Friday, 04.13.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, April 13th

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    • Comey's book is starting to piss off Trump
    • Teen trapped in wreckage
    • Energy drink ban
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  • 1:02:33 - Slimfast wants all prisoners to be free

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Courageous man. When all sides. Homeland. Well these dark. Will strike down one of the. Why do a way to do that. Let's just. I think remember how nick great was it nick who used to have a good that I am no I'm really good friends America he's never ask tournament welcome honorable member. My broken rib discerning and Almonte. Didn't easily listen like. We walk by any good yeah Adam Leon whatever front you can be must sunspot that's him. Dance scene and then we asked Mike is that amusing now I don't know I listened to it to get them voted and we had said back then it may do we can do something like that. I was just trying that out when we make love to me. That's how I saw her he said will you have such a mindless. It's also exactly what I sell a lot of I mean as those things out and saying it's something CA said Williams. That's our assets and you turn on the lights sounds like Ronald. It's it still doesn't work we could try something. We'd try something we should just shut drives them to announce something stylish design was the first try. We can try different things from and maybe we just you took Carlyle to put on a blog post Mulally treatment. Nobody's you say that stuff I'm an edge anyway you chart you say spelling and no you say which one review is going to be completely. We want you. Homeless. These are yeah these are no insurers also and that's why you're laughing and I'll have my name court when you serve all I can't wait. I can't wait the judge is gonna take on the view if you look at the judge well you just looked at me which is to say you didn't you turn to weigh in laps. BC how's U haul and said that you what you said to me before turn on the lights and then for you to turn around and it and deliberately. Use false accusation house none I don't know. You've been saying for years and then. Smear my good name I can hear it incessantly times so ankle and outlaws. It's. I came here then that you can hear you say your voice. I have dreams about it and you know I mean there's you know I I'm not responsible for your dreams. Let's find we he's music hasn't been a Mondale Charlie content terrorists aren't some of them are not a degree we listen to them was a song. Maybe that'll get us fired to fired up by just undo what you did okay. Well I was just. Just try something different. But did did she you know woke us up a little bit right got everyone's attention. Why did they got my attention right it's a nice feel like John HRs and that's. We don't need to. DR read in years ago. Do we self preservation. We don't have HRA and we do and I census. But it Dauman seriously. I can't control friend I could I'm. As you were all guys here. I usually know tonight and guys are on to say that other guys right now dazzle us this isn't some subordinate. I'm allowed to say it right it's the board no luck to your office and says. This they can't overlap. That they're not in the position of power and I just want to say that I don't wanna do that okay. I'm not interested and look at and I'd rather not talk about that again okay that's America. I did wait yeah. Won't be no. Action and got the plug on. No or Roma back to an area that I am uncomfortable. I. I think if something's op I'm gonna keep working on the yes but I have something good. Something ready something something that's really gonna get us motivated. Every day and we come in here a little bit earlier we really get motivated. Hope that song repeats the same we can do overs sites at the hands were re do you know. Who's sexier than us nobody. Something like that please talk about today's events what's I think we put the hands and then you're in sports you put the hands on each other circles or. Right and then you throw your hands in the air and what you say you go. And talk about the news please. Change combing. Says Donald Trump. Pass in the so he did not kid you know it's just zero point pay attention. He's talking about PM on people when I'm so. Yes you year old is Pete read the police of and his red light I didn't must not dozens. I sent an email yesterday to someone relational you to scroll down you don't read the answer your question boom and sizes cousin you know we all have our falls much usery scrolling down how much users. Line right so just to be inside this like do you have. And problem was strolling down. But I early psychologist every said he acted like a mob boss knows like I need your loyalty guy and you know I mean he's like here is like something straight out of you know mob movie that he acted like a mob boss you talk about that how he's untethered from the truth but some to simply talked about was just I don't know I thought. Personally I was maybe a little unnecessary but certainly funny said he checked I don't know sizes and speed check disguise on his sentencing him and then he was sure her than him you know shorter than he I think he's a shorter than he and he looked until he's using his unsealed on his and we didn't hit the hands or smaller but clearly a little jab at Tumblr. Also this ties were too long. He said that he had soft white pouches under his expressionless blue eyes and he remembers thinking in that moment and president. Doesn't understand in America is are the FBI's role in American life. Like okay well those are definitely separate thoughts. But he did talk about how we assume that those white. Pouches were from the word from obtaining goggles nobody knew where I mean. If he's really going eighteen song I guess maybe he does we're a little to any goggles and I'll always believe they don't have that same thing missiles and a school around there I think I just assumed his hand was great handsomely by console something over his eyes and silenced your eyes you spray but if you do it every day you might have no I think because he gets really I think you're concerned look really Orange City mics on the cover emphasizing and that's South America. I don't know. But to he dumbed down but he also said that. Trump was. Obsessed with this. You know I'm a German solve there's no way that I would let people pee on each other around me no way usually weird to hear only tuchman is simply did this. Long interview with. Stephanopoulos and in the book comes out. The vote doesn't count until two figures out today. I know one new post said that they can totally out and earlier they had heard about that and then this morning never seen the book is how. Authorities come until Tuesday and maybe it's done only comes on a street. How about to meet with a person doesn't know me he's just been elected president of the United States. By. All accounts and from my watching him during a campaign could be volatile. And I'm about to talk to him about. Allegations that he was involved with prostitutes. In Moscow that the Russians taped it kind of leverage over him. So we said that you don't see a lot less concerned about Russia's meddling in the election and he did his own. A public relations Nancy was talking about draft seen some sort of on press release. Which could we say never seen that happen before the Justice Department's jobs was three separate from. GRN's Ben is our job that's supposed to be a part of that quote he brought up what he called the golden showers staying adding that it bothered him. If there was even 1% chance his wife money a thought it was true. Among kind of marriage to what kind demand is there. Hardly the only of that and I was like that is I knew what kind of marriage. As a woman think. My husband there's a 1% chance this is true allows those with a prostitute. All of them there's only NIM percent chance resident didn't do you I'm James hate if your wife heard this. There's at least a 1% chance or that thanks I'll know exactly Jimmy probably more genuine to have really partly true. 40% private issue goes back and had to go first I think first woman. Whoever you are good whoever you are. Right now you're married you're happily married and someone sends you a FaceBook messages says you know. Your husband Roy was then that puts Israel semi so let's just say your husband was an Iowa. And he paid some prostitutes to pee everywhere and there's video on it I think the first thing is you stole it hits the ground. You know all my god now so that at that moment inch 20% who has the time you start thinking about it you know like okay. Did he do this let 20%. You could 30%. And they struggled here has never bend Iowa all my god. He goes to Iowa just a that my doesn't really did 5815. Shot the fact that this guy again isolated from college in the front does not think there's only a 1% chance. Met a woman married to a man hears that her husband cheated on her only thanks rat. Don't know I'm residents are all women think it's a 100% true. If public about the vote is if someone tells you your husband cheated on you automatically one on rivers I think he. Specifically talking mouth and golden showers thing but still. If someone said like you saves and made a he was in Jersey and then hired some us sex workers and is appealing to other. This house has at least a 1%. Part of her brain is no way to really low are under tremendous 35%. An idea and the over under is 35%. Coming also said quote asking rhetorically I assume whether he seemed like a guy who needed the services of prostitutes. He began discussing cases where women had accused of sexual assault a subject I had not raced. You mentioned the number of number of women and seemed to have memorized their allegations. OK Vinnie talks about going to dinner with trump that night. And how they had urgent and I think they went to dinner. And that they had these little to treat this part about the little slackers on the table for. They were these little. Hackers that you know showed what was for dinner or something I'm usher in the day. These very fancy cars suit writing on them and calmly made a point to say that trump seemed unaware of the term pulling refer. What I've read that I was like all right. This book is just gonna be bashing companies hiding to launch which by the way I'm excited and I'm into the derby I'm definitely interest it is just pass it rocks about how he was watching the television used talking to his staff. And looked up on the TV and say James coming out of gas fired that's how you learned about it right. And she clearly decisive guy he also talks about how after the election he sat Dallack. President Obama and he said Obama was like look I group. I PGB the FBI director because of your integrity and your ability. I want you to know that nothing nothing has happened in the last year. To change my view and Tommy said that he was on the verge of tears he said. To President Obama called boy. Where those words I need you here I'm just trying to do the right thing Obama's response I know. I know. We just kind of praise Obama a little bit and do. Also. He mentioned that his wife. And his daughter's voted for Hillary Clinton and they even participated in the march on DC after Donald Trump's inauguration. You gotta get that feeling that maybe they were upset with him. Jan yeah. After the child relatively good job Jim what did you show up about the emails I guess one thing that the public was mad at me now. Rather easily he thought he was and I am obviously shouldn't on this but also so that he was working on the presumption that Hillary would be. President yet a person and so therefore he thought if I don't do this. And then it comes out later Omega FBI look like we were in on her being elected so he was like look. She's got to win this Sunday June or so that they know that we're independent. You know yeah branch of the government. And then it backfired or at least in more yup yup I'm for Jeff Lenard set up before and that's kind of to go back to that fire fury book every one. Everything that happened and I'll tell Election Day everyone was doing everything based on the idea that Hillary who's gonna win keeps information except for you. And I call that run I remember so that's an okay you know and I got an almost dead ass right on interstate I remember and me total vote count. You will not let us forget I remember John-Michael Moore. Did you see the story about the teenager in the minivan that got trapped did you read this they. So who's in Cincinnati. This sixteen year old boy eight. Gets trapped in a minivan. And a in the BC in the back. Any calls 911. Usually can't reach respond so piece asks you know Syria or whatever to call my mom one. Which does he cannot hear the dispatcher responding to him. Doesn't seem. So dispatchers asking where are you what's going on he's screaming you know I'm trapped I need help you gotta come get me. Okay. This dispatcher. Tells the police and getting this call I think they think it's a girl but either way she's saying. And it there's someone saint she's trapped in a car so they're using GPS. Trying to coordinate where this car is and they get to the area where the cars and searching for the car. They can't find I think the dispatcher was even ask you like what kind of cars but again he doesn't eat you hear what she sang. Sung min. Somehow they get disconnected I don't know exactly how they do disconnected he calls again because I don't want again it's a different dispatcher. And that dispatcher does not communicate. To. Police who were out there are looking hey I've got this person on the phone again whether or not they decedent know what was going on the didn't know authority police in the area looking. What during the second call. The color is specific piece feel information regarding. The make model and color of the vehicle. That was not provided in the in this non wanna call the call taker did not communicate with the caller. Any information from the second call was not relayed to the officers who were still on the scene at the time. Buff so. Obviously takes an even longer to find him when they did find him. Pastor went on us so. I was trying to figure out what. How how what what what happened how do you get trapped in this van right. It's a minivan dollars and sixteen or so imagine you guys for your minivan this down this is just from looking at pictures of watching the story is more I think this is what happened. As misses the backseat of the minivan OK so you're up in the front and you decide to crawl back senator walking now and lifting the tailgating getting a step back I think yeah tennis equipment isn't an impact he wanted to get to. So he crawls back antique rolls over this act like it. Here. Hope this seed. So why this I don't know and that particular fan if it pops like match before you lift did kind of how the stolen go how how messy personal car. But somehow it pops back and now he's trapped. And there's pressure on his chest and stomach and east doc and I can't reach his phone any can't movie can't get up. And so he's calling 911 using his assist now who's Googlers Syria what right. And I think can I tell my phone like from over here to do that I think you can't improve if it's an emergency call yes actually I think. You can do it and it's just like beating your car if you got the phoning your fumbled you can also call you know. Also embarrassed criminals say are you sure you want to DC yeah are you sure I can earlier in this thing to get it turned on I think when we tried a series. Paul last slows down. I don't have your anonymous on. But I think normally it works yes. So I have and if you call. An emergency number doesn't that I think you definitely don't cut. So but he called twice that's a sucks and now they're looking forum and working her dad is set at the I think you depart on a school police were unable to locate the boy on any of several parking lots of the seven school complex. Police said a friend called the boy's parents said he been saying he hadn't shown up. As planned for tennis matches mother used an app to locate his phone. At seven hills they called the county dispatch center and police say teaming number's been arrived. Unlocks his vehicle he was unresponsive and off police and fire responders he knew just before 9 PM. And they are unable to revive him the seven hills school is a private academy in Cincinnati for students from pre kindergarten through twelfth grade it's not a message. Saying that you've been a student there since the sixth grade. That's horrible. Just those types of stories here remember the jags never gonna tell us treasury lean over the Sheridan falsely or some cause heavy enough to walk Q is that you can't move well in even if it's not. I was thinking about that too like how heavy is his seat. Maybe it's also just the fact that you're in a position where you have any leverage right there you're headed there are still going to be a lot to their cells somehow English can't explosion near. And and if there is a release are using at least sixteen he's got some sort of you know yeah current tour. And and then again. Do you. The parents sue whoever made this thing and I think it was a Honda Odyssey. Dishonestly look. We who's gonna predict that. Reaching over this way to get bagged like I every corporation especially in the United States we have pretty you know stringent safety regulations. How do you predict that one all right so the tail gates closed. He reaches over he leans over it just is obviously not easy hunt senior editor recall needs to put things right so they don't tip back. And then it's another thing we hear about these stories like Anton Yeltsin Aaron. That's how well why wasn't so that's dosing solo second guy. He calls a second time in the other dispatcher finds out what to make a mark why doesn't he just why Atlantic Council where of that why isn't healing energy guys trapped NN I don't know I'm off. Selig even though he didn't count. Theater or theater and talk to. The same police officers OK there's some sort of miscommunication. But he should have been talking to some police officers and there's a guy trapped right that's. I mean that that sheriff through every was talking about this is what we know so far I think everyone's curious how do you not know there's a bunch of police now. Searching for a skin and says he first called monoline 3:15 PM Tuesday saying he was stuck inside of me in desperate need of help. But he was unable to hear the dispatchers questions police said in a call back to a cell phone after just connected me to voicemail. Responding police drove through the area looking for signs of anyone in distress the song nothing out of the ordinary in the school complex and they're looking for. I don't know someone. Flailing their arms around looking for help someone trapped underneath the car I don't know what they're looking for but they don't. They could easily driven right by this minivan and not noticed. This as a county sheriff step beyond traffic duty at the school also checked around he called an on again at 3:35 PM. Police said at this time he provided description of the vehicle as he desperately pleaded for help but couldn't hear the dispatcher. And I said the information didn't get relay topped the serves at the scene and he he said to them this is a thing that I somehow my yesterday his quote. Well attended a special is this is not a joke I'm almost dead tell my mom I love her if I die so he knew he was time. This is not a joke and almost dead tell Obama longer find I dive expects you enormous pressure because it's horrible. And South Carolina you remember her we talked about last year maybe the year before there was. High school kid I think you think sixteen and he died he overdosed the corners of the overdosed from caffeine any Hadley care and energy drink and some coffee. Only do many died music sophomore in high school or something. So South Carolina and now has a bill to band energy drinks to anyone under the age of eighteen. I always somewhat out of your I don't know the answer this because I need my kids are not and dominant. They've asked about a I don't I know it's out can you feel like seven years old does Roland in my Red Bull I think signed yeah I think so I don't think anyone Sasha thank you parents he give it to you. I don't think there's anything stopping you from any wrong what is it says only can this is not intended for children get does but. The energy drink. Group whoever it is lobby Dave said they're against this rule and then it discriminates and it's unfair. And they were talking to I would think certainly you're sixteen man got to study there were Red Bull they were talking to doctors and now. How much. Caffeine should of course now OK so I guess the maximum amount an adult is supposed to have. Is 400. Now micrograms milligrams a day or whatever cover they measured the caffeine in drinks. And in one energy drink their can be about 300 took two energy drink dirty over the maximum for an adult but then there's those other doctors saying. Yeah I'll once you're a kid and you're able to start processing caffeine you prices at the same way you will for the rest of your life what kind of sounds like he's saying this goes back to the old. If everyone in America took an aspirin right now 300 people would die from map that is an emotion they asked for this kid probably had some. You know undiagnosed heart disease and a caffeine just. Every inch monitor heart disease that that's they say killed them is it if it did think that caffeine triggered this. Deadly heart incidence. Last April Davis cried a sixteen year old sophomore suddenly collapsed at his South Carolina high school. In the two hours prior he drank a large soda a lot tape edit energy drink. The medical examiner told his parents Heidi and Sean there's son died from a caffeine induced. Cardiac arrest CME says the energy to her fourth remarks. I shot this hurts especially simple innocent. Plus plus and a simple contingent kids. So they his parents support this ban and South Carolina it is milligrams runaway energy drinks contain up to 300 milligrams of caffeine. US Food and Drug Administration recommends adults consume no more than 400 milligrams per day which is about five cups of coffee. But 68% of adolescents consume energy drinks. Most of the Kansas says here they put a label on there this is not recommended for children so I don't understand why we are selling them to children. American academy of pediatrics and the American Medical Association urge adolescents to drink limited amounts of caffeine beverages or none at all. So here's this doctor that I saw earlier doctor James Coughlin easily says. Once you're young child you're going to metabolize caffeine similarly for the rest of your life to be disagrees that concern now that. But I do think its interest you might you said that if your parent. And your kids in the car I don't think there's an aged and disabled I want out knocks you like talking like Allen seven of my right. I cannot shut up nausea seven nonsense. She turns dry you can just bring him mows down a dozen sugar added I guess this particular one does and it's right shirt Newsweek Dassault just give a man. I think that's what's your calories they're very new I earned. What happens is and how does that kid do they say how many nods is did you did you get your rival is aware of because. You can give yourself another link but you see people and as they've I guess probably showed average at a debate but. People and Americans cope. My mom do. I was a kid I remember remind my my friends and how little siblings it would drink pop and Imam Hussein. So and so let's your kids drink pop look at their teeth I can't believe like my friends or sister or drink Coke out of one of the city cops she grunts. A lot of my tenure allegiance euros and when I was a kid at another change this girl can AMOCO but he can't handle when we played solid and energy drink on adults after soccer that's what we guy and I think now you said that they do a juicy stuff after games. Brussels pop you know whose turn it to bring pop today yeah. And so when we open those cool as ever but I can't remember being you know an elementary scores are going to walk to a store and getting jolts. Yeah Joseph Paula those who have being unreasonable is sending you know highest and I can't be allowed by law I was like cool. I might have sold fireworks on the bottom lines like it was one of those you know they really I do this and you know. Shoot to the moon did not an original on the well thought it was great Georgia hello I don't have a jolt. Now my mom just said why that's gross margin custom doesn't taste and I remember saying that we had in school I think it was elementary school definitely. I don't we had no windows or social Jolson associated come and go right didn't feel original. Trying I see one every now and then I'm sick and spent a couple years but I think this'll around certain places. But you guys took note goes to school right of the caffeine pills. And our guys where Obama did I mean I think we got in trouble and I don't coffee in the morning right I don't even remember feeling anything from a I drink coffee every day. It doesn't. Energizes me that I can tell the only thing I can tell as if I don't drink it because I am addicted to I guess I do get a headache late in the day. If I don't have. But that's really I don't feel any less tired. I don't feel energized her focus. Will you worthy. I just a regular check yeah I've been dreamed for so long as I've seen obviously if you gaga didn't get coffee you wouldn't know sometimes I don't and then I just get a headache I forget that I didn't have Al get a headache later but I don't feel like rog. Anymore Alonso I can feel off. I don't know so the problem is how to how what I look at is so rare that I go without it but there are days. Regular really bad headache and go on and that I drink. Copy today and then I realized that I didn't now. The other thing is I know that are people who work here lies Steve. And there's a guy who used to work here I guess he's not here anymore members I mean he was constantly up there at the venue machine. Getting those giant energy drinks. He did a couple different constantly and you just yet you drink until you drink them I don't wanna get at least one you think one no 100 in May and June longhorns back I would just I mean he cost him the brother. I remember my brother saints and the one time about well I got to work Macs are for our jurors on this new grab three of these energy drinks and I don't know that they would help me I think if I drank well and drink it makes you feel tired I start to kind of crash from all that tomorrow do when really there. The only time I remembers when you challenge me and wrinkle red lows in the fridge Monday. We went to a show that night and I don't really feel any differently. And then probably three or four hours is I had won and someone that we work with a real low. Do you still like Red Bull. Packers are sweating. It's a thought pretty good now you've. I think February energy drink go girl who's a bunch of them of their right I never have them do whatever they look let's go check arrows I have a look I am one and I know I see you drink your children out there and ours around 315 and like a monster or on a younger one you know monster right I don't know surrendering but they've got like knots and rebel now Starbucks makes like actual energy drinks. Can we go we get there once. An open mail I'd love Obama. Now here's how large we get mail sent to us throughout the wake of Scott music and it. It can be from managers bands agents record labels you were doesn't matter which had to replace you tolls really like it or not. Via the attacks on 96500. Very simple concept. Let's start. Did did journey times how much he loves his teenager lists on I like it as I well did you wood and I feel like I I like it and when I can Richardson he couldn't is imposed an awesome sure we'll play this. For mail today. I don't know what do you think you think people like it. Yeah I think so. I hope so it sounds. Very ninety's rocked to its cool I think I like it can be Renaissance Goldstone Malone. It tells really did attacks on nine subsides or is there and. Teenage dress I like it. Stone. Alone. Some volatile last album. But that's OK you know like a solemn I think it's a little replaying from. Slide away that's that song sounds similar really is similar but I really like that's a good man that set teenager risked new teenagers. How about new. And so much stuff and hear what about new rule. You do mention there death yeah you do yeah yeah violent city. I feel like they're not really judge unidentified girls are. My eyes. The. I value I got a school mentioned Harris called violent city. Like out. Knew who truly emotional attacks on like it. A Morgan seems to you know this song just your friends. Feel like I've seen is a sheet. Focusing on TV. It's. You're honest he recently sure. Affect on the other summits a year Morgan say tells it like an obvious attacks on 96500 opening mail ooh. Poor. He can. Her name. Come on. Ease. And there are. He loves you need to. Name. Okay. Thing he would do. He did. And my. You can be really. Only. Playing so well maybe it's humorous to scale. And you. Could it can't even. Patsy rumor. All the Chris yeah. And seven PRQ. Promise me. We're saying we do. Our. It's. Thanks very. Like etched. It's all right love it I really like it does song Sox those the last five touch. When you tanked and sucked the saudis are such darkness that I go I can you talk to sergeant Jeremiah live in 1975. And I don't hate the ninety right in five although he always reminds me of the 1975. Via. Now I vacuum and I usually I'm just come out solid vet to me and I looked like elegant sound all right. Let's see this through song for you do you remember a couple of weeks ago every little bit longer so on human votes that. Who listens song goes he goes and so he played for Maine and even into your office and played it for you. Oh this things this is only going to and views on YouTube it's going to be huge this is. Big thing. So I'm sitting here this morning assault Australia became huge player and I think I mean he played separately for us and I was in the studio this morning listening to music to people of sent right is going public palace and to see if I recognize anything seem anything stands out. As the the song. I think they oppose us on our side again I really like the song so then I got to look at it don't recognize the name look at up. Damning is that guy that's O'Connor told me was good and told you was good and I think we both had said. It took kind of cool this is a different song that they sent us the same guy remember is it still woozy is the name of the artist right. Still William and pledges from him and yes he did. Because he email. I'm really excited about it for me and I'll tell you what what I say this is a song he went as far and actually I was standing there I walked him when he was interviewed this is what the YouTube video looks like. And he played us who were seen that image and never so I want to anybody who viewed as he played for me that morning that this is a different song. It's called Lucy. And the band is called still woozy and it's featuring. A moody which is I don't scare these are rappers like Nigerian Canadian something but. This is the band the silicone. Told this was going to be huge and it we were gonna love and now I do like the song different song where I really like it our country takes us into it. Me. Have. Yeah. Okay. He complete this guy's ankle felt so I'm. And thank you listen you know. May. Okay. Still woozy. And I feel like the tax line at least some of them touched a new Phoenix sun. Sounds like Phoenix or OK I can come here just like Trinidad Cody Gary minute chance rapper a little bit there at the end. I thought it was good I think it's cool. I'm sounds like Phoenix right yeah Canada's I didn't think that these senate vote. And I'll like it. Everybody likes it here as solid Phoenix GM. Your voice could yep it is OK okay you as cellular voice. What was the song you played for us was it goodie bag yet was that song he played for us tonight. And they. Yeah feminist I'd say I'm glad we got on the women's tour. No. Tackle now I wanna listen to more of that bygone I didn't Carolina I'm in Phoenix Saturday. Carolina running and I like it is very you know an area and north Phoenix yes. You said you like this when ranked Carolina I was I don't know if they like him but I do like it there. I'm sorry com. SXSW. And it was like those everything you want like those old. Satin eighties running shorts my way of Sox pulled up when red stripes on them run the knowledge old Nike running shoes and I had banned the whole thing. I'm not a lose like all right if you're gonna do a duet and shoot edit I thought it was cool. All right let's let's try I Jews are reminded us yet exactly sold number five. Senator pretty split people who donated or love and I think more people really love it but that was awesome escrow all right I was real. Rarely go out there. I loved it LeRoy you I like it. It was cool as a cool Rahal and in seeing aerial like all right via the court again it. No make a bath I don't know how it. To pronounce his nickname because it's like an OMB. ERC study goes around me. Capital and lower case so thin capital and capital be lower case. No ol' mom may be. I don't really know so you run. But his name's C is Israel name ninth. Guesses no make Beth from guys German but now he's based in Los Angeles. And this uncle Tom it features big data big data big data or. If you guys are disks and the up would you like to do for male I wouldn't. All right. Nolan and that's no tells really like get an ensemble concert site because there. Maybe there's more. Crime hi. Soledad for the most people like it. I was gonna cool. So come as school Tex signed. Cut some likes it. How about. Another car seat headrest song. I like I spent a lot. Bodies let's listen do we tell William I'm really takes and as a child goes up. Would end. Mozilo. Well is it. I love it here and school. Garcia and I love the event. What was named Alan bodies. All right I know a lot one more for male or rabbit up whatever news is good now have a lot of the moon permanent general right yup. Should any info on national and what is open this thing has been going go get it fixed so that last week about not Friday. With that as trauma section. Sources on this well. Formed I think his knife crossroads com Tuesday July 31 at crossroads they don't tickets available lines it's by the both dot com. Walked alone tells it like it or not. Churchill who has slowed. This is from last night. Mothers obituary. Helps officers nabbed at 1981. A prison escape beef here's a picture. Says do you understand I don't caption I thought that was a mother's picture and how much now that's his picture. Oklahoma City the US that is a handsome woman. The US Marshals Service has a woman's obituary helped agents captured her appeared fugitive son for decades after he escaped from an Oklahoma prison. The agency says 58 year old Stephen Michael Paris was arrested without incident Thursday at an office in Houston where he worked under pseudonym. The agency says investigators tracked him down in Texas after a newspaper obituary for his mother listed a son in Houston. Named Stephen Michael Chavis. Fingerprints confirmed his identity. So he escaped from the jets done correctional facility in muskie. 1981. He escaped after serving nineteen months of a nine years sentence for drug possession and distribution. He was also feature on the Oklahoma department of corrections most wanted list. You know Communists say it looked history he's free he's very can we please agree on this one he's free this. He left in 91 I'm sorry guys as they got in any trouble sons right he got away if you find out that he's doing something now he's up to no good in charge him right but he served nineteen months of a nine year sentence for drug possession and distribution. Duty got away. That's so mall that's like. 3537. Years of him they knew I agree there's some until that like any got away and didn't do any wrong so right these are improving exactly did this society hill. He yes and why does mom what does not and she noticed it personally I don't know who wrote the obituary I wonder because she's dead so I don't know who wrote it is murder and other than again maybe another theme remember they know is demand nor is his image changes name what it says that it great that they do and because Thompson just look at draw obituaries for names. May what do they know what that was is mom and maybe even looking for maybe because he was owner of funeral something you don't let me let you be too since he was on the most one Elissa wanted to maybe that name coming up. You know doing something on the computer like hey this guy analyst flights. I mean it's Hebrew almost wanted to people it says that he was featured I don't know when he was feature but it says he was feature on the OK a lot of winners from president and away. Right that's a bat to let. To back on essentially become the most wannabe I was brief I don't like I irksome is that when you run from a copper so an opinion I don't like that it's OL call you got away industry. Yes but this guy got was free travel along he lived in fear of being caught. He had to go by different name which also means it probably limited his job prospects what he was able to do for all these years. If he's had trouble this guy should not be going back to gel now I'm glad to see you guys agree with me on the he should. I've yet but you know and I think he does have to pay back. But I honestly like I think Diaz lady has some time to do but that turns for him should be spent like he should have to go. Two police departments are detectives. On the weekends and me like man this is how you get away. OK guys are looking in the wrong places like he should tell them how he did it sure he lucked. Are you got away go back to your family well Friday night. At 7 o'clock. We are coming in you're gonna have these long discussions and all these people who are looking for people who are lauded and they're gonna help us find him in tells how we do it I feel like that's fair. A pilot that I don't I'm going back to prison no I don't you Hiram like Leno and our very own country if you cannot find. It's below looking less than some heard child ought to silverlight. If you escape verb ten plus years your verdict. That's on his game. Yes it's like again I think if you did if you said valued at a lot more people trying. Maybe but it may easy to escape by yourself people running over the fence every day it's a man I gotta do is get away from us monitor relevant to encourage our presence of bill by the securities and it also encourages SKB's Olelo locus if he's his Leila long enough. And don't get any trouble you might beat this thing yeah. And I have actually said that I don't I don't. I don't personally make the exception for murders they were they got away to penny of it's it's like forty years and they got out of prison early ERM mass murder. You know it's like when they take they guy and a court he's 95 years old ninety kills someone in 1953 in my ploy. What other guys I was what do you do what about the Nazis I would say just Nazis finding got to take the Nazis are still living not even if he's a 102 and you take cannot see. And yet you punish them back I just die before serving us I saw it. I'm sort of the opposite. Ideas than not he's got an hour ago what wildcats. He's five years is like twelve little luster muscles and improbably. I just say it just taking orders. Know the history is written by the winners knotted none of this happened but I. If you're getting some of these huge names or in part of that well as what they did you pull some of these guys lied I don't know what he did it was a bomb went. They got it does not a five year old guy down they did ninety's semi rural guided they arrest of the last couple years he was apparently responsible like he was highly it was a very yeah I have run the guy taking credit records are here's Ali's blow leveled jacked gases until it all right well. Like you know there's a lot of Nazis still living in Germany you'd that fought in the war like milestone I've met like I think a transcendent. Both of my host Brothers grandparents were not as I met both of them. There's super nice guys and they didn't seem upset what's made it seem like you know. You look at damning and it of course it's weird to watch that guy he leave it the first time it happened a team breakfast with his failing to just under everything was sound like we're defending Nazi I'm. It is a weird thing and you realize there's a whole bunch of motor that just like any other country they lost the war belt still live over the aren't exactly and now the guys who were responsible for killing people for war crimes of course yes they should be punished. But do you ever think if you killed some 11951. And now you're 95 years only get what you you killed someone and I think I guess I also think it's been too long for you to prove your case convincingly I don't need add on that is true dragged up from -- and I think elected Amerigroup occasional Jews escaped or saw OK sometimes this usually comes up the wanna when they catch someone I guess trash who they never caught and I say man. They're gonna try his 1% and happened in the sixties look at the cut DB Cooper is on the right unlike me and you have enough evidence. The this'll cold case you think this is your guy and this happened 55 years ago. And. Ten years seems simple none other juries and years. Ten years for murder no way that's too little that's not enough I'm Sears our escape thirty years firmer if you escape for nonviolent crime. Ten years. Yeah continues its ten years now I think we're always I'm not number I said now I'm back on anything over what your sentence was being guaranteed so this guy was supposed to serve nine years he was nineteen months and well then if he escaped for another eight years nine years yeah any balls and doing math my sister that way. Well you know what you time to put it is time he was supposed to be imprisoned is overweight but they catch you one day before the new got to do the full mine again I guess does this accident I need to think so is throw drive like a it was a more you know hard and fast rules. But the murderous thing I think should definitely different this guy and anything involving kids of course and think of all the kids I don't want statue limitations get a shot but. This guy was a drug guy who would nonviolent offender possession and distribution yeah drug stuff yeah that's the none none none he got away guys it's like when a targets when a police chase and I told you last week week before that happened imaging is of my car got away. Our guys then you gonna spend any time going to look for him now they got away that's when I want to be Figo does that never happens and gets away. I don't want HTVs out looking for up a car that fits the description pulling people over know if you can get his license plate number you don't know who was. He's gone the other way too bad. Mr. chance. I don't so it feels. And now I don't think we should never try and capture. Yeah I haven't really is I don't just run right now I'd rather have them just got a license plate and go find them later. Then drive through the streets and honor I did well and our players and our enticing them to like man you've got it wrong I do off the road right now or he gets away so if it got to slices for his understanding yes he'll get but if you don't have. I have the plate you're going out some description here's stopping random cars don't forget it. Forget it you chase is guy got away from these 250 couldn't keep up. I don't know maybe your department Easter cards is something. We got away. I think that all goes back to I just like the idea that may be sometimes. You can get away you can hide. You can you can be off the grid and not be found this guy treated just off the grid for almost all here's what who wrote a thing. The obituary half I don't know. How mad was he when he saw that he must and that's what if you rent and security. Yeah I have no idea who wrote maybe just a soft after forty years but imagine being in this guy's AG saw pictures fight well late fifties. Imagine being his age. And the cops comes and we got you man. And now you're gone back to prison you've been doing data entry or whatever you've been done you been free. For the last forty years and now they're gonna see you back for drug possession. And I'm guessing they're gonna charge him with is there a law about evading you know being on the Lam this problem is that extra sentencing now do you get more trouble again yeah. That's another charge offs escaping prisoners in Little Rock wall. Of course the public but that's all that's labeled the law also tall and that. That they you know what I shouldn't be against the rules it's it's human instinct to wanna escape prisons human nature it's natural order escape prison. I just read today that it's not illegal in Germany. What to trying to escape is gonna imprisoned on German DA should envy. I mean you've since eventually you wanna escape you gotta get out of it did in prison isn't illegal in Germany in Germany I just rather see this thing again. How how. While a lot how why like they're still gonna come jellies inside an extra charts so there's that's gonna question of what. The seems illegal but isn't more on the top answers was escaping prison and Germany. I didn't fact check in Mexico Germany Austria the law recognizes that it's a basic human nature to try to escape for freedom they have acted escaping itself is not a crime. Although he may be punished for other crimes you commit during your escape you are not punished pretty active escaping prison aren't. I like that you guys trying to get the Geneva convention doesn't say you have to try to escape if you're taken by. And like at all times. You have to try to escape your Prisoner of War there for awhile you have to try to escape conflict constantly goes and no matter what do you must try it was a day not me. I'm all right a Catholic and not go a long hours as it's written down somewhere that you have to always tries I can't believe people still escape if it seems like a prison I'm thinking well as knowing I'm getting out of here. No way that goes for. Regular present day goes for Jackson county jail and it goes for a Prisoner of War as soon as they've gotten me. I'm just is not give giving any hope that I'm gonna get out of this was. And it was that Dwight Yoakam that is good prison Dwight Yoakam wasn't wasn't him or someone else I don't think Dwight Yoakam went to prison like other there's an old country artist who escaped and became Karl hackers something Merle Haggard I don't know was he may have for drugs or something I think he's scheduled he built himself into a desk and X gave him and started his music career. I didn't know that if I give you all of you that's right. Tom Merle Haggard was sent to San Quentin prison after being convicted virtually any attempted to escape. Are now. Says the attempted an escape here on. Steve attempt was transferred. While imprisoned in Iran is left is expecting. Him well as long drawn agreement that guy yeah he's very. Laszlo says his punish treasury has to help the cops commercial learn to capture people who have been invading that spot right like on the weekends or something right size and Andrea full time gig. Just you know service yeah a few hours Saturday one week in the months. Of two weeks a year. Whatever it is and you can help out and that's it that guy no one wants to pay to put that guy back in prison no way now. Not entrusted unless it was still like being asked about if he broke rules you broke the law that's fine. You guys think you're trying to escape prison. What would you look around and size up I think I could get his bread truck and I don't there's no way you do that. I would think about it yet but you would do you think there's any part of you that would attempt at like go through with the attempt. Like if you're Salmons on the circumstance Michelle Mason and I think I got this figured out Thompson still life in prison on an asset. Ultra right. It is the life why not try I saw about that is not the fact that I don't have any hopes I'm going to be able to escape success again it's the circumstances if you're sentenced to life MA ID or cannot and also do. Here's an except life in prison. Now not like July going to escape. The sweet sweet sound of death of and a look at an apparent. Yeah.