Dorothy In Studio

Thursday, April 14th


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You guys have no idea what you're about to get into because Dorsey is here. No clue. You've just got here and I'm already like my face hurts from my. My face her melting them off I a lot of this is great we'll welcome you to the buzz thank you for stopping by. You get a day opting you came here I am so sorry you pick up that's just driving through every last night. Which college it's only stop and they'll start a run together at this point yeah I weary head at where do you go next you are telling North Dakota. That's a pretty fudge and they go because I love everyone looked at the tour manager Mike Weir we don't know what I love my answers. To go. There's an up and thank you guys so much for stopping by and I gotta say we are playing race held few months ago and it's been second ray had a sounds nice and the life and I got a lot so how many guys enacted. Just touring nonstop argued it shows yeah. Mean after the show Austin until lots of pictures. We love the fans liked pictures with them. Did some Springfield get a tattoo yes look at a about this morning and he got it right. Very very very journey it was. Their arm yes he had Diggins I don't care sometimes she she phones and then you know. In this Miley better job of keying it. It is understanding and to reach our three quarter. Sorry and real lol yeah. I'm coming here have a good time and we are having great. Could have drawn sending inappropriate and I didn't you can drop whatever he was here we got a lot of Lord Byron got you good work I. I latest sign that says if you remove the phone charger from the studio I will find you and if Hillary and things telling you we got a lot of phone chargers here. I've ever since Sunday guys might know about being untoward you guys leave phone chargers everywhere that you now. Plug in every gallon on every outlet on the bus I just I've seen in my book that's a big deal if you I usually don't try and in my bunk and I worry that I'll wake up strangled. I I don't do that Melanie alternative. Path we are talking to Doris CE just driving through town on the day I. Yes. We've got the ball out everyday I do. You've got away or maybe it's her own way. They play mode but airplane mode though on May ninth ballot that's carried this happens and you give them coffee and I had thirty cents and expressed his call he's really good but really coffee did this very easy you hey thanks series is very neat for easy guys leave for facility we need we need some more for the bus praising I can make that happen inside that what the heck I can make that happen leaking decent copy paparazzi and is it tour managers love I really excited and she's also. I I can't. And there's this weakness and say I'm she's like secular ones that incidents in the fridge. Well and the other big thing about inter. The other deal they made him and he she's local she's Lawrence yeah. Oh yeah it is true to build a brokered through. I'm a human. Girl. And actually yeah actually scared. In a headlock she might she know where you sleep at night yeah nice dinner. Yeah and not a hundred of them this tour I told you know ideally your hidden anti candidate candidate can unload. That the show must align love at all how you play some more than normal to jets might now figure out what's going I have a little red you insert and I mean she just wanna hold them through the whole interview and I'm actually doing what I'm very weird random songs played between myself that you pick and he did it covered. One thing. I mean I'm on the until three you've got to be the grand isle that. Mean I didn't I mean with me I'm on Jovi almost a lot of heat that's created safe. An exact and he going to be here. Yeah all of you fans know it's Darth alive this morning didn't he invented babble I've been coming on disappoint you love and I'm excited. Oh. Yeah. Can ray Bentley yeah. And the. NN. Day. Live on. Yeah. Not okay. And. Ahead. And. Yeah. That she is Dorothy lives according DC studios Brighton boulevard bring company here on the buzz and I have to tell you so we have this text line. People can Texas at 92 by 00. The first thing I have says oh my god loved him as I used to work with her so there you go some of I know we know. Are again as I had to do it then it just goes damned opening a restaurant like banana pancakes I don't know what that means allowed. Her voice just gave me chill oh my god I initially got goosebumps and fell in love first time I've heard dork you love it love it love it and then a question. But it and I understand that question in a groundbreaking mini maybe I would love to questions really early for us and then quickly exited about think well I still am accused picnic Saturday skies fantastic art. Averages at if I got a text really quickly I would have gotten it done in the mountains usually we play that song and a lot going on yeah. Now there's not a inappropriate things which are subject it's Dougherty Sakura Bank now famous all the other hand done and I think for these guys. Chat back and nobody wants us now. When an animal I just. I think we're definitely a flick of a player and a look at what is cigarette remotely. In his. Based filters on his cat that's not our HR that's awesome yeah vanity and resources for Dorothea. What's the question. I don't had gone I don't know where when they go by so fast I don't know what happened my question is how that might give me some info as far as new record and get a full length we had a pre order out on the 29. And then the record itself is out have no idea. I Candace soon NGOs soon mid June we have a vinyl of the EP available through Urban Outfitters thank you Urban Outfitters nice and on our mart store is coming. Not online yet but the website is its store key soccer dot com. Had a sense of humor picking and Dorsey the band was taken. We want that domain backed by the way those clinics they had really do that dynamic and I letters got tagged in the back to whoever whoever made no wizard lives. Epic took. The background and the band how do you guys all come together. Piece by piece I think they're good to see if any does accepted the viper room. I was wearing different that it is Maria and where I think he was walking around in his underwear I do I know illnesses and when he stripped us lead and I like you look like he should be in Stillwater playing yeah is all kind publicly thank you write that. Now she'd CCR fans so when these guys just like. Stumbled in my life looking like this felt like he happy that isn't perfect L and not a care in the span plus there's a DJ killed everyone with a pair. Really are no other yeah yeah what'd he doled out you modeling business so yeah. Yeah. Yeah minimal effort inlets on ways like I was perfectly acted like I can do my hair looks great. He just weeks of play that he's it is the dead here's why and it's just it's thin it's like perfect are we remotely. Are they old me over here. More about little Ameen my perfect terror. So what's next for you guys do what happens after the storm we slowly emerging is we have this tour and then we go out with destructs now and July August. Back over interior with a couple got into a list of the world's means that Sony is looking for more two words we're quakes keeper. Excited to be out on the road and supporting his record and non. Mark Jackson one of the producers used to be our guitar player he got home making records now. So we have DJ and these guys and they're a confident kid named yeah. Can't seem pretty happy parents Dan Harris. Dean just doesn't understand about indoors where you got that we didn't win yes and Harry. They're not as Les Paul Mitchell mumble mumble yeah. Yeah it's just FY I we are talking and doing C yeah. Is that we would love to goal on the road as much as possible this year keep us busy ME we one to support this record and meet everybody and you know I was just blown away by how many people were like I waited for you guys from months. And I waited and somebody actually flew from. Seeking to end and there was another person from Norway or Sweden that came to a hailstorm show. But flew from the UK to see us now blows my mind because we're not even headlining so that's amazing so yeah. Or just down excited about what's to come. We announced that you guys are coming in here I've I've had a ton of people there like holy cow I love that and I'm excited and I'm having to turn people away they wanted to come and hang out now and now next spring when you are never turn. I call you know they bring things like Pete. Much of my yeah they got to bring the pro throws her. A and there's a sound effects again yeah what are some big. That's another unhappy peaked yet this is the good ones. Spin on TV a lot. Yeah work bubble. Boy this is Dorothea alive in the spring Casey studios bride tube. I boulevard during company if you want to a Texan you can do so just exit at 96500. Here's somebody in Texas says they saw you in Springfield. Lot of people gunned down there but I guess right. Dorothy is read I read never hear me I. Me. Yeah. And did. A. And that ain't gonna pan of hot in the name. For the pain on. This ain't gonna play you know hop I didn't pain hot I don't. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Well. Is that we got that. I'm not okay. Oh. Yeah yeah. I. Went off. And mom. Yeah. It is not paying my panic time. I think. Yeah. The pain in Hollywood. Is currently mom. Mom and and yeah. Yeah. That she is Dorothy live in spring Casey's Diaz bride to Bible by during come ideal place did you realize to be open your map in fact. I remember trying to beings and of inclusive price. He's trying to put things in my basic FFF. My momma like you're singing off key you know Larry and I'm like what are you talking about what's that mean. So why in hell. Bliss institute so many singers over and over again and maybe mimic what they. It's nice to be really good impressionists. Younger and it took this project really find my voice that I feel like is genuine and real. It's beautiful LA and singer songwriters doesn't. Writing songs yeah thank you you make it look really easy all of you guys made it look really easy Michael Lotta fun we definitely. But in the grind. Don't do one thing well it's always know us know literally all we can do you know and I heard accounts as you out one thing weld together are your. He got this final the first time I realized like oh it's like an instrument and it's like a muscle is what I learned how to yodel nice. With country music a lot of people can't say that I don't know a lot of people they can say and learn how to sing yodeling. Yeah like I would listen to country like at love Dolly Parton but likely and Ryan's mood that was there I grew up and down. You know when I heard cowboy sweetheart I was like oh she's totally. And then there's the sound effects that's a camping like you know I just got paid an Olympian ever corner of yodel on the ball. Yeah well I think you so much for seven by any count us today and magazine tomorrow not and a handyman Antonin did you want to but I know you by getting in on the road in Seattle art goes on the show how to play the sound is gonna fly and hang out now let me and I don't mean gas in a place stun gun yet. Guys manager you need to Garnett and it is our dorm Angela can I Brooks is our tour manager and she's she's in the local over a woman and she's beautiful I was amazed you are. And it's in complete multi might murder all of us and in addition to her manager and how. I'm a little scared I know on the gave you guys the microphone to ask my battle hard and this isn't there. I'm dead yeah. She's doing the throat cutting motion came out and scared a lot of guys think you so much chicken and I are the letter.