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Friday, September 7th

0:00 - Headlines
Police officer in Dallas shoots man after entering the wrong apartment
Elon Musk smokes a blunt
Obama talks Trump
Mac Miller has died
28:29 - Mail
58:36 - The guys make their week 1 NFL picks and figure out the bet

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So courageous and on all sides. Cheering your homeland. Well these dark. Strident tone of the. I pay you what he's done. NASA what do you do when I'm not their money. I still don't. Thanks for the coffee to me in the end that a great. An honest person. Yeah my first week. Boulevard suite and facing its first week. And those children. So come handlers here I try like this job conducive to my alcoholism. They'll examine memorabilia and a beard she looked earlier whatever your name is Louis. Swim plan. Eligible beer. We. Thank you. So let's be sure why don't you get an enemy and schoolchildren to its. Looks its. Drink a beer can thank you rush okay. You guys wanna teach and talk about the new snow okay yeah. We'll get to the Obama stuff the first time right. Yeah. An officer involved shooting in Dallas CDC the story. Police police officer. Goes onto apartment we just saw it but I don't know. I think no way to Yemen Norman and drinking at this age so I think you know plus and as I totally weird you're denying your phone and. So she goes home. Does your apartment. Goes inside. She's a black man an apartment. She shoots he's done. Problem is it wasn't her apartment it was his apartment she walked into the wrong apartment it's not she was in her apartment. She's van door that's bands not good. That we don't know is whether or not any words were exchanged before hand. We just know that she went into the wrong apartment. And thought it was her apartment. And shot the guy who lives there. Which I did see what it's weird thing it may disown. Broke into the apartment and this is where I shot. Now that's a difference has. I saw someone treated and say you can even be black in your own home now I'm not sure which is it is certainly true and I. Just before 10 PM. Does awesome call please this bad saying this kid's just been involved in the shooting. At this apartment complex in the 12100 block of south Lamar. Now preliminary information suggests that. The officer and four uniform and just finished working eighth pole shift. And a and then as you reported to responding officers. Dead when she came home she ended into the victim's apartment believing it was her own apartment. And at some point. She wore home weapon and shot the victim. America. It's not like. She's I mean she's got don't want work it's not like she'd been out drinking all night which you see those videos are people going to the wrong house or someone comes. I may you know and you're trying to do was the same shirt adorned six. I looked at this is the apartments and all the same color that looks like the departments are living in Seattle all the same shade social worker and but I don't know what I wonder because once and ideologies same shape I was you know she really remember what color the count draws. For people it's an inside joke here. I didn't go to the Russian walked and choose a loner and coffee table square has blown. Why is there a guy in my round. Chair that. I did go to the wrong apartment okay they're realizing I was glad users sadism and a bit. There's something many say didn't know meg you know look this at all actually be heard defense I don't know I don't know yeah. But I do get off the elevator on the wrong slowest time and go to the wrong or makes him work and I looked up girls like us. It isn't looked over the balcony as the come on the wrong floor they make inside a feeling if I mean inside I would have thought this is not my apartment. This is into this is just wasn't the middle of the night. This is during the day Sunday 1:30 PMG door Dallas police chief say remains unclear whether there any words exchanged. Or any other interaction between the police officer in the neighborhood before she fatally shot him. So during a news conference Friday at them off duty officer called 911 after shooting 26 year old. They do disguising her Thursday night. Police say the officer explained that she had mistakenly enters homes thinking it was her. So maybe it was a night maybe this is just the hour break down for months it was. It made public. And that sun. And so yes. Elon Musk I don't understand this and Elon Musk has obviously been in the news for a lot of different reasons last and it's. Firsts. Or hide how firm everything goes something new every couple weeks but he hadn't. Even though the Chinese submarines takes time and help and soccer team who's trapped in the came in Ghana I was wanting. Rescuers and accusing Libyan Metafile is what she's soon. That went away. For a while and then the big news beginning he was gonna take tussle trying to city had to sign in to do it and they had changed his reminder tune on that. So that was anything we don't have the funding I don't know exactly. Let me came back out that he was big screen again with this cave diver which we thought have been put behind this new treatment of people saying well. Musician accusing avenue didn't Sunnis who is all that's going on that was it's been a buzz he wrote this article about him and uses email exchange most of that was about. The tiger chasing and today they saying. Tesla stocks. Taken die at my every headline says. Debate not because butting conjunction left after. Elon Musk is seen smoking marijuana on the Joseph Rogan podcast. I watched the Clinton. Joseph Rogan yeah holes are. Split from wherever slowly what's that what's what's a lot of talk now but he's but he's got tobacco and it was only got tonight with just left. The bulls is left out smoking and Elon says what is it is that we leases yes easier if you want some visas just tobacco and we nieces okay. He panic takes it and you hear me says is it. Which it is in California recreational uses we when he takes a popping doesn't look like he hails it I don't think he knows how he clearly looks like someone who's looks really never smoked this morning. And they look at this. Tesla stock closes down 6% after top executives resign and you want must smokes marijuana and didn't executives resigned because he smoked marijuana I don't under. A veteran joins. Bush is gone if you know and get. It's some marijuana. Out of tobacco. Okay it says a posh clubs that have hung around them yeah I think it try to wants to come home. And probably can't because stock or very. I mean it's legal right solely to protect. How does that work do people get upset you if you do certain things. That go and marijuana and there. So that's a Kennedy takes a look tough and he just doesn't look like he hails him is he in trouble for smoking marijuana. It's the CEO was caught. Taking a drink. Our podcasts or out of fundraisers or anything else they wouldn't be mad right and he's smoking weed is legal target Salomon together. Mary is a combination of erratic behavior sends us. So this is erratic behavior for Hamdan tried as marijuana is Nike Kelly and all you're Lucio also don't know maybe one of these things is finally here. They built a little summer days you start calm people kind of files you gone Joseph road shows smoke pot. It's a culmination of things. It should be saying that I'm. Totally. Good when they were already upset about the him when he take the company private in a fight with this. Rescue work. I don't understand how to marijuana thing plays into the now there see you may have violated. Tussle as business conduct is at UC EO of Tesla doesn't he get to. Decide what the business Condit does and is the CEO above whatever restrictions he puts on his staff and says this is what I expect out of you. Mean you can say he's a bad leader but a ultimately if you're the CEO. The CEO of our company said and I use tobacco. And I'm not. Can pretty X should tobacco health insurance cards and he's. Seen on rice is doing well you know he could I guess lead by example buddy aegis and I'm Judy doesn't itself. But it's certainly not illegal and this is not great leadership right. This guy smoked weed. Our podcast in California. Where it's legal. Tesla shares crashed after UConn must smokes a joint on lives away and show. There is more about it. Yeah abilities of winning the executives quit today quit because he did this. That was surely they'd quit because of everything else it's been going on here. Cops in Wisconsin. Pull over a car there's an old woman old white woman any young black man in the garden and a white woman striving young black man isn't passed and now it turns out. Well white woman is the grandmother of young black man passengers see she had just left church how does that work. America. Anything's possible. None. They never exit Jeff Goldblum had a black daughter dressed in part to an ever explained I thought I well yeah. I thought I was supposed to ask this woman has a black grandson that's easy to explain. I mean if her daughter was late. And her daughter's husband of voice or whatever it was black. It checks out. Doesn't not is an interest. So. They pull this car over. And they say that they're pulling the car over because. Witnesses have told them that they were two black men. Trying to rob a white woman. Here's the problem they finally release the dash cam footage. From this stuff. They put that cheating cops pleasing and easy team to put him in constant. Stuck in the McCarthy like six minutes they were tons and now they do eventually say it looks like this whole thing isn't big misunderstanding. But the grandmothers and the and the grass and have a lawyer now on the lawyers saying she's like I said let's see the video they showed a video you see the cops pulled his car over you see when the officers pull his gun. Okay middle of the day just pulls Canada's holsters he approached his vehicles is what's going on. They're saying that they had two witnesses to African American witnesses no less who told them hate losing young black guys trying to rob just white woman thought. They left before we can get an official statement from we don't know where they win and we didn't happen to catch any doubt on video so the lawyers saying I don't change. There do you have any witnesses I think you pulled over well white lady who had a black and MacArthur grandma she's solid. Fareed just slid church who was driving it shields who work when police stopped them. Officers say the initially started following them after an African American man and woman identified the vehicle. They said it was carrying a white woman who was being run by two black men. But police say they never got a formal statement from those witnesses because they've left the area the family's attorney is skeptical. It seems strange that. For all the dash cam footage to please have turned over we have not seen anything. Where the officers interacting with these people. Does seem strange. I don't know what we'd just say look. Actually no I can't even excuse there is I don't know what kind of excuse you can come up with resale we thought we sausage in match. The vehicle matched a description of something else with the now. There's really nothing you can do so they said we had twins is what I really love is generally they see we had two witnesses. Told us. Go look for this car some of the round but they were non African. Yes a couple of witnesses told us and they were black as a matter of fact so brace and nothing to do it doesn't play a part. She was Remo I just left church and was taken her grandson to work if you lost a home video the person who's. For your take on the cellphone she walked seven car numbers is weighing. You're late in June as yes my grandson he was injured grandson they just pulled over for driving around with your greens are usually young. He's like I'm. And blind. Eye on pictures. She looks like moon like grammar Shia and now she music so here's him in the car. And that's when the police come up to Missoula looks like this was all just some big misunderstanding. And it in his annual show. That's the first pulled them over and if you watch the media is the only cops come Jennifer's car you seem clueless guns and out of this whole spirit. When he approached the car. Graham all looks like and who. Are connected to yeah that's all its. Carrier noticed there was drew me ask you know. You can. She looks like 2000 yeah. I mean recruiters are excited trying grandmothers and the wrongness doesn't look overly old Jesus I wasn't shocks. You're like a moon rises. There you see I am sure enough children grounder. It's. Obama a certain look like he might run for president on. It's today. Tell you weren't supposed to talk about a non. Sitting president if your former presidential closer I know weird I was sort of silicone earlier and George Bush never gave but I know Democrats. Like myself and you. Were upset when Dick Cheney did it. Yeah. They don't all come. This is normal yeah. Isn't that what they always say and I will say this no part of me no pardon anyone even after the biggest some support in the world believes. This trump. Word to. Run for reelection. In two years and lose to let's just say listen Warner someone and you really believe he's not gonna say anything about an hour. I'm in terms of its share the details. But he didn't touch missing and win anyway. She tool when. I am saying she's an American and is. Trying to get the street Caltrans. She will soon invoke the when he says so what is the 27 when he visits what we're talking about the bonuses. Here's Obama. Should not be democratic or Republican and should not be a partisan issue. To save that we do not pressure the attorney general. Or the FBI to use the criminal justice system as they cordial to punish our political opponents. Or tourist Leslie called well get attorney general to protect members. Of our own party from persecution and prosecution. Because an election happens in the coming up it shouldn't be democratic or Republican to save it we don't threaten the freedom of the press. Because. This whole thing goes public storage you know why. I complained play. About Fox News. Never heard me. Try to shut him down. Model number. Don't call and sure you did. He also takes a hard line against Nazis and part of the speech. No I no sympathy there and empathy you whatever. Unlike our current leader who conceded there are good people on both sides revenues have to be so black and white and we're sure as heck supposed to stand. Clearly and unequivocally. To Nazi sympathizers. How hard can that. Easy saying that not these are bad okay. I played eleven. Big blogs rise. East. He's you don't know why they're not just maybe their grandfathers were Nazis. But there are born in Jewish heritage on hatred jackass. I did like trumps response salutes speeches and closely. Sisters. He talked about. The New York Times piece student. Has been all the rage for the past couple of days that person within. The claims to be at the entrance. White House. T been trumping checked. And by the way that the content and everything will turn out okay because there are people inside. The White House who's frequently aren't following the president's orders. That is not a check I'm being serious here that's not how our democracy is supposed to work. They're not doing also service. Actively promoted 90% of the crazy stuff that's coming out of White House and then said don't worry we'll preventing the other 10%. That's not how things are supposed to work. Breaking news speaking to Donald Trump. Matt Miller stood. This doesn't users reported. 26 years old and they say it's not gonna say accidental overdose entices overdose. But senior. Chances are it's real was found noon Friday at his California home cameras turn those dead at the scene 26 years. Blame beyond doubt treated no I do not want to believe my brother instead I cannot take this anymore licensed to short. I just know you're a better place now than misplace your callers at Mac Miller outlook and broke and homeless and. I need to know what he overdosed and chances Sony isn't one overdose and then not only what happened. Any details. You know how to avoid that. Mosey into snow I know he was when your favorites. What are you rap about a lean xanax. An actor I room I can name's Gary DJ. You always elegantly met those songs and you can't name a single so I really I swear to god I can't name one I swear to god trumped. Is out of the song yeah I swear got a few instances. And I know he's gotten things not popularized I don't know him. Don't resign. Just talks about a substance abuse in a deal breaker in his relationship with Arianna. Monday Davidson marry your ex girlfriend and sound as uneasy. How did she say we're supposed browser named grand. Arianna greens so soon essentially issues were pronouncing her. Doesn't say what the drug of choice was it just says it. Everyone knew had a drug problem. Lotta pressure growing up in the public time. Six. Two year. Find out so quick to say at noon today. Who just who's the other rapidly just write some columns that. Little. Syrian. We'll climate the time on the ocean. No thanks and tests now I don't know I knew he does the date the guy who overdosed I was on the LP. It was local people who die didn't okay what little who's going where they had a video on the guy's like oh man I'm so high here's my friends I don't know he overnight for tests will be a guy's guy he says this is a Miller's son that he was addicted to purple drank. Our guys are doing Marion now gradually now runs and a son. He says I loneliness great. I was not happy I was on lean very having. I was. There. It was a did you like doing was an animal vs tuna. Bitter about talk about people they thought he might outlive and is a slow lane I think I might live longer than him does he drinks a lot of cough syrup that it is not distracts. But it does feel like I if you what did you did you guys ever see that or any of the little Wayne documentary that they did with. Him and his manager talked much trying to get him off of that stuff I've never known anyone who does that I don't know where you get coding but. Watching that documentary seen what it does to people and how many people it's killed. How many people who rapped about any killed. It's insane. And singing and I mean TJ screw write this now what are Q okay. And we can see only been out of prison for what may be years something. It's not like it was his first time trying it that's the other thing and I don't mean that and to be funny seriously you're doing a drug for the first time there's lot of risk there today. May not excessive amount of record August Mac Miller didn't. So what do little Pete Dye friends and there was damage that was. Waist with him a little boy like black markets. It's definitely number and I'll keep us to believe he's an overdose and losing at least he's chosen toxicology reports her final cause of death was accidental overdose through the effects. A fan non pros Alam. A blood test. Came back positive for Candace cocaine and Trammell wrong. It is on this agreement earlier in the days later in the counties for businesses not being. Yes I saw cars. Take it easy kids that come on man. Mean one thing it is time rights. Yeah he's doing. I saw live. Kids know how do you wanna bring it up with closets and cynicism real. This is media trying to scare parents did you see that thing about lost speed and Ohio blasting yeah. Someone put out a thing that said we actually asks these. People between certain certain ages high school to college age within this region where they said it was popular how many of them were aware of one in four of them on piano winners at the real thing. Apparently he had mixed mess with lost killer. Which he told me that lost killer was part of how you make Matt and said OK just seen that list of ingredients that the dare officers showing like here's everything go wow those all seemed pretty unsafe but. Somehow whatever they finish in the coalition aircraft does business as this list doesn't know whose think in my did you need to add. Lost straight into. It's an Ohio. Barely. There not to bright there. Like he's Osama I mean I think. That is. But I didn't see any coach in the met with the Wall Street he smoked meth and and how little lost very well this is what. And on the local news thing that they are that was like six. Bing makes it is they're cooking it. Well OK then again if you told there was already an ingredient yeah sound. Just alien in this story here says swallowing insect killer can cause seizures paralysis and even does yeah I saw Don doing cancers like cool why you need to remind some people insect killer on the amounts. Don't date area on the grounds. Because when you're a loser. It's hurt you can overcome. Who's the one area on the ground is all the sudden on TV was some do name Pete Davidson. In your life. Yeah I'm done it's not like a normal divorce Rican just move on you know everybody's happy he got to sit at home launcher. They're engages in like two weeks. All over each other right there resent. Watch the universe to Auburn or something did you see that and Nellie once allied been engaged they're on a basic ground and obviously in announcing it. Ronald about the visit ground now and August and early especially shorthand I don't know witches. And it just sounds great might ditch on all the time. Really like right then that I needed bench by. They should do sir is driven as far as like my husband or my lovely one on earth always funny kill it and I'm not not dead men. Miller really got to be. Subject to pass then lean looked at the mega double. Would open up some male. Coming and doing better do let's do it does amicable more these Biersch. Let's Charlie hustle. Brought over some cool shirt so yeah. But he did I doubt. Crown come on I stole Leo lake of the Ozarks cousy here Charlie hustle. Would you take. I've taken any out of my take on her own capture. So 'cause you I think. You better. And get out yellow and smoking or something he's. Tip see you somewhere between tipsy and go on right now possibly even a let's overnight mail through a little angry to think you would take out from underneath my knows. What. Don't touch it. I think Kansas City and one fared. Pickle that's it. Come get it better get it now 1009. OK but you know on Moneyline my. For more of all of a sudden now he's off such it and it ships. Now we were gonna open mail on Asia help I need you to sit right there Hollywood that's a lot of buttons and have to be pushed dev team things that's been extracted. Peoples and here's our stables and Israel throughout the week it's music has so listeners owns all we don't know what it is because we open it on Friday we played in it tells will be elected or not that's how easy it is. You tell us real attacks on 96500. Right. Just because you don't like the song don't turn off the radio station because there will be able to do this or maybe you wouldn't find your next new favorite song and the next song so don't do that. Regionalism longer to get our ass kicked a tank thank you. New kitten sure we'd we can do this from Elliott right now called secrets. Close and allow northern Iowa is Brooke Zulu. Saturday so it is the twentieth right. Dario in the twentieth fugitives now. We brought the zoo with fitness and this is the new kitten single tells what you like or not it affects our nights excised or zero. I. Let's say I'm digging it double don't overplay it love love love rich not digging a song. Unlike you I like it. On the street is in new pat minotaur I love her male 46 Lawrence. I like it. But I like kitten. Saying most people like at 80%. I think there are positive review. What about new move. Sloth frustrating due this week last week root for OK new slot Russell rusty tells really like they're not really attacks on on 6500. I want me. So why it's how what how why it. You know Larry you know a mom and I find myself. I don't you do. Had gone push me around the result doubled down. 'cause I don't care and no not at all in I never followed. Because you never know. You know the. For lane. I. Add this to the playlist. Love love love it. Loves us so much PS Leslie my role model but what about that boy is she knew sloth thrust called double down someone's role model. We were gonna have you're a Wii and new. Is exposure or hold her composure owes years. New Hoosier BF featuring someone has sent writers that know. You think it was his almost his big. Kate went to church take me to church could not think of the name just now after the sun all this says that is in my knows the name of the song when I thought I saw somewhere that. In his album. I'm not sure we'll make sure it's essentially you've got his mind's called and eight so Gonchar and talks Scopes are stuck on you got that man on his turmoil voice us a little drunk. Fag but what I did manage trying to generalize. The easier it's featuring. So come to a lesser. That's what you try. I'm talking there I saw your lips Rondo high you are saying is their new home just they've got a new pizza or even a similar same Hussein had four years god oh my god. Alana Henderson sure. Out right now Bruce 24 paid off on the right stuff that's not right to have just great guys give me a few minutes I'll figure hold I've got years is certainly you know cried to power that's what drives featuring Mavis staples salt and it is a different area. I don't listen to all yeah. It's all year that I knew that I live right drives. I thought another slug majerle sport god eons ago I sort of got it's all the mourners Mavis staples we believe that you saw this one MO we don't believe that you remember that we ought to hasn't actually done. And it's called Nina cried powered the EPA is caught is that that's in the people that I love the Texans. An introduction and attacks on says. Love you played sloth prosecution you've been sleeping on them we played. Asked reckoning here are just gonna like racial outcomes of attacks on you but well. Up. Who do we have discussed in the and a dedication it's happened before equator and pumpkin right now us. My due course new. Jose today it was fair conclusion how did you say it always here. How her I always say it coach closure. New closure I think the songs is called need closure air hose Jarrett knew hose your hair. Featuring made us make staples Mavis staples managed. Mavis staples. Is featured in this new mosier sign I think you're really gonna dig it a couple of alternate back to church. Putting in enough the first time. In Texas done 6500. Tells of the election on a. You know. It's not just. Now. Look back. Now a camera. I silverlight I hate to. Definitely do without that. It sounds like I com. You know like what are those variety TV special things and then they're like an. Now suppose there is going to take you to the Caribbean and these women come out and they do like judge to insulate. Slide show to do it even doesn't feel exactly like it's it is we allow some again I just envision that require a whole church choir and make command. It was a walk out of there is any of this happening at the we have done here doctor doctor Don but I got to. A policy. Some people like it knew who Arctic Monkeys single mover. Sudden you've probably heard it we now it's not a new song or where the album is now. Bust every single. The new single is tranquility base hotel and casino plus a drug problem get ready for you tell us what you think. 96500. Saved. No longer goes on the worse against hate it love it. Hell yes. Well it's so much. How idea Arctic Monkeys producers crapping. Well I mean I don't love it. I love it you love that well I love bowl record alone and don't hold records rate hikes on you know we ask doesn't interest thing. I can calendar ways things over the beach and they don't necessarily all line up like everything about it that's par part of my problem is Lou. Moments monks big community center hello blue. Oops is. Now I just didn't really like the first single election as some people didn't like but I don't like that song it seems like people who are huge fans of Arctic Monkeys. Were all pissed off about the solemn right I'm not a huge Arctic Monkeys fame which is weird is definitely it. Genre of music that I tend to really like but I like that for single line there's a couple of other songs in the album that I tactic but I like to Washington. There's new greeting committee. Protocols don't go let's listen tell you tells really like it or not me and attacks on 96500. It. Your own and London scene here. Lines that they use now is I'm not I don't actually know. Let me have a deal on the it's. Yeah yeah. Okay. It's. It's. Many. I. It's. Don't sue me I'm right it's not the end he's. Many of them and I know it's okay the then east then the you're hanging. Knee and miss. You're it's. Comedienne and. Yeah. Also you lovers do greeting committee song. I loved his little people so much and none are huge fan of the green committee but I do like to soul. These guys are cool. A song so far. Mladic I like it don't care for them. Let you guys like it. I do. Cosell would Band of Horses and a female lead singer's us. I like it. Have you heard tall heights. No. Maybe my filly sounds familiar PAU promising on emails I think we got a lot of emails from them. But it's different from the band of I don't know where else would probably you've seen the song. Paula hi it's called the defense. All right listen to it I would love to. World we know what realize they're not real attacks on our exercise or zero. Churchill who has low. That's undersecretary can't do it you have to be happy. I'm happy as a man I saw you dance so they are moving your shoulders yeah you never crucial is like dad I'm happy removed moving them. I was dancing. I mean no like yeah. This is doing that Syria was awesome yeah I had it turned up Bob. But. Team relies it's already soft. My good on top. George football lesson I did did you watch a little bit. But more importantly I coached football last night to that means it is we are clearly in a football season it's red Friday right up. Chief start the treatment abroad try Manitoba boy whose red Friday. So put on air football stuff and Joseph came down at a Seattle Seahawks shirt and shot took another Miami Dolphins sure dolphins and often why the dolphins dislikes the mullah and so there are legal vacation then watches from a dolphins against. Again and I'm a dolphins fan glad when that. What's wrong that she's got a really good team right here I love the jays finally he has she stuff too much you know. There's like a Charles dolphins saying well. I know nick he's the mileage is so much better than the dolphins and Seahawks probably from Woolsey you know. Nick is way too busy join up against us to a call and we'll also he's gonna call and on Monday for. Achieves recap little but says he's gonna sing me his picks but you can't hate to dolphins opinion. On artists like if he was like their views that I don't know where the patriots thing you know I mean. There's a reason to like to dolphins and it's not like you're jumping on some sort of bandwagon Leo I dozens are. You know I'm an Eagles fan after watching the Super Bowl last year Broncos and raiders are on teams that really hate. Broncos especially raiders less so now but they're moving in the ovals though kind of bad form so weird thing I think come on in or Thomas was when I was talking to nick the other day. No we're just talking about. Football logos and our helmets and those are two things. I don't think there is a better logo in sports. It's on. The. Then it. The dolphins their new uniforms are costs and I mean not even if you don't I don't think you didn't. Know. You're an alien moon and you come down right and he just looked at night you know we don't need to knows what the sport Israel and Israeli and you don't know what sports are. But you know the cities of the United States right. Mentally I got to know where what where they are who are about them right your look at all the logos in pro sports. The one you would know right away you'd be like on that money that's Miami right. The dolphin death. To dol fan it looks like the it's TO it's Oren dried up minutes. As soon as Miami there's nothing I can look at a Steelers want to like move Boyd don't know the color screen raiders don't know. And a giant dolphin and a helmet area god I think that's South Florida and that. The pro football. There's nothing else are really screens exactly what it is. Now. I'd I guess I was thinking you were just saying it's your you think it's the coolest law I do think it's cool but I also think and I don't know that any other. Color scheme and logo represented its home city as well also dolphins Texans. It's just. The Jewish girl back towards justice outline of Texas would write and yes with the right rest Texas but but but but. I always like to I don't know exactly what the Texans won is it's that's been out. I noticed I was in an alien it's like a red white and blue steered. Here we showed them my grandpa don't know what that is. I was up the bills had a cool logo I don't like them at them and chemical and I like the old patriot and marvell is here. Yeah I've got to sheep ready here OK Nick's gonna send me does suck our own them as well so. I was gonna give this team you can write a Dalmatian and impunity in this round I've got the schedule got such solace to start a fight a child showrooms says. I'm such a baby the dolphins make craft could open the effect. But I do take football seriously. Just Toby you're asked if what's interesting Darius Rucker rocker. Sorry thinking out loud cheer we're just gonna do chiefs fix now bright line we're doing those store where we're doing. I mean we're going to all the games of the season right is that what we normally do in the next week we go through every single chief's game. Or you going original artwork all total first week seat is due one week where you're trying to crack are right then Sunoco and you write it all down. Loser ass to. We have this week we had some bats worked out doing each week I thought maybe for the overall that. Just an idea here. This would be the end of the year maybe next spring. Someone is going to have to I thought this would be good unlike the open Mike stand up for whatever which more never gonna agreed that no one ever wants to about the local council meeting. The council meeting but earlier you OEHAM going to city councilors iPod this would be easy to do his or remain years. Well he's got to revert to stocks it's fake I forgot that we're you know I real as I box or off by a pair knocked off Perkins stocks lose your pace. Wall finding cheap pair though and they use the loser has to buy Internet results alone and we need pictures of then being worn places on the weekend after a after football season and oh so on oh. Know that bad just the regular child now this is I was gonna say loser Hester called their acts and asked them to get back to gallery business. No because we did some blunt about calling an accident in the Super Bowl he never called your taxes I thought well I don't wanna Wear and but. Lee American stocks. I'd rather call my next trip where the threat burqa Stockwell is sooner yes I'm positive. These are 25 now they are being. New rooms and turn around great Putnam park in stocks Tony 599. So this we're gonna have the other where all we had to wants a full review along yet. No socks. A lot all come on man I don't like you know exactly I don't even know you're worse actually Wednesday home alone you have to go on beyond the outcome they had three pictures taken from my ideas on the edges PC to your house in oh god. Yet to be out out about. That's the back. And I I haven't talked to nick but I assume that about this specifically advise him he'll be OK with us. I think he's good for right if we ask we'll make sure first but I I assume you swim on TV. You can't see it much thought about that he's sitting behind a desk and told him how he could definitely Wear them. True Michelle and and his partners would have to see him where we are right Nancy why you are in us and you have to take pictures dissenters to prove that he wore. Gergen stocks on the so I can't. We can do this this is so much long rolling resentment might take McCain is on babies and for but the who you know these also common whites. Data under stress. Here you guys are always over ones yet well here's spar who have been Donald's these certainties are already silver sparkly Beazer bedazzled re here. There is. All of these are like I don't know you Coleman it's the chrome Talladega unload Rome leather chrome. I don't know if they make those elements there's cheetah Pratt. How much he got to where are you gotta are lower short running shorts. Well whatever the weather permits he can't where have you can't wears some sort of boot cut jeans that are gonna cover these okay fine you have to be able to see him. And I guess if you wanna Wear socks has said no socks that might be worse I don't know which is worse swords so yeah you but you just have to Wear them out that's what. While more and Sox. That's what were a betting this year. Deal I think I Daley's pull off black Sox Ireland dad who doesn't know what's going on as opposed to on trying to make these looks somewhat cool like. Then black socks and Bergen well yeah like a Bernie voter yeah that's not good enough political will be bad either way. I think it's a GU I can't I think it does roll out to the barn try to make it look like that's cool Ali I don't completely like you're you know more of an idiot than we thought. You just have to Wear a heroic Canadian sure exactly liars like distance. Exactly it seemed like your from Canada vermonters some color that's. Who's barking. Who is barking. Is that in the is that kind from insiders really from the Barack alcohol can I just dog bark all right you are you ready to do week one journalist go south on. Are you the one who's gonna write all the stuff down there are headed down you you three okay yeah next fix right. He's you know I'm. He's been sent into us a little foreign to you don't you worry about that you got my ears are gonna pick to write yeah reports always go your way you play our Sox. Here I don't yeah I just an Al Pacino and you do not. I'm not quite other kids now I unemployment will hate missing Marlins don't lose but maybe the sandals but you have to you are all anybody let's go. So we are he had to. I zinni and although we can put that one behind us. How to do Eagles. The good back. Let's see big Eagles colts. Who goes first I assume you wanted to feel like you normally go first Kraft singles colts. I think the Bengals. I have no idea of technicals. So Gundy got holes bill's ravens nose don't go to church Boca bills ravens. Well why are there Eric this county as well. All right as the bills ravens. Ravens. Oh we didn't do bills just say that they're gonna start some quarterback draft less than never heard of donors and although ravens as well south on yourself residents. Our Buccaneers saints. You go first and I rules say saints might not. Basel ships so gone thanks Texans patriots. Week one I got to go to the patriots. You patriots showdown pats. Vikings 49ers. Vikings coach yup same. Dolphins titans I think we know were last stanza dolphins. A take the titans so don't titans giants jags. Your other Florida team. Giants jags. I'm jags what you guys think and how to judge urged I like the giants but I assume their terrible. Steelers browns. It was the last one is our daddy's jags giants. And we both picked Jack's. I assume you think the giants. Steelers browns Steelers browns he got past Jewish same Steelers have gone. Chiefs chargers to reduce chiefs. Muslim. Chiefs. You'd want to close like you don't they did lose its right to pick up a game every week you don't think the chiefs right. Their plane and knowledge what does it did you play in Italy doing so down to use all right Panthers cowboys. I have no idea what type of cancer should really I don't know who what's happened the cowboys. I don't know I don't know I don't tell you what's going cowboys. So counter view us cardinals Redskins just throwing out a name of two words you've heard before and with the red card cowboys. That's an average and a I've read there's a glimpse of what it means anything cardinals Redskins. I was aren't used to come Arnold's Arctic Redskins went out ultimate racist. Yeah I'll go whoa Redskins. Seahawks Broncos. Hawk she also talks are definitely aux spoke on. Broncos Seahawks. Jersey us Packers bears. I'll I'll go to packed and because of it I will take the Packers as well and so cone will pay back Packers. Lions jets Monday Night Football. Lions. Celtic alliance for the jets. And raiders rams. Second game Monday wraps. Its taking the Randall that the ramps Graham's. What do we basically picked all the same team there the cars and adamantly. Between YouTube angles and the colts had a friend. Dolphins fighting is different. Question Panthers cowboys. The myopia. Action so but. Who muzzle take for Panthers cowboys Panthers yet. And I took the cowboys with a guy. It was George Perkins Sox favor and stocks all spring. When you guys get another look at America most of it charles' great people know when our pics here all of our directs. Also India Asia host hundreds every week with a picture of those so people can keep track of who's winning. You just said all spring you didn't mean that it's all spring so weekends no all spread owns and wherever wherever they really several troubled times a week are all spread. Not once can do best. I don't trust either one review where the same as the final it was not a knock your socks a couple of pretty now I've got a lot of.