DAM Morning Show Podcast Wednesday September 12, 2018

Wednesday, September 12th

Open, Radio Roulete, Requests, Moms, Houses, Dogs, KC Pet Project, Royals, Bark at the Park, Yes You Are, Local Music, Basic Witch Party, and more!

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Name. Taking Back Sunday. Liar. It takes one to know laden is on the buzz. That's right. Excellent and on. You are the we are. Saw. Ayaz second ten days ago I was back in the Fred isn't it Brad I remember Fred Fred I can't remember. Breaking panacea breaking hands. If there was bad drama with taking back. It all it's funny the minute I heard via. John came back on that last album title away. It's on the man. Is eighty still in the bay and Eddie left Eddie and Eddie just left I don't know why any left they said it was a mutual that's really funny that after that album came out that I do you know I don't know a lot but I do you know a lot about. Three Fred. Taking Back Sunday I think the it's good did MR get a Marta and the DM show. Ready or let. It get to that. I got this text it's irony here. Now very difficult is Texas tonight he's on his resume is a game mark I this is. Caroline. And I would like to hear. Gloria as staff finds Congo. As I conga my way to work I and then if I have played glorious up on congress. Went. Or is it crazy. Isn't a game we play we're playing a game within a game right now you guys you didn't even mark set us up for this. Mark mark who are locked in remarks like I got this we're doing a game with any game. We it's it's it's early this is god if that's right he's he's got people violating a radio relay you get a game they gave you get Amanda. Radio. We do is they were we play. Three sons and it's got something very obvious and common. And every time it doesn't matter if I say sort ought to be yours free songs with something very obvious and common you call by some six and 95. Burres Burres and get the answer to mark from your mouth to march years. You win two exits when everyone my prized book okay. The text your reader of that group request radio relent request right now at 9500. If you could tell me wet Dinah missile keep lying. As you're taking back Sunday's liar. Takes London no line. As to do. With Max froth. White lies com you 5767965. Personally answer. Is whatever they want my prized book you elect also happening something's meant that radio. All right. We get a winner America. On that liar. Are everybody you know. In view texting and how I mean it's a tough thing you guys are Smart. Some reason lies. Do and gave mark a morning damn radio show. Decide hang out apart yet still rare let. And a big winner pick a winner and mark you know. Drizzly pretty bell. Here on the show he. Is never affected than ever say I mean hard against. My own desire to slide in two. Mid two thousands pop and but let's just be honest and ourselves which. This mean in in my study because I obviously have a study. In my home office with the Brookstone. Decorated. Desk. With the paper weight with green felt on the bottom of it. I think anymore. Has complained that I have appointment. Adam indeed thousands ha inhabit it snowed on it's it I mean it's there is no point in keeping it up. No point did you know I understand the F he's got that as trying to be balanced against the question but I'm gonna lean into a little bit is a little bit because that take you make Sunday. Catching them. It needs if it's like this yeah. Yeah it's league's sixth when he it's 6 o'clock I think that was 2004 teammates on the team out there you go you can. If you listen you can. If the city. Had very ego Stacey from liberty working at the stamping plant that foam Loko. Would love to hear the use taste of ink or anything. At the old foe Mo co. Well Stacey. This was rebuked. Parishioners are fun. I just. Maybe. Apparently. It. Both fighters have along the alternative 965 the buzz stadium market in the morning the damn show glee is gonna hear. Actually. Right now. Marketing. And do something in a minute but for right now allowing just. Close it out with a couple request by her six clockers is you guys are to meet its radio sandwiched. It definitely. And it's true. On Libya. Seven clockers dope the pool in clockers rat. Nine clockers by. And 1 snappy I am so sorry we writer takes in 965. Zeros there. Well. Okay. All right. I like it rave from rate out. It. Party. On the big show ready for a hot chili fevers. Higher grounds on the game argun a martyr and damn show. That was a request. That actually that was that was request that Red Hot Chili Peppers yeah yeah yeah and a seat here. As hot. Where are you my friend where did you go. Off man where there ago ended in 614 tees and working on the new cerner building. Tim we hear some keepers please. So yeah they go thank you for working on the news you're building I hope your day is going well. I hope you're having a good day of their working on that new cerner building. But they are doing stuff we do you drywall and deployment. Electrical. HB AC. Though something up on iron Vieira. Whatever it is you want it on higher ground again and now it took me second my brain was like where. Somebody on its slices. Can you play. But. See they have him do him any media they got here I think you play three cantaloupe. And in my guys you Ali resemble. If it takes. To say you can feel like. I heard you today if you requested a three cantaloupe. Maryland. Millions. Now. And I. I. Powerlessness of daylight. Cool. Because I'm listening to. Jazz staff. Thirteen that idea. I'm from Kansas City. I know what's up with us for me. He booby jazz people he's pounds pounds dance as we did the melodic season. We should optional pop rock. Yeah. So let's get you all think. Anyway. Added that that happened bison is examining our. There was some corn maze. As it was in corn maze livery corn maze great place to go. Fun thing to do them all get lost in the corn maze or grab a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch he got a red tractor. Yeah fight what's a little kids for the best pumpkins. But the thing is that they're little so into show homicide really can't think yeah it can't it's likely he helped me it's like I'll help you. Remember me stealing your pumpkin. Kidnapped. And are. Let's say I or moms in life. Ten minutes. I think you. These are nice thing you colleague Tex. Just say thanks mom some tennis the mom. Or as you've. Weirdly put it mother lover either way. If you could as governor eyes you know you hear noises that you you be a mother eleven sat through and Jenna to remember your mother. Besides you're dead you anchor. It's it's all about equality here on the themselves and as a little bit of servers are. It even extends into the absurd but that does not make enough sort. Are tailor your mom coming appears this debate corn maze tickets now fisons examining 65. I give you color. A good nine. Yet. Child that's Campbell he would be champs. I am plus the dialect no me into the game. Income flow with the announcement might he might mess around and ducks but as a rock. Yeah. Stop my feet script about a couple of the Michael what about. That's what I thought I grew up. Spent most my time in Salt Lake City until I got this hip don't sciele flow bringing it needs. Joining him pilots. Josie before that pre pandemic or vial. Got a text that said I wanna hear curve vial. Don't leave your boy Jeanne hang in while I didn't lead hang in June. I would never do that. That would be bad and wrong. So god hey mark hey Danny and mark in the morning. And he's just. And Ed Ed up yes you can't will yourself skinny here Eisner in single file. Still Lee is not to get like eggs when you are mom is quote. Oh wait a minute wait a minute. Don't really one mother to this Sheen here it would forgive mother you wouldn't be here. Remember when you put down one mother you put now mother of all over the world. Misses he's right. When you put down one mother. He put down mothers across the world. So I thought in the spirit of positive it is very a lot of spirit of everything. Lord knows we all slip as children sometimes. I though it might be nice if we could say. You know shout out to mom may go set out to dead if you'd like to. Resign or about Mazda who might exclude dad's. I mean well look you can dear dad. But if you got a month Wayman idiotic idea. They got a Monday's. Slump right now the most partake in Isaac finds is zero your name mom's name. Where you're from may below messaging call five since you're so nice if Barbara and Alpert and there was talk from which are you say hi mom. Does or wanted to say island and very easy. My mom's name was caller Yani. So wonderful person. And when I've grown up obviously I didn't appreciate there's much Alicia. And I I just wanted to sail idea mom I think well forget yeah. And what those mothers and for us and you have kids you realize oh my god. I'm such an ass. Mark do you want us mom there yeah imam I don't know if you enemy listens podcasts lenders dealing in Arizona eaten but. Thanks for everything you did for me grown up they go. Nice and easy that's of the show's all about nice and easy positive that he reinforcement validation. So we'll delay therapy you know. Mr. team that yet take care mother. Yelling your line I think essence of my mom on mother's campaigns because you really look up. That's B zero a a because they're getter argued they like had shared amiss in team video bad. We. This is whose lives have to hack had advised. How I I wanna give up let not yeah business. My name Niemi and remotely. All right Sammy probably. Oh lead oh lays a firm alleged that. Well you wanna see amount. Oh how bad. Keep me out not. Spend the money. There are these Rihanna not spend the money that's a good one that's good that's ago you never wanna spend the money thing. Sexting is a good thing text slash mrs. Jones I wanna give a shout out to my mom Brenda thank you for a band pop pop pop popcorn you almost got me Jeff when it's. You almost got me almost everything that I'm bad I'm mom. Eyes is trying to read it. As is that if a man who else my mom did teach me how to balance a checkbook I mean that's not necessary thing anymore are usually. To legally buy. That was a good thing I'm sure my Mamas and is like when is he spending and make some money when and is refining or find. When is he found or saw what I have in the college. I don't know mom I'm sorry. 57679. 65. If he'd like to call and say Heidi amount texts me at 96 fives there's there's this nice little message if running it. Jersey is my mom calls her mommy and she's simply the best things for an Eveready support and all the delicious homemade pies blood shall be pursued bill let's talk about it Smith bill sounds like a pie kind of town. Smith I think. That plume Zardari as soon as it seems like you luck in this new bill is just nothing but those those houses with a windowsill open a month highs sitting out there. I'm pretty shared. Fired every caller I Aaron. Our neighbors to have their first big rock we got back in the day fashion designer bill Lleyton. Ale Eileen it's win thanks for loving me when I was an S head yes squared we off. We are and a bass has swords are moms. That's okay. That's okay. This is Haley wanna give a shout out to caddie she's an amazing woman rockets arguments such an awesome life she's a freaking rocks are. Skyler and independents out of Taiwan tomorrow and Lee's summit. I love you and thank you for your strength and independence and teaching. Those characteristic see guys. It's really easy hate the buzz. Hello what. These as. Not a Monica what's going on today. Not an aria under pretty good because it's an amount. Yeah well the okay that there and there are no Laotian and Hmong. There is a lot EU. Oh wait he hit me right out. And arms. Are. I. I. Is there I don't know if I. As you're saying yeah eyes and Hutchison it is its you know its radio and happens we all make mistakes I can't talk at the time right ms. Garrett. My mom's two Mexican to listen to the station Allen mail. Hey I'm home I'm not. There at all. This person's V keys yet I keep Gallup. Things mom for getting me that book on masturbating being normal and natural from Marisa. Thanks very. Big. That's back and look. Good he should that it is a good Catholic I could use that book has shame. I think polish and I like that dads sent out there yeah the top let's see Corey hearsay night my dad Perot is supporting me and being a super ray Graham bottom island girl. Passed away you know four go let's go as is nice spread it around. Tell people like you. There didn't. I don't. They say we don't play much we shivered churches after this it be a missed opportunity. As did it bring probably right you're probably right I was you know who's it was bad or is going to be two popular mama. I don't think again finding non explicit version doubled though it yours mother reached there it is anyway volume moms out there I. Thank you for doing much beyond. Overworked under appreciated. My mother eat it every year rock. Todd. And I get it anyway. Levy months. And I thought yeah I mean there are definite. But you don't yeah. If everybody can be warm and loving like a mom. I world be a better place. I love Katie from excelsior springs him on the entertainment a hot topic in my email face that's a mom yeah. Or spencers have by UJ does this by the bag on and make it look like a full. LA out Sam promote growth wanna think it is say they in my mind Jeni and for loving you draw a tough times and Sam we know. We've all been through some tough times thank goodness you had your law. So all of us here at The Daily Show for all your damn moms this one's for you. It's time as a time for anything it's the intro of yeah IE. I love local news I think below news is very important I think we should all watch local news I think local news is full of information. It's also accidentally hilarious. And a lot of times. These little disputes we have with each other bubble over. Pending a can be painful to be my guest here yesterday it can be painfully out I guess you were kid oh my gosh now in national. Some poor kid from. Harrison bill. It was opened the house yesterday or two days ago got attacked by wasps and then fell onto a metal skew our. That's that's happenings but then there's this happening and since when nine neighbors behave badly you're ready. Our lives and ram Powell situationally and yeah I get through it it's it's something it's a situation. It is a definite situation. Eating up conflict in one neighbor head and that's where we start tonight a belt and man is taking its beef with the neighbor to a whole new level it's also leading other neighbors to question what is happening inside one home forty what actually is where it can't read shows is the sign and it's creating all the chaos. A lot of people kind of these signs to keep strangers off their property but Michael would posted and fourteen neighbors and those are the only signs he's putting up. I'd put my sign on the mayberry. Pagan now a month and eleven. Michael Wood doesn't hide how he feels about his neighbors instead about a week ago he can broadcasting his message I'm taken their neighborhood back. Would and other neighbors we talked you stayed there's a drug problem at the house across the streaks. The noises just terrible word art circles by Parker at all hours of the night. It's just too I mean bicycles and backpackers are known and and for being like loud. The bicycles all hours of the Miami that's pretty considerate the is that it's it's it's not a Harley it's not a lot of glass packs failed exhausts not allowed. It's it is indeed it uses the boys' singles they did sit economical they're writing the linemen in birds scooters over the you know it's one woman whose. Date and we obtained from the Belton police department shows in the past thirty days and even called the house seventeen times. Resulting in sent an incident reports and three Iraq's. None of those arrests involve drug charge this. But we found out firsthand just how tense things are getting in the neighborhood I'm just trying to talk. Later on in the day we went back to the house and were able to sit down with the actual Tenet Clinton Davis. All it is is harassment ninth home that Davis says she opens Thorsten homeless people which is why there's so much traffic. Some of them may be doing drugs. But I night they're not here don't drugs. I'm not doing drugs to them. The conflict could resolve itself soon enough both Davis and police told us she's being addicted. Davis thinks it could have all been prevented if her neighbors had skin clean knocked on her door. But and they come over here into my home and talk to me about what's going on or what they think is going up. That's that's what's that. In Dalton cannot read 41 action news hi is a house for awhile with a bad back yard. Is nothing you can do with it we get that backyard trouble. But I can't imagine my neighbors bring up a sign that said meth house. Next door he hasn't giants signed. Veggies is near abouts Arab pointing that way. I'm with math. Or two of them are. Taken aback he's gonna take a back anyway luck. I think it's of the that. Well need to work on a little bit I know it's really easy to just judge people from farmers and it. Very very easily very very very very easy it's a lot harder to talk to them. Also you know. Madhouse. I'm. I don't. Also seems to brittle it's like cheers but when drugs. Right. Is. It's. Again. It's like abstinence like cheers and drugs. Do think if we gonna do the on her name is ahead or this is gonna play in and forget all I hate. Litigants given easily by second at thank god. I thought that she is the best time off Rolling Stone yeah. It's. With that. It's OK you win the world it's. It's the worst version of cheers I've ever heard in my Gmail or 5767965. If you want something for my prized but why don't you just call mark caller number nine. I guess what. We gotta talk dog he's coming up we gotta talk hoppers who got to talk proper social and I don't on the news who got Casey pet project coming in. The Sox and shoppers who weighs in tickets let's play some songs all right. Jason thanks to make us the ability alternative 96 by the buzz Danny marketed in the morning. Got a special guests. Hi why are you Tariq I'm great how are you got guitars from Casey pet project. I am and I saw on I saw on the incident yesterday. You guys are like a full dog goes where super full happens just. You know it's the end of the summer months we get around thirty new animals a day and Casey that president and during the summer months we get about a thousand new animals and every. Thirty days so is just crazy and kids are on back to school families are busy in it you know adoptions kind of slow down a little bit during the signing here at the animals don't slow down south. We're just trying to raise awareness that we have a lot of dogs. A lot of cars yeah are raising awareness dogs and cats I feel like adopting you know me. I've got four I've adopted 45 kids for animals and I'm a match for Prairie Village it's true or I'm adopted a lot from Casey that I have three of the four KT yeah project. The other one ass she's a kiddie. It's a little strange. Now it's fine he's fine little weird he's just he's got really big cat pebbles. Also. There's something going on tonight. At Kauffman stadiums are not occur they're news network of part bark at the park. Against what we got tickets to giveaway and we dipped a yeah we'll do that at the end of this segment but you're also you are doing something Tory from his secret project you're doing something tonight. At market. Our guy in. Him throwing out the for message that's so cool I am excited that is so cool do you practice not at all OK good I didn't you know I don't wanna like about the million there at like way hours and fifty sand GAAP. What you gonna do well pitching gonna throw. Oh just the streets vernacular girly it's going all right kind of enough yet like a knuckleball he noted ago but definitely not at that in the outfield and Iran played softball because the ball never really made it to the fields of. I know that feeling being put somewhere where you can do. Where they put you not to succeed but to do the least amount of damage you possibly can do exactly and that is the mission statement of the show it. We put Danny in a place where he could do the least amount of damage boss. If so how many docs you got how many cats you got what's your capacity number how many do we need to move today in hurdle I have to do to put Kansas City and a dog or cat today. Well that we have around 1000 animals in our care rain apparently so we have actually ten locations announcement out in the mature areas so we're not just at army shelter location we have ten. 1010. That's ten places to not our place so we have three full time and options owners and then our inside seven Packers stores Ricans opt out caps only. And we get a lot mammals impostors so we have an app that you can download to look at all the animals are looking for homes and read their bios and we have. Every sort of animal that you could want right now. I got all the cats that two cats from Casey the president got that that echo right there on Sony fifth street and you came at designer looking for another cat another cat and that's when I got the laws of the greatest dog of all time that's the thing about these animals man I'm telling you when you walk in. If you see the one that's for you you know it's almost like you know I saw my wife and I was like oh my god I need to be review of I saw blog I was like oh my god I need to be right here and it completely different and light non weird way even though putting it back to back I sounds weird. As some puppies. Let's gruesome case Thursday's good last time you you're full you you managed to get rid of people people get rid of animals very quickly right here very success. A living and absolutely and we always have an option and and so we have another one that's gonna come up next weekend but it's I mean our adoption fees that are England. Generally some of the lowest in town we have seen an adult dogs that are around a hundred dollars. They're looking for homes and even we sell a lot kittens are looking for Rome's right now on their only 75 and you know thumb is better when you get to kid who's so you know you guys get to hit we can throw in a deal if you wanna get to eat it. I feel I feel like yeah right I feel like my guide we got dogs got does for a hundred dollars and guys' kids sit and you out of them and an element. Goes see Georgia nice to get a throughout the pits into bark at the park. We got tickets fisons exhibit 965 will be caller number. Targeted. Yeah I had a brain my friend and he's putt broke off and stuck surfers and 132 if you wanna go. The new marketed park tonight to royals play CIA tours throughout the ceremonial yet ever so important for additional pressure. And you're gonna degrade the so called some jealousy that you get their efforts and it's heavy enough of note note blowing. Well you know that would be nice but really there's people like you out there who are doing good works and I mean here just plain records you know what. Let's keep it to you I can't wait to hear your success story throwing the first strike tonight oh well hopefully it works and as everybody had on all the GC pet project download that out. Just adopt adopt if you're thinking about it and try it on what is it matters parish as he walked the dog he played at the dog little room to play the kiddie image or gets longer you or your kids go home and you're happy. And that little. A look at the giant empty hole is just a little less full once you put that dog in there it's just a little more warmth. For you to have been cuddle with and trying to the for denied that their premium and the sword and anyway Casey can't project adopted doc. Paula I think it's a pretty dark thank you so much irony. Santa gold disparate youth sunny alternative nice excited buzz dating a mark in the morning damn shell. Mark I'm looking out there it's 820 right yeah. And China mr. Barkley looked slow as hell Metcalf looks slow as hell. Looks like he's really crappy traffic today for whatever reason must be some sort of accident somewhere on I 35. Usually what that means is that you're stuck. People are pissing you off. Ever resolve but he emerged just that the police cars and her. Didn't just be on our Andrea Mike. And you know you're stuck in a car that you don't hear these days. Babble. You wanna hear some sweet tunes. Right. This is sweet tooth maybe is Sanford traffic jam playlist today entry every damn playlist damn traffic jams at the as is Texas are doing and Isaac Pfizer is there. I gotta I gotta do something and take it just a moment break. But I wanna make sure that we can just like pound this for the next thirty minutes. And by pound I mean play pleasant songs for people who are listening who may be stuck in traffic because god that's so. It plays on shut up do some business. They include this coming right did you Texan 96500. That's what they show it's all about you. Meet. Mark. But what you guys is a lot more you need. There's a lot more even than you Myanmar but but for fun provide every morning at the national retail share. I. Probably Anita girls on the alternative any 65 devise Danny Margaret Ian Martin a lot of that damn song. Our idea itself Wednesday it's a gorgeous day outside it's about 842. Here. Real quick 576 and nine is a five if you like to go to the royals game tonight because that's all we do here. We just drop tickets we randomly just get these resupply sometimes it's a really cool stuff bark at the park tonight. Take your doll if you like. I arrived. I says he's an AC five power and I yeah. We're sure you first for me hey let's justice requesting right now this has a fine you guys think the real guys texting exercises are named. Where your from what joining here maybe a little bit about yourself. Right arm and sure you get proper validation shout outs whatever. Here name of the radio it's and it's a good time nothing better than near near song on the radio and that's right so now let's do it you ready. We're gonna go hard till nine. Hard till nine but started off the started off with a LCD sound system. Did Sarah. Weatherman sunny alternative ninety's he's by the buzz that song is still so good it is still so gun at a dinner and then not get all. I'm at a time for for these requests generator elect them up at 910 I just I have to get these this business in I have to get it done. I am very sorry. To you let's seek a cool. I'm very sorry to Chris in KCK. Because he wanted to hear screeching weasel cool kids because Chris in Casey case so cool. Sorry about not being able to get to the cool kids by Chrissie KCK. You are super cool. Well from Gartner requested 311 flowing off I wish I could get there I'm so out of time but I wanted to say thank you will and harder for participating. I gave Willett from Gardner he came to appearance I had. And he's yeah I was like hey you wanna little Lou fast. Here's again I'm gonna be a bit this weekend. Consumers like great app also got it is I've also bit about it and then they canceled live as it felt terrible about it. Maybe I will get to flowing well maybe that's amazing yeah I tell you that okay we'll come back with that and we've got regularly denied tenure she gets a win. Avian my prize book as well don't forget royals tickets we got to pair left. For tonight yes all right coming up. 311 and slowing his on an alternative everything's fine the buzz that's up for will from Gardner sorry about the aloofness tickets like he view that then move that's got canceled. It's the least that I can do for you all right great airline. Tickets. I think that's a pair royals tickets for tonight's game I've got to a lot of the stuff the price book. Mark read it off Tia if you win are you gotta do tech who is running here in 9500 include your name. Well part of town herein. May be what you do I like it I like talking you guys like you know yeah. Getting to know all about you. Just like in the and the means getting to know you. Something something something like me that's about what I. That's about it knows attacks denies he's 500 find out who wins. Right after this. Meg miers and nom part of the basic which so Friday October 19 down there at the end now along with a Andrew McMahon and homegrown buzz artists yes. You are. Yes you are eaten those tickets and more up for grabs right now with. Radio relied I did I saw a couple requests a name your lap a mama Gump I am by the wanna say. This is so it's a mad world by Gary jewels. Of from Casey and Casey Amal on my way to get my dad -- script signed. That kind of explains why you wanna hear. Mad world now. Until you get here at our all and then it's just blackness it's just jeopardizes cocaine rock after that. Somebody with sandy somewhere like hey man you're standing I've got to give your shout out of your sanity on refinement. Sanding. And understanding. Yes you are playing tonight at the royals game as well. Yeah we get those tickets are there any plans bays which party you aren't. Yeah. This guy. This is guy says that I'm descending body filler Howard auto off 85 the prospect. San their body filler I gotta tell you. Nobody's a better body filler Sander. Venue I don't know that is sounds like an incredibly tough job. Sanding filler. I guess in a wall. I can't I don't even know what grit. Sandpaper to use ever Mike maybe this'll be good it never is a go fireman I needed to go. Only the opposite of finance and go the opposite define when I need to get if and when you get the point so this person up in east. I know I haven't taken in give campers it's it's so much so much. It's so much as somebody really you know mark Q no justice no you know justice you know but you really wanna hear. People are gonna start doing is that this is the last time bomb and allow a copy paste OK but justice is heading to work in blue springs. And really really really wants to hear this I'll pick up your letters phone has messed up its mess up a is messed up but this many Texans Diebler Texan for like trip Cuban missile Theo not mosques the most any. It murmur Massimo. I mean I know it's a target never made you remember my Samoa it was a lot Somalis genes or what about Stacy. Two members DC and our parents are freaked out economy gangs like guy you got this still CA ball kids are. He's in the ballpoint pens to scribble on the trapper keeper this Doocy yes. Or Steussie. Hey man that's the cool kids were so. I'm one. One balls he future wave before this way you have to have our act. They want to hear we'll see that's the thing is it's the only deep blue sea. By. Missy. Okay. You injustice just the stuff that tea and depending on which takes he or she takes that leaves us with a one pair royals to decide to take our. Bottom of the deep blue sea. Miss CEO of your winner of radio or let justice really wanted to hear it or we did and I pay go enjoy. Happier I'll turn it mennesses by the buzz dame are ready in the morning. If you if you'd like to go to the royals game tonight bark. And it bark bark at the part Parker a park. Bench out of the out there I wanna say I always wanna save arcade. Arc as the new new. Dog bar. By mean dogs don't drink the people they've. Riverfront do they have like by T ball down there is that we kind of event dollars a probably. In Europe the game putrid for about Chiba when he aging. Do you take your dog down does dollar Barkin. Bark at the park tonight types of six and 965 by color number not very simple you go and talk to mark no hoops to jump through. Because you know who else is who's going to be there tonight. Is one of the axed from the basic which so Friday October 19 injury man make Myers and yes you are. They are we come back home seem tonight indicate comic 5767965. Color number dies. In my mind. Mum her designs on a buzz dame are ready in the morning that's it that's the show we'll see tomorrow. Kind of a chill day. Kind of a chill day in my eyes kill them and nice chill hunting is showing get over on day you gotta just you gotta gotta there is sprinting. You know. Sprinting to catch up after the slow start on Monday. It's like chill while Oakland for the other men will get out there and as. It's hammock whether. Yeah Mongolian dynamic do it. Agree in the hammock the effort to person hammock and I go to name them like they ex retailer. And amassed in the middle there they get away they would still like this is supposed to be comfortable. But I enjoy you enough I'm not gonna move even though your elbow is in my bulls are right. Defense that's this no policy as a Marv I've.