Friday, September 23rd


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Air broadcasting live from the sporting DC studios try to Bible her drink company in dreamers I hear hi gang hello hello how are you admit CEO witnesses say yeah. The good except for missing UIQ. Did this point were practically related they seemed like every too much caffeine you more than my actual family in the last like six months. Yeah we can say the same restaurants or you know a lot so that we get a Kansas City more than double. Yes that's true actually it's not a bad thing right into account in NRA Tennessee always turns and out and so is yeah. Now he's noticed that we must set a high standard the first of them flew there. And Athens and yeah for sure it's been all right Ingrid. There is playing tonight with Connie house and the mold we KC live visit Tony glamour show. Five bucks at the dark attire gonna pay. That's not that much he has but he isn't argument it's a good time as a good bargain for him right value three bands by about that Sega dollars. You know sixty sevens and I think there's a mill every day is a great relay in effect. Many a coupon for something at some point need to you know later hey it's downloaded off Google. He moved see Santa lots of glass and here here he were here is Ellen de not to find out why but now do you have an album. There's an hope not that's true how that feel out. Feels amazing it's their first you know full length album finally out we've been sitting on the songs for a little while just you. Awaiting this time after. Yeah numb skull on the sound design exists and a receiver have you this on to have finals is now time now lives. That weird that you have a my day by thanking and because I feel like people still don't realize that that's I think people sell vinyl and it. I don't know it's sinking in. If you're a little thing to I don't I did you have. I history yes it is a highly disturbed. A lot of affair music just by cracking a woman dazzled by a question high school thin experience the original Beatles records. So how yet as. Took my dad's. You say that like your dad doesn't know maybe he don't talk about it now now. As a parents are for they didn't give up everything for you he's using it if it's true. We are attacking the dreamer and again my endurance homes and things. I deeds we did absolutely get and I can't make any bronzes in those final try to keep it PG if they are yeah that's actually the giving tree love them. There is playing tonight you with Connie has an amount leave act Casey lives now every time I come to your name comes up. They always end up talking about being in my bed at south. Every time no matter who is the fact they dreamers like being in your bed at south by Afghans don't necessarily down yeah. And it just keeps coming back usually try to forget those things there's like a lock and chain next and the people really really enjoyed. They got the island of where SXSW. Experience yeah it was we learn and dad very often act truthfully told times now. To do an interview and dad was a dream. It's kind of look this is weird guy it's a pulled it opens and if I have my phone here from our experience please tweeted and whom that they know. I was right there and think we'll start. And the third I think I also played the com. Com on top clear night he's in camp and I think there was a little drumming and the alarm clock there was a lot going on. Drinking Beers before Honolulu Daschle which we can do right now both are lacking until Bart if you want. Thank you go remembering company for it's after 11 AM though never drink after a full blatantly anti and I understand. This is sad hour. Late in time to our dead center. Did. Jay is playing tonight again did you dig into KC live five dollars to anyone and over you want and go ahead and knock and a song first a quick when he played for Michigan and you have. We're gonna just go ahead and play. They tracked a funny I'll lose his more players to play its full suite disaster nice. And streamers fly and sporting KC studios try to rebel vibrant company here on the post. And and then news. Man. June oh. Okay. Even. I. And now. As soon. I know I. Okay. I do yeah. Then you lose. Things got bad news now. That is dreamers live in the sporting DC studio track you by boulevard brewing company playing tonight. Colony house and the mall lease at key seen live in between whenever show. Five dollars his own you're going to pay and I believe I you guys pick up the party 730 that's. So that means you do your sad law have a good time with that and then getting apps the rest of the evening TAR two. And I do believe somewhere there's a video of somebody on a human can't. Bull and we learn and. I think that was me if I did pretty good I was last year really long time save gave the upgrade early on he eat young face you know. They chances NASA is seeing that and I have yet to do that. Well tonight maybe the night my friend I think we may have to make happen yeah. And I'm still kind of early in the Tora government and hurt anybody but Germany last night. Assess it doesn't go pick it the other possible nationalization. And you do don't need to do that and end of the month believes he never now what's gonna happen it's going to be good time with him as well and salute. So what's next the new album is out here doing the tours are already working on the stuff. Yeah we're always working on new stuff it's we feel that's really important. There have we have a bunch not one that many videos we now know. There is. Yeah so much they can talk about it. An epic video that spans the entire album while. And a deaths can be cool when did that concept come from did you guys come up about yourself or someone Michael jesus' path apple juice yet. Right it's a formula to the people what that means that I know salaries and clinic. Now again especially nothing like plumbing business but you'll see it. And the full record and it as far as our record is going to be weird and crazy. You know it's going to be signing we've always wanted to. That's awesome are you finding need to do more things that you wanna do at this point and you've been touring for awhile. They make you don't know these radio things benighted do you have an opportunity to Santana albums out I wanna do a video to the entire thing and someone goes hey let's do that. Yeah I think that's the plus side of this being our job is that we can can do whatever we want because we like to do stuff where he's stuff yeah. And I like that's what you're supposed to do ups with little effect. Here hacking person. We're all really get a weird we're really good that we are especially around here so you're in good company filing an ally of the defense. We urge got any dream is an opening tonight at Connie house remotely as well on the ballot KC live into one more song for us any idea. Really the first song we ever really sick and it's cold walls parent and streamers alive in the sporting KC studios try to rebel vibrant company. CNN news or. Okay. You've got to live. I. Old here every day it's still allow me. Not only is very day needs. Oh. Yeah. Deep down in. You Gavin Grant. See down so. Use. Turn now. I did. Dreamers live in the spring DC studios try to Babylon drink company I was ready but I don't -- and I'm glad he did the self Redick has in my head I was in the words I'm not allowed to stay on the radio so yeah I mean nothing if you had. Well I was right there I was ready to go with it putts and thank you guys so much for coming in and hang in mountain drive and Braylon you're in Nebraska last thank. Yeah average overnight but we're we're. Vladimir we appreciate listen I miss those great to see you see we're gonna party and I and I said the blast a couple of times from happening and saying all right we're doing tonight. Pairing guess tonight when we have Connie house and the Mobley Casey lied it's five dollars to when he what over. Joining us tonight it's going to be a whole lot of fun again guys thank you very much keys and I was elated and I go get some rest. You have already.