Monday, February 12th


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Sorry tea every now that I as good time. Does Greg lastly we talk about how somebody was up on the embankment. Out here working today. I got to go funny invent real word and she does so that was that means he's is not that analysis. I prayed derive. Neat he smelled around at my job I've never seen a dog pursue a rabbit quite like this. That was impressive. I decided I had her unleash. Has lately she's been gone in the Marcia Cross a street yeah. Because there's something then there obviously there is rabbits. God knows what else is out there besides I don't know disease and plenty of disease isn't there and aria and a rabbit that is how does that amoeba that a peculiar. And that's spelled a dizzy is any it's frozen over at least today and and I call for her EU called burn so hot coming Emmys she made it like a half a mile. Down this blog marsh death stays in the marsh area and then it sounds like there's raptors in the brush to she's chasing the rabbit there and there's like a bunch of Canon nine tails. And just like shoot it she's in there and she doesn't soured good twenty minutes. We were out there forever I'm freezing I'm frozen. And of course is positive sizes like hey if there's like thank you enough and then I tellers is a bad error after we got there. But yeah Brad are now let me tell you this let me tell you this I was looking out in order airs on behalf of the time. I came to Cesar Milan and I think it's important in times like this to always I like seasonal. I don't know what to do and so because he says I have to keep Bradley each first which I feel bad about noon. But I'm afraid zoom get ran over let's tweeting Cesar Milan. And civil come on the show talk about a dollar with high credit art I think what I do rain that's what it is our show as it. And he knows she was on our touchy issue isn't ignoring us she I thigh issues ignoring while she she wasn't as she was on that rabbit that was what her goal was she wasn't running off to play Jen will decide on natural gas. And south how to lie G that I don't line here. On a deal that. Does she sniffs I've never seen a docked snugly as I know dogs and now this she should have been a canine drug doll because she's got a good notes and cite what is and there are Jesus Christ on a man and finally I saw. The rabbit come out of the marsh right leg look at like oh my golly Gettelfinger let me go out she was determining Iran now rabbit but she won't listen. Seizes as far as I like to remind you that the human tells the story in the dog tells the reality. Great drive. Is a natural instinct because dogs are predators right now focus on what idea. That the them play and hunt a different states of mind. And you need to find ways to challenge that instinctual desire so becomes more play less time. Let's see come to the backyard of the dogs lease on a practice activities in the yard of food or toys before the dog sees a squirrel. The leash gives you access to re direction. And you Doug is innocent this day. We got to work on that stage yet for you days she does this sick she's stays firm and it doesn't miss Dave very much still good so good. I constantly reward that match. You do it ends Blake whether it be sued ala she's not terribly through Dre men and she loves attention mean so I'll do about. You know there's plenty of treats there's funniest snacks. Well this is what that we've been doing exit. I'm on my right -- key right he error on our part right I can sit down and happening here so this letter gallons downed it says while this is the thing you know this is in that context of training in the backyard so you have a piece of chicken like a really nice big treat. Before you trying collar. But yet you got a break her attention away but you can and if you're Soledad shepherd mix I era. Which I think she's got some government that are being. ID she's got some terrier in her for that kind of I want to murder that rabbit. Out without rabbit it was like. She showed off she was excuses like please yes she's a shares our alliance thereafter and I'll you've heard saying. Behaviors like she's solo poppy. Because I have you seen this rabbit. She's posting up little signs on the Mars is turning day playing turn into references of Alan. February 12 2008 these. These families and singles title at her I don't like playing time with dogs are feeling that lets out aggression and don't. Does it though like Tug she does kind of like tag marks tiger and end it there. They're really thugs and surveillance Lou. You need at least here she's been leased and you can just how. She hates Philly which I think this is the answer right here lots of recalls and controlled environment. Lots of reps in a controlled environment. It's exhausting that work RS I dogs are like kids you got a rep amount I announced consistent until you're trying to firm up you know little lower weight on the bench press more reps think your family it does make me feel better finish detailed letter of the same browser on my tong here on the night. Yes she's blank oblivious to anyone or anything when she did well when she hits on that yeah yeah when she announced. Lately you know semi to tinker work I don't wanna have she is again. And she's getting some of those yet she's bolt obviously getting more. More bold more bald and really following her instincts which I don't let. You can tell how unhappy she is on at least hypothetically you know out you can sense that she is unhappy but I am I unhappy she got run over them my colleagues here. Look at how busy this these corners are two or not. Put human emotions on dogs. That is not how we need operated they you know I need to censoring sites in somebody says clicker training I'm Danny emea clicker in many gave me and then spike. Chain and that's the only time. She doesn't like try to tiger thing we knew using it for proper training and that's a very effective tool and he used to put and I resin and I would be at sat. Does that look like she didn't like it and then when they can hurt them then but really your dog listens your dog would never run. He never runs off. He always listens like you are far supplier dog owner and the giants are true and Sarah yourself and a category don't make anybody except our training is exciting and I'm not doing Iowa I got closet about need these age. And idea and I were quick allies when it about me these days there were replies like 23 times a day. You know. And but I was able to that kind of was my life pac man was training legalizing and I was mind while how's my escape I will say it was because that's really the only thing you had going for I mean like it was your kids in your dog my kids of my dog and Hispanics his no lunchtime entered Arianna. Like I spend time with energy she comes with me everywhere news. And so you know by. I'm also channeling more than ever before she doesn't minor cannot she needs yet. Yeah now I'm she'll just go and our ought you know Tyre south with that tore open. Yeah I can't hammered that she's aiming at Renault are not decisions being an early age. In Danny's right dump human emotions on the dock and we can't we cannot allow ourselves to feel. Every guy is different. Every dog is it is fruits. Every dog's not yeah. I just am not doing area. I know I'm not there is it's his consistency that's my issue is consistency god dammit I'm exhaust said hi I feel yeah bike and she exhausts me and I doll and it's a negative feedback loop and then lead I don't wanna see that we are right now because what I say here I never I usually I can't positive reinforce or to get her to me and me because I don't wanna be like your bag girlish is coming to me means there wired economy. So what do you do you put her on at least in downtown that fifteen minutes twice today. Unleash. Walking sitting staying are kind of playing Chinese are some YouTube videos. Channel is gad. It's like they're safe space it really is for our. She's in she loves that she's she is so weak Don we almost as she is the sweetest. And I'm lucky we picked her she picked us whatever. Like she never bites. In anyone's ever he just wants the players she'd just lobbied Leo LA isn't really an issue that's net Uganda blocker on the call this because it can be ramp its auto placed camera on the leases and shall now. They go mart. It's I do when she's always tugging so what I do it that's Riley just a letter like you know what I originally issue we got to the dog park you can only. Shot and I like governors know they'll Holler for a tiger is that Allen gave me I gave you prong. He did he knew prongs on Evans is not live with a front Colin showed or do you have properly and effectively and yet the politics of treatment I don't like to do it I know. By so that's my problem with that you must when you got Apollo like that like clouds as a polar he was all pull our. And it's she's a low a long time but it was worthless. Some of those around there ran him JG shinning get a good afternoon and she didn't she I get us bat Associated Press that rabbit don't. It I'll be out she was wasn't coming to me she was gonna come Danny until she does that mean. And she elect happy is that as a guy out around to have people come in from work daylight Wii's are always our fans whereas I'm a parent we lock candlelight ought to dogs chase is finally over is it that's the closest they got two car chase and intercom live from the third story another gentle leader but they're covering an on the in these guys came Tuesday. People came out there I kind of you could see the dog which is on the issue and all the way down over there. I was like she's over here now and it is you know alive track I thought we look ridiculous and I'm a parent of the copter. Get the on that news people sock likely spotter in the Myers at the orange is it the march. Knee he's out relation of the action she does. Get attention. Than that although she lives there are way over there are now that we know or girl she just sits and looks at the march name like that perhaps you should look sick out the window at the martian plots this is her accidentally. How I get out of my collar this is how Diana yes this is there Internet browsing. Gentle leader works well for polar prayed happy dies when training I was on the type of my collar and Marten hills are good difficult to slip Bada. I don't know what happened to the line leash or that collar I got her she's out of it forgot that they didn't. They got big it out like loose. Sees she's right over there Wagoner just as happy. I mean don't they make remote control shock collars algae is I don't know well well well well well well I don't think that's not. I don't know man on the you have to put that edged down that ally well. Now I want to that I didn't have to be a battered on owner it's totally okay to be frustrated by your dogs. It while it is my here obviously does not it doesn't. That's no that's my thought is my inconsistency. Could talk Islam say and just I appreciate frustrated too. Harnesses are Dead Sea they'd show. That's my daughter to begin with Wright was that harness. Seattle now I've never had a dime before I imagine that I did the I did do that gentle leader on Glaus oh man that was. He is I put on a prong data prefer that to. Man I'm telling you analyze. Your jog is a wonderful. He lit like I had him for the weekend. When you left and it is great as he listens he doesn't go all he does never veers from my side as I assume there are funds own blog because there was like when we go large Filipino fun zone obviously healed just. Pay attention kidnapped and stay here but he does it he's always opt collar he's never on a leash. Are not off Kanye is as far nobody's ever on a leash and he never goes any. So I feel like oh my god can do that they know what you'd stranger to idea in my can't dog does stand data clauses like Lou is is an extension of me like when I left him with the UI came and picked him up to have him walking by my side again if felt like I had one more set eyes it just feels like a natural. Connection I'd like he and Mir just our guys are Cheney's aren't training training training for coming in Aaron the Carla the dollars aren't working for us and maybe a little while. I elected it would I would do it they have one caller and then you switch it up for the training when it's time to train and you can switch it up. I'm just gonna get her collar and are not collar rat heart as. And just keep rallies right now. As right now talk weather when you're locked and I love talking Glaus all right that. Now he notes it's not a good dog he help is gone it is just right there handing your site can have your phone you know I mean. He actually have to like won't quit your dog. And it is where that. Long long and is worth paying you go there I was it is like house committee chairman ever demanding like OK this is idea is evident you'll have that mind meld them. He knew them mine minerals she'll mind. Miss a few. If he's someone like I'm not a dog lover or you want to send a shock collar. You probably Elaine. Now I hey yeah I never had Latin. Girl and a net as tenant dies you gotta pick your battles that recall as one Natalie should lend me he recalls when you're right collar and and they carry yeah I lose that battle and every time. I just get up early show comeback did. And show is that and that they'll break my heart if she doesn't buy is she will because we're coming a day when she doesn't and that's where it would be right eye candy that I need to do better you got to think about the state of mind of the dogs so she's in hunt mode. And the minute she stops being in how mode she's gonna wonder. Where her packets. So that you got to remember it's his state of mind. So she does always come back soon she's solid she's off a run and animal come back but if you get too far away that's when you were ranked. Yeah I need to do AMR research it's not as easy as you came. There wasn't for me. Not that I thought it would be easy. I think I just was ignorant and didn't realize there. But may this moment would be a lesson for all of us. I gotta go work my note having get lazy. You really do I'm different effort and and I feel like I do with some level but not like the training part like. I wanna be happy and exercise and blah Bob Bob Bob Barr go get a rope toys in the date and time event and it weakens us. Let them play will double to load automatically addressing part in the background I don't now. The YouTube playlist went from tee to message Jurassic Park. And Clinton teared up puppy training class as good trading guys the goods is that shape. I now today along Maher fan Barack and the mice and dog. And I have to pay for. I I was tonight Jesus man I can't. Like he I didn't use your videos. Yeah you can do is villains and I agree with attacks playing 80% of dog training has people training not a 100%. I agree I agree on just blaming myself. It's me I'm error. Go to a dodge and as I I just thinking or am I anti restaurant. Just don't put our pleas for although I suspect is that he would be easier to wait. I feel like United's is yeah. This level of command as I never get a dark absolutely if you're not ready for that don't do that it's like a real it is a relationship. If you know like I don't wanna be in a relationship. You need to and they are down and like I was bogged down for like half of my life. They can manage and Judah I don't want that kind of commitment feared jog would be better in it is at least I can channel that. I got to show you remnants is feeling at a moment on how old is how we go wow that's how momma though I think the as easily as you one hour a week. Is that a lot going on right now. In debts of very Tuesday may make. It is I'm not in you know I think now it's and I doubt about it is is a lot going on in my oral and and maybe it would be good for me to do that that would take me away from whatever is gonna end up. Meghann has some hot dog dad's. There are so not doc Dan's back. There weird new like when I go like there's one I always I guess he remembers me when I go to the leeway park. We really can't hate that name so loads he's got a mini Jo berg. And they. Cell Lear who am I want. Why do you think and that's what you finally got immunity deal that I mean I don't ever been a great game and a day not long have you got a smile on a day. Means is somewhere in the medal yeah.