Friday, 11.10.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, November 10th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Louis C.K. responds to allegations
    • Sarah Huckabee Sanders gives Trump's statement regarding Roy Moore
    • Papadopoulos says he lied to FBI because of loyalty to Trump
  • 25:10 - Mail
    • The Glorious Sons - Everything Is Alright
    • The Aces - Stuck
    • Quicksand - Warm And Low
    • Mainland - I Found God
    • Kyle Craft - Heartbreak Junky
  • 56:11 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:14:46 - On This Day in 2015

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So righteous man. On all sides. The jury. You homeland. Belliard starts. Will strike zone of the no are you only one good a real good. What are you laughing about not you're laughing I'm not alive chuckled I'm not laughing all right. There was nothing the last loan money does funny stuff to last about two only one place. He's employee. You're working on veterans day that's kind of funny like holidays that we take off work. You're a veteran and New York today who don't work on Columbus Day or locate their presence next Aaron saying. PR OT Dunkin' Donuts coffee. I'm talking about the news it. So that's the one that's kind of funny but that's. Why I mean yeah that's a holiday they just say yes show up. For me breathe any other day upon write any others that I mean this company's great about. Any one is always Hollywood should ask the rest of the day in the Grassley and we need you on veterans day saw a guy comes up that people understand. You're an idea that in general there was some stuff maybe had sent. That's all I got as far as the savvy veterans and happy veterans am telling you right now I have measured by a tank of gas down. I need to do. When did you gas card cheaper gash. We thank you for the cheap gas and welcome man forever in your debt. Cheap gas are an option and I I hate people who spinning your face. When it by by by driving a Prius or some something run unnecessarily. And he refused to take advantage that cheap gas. Is used so bravely fought for all my friends. All your friends are relying right yet. And these. Did you want rivalries. Right these days working downstairs. Drive and plug in hybrids. Ridiculous. I drive a truck and on Friday appreciate your stuff. Well yeah usually just start talking about Louie CK us I news. Should start everyone's tax drones on and on my druthers sexy meet friends who taxi me everyone in the building is coming up to us tonight what do you guys think we know why is it really cares much what we think about Louis CK that's a little bit disconcerting might just assume you're going down Max I think part of it that's part of it I think we're just like. So what have you done an allegation that's right it's just you know start to come up. Louis CK Louie CK did and then I would never do heaps put out a big launch same apologizing and admitting that I would. I don't know run and hide the client and play NF I can't hide anymore I guess maybe yeah. I don't know what do you do I don't know how bad it's gonna get it could get worse and look at Kevin Spacey turn out with the guys from ranch talking about snap an eighty's. And uses I mean yeah. We hate to say is your Louie CK and. I mean this is you know obviously didn't lowers days you realize we re you've made it. Other people's lives horrible so in the dome. Karmazin vision comes around you deserve what you get. Send. Look at how as a friend lives shrine like a real friend I got vision he's saying this because I was gonna ask you what's OK for me. If these accusations came out against me that I was just whipping now. And every would you say how some you have a different story but at least what am I really land. All right you put around that thing Jim real bad guy I've always known your bag I don't get a bum. I'm in good or somebody else to me in trouble by this time next week. Like I hate to say is let's there's good news is that. No clue what appears to be the timeframe of people being busted on these things. Seems to be about two to three days multiple people are like narrowly in Laguna nobody's talking on Kevin Spacey mourn my hands and well in jail Stevenson goal really going on. I'm trying to do now timeframe of guys getting busted for being sexual predators is bam bam bam bam bam. This delighted you are you know you get a it is waiting for you today right right. And then and then when it happens you're waiting for the next guy to step up minutes. Get shot it's not just. Celebrities sponsors look at Roy Moore I think up this morning you see that hash tag cannot. Roy Moore's always suggest rice and maybe Stevenson goal although Steve is a golf seems to be one that sister and get swept under the rug out Gene McCarthy happen in the nineties he's. His celebrity compared to Louie CK. Mentally also talk minimal and Saddam does justice brightening just not say it's not an eyebrow raisers and aluminum loans and and other cooked in the navy might be alone and it's not a surprise to him guard he says you know he asked me to undress and said the derby nudity. Off camera. In for this role like Jonathan doesn't surprise me about him at all. So for people who don't know Louie CK did make a statement he did put out a statement here's a piece of that you know I. Way too much and see I don't know why. Is selfish I don't know where it is I know is that I don't hurt somebody somewhere. I'm just kidding aside his actual state of privacy is talks about. Masturbation a lot Myers comedy but he did put out an official statement I want to address the stories told by the New York Times by five women. Named Andy Rebecca Dana Julia who felt able to name themselves and one who did not. These stories are true. At the time I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my Dick without asking first which is also true. Oh I learned later in life too late is that when you have power over another person asking them to look at your Dick isn't a question. It's a predicament for them. The power I had over these women is that they admire me and I wielded that power irresponsibly. I had been remorseful for my actions and I tried to learn from them. And run from them now I'm aware of the extent. Of the impact of my actions. So when he goes on Jimmy if you Google Louie CK state you can read that the whole thing. I saw. They were talking about him on and I think Lewis MSNBC. Earlier today I mean listen to and their reaction. Dana I mean Goodman and Julie love where comedic partners they say they went to his hotel room. After the show they thought they would be safe because they were both there. And that's when they say he proceeded to take off his clothes get completely naked and started masturbating. And then how disgusted. That's not just he's a predator that's violent and easily didn't come forth for all these years it is and up until they more embarrassed by it you can imagine and this apparently was his ammo because he went to other women there are. Other allegations one woman said it's when he. You know whipped it out this she said what are you doing you have a daughter or your wife is pregnant and he said some young men's and I'm sorry I am I'm a sixth man right back. Lindsay says it that you have someone. This did you you monetize your your dressing room mastery and try new shoes that I politely declined politely declined which like these rumors have been going around about him for a long time it there's I was trying to find some of the old accusations the we talked about this levee yesterday though we knew that these rumors exist about receive I like not a well kept secret price that there have been podcasts and articles written and talked and everything that was Louie CK religious never mentioned his name right. I remember was. Well who was widely thought that these stories are about music that this article from boxes. CK is also known in certain comedy circles of someone's reputation for cornering women. In order masturbating in front of them. But the allegations of such behavior remained rumors widespread backstage and in comment sections. The story remained as the times put it unsubstantiated making it difficult to pin down even ensuing CK had been asked about such allegations directly. Especially in conjunction with his own material and which he often paints himself as a passionate masturbation easiest. He's been vague enough that the story remained nebulous he never issued denials so much has dismissed the dismissed the allegations. As irrelevant distractions and he said don't remember this is that I don't care about that he told vulture in 2016. When pressed about the allegations he said that's nothing to me that's not really if you need your public profile to be all positive. You're sick in the head I do the work I do and what happens next I can't look after. So it's interesting now looking back how he doesn't deny it he doesn't lose it may prayer right aegis is that's ridiculous I don't talk about that not talking about those allegations. Right. I'm not I can't tell worry myself with a perfect public profile. It's intercede and now he says okay did. But I always asks. That's an interest in a dilemma in this one right if he did always ask now he's saying hit a nice thing. I should have done I've noticed when I ask. A woman who admires me because in the so powerful in the community that there and that I'm in this predicament it's not a question. And he seems understand that but it is different than or Kevin Spacey and bill Cosby's stuff. Or even the Harvey Weinstein stuff to some degree if what he's saying is true saying. I always ask people that want to see Monday. So. Home what was this other thing I took a screen chosen Venus was on the first major attempt to report on the rumors about CK came when talker. Ran a blind item in 2012. There at the time was widely believed to be about CK originally and we all. First were made aware of this story is we've heard from several sources that this shameless funny man awaits his penis out of the most inopportune moments. Often times it's female campaigns have expressed no interest in watching him go at it. Are represented an example at the Aspen comedy festival two years ago we invited female comedy duo back to his hotel room the two ladies gladly join him and offered him some weed. He turned it down and asked if it would be okay. If he took a zing yeah. So. That story zeman a legend he asked if it was OK if he took it out. Right so I'm trying to close until my mind I'd also base your comedy routine. Yup. He says you guys I know back to my hotel room what I've learned. They're like yeah manager though likes and doesn't mean you wanna get on easily not really got my hijacked off the front. And they say what no gosh I don't care. We're relies on him and I was joking and missing is Scott make this a when he actually started doing it. In front of them they said let's get out of here at great days left they you don't want for the exit etc. this its iMac he's finished or yeah. I'll I didn't I haven't seen that based on the story I saw the new accusations and I saw the darker story doesn't say in the darker stories out he started. And then doing it and then they said this isn't our thing and that they left for the exit. The thing is in the dockers or they reach out of that comedy duo and they sent an email we don't wanna talk about this we are not going on record. And on the New York Times their record. And that's because on the one stands for sure the more yeah I don't know. And intolerant and leadership and that's why it's gonna coming back around now you know I'll maybe Gaza so at heart of that story was that. Party allegations that he stood in front door blocking their way in Chile was done. But he got blown. So special and ninety unite in the new. Allegations run to see this early okay Jennifer Aniston and chaired and that he had finished. On his stomach according to them and they capitalized a guy so are these two different I guess I guess he's probably the same hanging you know. Again and that darker story never actually named him run so this is. As a lot different and he's the first one to come on say OK I did this. It was wrong. You know I didn't even realize how wrong it was at the time but I'd I'd I realize now Rhonda was I feel bad about it every day. But I always asked. Before I took it out right. None of these other guys have done that knocked and I don't think any of them weren't positioned to chemist crazy can't come out and say. OK I like underage boys when I asked and I'll let you know at least I admitted no you can't do that the public second assays so. Louie Louie CK thinks is a chance. And someone is probably telling him I'm sure he has people around him advising him what to do what to say in the statement. He's got to be telling him you. Maybe you just read my body is different you know there's 22% I mean he makes reference to watch. Why I thought I was okay. Was because I always ask. And they follows that up wedge which is true. Right is his wife is okay is because I always last many reaffirms that statement mills is also don't write these statements. And release them without knowing people who. Going over every word literally rapids this is true. You need to save you always ask and you need to reaffirm that you'll reasons. Yeah understatement it is at the time I said to myself they'll what I did was okay because I never shown a wall in my Dick without asking first. First which is also true. Many years on the same but you know they learned later in life too late that we you know empowerment on the person asking them to look isn't a question. So that's I'm saying. Clearly somebody thinks. I'm guessing himself included that he can survive this. He turned his manager somebody always saying let me know who survived it in the entertainment world but a survive it legally. If you don't like yeah because these this chart does or doesn't do a lot of these cases or whoever does certain. I also love from 1986 I don't know a lot of the Spacey stuff ones. Right when there is more recent stuff now coming out about to receive originally was like palaces things from thirty years ago but you know lose statue limitations. The mice Jack anon has whose statue limitations may not cover. Louie CK so we have some pictures words. Carefully right. But every year from now he comes to play his friends sooner. Would you be. The ones that's. I've seen if he did I don't think he is either but if he didn't. Would you be so. A bad person for going that show for giving him money for supporting his career if you believe that he's obviously he's telling you they are now things are. He's not mean you can't if you don't deny ability there's no right Michael Jackson's and I never did it. Right so. His fans to say I don't believe that I believe him Lisa gazing I did that. I don't know I think it'll be interesting to see how history judges and everything down. But now there won't be. And now remember this like he's in with everything going on this month this year and what's next whose name is next you know run. And well you know on. Hundred years from now. Powell this. Timeframe be looked upon right. You know what we look back at least he can only look back in recent days of predator. All look back at Louie CK is an artist whose broken and I bring that up because. You know. Not that they don't but I certainly don't think people look at Edgar Allan Poe the same way they look at Louie CK today. Shared ride I mean there's time. So it's a hundred years from now will they want when you watch him Louie CK old special. And mile back got us a guy got busted for this and this it was a broken due to ride PO box. His. I so I definitely think it is maybe I'm wrong I feel like his old. It depends someone else happens what else comes out what are accusations are made I feel laced. There's a good chance at ten years from now his old specials. Are still. Available now Netflix has said we're canceling our special let them I don't know that means at their again you know. Take down the and they said snow coming out there taking down and the specials area have I don't know they may send their pull the plug on it you know plans special attempt. So I haven't taken down one stream movies I don't know yeah I don't know what's happening with that importance. Right now so Ottawa and I am whining and and he's not you know he's not part of the company Marcy got that his brother is now on jurors got together company survives right now. So and now with. Kevin Spacey. Arab global auto racing him yet right. His face is gone from now as far as their hand and so many different things and it's hard and it's Tarantino it's frightening few I think that's different and I think again they can say with a company he lost the company is his brother's company now in Los -- company so. And someone in justice has been surer ground. They you have Roy Moore. Allegations about him have been an inappropriate encounter with a fourteen year old. When he was 320. Lead Corbin says she was fourteen years old when an older man approach or outside a courtroom and Caroline county Alabama. She was sitting sitting on a wooden bench with her mother they both are called when the main introduced himself as Roy Moore. Early 1979 and Moore who is now the Republican nominee and I'll be up for US senate was a 32 year old assistant district attorney. He struck up a conversation core fan in her mother say an offer to watch the girl. While her mother went inside for child custody hearings he said oh you don't want her to go in there and hear all that Allstate here with her. I thought how nice for him to wanna take care of my little girl. Alone with Hartman more chatted with her and asked for her phone number she says days later she says he picked her up around the corner from her house. Drove for about thirty minutes to his home in the woods told her how pretty she was and kiss her on the second visit. She says he took off her shirt and pants are removed his clothes he touched her over brawn underpants. She says and guide her hand to touch him over his underwear. So they asked the White House what do you think about these allegations against Roy Moore IBC there on the Asian tour right now lines of Sarah Huckabee Sanders had to be asked you she's got this traveling press corps with their. She says we're talking a lot wanna hold allegation ruin someone's career. Here. Like for many years ago. Swimmers like. Everything. If the allegations are true we'll do the right thing and step aside wolf. I don't understand that we believe that if these allegations are true we'll do the right thing and step aside bull he's not gonna he's sands are actually not true he's saying this is fake news. Right to the fullest. And this is the Democrats trying to smear him and bring him down. And you've got Republicans saying you know I would believe prudent before I believe anything the Washington Post says run. OK. So I don't think we're just gonna count on him to do the right. And then how about the guy he said merry was a teenager when she married Joseph man Jesus so. The. What country are we living in what are we talking about is we're doing now take Joseph and we realize we looked at and in ms. Moore guy can still run and perhaps get elected it's a women president into every once Diaz. People who have sent millions sexually assaulted them it's working out your prize for his part James Moore did allegations against a new Impreza. But the fact president's got to go all right and comedians you've done. I'm guessing they shouldn't be but it seems like such a mixed up world where our politicians get a pass for sexual. Assaults. And our artists and yet. Blacklist is an entirely. I would like to see and that happened that everyone does it was going to happening any groovy ball over will be the leaders of the country in the world not the ones during the past. Here's that quote is from Alabama State auditor Jim Ziegler he told the Washington examiner quote take Joseph and Mary Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter they became parents of Jesus. But John impregnated Mary and that's might do in the second I thought Joseph and Mary weren't doing anything. I don't know as a whole reason he was so blind sided by Alice Mack Putin's I don't even know if they just are not I don't know I'd have to go back. By the way that is a fact that you're gonna use the Bible. To defend and defend. I'll bet me Sims is saying I don't believe this it's not true I don't believe Washington Post it was fast and with your friends. Argues the Democrats it's a smear campaign it's great news don't say. Oh Mary was two days. Yeah. Are you now just saying is that a blanket statement that. Female teenagers. Because Mary was a teenager. That they can. I don't know do they even have to. Can Santa I don't know maybe maybe not. What he's saying or even talking about it. For women told the Washington Post a more pursued relationships with them when they were teenagers and he was an adult the women which were between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Moore was in his thirties at the time according to the post. Hillary go. What a day. So there's nothing. I mean there's some there's some Russian stuff pop and topple us stuff but just seems come orient out of jobless is butter because. He says that you know he lied about the whole Russian think as he wanted to be loyal to trump when he feels like he was loyal to trump. Yeah you know I'm I'm. Paraphrasing here a little bit but he helped cover up losses BS because he was loyal to president and then as soon as his name gets listened. The president says this guy very low level you know like big guy what a loser listen this guy the Jewish. Haven't done hello. And the person with knowledge of the investigation says pop monopolies is upsets the man he tried to protect is now trying to distance himself. As we of this presidential tweet. Few people knew the young low level volunteer named George who has already proven to be a liar. You know your senior foreign policy advisor. And tell you do something that exposes the connections the campaigns. Of course I miss the man behind closed doors some insanity doing good luck trying more civility call mill went around some sort of secure phone and all. You talk to really eight amounted to somewhere you already knew Ruth just keep winning I should mound right. They're. That's got to write really got to survive three more years ago to right are Thomas. Listen the stakes are higher water shrugs you're good don't government and I are failing and ever worry about anything I got you like. Street got a Little League yeah right I assume these these guys are here talking to me that he had you know I got your back. So the headline is that. She lied to the FBI out of loyalty. I just found out who write a book well I I don't bloom when I run my business unit he does my. And I don't like trump but I assume that like you said I don't they have a secret phone oral lofty targets on the but it beat the alum handshakes Jesus Christ about a president is going nuts not to me is pardoned three means a cheque for a million well that's I mean probably doubtless has a decoder ring when he reads us tweets there's a secret messages that says you're doing good Jay keep your head up since suns stay strong anything I don't know. So most of mostly mostly people who don't know Lucy today. So. Since you guys are all here. Mean curious. Don't I was curious plus. Okay no. Doubt why can't I know K okay. Yeah. It's. Shoot the. Okay. Hi he aria. I'm Gary and go to man. It's Friday do you wanna open up some real though he knew that. I hope people monitoring easy afternoon. And lesser news station new Italian number of mail for it's. The new music segment. Which under Friday. We call it mail because people literally send CDs in the mail piece and a lot now they send some and they send a lot of MP threes ski well. And occasionally people who drop off stuff at the front desk maybe they live in town I don't know. Choice I met some great news soon to be all we have no idea we don't even open it until Friday enemy over a replay it. You tolls really like it and that's it and obviously we we don't usually not gonna play the new. Taylor swift's single but sometimes we might slavery and we've never heard of thinking about this for us in the quickly discovered this is not for us and we might turn out right but distillation of this radio show when they want us to place so. Usually when it does laughing about. What you guys I had phones boy are my assumption the American Idol what did you find those on less. They were his officer and to look for herb out cold medicine is today is like America and I don't like Albert and they were covered in so much dust. I liked that thing where I pick up the white conflicted Sunnis and I find the map as a wise this but the American Idol season eight's here. We'll look at this Saturday but no one night here I did is this the bulb twice a year I went out there. Senator headphones though but it's our look at times their actual. And you can use them. And your phone I got the mouthpiece so he could take calls on the us I've a lot of love to see enough cross currency are taking calls at bat but that's what I do that dog and corporate voice excuse me. It's awesome and big American Idol of us how it's not season eight season twelfth graders taught and relax a room in the I want my problem. I wanna run up. And they didn't get around since you had thousands of hours later. Arson do you wanna does because our judge and twelve to ten for the did you see stupid ABC net Geico commercials have no idea about pop culture I want a it was a judge in twelve of NBC nightly Jackson commercial. At a special celestial and I wrote it. How much money think Randy Jackson gets paid to do a Geico commercial where he's at it. Dogs NBC unit where he's doing a dog show competition is like looking good dog not so good dog Mike and does he need the money that bad I don't know. Whom whom I'd say. I would do it obviously he's almighty judge Randy Jackson I bought the man's eye glasses. You and so Lucy had Randy Jackson glasses yes recorded on your visit to Iraq and I got my vision corrected at Jerry's vision which I recommend and yeah. Whereas contacts classes but don't put that off any longer for you to. Around Randy Jackson glasses right don't do that people make a funny behind your back and people tell you you look good in glasses. That means he only looks good in glasses and our soldiers that. Well now no one ever told that actually my I think may be when I first got my glasses like not they're usually teaches and honor you wouldn't pin was okay because you saw inside your head and just a kid but it. I don't know really generous socks on president's eyes got glasses so did the same as well and was over you guys are gonna feel why don't you called jury already. I needs. That's an eligible expense under most flex spending accounts. I didn't know and I'm guessing you probably have 2017 dollars that are going to waste right now he feels. Where you can reclaim the 2018 message inside those tax free dollars up the nation and now thank you I'm telling you it's like changing. Three plus years now glasses off can't I Leland and lasting solution. Yeah as is way time. It just that obviously look good in glasses you really don't ever she knows that I mean it. Use your losses on the I'm a fan Assange. Fannie and Haas thank you. A sort n.'s now Imus on live Washington Post. Our next question is going to be where and shot. Sam this you don't have always been that's where it is like no thank you all right album through myself out now. Awkward. I wasn't there anymore now I know what it was. Sam was always talking about it and how you always took it out. And now I know what it was it's all coming together this so am I never did anything you know I know. You're now. Again. I hear is good to me. Deng got some. Some butt slaps to the idea yeah axiom about I mean 2017. Yeah as senator and she quit asking for it right yeah. Spam please assist. Officials are working with us and I think that's sorry sorry it's. I hear you are absolutely and has been for at Laguna. Was in a matter of oral and we can imagine reserves and really let us. And I was and Taj isn't a position of power I had no other. So I'm harassed. She haven't director title Altria. Termite mound now. And as. I just stood there in the corner watching. On. The down something we should play music. For the sole thing to shut down. What. I'd assume authority has been really hasn't been you know British Welsh. What were we gonna play a male I don't care bail. How about the glorious sons. You know that fans. You deal with talked about it fine everything is all right that's news to song them including missile on. All right. And may be generous that's. Until the people desire that's not our decision you Texas 96500. Tells what you think about the glorious sounds so early ma'am everything is all right. I'm. Yeah. And. It's. When there. I'm home. And dance on Sunday though. The meets an amendment and now. Landon. Yeah. Okay. Movies and I. It's. So I haven't heard them. Phony to me and. Miss a little oil I did some little rarely and it yeah. Mean some people really really like really like it love it. Love it love it love it. And in some people say puke puke puke puke puke. Puke. No we punched a man. On his wedding night and it on the guy's way. On the grooms sweating and I thought Bosnia and an area in you know and I didn't know that from. I feel bad that he hasn't touched a pretty was on the part of a lot of them well. That does happen things getting out of hand there. About the aces. A new additions. Revisions I don't I don't know the aces out let's play VA sincere people again songs culled stuck. There tolls would like to run on 6500. I. Oh. It. It's. Yeah. Looks like most of light of some Google did not but as a halt I'd say. Not bad. Not bad sir. What about new ultra catchy. Yes. To knock in my head layer. I don't know honest. All man is now applies only tried to no man I was solid don't do that I did not mean I was and hate not some. On crack she could take. Didn't sound right suitcase street cred he should play a quicksand. A lot aren't onetime lower my song you listened to I feel like you love it just sold their resolve this talk that they were supposed to put out an album and well it came out today. Are growing gap on epitaph and they sent us a song. Tom and I you listen to part of earlier and acts. Milan I feel like you're gonna like it I love the tradition. Song is called. It was Samsung they sent the album is called interiors. I think it is cannot today and the song is called warm and low and so. Similar a lot of animal like I loved it school loved it. I thought it was great. I cannot 1994. Then. It's great today gap that's the thing like it sounds really good now. A lot of it. Wounds so that's quick sands. That album came out today. Who else do you know. A band called mainland. Mount a Stoudemire and Shawn. I don't know if they sent the song a couple times. I have not listened to a thought maybe you had it's called. I found gone so has been showing surely there are. Mainland please tell me more than it. Kind of mumbled and animals like four await those. And some of the pictures there's three. On American post punk rock band based in Brooklyn new York and current. They have a Wikipedia. Site in which sometimes we just have known as an amateur season. Look if they have a FaceBook not a ton of info looks like the surge in 2011. I've been around members Cory and Jordan's first letter to party. Jordan is another band at a time after leaving his former band could be reconnect him with Corey to form mainland. So they got different outs for their restaurant joined the band shortly after. The band's name comes from a word he first heard used by his mother who spoke of missing the mainland of California where she grew up. Right that's everything I know about mainland I've never heard them as far as I know what let's listen to rent. What do think is gonna sound like science called I found god. Additionally. Pop punk ish pop punk ish when you see is enemy they look pop on fish. My first thought was like. Almost like. Yellow card and a Schlesinger is like Alec DB that's gonna kind of come back. I feel Deseret all right let's find out and I and his mainland were I don't know they sure don't. You tells you like it or not it's assignments exposures are. You're. Oh. She's only you wanna let this thing guilt that. Does do one. I used to. Can do wow yeah hey good. Let me. Blue even though. And the only issue and maybe needs. Homeless zoo is down. I hated that well it turns out that's not the first time we've heard that bans. It was. We used to play to sign a couple years ago this was mainly. If you'll remember yes I can tell. Here. Yeah it was two years ago is seemed. So our. Some. Tim myself. I feel like I mean I don't know. That's mainland. Unforgettable songs Laszlo. Care of easy Kansas and you know you'll never forget where you were the first time you heard this band six. Have fun criticizing some sort of magazine number one guys I remember that Kennedy was right and like I'll frazzled. Farm. And we already played all this stuff there's a new sleigh bells on op. I really all this other stuff realize we have we are all already playing a we probably thought we played for male I mean. We played as he played as we play the Bryant found song. Just radically expands on its latest old there is I don't know this but you probably had this and TO. Kyle crafts. To notice no heart break junkie no. Listen to and overdone Oca. Kyle craft tells you think these attacks on its exposures. My man nick right FS one how are you. On. Or. You. I am in my cards right thing and we're very cold man had finally gotten cold in New York City. It was seventy degrees three days ago the wire it and you guys know I've lived in late but yet when our. In over five years so this is a bit shocked that it the global fight through. About lime Rock Hill. I thought you would be somewhere I mean there's a bunch of really big college football games this week. There there are a lot of good college football game this week and we are not on site anywhere odd. While I love college football I try not to leave new York city of LeBron James is planning to come to New York City she is going to be here Monday. So that changes my travel plans just there. So I'll what are you most excited to watch this weekend. Well. You know and Miami's gonna beat notre day. And so what people don't know let me get back a little bit there are ringing matchups of teams in the top and number one Georgia. Number ten Auburn number three in order to act number seven Miami. And then number 50 local law at all the at number six TCU so did this week and at the Norris. College football playoff implications. Georgia is an era only three point I'm charge organ Notre Dame or three point favorite. On the road and Oklahoma is at seven point favorite. At all I think Notre Dame Miami's going to be the game I'm not short the other two games that are going to be that close. The being in alum who's obviously so they're chilled pizza mayors and we last talked one is leak is suspended now again. So he's going to be EP definitely I think that's weakening its the next six weeks and the other one is. Yes are all about art art football game last night. No good games. The big game but use salt apple orchard Sherman. Day tours Achilles and then there are saying. Now you're talking about how the short week games lead to injuries which he's can personally complained about before U's are the first ones to come out and complain. Right so you're. Not done. Our illusions. So obvious. And jeans to work for every one. Because it's so obvious I will feel like there must be something I'm missing here so lack well let me run it by you. And you've got me are missing something like this and I yet apple one would get off. So being an act obviously wants to expand that he may want war games but that your money. The reality is what they wanted the weekend that they're selling Opel. The players don't want that because of the work. Or don't like certain art all the Google where. Why on our. Would. Everyone want it. In this scene VIR act well why. And the way it works it's your partner is. Why. You also. Have a bye the week off or you like on the hopeful that the bigger it would be grateful water. The players would give you all. War effort that we are all many by actor because they don't like sunny bunkers they beat the world. Well because it human acts are weak and of the inventory to sell India and be. Ian park they had them and would be happy to get it there. You ports that the greenback jumped one extra week. Super Bowl Sunday is put on cable partner and say I mean we all that one at all. Like anything like the easiest fix in the world via code used to bite weeks and eat and why would they go to. You know I've I think Mary Meehan your mother talk goes before a pitch there's no reason why they wouldn't wanna do and I can't figure it out myself and let's say things. And you know what it doesn't make any sense I'm only try I'm scraping at the bottom of the barrel as to why they would think that. And lest they think. That the actual competition in the NFL so weak that it would leave some weeks would just such horrific crap teams flying. That. That they just don't wanna put a product on the field that and by the way I think that's almost ludicrous but it's the only thing I can think. Like there are you know the battle of ownership. And the LP a wall and agree all. I think it would be the easiest thing in the world to their at what the larger urban particularly liked Matt next Lou. But you don't like a sore Achilles all year big guy and never again. It was a very important divisional game or team unity emotional here he didn't want the game and now. There. Well we can light it sure lacked any and all last all by thinking about trading at all because. It packer next here only two million mobile Latin guaranteed it's potentially like. You bet your last game of the city ought. You would you know. Or emotionally after the game maybe that happened at Gainesville sun may oh. No I agree there's no way to know. The other thing I thought was interesting users showed him on the sidelines. And the guy said summoned to only goes on it's torn it's torn. How do you structure feels like that's on the that would. So I'd talk. We're about that this morning so that sort in Chile is weird. Because. What are you know what happens immediately. To the Achille. Hold your lawful. Like they let it kill it but back conjecture capped well we'll keep your all. Working your he'll do it killing. Your. We're all back here. And the fact that you can just walk out yet. Those amendment and just enemy targets tolerance toward I was shocked. I mean Kobe Bryant that you remember war in the chilly. And then famously shot two free for those people bought it was so early when Eric Berry Sorkin actually. Why you he was carted off the field if you. Lot of people are not. Damn now a lot of people of an injury. A lot of people and carted off the field they you can make him move. Right no it. Larger German the top guys in that popped up god and sell high but its court. I'm gonna give you. Were any gap in our. Who is the best team in the air. Who's the best team in the NFL. I admit it objective. Like you you it sound like an opinion question. Once it you don't get what I tell you you're tackling diapers. So you're not asking for opinions you're asking for what you think is an objective truth. Yeah and so it. Like opinion but the view that the block it. My guess is the Eagles but that's not my opinion that it's like gas. Are you what number. You're. I'm trying to patriots. Art that's wrong as well get a third one and I'll tell you don't get. I'm trying to think who my opinion would be is the best team in the NFL. He gonna say they are. Are you go the chiefs. No longer than a decade the only only as of world war a first team all well. At every position. Nearly every position on the field and a pro war at every additional field. It is that 47. All injured change. Error on your quarterback tailback. Wide receiver David Johnston Peter running back. JJ block Richard sure Eric Berry others or your defensive backfield in the end of life. Like you're back. A quarterback it is shot lot's been prepared for quarterbacks coach and all your backup racquet now because. You're left tackle Joseph is right tackle Jason Peters bureau linebacker universalist. You're big Gator Perry and I like. But the amount of oh lead in expelled Allah. That is now finishing in all I all our is apt. Oh we were more did you do that on the show just like that like it you did I got I was series vegetable because I like that do you. I mean you you have to be you get up early in the morning for the showed you lay in bed at night and you think in this stop you go. Oh damn this is this is perfect this is. This is Tom gonna phrases I'm gonna bring up this question I'm asking that this is perfect or are you on your laptop at night like trying to trap for the show and think of a lot of ways to you know bring up. Talks. So I see my glory as a weird one. So if it is and what you described the first sign of how this one happened I would fall quarter this morning. Calm before the show saw just like a law lit by the shack we outlaw law listed ever want in your. Like all. Hat for the best team in the league is inflated same crowd at a displayed on you guys. The way. And it is a weird thing about like my hours. I get my brain works. And to leave. And in the light off. Like dreaming about doing this show you on the sat. And right and in the jury. I am making a forty that would wake up unlike all of them checked I remember like is that accurate it is actor shall we I'm gonna do it and made. Yet to make you do here's some morals does not I'm not trying to make are what local Sports Radio guys do. But I feel like they're able to listen to. Other Sports Radio guys are parts of the country listen to guys on television and just kind of if they even bother to take the time to. You know come with some new verbiage to make or it's a challenge of the Euro on national television. So. Here but it and that act is a local worker at the right thing. National sports television shows. Or are true. There are you know like what the all right mark about my job is. Like we. He correctly and that is our producers are great like the glee. We couldn't miss the big story and no one ball or. So like you watch it okay here's what the other Schroder talking about because we're the virtual war that the most difficult part about the job. All right good or thing about sports is and I'm always sought asylum sports I think obviously your grade out at night I like people who do sports talk with a one thing about sports news. Is that 90% of what you do is already been done. It's argued incentives are even finished so now you can just debate as to what's already been done bit blown call all our. By trade or whatever it is where politics is our whatever is a little bit more fluid it's your kind of talk about what's happening. So with sports is not a person of what sort of in downtown precise you're just predicting. Absolutely fair and I pray to make a similar point that like. For it I don't know what it was like we are your thumb and I was planning on that day on the shelves. All had been able or on the show pardon me. Done it big thing about the lack of all four quarterback Eli Manning big developer burst that out shouldn't mean that there aren't coming up wanna. And they were buried pot the pot and come out later that day and they make the same point. I yield or such and such a lot watching the show. Annie Le immediately maybe. You like or maybe it's just that we are all operating would be right in confirming exactly we can come up with that statement. I have we deals if I'm surprised that I heard elements numbers still run on the field you have. Sad thing if I just I. Predicted a Porsche. As it was a horse and a twelve or read all about it. While I was accurate we'll find out but guys nick you did skipper and a huge huge huge story and I don't even know last knows about the sports story you know the sports are that we skipped the local sports story. You know. Kansas City they announced a while back is getting a basketball team and we decided you know reading get an NBA team we'd rather have we gonna be part of the North American premiere basketball league you know something's a little more competitive. Something that maybe put us on the map a little more than a mediocre NBA team. And they announced today what the name of the team is going to be did you guys hear what kind of team is gonna be neck no. Take a gas. Are so we have. We have rule you're over thinking man Greece talked into it's my closets of us Casey bonds. Real yeah. Aren't going to be are you greed and corporate. Better to talk to him I'm sure the incidents that I won't have anything to do with us. That colonizers or Dawkins now yeah it seems to be Auckland and I. The question now I know they're not necessarily sponsors yeah. What in North American premiere back. Hewlett they've got a nice website and got some really cool gear I'm I'm series I'm looking at now I'm looking at their hats and their teachers are striking out who else has teams. Looks like the Rochester racers sharks they jock Kamal sun kings snow across real he wants you know that they signed Kevin Young. Which he's generally is that one of the greatest KU players ever but eating get drafted and sent but he get drafted what did you. But now. Why why would it can't ignore I like it. Why would we not do it easily got Albert Julie could easily. Get that would be cool could you're failing and it would be NBA team. You you have some in the lawyer mark it down right you know like a triple I don't know anything about. This league and don't you assume that that's what this league is gonna try and do eventually is formed some kind of connection with our pipeline. Where they plants and municipal municipal center right now the Plano municipal. Oh what. Sprint's there's a pretty hot spot maybe they'll get there connect. January 1 Spencer's all our some tickets you come and join me. Wacker most. Still waiting on the ski teams to be announced another name to be announced it still Sezer Kansas City game to be a. He's speaking of mine owns and my home for 23. Years of my life all continuous Jesus you got out here at 23. You Rowland now what you know I would airport security team. And 42 Ali college experience and let's let it all continue our move. The word and new airport. Yeah. And it's actually from what we've read this week make it could happen like pretty quickly they're saying that they've they hope to break ground next summer. And it can be done by 20/20 one. Let our pilot the year surely you guys into stated that you began by and certainly dead by the flying over I know that welcome here like bank and I gotta say. I'm not bad girl I like eight BI. I like the template and the other I know you'd think I was sick and blood sport I like the fact either like that security is like terminal white army day by day. I don't need the big thing at the airport they could get bored and how and that could put. At some cool restaurants in the air they could do those things that they can't be seen cool without doing all the fancy change you you've got to talk about. I have seen changes. Next up places like being at a time machine that is used to LaGuardia and ours is as a giant toilet. I don't think yeah. It is a toilet man that plays is disgusting. Are you libel and I talked about here now. Are you built your prominent New York match. Yeah our body I'm going to eat I I was a little better about it but I realized I have. Forgotten. Your two sons. Actual names. I didn't know that the Euro just yelled yeah. So I'm gonna need them because I felt what about the little bored and I guess incident although it will regard yes. So why all. So we and the studio where we do this show ball which is the same studio all the Fox News shall do their show. And then directly extra work in it differ all that building is where my actual offices. Will we ever morning meeting where I've got mighty might all like liable as it. And it directly. Overlooks sixth avenue and I they're big windows. And no lie all it happens to be oh really great way. But then they eat Thanksgiving Day parade so liable on the border and check it out from my office. Like that. That's pretty sweet that's pretty awesome. And we're in the well and have dinner reservations not to have begun. Where your artery. The monkey bar. Quote our. Well being not from that I thought. We talked about that now would you but I don't wanna be beholden to union families. I got you are all the army that is in the border guards in the Euro kicked our ass. We are in the morning alongside the act also. I've also are also able belliard got a wonderful week it achieved through all this week that on the bench Aleks Maric. Cement cynic. Your your left please save me. 2050. So. Everybody's Shubert. In this room before write them. So euphemism. Maybe. Going over. And everyone always asks who were driver in the same question so. Which are rumored I never talked to numerous world make pretty good money doing this I feel like you were drivers talk a lot. But doesn't go many judges are doing this in order to shore up to it resolves ago and I cigarette. Yeah and and I sit down. I start essentially counselor in my phone. You're good at that. I'm the kind of person the guy next on airplanes are talking I'll talk to them and share. All moved to start signing like your dash I kind of look up I am iPhone in my hand and they say you know and just started doing this and not cool. Not back down mr. Sokol wanted to be and knew her driver but his car doesn't pass inspection sunny and street legal really. I don't know that's true that's true its ups and absolutely true. The turn signals or tomorrow the lights is completely missing and so he he couldn't be in over driver yet he's working on it. Mean a lot of tips. During the World Series and so we stayed up fixing up his right written. Getting that Hoover permanent. But choke on. I know you you listen to some of the Saudi rightness could be what you're in for. And people there's been a bunch of different stories about. Someone got attacked someone suing a passenger that attack those trees all that and there was the guy who got into the car it's an Amish taxi driver or your new were drivers of and if you went through coffee on targets on a punch in the face. But probably the most common thing that happens is people get in your card late at night and they're drunk. You have to do a lot of drunk people I've seen in the back of some people's rumors they have a sick bags and get people throw their cars. Doesn't seem like fun but this is kind of a scary situation because this woman she's an who were driver she recorded what happened in the car or should pick this guy a plea tonight. Yeah. Now the joy of just containing out of my house service sector just sort of rousing hand over Andrews gurus. I'm really really. Pesos 33 south. It's. Now but yeah I mean I really it's not it's a bad. Dash my girls hanging around me friends we meet friends my wolf. And two yeah. I'm Danielle making money I got to work. Call. Little. Good thing they ask the panel working through weeks and I just had surgery zone. I was Allentown. But in big trouble on the stand now he's up for America want our dollars. I mean she's out agenda make extra money right it's a fair offer I was gonna hand some day. We'll know who don't cooking out. It's. It's beyond me I don't want and now I'm knowing your money. Okay. Yeah now my. Series in the lap I was shocked so was. I'm missionaries as things feel like is now what he says it gets better he tells tomorrow we'll go to you why don't you need to harness and and now. And he's doing Ausprey. Now I am laying out how. Now yes. Sorry doing. By the way this is a new. Last ditch effort you know like when you're at the bar owners and I remember thinking about this like if you are promise here. You could just say you're in Hoover driver look I understand why this is offensive and wrong and his guys overly aggressive. But what all the counts busting people on back page and everything else right. This is a claim test I'm going to sell your services or you're atrocity you get a drunk guy in the back of the car and she says how was your guys are guys struck out which is like alienating. Right I'd like to strike him. How much cash you got on yeah am I mean that's it that's a good business plan okay. And this is thirties there. Exactly toilet go down yeah that included. From Basra as this plus the nowhere unless it's. Okay. You love. Them. We're don't know Harry Cooper I know I'll get a jury does guess right now. Now all that's not it's not appropriate and I really nag. Is appropriate. Becoming any gala meet here is in my him money and we're doing this. This is all guys have by the way and when men are sober. They just give you a little bit like. McNeill later but at the end of the night when you're drunk this is all we've got in the tank is Colo. Just coming out blue skinned human cloning. We're basically best friends at this point. Yes I'm someone's flat and look how well I would just like the feel comforted me to five slightly. This is as clutch as you're no salt that you know slow up debate. Yeah I. This don't get a you can make all of they'd go away just you're Arab guy. Yet out now you say it out out out out ways to season play in the game all night he's been doing the day and are now there's nobody left and he's you just throw everything guys and ladies this is all we have bending it to just begging. Bass like I have 200 dollars so we'll see how great using you and our. And Alexandra. Some of the news that to me. Drew me. Far this. Since iTunes battered blue and it delivered some buzz. Okay amateur yes right here now. My dad grew and I don't know Ali and I do feel bad at this point she's got to begin pretty uncomfortable yes somberness. Don't play Unionist I'm getting mad at me. My game didn't just lounge okay Yang Wei young lady whose name you don't remember. See is tennis in me that hurts drunk man's words are like OK I know look at our analysis was gone. Muscles and a little bit more than just a part of me that's like when she says. Young lady whose name you don't remember that's like. You've left a shot to Dorell Wright foreign. Exactly I know I'm being ridiculous might like to know I don't know like 200 and it's like the Packers are some big smile shot I remember her name behind it's almost like she's she's. And all right. Never listen honey honey honey. I'll give you weigh the U. Whatever you live. By the so why are new house yes I will give you whatever you want in life. Can't just be a very here. Don't forget your brain doesn't here and for a lot you'll. In particular for you to listen in your water you went to back it up there and got very doesn't go water. No sorry I keep your. No let us know I can't. You can't I can't do it is so and I'm. Still hot. I always say there's so much taller and no duty it is so have been awesome and their he's talking about his apartment which again weights he's human disease and Iran stereo stuff. He shot back icebox and want her ride outs Bluetooth for the stricker is okay clean I have to go. Is a symbol. I know I'm so broken I'll itself but we've also a growing chorus of this is that which is like now I'm going now and you're like oh please god just made me feel comfortable on my own skin you can do that just say yes we're human beings look at me I'm broke and and you can save me you're the last. The last. Chance. That I have. A feeling some sort of joy please god but Al or I'd wake up and go back to work for the week. And feel horrible about myself and broken about all the people who have left me in. Deserted me all the times have been rejected by right women and men for that matter anybody and friends and everything that's happened to me in this lifetime. That just builds and builds and builds and builds and led me to this moment to try to seek solace. And the thighs and and Guber driver. Tell me to take my burritos and go. Scares the socialist society. So now we're at the point. There at the location he's got his burritos and as water and she's actually believe and now this is it this is is very very last change. I don't want me coming up. I show you some songs you Mary Jane of songs I'm missionaries in songs you've never even dream she used to hang up this way it isn't exactly as you. I'm not gonna try aspects of the. You've said that afford to right course look I'm not trying to have sex with you I just wanna hang out with just hang out. Look I'm I promise it's not like that is when I had no idea playlist I can play right and it really easy it's all. To go home now please of that Tyrone actually thought that exact sentence. Heard that a lots of snow. The last time NASA yes OK sorry I was his best buy is joining any government. Now some songs himself and he's I know I didn't I really can't those so please okay from the fact that under my left. Don't forget every ball okay death threat it was it was more you thought. Well thank our C. I'm really excited. From my youth they come innings MySpace I yeah I really can't though. But I want it to. Hey. What I wanna I was excitedly coveted MySpace. And that's it. That's the sound. That's sounds rejected by knew her driver that's the sound of pain man yeah that's the sound of life. And pain oh she says something when he gets oh she does she says something else here. Holiness. Well she was you know she was. Where they also that by the way it would relieve the almighty god it's definitely affect affect did you just seeing us lose our trunks on to some. It's just telling me up trailer pats frenzy so put that he said he was gonna move me some wire. He kept there on halves sacks I don't wanna have sex I just when you play his video game when it meets in order donors you can't deal showed Chia. Come honor. Come online and I told you man I'm sat him broken and you could have made me feel but he could make me feel alive. I'm dead inside in third a couple of minutes you could have made me feel alive put. Instead he's burritos and go on site. Jim Moran is garrido should. That's on my couch. Are humans should interact humans but it's what we do this.