Danny Shuffle

Thursday, July 12th


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Coming to town September 17. Start. That. Joining bag being is. The voids the avoidance. Excited to see both of them Newton are. What are you doing news or are we doing was so awful. I it's been weeks and it's just awful you guys care now okay good listen to a lot of sweet tunes lately I am. Certainly do you have been and the lessons Huntsman nice being here always listening listening to and I do I in here dunes. You are all about the sweet is sweet tunes and chairman Ney has to carry up for grabs it out in whatever you live to our line of whatever former prized park but now that there is beat trump to get to their. And imagine dragon tickets. Aaron there. One pair. Or last fare there now and the mood at them like mistakes yeah sound that shows how about on Saturday and it yeah. Here. We kept playing tax back because he's on the road with demands in drag and and have. His day in and now he wasn't. So we end dark. Is at a meet and greets. Does meet and greets they had to do you know whatever blob all of a bomb you sound great now we have a pair of them and trying to get better pay attention when I'm playing once we put the start playing this game as iPad south it's Danny's and if you'd like to try to play and win in the hand there's a call 5767965. It's really easy to play users to guess what's next findings I've gotten it's right. Needing to be simple. You think. It could be it can be a defense if we get January yeah. Sometimes it's showdown be mean. Sometimes it here Lou see drink I mean I don't know. I usually kind of staying a lame but sometimes the jump around this evidence. Side guys signed mark would tear gas regain his anti. I just heard that comment on exits on the same foreigner. Do foreigners rarely done in any kind of casino. I did at the start LA is like the place. Tax. There's our. Toyota's don't know in downtown as a crossroads. Ten has got to cross routes to owes us a little different. Touted as a crossroads. Totally flawless category across Serbs she's gotta cut a ten got a concert was this morning gonna start lagging behind act act act. Don't have that was quite a are they gonna customer scene telling the concert in Utica. Anyway yeah that's ridiculous yeah. And I guess will be cada chatter that I had tanner and Ted I'm kinda dig it out served four and a yeah I don't foreigner. Danny shovel out and deal he wound. To shuffle. Okay. States. We are close and I think we're in a family and I think this this since this cycle ago. I'm really synthesizers right now. Learn resigned Korean movie my hero. Harry so it had net against sticks. To be on days I've not utilized the network's friends next time yeah. Hearing. I'd be wind. And your faith that this is a guy like a bunch of tickets right now have been big. Today saw Israel expand it makes you do you like the dance law more than you my your power lock and June. They named after. I haven't heard any risk an orderly path in the record about apple and our own. Thursday. Night but I. Okay. I can treat you for imagine dragons. Imagine drink anything close to some I thought it was sold out. I don't know what I'm talking about them I it was under the impression that it was sold out in his. And mariner tickets available. Is American dream Solana. Available for a fight you know. Now they don't. No my business anyway. Huey yes anyway. What is next Sunday's I've got 576796. Time. Pawn now. So when a crossroads. I am going to get from any kind yes is that this didn't have our Heather when he demands. Can't China where. Kind of social worker. That's great social worker who's who learn. She's listeria are only line now we got a cup I feel like we have this year we have kids can have a couple bats of various phases for people who beat themselves up every day. Really you have this show again everything this doesn't really. Particularly Susan knows all about depending upon your choices in Latvia. Well you've got to laugh he wanted to help somebody but didn't know you need a masters. Yet and not get it and path if there are some pot again Heather what is Nixon days I via. Gags can you know would you like cash general can you that are home online Heather cash. The man is he out and play but they'll sure this got. We do on printing Gator yeah T shirts. Yep yep and insurance goal. I'm Deanna I have a friend that always says that's a big crowd they'd tax me after our Xena helped make that kind of answered everything. Yeah it's really. It is easy and I think it's mostly guys. Probably that the out. They're playing out there you're not listening you mention. Anyway Josh what is there some days I bot I'm gonna go with learning. Sharing. We've mentioned Chad out we mentioned Styx foreigner. I only shooting. Today I was chairing. Curry and Jerry needs journey journey journey but problem let the best. Corporate. Not much I and and tanner and great Britain and when you're. Are you ready to inner quicker armed security very what's that standings and remember the vote or skirt in the ops. You know bonds won't even get as for his release is. Good evening good morning are yeah yeah you can listen here. I think Bernie you're not social worker area. Now my pillar on the teller on the teller now have tailored well Miller medical Biller on sailor bill left. That's what I do that for all the staging. Tell us whereas another process and learn here is what does that send in these iPods. Are returning. Josh series took we churning out and inaugural project. Longevity and Allen has that we're Amir as with Don do me good them to carry he has advised stands. Its dealings iPod Shuffle up for grabs magic dragon sickness he in this Saturday's sold out or not. You mean. Newton. Even imagine dragons definitely sold out yet it's weasel out right now holds them on. Think Agassi that should mean I don't know but why do you listen to the text or use cell opens arrests in this information. Big tax all the time and you always like that's the one how I always feel like he announced letter put it in texting us then to kind of get people are not imagine anyway. Yet by sentence is we need cash had journey the boss or banjo mean for winning your first band starts. Time now. Scandals don't always car. The comer is coming. I don't really don't. I'm sure yeah how many cases it's plant. Is it varies by and is Gary's comments in exile. Think we've done. If you really don't make anything in the case coming days during the Kauffman Stadium Larry King he's doing me. Didn't do this thing. Net. Bill. Pop and I mean maybe I have no idea what I wanna buy them there anyway knowing gas Billy golf. We need to cash out journey into Boston Bon Jovi right September 21. At Kauffman Stadium it is earnings. Problem. A Bobble head night for really Joan on September 10 could do. A replay and I police get a Billy Joseph Obama and especially that yeah you go yet as his special ticket team ITC can't just be one person does it the especially in. Compared to maximum extraction Alia. It planet. And is ten bottles on the pin. That's all I want why didn't. Anyone at the royals listen. That trade and was Kraft stock. As one Obama I have it I mean and make I don't hear it and it is getting I don't want that talks a bunch of crap on the I love Ned yes yes it's an idea. Why extranet non-GAAP. As a as a dedicated. And in new. Nominations for the Supreme Court. Mr. 200000. Dollars and baseball ticket then. Greg have enough. I can't help but fell. When they say. Panama. That Moraga. As the walls Green Zone climate stabilize the nobody yes Shanahan loses in a surprising a little not really. Brilliant. And. Yeah. Plus. Yeah well it's thumbs. Please credit. Okay. Cover you yeah. Join other singers. Oh you know visiting. Sure sure yeah again oh yeah. He now seems that. And I think you don't line. I mean that. Nat Ive been do it on narrow that down element that lets the currency injuries. Trust us. And cloudier around your own and you guys Sony and then again are so many years and engineers are. And work is some of the what is a different type of currency YouTube exchange. Four. Other than a year old man like any like I think a dollar and paying any Euro and the dollar our formal blood currency and another name for currency. Many. Cashman made up. Anybody yeah. I humanity have you. Didn't see that coming did yeah now I did that I didn't think that was any money didn't sound like anybody to you. But I don't know that violate I'm trying to think and any money song and yet brilliant. It's obvious ahead. I yeah manner yet to do is repaired area. TT PC. It's not only. Soon the little prayer and the more sense to me out and still the along with isolated place. Now off. Strong. Hey I've I miss out on Dazs history I highly if you do do I try to see if he wants it it's so good. All right we need cash and journey. Through strings hanging around every fair winner missed. Two innings and why do we want our men and we know more volatile these. I hate us on how. He talked glowingly strong opponent in the securities and you you don't seem to be. You know anything about his checks yet judge rejected debut. CNN pork. Working eighty homes and in this show Katie Holmes is so sad all the time and it was the rest of relied. Yeah dad. You aren't the problem of his son is he says. I don't wanna wait for our lives we over. I want and know like right at this time she and Z core as society in my tonight in his armor and I got shot out the edge he's so worried about them now this he feels like and now will be forever. Sorry one more. And our rabbi Jesus cry me just an update just one more yes Merck. I want to see about a man nineties you can buy them. There arch against the so they'll all. There. X mark just made them money. Your tickets on GA do you wanna does that on this sprints and let's say or resistance to about a website. Eric. You and sure to take its with these 421 dollars. Fort cloning booked clutter imagine jag units that is forward GA which I think is more. Yet GA would be floor. Two guests at a time. And my best tennis and India. Canada across that's not tell her about how proud her. This. Did any guests on now now now we just mean just you me I guess China and you honestly. I'm out back away and you know it and I back away any event an advance for any GAAP. And okay Spinner and a few number on a piece of paper. And look at it reminiscent to your mind right now are five. Both. The bar scene I jumped 82 out of three and bad it's not a mile and a Tony that a processor and it's.