Election Day with Davis Hammet

Tuesday, August 7th


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Idea is that why Karzai out there and basically abuzz Wednesday waiting Margo morning. Are you doing God's got a special friend in here. Davis and you're our vote guy you're our. Election correspondence. As I like to say friend of the show this is is third time now on our shelves and I guess I just wanna say that it's just everybody kind of like an Ali in places like man I just want you to vote today. I think is important is you vote today I have been a non primary voters for my entire life it's. Shame my. I get dissident I get disgusted with the candidates that end up running and getting elected in the general. And here you go is a chance to shape it and not enough people participate so today I don't care how you feel I don't care how you vote. If you're registered to vote in Kansas or Missouri is two elections going on today he should take it up and that's why you're here today. Yeah yeah god it's going great thanks for having me on. Yet even if you don't support a candidate I would say even if you cast a blank ballots. You should go inning cast that ballot because they see that data they see who's voting and they only address the needs of people who are voting. That's at the zebra out of last time that somebody is very important. When votes happen. People pay attention to who's voting and it definitely seems like a certain age demographic. It's paid intended to allow more than the rest of us as evidenced by how our lives are. But beyond that it's like yes you can set the town it's you you have to be yes they can see who's voting what issues might be important to them even if it's a blank out just to. Inhabit. Right yeah. Yeah ice in a brush my teeth or wash my genitals everyday wolf what it sounds a long time ago yes a while ago but you gotta get into the dryer haven't yet you do couple dry runs in the happen. And then you make sure your wash now they're constantly sells like acts and maybe counter that's it's you know it's all about growing. So anyway I may have vote coming elections are there today where were we do it. Are so there's a couple states voting but Kansas and Missouri are both voting today you can check your registration fine here polling place where to go vote. For the Kansas side you can go to KS votes on award. Today you just username and birthday you can look it up the Missouri side you can go to Mo votes start US and you can look up your polling site. And if you're registered. On the Missouri side he there's actually open primaries so you just going and you say I wanna vote for the Democrats are owner of the Republicans and you can pick. On the Kansas side we have semi open primaries so if you're registered as a Republican you gotta vote Republican delegate there's no relation to have the candidates is not so I'll bring Kansas walked in and swap parties I. But that's but if your unaffiliated in Kansas you can't just walk in and say which Alley you once we have semi open semi open relation to its call. He's MI LLE I am I affiliated I have nominee doughnut day though the economy guitarists today you know but. I think an isolated as I feel like the Belle of the ball because I can choose anybody. Generally indicates is is there like how many is is there early voting anywhere here. So you know in Kansas we have a lot of early voting we have over I'm Alec it's a little more strict and Missouri have to declare reason why your voting early why you can't vote on all days. But Edison has been a lot of early voting and both on polls are open till 7 PM which by the way if you get mined by 7 PM. They have to even if it takes five days for them either line if you're minus 7 PM illegally have to let you vote. On. On this also there's then the ACLU and other a lot of groups having a hotline. Which is 866 our votes are if you see anything sketchy happening at the polls are any poll worker tells you something that you think is wrong. You can call 866 our votes on every you know over elections are run by people that sometimes he would just make mistakes but it's really important report on this thing. Yeah hopefully we can get you know some candidates and is visited the state level coming up too soon that we can get some. All paper ballots on time like paper. Yes so every poll sites should have a printer good I highly recommend saying I wanna paper ballot that's a deal was it. But be like no I want a paper ballot it is the most secure Muslim verifiable. Weights cast your ballot paper ballot following I'm as it saw its. I'm trying to go back and get a receipt for peninsula and take a if you really going down on paper ballot that I know I can't return and that. Yeah now on the Missouri side there is really just one big question there are the primaries of course going on but if you're Missouri resident Jackson County you'll also be. Voting on now proposition eight today which is the right to work however you may feel please go do your research and vote make your voice heard as well. And that the Jackson County side I do like this I love I love. Permits amended permits they have a question on there about permit fees. Hi guys like a year in two you guys are lucky he had twenty dollars for each rental property do it time of submission of the initial. Chase for the fee. L yeah. Sell us out that spot out that path so that's let's say you are yeah I had gas so. So that's actually a permit if you for the landlord stop and what that does is that actually treats it right now I say you have mold in your apartment and you tell your landlord like cave my EC's broken I am on my apartment. Elaine lurking just not do anything about it. And there's actually no real record she can take what this permit fee does is it will now allow the state that any tenant you would be wouldn't call. The state Health Department and say hey there's mold my landlord won't do anything there's an inspector out and their BO actually cite your landlord that they actually like made it a renters rights bill that allows you to actually have some muscle. I'm against your landlord if they won't take care problems voting and argun. May not seem that sexy but actually that's pretty cool I mean if you think about your red trouble. You're in trouble getting somebody to fix something in somewhere you lived which is like everybody so let's yeah I sat and. That dirty existence Saint Louis and Kansas City, Kansas so this is that's for Kansas City, Missouri would now add that not on ballot. And prop eight is really about. Right to work or what's called often right for to work for less is a bill that it makes it so that -- unionized workplace. On pass to provide the union benefits to people who don't play pay union dues which essentially what we saw whenever they pass it in Kansas ever else they generally classes unions and ends up resulting in people getting lower wages so you can you know you can take their pros and cons of that but it's everywhere doing your research and it's definitely an anti union bill yes and it. Easily frustrated about these propositions and on Iceland or their index accounted. It would be like every year you got to vote on it I again because every year they get the signatures again because some rich dude pays people to collect signatures to get this thing on the ballot. Every year it's exhausting. As like nobody's ever desire like weeds on the ballot every year. You know. Or it will be on this this year yeah it's more for Missouri in November again they're doesn't have ever got to put again can I got about now he used to as a driver on alert to clean our job. And then come November we're gonna take care of our job itself. Lot of races have been today if you are registered go to vote. Do you have a resource for people go and maybe find all this information or or or where they could find help but they need it. Yes so. On kiss those that are whenever you look up here. And again this is where I try to be ready Burma's area right Larry I know more on the Kansas side I think it's also a Mobo dot US. You can find a sample about their seeking get a heads up of what you'll see on the ballot and a year on research. There's an resource is like from the legal women voters switched his vote for 11 dot org ballot media generally just too willing and checking on candidates. Like legal voters are always different element and more women everywhere how is your lament I was I was a woman I was Margaret the -- I was are three women here talking about going to the women later voters to find out more information. That I trust it like it's. Good now. Final being really interesting is you are gonna see. Whether or not mean everybody's expecting your order to survive race. The price yeah again I don't think so you're gonna see who ends up going up against Yoder and it's that it in the main election that should be very interesting. Also you're gonna find out whether or not the Kansas governor gets to keep his job. Tomorrow could bring some very interesting futures for Kansas. Yet so for the so wind died and Johnson County on the Kansas side as they Kansas City area. That's where you're gonna see who'll go up against Yoder there's a low. It's a very very competitive filled the winner will probably win by like a thousand votes or something I mean make your vote is really kind of matter and that race if you're a Democrat for who challenged them. And then also out more towards the peak and the Lawrence area. On the Republican side there's seven candidates. Running on and not race including one who his his dad oh. Over half a million dollars that I used. Its parishioners like I mean you've heard of super pacs but now we have daddy packs the room and how he ventilator Jad. Half a million dollars in the race for you life history has already you don't even fundraising event zip as old things like the biggest problem might be a game to be super nerdy and and I'll be done. The biggest problem is like you have always people who don't actually. Do you move. Government stuff before they wanna run for office so they have no idea what they're doing they don't have a proper fundraising team and they get a daddy thing they did it daddy hey act. As you know stranger things big mixing ignore he got some kid is never ever ever dealt with anybody on any sort of public level in charge of lots of power. Well I forgot to Lucas of the phone everything again it's not about who wins and high schools had. Again the gun thing that we use giving away a rifled Ali I want away I wonder if he's still on I don't know could still leave an honor probably outmanned out there it was a good day today today it's raining outside go about exercise your constitutionally guaranteed right. Fours on his weekend. Could be hundreds of years. Could be if you could Buick we're up but go low light pansies don't look back ago nobody ever looks back because I wish I voted last. Silent for me to you all of us of the buzz that you group thank you for coming. Idea to have one song I would like to play for everybody on this voting day before I do mark says and I. I gotta say one more thing yes says. From the officials on skylights not his only 51 7%. Advance. Voting ballots. Had been returned sell and get those sent out today if you haven't yet you guys is that you gotta be able if you're in Kansas you can also just bring those temple site. If you didn't Mallon and you can drop off writer Paul site and just turn and then that's it that's you know ninety dips. Our guys Lewis set up but no place in music in they just dominant figure yet very informative. Favorably so line between informative and political because I think too much is he does get lost. Especially at a mile an awful lot so I'm trying to be very metered here this side is from need to everybody no matter who wins whether it's calling your call your Kohler. Call the eight. It or call locked weather is well thorough lord Stevens. Whether it's Yoder or some other person. Lose I have no idea. This song is for all of us.