Thursday, May 24th


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I don't even know you're talking mountain. Because you all watched the whole video is so boring it's not that long it's like seven minutes and fifty seconds if you so bored and organized through letters and unlike a. Finally see outlined an organism lives almond tree that's exactly why this stuff works blown away. View we're a bunch LME's shoot me. I should know senate I'm sorry my views and enjoy them. I just I know you like star ai you watch boom now I watched like two minutes and I was born do but I know he likes. You know gruel they guy's stuff in the future technologies like this Google ai in the future unless it is an adult licences so come. We just don't we just talked to play on in the future I don't know what hit me in the article they talked about that member of what was a last week in a week before. We talked about a new Google technology don't last June. Like and how conversation and a gap. They were talking monitors only minor AI hop you wanted to call your mother. I just said what if in the future right now what's going to make dinner reservations what they can call your mom and he should have a whole conversation whether or something beyond some. So much has gotten scared that's a look at you didn't watch the video all did you. Bob I don't know I saw all pointed that they're seeing this was supposed to be an internal video. Right it wasn't supposed to get at least someone got a hole that is well that's that's why has also that's why sends a bad that I watch Soyuz opposing his internal video and their talk about what they're gonna do with all this data that they have an hour's ride and this concept. Are humiliated and organism lives on maturity. I don't feel I can tell you only watched the first thirty seconds why one moron like you and so the whole point is those every a cool place of work. Yeah that's the only army in their lives good. The but. They know everything about us and when you already know when you go online and says hey you might want to look at these shoes. You know I can do a look at their those shoes you don't how to hold it no that. Because it's only like you're treated four or sometimes is something that maybe you have a specific research was close to something better showing is similar product. And maybe you think that's convenient maybe think it's creepy I don't know but this video was saying. That it will eventually get to the point. If I understood this correctly that bit focusing Jesse you know you need let's just give me a chance just like say the phones as you know what you need a phone says to me. Yeah like you know you should buy you need a new scale you knew digital scale. Right this really help you get into shape and easy easy as an example OK I might as digital scale and they get on the scale and the real reason. That it wanted you to buy that skill is because I want to know how much you weigh because it's it's it's got information if there's little gaps and one in its knowledge about you and it needs more now because all knows right now as every single thing you've ever search for text it to a friend or sat on the ball if it knows. You need to scale and I'm probably knows the size Japan's as you brought him some line so I am probably knows your hide because it has the length and how. We know your shirt size so I'm Jessica import side and there was little Google machine and figure out how much your way. I'm just giving an example of the way down example on the radio upper right here loads just as red but it would then ledger actively seeks to fill gaps in its knowledge. Even selecting date harvesting products to buy that it thinks may appeal to the user the example given in the video is the bathroom scale because the ledger doesn't know how much the user way though they do a cup with your weight they're just filling in the little gaps about what it knows about you and then additionally you know. They get to a point where. Worldwide. I don't know where the line it's it's it's creating a fake you you walked into the bathroom and suddenly there's another snow can't. That was made on a three trends are always and I'm in the world because you've been exterminated there's no ball for you now see I don't know going to autism video either all right. There is about how to share China real long. So Google also has made if say you know what out. They would when they want me to buy a global scale. That when I step on low Google's scale it automatically sends my weight back via Wi-Fi usual a lot of the scales already using Wi-Fi and they're doing these beyond my elementary is unaudited yes exactly and you know let's look at this mix is life easier at all he's for it may not loan them. He would probably spill well that send an iPhone to work every day and pick up as kids. Now you're preaching to the wrong personnel office. I understand you're saying this kind of creepy but with everything they know every single thing about us. You go on the radio every day talking my leg. Trans penny houses should we present you. You don't want your credit issues are and not you're divorced and why you got a divorce or what kind of car you drive you spew everywhere isn't that a little different than sitting down Harley road opposite the Williams and Andre. With an eight judge says appears every website you looked at. Here's every congress Costello all those ledger looked a little different than some Diana so who's actually have a robot sitting down and explain Iowa Souter was a robot or whatever. I can tell us and as a zionist Sudanese a robot. Andy's why what is he doing is listening to the buzz he's gonna have. Can pod cast it for you to always following you on line he's got all my information because he sees. I got access all my Internet search histories every single thing in my home as some sort of Smart devices connected to the web and knows every single thing about me. That's sick. So alive so they say that's scary scary. To move every one they are gas lines in that headline says. This is why we should all be wary of an impending it to still be in society I looked up to still be in and that's bad it's not good thing it's actually translated are not good. Yeah why so why are we worried but the winds are not good. You really want. Some machines some some guy in a building somewhere I would love you. To be able to log home and say to rule quarterly pants and it knows exactly what's I slowly can already do that now but you sought to put it ends is you want the same size and my elects another we're doing the same size. I were just real like boom and a losers. Yeah aluminum plants eventually your phone's going to be wearing uses skin suit that's what's gonna aren't. Yeah why we've seen go too far I'm sure they have valid reason he's valuation but they can make a 3-D printing have you they talk about it the thing. So what they can have with reprinting them any time once you don't even need your existing Moriarty knows everything about you you're gone you're toast. Out why why why a big deal. And you all want you to do it and you object to master this. If Google wants a charming endorsed. Afridi printing image of myself yeah what good it. Does a 3-D printed version of myself do them because now it'll do anything the basket to do it. I don't ask me any out of resist is it you had left of free will you had left. It's over like a rush on this thing has gone clone me yeah until late yeah. Up I don't know that's what I thought well don't make any sense it's those critics say it doesn't want to just make bodies and how to manage their own bodies make him go to get jobs and then a then they have all of us plus all of the people because it the whole idea is that they won't affect society and say we are societies ratings are usually follow once we can bring peace stability all us open final this eagerly the only reason I bring peace instabilities yeah. I want to close. And they might even real people. What were not real people. I don't know are you you lost your thought we'd like to western world. Watching less fully behind you this also play some weird west world stands and it's sounds like black meaner and you would know that. If you ever took any my Netflix recommendations seriously you would know that it's straight out of black mere episode except now it's real life. What's real I don't understand. You know aside some of this is Smart men to understand I guess we'll. And maybe that's maybe that's what I deal you don't want to of them Romario probably great that you get what does a guy you don't want to let you live do I can't notice. This blissful ignorance. Just buying pants if only I didn't have to click confirm to apply those tense salary awesome yeah but a typical. But that would be awesome in the future is now so this doping for you my friend it's it's going to be bright alone. Being able to not put confirm is that's this phobia about. That says the world you can't let him forget it but that does for dead at the I don't know. John. If my computer knows what I'm looking for and helps me find dead what shall I do. Haven't heard read but I was looking for brands and I was like it. Last time you bought these fans and Eli come you want v.s in the same size. Maybe you get a size bigger because you gain some weight. I noticed on your scale an airline. Smart move Smart move about a blood lead off. Yet myself. Paris thirty fives instead new laugh when you're thinking is dangerously old fashioned and it's gonna cause a lot of problems for society and less you're looking for your own if they do is dangerously old fashion. Sounds like my doubt I am robots and Elena robots come. Dad who cares that's not what I meant that for you so. What does and I think it. They're gonna take our jobs and and are okay well shot it. Charlotte and are you taking his side lose similar videos now are suddenly you're our incentives by you find an interest in not that you'd freak out. Am not freaking out I'm just saying. I think if you have a computer pictured to ensure safer better OK so there. But the sleeves when these I'll write this please let me social all right good fine kids and I am hurt I nobody would find a brand Costco did would find out Brandon went longer slaves. It would say I had a I know you have longer arms and average dude. Because I saw you in my camera thing value put in your house so you should buy these shares will no longer sleeves. Isu I'm saying. That would be awesome. If gigabytes ganguly walked in the house and said they hear your arms actually you know Bissell did it's going sealing them. Does this sound and one half to analyze your idea of 3-D printed version of yourself so little. When a story about any of that. The shortest from Costco it's an undershirt I don't. Trying to make any fashion statement I'm not saying I'm just saying yeah maybe that's how would you give an example. Maybe revealing hanging you know try to issues we knew you well know made you like issues maybe you off. May be even better to lend your girlfriend. Was looking at this kind of borrow the other day there's a little inside tip money once you try this thing. That would be a good drive well to play your girlfriend was at the store looking at these items. Her birthday is right around the corner maybe you go and pick one of those up and also what you're like no room to still rupiah with a couple of yeah see these just can't tell you that they'll learn it's gonna feel limited all hello I'm surveillance of lawnmowers are gonna try to kill us. But we're always Stephen king and there goes your dangerously old fashioned them but the.