Friday, March 9th


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The I couldn't play thought contagion assigned to him I don't care because. Sorry Talladega here for all of you guys. You all right look like I care deny this I apologize to everybody who is dying your needs are contingent I don't think anybody was packed. Mean I think that is. A good out and I guess. The players bigger bullet happens here. And believe players hater of all yes I don't know what that is that I'm not a part of that you are. No luck nasty and so Johnson. Back and asked if sorry sprint and I and I make this I mean argument that I gave you budget nasty man. Back NASA book in the state. It's like nasty and bug is a player hater your play here. Cars don't say that they're put it stops you know I'm not a player there shot everybody is not used to get chilled. The guys are ever chill pill. So man to each of tickets shield the dole. Paper now it does it take is panics. And that's the chill pill. Deal is a rapper called little zany. In the eyes he's a real dork. He's got. No I don't get everybody loves banners outside our astute I hate it. I've prescribed an idea that all the time clock be nasty player Peyton again. No doubt that I wanna go up I mean full line for me I want a good job and right I'd like I want ago grant why are going to file and then xanax now everybody's your guard down ever gonna serve and her read body. Point 47360. Half yet if you don't even need to chill bill is fair value and yet now eight X. These guys he hosts easily go to sleep no doubt wheels they made a chance those Manning has giant letters the ZZ. Tattooed under his side. Who think he's now like it is it is like he signed to Columbia. This is the worst copier ever at violent I had these tracks. Guy who's. Area and China they get. But don't call me a play area there that's a bug nasty is don't. Did you race you'll play out heated she's a black man Steve you're gonna. Teases. I learn photo IRS double. I'm who's out we'll let me. Yeah. Carl that made should be smog. I hope you mean did you guys yeah he does is just need in our act vernacular yeah is different. Feel. And yeah. No he's gonna blast but nasty. Plus Bo blocked your fine. Not to say god bless you guys the last few block Nance I sneezed the F Messi could get these getting out bloodshed. Oh god bless you buck current all right Daryn there's maybe I need no way. I need to know a little any sounds like I'm sorry record sure the world. I really bad anxieties I gotta go Daryn I had anxiety zero. But is an aces and knocks me out. I have and then I'm groggy and has like that's a lingering. Garage and mean he campaigned heavily hangs out and then I feel like it's never early enough to take it for me now and then I start having anxiety about well time to think does that excuse me he's wells the end. Know Fannie. Am sorry. Yeah. The sounds of people want to thanks and doctors or given my house. Really not me the civil. Yeah. Sunstone betrayed. But wells they have trained. It. Yeah me and has a picture of a Michael it was toffee inside of it in the video and I'm not me that's not flying. Hours costly as yours and mine. It's we've got a 32 internal. Yeah. You're an Alice Leo Bobby Johnson beads and he didn't even pay for her for the deal and any thing it was a little like there's something wrong with them in action at. Incrementally and not us that there. My homeland write your home okay I'm devils went up I love the any bars. I. Yeah okay scoops I had a manner and I very subtle. It is snores or the albums you area. This is so here isn't size of the failures of the people who. Luke grown nasty. And I how some friends out and are they need to relax now that's pretty match lying on the annex this morning. Same doctor dean thanks a narrow. It's like good inducing hard combo since I don't like to die and got concerns burst we go up man we adapt. Many of the evening Alan mean that easily EU need to take your that are not as I prescribe it here. And I go I don't take that she give me a day. Any of summer as about Patton tonight and just take that line usually maybe Q and I mean it. No ma'am. I mean look I I can't probably getting to bed the arrow on how many of them a win arrow. What we only taken into. It doesn't matter my dad around as stays at me in Vegas supposedly on thirty milligrams a cat does like it take. Thanks so cousins has not yet there's there's our fans here and one that. Some trying and a man number not the other hand I was suggest now I'm not taking anything their air. Dark soon gather then thanks. Men and have the aqsa. Pose handout hostage. Nobody node actor ever used me oxy out early shouldn't. Now and I never got as I've actually. Aaron I have a couple of times I now. Other people here have a native share there's thrown out and does that was when I'm asked all vs Brazil Lula Buckman. Doctor Nancy. I like this. The 230 milligrams a day so that's not my guy of fifty and teens and teens. Two and two as a Barnes and everybody in America's is Medicaid group of people because like life is so. Stupid otherwise that's our that's the true just like we go to these jobs. For everything I've been there oh yeah. I would not have been able to get prayer of the way I have that mean without being married and I am very and I was very anti medication and very air and out the reason I am ten occasions that god damned Cranston. And no idea and then. And so all this and I was like son of bitch. You drank. Academic. Center and cruel. And Nathaniel are a few Israeli. Jimenez nights CNN. He runs the little's an arrogant yeah. Any Arab sentiment that you're paying. My doc says only need to take my daddy is in the instant on those towers and I says I gave you June 15 you take them. You take them you need then you take them. I think 11 to 31 milligrams innings today and legacy dogs of the takes time. I have this I think you doubt a friend of mine she just got all that business development and how serious is now like their skills that. That's good it does not fall asleep at eight. I have blew it bully boy it's the smallest amount is NIC can get prescribed aka boy to bug. Out on that point five and okay appoint you got a guy you happen bar but they tell me to say app Jack and I started to happen that is a large figure other. I am I can take one to two. And that Annika out which I never via a anyway this page this is lake skill and it. Eight the most deadly there's no greens ghetto he does yeah us do you remember and it she's staying up. In conjunction with others of you mean they patty did that mean like I bowed down like Denver you and you got. Does any problem causes somebody from the Washington area code. Says wade too much rambling about your drug use. I its prescription drug prescriptions are an amateur how we stereotype and I'm well that you have a choice of may now nothing changes station being beaten to a six mrs. pretty honest conversation about. Worked people go through every name brand Amber's script under it. I these trees and I did try something as an accident or aiming for a long time I never saw it. Danny you know meaning anymore than anyone knows. I never saw I was so anxiety and that I was. It was horrendous anyway and that's why the xanax. And it's not for five and it was because I won't hadn't slept in years and I was anxiety ridden area heard your zags it sorry get relates bras are like that I mean man I've been watching today and might be behind Korea awesome butler's silky Johnson blocking asked. Over here we needed it we don't we don't like to us do you legal weed there man what are you talking about Fella and I did show now. How dare you walk into. We take your children. And I hear a lot more relaxed and I'll bring chemicals are different I like this discussion it is. I mean you want out of Italian Matty I was very anti medication. Prescription medication everybody knows. I've my god dammit if I didn't mean it once you break through. I thought it changes fingering. I imminent could end until I think just the and it took a long time for me to get there even in 98 to be announced this suite is enabled and you know. I just minutes and then I'm saying I'm a responsible. Prescription drug user. Right but why I am tally I can't take it happens and it is a lawyer I mean it. I didn't he wanted you and I I have mountains and mountains as an ice because they don't hate here are advocating against already using your prescription drugs Washington. App and then I don't think the latter out. It's Fuzzy cute. To wind. I don't know lying that's not a good conversation and or when I'm advocating for certain. Not advocating for anything and advocating for great mental models. And that's how I got mine so sorry that was an issue for yeah sale of five of those seven. On the tax line area code. Says shut your whole mouth to those sixth. The guy area coach waters we got a 20 wait we gonna cost you 08 for Marcy I'm from Washington and everyone needed mad I confess that I am hearing in Los infamous ice CNET Malick when. When I go 816 is full broke out not 1378. No judgment here I'm never struggled so I what I get to judge people on that it's 6 AM and washing never go to Laura Wright says Washington merry go London. Jack. IPod Shuffle or not. Now look at that. In bed. Cards are brick welcoming India probably because we did our honest I'm river valley you know what I take to us six I'll tell you that I take the men are allowed beds do not fix the problem. I use medication and they're semi therapy that is correct she does do that after I hit I think that's fire. You know therapy. Oh sure I mean I can go off on antidepressant. Ads in the way we've studied them and use them in America now and I representing different angles and IE. And have I am every three mounting as the amazing actress and police are around my man's or working how my wife is dying man and and he tells me did you eat it now navy is seeing a therapist Larry do. Like we talked about different things more medical. And he wants violence going on the world my oral dip in now and how and then I think even lower and I'm like look man I don't care or get angry at all. As last coverage all of make any I think it's a little bit more gag I don't give an path and I needed to not give enough because I gave too many ups. I make that's the one I got means and not sleeping in on anxiety ridden him and he's like Harry if you like what's is that you know what's making me not given that he's like at this and pull our. And guys were having this talk especially for 206 out there Washington it'll all now know fund I have woman Washington. I take your medicine is caught it's it's an orphan drug and what that means is that there's not a whole lot of people. In America and how what I have been so there's never going to be some sort of drug competition to lower prices and things basically. Nobody is developing. You know a lot more drugs for narcolepsy right frank I'd take something called desirable which by the way without insurance is. 151000. Dollars a bottle. That's 30000 dollars for two months supply. And Washington's not going to be too happy about this but the actual effect it has on my body to help me sleep and with my can't complexity. Is my body turns it into GHB. So every night to go to bat you take TH I take GHB also minute hour day or drug but there's nothing wrong with out because its prescribed to me why heroes tonight using every day hurry him. Don't sail idea I've dealt more sleep try to not get out I my life in my twenties was very very very different in skewed because I did not take. Prescription drugs. Because I had to diagnose but they weren't that don't know I want my prescription drugs threat is a real talk. Well our I now initially is like okay I'm in Gaza is sealed and roll right now that's a bass but. Initially elite I'm gonna get out he's like you know Austin you know because there resisting watch it on you wanna get off. Well why would I get off something that's working yet right now like I seem to be. When your confident enough that it therapy that'll be something that you bring up to your Brett right now I'm not judging this thing well I definitely glad I really. Really don't get in Athens but I don't get mad and it really didn't put certain. I mean out get maybe resent Weisel at all. But not like what I is here and I have file to guide him handle that that's not normal. That was enjoyed the sides are way and the other side you. Know I'm close to oak. I think this is what. Where should be death there's no need to get stress disorder exercises these are people do these things in secret that's and things get sideways at these important conversation having yes because no matter wise. Well you should know that other people need things to get through today and that's okay well I think I might have been a little judgment until before she are. And and you are about nasty for not that that's right here I was like I. I wasn't time but I mean I was so he's not not time. I was passed even realizing how not finalized terror. And it's dark sometimes near Aiken and you slowly it's weird doesn't count Canada and it's overtime and overtime they got last the last slowly sell at peace deal way over and over and and you look around you know like what in my filling this hole it. I mean you know any bank NASA have cut up. But yeah anyway and I definitely. And I don't. I feel I can get their way yet doctors and their best. And it they're out doing that well anyway it worked for me. So I hate to Syria today yet there is disturbed because of the person's arm prescription medications. Our he'll hear that word crazy and now he's at that time I try not to my now curry I'm not. I know I mean I use it again that vernacular like I'm not everywhere I praise the fan you know that stating I don't the year really crazy and I did you know I think a lot of tweets that grappled with where agrees. I get Erica. But anyway and help me and if you're not feeling good. It can help you need to. There's no shame in this image talking about it because this is the America we live in. Well it's or just. We're all tired right now he's saying god and AAA. I think I did that before and and you know I can't rain now. Log on to. Loud and they gave Jimmy legal pot pot is fantastic Antonio area. Go to India. Yeah that doesn't hurt either it was all that it was yoga therapy. Hiking I mean everything I was going to say it's at the time we kind of have some you time to add. You are again that's a lot of stuff different things work for different people mean it. Loads that plan there this is the if you were limited to events for the the fact indeed anything responsibly and I'm going to need ship you out. I'll be at. I mean you know I respect that that she is being taken higher are expect that that's 1 that'll Killian I am afraid of the out RR yeah I think thank you vice. If I get addicted to Ike Ike and thirtieth of thirty milligrams I've described every day is an announced. An aerial hunting down Alexander narrow not been. You know I've made and yet when am I chasing math math now I can't do that I'm very respectful of that drug and it's power and light in my twenties I did you know. Are you did I'd died and I did cocaine to an hour as I mean I was looking for something to fill some then yes because I was so tired and is no shame in taking. When you colleague here and insurance premium you derby Ron. Well he's steal from summons cart added to restore. EU might need her view is that lady is Sewell lucky if benches Medicaid about it. Actually got many of I was the last eight gal the all time whether yeah I I think yelling that are out I was laughing gas had I not dramatic gain in. Costly out the tire takes and says I'm turning thirty years now we're going to be alive this year and have always been so depressed it's hard to go to work pay listen. Holy Philly you annoy everybody in his room is felt that everybody listening and I felt that I can't get a boy you are never rational when you're on your way today that thirty and above and you're not where you think you should be. Go talk to somebody keep your head up keep putting one foot of Friday other every day because eight eventually do cross that threshold. I I've come really far. In thanks a lot to prescription medicine. And going to see doctors are getting diagnosed and talking about it I mean my god my therapist NC. I hate it I Wear. God. Lori I mean gains dangerous annualized. She is great I mean elect Al I'm doing and think she's that comes Amy and I mean. That she's great as she was fantastic I would recommend heard anybody she's gets his faults is that got him got. Don't get me wrong I'm still erotic apps but I'm comfortable with that now as president dominate my life. Well I mean. Gadget ever give he's out of the big twelve but that's fine and fiscal and what's a code words out annexed. Why you. Almost any hour for your chance to win a thousand dollars she's still talking YEL well. Yeah sorry start all over that yeah I mean can you let me here on yeah you should have been able to and I didn't. I know announced he would be okay great girl fire in its yell. You Al tax day yell. It is 7288. Line and he war story and missing as ago line to have you miss that got on a different story. You'll find it. Among many good stories organs. Code learn it. Yeah I'll yell he's being good when appropriate for our conversation texted to 7288. Wind. All right. Aaron has Boson gonna give him money issues are some of my friends do they still can get various. Care. You had to work a little harder. You know Google is so you can get reduced in a lot of therapists will take less money. Just run a throw that out there and think you can handle with some of them is saying. No you need it in you don't have many which is also give you exactly is at best it's a leg and I don't get precious little circle all. Well in America get like I know and that's why we take prescriptions via my therapist they don't take insurance now. That's out of pocket for me in yeah move aren't ninety backs every time ago yeah. Button war the best nine hours I spent on time and you know. That in my temple extraction kit. So glad they you have. Found both things make me have me as well and I moon.