Tuesday, November 21st


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It or does good morning that today's your heart is they're coming up Gretchen Carlson. Fox and there is do you believe that. That's crazy how times have changed. Isn't that crazy now we're happy to have Gretchen Carlson and Dana formerly of toxin and it's it's kind of a weird feeling because it's such a new world. And it's like. I'm not necessarily. Comfortable talking to her because of what I know about her previous to her lawsuit to fox. Rights post lawsuit to fox is being such a champion. Here and light on this site in women are hot and met. All of those who have been most very much so women especially. Let's be honest is right well. Women in the workforce. Tend to get it a little worse than men all weekend it got ten to date do we get it yes we get says he earns an argument about. Be ears to hear is another story about coal co workers. Who apparently no longer talk I am now we Sunnis. Yeah we did we did we did wrong but I we don't have social media to block you on. I would never block you may I I would like there's Ariza don't you use a different than. You know different and they expect I would dispute that it OK but I would dispute and there is no it because I've sometimes things are different than we remember them. I remember them and I don't remember that happening. Or maybe shut down your K I probably shut down I probably just fly down and wanted to go why you kind of and you just follow other because his workplace not you specifically but his workplace isn't exactly conducive to leaving of your own terms it's kind of like a gang and a jump in jump out where top. I was following anybody back here each and I get to from the public to any is that the congress now I know I we do in the FaceBook like thing is it's like saying it. And happy this is her so as the media is exhausted. Really it is. I don't disagree with you but I just on and now try to get a clay I don't recall it happening are there I don't I've ever happened I would talk. I'm loving Jeff Sessions I. And I'm letting you know that happen and I think it's funny. It or ask that you man. And not at all all right back out. Iran aren't bag you. There have been some near Atlanta Q Bret that's you know ICICI. Bank that's law. Yeah. MS program. I. We're isn't doing this. Stand Ben Graham Fisher poke -- haven't sent a poke back and I'm not happy I didn't even like Jim book your grandma and. Can't can't can't after the fifth I thought I feel. Yeah I. Think that's is those media is like you said you didn't have a new friends murdered Brenda Bebo I'm praised be. Yeah ha ha that's I clearly stated his image of me. That you know block OK I have to manage. I can parent. As I mean I've done block it black college aha semantics at this point I'll post a message that I thought pat pat pat. Half. The game we got an energy and our zoos and elusive as loads. An area yeah. Currency and up fifteen seconds killed by this ad uses Polanco is another sad that it itself apart I'm sorry I don't know what the hell I've been doing and it's really guide I know you'd see timeouts our idea I had area garner. My computer at work in Saudi you have a FaceBook page now. Voiced. Well so you can add me as a Frenchman yeah that's tough that. Really don't like point. Well okay. So I'm not your friend and yeah. As you are excitement. Please don't wanna add me as a friend I thought. I have to get it right to you don't have the two seconds there. I just wanna do my home like right fine. Just to be clear are you an iron not a friend of I can't tell you oh cool okay and cut back up up up. And I think you had too many friends to be frantically argue and hired not holing out here about either. Other diners all. Did it could seem nerves Byrd amendment. Act and hall feel like it's never really were actually I do urge all now. You're kind of big a little jam session ends tonight Zurich car compound you having I'm brand people to have friends you keep kids your tip Bob regular whatever. It is they have started. Forget it. Now does not because you're a junior do you popular hog. That my it but he break you right now. I don't know. Yeah I did it. My mother back.