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Tuesday, February 28th


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What that means you're broadcasting live from the sporting KC studios brought to Babylon or during company and I am kind of peeking out and I have been all day guys Duckett Murphy's is here half way. How are you anyway. The what time and it's the early afternoon is our morning any. That yeah. And I rolled around did you hear yesterday. Yes you got like a good night's sleep that we his tail off yesterday it was the to a big stuff. And they keep coming here and so are well on an admirable. I appreciate and so good to have you and your plane tonight at the uptown theater tickets are still available and I actually got some of them and give away here in a little bit so we'll get to people to your show. You guys I mean I feel like it's legends at this like you are and that's where 'cause we're doing is you're a rocket Murphy's. And I. Say yeah. Yeah Laurence Reich. And I mean what if we you know and illness to. 21 years now and I think we've pretty much been coming to god we've come and Kansas City since 97 and I'm. You know. When it we've kind of by our own terms and means show. So when you don't buy your own terms he can at a at the beginning in imminent danger. At. So some of your favorite candidate Asia is there any that stick out your man you're like holy and showed saint. I remember the very first show we haven't played here in 97 when play at this tiny little bio or on. We are on a bigot toward the mighty mighty Boston on to win a day off when play this tiny little by our non. And and I am I can't remember the name of that other that in the venue east of where we've had so many grid in the bone morrow wasn't. Because so many great shows there are mom. We're excited to play donated so every show in Kansas is a great. Well first that nobody has seen a draft pick Murphy's yet in Kansas City they've been doing Iran for years you guys are like a bucket list show I feel like everyone needs to go to an if you leave without some sort of bruise on your body you're definitely doing her on. You know it's funny you will punch you at the door. You know what's funny is now in the days of NC Graham if you look at the drop kick Murphy's hash tag after showed the number of people that are taking pictures of all of the injuries that they sustained while we're playing it's pretty easily that you create asked from yeah. You can't take jam injuries. I Internet the best thing girl showed off an accurate way. First first song last night the couple view cable leg injuries so there is beginning all of those the guy and a pit with a bat hit people in the final there was a kid. The other night who got down on one knee to propose to his check all in the middle of the pit the pit closed on him and his kneecap was. Hopes an idea. Not how for us the ring. If she's no he's never gonna forget that it you're not do well England England why did I get a one meter drunk Murphy show. I think there is fine tonight and I even have a new record out as well. That passive feel good does it feel good to still be putting out in music. It feels good to have people want the music you know like I mean. That's the thing a lot of bands are still too boring but to have people actually want the new music and wanna hear the new music and you know after the show all collided to play more of the new reckon I'm glad that I just hear that who says that you know liberals put stuff but. But people ask us to put this stuff so it's that's that makes you feel good idea. Not bad is it awesome awesome to see those kids singing along that he did can't quite good at getting hurt you noticing your audience if I get older in the end yeah. There's people bring in nick kids and then they get all the NI mean no from I to our audience in the very beginning was kind of strictly teenagers are now. Those original people or a man you know mid to late thirties or so they have kids and they bring them and I'm but we've always had this great cross section of very young to you know two of all the people in the might be a guy who says dad you know concede this Dan they do some traditional Irish songs and that's the hook for an older generation you know so. That's awesome very excited to see you guys tonight. Uptown theater the new album eleven short story that angler is officially out now officially ends its interior let's see that the guys are gonna get pissed at Flores what are you gonna get. Well then do a song called rebels with a cause and I'm just 'cause. It's your favorites on a reality now and it's a little easier to say cowboys so blown out again into the studio has so. I'll take these zeroed in Nam but but mainly because it's just try. I appreciate you can make you blush just below red jacket partly live this morning hazy studios bride to Bible harboring company I think he's a much for taking time out thank you how many hanging out at us and we will see tonight get down and thank you so much all right here we go this is the drop kick Murphy's live this morning Casey studios bride to Bible harboring company. Yeah. Your wallet. At all. You've got. Dear so the favored do not miss this show tonight dropping Murphy can't tell theater ten. I. Just happen to have some tickets just saying in 576 at 95 they'll take to call it. I got to pick up before 530 but if you do now wait let me just go ahead and let you know there are not very many tickets left I actually have heard. There are less than a hundred so you've got an opportunity to win the ticket right now 5767. And it's it's Biden is gonna pick two callers go to seed drunken beast tonight. At the uptown theater.