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Friday, June 15th


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The righteous man. On all sides. Your homeland. Well leave dark. Was strident tone of the. Yeah stay out how how are you fantastic scenario I'm great mental problems and he years. So weekend now and nice and I thank you this weekend Sunday night and. Any big plans. No Apple's already. Like to China to pool at some point portion. That's it. And come mind to work. Which fools are going on and I do serves there. Sounds nice. Yeah she's still have a pool lake in the club and yet sounds. Sounds nice and that would right. Be out of place there are you sure I'm positive front. I think there's the kind of person looks like their member in his kind of personal security test this time. Here Hansen demo I give you. Did you hear the news. On the and a four. Why did and tune Jim you're going to jail. Judge sends home in afford to jail pending trial. So this is for witness tampering I listened to love. A legal expert on the news earlier but she says. Team. Tried to convince. Witnesses. To maybe change their recollections about things you think well I don't know that. Were they following them at someone save it. Yes we do that apparently this was all in emails was kind of hard for ended argue when they got the emails I guess he's asking people to purchase. Changed their recollection who knew that witness has gone on me. And at least according to the government is and that could see how well he was out on bail. What is I would another person what communicating. Wage potential witnesses give chase everybody bear recollection. If you or else how why can't going. Loans between on the show and your result is you're the one. You do change their testimony. You have a real problem. Yet so that's a real problem. Like I said apparently. There's emails if it's a video now you were almost to the point where there's speed is innocent and let's face. My Riley isn't on that's audio on Sunday that side with her but emails are still kind of I was thinking about that. Today because with this new technology we can take ten minutes plus those voice and just happened say whatever you want and now. We've seen these demonstrations from the governor is saying now right general like trump. You know tried to simulate like I was an even in excess Hollywood body because now I can't always alone in a row so what's. And that's really going to affect John's not yet but we're really close and seen these demonstrations of these videos of their making of well. Key or appealed and that PSA about hey you need to figure out where news coming from a knee took Obama's face right created this speech that never existed with him. He was leaving mussina yeah. The technology that allows you to create Obama speaking it was just him do an impression of him and it was. Truly good we're getting close but the email things like they can still I don't know. Should the IT I can right click on the female figure out when it was sent. Where was sent. Who opened it when they opened it. You guys think you knew that he was being watched that they were gonna wanna look at his emails. Probably you know junior down. And I wonder what they say on Fox News about this because obviously Fox News spin very adamant about the idea that this is a wit China. Investigations gone on for far too long you know there's political bias that report came out yesterday and their. Using information from that to say this whole thing. Is a sham and nieces and let you got a guy going to jail I guess as I saw trumps it was a very unfair. Fair is fair. That's his go to. I feel little badly about it. Sunnis and feels badly. Sherri can help them along on. The cardinal running cash we'll leave. Jerry Barnum summer intern insurance. This. Debacle at the border separating parents from children. You can tell me that this has been going on for twenty years and nobody talked about it nice sound sound. Sure you know there's a sings if you get really angry at the current administration I see this it's almost insane so yeah. So I don't think though that this was going on week there's certainly acting like this is a new thing when Jeff Sessions said this is what we're gonna do. They talked about how would be a deterrent you know it's. If you force a loss separate parents and children. Lot of people unhappy about it. Lot of people think that it's cruel and unusual man and so I guess Jeff Sessions decided trying use the Bible to defend. This policy I did see them. Parents from their children and and done Sara Sanders she didn't have a great day yesterday because everybody was after this guy Brian Carroll might never heard of them before. I went to his Twitter account sizzling as CNN and calls himself a player whites of your report main reason though White House during the press briefing he starts asking Sarah about separating. Famous pieces don't you have any empathy and they will not rely. Yeah it's. And TV series that I'm not anti ought to turn the Phillies at all. I really like get Smart. Forward. And so that happens. Then Jim cost he wanted to ask about this using the Bible. To defend this policy. He's the chief White House correspondent for CNN join us lots of things news people here share in the our administration alerts. Kind of tries to find a way to use the Bible to finish just says look I didn't hear exactly what Jeff Sessions follows I don't know I don't wanna Specter and out of this whole thing. Became a Twitter moment I'm guessing because. Of these two things Brian and her young each other and then Jim asking her about the final here. Suffered its. Vacation this in the Bible. Were you say in the Bible. It's very biblical to enforce the law. That is actually repeated a number of times throughout the Bible however as the apple I'm Jim again I'm not gonna comment on that attorney specific comments that I haven't seen in the Bible. And I have no it's hard freedom understand that aren't even short sentences like yes but. And please don't take my words out of context. But the separation of illegals fan aliens namely there is a product of the same legal loopholes and Democrats refused to close. These walls are the same that have been on the books for over a decade. The president is simply enforcing them. So I got from that is that. It's hard for Jim Acosta to understand even short sentences and. Some Democrats don't. That sound about right. By. I'm fine. Did she also say that she's not. Retiring at the end of the year doesn't earlier this week they said that her and then deputy Press Secretary were both kind of resign at the end of the year. But I guess she's sitting down on us. I'm not going. I have no idea what goes on the border we don't live and importers have never lived in a border state not familiar with the issues but it does seem that you're separating. Families who shoulder rests illustrate about a guy who is trying to find his and his kids got separated from the many killed himself and I just think. Perhaps to Deane. No matter where you stand on the issue their hands around here is some sort of under way and what is separating someone and saying we're really doing I saw a story. Yet. Think in two these old wal mart's got one of them is an all right mark that they converted into this detention center and they take ditches and new kids sometimes that they say there I think they send. And that story to navy only five or 10% of those kids are actually separated from their family. But these stories about whether or not kids are being locked in cages right Dutch fans being disputed as dry I think there's definitely a picture has been going around that is fit runner son it's kids and that's from the Muslim MSNBC was. Going to look at this child care realities. Of the yeah and it's not the cages there's just a few others for a little it's. 2000 kids. Yeah. Weir yeah. Jail meats yeah. DC I'm seeing what is accounting Mukasey will Obama did this bush did this claim did this were only topic. And I would say Hala that's horrible. I think that's horrible. I haven't heard anyone saying I just hear them saying well this is because the Democrats. Refused to. Come up with some sort of policy on immigration. So we're just enforcing along. And it's a little. Weird when. That does that detention center in Texas is really a senator got turned away right he went to go look you want to go check it out. Com. He's from Oregon I can think he was saying senator from Oregon and they turned him away he can command again I don't know what the rules are maybe that was a publicity stunt feces and Democrat. I assumed in the movies. Senators are these super powerful. Guys and gals right seems like fate. Have access to most of us stuff that they wanted to go see what was going on board they should be able to. Yeah. So there are producers keep saying yeah I love numbers forcing yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. They're beaten to fall yeah. Actually it's it's been dispute OK senator Jeff Merkel. He went to this controversy you have an abortion as Washington. True not a Mexican border cities yes and it's true. We're crossing into Mandarin and I did. It was an easy to crush yes and they stop your corner yes there. And my passport. It was a little bit harder getting back. Lost or out so. Well from Mexico. Yeah hours if Rex is for Canada now I think it's the I think it's even harder. And candidate I know I mean islands and Michigan which is a more serious moral Thomas always harder to get an intense sometimes it turns around like you know any real business here. Your kids like forty bucks your pocket you know try to get a high LeBron at the around the league comeback in the guy. Standing in the side of Detroit really what happened in my big toes we. Really and they business they're just gonna get drunk in hindsight now I just come back and lead to tell their sometimes. And Mexico gonna need this and it's been looking. Yeah. We got stopped on the way back in the United States and Canada because this and how many hours and even in Canada it's you know six or seven. What did you buy and invite any top. And they're like well you can buy anything and I said unknown and like are right out of the car slid in pulled the car over Homeland Security comes in looks the car. That comment investigation oldest and blue base electric car. It began traveling around analysis of fish tumors of the movie is a little. And this is indoors and find this wow. He's. Yeah. Yeah and make sure wasn't so. Okay the neighbor who attacked. Rand Paul. Yeah you remember this last fall. Records show 59 year old who Shea became angry when he saw Paul stacking up pile of brush near his property. He agitated neighbor ran into the senators yard and tackled him breaking several of his ribs OK so remember that. I don't know if you saw that this week we got details about that story. If this is true. Is no. Okay it's it's a little more details now so this guy remain Sharia lives thanks sort of ran home he says Rand Paul start stacking up. Limbs right on the property blindly branches that have come down things like that as it. He asked him to get rid of it. Rand Paul doesn't get rid of it so visually this neighbors just fine and I'm gonna get resist resist high assurances. Yeah he's playing Paulus Paulus stacking on the range on the property line and neighbors saying can you please get rid of these what are you gonna do these. So eventually the neighbor gets her legacy loans and his truck and take some gets rid of them or Rand Paul starts doing it again. Okay thanks Ali gets up to certain amount of time and this is what was on I saw people talking about Iran none. Twit this week so I don't know if this is all true this is the account that they're giving his account Saxon beginning gets rid of it right. I guess the third time stacks up he gets so frustrated he goes outside. And tries a lighter on fire as he doesn't want a bloated up in driveway saying I don't know burn it. And as he goes to Bernie. Burns himself on out pretty badly so managing your already infuriating and I fire now even the yeah. Now you've turned yourself he probably had gasoline in his throwing on this thing right and he's burned himself so now we should do this and run and yeah you've got a little of that yeah you're always going on should I usually got a really nice house doesn't. I was so I imagine a nice neighbor I see Rand Paul probably lose and Eisner I think the only reason. Outlook yeah. He burns himself so then he goes back inside at some point he sees Rand Paul there's like ashes I guess this this pile did burn. And now Rand Paul is dropping more weeks. Highly and and then this is the final straws at some point he's Molina doing something and he starts blowing some of the leaves and stuff towards this guy's probably from man. That was the moment. Snap. And I assaulted and I'm sure I'm insulted a senator when is he broke some reason here and Paul is not hospitals furlong you. Well he was sentenced today it's thirty days in prison for attacking enroll. I know like you offer senator. Didn't seem like you know it's they were originally said that they were they were trying to get at 21 months in prison sentence for him. And he said how about probation. And has settled on thirty days I think he's a dumb question I know June. Tune in your car and a male that's of federal bench is right yeah. And a federal employees yeah I would definitely be frightened if I ain't got into an altercation. It was eight. Federal senator. And realize. The same I don't think you as breaking the red zone at lunch and now more high profile guests. I don't know maybe you walk in the same building in tournaments and different do Linda's sitting in your backyard that's probably you have to Syrian yeah. Or yeah. He's not allowed to have any intentional contact rim calls handling. Any S and perform a hundred hours of community service got pretty easy. You don't ask. I do I thought when news. All stacked and stuff on his yard now indicated apparently was close to Jackson it's in Rand Paul's yard to let this story sounded like but it's on the property line. So he's within is property but he stacking his cramped up. And never does anything with that if this account is true. You never doesn't lose or some sort of homeowners association Ely. Neighborhood like that they would tell you can get it eventually I guess you can take advantage and his. It's. No they don't you tell your long they can tell you clearly have you Nader. On the around the association can. And eventually maybe the city at some point and reducing its. That's and that's something new guys brand. New Jersey does ask your. When it comes only assists in Houston took people's asses for minutes or so yeah. Yeah I go to jail for three days which is. And time. But that's clearly did that story is true it's clear that Rand Paul was. Doing this in the Somalia just goes around and throw twigs on the news being brushed lose vision under age. But you know why not start. Who knows RNA was doing them admitted they English and French music really loud and Iverson. And here and I you know zillion and because. Rasmussen. I simulate Synnex and. Wasn't there at us. There was a senator who says on key component. Somebody who claims her. That was pretty good human history. The end ice and you Greenland ice. It is yeah. He said IQ I spiritual. Look comfortable. There was a senators at senate. Maybe it was a congressmen think it was a senators and I can totally see why. Ground balls close to Yahoo! laws and of course. Yeah I think I don't know and here's an optometrists are something is how or was it was an owner of optometrists and I feel like I'm close to my doctors leave now a lot of demand falls and time. Unless I thought in his neighborhood and reading news. They're good Liberal Democratic Party I never saw any day. I don't use the liberal but I never saw its. That's and it's not straight is never thought I wondered if they had political b.'s latest indignity personally didn't like Rand Paul because. You disagree with him politically. I can totally see Rand Paul Dana. Live return to lunch Maya are not a diversion wherever and component. Knew how well that's a Jason white in color concept forget speed up. Lunch we usually soft rush we really do involve tax funded security and turn. You're right it's really. Yeah right is that it is my right is my house jealousy and doing things you're I don't flip side that he called the socialist police department to come Russian. I called social and on student news I'm guaranteeing. Is that universal senator health care fixes roads. Album which is wellness plans can be taken it's your coverage of the admin undercover guy universal health care some rich. If I'll trade means and leaves. And shrubs five foot 910 feet long on the property line. And what was the same piano Rene Rene called Doug Pyle unsightly. After several weeks each. Picked him up to them to a forum sponsored I don't know move some. There October Paul reconstructed that file. So then again Renee hasn't removes. And then in November. It happens again so that's when he pours gasoline on the pile sits on fire. And get second degree burns on his arm neck and face and point yourself to essentially when you win your angry at something in your house. English Sunday ending you hurt yourself even more. Some horrible season your various. I gotta think if he's lighting this thing out in the yard people probably Som. He's out there swimming around and so. Did you guys have done. In our district. The kids. Now are you ever had and I am. Right there. We had a I think we'd download and on line. It was like a big deal at the time to sit and that was a fairly new and the fact that we were able to find it because we journalist rumors and. If you go to the bookstore they'll sell it even better border area shows up and you know. A black sheep like a Playboy would and you automatically. Cavs and the FDIE output you wanna listen I want your caller yeah. But the one thing I remember reading through that whole block. Was. The match matching bone as a member and it's just all yeah I don't know we should give instructions on how to do it. But there's instructions and they're about how to make a tennis ball gone out and that's mystics. And tell. Apparently somebody did that it can you talk what they weren't counting on is that they can pick it up. And thought that it was a Pokemon long. I don't know why you wouldn't just think it's a tennis ball but he's really young and he thought it had something to do with. Pokemon and and I'm fresh attack. We'll tell you none of us feel and and I. Can't imagine not good fun game. Sound like it does Shaq go off. We came outside didn't sub but to smoke or the neighbor's house they ended up being tennis balls film match heads having a little striker on the inside the mall so if it was it would have to be thrown pretty hardy and then they go off prince. You can't denounce yeah. But could take an opera singer emotionally it was a pretty. Nerve wracking my wife this so shaken from it. I imagine it's like sitting in the house literally shaking thinking clothes in his little bomb. Did you ever make any that we see in him the book written the did you ever make. Tennis I'm unsure explosives sure fire crackers you can solutions okay. To the ball handler and shoot out. She's not just on fire and every night mr. Hirsch we try to imagine it's a lot more matches than me plan originally. Drives on them. Sean on the street and each other. Yeah Lincoln it's. It's time voters picture. He's. It's. Loudness and spears he was. I don't know easier guide you suppose some liked. And maybe it's. Like the oriental spears left the room getting very close and it's. Same guy yeah The Beatles air rule. You do Revere and the crowds of people. News time. It's only like. We we had a guy. Joining me and my father's house. That's not yours alone. Yeah. Mean yeah I just don't make bombs and that's the big I saw us and our values are you worried about all this stuff. Are you prepared to worry about pornography and cyber bullying whatever. But you also need to remind your kids. Pain at some point someone may come US AI know how to make a bomb or a firecracker no don't don't do that they don't know how to maintain. Someone's gonna lose their hands denying you. Don't do it. Employees you can really. When insurer. Each sound that you had a friend growing up from Maine some sort of bomb an awesome win. Bowl when you bring that up like managed to London and I'm winner anymore. You bring up all boys don't let my notes this live shot from Lira. OK let the light goes on the safe finger handy here there cannot run our anatomy. For all boys and men in general in the fog. A loser winner. The worst and I told you right now pay 50% of the people want to let north. At slams on and John saucer winner two million. Not gone through there yeah. When I say Melancon to pursue tuna just lingered jamming on changing continents and right. A huge difference doesn't work through things like did you tell them hey if you side of the if you lose cyber bullying I their winners and just starts its loans are your thoughts and fears. Resenting. Just seems less. Again it's. Less drastic. But chances are not gonna happen and if it does something drastic a villages Raj I am an admin does speech my winner explodes. I'm good I just don't fully and. I don't fully. Basically have a chance. Congratulations you make that next 5% stuff at the freedom and you gonna sell us things and clinics yeah. Clinton might make sense. Should do. If that happens just. Transition juice into. Yeah definitely didn't say that I'm CNN I lost mine. They're friends bait and tackle I would. It's going to Christmas lists and never reconstructive surgery and I don't take the hormones and you got guys you know and tempers and it's. And he really pretty it. General insurance or. Plus I think if I took the estrogen and my hair my turns her back in the last thing you need more rest. You guys and jealous because you know you think you can better option for me. You've seen my ass. You've seen my legs are you even imagine what did the I think a couple of rounds I won't. Because I haven't the facial features a good ask your I have a good pass. I think my legs aren't bad stuff working can be batter delays so examine nine year old man no that's because the Harry is how you do not get that takes care I'll tantamount plugin shades. I don't think I can treat Q I think I can sing you a picture of just my legs and you guys get excited if I shave my legs. I can definitely some tricky with planets. I'm sure you know I can I know you pretty I mean not to me when I'm sure you have been known to us and I. Yeah. Great great. Hey how'd it go and I am excellent grade Drake the website is rotten tomatoes dot com how real man summer movie season and the cost is already. Yeah it's it's already Friday and I realized I didn't even know what was coming out this weekend and tell lies. When your website your but the the big thing has to be Incredibles to write yes indeed it is and it is fifteen years from fox farm. So I'm only going to talk about it. Why the elephant in their room bar Powell from. I'm new job. Better than. Me you know you mentioned that it's been fifteen years since the first movie came out this fall like a movie that had a almost like petitions online you kept seeing people for years talking about. Rumors are they gonna make an Incredibles two winning gonna make it we need to push Pixar to make this movie. And that's the thing I mean I don't know that it's just that the Internet wanted to. It was the Pixar. Is always figuring out how to take their story to the next level through war and the pequot. And it appears as though they haven't necessarily taken it to another level but it's just been so long. And the person that they made between movie and we'd love the other would choose to work and allowed. Yeah I just seems like with a movie like. Cars right that was a huge success or almost felt like they announced yeah we're gonna make two sequels more doom at the same time we're gonna get done as quickly as possible. Area lucky actually get a couple cars equal yeah I was not a huge fan of those. Cars movies but I guess I just kind of thought that they were movies. For little kids and that was it might seem like a lot of the people loved and so I thought maybe I was being negative. No. It was in children love lightning McQueen and Nader and they have. Card landed. At Disneyland which means it's been an incredibly popular franchise. But I mean if you have like have a brain in your head then you know that these are not pick charged best. Works the report the abuse diplomatic Alan I don't want to offend I don't wanna offend everybody out there you know all look like the gunman still like gotten. I like to the eighth first Incredibles movie I've. Don't no matter what sort of any petitions part of me started to wonder if maybe Craig T. Nelson was a wants her in all of petitions to make a sequel. Up up up up up a break he just went and also coached the country run let me let me seems to think about that though if you're someone like him and you're starring in this movie you find out they're gonna make a sequel that's like winning the lottery. No no question but you know just you know those seat he was in book club which is still in theaters so he's kind of a ball or are right now and a movie that I didn't even realize is coming out this week and another one that I feel like I've been seeing trailers for for over a year. Is. This movie tagged which is also being billed is based on a true story that that is coming out today right it didn't. And it is actually just a movie about kids playing tactic whether it's the world we live in now hooked up a book but. Susan BJ sharing to be your husband. What's going on here are our friends do planes singing actress thirty years and then the trailer is due ironically say based on the true story correct. That's what's crazy about it is it is the governor premise that is so dumb it's confusing people and the the Wall Street Journal had a story about adult men. Who had been playing the shame game of tag. For every year for their entire lives they take a month out of every year even though they're grown via job it's Finley it was a different equation. They played tag with each other and now with the movie starring Jon Hamm and Ed Helms. Jeremy Renner in the bowl berth. I was Fisher like the list goes on it's cool and easy to cast I think here's the craziest party ready. Yes it's funny it is okay because right now city you know like a 57%. Which isn't quite fresh. But I always felt like there should be a sliding scale for comedies because. It's so subjective what's funny and what's not and there's been a lot of movies and I've seen. That I thought were funny they were in that 304050%. Range and honesty 57% for comedy isn't bad at all. That's perfect for comedy you're absolutely right that might have will be terrified crash yes it's. So it's such a high score and I think that he's one of the home on how can wholeheartedly recommend it if you just wanna go to the movies. And I have a good time turn your brain off and forget the crappy week he just had a really like tactic and it isn't actually going each well on people. Sure. All right so two movies that you recommend this week an incredible to clearly fresh 94% right now and tag would you us recommends 57%. On the tomato meter I didn't see this new John Travolta who replaced Gotti it's an 0% right now. I know that it's pretty special when the movie if you're a percent but you know what just like the movies to get a 100%. And only come jerk who come been ruined that. Make it have a score or lower the score until you probably won't be there for long I. When you're doing I didn't think this movie I they didn't let anybody get. But I think it's about how John Gotti who think gambling man com. This is the softer side of god he is a disease I don't think it really is I'm not sure what is going on in the leg I didn't hear. A lot of crazy story about the craft in in interviews. Which run commuters are not offered a spot that. Very select group of regional. Television craft. And we Michael bunch of really weird rule without all. Like he couldn't enter the room at Bahrain. China central. And like. You couldn't ask her photo and I don't shake his hand and it was just like a lot of really office. Made it to the. And maybe take a year off. You don't want to this campaign I won't go something that nobody can shorten. I'm all bummed to hear that action like John Travolta I like. Gangster movies. Did trailers for this in the pictures that they release it looked kind of cool this is one of those and maybe I'll wait for video. And it's because I have a low expectations. I think going up liking. My favorite thing about future optimistic there are well known there were told me that before I do wanna ask Eason because I'm a talk to and a couple weeks what did you think of solo. That I would her right he thought it was all right yeah it was like not it was it was. Pretty slow and then it started to get really cool. And there were certain thing and moments in the film but I felt worse spectacular and so fun. And so between the boring and so fund the movie averages out to all right firming. Guess I'm the only one who really likes it my mother had to separate my brother now at the dinner table last week because our argument got so under about it but I don't I don't. I'm Tom bump because it seems like everybody hates it now we're not gonna get a sequel I don't get to see what happens to all Darth Maul there. All know well I don't know never discount the power these Star Wars franchise. For coming up with a whole bunch of movies because we're gonna get one of those that believe every year until well at. Yeah so we'll keep it and Star Wars movies I know that I don't have to worry about that but yet the movies as we can Incredibles two and 94% tagged 57%. What what point does it hit fresh 59%. Now at 60% that's for actually got so tag is just get right to lay there on merit there borderline but. Once again that if you handicap comedies and horror movies. But both hag and her at a carrier there really really feel a lot. All right great Drake the website is rotten tomatoes dot com think he's emotional touching next week. All right have a good and you to see great I. Churchill who has low and. Six fire. You know I know how Dario great RU I've never been about a month run you out of your mouth I'm writing done. We do every Friday you know. It's we didn't do this last week so there's some stuff you may have heard we didn't get to yet but we wanna get everyone's opinion right. So there's something we didn't get to we wanna play it's legal taxes and tolls we think music comes in the mail we play you tell us what you think 96 tries your Missouri let's touch line. Pretty simple. Age sex location share and get a feel for who likes what. This song just came up this week new Death Cab for Cutie tolls really like it or not called gold rush. Looks like a pretty split actually really like and the more I hear it tomorrow I can't. You don't love it. And I hated it just I'm discipline and again I don't like him I love las album on I mean I'm excited new album and now August's. I just had from August 17. I just wonder if he's acted in happy now owns and this is going to be happy then who knows. As the album is called thank you for today and on that sounds. Am. So I do like the song we did not play the new. Interpol song for mail and always try to go employed for Malkin tells would you think event. If priority heard it. Doesn't matter who sells resentment. 96500. No. When I never realized that. New polls called the rover daylight there right yeah that's great explosions like it. That Al Mossad comes on August. New young the giant I think this is cannot gestured primary four cold simplify. Many I didn't hear it. You know what do you play and I'll tell you an iron and it came out earlier this week maybe yesterday I feel like American minus. What what happens or music releasing music on Fridays isn't that essentially albums come out unnoticed. When carriage. Nobody cares so this is me on the senate try to figure out when their album comes out. Who knows. I don't say anything about just yet. And to think text on garbage laden the song is terrible. Sounds like YouTube. Mean slocum pointed out that it kind of sounds like Matt teen. Oh yeah you're right kind of dies that it definitely like a very soft rock early ninety's so off for a your right does sound like kings. So that is new young the giants held simplified don't know what's that about. The album there's new Smashing Pumpkins which Kamal last week we did you like sometimes life since the first America's like I. I don't know it's gone now with these lyrics usually like his lyrics seems a little cheese sticks cheesy serves there it. But man I know you love Jimmy Chamberlin and a song almost just sounds like an excuse to get to hear lots of Jim. It's a typed it I think you'll grow on borrowed time because I'd listen to outsiders does now does really like and I knew Smashing Pumpkins. I know. I hated you hated it. And the support I just. I don't you like and attacks on a lot of people like I don't know I can't. Maybe if Jameer and many don't know music's not normal. Maybe if there wasn't so just him. Out in front you know Billy. Especially gang burn down sun I'm not every one. Something's not rise to other lyrics are about her reasons I can't sites like wind which usually is lyrics or are you won't. Or sixth grader when you're doing. To turn anger. Something's not right burned down the sun I'm not everyone some I'm not even reunions and deserves when I believe I heard. You know something's not right. For reasons I can't site. Turn into an Powell at midnight. OK amen. Yeah okay I told his lyrics that's the party got to roll her eyes those of the rough edges Smoot Karen. He keeps it on nothing but a body in my mind. My math and I'm founding. You know mama. Just. Come along don't single long. Just don't look too closely at the lyrics that may be why don't have you know I'm not I'm not everything has to be now poetic genius is funny is and I don't putt. It's so out front it starts with him sent like as I can't ignore it pan down cries like he's trying to say something out for people who don't. I've heard like David Byrne I think was some guys that own lyrics but I'm more about music right and I thrived in what he does as he makes lyrics are hard to make sense of right am I gonna is probably sit in the pocket here of the music. And they move along Lyndon. Where this is like he's like hey that's just my voice and this is my side I wanted to tell you. I'm gonna burn down the signs I'm not like every room. Okay. All right well. Some people like it they probably already knew that they like that there is instructs does struts and it's called body talks. It tells really like it or not mistrust. OK for. Or do you two and I. You. Do you get a group. They told us. Here to do.