Dannyboi iPod Shuffle 9/21/17

Thursday, September 21st


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Queens of the CIA and the buzz. Sold out across her son and same night is earned a costume party correct. With advanced joy. Sam you know and it cherishing that Tennessee queens after seeing Gator and tickets to. See him astray small pools and mr. Ryan's. And Amy something in the shark has was a Smart. That's all right Jews. Amy Smart thumbs up and up anyway and tickets available and I seized by the buzz dot com ordered set and shameless and they didn't have currently on. Amy Smart it was in Michigan I was a lot seamless things learned in Emmy Rossum and like I want you to the new season starts soon as there are doing better and I don't out and send send send yeah you seasons since it. All right iPod Shuffle Danny is up we have to concede the guerrillas tomorrow night at the sprint center and also sold out. 576796. Time Sunday November 5 9 PM showtime okay. So a little Latin they've been teasing him into and then realize is that fire out I felt it was like October Bremer and I don't we're. And that's a tale of anyway fives and 6790 times you've never played I've heard shuffle or heard it is really easy. We'd like an Arab Arabs I can fountains. And then he pitched well. Me and Danny's is that. The is are doing and I ask. I think we always have winning the market mind sometimes well sometimes you go into the green and the idea. Just depends on your day there's a few Landers and then a few variables you know I mean well for me variable is John right. Diego classic Iraq. Ninety innings do white people black magic meaning. You and our men and now. I don't know are eating out of point fastball. Late ninety's. You know now. We know that's what I'm sorry I just guess asphalt looked Apple's Smart. On the scale of the classic. Whitney Houston and has there you have Whitney art you know that China. Proof merits our kids Schiavo. Whenever and. The film. Classic phones what made me. Blues. I suppose somebody about yeah. You never see this little. I'm that person. Our AM. I'm that person every time thank you see them and there's a lot of movies Egypt. Vijay have I get excited when people miss movies I do the opposite of what most people do you know you're out because of you know down on and on out right now you have a chance like I'm gonna push The Blues Brothers. Because we need I mean I am trying to watch and some might have. Yet those orange where it comes from. It's like I that's why don't put pressure on people who watch these movies I think trying to socially YouTube video you think it's funny doesn't matter what it is. When you make them watch it they don't like it right if you come across some daylight. Given a chance where they are you ready otherwise. And I don't even talk. I can't. I'll leave really hurt all right. Danny is exciting announcement he's dimly you meant it and who. It's now. Thank you and him and say he's the only Arab guy he's moved and now. It is it's OK guys let's featuring the guy who did you know. Plucky whip watch meaning end. A kind of music. So Clinton and her again and it's he spelled his name the artist DW. I NDW I and Dolly. Potatoes dessert with a desire to guide our hands and already collective fingers with a look Fremont. Because it's about ten years in Athens sweep here. A guy with good guy yeah. Like she's seen. Matter that much of that dance floor. Murder that the murder that dance. I actually about a Margarita a hook up you right earlier this. I mean. I was curious if you latins offenses new singles BT's stolen so Marguerite to. Time for us right of that matters that might of that is that he's things Miranda Eliza is gone and again does come and I'd like theory yeah. Don't mind the idea England yeah. Open it. Pain. Oh big big thank you. Had to explain why the think if you. Soon. Hello I'm here to learn that around here. He got lucky guy yeah. Don't let. Do what we've got beat the other things aren't running LA and. I thought he seeing Mary Beth is in murder of that murder of that before that now. Marguerite among civilians I don't I can't far. That's I've I've traveled dating is out what is next eleven guys who get a it is your tickets we do have girls against one of the guys. I wanted to get yes he's us out of that Kelly Kelly what are you doing telling. I wrote or are at or. I'll tell me oh my gosh thank you for the knives. I know where I love my guys I think about it all as I am I use my guys all the time. I need more in need of sharpened Kelly. Okay let me know what you need to have it done this is the beginning of the dateline emphasis do you remember when she brought in hindsight. You were so beautiful lives I never see anybody so happy to see knives and they are sharp and I got two boys. Love lives on cooking I like. And there is a box on. The nobody said anything that's on this play. I'm asking a lot out in his blogs and with a box and I just and they come. It is spearheading this studio avenger is right there you have like a guy that's the new rule used album that's political knives. Ernie did Kelly tell me that's what is next in the eighties and god. I definitely don't Whitney Houston backed up that happened that. You never doubt in them and them are now a whole lot Whitney port tallying the knife the main issue. The morning. Politically schizophrenic my opponent. Martinez. Yeah grab their ads saying it you're welcome our our I managed in his. This is over rated. Yeah. Tell me what is nice and these iPod and it and it. Cash knives coming not to overplay their and you got stick its ideas on June it's not that Gandhi not on that. Down there Thursday that camera in it. And who is this. Did it. Allows that was not. What I. Did yesterday is any is out the lies eulogy guy. AD. Group and now right and we're very. Easy while and I miss that one history. Well that rig or dumber are good guys lies again everybody's got Danny's. Classics and the and is no way should I cash out Mariah and yeah got the classic opt out of CDs isn't time you know a great time hello the baths. Hey Leo I'm well how are you. At John John nice it's aren't you John for sure we do you plan. Hanging out. Are you okay some who can you had to work. Yes I'd rather talk Putin works like the just the bill. Justice sales guys serial killer but it's by an exit the car sharpening noted I felt lives and I I. You what it's like build my data my trap when I was. I hope and for some reason I believe that it. Clayton and talk being up late and argue gotten I was benched. I don't know if you've heard I jogging in his walk up into the studio with box and eyes it's totally out can't. And boxes any second walk up when. You know got. All heard just now port adds I'm telling you zags did isn't much. REM REM. All right hey that's not gonna happen and they give you another death it's imminent Lamar guest column again sort of sort of well all you thought to back here again Latin John. All right you guys get fives that. I packed chapel were your life. Even with a cash app where I am. You've got that he gave. Her a winner. Ten game winning streak doesn't have been so good today. I'm glad. It's a good. And who. But he won't. Patty wop hit my passion now that that song go about teaching you lady had a good Gloria. We're gonna crack that comes with an out how to without cracking dad take a ban why isn't the royals side that's awesome and it made me has always been. Blanco over the land in Delhi the lyrics as much as beat college you're walking by that you got to pay attention earlier isn't going to be here jam and edited version their walking out it's a love song. It's still loves time hey what's up hello senior pretty asks as soon as he came in the though I just want it's still got a sack for us to roll. Married to the money and reduce it to my stove. She showed showed her how to whip it as she remakes of hello it's a lot sort of business story immunize fights finds a woman he loves takes care of her why she can't Chicago. War why can't he got his own whip it will because why she and whether he doesn't want. C yeah why is is this signs why this is unbelievable to be useless he's an. And I do not understand. Who are right nobody guessed that he locked. From one of the most under appreciated movies of all time. The last action hero starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Out when things go somewhere I. It does seem pretty high though Brian Johnson. He's a decent enough they can. You know it's weird who you are playing these CD's we're talking about easy easy mine and I played because remember yes they needed to radio and somebody offered as the thunder eight I've played thunder struck it either BK came into the studio yesterday. And he also played a CDC. Or blood AC DC in the universe the AP yes you're right Brian or bond bettors Brian and 100%. 100% Brian. Are on pins. But I guess you know play Hager and from India begins a great time once again yeah aggregated every case shows that like what used to be considered a music form out. It's time maybe to redefine a little bit because alternative really kind of has enveloped most of rock you know and I mean all eight classic rock like starts in the ninety's now those colleague. Man if you classic garage you should listen to the news. Carafe who fighters. Now death from about 1979. Yes that is money for yeah yeah I like that guy is glory you're gonna like this one batter it's even more classic rock here I'm in. Here and a lot of it you're gonna like the way you I mean all right Erica well. Larry. Again day. Okay. In residence. We'll a lot. Or do they live in. OK you know you'll. OK okay nobody guessed Alabama. Perhaps. Its cars got nothing to prove may not I think. That was used to be like Glenn. How big your day it was like how fast can your car goes zero to sixty. I still think people do that. Almost. I'm crews are rose Alabama tomorrow night and flow you do you drives. I oh my god is excruciating. I have Lander goes zero it is sixty in twelve point. Huge neighbor and have learned it thinks it gonna mean to be in a rush. For a spin. Wow. Yeah no word yeah it exists and Xavier. Over the speed just won't. You remember okay roll man. Berlin where the okay. All of the okay. Well I have. Run a man. You and I realize how the nine. Again down Brazil today. We are technically. Jake you know. Like we should be rather is rather forget for Halloween. We should we should totally do that. We're like a classic comedy duo now only channel I don't call me you know sharp eye and does not exist at all. Why you mentioned regular insert it. I'm not gonna do that good night I know that you like it is that something else. No I don't like that one month and then must give LaMont diamond our high power yeah. Brad and I've got solid well. I didn't do all homegrown. I thought I was all relatives our about it and tells them that path went more. Did you Mike he's got three bags in the idol and the kids ask. It out. I guess it'd be like. These agreements. So you can be Fred Durst and I could be Elwood blues and and that's what cost I don't have a favorite Jersey Shore that. And volley. I DNA. I'm Maurice. Abilities. I don't usually listen AC DC I'm not taking anything away from these cities and towns. I would never hear that. I think they've inspired many a musician and then. And there are very very talent said we need some rock enrollment like rock and roll. And then I had gotten to listen to the death from above 97 and I'd recommend just came out I will actually do they might as well and just. I'm climate ripping off and Randy obviously can't I don't know that they ripped off easy he's keepers say about it. It's definitely your wheel house Ari nobody like Andy Emmys I've tried charter. Now 1012 year Merkel deal and before Tammy got here really grows against the little guy. Markoff left before he could happen now don't do that you should have a major act marks aren't coming to a new evens and odds. But it will employ is a much. Doesn't everybody just think you can have it I know he's so he's dying to do it and Murray declined to they think an ally I don't know I don't get to your knowledge shown some days I think a lot of news. My class that was hilarious is great another good shovel and doesn't get shuffled. It wasn't like here's. Nothing Everest this one doesn't seem a little special somebody. Came by yesterday and stopped by the studio. Every case you're intelligent signs and everything and I am I am incredibly gimmick complicated when. I. I.