break keep it short sleep hesitating we employee and don't forget we'll figure it out. I'll do my best and it's my ship until they say it's not it's weird sitting in the chair. It's kind of like way in Sulu took over the excel sealer. You're that anybody now can do you feel like Star Trek references now where I am not a Star Trek yes dad that I went over my Daria. Suze sits in the chair of the excelsior news Lanka. You know first time as it's they don't feel like mission. And hopefully. It gets it. I mean and we're supposed to be professional ethics laws we've positives losers like whoa look at mr. charismatic knows what he's doing. Count but we're not robots. I think I think anybody pretends like they do is a fraud crap anyway right. They get to you make it everybody so they go. So I like this are a lot and I'm gonna play. It's muse. It's a newborn. It's awesome. Rock. And affiliates apropos. Good morning Kansas City. Libya. Old. White Stripes hotel Yorba Linda. The alternative and it's a thug both de mark Karr. That's in this show. That was over the part we'll do it people are. People are. Still and people and missed it earlier and just wanted to let you know time. A pitcher's contract wasn't renewed. And obviously it's a time of change and transition and it's typical and she's doing good. Spent some time over my house again. Laughing and crash sit. And you know jeez of good friend and a hug means that you do with this for you. They asked me to stay. Accidentally two and and hopefully we can get that worked out. Of my country and so. I'm crippled her for all the times are ahead in and obviously. It's okay to feel that in. Definitely spears. We'll always she's miss XX's it's always good spirit and once she's faced by Angus she's here she's or die. Like let's come on now. She still is his rear bench and strong yeah it's okay. As things change here and mark I'm gonna do the best that we can and play a lot of music can break the playlist for as long as all of us. And we'll give stuff away and that's what we're gonna do we figure this out. Even tomorrow even tomorrow with a triple gonna brag area and remember I'm gonna trip tomorrow trip from Thursday. All right. I think we have 11 of those things and if you register goes to the in the car number UC bishop Briggs in its own up real quick yes or one of brokered I can't wait till at 9595. At 915 guys can start doing matchup thing okay. And you know. And and across all of its agenda on tellem. It you know and renewed contract and they were. You know we're we're just that's all we do when you talk about what happens and sometimes it's not fun or comfortable and that's okay that's life right. It. Kind of feels come graduating high school again. Except this time I had a friend who crept up at. So yeah. There are. We'll be all we're gonna do great things mark and I were talking. About all we can do and it's definitely going to be focused on positively. Love giving. And helping others. Because really. That's what this world it's anybody can be. A two and a half and anybody can show up. And talk about things and cannot do anything and we're hit play or is really important that we make a difference in the world especially with. Everything else is going on because you know. In the which we call. The scheme of things perhaps. You know. This is just something that people go through every day. And. We can you do we're friends and we can do together so that being said. But the one more song today and I can think of no better way no better song and. Move forward. Okay. Will be here will be here movement forward. Joint force. We'll see you tomorrow turbine Thursday yup more music. Probably a lot of requests tomorrow night what can I do for you what can I do area of state it's it's really easy to sit back and beyond moon by. I wanna do it's my job to be here in what can I do for you. Academic view. Still good tomorrow the techs I said we're here for you and we're here for you you are here for us now it's it really Danny market and we're gonna do. We have to do it. Hell I'm responsible for mark now and I sort of you know ideas they are responding to emails harassment like five emails a I'm responded email I ever responding to emails forever that's. Jerry sent an email about like the Clarkson sub I responded as journeys that thinks we are gonna figure this out. Somebody said something about it Everett I responded I'm on the ball and I got to grow up. Blew off and do it roads. Our guys Olivia Ando I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you for listening. And from that moment. I'm trying to be professional all right I just got I'm helping right now I don't help you right now you can you can de strip right now. Nice drive there there it texture it's set up they got thank you. Thank you text that says you have a job because of your white male privilege. Probably true. I mean technically I'm only half. But this page job as light and yeah I definitely don't roll the hours. I'm applying birds arbor alone or school at at army school yes earlier as a vote take care if you take that sack. Take as a vanity yes sir white male privilege I actually I mean I told marked as I'd love there's just a woman needs to be on each. Yeah that's how I feel. So. Yeah. But. Still let. Give anybody. Aren't act wherein we use our coordinating our office odd since let's since I wanna uniform. Okay I'm just short shorts. Are guys. Let's. And even up blemish. They keep listening auto my heart thank you for listening for as long as you listen if you are new listeners thank you for giving us a shot if you're an old listener. I'll do my best. I will be best. Just like millennia. Millennia. Colonia. Tells us to. Beep best Kansas City.