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Friday, February 9th

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  • 1:18:03 - Sports with Nick Wright

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For the righteous man. On all sides. Belliard dark. Will strike Dell number. I allying them you know you. That in a program that apologize shot for me. All you know I kid you yeah. I think I kind of. Some times it's a little more obvious and I'm just saying I'm a friend if you need help adoption medicine we appreciate them. They're good partners can turn whatever you need. And loving partner and I appreciate. Think your loving and caring partner. Did you. Business is is exciting time proceed due to watching the Olympics last of course I didn't. Palladium better launches an Atlanta boy stay up late. I was happy and I know popular humanity about this but I love the Olympics on loan limits and if you care about figure skating. I just don't care about and I know it's exciting for some additional get products but that was on the regular channel among boys are like. I'll figure skating cool Americana watching it right and then I was like you know there's other sports on different channels no like like water like. Dana lemon guys laid down that Tony Salerno eighty miles an hour and like all the luckily doing delusion why would you Amazon and either going to be. I got mail dad and you know I mean is like figure skating back so I try to you know bras today. There's just more than any other singles lately. Eighty miles an hour. Downhill it's. Critical. And men. So watch that. And we watch. Who watched the women's downhill skiing which is always super exciting. I love downhill skiing. And we saw. Hi Caroline Americans username and everybody knows your name Emily Blunt exits and yeah area. It's an Intel has has not been Lindsay is vanishing crashed right decision crash into the fans. Iron Man managing got blocked and often sounds like got them and then we turned over to curling and this guy slipped on the ice and fell down and hit his hand they have like a bandage on it they're like they're not serve he can continue allows like arm. Now we just watched a girl crash and a hundred miles an hour through a fence and gone along been down this guy slipped on the ice he's may not be able to continue. The brick and that appears in Korea and so Troxel says I think every man from Koreas China plus. Those are down and I mean we can go ahead and just say that's true. Why not we have looked at the same size one amass enough. Enough for me never too young to start paying culture. I think one hated but always in the Olympics always during the Olympics. I love that when the and you and I talked about this but I love it is DEC this figure skaters come out and you see them like well. That was his guys game four and they say oh that's America's number one guarantee go boom. East Asian American parent is Japanese American honor to play every year is the and he gains and why eat. Her own you know old stereotypical all American boy ABC that's so much on the US team I love that I get excited. Actually got pissed when I saw that there was a team last night it was a a black girl and a white guy couple things like I must meet from the US c'mon rice show that Denver's mayor fragile. You will not out diversify our strengths. And that's our thing yeah. Well I love watching it and I I like the Winter Olympics slightly better in the summer I think. When I was a kid I definitely because I love delusion that time I love the bar so glad he hangs dean. The ski jump thing jobless so great is that they have to build on the side of the mountain there. Summer has more stuff going on. So I I still love the real issue Carlos becomes a day actually use like in person now. It's unbelievable. Like you see on TV and you're like OK you know they're jumping off a single would you see NM percent. You're like oh my god that I can't imagine jumping off that thing. I must say anything you don't love memory love and Eagles in a few times my favorite looks pretty intimidating is my favorite olympians. Olympian of course. Can have a question about figure skating them and gets. So much about figures can manage this isn't this is more of them. I'm not answerable question I suppose for us you don't get in trouble. I ask. Do the guys who skates. Okay are they. Seems like. And and they're day. A lot of them a day I don't know there's a lot of husband wife teams on the couple's thing here yes it seems like a lot of the singles guys are gay for from every country so my question would be one. In my just an old. Piece of crap. For assuming that these guys are gay because there were in blouses and figure skating and that doesn't make them do it that's just what figure skating has. Or if they are game. Do they. Do they ask their parents to start figure skating at a young age and say mom I wanna figure skating and they say OK and at that point. They know that they wanna figure skating and so they're asking their parents or did the parents. And they salmon teach my kids and take my kid to steal intimacy Mikey can skate. And the measures that he's got to stock deal with it and the straight guys say play hockey I get made fun of too much I don't wanna do this revenue gay guys say. I enjoy this there's other gay guys here that I can talk to that I can hang out with this camaraderie I'm gonna stick with this. I don't lament or do they do they just started they sent lesson when these guys started at 21 so maybe just start. Later or maybe. I am being prejudice by assuming that a lot of these. Guys are gay but they. An injunction is Johnny Weir day at us. Is that wrong to assume he's standing. But soon. And you heard the others this figure skater who wouldn't meet with Mike Pence because. You know Mike Pence a homophobic and UN. I just feel like that's a big part of figure skating and there's a lot of gay male athletes in that sport right. And it would seem to be that there's a lot of gay male athletes passport from every country not just the United States. Mean the Japanese guy he's smooth he's aware of flowers. Maybe that's just what they Wear I don't I don't know. I'm sorry if I'm sure how much more calls and again a sport in America. OK so there is something to that. So I just wondered if they ask their parents hey do you wanna go figure stay calm amateur there in north or to do Vijay guys just stick with it. They're more likely to sing with him and like you said maybe the other guys say. How many plays hockey or whatever. I only get made fun of the newness is that what happens I don't know. I don't I don't I don't know either unless you walk down. Obviously obviously skating does it make you gain us soldiers sit this one out just curious about it last night as I wonder why so many gay men in this in this court. While our attraction of the sport you. To close. Right from the uniform. So the ligaments of what how do you know the fact guys guess who I guess I don't putting screen blouse and stuff I mean. I don't know but maybe that's just part of the sport and that's what they do. You have to be creative work blouse. All right what else is gonna. I'm just saying. I don't think yesterday you were blushing to retire again. All right. What you've done it. Every kid. All home to watch out you don't walk down that road America. I gay guy can't have it still out stopping you notice. I don't you know and you know what I mean get out of here. Do you root. Four other countries. Others in the United States like to have a second and click OK this is my family's from there on. My grandmother sitting over here from. Such common sense. Knew I'd root for the US. Obviously but darts times where I might just see someone that I think I'll I like this people on the root for them in last night. I was just watching things because I forgot that much of the things and made the Italian couple came up there. We don't know what underdogs they weren't hunting certainly has al-Qaeda by myself kind of rooting for them I do you think this this year the thing with the Russians this. I'm pretty hilarious. They're not allowed if you don't watch anything yet we have heard about you know they're not allowed to fly to Russian flag and they're not allowed to basically compete for Russia so they have uniforms and their uniforms say Russia but when they showed their names on the screen instead of the flag to Susie Olympic symbol and then they don't say like. Team Russia or even the word Russia they say. Olympians from Russia. The Olympic athletes. These Olympic athletes from Russia did this. So what does that mean if they win the big goals or they just not allowed to count them they're not allowed to keep them and how they haven't done my thing I think they just don't know too you know. But it doesn't count the history books for final Russia Russian. Russia. I didn't I didn't noticing about the flag is up until yesterday morning. And I didn't watch the ceremony this points all watch it tonight I didn't see like are the Russian is a rushing coming out with the Olympic. You flat is that what they're coming out it. I saw the picture than. Korean teams coming out and I wonder what flag they can use you shoot they use video lazy and not without the peninsula and pencil and that was cool at all and I look out you know what I got your back unassuming and yeah I hang out there by yourself on the. Figure skaters being dead thing and I think you're out where I don't have the stats I don't know the answer. But. If everything was transparent in the world I want up there or not be a higher percentage of gay men. And figure skating then any other sport in the Olympics I guess would be yes but I don't know the answer that had been so. My guess would be as well I don't know the answer that most of the celebrities and I hear about our I'll see most maybe it's just a bias in mental Weis seems like a lot of them. I hear about BC their grades are openly game. How to meet north Koreans TV you're gonna try and stay and that's a big story to how many of them of trying to facts. The South Korea because take off the lettuce and they wanna go they'd like to be in South Korea they've got. Potentially family members are cousins aunts uncles something right and relatives some sort how many athletes they have. I'm not not seen a number for how many they sent down there you think they're like guards watch an all time so there are yes there are people who watched him really but then also you have to remember that if they defect their family at home can be damaged are gonna have the same way he's going to be hill so what do you do. You know would you obliging big government work camps so don't think what if I mean. They don't do well on the Olympics I don't know what his self I don't know what happens in that either you wonder even with like Russia and television he's German even laying a show I didn't perform well we probably. Includes a nice bright and come back never trade and they lose selects say America I mean. I defect I wondered if you lose to America and I do that right remember and so she during the opening ceremony of the Olympic circles came out one of them didn't open I thought this through and go figure out who that was not saying. Year locked rate here. Elmo please say that only because we arms hard and jingoistic. I mean stuff I have is United States and his people in Charlotte Allen does trump know that that person answer right right and I sales other family or whatever and you lose and trumps launching now. On people or other countries also say Al will apparently female and you lose as Mike Pence sexually assault are like I mean I'm sure there's countries where they automatically think that amount on swim person. And they think what happens if you break the law you have to go to rikers island's black what you go to prison in the United States. How do you live in that country knowing that if you get in trouble you can go to prison in the United States and yet we had the audacity ever show like locked up abroad like. I'll tell you why. I was locked in this prison it was outside who's gonna hop. Outside there and we ate fish Streisand officials are bringing McMahon the yeah we're acting like we have this really progressive I like Rihanna about them where to reduce just don't go their own hands and I have you Norway right and everybody in the world's line after a barrage of a stolen car you know what happens you don't just like five years to write about it okay why is that part of the car is not god damn right it is. Okay. All right and then I would bet Olympic doctor when you're saying like he's gonna have worsened president. Right obviously I hate the guy but where is not rooting for great. Did nobody decided that it isn't as part of my head's OK wish and it's okay me on and it's on any day can. But the ones battling he's gonna get is them. And they are excited since the life and president's time in recent incidents that Sox. Engine group for the January. Okay and by the way I understand what you're saying but what about the person who gets caught when it's too much below or something and make you gotta go do three months and LA county whatever you like. Not just talk generally give up too much coaching in my framing your mom of three muscle like Tony and now you're getting beat up. And possibly. Worse and they say well you know I only can answer Russell Crowe has a rough place. But it was OK. I can kill anyone. A drug addict. Blow prison right. President. Okay never the best option I know I'm not asking. I got raped imprisoned you got rated the do you ever seen that kind of stuff happened. When you're right beside her you are that wasn't like part of now Amanda you know I was in South Florida saw me on June the guys who ran the place and I was then all of. Cubans gathered Cuban drug dealers and anytime somebody came every time I got that rate be feeling. Those guys who don't thrown out. They know someone they don't know like a different area okay so they were on the block your dad uses little guy in and is big tall body image kind of ram that thing so I just got lucky men and made me. Like. Two Japanese guys are must've been from a lovely cruise or whatever that is mean. And men. You know. A bunch of Cubans and me. So. I never felt like I was gonna get right I got embarrassed. Blown. Right. The universal and I didn't. I didn't. BCD. Donald Trump and Kim Jung and impersonators. Us and they were pretty. They looked pretty good food from Donald Trump was wearing beavers Nader was wearing now. A red cap the social like tonight out by Center City USA on him. Any sort of looks is a pretty good look like but when he takes off the track. They had his hair perfectly and it looked just like trumps whatever is going on with Trump's come over the it looked just like it and the Kim Jung young guy. I mean he was almost identical you can barely tell them apart it was so weird because they they came and and they weren't supposed to be there obviously and so security had to escort them out and as soon as security gets a hold them and starts escorted him out of there. A bunch of people thought the cameras insert them in and you know what he doing why are you here. And then you hear this Kim Jung on lookalike start talking. As he is under Greenpeace the role he's got like a New Zealand or Australian accent that you weren't expecting. Surprise everybody bring home please send one V enjoy. Well there. Tonight we hate to bring peace doesn't want everybody wants me. So if south African can't sell I'd I did not see if anyone knows yet where they're from there to do it says here did a damn fine job. I'm making units. Look like they were actually. Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump and it. They have surprised everyone by showing up at the Olympics together. This stole the show. Everyone's asking for pictures with them I wanted to even show it on the probably coverage. Another thing yeah its. Our uniforms. And our. I guess is pretty uniform but that the stuff that they Wear winner. Not to zero at the same remembers where all that it's Ralph Lauren right doesn't usually just. There's always the best I thank the US uniforms there was some flack this year about some of the gloves having friends and I still think our uniforms always look awesome. And their hats and stuff that they Wear a let's get the feeling wears that they Wear on the sidelines of everyone to call it. The spectators they always look really cool we have really cool you know. Trump today was asked about rob Porter. And rob supporters. If you don't know I knew everybody knows straight up throughout we're learning yeah. Rob rob order. There was some accusations are rob Porter and native thin now. A domestic abuser. Okay been caught up in some of that and that maybe some people even knew that this was a there was that this was a possible shirt isn't this going on people that worked in the White House may have known. And he said he was willing to tenacity he's willing to resign. They asked trump today looking side. And it's the end is to say thank you very much yeah. I know we wish him well. He worked very hard and I found out about it recently and I was surprised by it. Well we certainly wish him well let's say you have obviously it's tough time. For him he did a very good job when he was in the White House. And we hope he has a wonderful career and hopefully will have a great career ahead of him but dad. Is very sad when we heard about it and certainly he's also. Very soon now we know so this is a great community. As you probably know he says he's innocent. And I think you have to remember that he showed very strongly yesterday that he's innocent. So you'll have to talk to him about Jennifer Williams absolutely wish him well did a very good job well he was at the White House thank you very much. You'll have to ask him are on said he's obviously set I mean he says he didn't do it so you can have talked to him about that. So both supporters ex wives have come forward. To insist that he would subjected him to physical and mental abuse in their relationships and a third woman said she did toward 2016 she reached out to reporters access to confirm that she too had been abused by him. There's a picture of course first wife with a black guy. Tom and he's hasn't given an alternative explanation as to what happened or why she had the black guy. It's a quarter reach out to his second wife trying to moderate the language she used in a blog post restraining orders abuses. Doesn't threatening their. Percentage. If you right. That's one way to I feel like in his situation his position in Ireland and a little more difficult for our children one shot where god damn pie hole. Think she's maybe thinks he still has that power over them so maybe that is I imagine be like ansari. Please. Ads are Jesus you know we had some good. Also earning money accomplice and his lust. And their allies money I think it is dirty man is yet to remind. That trump one Willis is pretty crazy I think it's a debilitating I inches in the most usually skip to the last one Dell wants us wants to talk about how they may be apprentice and stuff like that so uninteresting now NIC MI can't helps after scene and I can't help but think about those guys. Who helped create the apron is talking about how they had to create this. You know we had a we had dinner. Create a boardroom and a different offices around this place was kind of a dump and we had to make it seem like he was a lot Richard and he was and yet you know all this stuff we treat and we thought it was hilarious we thought it would. It's kind of funny and we know that people would think. This is real life and in addition to presents. I'm just glad they did. You mean that. I'm just glad they did and we even have to sit here and they people. We didn't ask anyone to vote for him and we just sat back. Santa I'm with her. I made a vote. All those people showing of the barely. Turn right and Jules Stein. Just enjoy adrenaline rush hour let's. I'm waiting for that to come and how about you know sometimes a Russian plan you idiots. You ready it's. What what happened with this whole thing couple days ago and it sure is a rush compliant. Jill Stein son of a bitch. What's today's Friday writes it was a Wednesday that Fox News every once said. Boom we've got a text messages Barack Obama will tell. He's saying I do know everything about that because he's an and then bring humor all these guys are drew similar if you don't understand why it's such a big deal let me show you their show on the interview of Obama's Lausanne. I don't get involved in these investigations well block. And what is it turn out it turns that's text messages were about sorry. I fake news we're gonna stop every now it's amazing bashing that's actual figure is just the though it was about the Russian interference wasn't how. Trump that was about you know. And it was a book is they thought oh did think it was about Hillary is so they thought it was a bow. I just thought I was offending user and try to defend Hillary you wanna know earning an. Yeah I don't Hillary. A lot of foreign government interfering in elections dizzy when our elections running the president one nobody out you kitty the president and have a bracelet the FBI amount. Whoa whoa laws foreign countries. Interfering anonymous collection and this guy. So so gonna talk about all reach we live in a bubble we don't see the conservative news sites we see the liberal ones for the most part right. Institutional. I was looking at all the pages of you know bright. That's all they talked about today dry it's fake. Don't know it instead of saying like hey we need it we have even bigger breaking news that story was fake checks does tarnish million dollars really Democrats at Arizona. Look over here look over here. Yeah the old Fox News headline is still up from a couple days ago. It says Obama wants to know everything. Newly revealed text messages between the FBI's Peters drops how he says that guy's name I know over you know people's houses that. And Lisa paging through an exchange about preparing talking points and an FBI director James coming to get to President Obama who wanted to know everything we're doing. A man. I. If you watch that was like this hand between. 9 AM. FOX & Friends I don't know I don't know 5 AM in the intro to Wii and text messages to our enemy and yet you know you can just see the timeline. An affront here. Now of course the scene in the liberal headlines is right wing media and SaaS is over FBI text message story hours later stories debunked. What was the kids name a city was accused his twenties who got. Killed in DC. And every once and a Hillary all the right wingers and Sean Hannity couldn't just ugly on us six Ers are you forgot his name down. It showed me an apology for. I saw people were saying this is the second time that the right we need resolve gotten assessed over a things Larry you know this is actual thinking is we need to be concerned about this house morning. What was the first are they talking about separate story from last summer time last summer two Summers ago. The last time I went to our the Donald it was all they were talking about zone bills I believe. And don't pass candidates. Yeah. Okay. The emotional support Hampshire story. Have you not seen emotional support answers are yes all of this. I don't see social media get this excited about economic political story in a long time. Destroy started off with this girl or woman claimed that Spirit Airlines. Essentially forced her to flush her emotional support hamster down a toilet okay. She's a college student from Florida but she claims she was from. Forced to flush emotional support answer down the toilet after his Spirit Airlines employee allegedly suggested it was one of the only ways she would be allowed to board a flight home. Now Spirit Airlines has hit back and they say dead you know same. This whole story about her having no choice but to kill her emotional support animal is not true I chambers pebbles by the way. In a statement the airline said we can say confident confidently. That at no point did any of our agents suggest this gas or any other for that matter should flush or otherwise injure an animal. It is incredibly disheartening to hear that this gas reportedly decided to end her own past life. Now this girl's lawyer woman's lawyer told time. That she'd called Spirit Airlines to confirm that she could bring her dwarf hamster troubles with her honor flight. After arriving at the Baltimore Washington international Thurgood Marshall airport in November 21 everything seemed to be going as planned and tell Spirit Airlines employee approached her saying that the animal was not allowed. The employee allegedly suggested to. Zacks. She set the hamster free outside or flush it down the toilet was according again to her attorney. So Spirit Airlines said that never happened this is. The college student useless answer talking about it. I am it's. I didn't give me just give me a little like it's on no it's. Some people Khamenei have made little. The green and then you go home but I'm independent. That I would then and no way or no harm no other than the life and I really got into my kids going to get any time. Everything that I couldn't. So I had to go home I didn't put that. Music behind it. She says you know she had to catch flights she had did she couldn't miss not playing well so she's supposed to do she had a pleasure for hamster. Down the toilet. I don't know which is the bigger what what people. Are attracted to about a stray more than fact dictionary had the emotional support peak time dash right. Moral duty emotional support and shoot usually you keep it to yourself to doesn't even need an extra seats now I think it's how search runner on the airplane and us you know. That's always an issue for different dog starts attacking people announces I don't know. I'm in that weird position where I really. I get excited when I'm on an airplane and someone has a dog and actually because I love dogs and it does Communist side bus. I also understand that not everybody loves dogs and I don't think it just because I'm OK with it. That everyone should be OK with this is what we do know we just fly with the animals because they make us feel better. The peacock things seemed absurd now we have a girl who's bringing up a dwarf hamster which is possibly less concerned because you keep it to yourself. But the fact that she couldn't catch a place as she closed down a toilet tells me that it wasn't all black support. If you could even get her through on this flight essentially. How they would dwarf hamster I look at a picture and they just look like regular hamsters I mean I don't. Our its launch on maybe there are. It's too big to flush trying to looks like a like a mouse you know calling and maybe I'll second bush amounts that looks like a Fuzzy your own show these pictures. The pictures I look at slush or mouse. No. You could do now I get sad when my cats can mouse click on man. As nature of our crime but I think that I don't wanna watch him do it I've seen my cat grab like a chipmunk and I go over and hang. And do that. My cat had a bird one time. This Robin and he was just torturing him every time. The bird start to get up and I'm strength and really doing I would feel bad about around it or a chipmunk usually but anything I can stop arm. And kills kind of Saturday. I don't feel bad you feel bad flushing a fish. Known. I feel like mammals survey thing from Maine. And that might be part of that. As I assume you sane about stepping on something Reilly I can step I had a skeleton helps anything with the nexus skeletons you know okay. An inverted Brit and a male as usual I am sure. Mom she is yeah. Those guys just looking at him. Dodgers let loose trying to choose whether or losing told her she's her lawyer says isn't that her lawyers say now that the lawyers said. Which spears saying no it does happen but the lawyers saying that she was told she'd had a lot of outside to go free. Or Russia. Where is it in a statement in us and we can countenance this today and her lawyers said. OK so the airline just says. I don't hear is the lawyers had to be employee allegedly suggested dish. Mean he set the hamster free outside or flush it down the toilet. Spirit emits an employee initially incorrectly told her New Hampshire would be allowed to fly with her however the airlines says it or. Ranged for her board a flight nine hours later so that she could find accommodations. For tablets. Let's see where these are guidelines what what what do they allow dogs sushi just stuck up grass. You're gonna have to Richard Neer back. We don't hear it. Need to just stay out of your ass small. Saw here we go spirit to flush that. Okay and news Jaret Wright addressed. Walk right through. Spirit support animal guidelines say that the airline does not accept rodents. Utah mount anything you can step on right you're OK with like you could flush something anything that you can step on its. Think so right like I left I was Jews or maybe not but I could like him. That's what it looks like again but it looks like tonight George is saying about the mammals and cute to axles skeleton but. I might do I mean. If you had a snake you draw miles and strengthening right when I don't freak out of my tattoos catches a mouse like it. Yeah no I'm not a lot of my guys and did not in my house and we're at a mouse than I've seen anywhere in my home. But earlier if a judge amount cited reasons are not getting inside and trying to. It's issue sic is I've always said the same thing like if you can step on it. Then he he kind of don't have any entities like this tomorrow as much as mine. And what is it about tonight it's up on a mouse is obvious she's gone up that I could step on but I don't want to at all you couldn't they can do that. But when I was working and every tale. All these boxes when we unload these trucks came straight from China and you open a month. They had they were stuck with newspaper that Chinese writing on Allison from one day we open this box takes us out regional newspaper out. And there is a bug has not exaggerating. It was a little bit longer than the strides but like I needed his body was at least this one I thought I knew I was I was right now had a half. I do feel that look like a triangle is kind of shaping ask my brother he's an entomology she told Miller wasn't. It's not indigenous a year it's clearly came over. It have links to these giant. Did you killings. And everyone's like it you don't just think I just sitting there it wouldn't run the wasn't moving needed just Tennessee valley eight inches long. And I went over someone and I couldn't because it was too big and I. I can't it's too like it felt like it was even though this is a body good intelligence I stepped on it might squirm or trying. And I can step I'm feeling it's gonna score much pride on the line umpire. Is that instead well. I went and got we didn't have any dogs race I went and got the bathroom or fresh out of one of the automated things you did out an automatic spring here in the girls room Tara returns Clinton. And like I don't know if you're I think you're just torture and I don't think that's gonna kill him. And we had to get their like you know four hours for openings stocking stuff so I. I torched them. Which we couldn't step on him because I mean I don't you can't see did you stay here too soon I mean it was like. And I don't know if it was just his abdomen into next distinguished panel but it is scary looking but I couldn't stop on. My dad wants we had this we call those. It's not that it's like a mole but it something else asylum. I use the bathroom Sheen who worked out. They're like actor I don't in my mirrors and what you do want to use a shot back inside the numbers oh I didn't think about the shop I would work to. But my mom is trying to catch. Some sort of almost when I was a kid they've had distinguished Terry up everything we had look like caddy shack we have the rivets in the big holes so they come out nuclear trapped. This line and item in my backyard OK and then if you catch it caller from some my dad they're walking to the library and and there's a chipmunk just gone in there and start any Sykes didn't like halfway out the and I mean a chipmunk that's not as cute as it gets right to my dad didn't Ponte wasn't that kind of try to use you know that's not it was not in his DNA. As a what do we do anything charity close it tried to bite you. It's immediately got 200. Senator what usually hit it I think you are not now on what killed a large print and hardcover book one would be enough but it wasn't. So now he's hitting an excellent. You know it really upset him. But if someone other more she found out later but it really upset him you know I can't clean them feel confident but he did know what to do this thing was in pain. Is it I don't know it's it's it's it's hurting its campaign isn't squealing we can't get it is trying to buy Gasol hit it. When he did. We're just not. Mainly announced he couldn't because of where it was kind of stop this and you couldn't quite get to a us and looking back Clinton digital cajun. And the on the ground. I hit a rabbit with one more once in my ex wife came on goes. Regions and so when you gonna do something you gotta you gotta do something you gotta kill you gotta put out of its misery SM OK and I. We have these bricks stacked up immigrants are running out of brick and I walked over and she was. Yeah. Same look I'm gonna kill chizik buddy you're gonna hit with the British and do smashes through a diet doesn't think there. It'll die instantly that you can't do that simpler. You're right it is suffering and I don't wanna do this season winning and decent now she's like me you'll be okay just leave like this thing has been so. This thing is not a good shape. I was coming down so there's one time. And as I looked down the stairs. There is this an animal. Bandage. Pulling itself across the bottom of the stairs right and I looked down. And I go to my first I don't like Al I don't want to have to deal and I'm initial analyses that. Let someone in the house seats that's perched high up on that a deal that at this point to food tonight I can see it. So but I want Donna Michaels went to hell is that NIC it's our rabbinate. And it has both its hind legs were broken and cats in and it is carrying it south. When the front legs and dragging two broken back legs. And that cat is behind. I want a minute cat is locked up to and slaps it and this and I was like John saws like I. First off catch you gotta go downstairs so I've locked attack. In the basement and I grabbed a book. I was like all right. Ominous smashes things that you read the book still I did I grabbed a giant book iso cam and smashes things had gone out of its misery but don't rather. Just kind of looked back to me I feel like when I put the Cadillac it's the rabbit looked at me and it was like thank god I managed. Thank god and then I have the book and I felt like killer tomatoes like these serious business but we just eliminate the problem. I've been trying to get away from this camera and I gonna hit the book. And it looked at me twice over shoulder so I just opened up the front door and I was like look man if you I'm sorry about what happened you. I'm sorry that Mike heads to new studio. If you can get away. And beat frail little life and two broken legs you go doing so I just let it out. And I gilligan's prime minister are not Montana. Because there aren't let nature handle its own course just you guys. He can doing in the living room okay guys you need to go balls you need to go back outside. It's so funny isn't a sign. Just wanna say peak church allows a right now boys followed by this is the first I'm turning the show off. And just telling a story about a rabbit and me not endurance and people get really offended just hearing stories about any animal being bad and that's a presentation of our listeners that does exactly to split on hundred and whatever makes one person happy is. Guarantee to the somewhat soft now. You don't want blading serve whoever it was gonna turn off and once you Miranda went to broken legs drag itself through your kitchen and then you tell me what decision you make you know why that's a time when we just didn't know what what you think is the best of the moment. And looking back on that maybe there's Obama could have done maybe there's some I couldn't have done I don't know mine but you know live. I tried it it's not an obvious like why didn't you do this not like the shot back was for me in the bottom line. Now attributed here she just turn the station because there. Storytelling so maybe we're given ourselves too much has nothing to do with being injured animal just our ability to. Spending on. It's been tales many are those like 3 o'clock in the morning to. So funny that exact same thing happened my mom I was watching TV one day and I hear her screams at the back door rabbit paralyzed from the waist down said he got a house and she's. She grabbed a broom and rusted out there just what you have to go do something. And I look out there my cat was grading the the rabbit would get to the fence and start to get. Into the yard than neighbor's yard and my cat and rabbit Poland back in and only yards and then like don't auction. Trying to limp away bestseller actually you have to go out there shoot around that's torch had to go out and shoot. I mean I don't know maybe I'm wrong. People are gonna meant well at 3 o'clock in the morning if I call animal control and tell my nerves around it would broken legs. In my kitchen doesn't come out of league Paris legs. Accomplished little tiny gravitas and says John damage tells them back in the Carling who says once used to edit the book because that's what we're gonna do with it even right I mean I'm not wrong amount I don't know they would even come out for that that would day I don't know but if they did doesn't really do yeah absolutely some Diana's girl part of mineral horizon and wanted to impose an influence on the back of the thing another. But this fashion and throw the grounds and on OK and I. I'm not gonna nurse that thing back to help man it was. It is seemed better it was on the losing end of that fight yup and has seen better days yeah. That's it wasn't gonna recover so the rest of its life however long was going to be Missouri if any human being had gotten in that fight and was in that same condition when you talk to the hospital and doctor decide are not much we can get. There's not much we can do. I think he did the right thing. We'll re supposed to do. And if anyone is upset by that too little too quick to judge because. Is not a hunter he's not going to announce that there's anything wrong with that I don't have a problem up until forever but plaza as we do know. You wanna hurt animals now we need season OK we miso in the process. And so is I don't know doing zoom in. And one I don't hunt I don't get any joy in hurting anything I don't wanna hurt and animals back. Accurate that's Lila I know I was like all right men you know on I don't know how nature works go maybe you can get on here and good luck. Godspeed. You can always be there intervene. You know when they do those planet earth shows and stuff to cameraman they're not supposed to write a paternal gets flipped on back there are supposed to go flip it over right. Even if it's an endangered species using just the flip it over. They just out of next since Ewing did. Hello ago. Maybe live I don't know maybe maybe you might see around it would two legs distract yourself around big fat happy. I don't know got a Stanley they take care of them. We'll have. He's not as adventurous as he once was. He knows his limitations. But why didn't have in his life didn't end that day because of last night and tonight. I'm not take that Iran is less. Speaking to the right thing. Okay. I say I am right. I does all of the mail here's I'll work. People sent us layout can be agents managers spans record labels whatever the case may be they send us mail throughout the week. We wait until Friday we played for human use tells really like and I'm in attacks on 96500. Camille there can be no we have no idea what it is. Because we just open up the mail and my play. He dons a Tulsa you've been listening drove for three months and your favorite band all US news Sausalito like it or not really attacks on 96500. And tell us your age sex location if you don't mind. If you think that nailed. Home and he's called ma'am we do whatever Friday. That the that it. MG MT and. Durham came out today a little dark age and this is they officials or officials single. It's called me and Michael got new engine team was a closer call me Michelle. They were seriously eroded me Michelle the generously grant. Not my quirky enough some seclusion at their. Please which are. Do you lonely that's owned a lot of focus. U of I think it's awesome pictures people like new MG MT Meehan Michael or overnight mail. Yeah. Okay. Product that I. I'll go Logitech closer relax on that mergers rear. Number I think it's me in my girl whose morals originally called me and my girl that makes sense. Why haven't had a chance listens yeah the American mount two days to go to orange drink. Fire out of for an. Gonna get the closest thing to mr. and you can find in there I have some drugs to. And I need a boulevard. You know want to make it up patsy. After the capacity Webb boulevard limbo bar is backed him for very admirable and a. Gee you know who. It's ass in in wise signing a radish I listen I'm only erratic I feel like it's all those things that we shouldn't. No absolutely no you and I read about and millions on me right but I don't think I've ever listen I don't know I wasn't sure enough. Well they cents a song. It's called let's not pretend. I I just I don't think I've heard this in before. Looks like it is is it just one guy. We'll solution to our. Will listen to open in a male you tell us what do you like it or not this is and it's sunny write songs called let's not pretend for a short. We're okay. We're. Relief. Shark. Four plane or. Multiple mobile I'll hook. What do you think sunny. Lower case I was trying to tech's players seem to realize split along as well. To grab made July hit a tight it was it was close to something that we would like waters and fun this is so connect. Oh and OJ got over their elemental truly like and I'm really attacks on nights advisors are. How about. You know who believe and we don't not unlike the unlikely candidate song of the grip oh my dear lord and it's good or is it app. And is on my dear lord toll like and I'm really excellent at. Of guns yeah morning is shown in the let me that take you. But do you in the breaking balls and taken everything about. And you want him. Would you know that is not likely candidates would not. Some law I thought boy who panic Verdasco yeah yea uranium can and it is more. Did you make if all Moran back coming up right yep that is so let us have to us that is in line here what about the new Taro you know these. These ladies we know. I don't know much when the united looking up I saw it looks like it's two piece there. Singers and they write songs Oslo what's the name the new Taro TE a RO TOK. Amend or. See we think we're opening up mail. Those blue light and I'm really attacks on 96 tribes or is there. A lot of people really like to some of the denied. Really like to do do. Until I was kinda like a lot. So as I like it I'm one year old Hampshire a toilet. I'm home I'm sorry I think and and pebbles is you've finished the and their called the new Taro. I like it and songs called stake to choose now that song is out yet or not. New farm boy you mentioned as they're called church its culture should hear that vigils were delighted I'm really talks on nights excise girls are. Oh. Feel. I. That Amanda's. Polarizing to so foolish. People who like her or they really really area. My guess you laws that some time. Sounds like this emotional on the way to me. Aunts I will Sam little surprised that they. Daniel's stick around as long there we talk about that would dash for having an album the people seemed for song and own album people seemed really love right. Wouldn't a thought for fourteen years ago thirteen years ago. New far Boyd must like about 50% of people wanted to be percent of people are angry gesture. I don't care one way or the other. With the me cake. What about ash under like Daschle a demon Ashe. Too much cash I don't know listen a song called buzz kill. And you heard it no. I'm a little leery because she push notion of their best stuff was awhile ago. The match sometimes tough to recreate but. I do I dash quite a bit. Give it a shot. We'll start the tells it like an obvious attacks on lunch excise or zero I. I'd love that. Tax on middle of it. You know I get. There and we sure appreciate that. Our. What else man all right courtship you know them their due O from LA. That's really don't know about them them I'm sure there are fantastic. I was eligible courtship returns with. All by yah I don't know the name sounds familiar president. It does to stoke on what we didn't like we don't play this for Marriott where Adam and Jamie your own Spotify or something announced on oh sell herself out there in the name definitely sounds familiar. Right courtship song is called bad fun muscles look. Not until I doubt you. As far as what the tax on say people should like it. Courtship that name is so familiar and they look familiar may do we did meet him at south by did did we. Do we need them to south by IP are we good. There's an American Idol bushels like Mary no need to. This is a brand new rights called subtle thing to have was don't because oil and I'm real attacks on 96500 overly IMAP. I. Need oh man who's. Saying. It's. Okay. Me sir I think he can do. Sure okay when she. Oh man did what a pain. Only mail me sure. I mean. Professor painting. It's. When they're gonna need you can. And it's. Yeah it's. It's. It's. Changed. See you later and I don't miss. Only. Being. It's. Usually moving millions 00 man. Me being here. I mean he. Fabric paint it's. And changed when yeah. You can't change things it's. It's. We eat I. Yeah. It's. Okay thanks and things change to change things. Can change whenever Kennedy's. And it's. True. It's. Painting things and didn't conclusions. It's. Conclusions contained and make. Okay it's. Angel you. It's. Changing. Ladies and gentlemen my friend nick writes from Memphis won first thing's first how are you neck. I'm doing well look bad blood or are you guys. We're gonna break am I thought I don't know Philadelphia Eagles did do was. Gratuitously nasty and not necessary. And I show rooms for their demise from here on out. RT did you tell I I apologize I'm a little while I don't podcasts. So I I've wit and strong Tuesday. Did you tell the audience what I have no I was over in the you do that today I am looking at the tweet right now so this thin. Shortly get a little or cut a little analogy herbal. You know the first thing Terrell Owens did it when he we didn't crap out of finding out you may hold Spain's. Welcome my very first social media thing you do. Do you know now. You then Jason whitlock formerly of the cancers are a tweet that said kick rocks how I just I felt I did see that. And although below one but comment. And like I don't I'm not mad at him about it that you would have hoped and what is maybe the greatest professional moment on the flight. He's not consumed with doubters are haters are instead embracing. The people that supported your right. Okay well that brings me that Philadelphia Eagles. Blue. Small moments before. Well first. And what very well may be the only championship worried that city ever get church books. Mall is all port. They then did it and it did not is the official Peter out but they're not like bleeding green blue all know there are two individuals. Team of account at. Igor. Send out a little fullbacks third day before we get on the parade boxes. And it's a clip. Of the pretty. Should I plant. Luckily the shoreline of my partner Chris Carter and all of his former scene for ten years I think every team that makes the playoffs in the NFC handled. Better shot of making the Super Bowl than your number one seed Philadelphia Eagles need defense had me shaking the last three weeks prior to this one. I do not trust me Paul I know it has to go through. Believe I still think he probably one NFC wild thing that's for gender. Still Eagles Trinidad before they want to celebrate they're Super Bowl victory. Yeah. And they entered. And then thankfully Jake Intel C team that played in his audio. No I don't Burt. Yeah I watched I watched some of that in muscle thing. For Evans Kelsey rather. She stole the show key data age you wake gal on the list of his teammates why they were doubted he was unbelievable. It would inspire you distract evidently in Philadelphia. On New Year's big wrapped up the only actor compared to a Blake. New Orleans Mardi Gras Alfred. And it it's a Philadelphia and New Year's big huge truck stop in this absurd but very Philadelphia gore might get. He's going to have a little white achievable underdogs yet hilarious moments including he mentions Blaine Johnson now right tackle. Who had quite been the planet for steroids and. Oh military computers. Think they're into all wearing your your police that you can't stay off the Jews and like she's just going to play airport where a wider underdog. Agree if he doesn't like Lombardi who guy I used to work which we said they had the worst coach in global. Michael Gordon you sir are you would always call like Roger ever. I admit I believed. She's trying to keep stumbling or money name staples got him having and they said and and all the other. Media people including and it got me get there he does goes and get the bleak portrait. You know I don't like all's well there's that is as is every bit. It was the it was a Jonny Gomes speech from the royal celebration I mean it reminded you why it's like to not go yeah yeah. Yeah out now and then I think you made a man my math NFL team tweets you before they go on marriage celebration victory man. Again scoreboard ya that's all scoreboard. And then today I don't know you saw this part of the show but the guy that route which were passed touchdowns in Naples trig Burton. Young and very good looking really cool it a try and for the Philadelphia Eagles midway through the he'd been studio. And midway through the air Q. Keep that the bullet hole we got a couple quick U turn to. You like nick I and it's like. You know like I love you man you'd like I think you're really good takes like you go against the grain on about it dependable back in like oh thank you you'll like. But no it's for real well. You'll all be entire city of Philadelphia an apology and we're not continuing until we get it. Rap and right David well I mean this book. This movie he was a very nice guy but he did not seem like he was joking like gave him the Apollo like what her overall. I I'd I'd somehow. It just never sold out the corner of being at dawn most. Statistically. Backed yet consistently wrong person's important. Statistically they have said. I don't see how like doing it. The end it's just I mean guard that he beat UC OK let me on Twitter yesterday. After the eagle they'll be careful because you that you can't use his territory they find you thousands of dollars Michael Buffer came for my head. He's like yo picnic right. Even a wrong clock shortly twice today. What you save yourself all traitors you ever come to Philly you better bring your own food drink good money could we gotten up and forty here. Unlike your book first chill up. They're at right you said they weren't even say I hope they don't when I hate that team I hate that city you'd think that's what you've had said based counselor reactions. But I watch you'll eat you know your response saying hey you know what congratulations to the Eagles like totally glad I got it wrong. I thought you did a good job thousand Eagles fan I would be happy because we want the Super Bowl self right M improved on right it's fun. I it's so what I would slight gain more apologies to bill. Once they made the Super Bowl but then I would between the oh rocked Japan are wrong place it's because there's very few teams in the leak. There were true teams that I had actually had bold thing sold this year blond. Look at the patriots. And that they're forty year old quarterback could not make it through a December January play all current. And the other would be evil when they were beaten one but we're going to get go to all to 115 and then the Eagles once they lost their quarterback. There seem to want to the de facto over. So when those two teams are playing in the Super Bowl. Or like. Like they've people like I'll be quite agree you need to pick Eagles to win the Super Bowl or no I didn't that's correct I did against them want to be good patriots. Had I not done that I would've had the benefit of being right tactic people look at. Bands who got all year long I doubt it Tom Brady. Who by the way people to work following it did win league MVP this year and then broke every Super Bowl record there was. Like I don't I don't. And I we always an interesting thing that because I've never seen anybody get caught. Mike you got caught because the truth of the matter is using Josh. But some sort of common sense or even even not knowing about sports talk all you had to do. Is have they Eagles and the patriots lose. That's all you had to do any chances are just by sheer numbers that back to what happened right and did you know it or not. I was always. In the paper in sports commentary. Bit skeptic. Words that do which is a big scene will become champion. What are that's impossible but when you say you I don't and he lives are as good as people but I think everybody you know she's got a better chance of winning what you've got the seal all the vs Eagles and when you say Tom Brady's old. And he probably can't survive it well the fact of the matter is he's gonna have to play really good teams in the playoffs probably in the cold and Chad is our. We are gonna lose so. Really it's hard don't make out of apprehended so that both of those things come together A today nick Wright never gets everything right story it's almost damn near impossible. It did feel like if you ordered take. A 100 question true false test. And it every answer role. To play well then you could have clearly gotten every answer work. Yes you know what I mean if you. He ended Fermi could be in big strong about the entirety of the big I think we go back to it. Level six different star wrote a story about this. They didn't. I'm. Former candidate city radio host now fox sports television host roasted by Philadelphia Eagles they of their brain. It in the paper yesterday. See I didn't know and hey man I'm good not I'm being honest I could not be more fraud your man. I thought it was great when I saw a big did you look he's got it wrong of course but nobody would do little gently. Unless on the other side of that if you notice said I picked it Eagles you know who picked Eagles and the patriots. In the Super Bowl. My son John John you madam. Well I know nobody remembers not even his brother is what I don't think you did that he's like why it. The beginning of your president Eagles patriots and not let Brothers like not to use of the bodies of some Teitelbaum bias. No one remembers that but you'll remember this forever. There. And it was day that are no on me and fired away at the beginning of a plan out their vocal one C a man domain and I ever really thought. And alpha the second straight year by the way I picked the patriot salute in the playoffs to a team with. He didn't get to play because that team loss before they got. So like I I still kind of believe the chief sort of be the featured in the playoffs this year exactly never got to be played however I. Gotta go on the web site and I have to be very flat but we have to be very very vague about what. I'm going to talk about your so please don't reveal everything that you know what I'm going to go chew on the flip side I have every reason to believe. There are pro sports scene for a big hit one of might shape. Via video. In eighteen meeting and all I heard there are. Our future plans player it's been out of the last. Right absolutely you're absolutely right. But it is not an exaggeration that's not a lie like that whatever the evidence here like it if you upload but nobody nobody. Let her know that except for me. About your. Ignorant ever start like Mike Bohn began. Like quote act like the most vulgar thing but oh what what happened that would be good iron thumb but it. And don't forget also date that Tom Brady. What on his show listen to a clip of you talking about him and head and laughed at a youth. And address. Your hash tag bold take a bizarrely take whatever it is. Good she'd both of those things like one season but both teams in the Super Bowl listen view inside this guy's good he. I think that's that's awesome managing and it does I mean if I don't laughing about about it. Means that you're takes your Smart there ballads they get people think getting and they happen to be wrong this time and the people all. Who they were wrong. Ambivalent they affected before that were so happy to prove you wrong because you don't want your takes matter. If there was may they wouldn't be like and was of those guys know nobody cares they care about your tickets because their balance. Or you that's very nice where if you put it Biggio Tom Brady to get what happened in New England today. Curry so we had our page of the Boston Herald. Which is their secondary paper reported so it's one of two papers that matter and also great front page of the Boston Herald today. Up picture of Tom Brady with a big story. Brady threatens to hold out of oh yea if she doesn't give a new contract. I'll end it does story was very simply. That of shall source close to Tom Brady who reached out to the newspaper as saying now that he saw what Jew negro problem got. If he did not give the same are correct 28 million perk when he's only making all fourteen million per right now. She's not coming to training can. Or vote yea it was a bombshell story written by Ron Borges but Boston Herald. That the firm paid the sort of the newspaper. I don't 9 AM some dude named nick in Boston. Called in to WEEI. They're like yeah go on the source. I found Ron Borges is cellphone number on Twitter attracted him pretending to be done Yi she never checked with me I told him. I was giving it Schechter. And they have essential attracted to store. I've been ruined his her parents are just a guy who tax tournaments and had gotten us empower. A guy detective pretending to be Brady Beijing. The newspaper columnist believed him and didn't call him to do to insert. But I was like yeah you know who's called a source close to Brady in the wrong or dislike you got a bad I am all of it. And it was the biggest story in Boston today and it was just some prankster. How unbelievable. Did you dig into my theory. You tell me which formed when cornerback quarterback. Yeah I I written I remember talking about it but I aid but right Sharif should theory was that he got he wasn't allowed to play the game because he may have let Tom Brady's trainer that was supposed to be banned from lockers and into the locker room he hung all of them somehow. I. You know what army. I give her weird things about that train her up to win including. This that some people think it. For error is actually a double agent to feed Belichick and probation as well shall I have no idea I just know Leyland things. An incredibly faction in New England I can't by the way like. I have no sources in New England to go report on anything substantial where I beat inter bank that bet because Malcolm Butler. That I mean clearly the best piece of evidence to what you were saying at least to me is. That's Brady clearly had enormous affection for Malcolm Butler right and so why does the other in the back and obviously he was a teenage girl that won a Super Bowl. Well you also point out that if Malcolm Butler had been in trouble for smoking pot or something like that Brady probably wouldn't specifically gone on there and says but he has his affection Foreman alive fact I think it's because it uses TV twelve that's just my take an anti U ironic. Okay well all considered it yet are we sure don't ever crashed one other thing about the patriots and balls there's sort of this story please tell me to really got to go ahead. Oh all. So that Ron Borges column obviously is not really guilty. Immediately suspended orders state news actual little break here's. But if you Marbury. What you play for fourteen million dollars this year when Jimmy grub or just got off by your 137. Million dollar deal which is 48 million Kirk. Well there's a part of me that says an element as another part of me that says I was reading most wealthy couples a couple of years ago. And I'm number two was Jay-Z and beyoncé because number one most Tom Brady and Gisele so. I don't know maybe there'd be a part of me like man I'm just gonna play out. A world worth over abort or richer than Jay-Z and beyoncé were drugs. Yeah but let me have it it detonate it like. People think they're part of Brady that shapes a little bit that they're built bigger piece of that pie is geared to sell rather than it ever. Does apple also the fact that this kids make him more money than in my get what you're saying even if he doesn't need the money I don't think anybody thinks Brady's plane because he needs the money. Now I mean just I give would you say but now just last year revision about. Stafford being the highest paid quarterback and now he's not mean. Things happen depending on when your contract's up right. He had no they're new to the next guys go at the highest paid like amended and realize bait which is why I truly. Truly believe. And they didn't want my things like that on TV current Blackberry I believe I'm right don't real little bit and I don't think effort that toward drop all the played it here. You're only playing because rapper got hurt. And I think that would he did play they were hoping you didn't play well and said he would fight you know. And instead of giving him fighter 200 million they gonna give him Fieger 240 million video behind it very clear in the history believed. Seven quarter skirts and Smith. Yeah I mean like I don't know I don't think that's a laughable statement and all manners nor reveal it there's going to go to prove it. But I guarantee you that's about it whether they were thinking at that moment all when they wrote that check today. There are certainly thinking of when they wrote that check today. But right now period on two and three. I like it did then you'd still be the same guy. Initials like when your TV contract comes up and I like. Oh for the last three years he did have any. Viewers and crazy the contract comes up the last eight months is is not they don't want your highest viewership debates. Eight months before your contract comes a bit like freedom and load depth and then come back up after they write that check. Rory as any business sign I believe that's any business of course that's not laughable at all it's just common. OPEC art so grapple I paid player in the league I'm affecting front offices but nobody can know about it and defending Super Bowl champion crowned beach who I think 2.4 million people clerk and Eric clear across the globe was well. Well you know what I say Philadelphia. Will never. Win another championship. The entire city. Until they Eagles. Apologized. To my friend nick right. No current who want the person that right now the curve of neck right now and I'm like let's put it ought to eat at Philadelphia. Wherever we see in the tournament these.