Dirty Animals

Monday, March 12th


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Are you as funny as is fine you're going to have an ironic of the discount and I give the gal I was reading an article. I have a question Korea. What do you think scientists. Think is the filthy ST animal. And what do you think is the filthy ST animal Marcum include unions yeah. Besides humans yet. I mean that I am not an OK this one of the experts picked human yeah this is on Gizmodo I had the that bill is channel like a man that instantly. Filthy how. You exit the flag actually all. Literally. Feel I'm tired of being built the White House and I'll. Really howl like a pair right now being. No I don't Ireland they'll be like your mind filthy. Or. Like dolphins. Break is Dalton their failed each meaning. I Garrity is Nancy asleep my charity bacteria. OK gotcha he had had entered in hand it is you know what kind of built in and really that's a fair question. And they have four legs. I mean what you think man I am asking you ever had. And as far as you know any articles on them do holes or there's different lines there's not one filled the air animal than another idea. I know you like one of these filthy animals. I do you do you view you've expressed your love of this filthy animal. And in color Renton it's now now let us like over there. I seals now. I rank the Poehler Barack and I think the CEO Eric Carle book and I just I think you know outlying island is like an unlocked the gorillas like the guerrillas. A it's not the girl no man come on they kind of a mind game with a filthy and Moses alligator now. On the right now now they're rhinos improv everywhere and have the right animal they got the wrong name when Pratt and I was a young war. The hippo. How they have the have the night Ryan has to have both I like to have both now I like the Ryan knows that the zoo because you know if you've been generated being our tail. Now base parade they're here and everywhere and I kind of players oh waterfall. In the year. The Europeans it's a unicorn and people are shocked too bad if you ever want to buying the rhino display name. At the zoo that's why they have it kind of covered the walkways didn't. I believe it's because you're gonna get sprayed. There is a year of all spring and yeah yeah yeah I was Dupuis spray with detail. Sales and you never seen Iran today it is like a guy DM waterfall coming rather you know tigers they can shoot. They got a team Blake snipers with herbs mosque. Here's one I don't think about being anti year you're going and figure out what giraffes. And they dirty clothes and writing they've both here and fill the notoriety Dallara Graham I'm gonna read blade dot. Or Jason Brock. Who is it teaching assistant professor Oklahoma State University said Erica. As a scientist I think it is wrong to assume any animals filthy as it is inappropriate to describe our values on tonight humans. That being said surrounds their filthy disgusting bunch. To assess where the female is on her reproductive cycle a male or apple banned down put his head between a females rear legs and her drinker. And I'm. The anger out there are you guys are laughing dealer aliens that have to collect a fair amount of hers all these signaled a male curl back his upper lip exposes front teeth and inhaled deeply. To allow these views of fertility to stimulate especially since section called the Jacobson's organ. This is known as the flame in response to feel think and most food animals perform some variation of this long with hedge hogs panders and big cats like lions and tigers. Do you make sound so he smells or PNS he's still know she's ready dad is like my kids my kitty on the mouth and she opens are mounting as. It's the same thing it's not the same it has a Jacobson response that's really just says. Okay what are some of the other filthy animals can. What are some of the other other filthy animals you know or does each expert has a different line dung beetles. Was your general consensus on any of them now ruined his posts tape forms home. And they berms are pretty growth. And dung beetles dung means you don't settle down needles now dung beetles. Human humans dung beetles hippos giraffes that's my fair about war on us. And had talked a child. A banner ads and as it is the key ritual 28 era and a I mean I understand has honored to have tiger is weird now. Now he's we yeah I think he can you see him run faster remember when he's drowning in water they found only meeting and I guess I. The makes sense that he's you know like right before your inning air. Cycle. That ethnic not ache and that's how we got Michael's great.