Friday, 02.16.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, February 16th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Special Counsel indicts 13 Russian nationals for election meddling
    • Romeny runs for Senate
    • Mother of victim lays into Trump
    • Pence gives typical bullshit response
  • 26:04 - Mail
    • Kitten - I Did It!
    • Coin - Growing Pains
    • Lord Huron - Wait By The River
    • Mona - Kiss Like A Woman
    • Muse - Thought Contagion
    • Bloxx - Novocain
    • Flor - Rely
    • Franz Ferdinand - Feel The Love Go
    • Courtney Barnett - Nameless, Faceless

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So righteous man. On all sides. Cheering the homeland. Values dark. Will strike down low numbers. No you know how are you. I am I'm good you know good men go to look good today thanks YouTube. It's Friday and count the same as I always look review look especially not yesterday. I feel like your black hood in a black shirt and black jeans I Wear all black Danny got your black T shirt. You know it's gotten hold on a goal in writing yeah and then your watch matches to gold writing yeah I changed my watch yeah it's done yeah. I don't look for you thanks to a man of court has watch I get irrational where bud. They towards an unborn you know and down you if you wanna be fashionable. And sometimes you gotta pay the price sacrifice and I like it I was like why would you give a rationale lunch I mean that launched him. To me to be cold again now I don't think it is it's. I don't know what it is negative and interact. We are you allergic to try to torture and never had. Reaction to and something like that before but every time I Wear this within about I don't know 67 hours weren't on a bunch of months. And those weird yeah. I don't know you get a look you learn to separate luge accident dishwasher or not just watch her little on the water turned it. I've never been I don't think of urban listening to this this room can go on just gold thing you know I guess just tie in gold I was Jenkins for the real. Yeah reynolds' side is I'm biased I used to exactly when knowledge that I watch on. Yeah who's gonna stick with that it's fancy. Yeah thanks bill compliments. To Amazon's best seller is really yeah. Really Jeff and the eighty technical watch their best sellers or top one what does that I don't know something super cheap. Ass any digital watch. It's got. Me to sneak. Bomb and I can afford to sneak not a Dag I'll get you know and I don't know you know I'll try to make payments. How much I'll infamous knee when we see. A new digital lunch. Now you can get any. Timex. That's gonna cost you at about 31 dollars and oh boy here. I teach you this one right here for 159959. Oh and there is crime just typing digital gold watch out trying to. When you talk to. Yeah I mean they all look the same 51 unknown why pay you know fifty your hundred limited time excellent very different means I guess might have. Something the doesn't integrate our nice feature. But that's horrifying they're all you know they all look exactly the same as his 45 dollars for the cast you look at looks the same. I can imagine them. You don't like it you know. It's good on you. This from me as a charming yeah. Why do you service older guy I usually where you want that crude it's more my style renteria went down. CO it's just same watched John can you wares and planes trains automobiles present its same mandala. Then I had two dollars and Casio twelve sludge com and on the machinery. You gotta pay two bucks extra. Its water use change through that black and gold colored way to say it is again problem solved. So watch gold face. Man believe that had seventeen bucks us and I know. Well it's gonna cost like eighteen really. And now black kids. Is this more your style. There's a gold watch what is that these appears rather than gears are made to look like a dragon that's a 150 dollars. You know and readiness. I know and learn that not easier to acknowledge. I think you gotta be. I don't know who wears that someone who's doing some hard ball and I swords in their bedroom shall lose the mom yeah. Do you. I don't live with my mom and I have been thinking about. I have been you know I mean she's she's old she knew some around right she could she can use really. And she is an honor I'll mortgage shouldn't have broken clip my style with. Well I just used Tommy what nights and all I can keep myself busy this stuff to do out there every night. I'll go play pool or something. For dinner and then go to get out there. Lou whose followers are gonna do you come over for. You mean I can eat dinner with third and you're not going to be there are all the bloodshed music mommy to Katrina. I'm glad that her dad dad dad dad Laszlo yes no daddy let's look she's said you learned enough. I wasn't surprised. Gotta you gotta save your voice. Old T had a drink yet daddy daddy Laszlo who Danny last. Oh very prominent should be doing that's wrong because the guy saying that's supposed to be the death. Well why did you say oh daddy does Obama want is all sides do it really Livni was yeah. Yeah. That's right on the day I don't know some. I'm unaware of I still think it's bizarre you guys pretend like you've never seen that the don't know what I'm talking about knew exactly what I'm talking about loss talking. Quit when I say that you've seen that in Indian movies before you've seen the guy who says only yes. And all year. You can't use seen those guys you've seen those guys have performed before and only be you know I'm talking about. I've never seen a guy called the other guy daddy should not enough bad joke we just look at different stuff it's okay. I hit a judge. Well. I don't really believe you I think you know I'm talking about maybe you think that maybe dump the voice is fine at first I did it but I think you guys know exactly talk. You've seen the videos. John Mozilla guys Danny I think you have probably asks someone at some point to call you daddy of course. That seems like your kind of thing like we outsource I like that in a mask must not I don't look at. Of course elected a cut. It's not but if it comes back like this. Hole yet daddy you know I know I've stumbled into the wrong group if she's not supposed to talk like that. Maybe you're scenario I didn't couldn't find my way into a woman could find a woman MS game. Whatever you understand the big guy is saying. Oh yeah won your dare. I use the time I said all in and hey you guys start was hilarious and that's simply you know exactly what I'm talking about. No way out I know exactly what it aren't you are the if you do it says something about you if you want. Department to call you daddy C that means but you also like to be. I you what you like to be somewhat dominated rights. Which they say to people who like to be dominated or the people who. And their private lives or their their daily lives have to make decisions on us like to see the making a lot of stress is a day like sin. Right hide their face and then be told what sure do. And because no one's asking for my trainer for me to make any decisions I don't dominate I don't yeah I don't have the pleasure I'm a dominant force. Non. I guess may and maybe just barely but I'm not you know main thing is it's okay. All right. Oh are you Zach Goode. Mean I had my dropping complains about the thanks like just do it please yes just shut up be a little more assertive. Shawna or we took in loans aren't just make sure. Are you owners are about news and some. The headline today is sales. Grand jury has indicted thirteen Russian nationals. Over the 2016. Election interference. And I was Shia figure this out of those watching on scene ends when they're talking about come. You know these these these people they work for this group. And models most of them are still in Russia which means you never actually going to arrest these people right you're just going to rule. Make a statement is that what you're doing I guess I don't really understand but I guess because trump still stole Russia most of the Mars Breyer a little. Shoot this guy says he kind of says here this is the first. Actually no we're seeing right now that directly relates. To the interference that occurred in the 26 in the election that. President trump still doesn't really believe actually occurred Robert Mueller basically now saying not only did occur but we know who did it. And this includes this outfit in the Saint Petersburg Russia called the inner Internet research agency. Internet research agency and at least there's an early present a lot of them are still on Russia I don't all the burn Russian. And I begin as early 2014 the Russian organization Internet research agency. Began operations interfere with the US political system including the Tony sixteen elections creating dynamic and or say Marty warned as we talk about that on Monday or whatever was that they're gonna do it again this year started working on it. And we're under attack I saw that. They were blaming a bunch of Russian spots for putting things on tour this week about a shooting in Florida. So let you but is there any legal. For them to do that to do fake news on Twitter I don't know. I don't know how I am like I was that I thought they did more than nine. For. They're elections yet as we succeed elections yes yeah I don't know I feel like most of the stuff that they were accusing them of was a social media was putting fake articles. Stuff that. Everybody politicians do yeah I mean. I think the ideas we talk about this before last time we had George Bush saying that John McCain had a black kids out of wedlock and didn't deliver a bid to an adopted. Child. The last I mean. The last time you and I had this conversation. We've doing headlines we looked it up and anti vortex units they say it is Islam because they are inner it's in another country. Tom trying to influence on American election. And I don't even understand I don't understand what we don't we influence other people's Alexis they are all the time right. Yes. I don't know you don't dog doesn't our media write articles about. There perhaps prime ministers or presidential our presidents and politicians elected officials give speeches about. Evil people that are collected over you don't win the election happened oldest person is evil lord and they do all the time eyesight I don't know arson and I mean more to it and I'm sure we'll find out blunt in Twitter has said Mike if they know that it's fate they wanna shut it down. I think maybe part of this is that they want trump to acknowledge the fact that Russia does have an organized group of people. Who are connected to register online you will do the right swing right I mean a lot of falls in those days as far as it goes and does to me seems. It's got to be the tip of the iceberg here I mean just saying Ollie posted fake news on FaceBook and got it needs to move for trump like well. That's what trump to. My thoughts today what is in my lungs are on record actually did. What do Mueller just said all right we got these thirteen people it's from this Internet researching he's seen in. Russia and I'm done great jobs he later. That was equate what what about who got sick I mean yeah trumped by you know we talked is indeed Obama. That's not really what I was looking into guys you guys cooked up this whole thing. And in your ads you just really wanted me to I don't know come on arrests trump or something but that's not what we're doing which unfairly these guys lives easier on us now he's not done. Is not a so very others thirteen woes and number thirteen you'll thirteen Russian nationals have now been indicted us. I think it's just you're just making a statement that great but so I don't know. Now I'm sure Putin's well you can get a blood. Maybe some warmer here. If they. How they thought at least this many people were still in Russia but I wasn't around so I'll probably Texas. Romney is running for senate and for some reason that's a big story today I guess because he put out this. Video this campaign video announcing that he's gonna run for senate and people are saying that you know he's taking shots at trump and gas. Kind of this is that Utah has balances budgets and Washington is buried in dancing. You try and exports more abroad than it imports. Washington has that backwards and Utah welcomes legal immigrants around the world. Washington says immigrants a message of exclusion. And on Utah's Capitol Hill. Treat one another. So that's your jab is that people see immigration to its immigration and he says and here we treat people that respect. I feel like. Mitt Romney should win easily think. They like to marry his Mormon people like Matt Romney. The Republicans are angry at him for a mean is that I was such a big story because they think. This this'll this'll. Show us whether or not him going to wore out now or with trump insane this guy's a bad guy he's a bad president. Whether our Republican zero Democrats mutual moon. I think he's running to take Orrin Hatch's seat right isn't he done I just assumed that the beauty when he's likable guy he'd spent three. Clean record I mean does anyone really can learn right he's a Mormon he's from Utah does anyone sheet. Mitt Romney. I would I would just think that it's a red state blessings to red state he's a Mormon. They like him. He should win easily politics. So I don't know. Maybe it's a big deal because once is a senator then he'll be another voice against trump in the senate because there's only a couple of Republican senators you know you got McCain who's from bill and then you've got flaky he's gone he's gone so. And then Florida December and has sold them to the big story. 2 this morning if you. Went online and read the news you probably saw some are older people were sharing pages with pictures of all the victims. You see all those kids com. They showed that that coach too you know they're they're seen as a hero saved a lot of people's lives. Tom did you see this there is a girl you. I shot but he who's pulling the door open for people yeah yeah economy you're home. Did you see. The girl names Elisa. Olive death I think is facing us in her mom GC. The mom on television. Yes you know she's very upset and shoes yelling at trump did you see this your curfew and they're burying her today I guess this is her mom on television talking the president. The guy and they're crazy prayers and just more straight it's a who's who all did not know them window of my child do art as she aids. Just go oh yeah. I could trump. Could do something about eight hours you should I do like trump look. Yes he's been this hard core conservative since he ran for this nomination but. I guess Indiana's I don't think trump trump as a kind of guy who owns a pick up truck and drives around the gunners got wrecked he could come out and say look this is ridiculous. And I don't (%expletive) off a lot of people on his face and he absolutely. Will refuse to do that. Just like you won't condemn you know AK he could do it I feel like he could do they keep coming they lose a lot. But of course at the same time you've got this budget and I don't know how treatises indices headlines say we'll new budget and our cutting funding for background checks were making it easier to only. Changes to gun regulations is there were easing what you restrictions are currently that's the only thing I see Paul Ryan saying this is not a time for political battles on not. It is never the times. I can never really John because you always like you don't wanna do it after a shooting and there's always shooting by the way I think there was a shooting today. I southern school at Kansas it was on lockdown for a threat I don't know anything happening but something happened and Washington State because there was gunfire college do you see this move only to see with the update is Washington's city rush. Shots I just saw this earlier. Highlight college in Washington State on lockdown after reports of gunfire to. This from 45 minutes ago fourteen minutes ago com they're saying. Currently no active shooter Heinlein college sensitive. This is something every day road course and so of course Republicans predictably and said. Mental health mental health mental health and pretend like they care about mental health is the only time they pretend to care Emmental zapper shooting. My god and there lunch. And I. Just today. We look at mourns her woman charged with threatening to kill people elementary school. Is Salomon today. Can I just took Kansas school walked I looked up did they can't. Singh earlier said that that the police to share for someone to put out a statement saying there is no threat now blocked him as a precaution. I didn't know what I don't know what the threat was that causing the trigger locked down. But. And staying put out a statement that said there's currently no throughout. Don't answer your questions from our troops and so pence spoke just a little while ago. And I mean you organize and arm to a midnight February 14 man term groomed nice new error. Are killed high school we go about a couple days ago. Chapman high school unlocked and school evacuation is locked down. And it's just it's never ending yeah. One there what I mean something happen at this campus in Washington today because. There were reports of gunfire and now says there's no active shooter apparently so I don't know if there was never active shooter opens there were gunshots I don't know. The pace gave his speech today and just hold Howard to ago I think. Course saying that will pray for the victims any sense familiar things like trying you know lose. While others are gonna go in and their typical all political battles. Just. I mean this is a very short clip from what he said today but I can only listen to someone's credit turn off. I'm always is in Washington and then in the media will run to there predictable debates. I promise you. This president. And our retirement restoration. Are going to focus. With renewed energy. I'm getting to the bottom of the lessons to be learned in this investigation. Making our schools safe. And taking a fresh look. At giving law enforcement and local authorities to tools they need to deal with those struggling with dangerous mental illness. Jurors mental illness. What other time I've seen people tweeting and I know they it and it is it's is true of the black guy and Arab guy anyone also a little like I commits a crime I've. Oh like this are terrorists right but what I think said. After 9/11 police see to focus on mental illness we're not gonna be thought TSA wanted to make it harder to get on a flight to pin that's not the right way. Two to handle as we need to look in the mental illness if you fly a plane into a building music thinking it's gonna. I'll do damage other and then any time there's nothing is known no other ties up wanna like I shoots a bunch of people right and by the way what are the white guy does anything else. Yeah I'm a white guy raped seventeen women or men yeah. It'll say like he really need to do and his mental illness he's a serial rapists who describes it that's number I think reports and that's it. And it also marks the maniacs are we really need to do is talk to me I'd like this is an illness that's the problem. And it marginalize. An already marginalized or drew. I'd really hate that I. Al Franken. You know he was really really really big. On mentors like that was one of his things and he's gone now and I personally think that that sucks but I just wish someone. Who did you didn't have to have an immediate family member. You know of spouse or child someone to know that. We do need. Are mutually exclusive and it's separate from the right exactly shooting up schools rec I'm not saying that this kid was it. Screwed up and had of course. But no other time do we see the answer is to. On gold. Funded. Psychiatrist. Who what. If you if you crash a plane into a building you make it hard to get on a plane lock the door you your your your wanting everyone to take Rainey he can't have I don't playing note you know what don't take this home rose guy is that twelve ounces this year through San Diego and Louisiana can't bring in your bottled water run on an arrow. But with guns. This is not the time right to have a discussion about guns this is the time have a discussion that we do need to fund. Mental hell yes. But I hate that this is the only time I just talked of course is that there's really no funding or right it's just blow to look over here. Yeah. Another CO rare. It does feel like it and maybe I'm. Hopelessly optimistic it does feel like maybe. Course we're we're we're now at a point. Where that net neagle has moved just far enough where. Enough people are set are eight. No it's a mute not had the support it's it's gonna have to be mothers it's gonna have to leave women. It's an FB white women who vote Republican who suddenly say look whose shoes until they should lose it's just a lesson yet if you're just gonna continue to do. Julie our guys betting right I can't vote for you anymore. They're gonna have to be the ones. Is that. The other side those people aren't very there there. But if we can get enough of those. Those moms to say no this is it feels like we're you know when you see that mother on television clean BCC I get metal detector you simply won't look. The Pentagon bought the gun legally again. He can't buy a beer. But he embodies combined assault rifle right not to mention he now we know that the FBI had looked in them. Just look at his standing in legal look disaster grant three run did you look at that yesterday he had a cut up totally new use torture animals like I'm. Frogs fear resuming gazelle like to emerge on his profile picture if it was him iced at least last I saw they had verified that it was handler. But he had a Bandana around his face covered his face like his eyes with a make America great again had a on. Ups spokesman for white nationalist groups and yet he was one of our right we have people claim that kind of stuff that's terrorism yes he's a fair prices does yes exactly right that is domestic terrorism you look at his feet. Look at these people who say they. Work claiming him all he's a terrorist right and we should make it harder for terrorists. To gigabyte Kansas. Don't you she also worked out by. It's just trolling I disagree got a lot of time ago I mean it only took me fifteen years to do you hear. My first night new carrier and they are now back here truck. Indeed did that the mental illness saying it is when I really feel like it's trolling. Well it's a form of that Nia do you just keep sane and enough that you try and change the conversation and get there's not a decision we just talked about it. And and so I feel like that constitutes strolling in a sense. It's certainly distraction. Beirut as worked up until now and how can you say every single time now is not the time today to discuss it. Again. That no other. Time our history have we said that maybe if if someone. Right close of the building or finally telling us. Boy we just announced not the time to talk about TSA security income don't do that the economy goes let's say like look please don't politicize it. Talk about regulations and banks. Actually shouldn't be doing now politicize economy people letting go and do what it does for a little bit now substitute emotion so cruel and too many emotions all. Okay. Silence all of some well here's how words we open up mail. You tells what they like it or not reveal attacks on nights excise reserve on the male or talk allows relatives and so was trump record company's managers agents man's whatever the case may be a good throughout the week. And we just say for Friday we open it and replace. Pretty simple so it. You Texas 96500 tells we think advisors ask for your age sex location because idea for your NAFTA from people like different things right. Are you wanna do two we played this. Yesterday but there if it came out today now you can find it the new kitten right if you go I think some Spotify and everywhere else write your own reality yesterday you tell us what we like a really ask you join general yesterday and I think users found last song we listen to her yet so tell us Willie like an army and attacks on 96500. It's kitten has called I did it. But your favorite song I think the Carolina fairly soft really I really really really love that can't I she is so awesome British and pasting yes it was great. There I mean we've done a lot of shows that there UN I've known about him but. Every time. She opens her mouth to her singing I'd. Surprisingly this unit grief where can people find that our posts a video she does a cranberries cover tunes as you giants cover its minorities and there FaceBook I think our guys if you go to kittens FaceBook page if you're a fan you should go that it is worth watching. New calling during this Elena it's called growing pains and souls into it it tells what Electra real attacks on 96500. Well it should come down to trying. Today. Clearly in Obama believe in. Yeah what's the he has the I'm so fast you. It's true. Calling it. I collect at an event this year. It's not important but it's far that's not my favorites all right but there is but I do I know anytime I see something from them like idealism that more more more and son myself listening to a more more more. You know I like who I know you like is lower here on who Iran. I listen to us today. This is good does his song I like to so called weight by the river yet lower here on Utah's really like it or not. Via the text on 965 zone results I heard that show at the Truman. So so which is they've moved it yet to salon immediately send him to Midland those delegates are good obviously for guys showed the middle and announced a cornerstone to take originators who. So this is new or your way by the river were opening up now. The. People like that of course that's an easy one. Bora mountains all the way brother ever listened to me over harder I think the song best Como the band's Mona yeah. And that people are gonna do is use does that mood on band two in new in a this is my own MO. And NA yes and this song is called. Kiss me like girl woman just like a woman just like a warm all like like like a woman I think just like a woman dike just like a woman. Now I could like fight like a man kissing or at some point that yeah. I don't. I'm alone that's not my thing a few people like it all up some little really really react like that band. Mona. That was called kiss like a woman fight like a man to say our resources plazas is talking now sizes caucus like to warm. What about sounds like a sailor. Oh you know we didn't. I think we played this. OK this is Kim yesterday right the new news or you know we didn't. I did listen to it it's called dot contagion if he goes what you like they're not real attacks on 96500. Open up ma'am. Ever realize that yeah. If you watch that news fans love us some good news they're just. This is a band that you're dying. Was out like last summer something we were just listen nobody on either come on boyfriend or whatever banner gill all friends I don't love the most my. A lot yeah so that I have listened a couple of signs Alice's son I really like think they're English. Call blocks right lox BL OX acts but they put out any song today called no McCain no McCain now like to solve. Tell us what you think we're overnight mail. This is blocks. Yeah. I. Don't know. Thumbs. It's a little love it don't. Articulate as much as we news dot I am and I'm not sure how much showing how like hit. I think I really wanted to like talk as though like that song that we heard last year so much but I do like that that's gone over McCain. The band's blocks below XX for those viewed it like it. This band I know I had never heard of until this week floor I just I've never even heard the song and is read about it okay it can't have reminds me of like guns. Like you know silver's song pick ups blight may mean I don't that. The band's called for FL OR. And the song's called rely. Our officials are together tells it like it and I'm really takes on ninety size or zero Ramel. I. I like that yeah I actually. Finally Motorola's Droid and it actually really like it band called floor like a cellular arm and maybe. Yeah I'd never heard them like so I ever told this week does he only saw I've heard but I'm an interest in miss Florida signs called the you all transferred and then got a new single a realist is so don't feel the love go. Steal Malone go via. I mean listen to yet I saw it was out this morning and I didn't listen to it yet. Well let's listen join together and you tell us what you like and I'm really attacks on 96500. Because we're opening our mail. Okay. Okay. Okay. Well I think their huge. That. Move you. Tried. Transferred out of it a privilege for intranet cheesy yeah and I think this and is easy to. The national media knew Courtney Myrna people like court in order. Songs called nameless faceless my body gestures lessor Alison two billion tells you like it now. Mean attacks on 96 size or reserve. This.