Danny iPod Shuffle

Friday, March 9th


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NORAD. Who. Does. That so does yeah. Planned in Providence amphitheater medical separate wing Likud and does that mean march same thing and I who does that. Such a Big Bang for Baylor never beaten. It really is mark and videos is the only single I now know and move. Approval. Ari shovel in hand Danny shuffling now and an abstract yeah. Narco now around at all. What kind of tickets we aren't. Well we've got to do as they come and help. Do it let's do that opry management theater and saw the red rocks for excellence Saint Louis. Where in Saint Louis and they empathy and in India Boeing plane and think. It was as an empathy and it doesn't sound right answer is empathy I now I was just being. An act may because they knew it. Talking nasty. But Nash the did it nasal it is filled out to sorry I don't talk anthem my counter to its staff elect because luxury digs them. They saw out Pomona. I would hardly count Arnold out and I Monica on our Paramount now at the box theater and mana. Dobbs. They saw that the pageant twice in saint Louis the entertainment. Staff the pageant is the smaller than it. It was like a theater in Wellington island. I think sounds way India where story Euro. I am are caring for their rapper and same crimes that they've played their wares during the year. There once a year. That's for their from. It's funny 300 capacity. Missile forces are doing it's that's not in today's. So I'm amber theater it's 4600 tickets. And the gators are 141600. I don't honest I don't understand house does give books when you vote but I'm not in charge that's an Angel 101000 that's billion. Yeah but they didn't they sell Intel I wanna dynamic jail sidetracked. There act and act and act area forget it out and mother down here. I 767965. We're not talking about venues hero dad rocks twice shot back to back. Everybody cells are right rocks because of marijuana that. That's how red rocks works scenery. Eggs you don't go to red rocks for the show. You go for that shows a side show out. So what else is going on precursor during and after. My sister stuff Lawrence there. So those amazing stop it we're getting off track then him we're not getting that remotely think it's as well manned him. For iPods lets you follow up on Manhattan's piano jazz. Mogul mogul is 576796. Odd if you relate to play iPad shuffled Danny's zap. So good luck at baton mark what's your guess what's coming up and games I've got. Saying. As goes up the tank signed chain smokers now have the he took his skin disease chain smoker I visited an early lessons that sent smokers. I don't know what you're listening to and that's why ears as art mean. I was a shout out. You know like talent out there so I don't others choose somebody takes me and said two days two days the crossroad. Is that true that China's coming two days across Europe probably growers alone and it's so. Carried out by. Arm Barbara like just because it's not some might Brando band like us who is the guy. That you like that war the Zumiez pans and the day he die LB Derrick Greg LaMont hat. He died but doesn't defend from now nobody died in an ends The Smithereens that's an active now for now gaga and like they weren't this if you'd only have The Smithereens you don't have Nevada. Well then I'm I'm of that stuff. Oh liar and a lot of people aren't our guys so tired in the ninety's pretending like that our results are off I don't like grunting never I've always said that it's not the way music I loved. It took away BM blade to smithereens it's bands away like this miss Lohan that Ashman. And they care I don't think. Think it or not but I got a CID. A minute I don't want some Pearl Jam and some Iraq. That's any better on the mother after their worlds in signing renowned amber and Iran as just a lose and always has always not all of his son is so that I and you're now in its usually the sound of that we don't play on the quite a bit summit it's really fantastic anyway and even Kurt Cobain gave bad processor that's D'Onofrio from The Smithereens and because he'd like. Oh about dark enough and it's beautiful. Anyway from millions died so don't make fun of his goddamn zoo as particular favorite designer rob you sound. Got fat and out he got fat guys yeah it's not comment I they're kind of on the minimum. There are greatly up and down. More like watching you were accountants eyes stage a gap between. There there are such a great man. Breast indecency and after Aaron now lots of joy amputees success Vincent enough yes. Our I guess Stoudemire area you'd better place to smithereens out. I think it's the Jane something. Something you can give you a neighbor out in a live very day. Operating days for some reason I can't stop thinking Rick James. Amen and yeah writing. And I even take days it is Friday that he died in 2006. On Christmas Day. I was and I. America broke. Planned the bone in his life celebrated in Ireland yes delete all around. Music scene that is. And I hate Pearl Jam there as it feels good feels good that they'll and I just say that but damn that you're supposed ally Aden and yet doubts. I felt that way about Pearl Jam I've seen a multiple times never won me over my god Deanna the last time Exxon did that mother after a win me over. Felt love them that thanks. Pitcher he belonged to hook you up top it. Is that your own yeah. In this job that top. He's very yeah. Abbas now Kevin and now seven degrees of Kevin what they did not yet as is and Kevin Bacon me now come line sky. Got to be into. Afghanistan hey I. It's a movie was a very famous mom taught. Teams. It has to do it America. We're going to America and sports. Eric and sports. Perhaps fighting a flow of rocky and far as the hour. As you how that works for you guys in army hunted who is this I think it's like a Stallone's brother knows Don McCafferty. Actually. I'm Kathy in the deep underground ring again alone make music to our you can you do to astle. Now. Frank Stallone also produces movies. But I think he makes music is a well for us. So that's right. Frank Stallone Fiat a disease he makes music and Norm MacDonald referenced Furyk runner up. And economic news unemployment figures rose slightly for the month of October. The declines in doubt doesn't NASDAQ the reason for the sudden down there that's right. Frank Stallone brings the he does he makes music and sly Stallone what's million dollars movie since the I'm not lying he did now he did he's only been in the staying alive soundtrack he did moody girl now. CN I'm never gonna give view and. Now but not the re ghastly look you know our. I Annie and you call you guys automatically airlines and why isn't wanna airlines working. Somebody write emails on many days and earlier it was earlier it was lined theory yet now he's changing sue. Anyway my iPod Shuffle we have Mobley is take ads we have a dozen tickets and Manning can think it's up for grabs. If you guessed correctly what is next on Danny's I've. Pat them think seven 65. And other matches. Hey what's up what are or what you know not a lot because that's running more and that Lindsay would eat your and oh. Like an uproar. You're getting off a worker going into work. I network owned by knock on Hutchison lacked. I Tyson wag cannot see him that's definitely I didn't I didn't manner as lacking aren't doing so. That it would EG Zain. When you're not lacking I think you are stationed in the motor announced. Don't nobody get really boring now. Now the important do you live nation management. Act and mark a man whose eyes you're utilization. Is analyzed the management. There trigger. I'm that you do very elegant and they can do is okay it lives in the management. Went snags and these are not. As Rory and now you got sort of you wanna. Aren't set up our O line men injured utilize their. I don't know. I always thought you have to keep our was the idea yeah I don't know why do that it. Because sometimes I am no light I don't know what that means is genius of gas. It's a great title. I don't have a great title I'm always embarrassed at how people want to know what my job technically I mean these are so I mean doesn't need a mediator mediator man. And when asked the only job you are what your job title. I said I am the radio personality I had tonight. 'cause I was aiming DJ does not really a DJ Wright did you know that's why he's primary target and oh my god I. Tom made this sorry were eaten up your time has this. Carter. 90%. Of my car wouldn't have hurt me. You kind of late word for our business law firm Bryan the local RI and while I don't believe. Eerily like it was horrific record and are yet totally worth it you like to work Ryan what is next in the exact time. I wouldn't get some articulate or yet Lindsay just euphoria. Broke Mariah Mirai Avalon and Ryan. I just one more business lines were egging them. And that is. Hey what are not a lot exist record Derrick Derrick would be done. I'm if that here adequate or. Did you get into GO. No I did not do you get to he has yet heard you when you buy that too cute as united she urges more than. Look at what I always get teacher. Do you go with the styrofoam plastic cup I don't owner Rupert sarcoma all high glanced at the again the other reporter Rick are all of us relax at flat slacks styrofoam sweats too there are no it doesn't. Yeah now it's I had desires it sounds like not win. And sometimes. Man I really get damaged easy. To do you know. Yeah because that's. What what is backtrack that he has yet now Jerry what's next on news I've done. They what Oregon but I heard Toto Toto and right here he's done. I don't know what you believe her. I need youth can teach talented you know lover a time when near mine Eric. And damn thing but I crackhead knows. He does I would like him a little at this time I go again when is the key is he's gonna get wound up front and roll I know again in the front in the world but sometimes if you make people move them. Not step. So paranoid to boost. At that tonight next. Psychiatry browns are right nannies I've time. Yeah. Tell you know Mariah Carey Whitney or blinked to get a winner yet fives fans and here is your first thing. Up for grabs to the scene though believes code does. Am I right now. Tyra found threats and my show I say yeah okay strip. I'm David. Mention that classic soft Baylor couldn't. Are you listening to today. Cam. I'm yeah what do you your belly. It's. The only thing that he says yeah he should. Should the. Feel it's. I had a belly. Okay. Well. Today then it's then Manny Manny fine man. You know a bit song never did the song it was called star Mia. Her arm and it was only 41990. To stay tuned starring John Ritter in Eugene Levy. It doesn't exist unlike any other albums there's just throw out and it's a good song ceremonial exercise has somewhat I highly recommend you Google start me up Serbia. By salt and pep. But that the those things are journalism was mad at it okay citizens who lead singer of Sugar Ray. There's a name. First name of the lead singer shirt pray. Quiet eludes me and him. Scola mark what's the lead singer wake up America. Here Amazon is that was originally got the idea of what's there really is your series name. Never okay. But Andy and it all right then how about this. And he please don't tell me and you have to make me guess all the time what is Luke Skywalker his first name. IRL. In rail lines Luke in real life. I'll mark. Mark on the Mac. I'm glad I have a marked man. If I where it is today as well. If I'm mark Morrison had fit I. And it's bloom is going to be a takes me got him and lots and dozens. Are largely due. We need to go to frank Kerry when he when when you throw went. This being and sold out red rocks so signs. Everybody's thumbs up red rocks even opened things. I use Mozilla's Firefox. Might Internet browser I no longer use Google's. Crown. The go can. You rob me in the capped. You go. Yeah yeah. Song that really challenge them and we're paying them and I can't remember him in Yemen now billions and trillions. Fine now and then runs. In Santa how and then and then there. And two beautiful Olivia. Drew live. Sorry no winner. Did you do this parts. Okay give me then. You. Hey these facts I mean how do you like heaves it makes thin and I know I heard a letter you know. You know now. Do you end. I think you know where it's better you do. In my life and I don't life. Coming up that's how backup I don't know where. I'm not the end of again the afternoon. Intimate and they're about my mom no win. He's said Ramadan Madonna didn't look good day in Ramadan alone yeah. It sounded like earlier this Wheldon and an up and down Mark Martin. Marco Mac Merck the manufacturer. I know letters. Only god dammit I united podcast Alley tonight and we got to go to break very now we are so let us power relay being OK I. Our we lately do nothing we spent fifteen minutes. That a fair assessment I ask to play. You have played. This is a very nice knowing they're going to come back and explain our relay it doesn't matter what airplane you're really and I mean you think he's yelling you're had a baby back at least in my back and I demand an end to its board commercial breaks a one hour if your labor miss that we have to do extraordinary right now I had it I have a suggests an app. Just make the Ford Shia now I can play catch him about just how long is blood and roses. But with three minutes into irons Reagan's side. John the news super easy aquae email. How did you find. Him a comeback now we're not gonna do that we never knew that I disintegrate and I'm gonna miss it don't put it and examining was cigarettes half. And I'm gonna miss it some don't even do it and pocket. Well yeah. I am I did so much love. I do that is for the experience at all are there weren. Some things that morning.