Friday, 01.12.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, January 12th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Lil Dicky Durbin confirmed Trump's comments
    • CNN has field day with 'shithole' comment
    • Parade welcomes back girl
    • Rock/Seal vs Oprah/Gale in 2020
  • 37:39 - Mail
  • 1:13:29 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:26:41 - Lazlo recalls the time Slimfast admitted to masturbating to prison documentaries

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The righteous man. On all sides. Touring the homeland. Valued dark. Strident tone of the. That's my rat named for you. Voltage low rich. Polo bridge yeah. No I got a likened the I want from me. And I I just had a really good rap name yet today. And since she has some new field bench. You can have the other one I got a finger lettuce and all remembrance. Hundreds. Are you there you go and I like little losing. And losing serve. Like when they came up with the name is anything that he had when he was a kid I'm sure and they couldn T have an Uzi at some point and politically look. It was a kind of wanted to lose don't be a regular season and everyone's little summed up the people who are little summer launch an average bull bow wow yeah chromium are they just bow wow Romeo and no line. He's still a little like sign. Yeah. She's still alive and yes sure I'm a sinner while new issues. I think she wakes up every morning. We'll what do you mean. Jeanne. Thanks. She uses voice in my arm. And Nate Burleson. Just embarrassed because. Soldiers face. Now I was an actress a servant to my little nose stuck in a room I don't know but anyway I started trying to get room to wake yeah. And trying to talk to my sleepiness that she can wake me up. And I guess I don't know cosmic noise or. But the I know for certain that I finally sent just really need and I was like she's pregnant and now I don't team now. Perfect news just re read what the UK. I Nazi word I was some batches oil rich and the bad Joseph good. It's so embarrassing I used now. Larissa sat and stared in your dream I was trying to wake up and I was more siblings and I blinked up. When I was stuck in this I'm in need to get out on some of the league yeah. A. You Dennis thing we try talking to sleep now. You're trying to stream. And I mean you can hear yourself among them. Jammer noises and don't scared. I certainly don't get scared and dreams is not about us being scared is not a lot of weight go bitch yeah. Will nightmare. Lo may be bench. We'll scared. Young nightmarish little while to draw of those after a life form and the latest. Little while. I'm not scared into green industry register once and really should have a night terrors back to pick you up and hold you. I just didn't know. And managed to do so my kids and airline you know. One. They screen or whatever they don't really wake up a new Solomon and they fall actually. I would do that for you. I just doesn't wake you up. With all your rights as a its resilience aren't in my arm. Oh and in this Haley alarm. Silly. I do books I was trying to. I mean little bench. And she's running an email signature here. Thanks in advance. Night terror nightmare. Insurance Abu. And. He's still talking about TS whole country's. Or trump talking about us and Trump's aleris additional countries right. I don't know means. What's his tweet he says Saddam. Say anything derogatory about Asians love salt and sometimes yeah. Russell. There's anything derogatory about Asians and within Haiti is obviously a very forward troubled country never sit takes the mound. Made up my dams and wonderful relationship with H. Television probably should record future meetings and fortunately no trust. I. Oh wonderful relationship when patients are. Denny does. When she trumpeted circle of friends and intervention into a lot of nations. When you are likely to trees and I can't confirm. He Haitian. The lives torch. Sean Penn accusation. And it's from. Had a vote who. Well Dick Durbin Dick Durbin Dick Durbin all Dick Durbin he says spicy meg I want porno I've seen him in a million. All Dicky Dicky dark little sick and there I was on Dickey well Dickie Durbin. He says. A little dinky little areas all thinking but no Dick Garmin. Old little Dickie Durbin says some opinions that and he's married so I watched him do way he set a bad word. Graham made his presentation. President. Questions. Of course of his comments. We hate filled. Whose words like Verizon. I cannot believe. History. Present. Personally hurt our president's. It's just executed our room. Golden pyramid and carry some prefer certain nations as a whole country's. Again. She just didn't happen. The language usually meet today can be used toss. This was nothing like Jews. Seemed defending him on unarmed and on. Does it dry snitching airs on dry sit on the bench or is that only into its inadvertent. Right yeah. Easy drive what each pitching and I don't know what that is. Come on guys she's crunch time there close and try snitch but they give that would be inadvertent I'm not sure. Like an accidental sit and actually I maybe. Indirectly telling secrets or offenses too personal already. Indirectly. Well as a direct yeah I think so I think hasn't been clear cut definition of dry stench. Just don't think in those meetings you know the densities like blood and I have cameras in here. It's all the nicest places wrestles we can all agree right this is a part of them that thinks Barack gonna. Known would mention us for a man I'm telling you I'm soldiers from the beginning he knows what he's doing. He's doing it on purpose. It's another. And whistle tour is racist friends I got you. You may think I'm gone soft and here but I'm not. I got you. I saw Fox News took the he's just say laurels thinking. Angle also he speaks like a real person. This story he didn't. Stormy life little story. And and and stormy Daniels rover was the most are the ones. I'll I don't know any matters is the gas allegedly. Allegedly being. We knew and the hill. President try hill's team that helps web sites anytime I see story at least up and saying real greatness and you guys not say ass hole. Not like can can would you please number cannot bear Lester holt saying I know impose user doesn't headline. CNN had a lot of some of the last. Why are we having all these people from both countries come here as they are old. And losing pulling that is this going well they disagree that we. CNN or any of these things are news channels anymore. Coal is what it's worth it puts us and on space center and I really do I mean I consider some Sussman the best news men and business. You're really not allowed to say cash. For whatever reason. And I feel like we would not get many troubles we did. But you know it's a word tequila is basic cable has now decided. With the last couple years they're comfortable saying. Basically I'm a little sooner or all right C and his cables you know they're disabled wanna snoozing to a cable really cable channels in the sand for a couple of years now that the T word. This yeah I feel like I remember when I watch shields on FX you can see every season they don't they're worried that something you get away with saying. And they say they had tests. And that seemed to be. Sin of braking that's good right affiliate our ratings are better we don't need another shot from well or a census allowed them. In the numbers assume people are looking for reasons to dismiss us and any moment anyway. It's like new many more ammo any. NB CC will CNN live outside sales today. We're really just say yesterday because it was a new story from yesterday it's easier things and they deserve as long as the referring to the story to a quote. And I think the response they had Fon Fon fun. It's a belly feeling the SEC is really busy answering emails so I don't know that they wouldn't get to us right away but. But the words you can sailors can send us some of them make sense. I can't say as but I decision we'll make sure. What's well I mean usually no rules it's clear cut rules it's just. To view a little. Anyway little stormy Daniels what you do or should sexson to trust her. They apparently a like doing that trump pay their 130000. Dollars to keep quiet about a consensual encounter in 2006. Apparently this payment happened. Around the time to Access Hollywood tapes surfaced during the some lawyers Schiller 130000 dollars to adult concerns and sixteen to keep for life. They Jeter's 316 but it happened and she got passed in 2006 they paid or when that is on the tapes and filter these voters and everything. If he saw the porn star Peter irons thirty it was a year out of there and more on Alon. Voters don't care there. Cherry tree. I'm Ali does she's literally he's never really pretend to be family values and views and these Stanley values Republicans there's not a lot of us are seeing them. It was Mike Pence right now that I sink come on run strong. Julie trumps on the influenced our millions of course. This is today showed up at the convention accepting the nomination. With his third by an artist and there. Instrument. Would you like crazy through my streetcar lines you know date that was all out there that's not a science is Johnny your sister walk all the time. We can say why. I would even being. OK it was saying and a almost enters a clock rules I don't know what else you're not. And CS sword for some reason. Kind uses goes back to the Carlin saying yeah but that's not always. Known polish second concrete don't know for sure. And I might remind you John there's wasn't popular. So yeah. You see it Tom Miller was it Tony Blair and said. In response to Nestle countries think she said if they are nestled countries and other citizens stayed there let's be honest. Home like it is. That he wanted people from Norway to move there because he just went there. If we just know are you just know the president is talking about Norway you know it's fresh on his mind thinking of these people yeah it's nice nice a nice. You know people know we're gonna go near a school record yeah. OK now people are giving him crap about same the other day. What he called the airplanes at fifty twos or whatever. He said that we saw that the US sold Norway at 52 aircraft is doesn't exist early call of duty trump personally I don't think it's front as much equality NetSuite get confused. In the notes there's something about 52 planes and they were path series jets which is I guess what American border they originally start with the okay. Since some months ago he they'd probably just had a policy or look like it's an F 52. We just placing it reads it that's not newsworthy that is not. We are making fun of them over there are plenty things to focus on other than the fact that. You know. Who defended them. Yes you do many said these fifteen women need to do whatever it may dozen years. Love ice calling US all this morning name they painted the wind was written on this paper. It was a thing is he goes on later to get it right ray says F thirty fives later I don't care. Don lemon average total. That's strong but. Don lemon says that. Well Don lemon. Says that trumpet is. That's all he is. A gay man ED. Race the president of the United States is racist. Father was already knew that. Today president from talking with lawmakers in the Oval Office about immigrants from hate from Haiti from El Salvador and Africa said and I quote. Why are we having all these people from the whole country's come here. But you know who he did say he would welcome here he said the US should bring in more people from countries like Norway. As soon as told that he went on to say why do we need more patients take them out. Those comments are frankly. Disgusting. There's other language I'd like to use but we are on television. Thanks to unload a language. Those comments are I sent Knight those comments a lot of stood. His breath smells like yes. She Chris Cuomo and CNN London. Think he might have been a close to crying maybe use crying a little. House isn't even trying to hide it anymore. CNN was told by a staffer that the base will agree with this latest slur like they did with the NFL players to actually I told you about that. Now the big question how to respond. And remember president trump is the kind of man who feels the need to tell you this. Right and released racist person then you have ever met. I am the least racist person. He's so nice he says it twice. He said today to the Wall Street Journal he knows wedges like no one who has ever lived and indeed he is driving one into the American people. Us and them. Whole immigrant and real American Christian and muscle. Just cross out the words at the foot of the statue of liberty put big Trump's son there that says Norwegians welcome please send photo first. You know be funny. If it weren't so damned depressed. On. A month for change in the signed. A little more modern. We're humans I don't know like guys Madeleine away. Give us get a Smith yeah trying to get some stuff figured out. I'm on a scale of one to ten rate how bad things are at home. And then maybe sleep on a free safety really want us to go through this process at all guesses about eight years should be ready form. Hopefully in the next few years. You're talking about stuff reminded me and this is time also subject ratcheted way up to Sunday but somehow got caught and now Wikipedia holier than ninth. Did you black guy. Steve do cheer whatever his name is. Writes from museum a fox morning shows are still on that I think so. I see him quoted you might be on. On fox yeah yeah he is on fox morning visit Iran is at FOX & Friends as the others watched a friendship. You know that he was raising Kansas. And that he went to the University of Kansas now and that he is these first non air and DJ ever. At KJ HK. What. I had no idea this dude she is he he's the tall guy is a long guy yeah does one's always kinda happy really you know. Stephen James Tucci. Steve you. Yeah. Do you know whoa acts. You know oh here's your. Okay yeah it is a first on air DJ for KJ HK radios through an opera radio station and ideas and some monster mile. I'm sure they have some fruit shrine rather judicial processes and I don't they promote that. I also do you don't. I had no idea. Sign and a run Steve due June. Everyone knows that her son keeps us. See Indy get really excited about seeing. That word great I mean wall steady all we're really really into the. Give Quincy Massachusetts. Storage depot. Young girl in Quincy. Battling cancer you know hurt when you introduced this should answer this summer blues. Something big lot of stuff yeah. Young girl there I think she's usual name's Bridget. She has cancer and she'd. Went in for treatment and that she was worried wall she was in the hospital that people as school would forget about her. Friends remember teachers would remember. So. When she came back to school. The school decided to throw her parade. And the Quincy police even joined in on the welcome back parade they stood outside the school was signs that said Bridget the Braves. And they through this whole parade for her. Our first index love to be in the hospital this is a cancer treat. It's usually open and always police car park that's I mean. You know Larry as. He can't name there is still can't chimes and then as we are close to go to school with a huge crowd of every run. Well they can't fake fat and then it was just some. I said. Burger what do you think about this. And she said this is awesome but it's really exciting to feed her I'm so happy and so excited. One big thing earlier in her hospital stay that she mention me was like oh I hope nobody forgets me while I'm in the hospital. And fifteen months later. She has a great thrown in our ought to refer first they back at school and I'm just unbelievably proud of her she had huge smile on her face which is great to see that it could actually knew yet. It was really Kamal. Now dead that's a feel good story right. We'll all line. I made it up that's how when he really should not enough they found out she was never sent. No she story. Leukemia. Kill my cousin. Monty. Nearly the same agent in nine. Young like six. I was in second grade and he was in first told that 7 PM yeah actually eight games. I didn't know until it's my teacher told me. She addressed the whole clocks. Oh that's my cousins and blessed us again. You know she was did you know that innocent now. Does your Stanley Noah said. I. And when called. My mom and she knew she thought after it looked un school is no cellphones are things is one of those things I got to school the teacher gives you don't send. We I knew the multimedia and Nancy and with you know after. But the chemo this. And yeah. I was on the phone. I think there was. Can only tell them someone's here. Generally. Jerry is Jerry from one and so I wish he knows your selection you don't. LLC. I don't Jerry. Sure hope. They just said Jerry's here it's. No talk magazine who knows Jerry how to all zero to press it. You wait you're responded that's not panel. There was someone else work them. PJ series Jerry I don't blame from last year. Person it was working earlier I don't think I never superhuman he's been known. Usually they will call the studio they're looking for you. Damon who's Jerry. He's trying to figure out a memo you just stares on the phone like your tires Sears say losing list. It's like the so when it was some pace slocum. The purpose. So my little tiny things. It's not gross and I had a feeling yeah. Jillian Chris from planet comic meeting was not up from the mosey on these Erica. He. I heard John. Cusack is going to be here is that right last one was firm planning. Look for what was CN. We'll see how they met here. C superhero movie yourself. Aside I'm moving. Meaning noon. Soon she's an account with Don does eighteen. My son says no stomach to the current stance or was like six your mother in Quincy. And I don't know how to say everybody knew. They get an autograph for a buck season ticket picture of them on your mother knows zero. So for a 180 then that means it's a photo any autograph. It's worth it to you yeah. Science is while some corners Leach tells the person on the planet. What do nothing that's the point. Pictures of I thought you guys would know without I don't know there's a lot of people come and visit here although it's not only when they are. Let's send you say of course you did you need to know who you're speaking with on the horizon and it sounded like Connolly then was there. What we're doing today. When you wanna do much grass lawns you tell you next week all I told you actually want. I thought I told the whole. 07 a guest. All right you can't do intellectually. It's the comeback. Test the big comeback. By the way. Just thinking yeah supposed to go hang out thing. Where but it just practice and. Bar there was a restaurant that he memorized you know I don't put me in the if you listen employment you miss an appointment but nobody's ever asked him to meet anyone anywhere anytime it's your call I'm so I'm just take you see when we Amy you're supposed to. I'm saying that I think that I dropped the ball on this and I was supposed to invite you. We were supposed to go to this thing and meet them. If you're gonna. Tell us please. Apologize. I apologize to me next time. And they really are eager to meet you. Anything else in the news. And we knew it was golf greens. Someone has seen loose cannon open an investigation. Circuit attorney or something to launch investigation they. If they find out they did blackmail portion of the story is true that I think he sounds like from what everybody sending EPS to resign. And they are going to investing. I heard also Alex Matsui the pro bull. He sure is good. Use replacing Philip Rivers. Don't some Saigon London a you know he says his defense. Obama made a bad deal moving that in this even though that was all done. You know was all starter of the Bush Administration is safety stimulating as he moves. Out of the city. But trumps blaming it on like I'm saying it's a bad real estate dealers and then we spent too much money on listened to see. And it just you know one of the many mistakes Obama man that's a second ago but of course people are speculating that. One there's people in. England you don't want American. Like as an elected people into. They think that the big reason he really isn't going is just the amount of protests that they would have to do so hours. Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart and a new HIH paid maternity leave. And closed when Sam's clubs and sorry. That's your time. What about the guy at north he shot a police officer of the flares. Is that story. Play counties of north right. He's resisting arrest and not a competent. Flare gun. What if I flare gun. Yes my boat and it comes with it. Keys Bible unlike on Amazon introduced to a. Yeah. Yes you can finally Amazon. Tony six bucks. Wolf why don't we have one of these. Oh man you see seal gone after Oprah now. CC illustrate and ends are Graham to call out Oprah Winfrey. After her well received Golden Globes speech this past Saturday. The musician alleged that the former talk show hosts knew about allegations of sexual assault and harassment against producer Harvey Weinstein. Oh I forgot the singer wrote in an industry Graham captioned using images of wins free associating was Weinstein whose pictures of her kissing him. That's right you heard the rumors but you had no idea he was actually serial Leo assaulting. Young starry eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they are getting into my bad. And then being put to. Hash tag it sanctimonious. Hollywood. I'm. I just sort of flare gun in my car and now I'm looking at a mace. John you can buy and pepper spray gun 32 dollars we should get one right. Decide which color. Flare gun says it's up on pest control premise is crazy. So people are saying dish. Oprah thing whereas Harvey Weinstein. So. It's weird. They say. Let's whereas she'll let's say Oprah knew about one she knew what was she supposed to. Accuse him publicly over secondhand rumors galvanize all the women of Hollywood to catalog all the executives x.s and experiences. I. Assuming also near made a selective outrage and extreme hypocrisy Apollo browser crimes. I'm a man she knew been completely forgot to mention your ex wife and mother and your children Heidi Klum was also a close friend of that same man does she know to. Who's a someone's mad at him yeah find out all that stuff like what was over supposed to do I don't know the same thing you wanted Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who. Everybody else to do right. Machine they're pushing them so my thing is a motive picture that he'd put on NC Graham she's kissed him on the cheap. But were they close friends and looks like I don't know I mean. He posted a message for the rest of us on FaceBook yeah point seven million news. Sealed sealed it. She knows upset man. We're part of the problem. I know she's entered a room for a he likes deal. Like that sun kiss from a rose yeah. His own room home. I'm from Batman and it's an instant hit that man is there any other songs and I know. Yeah you want to. He's had a lot of fun. If there was one. Let's second basis. I have no idea. Among them useless. No. And I really don't know how does business. We had to have something up and I was 25 years ago Manchuria and many other songs you. It's his biggest song is just tomorrow's second biggest on his crazy. I don't know this. There though there's two Vegas. There's there's a drop off into China. To a three though it is third base that is this Christmas. Prayer for the dying. Earnings see that as one of his top songs on his opponent assumes no relation. Fly like an eagle. Is that yeah I don't know the. Stand by me. Yeah Los Alamos coverage if this were still around. Him. That these are numbers like the lady which is crazy also cover. If someone else's they. It's a bit crazy guy. Well good for him the very go on sale squared off I can't wait to reelection. Silver's Oprah. Twining you've got. When he told 18120. Seal on the rock against Oprah an inch of seal lions gate to VP. Not seen a growing world winds thing or you know us are gonna work for her. America's hero redemption among Russian action. I Tom Hanks everyone talks about Tom Hanks Oprah ranks. Cloning. Maybe cold until. Oprah and Gayle again sealed. And over the Redmond. Pitched. Who would you vote for Oprah. What's your friends and Gayle Oprah Gail. And the rocks deal. She you know. Cherish our trousers and about what I know about CO. The American now. Is English right. There's born in London he's done American camping. The month that song. We'll deal with that and a few years lower levels recede amendments can be made seat to Oprah seal rock. Roxio Roxio the new. Should Roxy gap over Oprah Gail yeah yeah do. The other Roxio. Okay. Jim are Muslim town event but. For what. House and BS meters and sold. My persona is yet to be reopened it is a topic that. Can be a commitment from. Indeed telly off at them. Well. We penalized for mail this week rim. Yeah I guess this is our focus feels like it in the years now mothers and are a couple weeks of the first week I guess new dynamic thing and now averaged just a pile of mail. Here's how march. We get mail sent to us we say it. We play it sometimes we noted as some others hurt before sometimes it's brand new sometimes. I can be a little older we don't know because British Open that we play it and then you tell us really like it or not these attacks on 96500. They've been nice of the first week we found some some magnificent right be great. I mean there's seven and highlight I haven't heard all of its emerges for little pieces of I'm intrigued. Crackpot who's lot of stuff. We could service on the net. I think. We are ready at least Elvis here or in on the Wii like okay. The new Jack White gay Social Security tells me like I'm in attacks on 96500. No reason alone. And. Thank me. Then. And I've done. Do they do all. Told me. Oh millones noon then. And saved me. In New Orleans okay. Enjoy. Jack White. Connected by love most people like it don't love the new contract light love it but. One don't like it grossed. All right. Not a bad start for male. I think you listen to at least part is I mean listen the whole thing the new David Byrne that this area. I guess yesterday the senate this week as a person must sought everybody's come and in my house. I think you're Talking Heads fair offenses they collect that's right cloud thanks I think is pretty good I think it sounds like all talking had a sandwich was kind of like room. So you tell us what you think though that's all the matters brokering a male. Yeah. And a lot of people that like I like it. A lightly enough so on. Just us not just us. Right. I don't know I guess he's got an album coming out on rare. But. I think that's songs camera might just about said today maybe it did you have a figure just came up officially maybe today it's new. Either way Matt and Kim this song came out. Today right didn't it. I don't know I remember I solve some data of one of the sort of Twitter somebody who's talking the dog in San Lucas on coming out on Friday at. Feel like it came out today but a command can be hazardous. I haven't called forever. Do I get I really only her little piece of earlier on new Madden chemicals really like and I'm really attacks on 96500. Do. Since day. Do. From. Hi. Well I doubt you again yeah I think it's. I don't know some legal entity from the well again I guess I got logged out so I can't see split Maria knew meg not overwhelming. People love it. Called for ever. What about the corona as stint which we didn't do is suing I don't know anything about it around me either but I I think Britain. We may have had a pile on LSU might of the ones on ringgit to occur romo's hand. We couldn't fake it. Lopes who it is I don't know anything about it could be the next. Big thing big thing the corona was. What's your guess what you think they sound like pat stupid. But that. Yeah I'm gonna. Imus I don't like I don't have not heard a second dammit I guess I don't like it. I'm annoys me that well we'll find out the coroner is how we could fake it. Tells familiar I'm really attacks on 96500. War. Ooh. Wish. In the didn't. Sir. A okay. Okay did not Sonos sound like something you would not a planet piano. Absolutely not someone I expected it to some like Elvis like. Five. Slim those other players some piano and has sub nadu would Jesus and stupid night it and I made him. I wanna go home while. Com a connect docile men may feel. But when you know let's oh euros well those rescinded and Jesus camp some people on the text and liked it. And not a ton but some neglect is the crown as we couldn't fake it. Okay here's a song I think we can agree on maybe the new company thieves. I listener I haven't room. No I get there are also know he tells me like I'm really takes an undersized or zero. Here he. Yeah. What did you think. I'd like a lot more than I thought I would really. Yeah I'm always been pretty I like her quite a bit like a band they're all very nice but some of songs I thought were OK I thought that was. The best thing I've heard from him number I know I thought you like to laugh for some reason. I like it. New company thieves called treasure. This is a song that I don't think we got to last week the academic. Welcome. So gone you check the records to replace the academic last week from now now OPEC. Song is called different muscles no additional drill like and I'm really attacks on 96500. Did you like that. Operas find something that's always something you would like to label says roll the windows down summer song yes yes yes my head I thought I was gonna hit a donated. Some boos don't Obama unless they're trying to fix your doors and that's all right you know. When lock. And were scurrying around in there. It was started missing are you telling me they're gonna fix will lock your doors it's never worked as sort before. Ul a cut yet another here in time to unlock a national problem and has a large area usually online auction but none is locked at all. And and we noticed from start missing. And staying yeah it's time for little officer detective work we missing anything of a us mu one thing that rumors saying. Although we're not sure and we don't know who used it. But snow cone can't remember where you put them was an American Idol and so on which are not broken. They weren't in the studio where they. There's a right here. Yeah they're dead they're they're now this well likewise that they were and as that's my American Idol has found enough captain cherished and put away for years and years and years and years and years because they won't workings I think I had him in the desperate among them percent share. Now they're broken mom. I'm impartial. Picture are you there. Hey I'm not positive. Were opening up mail cheer of we've had some. That's Jack White substance I like the company keeps on which to Dave Robertson we like that nobody else did. What about this new new ish jango jango I do legends are you in your beat is we like to Sandra. Yeah I like the song I like to ban all Tony and I like that first. Sung deep fault and Tom. Each song them like speech like those songs but I honestly didn't even know that if it. Still doing stuff when you show this to public option wouldn't have heard that in opera like it pago was listen Jordan tells it like an army and attacks on 96 eyes are reserved. There's all like to Purdue route in light done good jango. I got time for one more sure actually two different people asked us if ruthlessly requested it okay. Blue October of people on the spent. But I people who love them along really love them and they have for a long time for sure very loyal that song is called hope you're happy Burleson Joey tells it like I mean it attacks on 96500. You. That if you. Forty year old court. Playing like I don't they bring in the. Like I would not binge. Drew worries. Cool until we want. Nick right how are you my name. You know what approach. That's 1 in the morning channel to wait on Google's fiber of Unita. Watch it doesn't I'll watch it on every morning is my favorite TV show all of that is. Very very carrying that view I get that relates back to the fact that you guys don't yet consider all this streaming pornography television shows that this. Yup discussion from yesterday. Yeah I know about the pollen count the other stuff though Yuri and like what like you're eight yarder dirty talk about a little that law bot woman like a walk. You usually don't watch so Nixon as a tax laws and some vast gonna love this there's some thunder here you go and it's simple it's a lady robot allegory she cries. Quote for him Kurt and it was made of what they called whopper. All move which you need seemed soft and the arch she could make fixing your facial expression thing given what you expert. You're number one quality of cool robot may it would be sensible and Kabul all I thought that you enjoyed. I told her legs for real earlier this and a concern color you put pants on earth. Mean her legs are bad and you said Mike called me up how do they give her legs in the end this is exciting but not just looks like it is for yoga pants on him. I don't pattern fit some yoga pants to get a big rectangular metal legs of gears and am I guess like our intuit. I got some. They're also equipped oriented sport grew and cool aren't the church reliable putter count shall come. Okay well that explains his life. I could have I got some really creepy GM's let me count in the war scroll all will play like what happened. Well all. Did you know about it snow did you now. What they'll do Jews don't go and real little to do that yeah. They've got then it was just then there was aren't prompted the orient at the end of that was hi nick. And then the next hole Blake away leaving him to mobile G. I just struck near the and to be totally artful little whoa partner. This stretch all right this sounds threatening if somebody were to do that you want to do that ideas and nick how are you drown letter high oh time to come and oh edge and was recently or you don't. What are airport there at 11 PM this Wednesday I was just saying hey why are you texting nick writing I. Isn't texting while you slide and a Nick Greisen DMZ and 11 o'clock and I always that was my Y 11 o'clock at night why no economy that's that is kind of snow super creep you know. It's not. A way we handle I'm never left California lodged trying to get them. Diem meal if I saw an edit like I'm looking out my windows is it seems like maybe someone's looking and right to sitting their alone. You know that's exactly what I thought I I didn't know who rated it I know Sunoco oriented at the time I know that like. The you know what I'm told for travel to New York occasionally added to what was normal but no golden. Just be article about why you do it because I now know why you get it because we just had a little prayer. Order action on the phone. But beyond you you couldn't DM me from your personal Twitter account correct. Talcum. Because you go bald man. Well I didn't follow. Now why do follows I appreciate it would be and sure we never map I don't we've gotten to know each other over the past few month why you still why did you what one did you wanna GM did you why just like that was hit. We're gonna. It didn't then I got split I actually like so grown our. I even though we don't we have and just. And no I like you mandate it's it's been guided occasionally got a map over here open it. If you have sorry into the BM where it would it would light and make itself known how the dollar and it would have free. We had it all now adult things weird I wasn't a little GM Chris Carter went high in a waving and totally weird. Oh and that's. For an airport or get short clip on game can make this week in full ball better yeah. Art solar suited. What before about not including use smoke don't look for about. UAE. Five player so one quarter wreck one Friday and actually get four or one quarter one's writing one wide receiver one running back. Touchdown only stated he would jump this weekend. That's you follow it. Yes we want QB. If you can draft immediately ordered it to wall we're gonna get four picks. Would make draft you follow its jump from this weekend. They point it's hot weather slowing running her catch it. This is gonna gathering this is gonna end with labs are yelling at me saying why don't understand how any of this war I know. Nice guy who knows less about sports a new it's easy. Our own so how would grow won't hurt sick. You can. The shoe gonna take Tom Brady so. All day open it robbery Carol look I smoke or you're the second. What are we doing so are you writing it down that's utterly buildings are among all right on the team assuming and I'll go down for you next to a rock rat got it I got it. OK nick took drunk muzzle you go seconds as you know what's going on. I'll take. Umps felt like Tom Brady broke ground. I don't know what we're doing okay I'll employer okay. Out of their remaining games yes. All but because Hargrove quit we're here each drafting a quarterback a running back wide receiver to tight. Bet we reached an app or hit okay at the end of the week we can't whichever team as. But both touchdowns winds that it it's up on the only note yards. Off. A guy okay I'll take Big Ben. OK so you can learn. You took Ben I'm write this down back to back pick your own group. Make you Sacramento OK then even know I had this is stupid because I don't lose Celtic Matty ice kind. Okay and then come. Tactically or no mileage okay delta or Leo okay. Okay. Your turn some dog is Antonio Brown playing yes it hit yet and helmet before a Celtic Antonio Brown. Case announce next turn. But no audible turned and I don't think I'll format. Okay it's your turn again. My attorneys and dedicated as partner in real art and architecture that's. I got I will take to read the current and we think Earl query. I overthrew breezy in the William bell okay well so what is it that you are mine people who they've taken so they know did you say eight. OK so nick you've got drunk breeze in bell right already ordered up. And then. I've got mad yeah race. And it's Jones who in snow cone has become. So who has Big Ben Wright is only took an Antonio Brown Antonio Brown so. What. I've quote taken number eighty it and it went on that and I'll take a little while it's sort of part. Are due on. OK Thomas is your. Your Eric senior running back curt writing here's one junior running back who sent the frame magnetic. Little out there are getting us right now it's. Not. Just this month Ingram who taking him as a gaga are taking Ingram who's next cell phones are back to back pick up front but is it. I'll say there can. Rule could pixel. Per. Don't know the tight ends weighed news Pittsburgh side and. Expert friend Jesse James Berry who all begin to get suing on. Yeah sure larger potential foot mediated that it. Yeah I don't know with the signs arrows left. Only Titanic became an eighty's teams would be rock. Well unfortunately your vote already and I know he didn't so he gets you excited because Carew and he's tight ends are. What doctor reliable like it hit it in you know crappy one you can get an under dog Jimmy crappy one belida being a war. Okay all right Brian Jones Mercedes Lewis and who else meet the guy who's your runner Bernard. I think Henry oh I've Ingraham Ingram bigger Russert let quote. Tight ends are usually only chronic. You could try and left. Provinces quarterbacks such Alda play I'm going up that earth is in the world that this. I think about it really does little or whatever his name is all they who prove piazza and brush altered. And I think I should negate all your quarterbacks holes was ruled that. And all that I needed a wide receiver. Art I think real quick I will. Little boy. Oh well. I didn't even think there I was security coaching you guys. Song wait are you do you not think about Webb's right now you just can't should pick one. I'm starting at about what what are you figured well he's not just a you know argued that you build a better you're like oh god I can't think of a wider so I asked so I know I wish I. And on the patriots. Yeah that beauty coward's way out. I don't want to do that. I am going to go it hit shut downs. They're put an article that he'll do. Big white guy from Minnesota who's quite good. Despite being a Whitewater receiver I know it's surprising birdies in your team's done the Eagles scenarios so we don't 500 or the guys. Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa slow loan won't. Yes wolf I think I'm out. I mean obviously I'm next. Ride hurricane. Open oh Adam feel. Mama Cho. So I'll buy you guys that you guys. Okay garrido could be seen go always seeing Sarkozy Armand I can. OK nick has grown buries lady unbound the UN plaza has Brady for net Thomas and Hooper. I have big band Antonio Brown Henry and Jesse James. And somebody says Matt Ryan Julio Jones marking German Mercedes Lewis. All right. Well so I really like your team until the jet exchange fictional cone purity like I. I'd change it hurts. But it should Mary you know art I'm going to so. Look look at kids on the city's. Zack and it took 500 bucks in the pot anyway I'm not either I think so garage of YouTube big shots can. You know there are a lot of rocks. Mortal won't let those bad envelopes you on your belt that the last time I gambled one all the black wolf. Well the last time that the New England Patriots didn't make EAC championship game is there no way in the picked up yet Chet in this round. And point favorite. At this time. I would I do believe I was making 23000. Dollars a year and what will convince Peter B you'd like you I didn't lose all your quick. You have the pats storied I'm like no point. But no reports straight up I'm like OK you'd like 500 out. Like hey big deal and the jets for. Corset and I told you they would. You're remember that. Assignment I'm watching at home laughing. Rex Ryan Lizzy coach AM. Owners also introduced. Yeah but that might I think that was for overall picks that we did you know just a regular tactics. I think nick came in last of the regular Saturday. Yeah I do remember that but I will work we'll bring that up pretty bored now with that eight though was accounts are docked in that league loves the village. But hey guys what a O line. We don't well. I think I got my hopes up a little bit I saw this headline you read time magazine sometimes or go to the website DC the story about. People who were couch potatoes our entire lives it is big study on them connect to find out if all that you know laziness. That it ill effects it has on your body back can be reversed not a member be pleased to say if you smoked. Ash I don't know where I heard this but it if you quit smoking area takes twelve years or whatever your lungs might be back to somewhat normal so it's our and it just got to quit. Right before twelve years is too late he's not Arnold with what that in a number of safety so this says. This is for people who were couch potatoes girl likes. And basically very center you don't exercise you don't get a lot of you know. Activity which is definitely me as the most my time sitting around. The good news is you can reverse. It says that you're gonna have to work out. For two years. And that doesn't mean aren't bad to me sounds like a lot they said six months. A year. In this study. Doctor Levine a professor of exercise science at the university of Texas Southwestern Medical sinners college city 53 help helping people. Aged 45 to 64 all the people were relatively senator sedentary. For their adult lives. Half for randomly assigned to an intensive exercise regiment for two years while the other half did a program more focused on balance and flexibility that included. Yoga balance training. I guess bouts what the hell's balanced train re just stretching his shirt and have to do that four times with three or four times a week. The people who were able to or reverse the effects of the people that took part in the yet intense exercise program so that is a weekly hourlong. Exercise session they do by eighteen. I'm like jogging tennis dance scene. Al weekly high intensity interval training work out. Moderate intensity exercise. Two or three times a week and at least one strength training session weekly that's a lot of ways it's in a week. But if you do that for two years. You can over I'm so tired of action of America to couch again. And now. Two years is way too long. I can convince myself that I can do something for six months and not do it that happens all the time that I can go a month without doing something or learning something but. Even I know that there's no way. I'm gonna work out for two years everything said it's. It's also mart had the age you had to do it on your ego your heart can bounce back you have your body can bounce factor your heart can get help your all those things. But the window for rescuing the hearts. Is. 55 to 65. He had to do a similar between there in the harmful effects of being a couch potato could still be reversed so that says it at 55. A week at a time by time. And work out for two years. I'm maybe he'll go to prison. That that's only nice thing about prison. They were out you geez you think you're subway you'd read right when you work out you'd reading you work out and really work out well we're also gonna do land it's the only hospital you guys probably true but but it is the that I don't think they can do anything to you to make you work out you have to go to boot camp as you know you making it. I think that would coming. You know you've got to break my spirit they act like they kicked me out when I see prison movies. Or you know those overnight MSNBC prison shows that finger that's only possibility that I would ever work out what. Match today. Master watching. Amos met some fast measurements of those prison documentaries are excellent but now I don't that is not what I told you you tell me I said earlier in one came on news stop now that is now and then make your day it has made unit and a grows of action you just continued. Which was totally weird but fine it would mean it was a lady's prison anyway it was. Guys as the laws it was alleged prisoner rikers I'm I did not say that it would write a silence at one and I and rikers. Now I can set me up but now. And you masturbating. Man you're looking at one Austrian notes that the prudent thing when it was time to finish. You find yourself looking at the prison screen as the post of importance. Now believes that it now that it does just means dollars and and so whatever. Now. Talk about us. But yet well. That's nick is you never had a talk about that because that discussion never happened but not like that is made up right up top I lots of it you made up a lot of I. I read about it it's so amazing that you just make up off the topic I was pretty specific Rikers Island recognize that they show on MSNBC late at night. Actually you're watching that's not I was watching border watching and I don't know what the name of the prison was it was a lady's for his thank you thank you how. I don't remember the name of the prison it was some ladies president was annoyed is for is the only prison anyone can name is Rikers Island or Shawshank which is that real those of the two prisons everybody knows. Rikers wholesome and also. There you go Folsom. What's us now on to a sand and water and seeing Clinton yes and Clinton where he's at it is aiming into Shawshank redemption. Or re saying he says San want to name hello this is the second that one of those I didn't copy tres leavenworth. Al Alia eleven north will those are all men's prisons so exactly I'm on I can't name a ladies prison. I don't know what it well because you were all pitching this as it was a well ladies. You looked out the whole story the whole thing I traditional picture of the girl. The long time ago to. I couldn't find it. I wasn't master bay and that parts also fabricated. It is and you watched. Dot president or there were a couple of pot gals guys and show she was sanctioning. It. Is Washington document and sings saying he said because Stanley. And his net snoop dog's friend. And man yeah. That's not who I certainly wasn't I don't even feel comfortable the talking about that that makes me very comfortable with I did not say and a I was just trying to tell you guys if you wanna work out work upper tiers would be the ones. To share in the story with via a no stoke on them. Would liked it into shape he's talked about settings and New Year's resolutions and put down. The drugs in the in the blues and once again in one night stands if those things are going in and analyze power the resolutions come along you'll yeah mountain. Your files goes hand in hand. You and I as we walked in to sing sing that. And other. View it whenever and wherever I'm in Ottawa. What Arenas says that's all made up social and. There's some companies. Business. I just want pivotal listen to what he said basically he's doing headlines only from tubs for trump wanted to let us. Yeah may not like now this happened I heard it we discussed it does not happen. Owners and it sat. Said he made up so I just sat at least I'm starting to empathize with the guy I am this I really adds a new does that present. Gonna have to take everything into us at around me I didn't think there was anyway in the where you give me to come around to seeing things from his point you may have done it. I think you may have done it better manage these.