Friday, 07.13.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, July 13th

0:00 - Headlines
The guy who berated the woman for wearing a Puerto Rican shirt has been charged with a hate crime
Trump protests in England
Trump to give Air Force One a makeover
Teen treads water for 10 hours
Build-A-Bear sale turns into chaos
50:42 - Mail
Twenty One Pilots - Jumpsuit
Holychild - Wishing You Away
Mona - Some Kind of Rage
Well Known Strangers - Sidewalk
Metric - Dark Saturday
Amy Shark - I Said Hi
Amy Shark feat Mark Hoppus - Psycho

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The righteous man. On all sides. Touring yeah your homeland. Well these dark. Strike zone of the I'm here. Do you know how are you. Time fantastic. I have never been bad it's good. Today here. Snow guns and blades are laughing I think it was a doctors. Maybe doctor. All right guys I assume does matter now my business and things are simple laws right mind want to ask you want which is Milan. Unemployment is gonorrhea and. I don't think so. I mean I don't I don't have any reason to believe that he does. The chase and then having it in my mind there are no higher than an average. Citizen a real sense so actually room six. Aaliyah and trying to trying to get everything ready I did make coffee but I think in years I know I apologize I was running late in America. I apologize well. And relay them down. Big plans this weekend. No not really you. There's certain. Baptism Japan whose team that finished sentenced him how do you make me. Supposed to go. Don't know in. In where or what it's. I'd like to ask them it's here I think I'm supposed to. Personally I'm Catholic. Which should be able to do right. Dash. Grew up going to church and thank you remember all the don't. Oh that's such Simon trying to like oh man. You know you name on the freak out resume says hello mr. guy you're mr. Gilder is what it says saudis respond and into diner you if she. She's yes. Yeah I don't think you'd think by any Muslims. Right it's fine. When you gonna do. Done by the news. I loved Timothy Travis. Of course. Mean I know I need my brother. Porch he's been charged with eight saw no so everyone's drinking again at this point it looks like you miss over three years. I'm guessing those people by now I've seen that video of the guy. Is it assaulting a rating no woman wearing a Puerto Rico all that guy served that's not my brother same name now. Happened back in the middle of June but because Sheen took video of this in the video went viral all of a sudden actions. Being taken. They review the case they reviewed the tape and so they have approved felony hate crime charges if you didn't see the video. He's yelling at this moment and it what he called Souza. Because things are or you don't have a barbecue. Love. I got a million. And he got a you have to reserve the whatever the hell it's called she's one of those things at the park and his guys coming up tumors saying she shouldn't be wearing this shirt because she's in America. You always know. You mean. Okay I really don't mean. I'm pretty early afternoon came in a very nice charter are you now it was even a few things yeah. It's our president. A couple of things but I don't think the guy knew exactly. What the relationship with Puerto Rico in the United States is in effect for Puerto Ricans are citizens in the my vote I'm guessing he didn't know that. The other issue in this video is that there is what appears to via an officer standing there watching all of this happen. This woman is asking for help right she's saying hey this guy east China was sold he's parading meaning he's doing he's chasing me around do something about it. And he doesn't do anything. All that dying is Dave. Cook County forest preserve. Police officer so I guess it's like I'm park ranger compact. I don't know exactly what they're supposed to do in situations like I don't know what they are signs that he's not it's it's. When we see takes it a shot putt well woods forest preserve is where they were and this is the Cook County forest preserve. District police old but it it's got police in the name then. I would think that they have the ability. To arrest people soon. Stop someone from assaulting someone else. I don't know anyway. That was a big part of the upper floors of this guy didn't do anything we'll back I had been put on desk duty. Starting back in June June 25 only doing this investigation that he actually resigned. The day before yesterday. Because there're you know all these people calling for his termination no he just resigned. Meanwhile just imaging try to disguise. Faces two counts of felony hate crime. For. Your way you can see he's doing video. Yeah sure this has always been going on it seems like we hear a lot more about it's company's president maybe don't show yeah I'm. So don't city was it to dvd at a Janus was walking now. There are two women fighters teams are now fighting over a parking space one woman in her car the other woman. You have to ask him attack but it sounded like she was upset that homestead on this parking space and immediately goes to eat. Go back to your country get out in my country what are you doing in my country that's my parking space. Go back tears and she went down this starter. She civil. Trembling. Elitist guy and as an insurance. So that's such a weird time. What does that mean to back your country I'm in my country right. And money and they're losing and now just because I get it because I'm white male. Now obviously won't say to me go back your country though saying. Once you leave and leave the store and I'm like why would I leave this country. Why I'm because I love it and I'd like to stay here and make it even better. And I am certainly not leaving it sorely you can run you ditch. This guy in the news stories fighting about wearing a shirt. In snow guns story they were fighting over a parking space easily it's not like someone showed up to your fourth of July parade. And said that they were offended by the American flag being flown in the east and hang. We talked mets' fourth of July go back to punch dating back. This is setting where I can see those types of tensions raised about final argue space fighting over the the shelters that's what it's all shelters and hearts and listening to what they're fighting over use just mad that she had a shirt that had the Puerto Rican flag. And it also has a lot of people talking about the fact that this brings up another questioner. Or another issue. This guy Timothy tribes one who's been charged now what he had been charged if she had not taken video. Any answers probably know and will he be charged that video had not gone viral. Indians I know this happened back in mid June and now the charges being filed and it's because this video was taken. And it went viral. I. Tex signed thank you because sometimes they angry and then. You made me feel better and I just person said there is no Timothy tried bus there's only Timothy duplicates. Thank you. Our merits as a someone tells me go back to where I came from my r.'s SMU wanted to go to Johnson County right. You're supposed to be the punch. Every other country of course these civilized rich Western European countries look at and go. How it's crazy. What a melting pot displaces and we all just kind of get along and how you'll just so used to it Muir Olympic team is made up of all these different ethnicities and public I don't think they've always wanted us insanity and you'll all get along I don't think they even lately or even in recent history says you all get along. But I do think they've got I do think they've often said this is a place where you can go home. Right and attempt. An attempt. To follow your dreams. Right indicative. You get a fair shake. And that hasn't mend has been less and less recently but I do think the world thought on the United States is a man I can just get the United States. I command to sing happen are crying when you're like one more here you're like man I can just get to Hollywood right. I think when you think of Hollywood or New York City like man that is opportunity and an understanding get their somehow. I think that's how the world look to us I don't know they look at us like that anymore when you were a kid in elementary school. Your friends I guess you might have you relied if I could just get tuned. The only thought. I could really turn singer. You from Detroit so you had all kinds of probably first generation immigrants in school if you don't airline data on polish people everywhere around and pulled tabled a huge Middle Eastern population march outside the mentally I don't know about your school district. You know specifically but. Like in my school I remember we had a kid who came in who had chosen largely due to known and for a large African American continent should I heard that as well Italians. We had always be able. We just come from Iran. And I don't remember anyone ever turn making fun of him for being for Marino he might tell you have receded but it took I was friends with them I don't remember. This ever coming up. I had to think about it sometimes he went a different. Ran right OK you know I don't remember kids on the playground saying. I don't think they knew they say that it wasn't his time. Lobbying and. Analysts are going to fourth grade and they just did this thing. Fourth or fifth grade they listed as saying where everybody's. Mom or dad mostly moms back then and now serving his mom came. And made through similar front yeah we did a multi culturally and Reynolds I G I remember not you brought in to bully and that's life. Really understood now by Middle Eastern tour was like man. And has Mamas like super excited like value like it because that's not normal thing metaphors you know yeah music and I was like man this is. I'm all in. As the Brothers you know polish mom's way of parolees and Italian moms and you know everybody is for summits issues. Someone's not commit admits it's and then I was part of like what we celebrated right but I world forthright and all different all Americans should try this ride like. There's some great students some Hispanic fruit and Lebanese food and Italians too. We had this Monday it I mean she made a Jewish food. And talked about passover most of I didn't know I'd been going to school at this kid for four years I had no idea it was it was Jewish never come up. I didn't know feature. Maybe that's my bubble I knew racism exists and I knew that you know things work pretty. Might blood was like I knew the black kids got it. That I knew that there were kids who even if they didn't mean to be hurtful even if their intentions. Once a miracle we're gonna touch somebody's hair or you know how well you're in that was talked about that was mentioned. We are it was different to it was different for me maybe it was it is and also I'm drew up that affirmed. White middle class neighborhood. So and I use that term loosely there were African Americans in my school when innocent Lebanese people everybody everybody kind of the parents and a little bit cash right so there wasn't anything I know that kids got worse because he's black and didn't. Did yeah and it was black and although BMW and his dad were I noticed I was not a marketing and four I don't know exactly what he did finish he does not have a bad. And his girlfriend super hot. I live in my and I told about this my buddies and there's people when commissioner talked about it there would always call me and my friends go to all white folk. Because we just didn't and then I mean man and a nice is when it. EU would tell me like man. White people are racists and tonight. I've never seen racism in my life like I'm never just CNET and also was on TV are rademan news for a lot of my friends are racist and don't talk about that kind of stuff and just doesn't come up. And I because you're living as Bob ball where that's just not an issue. But if you step on your comfort zone it's everywhere and we deal whether it. OK got it that's what makes sense to me and I'm like there's no such thing as homophobia. Come on. Just because I'm not exposed to a because my bubble and if there is someone who is homophobic. My friends and it really managed I'd sooner it went up to me one. But there's think that Iranian guy now. Would have a harder time let's say that it's the same circumstances same school districts saying socio economic circumstances if he started school now and I think it was third crash that kids would. Would know they would know to say something we ask of them they would hear the. They not only that I bench you I. A bunny named Raj Jewish. And and again embody name Naji I bet you they are at home somewhere. In the suburbs of Detroit taking. People rural. Really cool immunized himself right shouldn't semis I think that's why now to my driver I bet I've lived here. My mom brought to bully for the class everyone loved it. And now we're going down in my forties and I'll go back your country like what are you talking about right this is my country. Okay that's yeah that's that's I don't even worse for them now worse. Yeah right I think you could look back I'm really be kidding me. As someone whose work. Tirelessly each field east side's. President. I imagine is a man of courage and honor and dignity. And he sees no color. He's in and that's why we elected him president of the United States. He sees no gender. No quality no color. It should be just judge a man and content of their character who. Trump was in around London today. Instant tea with queen. Talked to the prime minister but the big news's this giant protest a lot of people took off work. A lot of people travel from other places this there was a lot of Americans are the last estimate I heard was something like seventy to 75000. People on the streets protesting them so big inflatable. Trump Trump's baby balloon that they were fine. Hey there's our close to mr. becomes very presence in Britain as closes policies everything from immigration to trade to climate change. Many of them the Britons in the crowd took time off work to join the Mars. But there are people here from all over the world as well including Americans. I saw that they had in case you didn't have a marker ready these they had somewhere and shut out. Was just generic things the world's number one racists don't trump. Just like that two occasions and dissidents on down we don't Gloria. So on it was the face masks on. Send spectrums stinks. Well that's nice. Enemy mind. I thought we were friends. Ali. And we go and you sound each and the United States. Yeah. You try and clean. I'm here on the schools like a lot of people that he likes what he's doing what do you make digital living in light lasts. Doesn't hate you and these things you have lived on your full potential but he's going to your assignment is done in trying to screw him. All right the trump sign is a long trying to you considered a boxer. But going to dominate. It was a place. Death. From middle class white guys this time. He does want to redesign Air Force One which I'm very Spider-Man. And just like the way it looks and he was negotiating with blowing directly I don't think that presidents have done this. Trying to negotiate prices or the new fleet. Air Force One jets. And I have been in the new reasons to argue about how. You know they were trying to rip the salt only was trying to relax on took the unusual step of personally negotiating with Boeing for two brand new 740 sevens. While the plane is totally out of control. Going to be over four billion dollars. For him force one program. Okay well. Hopefully they're getting that spewed out but the important thing is that he wants to redesign. It has not been really redesigned since Kenny I guess Kennedy's the one who came up with this. I looked that we know. Truman had done something Eisenhower had changed a little bit to make it look a little bit more. Military ask and then this current design has been around since the Kennedy administration all he wants to redesign. And so. There's some rumors about what it's gonna be but they're saying it'll include some new red white and blue designs some people were talking about whether or not there would be. Eagles. On Air Force One so needless say no there won't be any Eagles on the playing Smart and people said there will be Eagles on the plan. I like goals when. A cease fire and laser beams and I think they should take into that place where. Not shown an exhibit used to host yep at night air force and I would be awesome they can do back that's kind of what I was hoping. What we've seen what his Condo looks like in his offices of my grappling pretty flashy yeah. Think the whole thing golden mean but some Eagles on how are not. Just speakers. She's live on another plane and just play is. You know the National Anthem yeah. Proud to be an American and Lou you're right you know I mean. Make a soundtrack for. Like that. You're about this kid in Georgia though he's from Louisiana but he was. I guess it's in his vacation georgians on the beach and he's walking along the beach I've never lived. Your notion about UC visited the ocean before but I haven't spent a lot of time there you have spent a lot of time at the ocean I don't know I remember Susan and usually I've I've visited. And there's. Oh my gosh this summer. Last summer a in his uniform Myers lesson. I did you that and then it was LA here before. Ends of the new a couple of innings only ocean when I don't know I guess when. Slamming the Pacific Ocean where I told people in Santa Monica knows Irish guys and no not Santa Monica will what's the main Ventura. Each right Vanna speaks in his speech yeah he's trying to ministries like muscle guys on the skateboard park it was hardly anybody and I told those Irish guys seeing their footing with me the whole time I went out there like every day and they're talking about others and it's another jobs afloat as the Redskins aren't there a lesson from the yeah. Does my friends are playing volleyball on I don't do that stuff ourselves respect you do Elvis went. At one point they even rented out paddle courts look at floating out there be left alone only played sports sound participate in organized sports when did you kind. The two Summers ago. No idea. I used to encourage you to be a beach vacation got thousands of bad thing I feel like you're. I'm not gonna like you know Berlin vacation Diana don't put on a potent. Look cholera and and a little bit of hot stuff and and I went to Mexico for my hunting and went to Puerto Rico. That's Hilliard joins me into a size she's kind of shows are going to be should be each person. Was really late I don't know that much about rip tides. But it sounds like this kid is a place yankees nineteen. He's walking along the beach or are rich side. Swept them out into the ocean now he's uneven slow means this thing just comes up and there are out in the ocean blue. He was treading water for ten hours so people could hear some people said they could hear him screaming for help they couldn't see in the post cargoes to inform his dad's run an up and down along the beach man. And he had to sit out there for ten hours treading water trying to survive cities do unlike and collect the dead means hello and just again in Britain and. Your trousers a lot of boys we went to Santa Monica who went swimming and surf saying an honest surf and swimming I've grown up around the water on the beach so. I'm a fan but not undertow might appear in Santa Monica has pretty swift you know song I had to have the discussion of them like Kansas and stars to all year. You know let him back to figure out which way it's going. And then just relax and go with the current you may end up ten miles down but doing up at the big stones from again since you retired and drowned. That's what basically this sounds like this guy I was doing says he was talking to god the whole time juice and just loaded on my until he finally did make it actually. Ended up floating into a golf course I tried to put up the fight in my life and I couldn't work. I can win. I need it. That her and I hear a mirror main thing for thirty minutes they hear him yelling for help McCain see him. I saw lights and trees for miles and that is felt so so cool just to be that far out from civilization when it's right in front of you. So he and a floating three miles from where he got swept them. And it's simply realizing he could actually walk at the water's challenge and you can walk shoring you don't mind. Also what happens once used as a tiger and that you can walk it's usually done. Do you slow trading water for ten hours and again sometimes make it definitely yeah. Twenty minutes and zone. I know I'm capable of treading water longer and happen I would panic so. Right. Too slow and out usually. My mom dad and years ago went to Mexico a and well when used to select a bold and done. Mind. And and this guy around sore like Dan girl drama ocean to the beach and so weren't involved on manner. He was about sore I've ever known in my life. And there on the notion. It took them an interim superstar out and a guy who lives or bomb a local I guess Solomon so far out in my momma screaming the cylinders they meant he actually over the water and swim around. And because my dad let the current take him he had pulled in a little bit and it I was able to reach a mistake. And pull my dad and and the other guy down. Lol but it's true story. All wrap my dad's money drowned in Mexico. They are on occasion I've never heard absolutely. Jesus that's a relevant thing and that's a hell of a mess. She and I don't want guys Julia my dad with a stick and anyhow my dad and my dad tried to get to stick to the dive and just kept going further and further and further. My dad was wore out and my nose when we got to get them and and I was like man he's a mile gone right. I've heard stories similar to that knowing that late here's stuff but it seems like every summer few years ago when they were having problems with the it's Entergy people people trying to grab their kids may end up getting her. We'll. It's scary but still fun you know it's fun to feel encouraged to pollute pollute your legs out from underneath Jim. And then jump a man born go you know yeah. But you're also well aware of how dangerous it is it is and it's very dangerous. I didn't I didn't know anything about this Build-A-Bear. Sam wake up today and I see all the stuff people are talking about how they're gonna do then. A pay your age promotion now as well. I didn't know that. Build-A-Bear had done this pay your age and apparently this is a huge controversy I didn't know that build a perilous truth still rounds. Feeling Build-A-Bear musk started after I was akin. So. Well I never did I remember seeing those places I've definitely heard of it but they did this promotion. And it was supposed to be and pay your age sales of the so they promised these Teddy bears. The cost of your kids aged men and your kids. Seven this lousy seven dollars against a while it ended abruptly because. And a bunch of these states. When they were trying to do this. People started lining there's mass chaos because they can't get in or they can't get a bear made. And they started course in nineteen all of their frustrations on social media and now the CEO of golden bear. Went on The Today Show to apologize. For this failed promotion. Yeah yeah. And yeah this. It's an hour's man. Teddy bear how expensive it's Teddy bears. Have you ever had to build one with the Boise police all the time. And expense and our little gas so you usually about viewed by. You by the Bear Bryant answered you pick out of there it's such as empty. Stuffed animal carcass Mariah and then you go and but everything's an add on so they fill it up but the knowledge you wanna put a heart your. There Matt side. Five bucks actually put a heartening. And then you line them bears hard to beat wild that's an extra two dollars deal line. The bear to say anything room that's an extra ten dollars deal on. The bad to be dressed like Spiderman that's actually started out I didn't think 506070. March for America. Don't you feel like you hear that there's some. Amazing. Promotional offer going on whether it's at the brick and mortar retails for words you know Amazon prime day here's something. Don't you know that there's going to be a bunch of other people's China thing is this and there's an. A couple of things can happen wanna sit and whatever it is you raptors in a sell out. Or you're gonna have to we'd really long lines and deal with huge crowds. Because everyone wants to take hardness. I was watching videos and these mom screaming at me lest they were having meltdowns. Waiting to get into the stores. I'm I'm getting really met untimely. Teenage mutant ninja turtles movies sold out twice rallied. I told we were gonna be late we got there and we're not emulate we get there it's sold out she's a sense we walked around the mall for two hours until the next showing him. He's not only need to hurry she's in store buys causing us a lot of sentence we got activists sold out again. And I remember her getting angry as a time I really remember getting upset. I think she's Morissette herself. And the fact we had and the Bannister mall for six hours alexion ninth minute. Ninja turtles but we did stay and we did see the movie love you mom. You really feel. So these people this morning were tuchman how they were gonna do. Pay your age promotions now I think a lot of them were joking but Chucky cheese is offering according to this is a bunch of different reasons this is on KC TV five Chucky cheese is offering a your age deal. Friday. Attorneys who missed today. This right. The company said parents can pay their child's age of thirty minutes and unlimited game player participating Chucky cheese's nationwide. Brian. Has a maximum of nine dollars for thirty minutes is only available where all you can play passes are accepted today I don't know what's going on and got passes now like Dave and buster's. No I'm I'm so I you know like using my boys and their little charges she's alone time. And allergist older. Literally got him. Announced mourn Dave and buster's main event whenever power play whatever occasionally. So I don't know. This Canadian woman wants to sue her nephew. Over share lottery. So I had to look this up and apparently they do this lottery candidate I'll chase the chase. Have you ever heard chased the ace you're close to Canada and and so. It's. I mean it's a little how we do little blunder here apparently it's hurting popularly 2013. And parts of Canada and it's supposed to raise funds for charity. They also call it crown the king and shooting over. So what happens is you big jackpot accumulates. From week to week. And tell someone Wednesday and ending the game's over and eat. Participants buy lottery tickets and then those funds. You know on these charities in those seals are divided into three parts so the organizers keep 50%. And then the winner of the lottery takes 20% and then 30% goes to this total Jack. So I guess like Doug Shane and then you can also so the lottery winner also this is Greg introduced. The lottery winner also then draws a card from a deck of playing cards and he accumulated jackpot if the ace of spades is drawn. It's not. The reduced deck is kept for the following week's game so each week you go when they're drawn to someone gets ace of spades and obviously. At tech gets smaller and smaller until somebody gets it subtle this woman for some reason. She buys a lottery ticket. She puts her son's name on the ticket she said she put her son's name on it for good luck. Says he's like a son Timmy so I've got my saints and that's. Just like his sons and so they win they win the jackpot it's like one point two million US dollars. So they go to the events. That the media event here's a picture of them you can see it chased ace they got the big promotional oversized checked there and they handed two minutes says one point two million dollars. And they seem to be getting along so then what happened is the lottery decided well we'll just right to separate checks will split this. These ladies and just give the nephew happened her act is name was on time and soldiers can be checked at that moment she freaks out. Totally loses it says she's gonna sue him says. Yes baby's name is good luck but it ain't half a million dollars good. In the court of your. No we did not. That's what they've. Okay. You'll tyrant but they buy the ticket for good luck and want to do that because she's like it's going to be. He was. Even. Obviously you go yeah yeah he was lucky. But not for half a million dollars you think he deserved no I don't think solved. You hear about lottery staring friends families are now as. She says that she Saturn nineteen year old nephew down in the car. It in the parking lot and asked him to tell line she claims is the truth which is that she never promised to split the winnings and it's. You refused so she's hasn't taken the courts might take. Men. Money changes everything man immediately amazing is he's even sane in the audio. The guy interviewed all mighty Brazil is good luck so let's look at all like you can see these latest Sunday may. OK so it doesn't deserve the money out running the old money changes everything we'll. That took no time. I have no idea what the legal and hundreds and light menu may be saying now not many. Yes you yes and yes the people you love. Absolutely a lot of people that you think you really closely yet I don't think there's anything you can do that keeps them firmer Santini. After you win or a substantial amount I'm not even if you had been doing that game so many people do. For years saying if I ever won the lottery and they give you one million dollars. And they need given the million. Now I know your brother an innocent your brothers' divorce attorney and we've all been through divorces do all over the world have been through divorces. Today you live your life saying you know money doesn't define me happiness. There's a time divorce attorneys in court right now making a ton of money fighting over money as I went Chris Rock said. Is the day he woke up for his divorce case. And he had his attorneys and her attorneys and him. Did you earth a judge sombre left right right all these people in court and looked around as an all these people got ready this morning then. Soon on time put on makeup did their hair brush or geez I also like to get his money. That's what everybody's job was that morning was to get his money. Money changes everything right I mean CNN sports. Right. I love the city I love the city I never wanna play anywhere else. This is my com. The Yankees offered me fifty million dollars and links 38 years I've only fifteen more got to go boys are I should just. It changes everything. Apparently the organizer of this lottery Alder and said hey you guys won she said no I want it was my ticket. Yeah. The other problem too is we're talking like one point two million dollars splitting that now. As a huge impact on how life changing this lottery winning it because first she's 57 she's retired one point two million dollars and that totally changes your retirement. Half a million still definitely changes your retirement but it's a lot different. It's a different kind of changed and maybe if you want 300 million dollars and someone says you gotta split and that's when I can't even comprehend. As a normal slot. The differences in 150000000 and 300 million us felony value wrote the names so it'd be easier you void donut cardinal that if you just take a 150 million. I would probably say okay. Even the lawyers tell me you know read if we fight this taken to court and I think that six months suddenly that. You'll probably get someone there I think I would say no it's a 150 million dollars take. And then I would regret that decision six months later when I ran out of money. I yachts were being repossessed. I know you said people say all of and I don't mean IIRBC. Don't think for a second that I wouldn't lose friends and there wouldn't be a lot of drama I lost a lot of money but I do believe. That would make me a lot of and I know people say oh yeah. I definitely believe of course yeah it would make analyst Porsche and maybe have a winning and we find out that I was wrong but. Until then I believe that it would make me a line. I. Heard John Kerry and Howard Stern knew that it was signed by hour thing he's values. Linen closet. And when he first moved out to California and they said well yeah you can pay 13 of the rent out places like an official and Ira Rosen actual closet. He's going to phenomenon known him and how was like well you know when you lived in a closet. People say this or were you happier. And Jim Carrey's ex yeah. I don't know I'm way happier now and millions and millions of dollars before my thoughts were when am I gonna get some and eat now my thought is. Time to build a tennis court above the pool. Until it above the pool and still get like like these dialogues and time and so I mean of course of course. Olbermann doesn't mean that you're going to be happy. There's a difference. I'm a lot of money and still be sad. Yes of course what god does things happen in life is tough for everybody known now button. You if you are you miss you when millions and millions of dollars. You're gonna have problems and issues were before you can have problems and issues like you're not gonna have to worry about where you're gonna eat or how you're gonna procedure kits. Or is he got enough gas to get to work if I'm gonna worry about that and I do worry about other things. But I'd rather worry about those other things like cannot afford a tennis court and the pool. And build them in conjunction Jamaica tonight court pool. That would be awesome. I was thinking detox BC you know people say money doesn't buy happiness lies you waiver I've never seen anybody frowning on a wave runner. And zero. Received changed seeing didn't you have to wait and annoying you're like I know I've talked to friends about this this some Adrian you're young you sit if I could just make this much money X amount of dollars. That would be all I ever really need. To be satisfied. Feel like I had done OK with my life this is the number. I can sign JC has so much money that is unhappy and when runners are gonna show you this is true. Happy is gonna source domino fashion. I wonder what they're doing on the outline the it's like that picture Billy Corrigan at Disney World race rounding into becomes. Jack White the cubs game. Resentment oh yeah I'm. Grant and attention and just the right moment I'm sure Jay-Z is aren't fundamentally and I have seen someone thrown around. And Justin's music. I heard Billy we're talking about the tea cup they music you know if you had taken that picture second before a second after I was rising and so much fun on that trip I love everything about Disney M each and how to last let's go one down there. Think but I also love the that picture. Life is and I talked generally about the cubs thing and he was like there was something happened you don't. Did you intentionally looks like I'm unhappy it was I was rooting for a team and somebody had Lasik and I took a picture I looked very light. I'm just sad and bored and lonely is about I was you know. Enjoy the game we all make facial expressions lower. And doing stuff right. Did you have done a number when you're younger like this if I can just make this. This out and doing like a money figure out resentment and job. If you look at our users jam Sunday OK now let's figure out. And I'm like a money thing. I don't know I don't know that I really knew money was I did it. The my dentures very tightlipped about. Do tell me how much semantic or you know I think I didn't like Indianapolis and Houston talk and I know my neighbors man on my dad made attitude that you know. Sometimes. It's socked because. Two kids in the neighborhood in the middle Osama gum brand new bikes. On the mammogram by to my dad spray painted mine. As I can't but and sometimes a Christmas you got to be on Leno and Ellen got mobbed by knowledge went wrong and I talked about money. That was not only came by you know by because we don't have the money like I never put dynamite kids. I want my kids to worry about money when I have I don't know about you yeah right like innocent look like we you do yeah you know sometimes it really does expensive unlike. Let me worry about a month you're gonna and the rest your life where Obama and I like to. Questions tonight. And ten inches away you want everybody's different and hopefully it works and I can be way off base by a Felix starting and put that money pressure I'm not young at least for me. Fills your son and I like the money doesn't grow on trees we can't afford that not all too much pressure we can't afford that I do and I'm happy to have that discussion there's things we can't afford to. But if they say hey you know whatever it is I want this. And is really don't know. To relay I don't make enough money in you know I mean like I'm not going to win again now when I can match. I wanna go here for dinner gas don't feel like that and let me go now some are cheaper you know and I mean my dad to me that's in discussion. That's kind of the way my dad. So many that's wrong it's just you know a lot of lessons and why didn't take from your parents and try to get rid of the bad kids are good now so that was kind of. My parents didn't do that but I I observed it's their behavior I notice like my dad would never buy anything for himself and and I think even at a young age and picked up unknowingly go unseen eat mice using them on her. Brian Weis you always buying that she was doing is making fun of the kind of beer tastes the cheapest beer why. Why would he actually say one more airline oh man cherry match I love a cherry Matsch's ruling get a Annan on. Right and you know if you just take one person's civil babies watched his way to meet and laughter really is no he's. He does this money on themselves right. And I told you my mom mommy now bowling gloves when I was like in fifth grade and I didn't use that felt guilty about that when my dad. My birthday had work done for me on this car that I had. And they ended up changing everything about it I still feel guilty about it today it was like 200 bucks and I basically just. I had someone. I think that. Well I'm problems in his huge Bryant. We all do. I think sometimes money problems and issues comes from us back to you focus on money problems and patient's. Right. But you're focused on. Like I feel guilty about this 200 dollars like you're getting like it's you all the Sunday just become sis. Weight you carry it becomes a money issue you're always concerned about it now is worried about it. And I did not and is a lot of people and there's good reason for it but I also think that burden. Can perpetuate right where it becomes. The value effect becomes you know. So filling the gas processing right. When I got my job babies. It's great river is doing it every morning. You know as a full time gig so to speak because extremely hard to come over every morning so. I was getting paid monthly and I think that was when I started to I got that first check. And I started thinking these things I wanna buy this is how long it takes me to make enough money divide easings an accident breaking that stuff down. And it has not changed since grown. I'm also though of the opinion that some people can't find happiness and purchasing things because I believe I am one of Mamas and I feel. Happy when I got some damage and it may only lasts a week for six months are going here whatever but I do find happiness and and so maybe that's not healthy happiness and aviation try my husband yells I like doing things behind I had I light. Getting new stuff so there's Macy's distortion. So some people who live off the grid. And not had any earthly possessions and sounds good to them. But I hey no room even in. Small doses people would argue would be about that says that it's not about who collects the nicest cars no such thing as. I'm sure I can say but yeah I could find something but didn't feel good about that you shared. Right might like there's just things you know so. This is people didn't like things there wouldn't be things. Drives everything. Changed. Paul likes things they do yeah I would looks. New things I'd like to have things that I know I would like to. Sometimes I run out of things to think about. Like Tina. So I'd like to come up with a little less what are some things I wish there was something I can focus on I was looking forward to. Whether you know maybe some people like I really want that car I really want that motorcycle I really want that big screen TV mania that drives you. Until you get the thing if nothing else right but you're driven by the desire to have that thing. Right I like that. We do should give some theme right now. How they don't know it's like you know my god I'm work I think people understand and yes I always wanted things right like you know one of the nicer car and so. I have a nice Carnahan and I sounds a lot you know I make plenty of money and I'm doing very very well. But at some point it changes like what I ate my focus now and I still like things act you know me man I'm TVs and I like that stuff. But now like what drives you what what you work for like it is and visitors some crazy is like what I want is my kids down options. So low and now you work harder for an act like it that those are the two things like Alan and I have options like. I tell all the time I I don't care if you go to college so I don't care if you go to college. But you're gonna have to work hard in school I'm I have to work hard at work so that when you turn eighteen. You're gonna have to turn down that option and make a different decision as opposed to not having that option. Right so I find scholarships and money and everything to be ready and then you say band. I don't wanna go to Stanford. I wanna play bass guitar or rock band awesome and you've got to have that option. Lakers visual light rivers and people basically. Talking about when they say when privileges that you have these options you yeah of course you have these. Things and you are harder to like make sure they have those options. Learning calamity from them. Because I've known. It's not just money Tuesday after work attitude because you know my parents in my back. And seventeen and it's very limited options. Please you have to get down the line into too. Yeah I just I just just a mile away and there was no college wasn't going to college that no college or take me. I think graduate from high school. During a real job. So I enjoy the look like it was like OK listeners things you can do. Yeah I love my options are not like I'm here in my parents' basement. Try to struggle through this and that seems like a bad idea because we don't get along. Join the navy I guess like I can just get on your for a while trying to figure out. So you work hard to give them more options and then you have. Resident. Or downfield. Don't you ever worry about that. Let me be your lack of options about times force you into a situation where you had Tuesday's ruling baptism by fire all the sudden I have to figure this out. That's until I was seventeen never once I just figured this out and maybe that drove view or scare you enough. I want to drive but I also had a I've had a really good fun life amusement and to go to war and I had to go to jail and almost insults. Like if I can send out of my life has been fun though Ryan and you know. But if I can set up in life for my sons who do like man I want you to have as much fun as I had. I want you have all last final but let's just take Alex real practiced yet let's sit out war let's take out the president let's take out the way Garcia and I mean it's. I think though that bad stop militants if you pick it up and down wind and wish for you would be like and live a life as far as far as I've had. Which has been an amazing amount of on and such a great time and just get rid of that bad stuff like if I can help you get rid of that red stuff. It'll be your grandmother bad stuff and I get embarrassed just gonna happen and that's life but the fact just help you minimize some of that damage. All right now begun. Hi. It. You went out. Called mail. What's your first look like that for. Because I was Bergen welcome try and be quiet. Does it a bag of those plays to readers and again they're going to be trying to. Only get bomb. Mailed ridiculous as music and amount of throughout. We don't can be you know comes in the mail sometimes there's no any email whatever the case may be can be managers bands themselves. Agents record labels whatever the case may be they send this mail mission as music and mayor wants to play it and they want you know like it and and normal radio stations from what they do is they take like two or three people they go into an office and listen all his music and and I say I always like this as a missile will just start playing less. We decide a while in the same hotel Friday's world player and you can tells really like it or not because there's as much and premises and it sounds cheesy but. It's more your radio station really than and his ours because you listen to. So while replace only don't like. Now not everybody agrees on everything. That's rather ask it tells what you like it or not and then your age sex location so we can kind of just get some data and then figured out you'll like every song finally know real life every song planner you. But we can always get a feel for if people like me songs and that's the idea behind me and sometimes refined stuff so heroic while. Sometimes it's up we've never heard before and sometimes a cameo to shove we anointed. We just open it up can we play like this song and I'm sure I know we've heard it. Not sure a lot of people heard it was a big deal cannot this week mutually on pilots might marshals from column jumpsuit he tells it like it or not me an attempt signed 96500. Things. Classroom. We're. Q and here. Okay. I was in the Summers it was a poor man's realignment. And don't hear about who. I'm like. Guy kind dig their song until sort of touched on business. From Souza says a new your play this the other night. In OK yes not everything in play. Is brand new but it came out yesterday. Right yeah. I don't know exactly. Like. If you get a new shirt and your body yesterday as a no longer know if this if you've got a car you bought it yesterday. And somebody said like hey did you get it Carney noted is don't you just. Didn't I preface this live right but still we've heard there was just latch. The writers said that's not a new song I don't know and I don't know what new isn't in my bed and come out. Seven seconds ago it's not new. Like it like it like it no. Some and so the straight garbage. Like its regulated. Now mostly people like it. I don't have any preconceived notions of whether I like them or don't like them or just feel like a lot of people doom. Some of those songs I think are. Stupid. I'm actually bliss on one went too good song. I get. I I wasn't expecting to like it as much them. A panel like it. Looks like most people like. What about holy child. You know this band I do like holy child June wishing you away I've only heard the song. And a kind of like it there popular college only child well I don't know song and also so it tells Lou I do not. Am I you don't mountain. Well. I felt more natural feel. That's fine. They song. Have I seen how. Yeah. I can't. I'd like to see those lyrics. He pushing you away which you know I've questioned you know way I was that you would say which is Tuesday it was choose. Wasn't in strong I caught that part. What was that wishing you look away. Only child. If you I didn't people hated people hated it. On where not everybody is somebody who really like to. I can live without it I wouldn't go back let's listen to Ian probably. You like it. Yeah I did kind of I thought I was in position. Lot of people had a very. Strong reaction to that song. I idolize people I thought I caught it so it says I wonder if I even looked like you my horoscope told me not to feel blue what's the point of all these somebody I was in the fifth grade ways ashamed to be simple but. Do you recognize your own daughter is your life much better without her. I can she shouldn't term sovereign laughter. Well. I had a dream and you're dead I woke up crying in my head it made no sense because I don't know you. Who. I thought it sounded like really happy and and I was like Matt gentry after impairment is some sort of sad. Angry message that's going on behind this. Pop electronic wall of noise thing that I find interest and. Well some people really liked it. A few. I thought I was going only child right did you like him now. Why Rosie got new. Mona. If you listen to this song I feel like it's been sent. Sometimes you just get a song to sing it. A lot. Over the course of weaker to OK I just keep getting this on it's called some kind of rage. All right Mona some kind of grade you just really like an army and attacks on 96 I 00. I. We. Yeah. People Cinderella I don't really what volume. Those fun. Mona. I'm going to actually X called some kind of break first I thought on my condolences to system simple rock song right. Tomorrow listen to what I was at a kind. I don't know what the stories are just keep seeing in that. Everywhere and it circles that albums out. But in looks like people on the attacks on like it not a lot of people. All right so there's a winner. What else do you know well known strangers snarl. Number of them tell me imam. It's buckled sidewalk. Do anything else about him I know that very Sean encountered when everybody else and I did not I know that the person who says it really would like if you play this for male. Who is not. Or sent to meet what whatever record label or on our police said please play this for male I think you guys like this. So I don't listen to it well known strangers yeah. I'm in north insurance called sidewalk. We swept. Seeds. Do you. When. None were more loose. And some feel the power in this one they gave me gives much. Pretty good like at no thank you. Not a fan of this you know more shallow. Looks like from Milwaukee. Usually split when did you think it was fun and a solid Korean camera. Well and maybe I'm wrong that logic here that. I was thinking. I don't know actually just like a pop. We Florence and the machine. Everything. I finally called well known strangely that's from Milwaukee Milwaukee. Beautiful as Tom basically well. Metric has and so. Great Gloria Woodson dark dark Saturday an area. You like metric I do like much shorter life. But I have heard the song was was no together you tells what you like and I'm really attacks on 96500. Kim Arnold draw large and I like Delonte and you know I didn't like it like it yeah. I'm a metric fans now our race. You were listening as those stuff Marciano and read through this and see if anything teacher in Charleston. Our imaging I think we did that and it's. There is I do like that mask optics on they have a new single mom. In shark do we sort of an adventure of your guy from when we're ready to do. We need. Them. A year. I set high right now is that where's. It's featuring. Mark. Is it in. Timbaland punishment from. Alone. Let's hear and so in in the shark Israelis. Those things we single. Short song was inspired line. Mr. peaches. And music he's seen marks here. Nominee Enron. What sat mar guide us in our office there which I don't really know how much rubble equation. Maybe she read did it with them. Let's see. There's pictures of the two of them together in sharp confirms blink when he two's mark top us we'll feature. On her debut album. That's a teasing and series social posed believe if you frontman Mark Ellis will feature upcoming album love monster. Announced on tour of the punk rock legend will appear on the LP answer telling these is why it doesn't say. I think he's on the songs and he's just on this on baby's okay. And if she posted a picture answer and it says. This is a smile I get no lean at mark cop this from apple equity two features might debut album. They don't. Wrapping up when there's any shark Eli did not tell us I'm subsides or is there. Okay. Is it. Okay. Okay. Looks like most guru like you didn't like it. I like to parlor game we shark don't. Assigned her interest saying. And I'm very basic. Like just I don't know pathfinder into sync. But that's not a solid mark conference on and I know you love boy when he too they are your second favorite band behind 311 and you have a Blink-182 tend to around your ankle. I'm aware of all that stuff so I figured I would play this one. This is the one Amy shark and mark cops site. Churchill who has low. 86 via the blood.