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Friday, November 17th

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    • Leeann Tweeden shares Al Franken's apology letter
    • Sarah Silverman talks about Louis CK
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The righteous man is sitting on all sides. Well leave dark. Will strike down low numbers wrong. Volume great area. Doesn't never felt better. I feel like a million dollars and able to look. I'm feeling you know let's say it looked like I know London. I don't know right you looked Jason Sunday I don't know let's say you didn't read thank you. Yeah me it was in my office earlier I don't know I'm closed door. No heart to heart got real. Or tears shed. The sand happening. Police say heart to heart I don't them using its value. I mean am I mean no resigning to tell you stuff but one son and a again. So I resent reacting. Did you let me ask you this when you left there do you feel like. Like things are battered. Image of. Like once every couple months you. You just it's. Did out of our system genocide. That's engine because I was in your office earlier today and we watch rap videos together that's just like once a corner yeah. That's weird she feels good and he didn't know I felt. I felt good I'm that was good news whom had a song second you can then later through June. So lastly just like the guys video. Be more successful I told me dirty does may mean. He gets too nice. I don't know I don't. I wish him. Write checks on says my life is a dumpster fire thankful for your sons a bitches on hey. It's okay joining about it no idea us join the club. Do you ever have a day. Where you think she yourself. Which he walked into work and you think to yourself all the things just happened the night before or that morning. And you and you have even on the same Stacey say hi. Big Joseph he carried. Steve good to see. You walk up the stairs and you think yourself. I just. Acted like everything is fine. How many people in this building. Are going home balls and doing things it would absolutely shock you if you knew all I want their private lives like how completely. Screwed up. Forgive everything so slow so you say your life is a dumpster fire just remember if you ever masters odds are at least 50% of those people around you. They are currently. Going home to a dumpster fire every night yes and waking up in that hot. Stinky fire started out as about a million queries and is it uncalled man Jesus your luggage and sent him Ambien when you and I feel monstrous. But I don't know I was like Roman maddening but I ditty today which is different so I never do before I did hear some great breakfast to I didn't. And inches and pins are supposed to help with nausea and ginger tea coach I'd PW ginger G. It touched you're welcome Matt feels like it's a million years and I don't feel it feels cool. I didn't touch thermostat to say it's. Not me and didn't do it. I was opening up the lines channel it's all the way up. And magic about any or dying and I'm right now because it's seven degrees out which means that the the heat from an uneven on. It gets really cold here when it's really hot outside and vice Versa that went like this that thing and even kept on. The government should talk to. It's possible that you gotta be sick and I should symptoms. This is going gonorrhea. Two closet. Interject just don't have gonorrhea also carriers for to look loan Clayton being our random moment. Not that dark. As I don't have. I don't thank. Sounds like something got hot in here. Anonymous. June. A wild dog on their way yeah. And how it is. I can see him and other items travesty barely seen. Plus he has to. She get tutored last night. Yeah man fell superlative. I saw someone that I follow. Some celebrity here journalists. Somewhat a lot of callers. Pointed out that. Every liberal. On and he I think he says something Ellis had a dream for me since something along the lines of mining Twitter feed right now every liberal on my Twitter feed right now Hussain Al Franken should resign. And every conservative on my Twitter feed is saying why are liberals calling for Al Franken to resign. You wish I thought that's. That's exactly what I've seen I kept seeing liberals saying. Al Franken should resign Al Franken should step aside Al Franken has stepped down and I would see conservatives seem why are liberals. Telling Al Franken he should stay sound and back. It's a weird thing. But I guess if you're a conservative and you only follow conservatives maybe you don't see that a bunch of liberals were saying. Ellison let's call for investigation a lot of people were saying stepped down. Tell you one thing. His accuser. Leann tweeting. If you ever seen anyone so lenient like that. Every time I checked out told. EE. Eight and in a missed two easy to ends the end tween. She received of a message from Al Franken. Like an email an apology letter. And she was Sonnen. Do you. Talk us I don't know 1 of those Good Morning America this morning okay shoot someone of them and and I'd solve a lot of the stand here for non. If you know it's I don't really think you make your shows some matter. I really down on them and she read his. Apology. On the air Sarah says is on letterhead from ounces dearly and I want to apologize to you personally. I don't know I was in my head when I took that picture but that doesn't matter there's no excuse I understand why you can feel violated by that photo. I remember that rehearsal differently about what's important is that the impact it had on you and you felt violated by my actions and for that I apologize. I have tremendous respect for your work for the US so and I am ashamed that my actions ruin that experience for you. I am so sorry sincerely Alfred. Good look at I was on the view it's an. On. I heard that she's accepted his apology. And I I don't know what that means and that's between them my guess why doesn't change a second if you did something wrong. You. Must invest you. So do they investigate that I know I am on. Like to investigate that and to understand what was was how does that work. There's flooding dominance and only goal is it. And it might. Is it. And I feel like the police wouldn't be involved because as far as I can tell was on an airplane or in have been another country I'm not sure exactly how that works as I can analyze what he's absolutely right announce its investigation. They get them remove what a lot of criminal investigations on the FBI then. I don't know because some sort of US government I would imagine Iranians that I set your college centers like she's pressing any charges against you don't have to press charges for that you don't. The police don't they cannot. So like there's many times where like you are dying it's a woman or whatever Americans are domestic dispute. Another one says I don't want to press charges accounts don't have to listen and act but wouldn't that be different thing kissing someone kissing someone his sexual assault I feel like if she's and I accept the apology doesn't realize she's does he gave that she gave consents. Just say accept your apology. By if he tried. You know being groped her without her. Permission and I feel like that's still criminal saw. Wasn't it. Kirsten Gillibrand who said that they should do I know she don't and in allies on this because. You know. We're gonna get this and I'm a liberal. I think people know that about me. But if we are going to hold people's standards bass organ and do we have to do it soon Tex signs as 1002 when he women saying trump sexually assault them different stories. I wanna hear your wanna bounce. Different story I think I should be investigated and I think this should be investigated. It's a license is what you do then illegal mocking touching and as I don't know. I don't know what I'm saying who would investigate out of it was wrong. That's not a cause a legal issue clearly it's an ethics issue that they should look into it but is it a legal issue as well she also city canister out. Arkansas her eyes and I. And Indian minute. Denise saying yeah happen and I'm sorry I apologize he said he remembers that he doesn't remember I eat. Dollars I remember it definitely didn't get a story sing I remember this differently but that's not important yet which again is you know whether it's a vengeance of varying. Interest in a way I turn on the phrase right that allows you to say I'm sorry for this I remembered differently yeah and chase. I am guessing the ethics committee. Or whoever wants to come and investigate and write. And he's called for an ethics investing is a self rise in sales fully cooperating right. Again that's his story about the kissing is as I don't remember it that way. But that doesn't make it right reign as the photograph I thought it was funny at the time and it wasn't. And it was stupid gynecology. The juicy a lot of streets this. I'm watching the next morning on Hulu hazardous Washington news snowman. Now there's no John have you tried watching The Daily Show she's tough on us. But you used to watch him right Jon Stewart first and I got a little known him to assume you did well. It is thought and I don't imagine as wildly funny and wildly talented and you know when I got married to Dulles. Talked to Tea Party leaders like you know it's been nice to own. Well I didn't need batons and I disagree. Did as a reward I. I didn't think that that was the sentiment was returned to sanity it was a stop saying that we're we have to be a Communist to be a liberal and anti terror can't you can't argue went crazy yeah. And so he was saying let's not argument crazy. Let's let's be logical crazy and I thought I was a recipe for his I think he was also saying let's stop having people waving Communist flags and saying these people are with us because we're liberals so they're going to be the same events that we are this insanity let's get rid of the extremism on both sides are right but unfortunately we don't get rather than on regular and on and on our side and under the runners symington downtrend is president. Anyway I've I want Seth Meyers they saw come out. It's to set Myers does does the news and he doesn't do a monologue aegis I think you might have tried when he first took over late show but he just does. The news like you do we conducting an arsenal. And they ran this Booth last night foray. Prescription. Pill that you take if you are. Having trouble sleeping at night because you are worried that someone may accuse you think of something that you don't you passed a free republic Herbert Holler something. These guys are asking their doctor ferber tells Rex and like I just read Nancy shoulders of the office and told us she looked good like Jennifer tells right field and cycle life. I didn't touch her or talk to register walked in and I was nationally yes proposals definitely right for your. Showed all these different guys are having trouble sleeping or wondering. We need a box and it. A permits all eat. Sure I don't. Do you. I'm on this. I sleep fine. But if he had wanted to do how's that yeah. I just feel like there's so many things you can tell me. If you said. I remember. That time that we. Well our road trip and this isn't as simple as as I say I don't remember any doubt I would still believe you though. Because there's so much time in my life for Mike weeds we wouldn't say used to gathering like yes he remembers three days. I really don't remember them. But and he's our you but I don't anyway it's a safe. Arrogance I guess Jamison and it is not deter this morning the big training Dane everyone's talking about Sarah Silberman. Did you watch her statement on the ECK now she's really good friends at Lucy Kate she has a show on Hulu. And you watch Sean who. I'm not Carolina. I am a fan of hers and honor comedy special was Alison may as good as anyone has its amazing her Irish. Top music that is I mean I'm comparing it to. Like I don't know just like I'm comparing it to Richard Pryor now I thought it was not god I thought I was voted in the news Chappelle. Specially guys I mean I'm comparing it to I do my domain priors that knows you know and I promise as a sort that was those are those are legendary and I thought her performance was legend I was was I couldn't stop laughing out under. Hers was clearly about Alicia Pelz and received. It was an instant classic and and I like to last when just find the bad news is useless a moon which I guess destroyed almost zero now. But anyway she's got the show on Hulu the show has potential she comes out. She does kind of monologues and talks about what's going on in the world finished. In the first there's only been a few episodes like in the first episode she went down into Louisiana and met with some trump voters. You show us a good on their meet with these people senators talking about the let's meet them let's ask them why did you vote for Tom. You know what you think of job. And that seems to kind of be the theme she goes to a place in toxic conservatives and and at the end of the show she interviews and when she had. Megan felt somehow I think the first times anyway. So. She decided to talk about Louie CK. A little bit different than the conversation we've had about what do you do with his art. Can you separate the art from artist. All those different things this is more about I have a personal relationship with this person. What am I supposed to do. You've probably heard what's happening in the news recently regarding sexual assault especially in the entertainment industry and to be clear it's not just Hollywood it's everywhere like. This stuff happens and bakery is too little it's just not getting written up in the New York Times. This threesome calling out of sexual assault has been a long time coming it's good. It's like cutting out tumors it's messy and it's complicated and it is gonna hurry. But it's necessary and will all be healthier for it. And it sucks and some of our heroes will be taken down and we will discover bad things about people we like are in some cases people we love. Let's just say I'm talking about literally. And I have of course been asked to comment and then full honesty I really I really really really don't want to I I wish I could sit this one out. But then I remembered something I said on this very show that if it's mentioned a bullets manageable so I and can I address the elephant masturbating in the room. All right so that's the beginning of it I. I'm like yeah I know it's it's like him a minute at peace here that I broke ground but I thank you kind of got to hear the whole thing. And full disclosure and I'm still processing all that's. But. So here's where I'm Matt on it as of this moment it could change tomorrow and if it does I will keeping posts ads. One of my best friends of over 25 years Louise she came master baited in front of women heat. Wielded his power with women and in. A way is. Sometimes to the point where they left comedy entirely. I could. I could catch this with heart warming stories of our friendship and what a great dad he is split. That's totally irrelevant isn't that come. Yes it is. It's a surreal mind and you know because site. I love Louie. Around but we did these things. Both of those statements are true. So I just keep asking myself. Can you love someone who did bad things can you still love them. Centrist in writes is that asking can you still appreciate right charge he's asking can you still be friends of the personal of this person. I can mull that over later certainly because. The only people that matter right now are the victims they are. Victims and their victims because of something he didn't. So I hope it's okay if I am that once very angry for the women he wronged in the culture that enabled that and also sat. Because he's my friend. But. I believe with all my heart that this moment in time is essential. It's vital that people are held accountable for their actions no matter who they are we need to be better. It'll be better. I can't wait to be better. It. I can't I think wait nudged it to be better right. And you know she started off by saying that she's been asked to comment on charges against us want to. She said I love Louie Louie did these things both of those statements are true so I just keep asking myself can you love someone who did bad things can you still love them. I can mull that over later certainly because he only people that matter right now are victims. I. Sure. Your friends some. I consumers thinking yeah. I do not like some I mean I cannot like some people's actions. But I just so different. And it's worse terms. They view room. Got drunk tonight. And killed someone in your car. I'm your friend tomorrow I understand that and I agree completely. But I've talked to you about another example of that guy who's like a friend of a friend. Who did a lot of things I heard a lot of things that made me extremely uncomfortable and I didn't understand while I light Tim just fine in normal conversation we hang out duties things about him there was had a series bottom. May mean angry and I said why are we friends with this why is this personal out around why this person is not allowed in my house run this person I don't as a friend of a friend I'm talk about she's saying she loves Louis Wright which is like she obviously has a personal connection and she see him as a father she sees him as a friend. It's different than just a friend of a friend or someone that you kind of know of course. I heard he sings about someone and I just kind of know he gunned down hang out with a 21 and does it also sounds like it's different didn't know that he was due course. Chuck Philips are disarmament. What if you did but I don't think she had to get from it because she signed it at the end mustard think about it she said he did these things and he's my friend. What would choose things what would you do obviously. I wouldn't expect to be gainfully employed by you but if I if you knew that I behave like Lucy Qaeda was masturbating in front of people. And standing in front doors nationally Katrina stories dominant you know. I heard someone else complaining that read Nashville differently if you knew that could you still be friends would mean no we met. I don't think you'd put me on the radio but could we still be friends like. Yeah and even to say yeah we have a frightening there's guys like Clemens friend reads from a reader uses saying you may have heard he's. He's got this reputation and it's enticing I don't know what to do or would you go to the police would Jules. What do you do if you know. I think that's different that's I've talked about anybody you know the you have to talk to the person yeah. You have to say man you gotta suck your children whatever inch. Leon assumption. She says she didn't know she some uncertain situation obviously is so much it's always funny and I'm Bruno. Unless you hung out what does she mentioned that he was a good dad Scioscia summoned a different light. What attracted. She was trying to set about Franken you know he won't say anything about more. I checked the last thing yes you said about Moore was that you should stay in the race runner this other people whose sound hot to be right yes. She said the people around them to site. So he takes his allegations very seriously and people Alabama version of the song. Trump wrote I'm just reading this I didn't see this and she just Al Frankenstein pictures really that speaks a thousand words. Where do his hands go in pictures 2345. And six well she sleeps. Trump wrote of a photo which Franken appears to grab woman's restful shoes signature doesn't six USO tour. And he continued and to think that just last week he was lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women. Leslie salt taped question mark. Why would trump I if someone should just stay out of this and stay out of the Roy Moore thing. He's gotta zone accusers. I can understand him sane and you know let them sign not really making a statement not only coming now. I mean until after Franken. But it doesn't work shall. Well. These awesome FL since depending on ES. Some people saying killing elephants is the only way to save elephants shirts and you know we need to do our research because of money at these people spending kilo offense. As the money conservation department uses to save those elephants so Obama had banned the import of Alison trophies. And trump. I feel like trump not only does he wanna undo anything Obama did but he's also got a thing doesn't like what's the trump piecing it can do. Would allow wean. The import of Elton trophies in the United States and he had something to do I think that's something you don't. I'll go ahead and you don't statement US fish and wildlife says legal well regulated sport hunting puts much needed revenue back into conservation. The organization says several factors led to the reversal of the Obama era policy. Arguing that Zimbabwe is now better able to manage its hunting quotas track revenue from hundreds going to conservation efforts. And monitor how that money is spent. Frankly if nothing has changed nothing has changed. But the administration. Critics say the move will harm already endangered elephant populations. This announcement is a great travesty for Al offense as I think most people know we're in the midst of a coaching crisis. Elephant populations across Africa. I declining. Media critics there he doesn't like Yeltsin honing a juice sitting in front of the media. Seattle skyline there's lines in Seattle. I just don't understand the that person who wants to shoot an elephant. I don't know I mean I guess I shots girl's sudden money people who wind analogy that would kind of sick to swing angle to be serial killings shots rules are your kids. I act shots rolls around again I don't know I spent my Summers in Oklahoma whatever. There's something about being a grown also sounds six year old man millionaire. And the money go shoot these elephants. And then there's a baby elephant running away an artist and apparently carrying you take a picture with the I'm at noon I agree. I don't get a shooting giraffes and I don't I don't want to do it on a solid somehow manly. AM at some point house unless you are an intrigue. Where they John and writing and hey some sort of tens of light trees. Thing covered and dear task. So that face value so that it walks out and then you shoot it like that's not. If you really wanna be manly don't chase a drop the gun and walked out of the woods until I some of those crazy again now. I'm kind of over enjoy it but everything else just plain cheating I what do you think about if you really want to fly letting house. But you're houses see who wins and a factor of like deer season laws put Manny could have won balk. And it becomes very would put him in your living room and you guys do get out see what happens. Open your doors and put that prior. What's your timeline on what do you think about. Like Joseph Rogan does and you hear him talk about the crossbow thing reasoning running down mountainsides trying to chase down these Alfonse flood. You know you ask selling more job to get into shoes and you can run up and down these mountains and JC zone many ask to get close enough to want and he's now. Personal and still get users to run yesterday it'll be good enough shape to keep public deputy can get the shot off with a fairly joke dances that it. Does that impress you mark I know he's actually Navarro and yet that's still she's got to tackle it. We've got to fire but I give the hypocrisy that the hunters and say we you guys eat meet their factory farming museums that's terrible advising you eat it every day you support that. Dramas mean go out there and hygiene and animal day at least got deliver real life in his natural environment as opposed to and that was raised for nothing other than meets. Players are saying only argument would be and I want you guys eat the farm rage. Animals. So what's the difference between me going into an animal that's living a fun life and natural habitat and joining. I don't know if there's a difference. Continues got yourself right. Yeah like your yes your killing this adult animal when it got to live the good life as opposed to these animals and I Janet continue to lose on grass catching all of these animals in the last five years. I'll going to animal pummel us and senators I get that but there are connecting would be worth eighty these animals are raised in these. No offense in 40 and yeah well you are talking about deer love animals be animals are totally different and I think if you needed likened. Elephants are getting killed for their ivory tusk right and until further heat run which is Don it's a show offered for near rich friends rye new. Yeah tiger and lions and all that's rough there's no reason to children. Knowing you were talking about like deer in the same damage is its jails like it's a very manly I know not what I said was. I really care for doing or not I'm I'm a dog in the fight. What I am saying is that it seems less than manly to me to being complete camouflage. Hiding in actually covered in deer pay us a call this thing locks out and then you're shooting when it's not looking at you. That's not incredibly mentally third. Us Nogueira sniper to someone as Smart as the baby. Congratulations tough. Guy like that's a tough to me it's certainly tough for longer than going to version starts grabbing staying. It's and he did it did take some time George family or advisories and beer yet you you can come on man he did spend a weekend doing this. Jerry your family's all you can Omaha unseemly geez you know little girl who shot the elk in Missouri this we accident happened. So this girl from what I understood she was out deer hunting with the dad and she shoots what she thought was a bottle it turns out to be held view reports and immediately and in the Missouri department announced version of one of those whoever's in charge of hunting. Was trying to decide what are punishment should be. First of all there's altitude just walk around in Missouri there's wild elk. I believe that farms and learn some guy out or something how big daily life day and I read this thing about how they're protected because there's not as a continuing no. There were wild. And the singing thing is if the girls that are on accidental death reported immediately. On the plus I'm not a hunter but I don't have any issue that if you want hunt down all it's only for us a lot of my friends on. I don't understand what you do so I don't think she was in and getting in trouble since. It was clearly an accident. Yeah I was shocked that there were L I thought maybe you had some yeah oh yeah. Now I don't know that's a normal thing you want Berg's write my dad my dad is never under any did you are under even steers well. Thank we've always eaten that's been the whole reason for hunting. But not just to go out and Julie dear god I don't really have to eat it. Violent manner I know you won't do can you do I gotta find you you're going on and shooting gear because you can't get food anywhere else now. Now and are right that seems to be like yard that's actually that's a just say you want. Because that's finally be because that's like for him argument. That's a pot hedges or legs. Joseph how strong and imprisonment and son of Adam like you just wanna get high so don't tell me. I need it because I got there behind you and I did it we don't have to just so I wanna help things out until until things on climate don't confuse those arguments. Diet and you're not wearing him pants and it. OK you like to eat meat you really wanna go on the ones until things when your buddies so let's not confuse this issue here. Don't tell me about how your your freezer is only Feldman venison and that's all you eat fruit that don't not true and because that's the case and I also expect what you read others and giant art anymore you only grow vegetables do. Not right buying Aspen not buying it you wanna shoot things. I don't see you cultivating melons on the weekend souls have picked. I do night in May need no phones at this before and it's embarrassing. But my and it made me eat every school and I shock. Roberts I think it was a cesium was president is teach you some sort of lesson like if you're gonna shoot you gotta eat it. I don't know what that lesson is but it did make me wanna stop shooting squirrels I can't eat any more these. I should clam flew I had to clean. My uncle Tommy would you live. It was in Oklahoma uncle Tom excuses as you do the rest of inciting clean the line John you take the thighs look and you put him in a crock pot. And then like on delicious like pork like that workshops. There aren't held in this area known. To see a list I usually either. If I saw an elk in Missouri on the side of the road I definitely think that's easier right. I had no idea there's only favored gun trafficking hears this or bring him back in October of 2000. So it's that conservation. Yes sir Elton a certain degree of the population mammoth Hanson's winning ten what about now Linus. Are we getting those back. I liked the idea like I know you're shooting them and you know I like the idea may mean you're walking your groceries out of the car. And there's a Mountain Lion and sure they didn't know you return your groceries you have to run against the return volleys because I just shot amount line amen amen clinic. I diversity says you can't agree with us on the hunting stuff I wanna know exactly what it is you don't agree on because. I know here's against hunting right you're not against it now I'm not gonna donuts I'm hunting thing I'm Diana I think is. Facility I just don't understand the it's easier to type people wanna do and you're not arguing that allows those points in people who hunt deer hunting looking. That's their only sustenance right this time there's no way I don't see homeless you like him now trying to get enough money you know by rifle. So I can make you mad money like you know almost I had an online version on noneconomic don't shoot around right right no I got ten now on the ground. Age gays are homeless and that's our new thing we give. Rifles a homeless people so they can go hunt the and provide for themselves. I'd like to go hunting once. Mike Taylor on. I've hunted. I went to seventeen months. And are obviously I shot those squirrels. That's not hunting I've never been deer hunting before my friends get so excited about Turkey and deer season. You shouldn't go to my parents I say just take me one time and I said Thomas house shut up I think they think I'm not gonna shut up. And little stairway to Jesse just put me in it tears my dad my uncle always used to go and so then I went when I was a kid I didn't know when am I went up to you know allows Leon. And somebody shot want to my dad shot a deer. My came outside was hanging upside down in the garage loosen. Throats slit German bought into life and I had no yeah. Carlos cows like. Is wrong if you people disgust me it was a real deer season in my house unless there was one hanging from my things and every year. My dad is independent engineer. Ya wouldn't wanna take to deerhound I take it to whatever that process I think and let them do it. Now isn't that you get it you don't get here meet back here's something you just did seem weights they way it's. My parents I don't know that that's I'm not taking home and hang it Barack's. Let someone else to that. Lucky to have. As a demonic view I don't like a 32 point buck is that it's not shooting and blowing a seventeen times and things and we get 24 point not. We're hanging out on the walls I'm not shooting and dear. I don't. You do know. And we'll you can join us on this. Embarrassing isn't on the region but nothing if it's. Called the killing John and shoot an animal. And say don't take up all its game John it really had been cut and mistakes. OK I think look someone else to them are never mind I wanna know what they get so excited. They can do Kelly things man deaths is evolutionary. Stop it or not it's ironic isn't it ironic is I understood and don't. I'm national army men have been domesticated like god damn cat. So these men they. I didn't. It really does send my second daughter Alice I've gotten rid of something extra. And I guess that that's I wanna do to get excited of course but I haven't done so I don't dig you desire that involves more than they now that's not fair it's true these guys got better grades it means school. As I mean any thing dollars in luck. And I when I jays salon throw I'd take so you know why. I've been involved. Dollar less an iron doing different things. Maybe I would kill a deer and go. Maybe become a sudden maybe you are usually I try out some things like that doesn't mean I think people are lasted just is and that instance that the malls or maybe are trying I would probably her. And I wouldn't get a tidy track. My mom my mom made me once set up I'll pay you to shoot to wrap this dream my garden so I went out back shot a rabbit there and didn't diet immediately cried. Told to keep the money. My dad had a kilogram or soon I don't shoot a deer I was and it's not gonna die gonna walk up to an international. Oh I'm not doing that and so my afternoon new nose and amount of god and last year I gotta tell you again. Shooting and or rumored to not to rush. And it just and it. There's good I'm happy to go to I sorry underlying. And little baby Deere locks up. We have to killed acting too. I know I can get in trouble for that but I can't. Battling I totally real on any other user who dare don't tell you. And in his lady comes out and do you killer and I will studio yeah okay. A lot of I'd is may Laszlo. We are broadcasting live from Leo sporting KC studios fraudulent vote boulevard brewing company. And some. Some from out right but still it's a very simple concept here's how works. Boom. People send us military record labels managers. Bands whatever the case maybe. They send us mail we wait until Friday we don't listen to it ritual Friday enemy player. Sight unseen and Intel's really like they're coming in attacks on nine subsides or is there. That's it simple enough right simple enough so. You know a lot of ma'am. I really don't no matter mountain ice is only the only other win gravel to CD's and stuff but going through my email here and I'm sure you got designs into a lot. Haven't listened to it yet. Martyr if it's a cover. The Buddha artist or band is seen greed you know this as I aid chi our idea I think it's almost soundtrack to a superhero movie follow us there are no big super hero and I just socially Mankins doesn't sleep okay sold it's probably I'm not one. But it's everybody knows viral that's a cover. The old German. I can find on him. I just told her name is so. I thought the picture was of a girl SI GR. ID. Carol it's just. She's a singer if there's one person who are going out for him. But there was. There was a picture of superior somewhere is a Norwegian singer and songwriter OK so it's just terror and the machinery. Achieved international success from the single don't kill my vibe okay. In 2017. It wasn't bitch don't kill my vibe it was is just don't know my vodka. International success like we should know work. Moon. Well it looks like it went to number 28 and Norway number 85 and Australia number twenty in Scotland and 62 in the UK but nothing here that's international success has and those. So I don't know if I don't know if this is a cover or not but it's everybody knows. And it's what went tendency just share secret program now tells it like an obvious attacks on ninety chargers are. I know. It's. That's okay. Every didn't. In many know. We thank you know it's. Yeah. But you know. Me. Yeah I mean. But he now. I mean. Mean that you know. Are you. Everybody knows. And. Menu. I mean. Mean I mean. The feet you know. Every you know who. So. Much time. Sounds like it would be and a jumper a movie doesn't you can see that I'm like dole who in the original and the Leonard Cohen song and then but I mean fun. The card concrete Mon did not. They did that he didn't like that it sounded like that right. So you're saying you can live without Alina I've heard it I heard it. Let's I was an ice for. Several people say concrete on some people said. He too long. Like the sound voice alerts according. And Cain not doing country on justice. Love it there's a lot of we get it everybody knows I'm most people don't like it. On people talking post from people on. I I don't know if we played this song from already but since. We got us tickets on the plant itself will like and I'm really touched on ninety chargers are the new Portugal demand live in the moment. What. Student loan. Yeah. Looks like Muslim alike and I like you like him I love and I think the only complaint you'll says that they don't like as much as field still the thought she. I was talking to John McDonough was like man ribbon ban for a long time we just stumbled and right now a song like dodge one of those where you look up and ago. Can reduce that. Seven number one for 28 weeks or whatever was a knowledge that it is every station in the world playing and it's one of those are just gonna. Look obviously while. I love that alarm I think that band has to be the band that ten years from now when you go back and say OK for that four or five year period was that run and that defines that era hopefully an orange out of the man I think. It's then they've earned it. No geno abandon. Called I'm gonna. Gas on the forensics in this mansion there. Yes you do all of your word out of Sydney got I had to look them up says a mansion there are Jack frog our third act. All elect Glenn boss stock of course and Alex Nicholson. Three early twenties something a multi instrumentalists. From Sydney hopefully this is the correct information in the same man I. I don't know the song is are you familiar with this song yes. Song is called astronaut and mansion there is one word it's all caps look tunnels into a village OK play from now the he tells what you think mansion there. 9600 euros touching. I mean I. I. It's. Time. Dogs do gentlemen if I. You know. I'm. I guess. Not done. I didn't hate it I don't like it I thought it was it's. Two of them can grown man's. It was mentioned there the signals from legends and they did back. We got my head like Dennis is real cool to him as large sum a gun all right some shrewd elegant we got a letter. Astronaut is now. Stereo phonics has an insult really. All I'm thinking of weight now. Sarah phonics was around in the ninety's right yeah but I get them confused where it. Another as the super grass Shubert has no idea why did those confused one is like an elegant English kind of punk thing right and then. Stereo phonics and instead of five is like Scotland or something new and are today. But they don't harass they've been around a long time right after extra five centimeters or you know just salmon want to. Well they kind of played a lot of them before they they put out an ace on and it's called caught by the when you let her try unloaded here. New stereo phonics. And you tell us whether or not you like it these attacks on 965 yours your world you know mess. How my guys at the very end and I just saw or thought you were nodding your head and I thought we. I'm I'm stuck in upside down again last are gonna say he kind of dug that I don't know I was normal. It's horrible so I did remember who that was data that Dakota song. Then are from Wales okay most cost. Somewhere over there. Not somebody or does not England. Right I don't iron and there's got to be a reason I get them confused Oden must have been on the soundtrack or something but they had that song Dakota that was pretty big. I'm one and now it's on such too long ago that was mica RI out of curiosity. And you know shape you can say I'm not curious at all but. Are you curious to hear the noose on them pilots. I'm was a singer now. So the new lead singer is this guy who won com they did like X-Factor in Nancy's ramadi ma'am I said managing them in excess cramped except that I guess this guy. Just happened to win X-Factor United States may be armed timer on the radio is today. And it's. Somehow all. Became the lead singer suitable pilots later I contractor. That's that's all they turn to chair around. Resides a voice. The boat note trench around as the voice access record as the acts match and that America's Got Talent also uses the acts. Act but I think X-Factor was like the original like Simon's original show. Before. American Idol I remember seeing it. They didn't hear briefly dated both and American Idol and I saw the X-Factor I think it was I think he's done I was done OK I think they just did I think it was a while ago I don't know when this guy who does I won the X-Factor here. Yes and made emily's singer stones of violence I think he won the American version and then later down the road. He became lead singer of sensible pilots right now say that right now which they've had a few right can stay they had Chester for a little while I was on tour with them there. And and Scott was. It's up with them again right before he passed way I don't know anyway they've got a new guy people say he's good that you're sort of heard I don't know Souza. People who probably make money if he worries additional loans cannot read this somewhere in his current. I heard on the radio I'm curious at all others in the shocked you're not curious but also where you Everest until pilot Stan. Okay let me say this like interstate love song as much as the next guy is fine if Crist nova Celek and Dave Grohl got together said were put now alum has Nirvana we had a really X-Factor guy. With whoever maybe it's a guy from X I would hope so won't stop you would be very of course I wish someone would've stopped STP a long time ago too but would are you. Absolutely curious to hear what that sounds like no you're not I'm not curious at all okay. There's nothing that makes you wanna hit play right now. But you're going to solace and I'm curious when it won't be able to Intel's less than ninety chargers are we gonna like you can't lash. So you Hornaday EST PC. Doctor Erica I set out like you don't buddies and his voice is actually I had a good song but I don't know. I don't like you love pearl jams and I didn't know if you really loans. Are fine okay. Okay well this song is called meadow. June loves. A stupidity when I was young a relational lot. And they were your brand now. But I did that it was in high school and ninety's so around the same area Bentley Rollins on friends and I really just to be some people like him much in Dublin yesterday. Not like to Iran like Pearl Jam more but I also like to CPU. It's totally fictional button sour grown from. Purdue and stuff like apparently a lot of people citizens against me. Yet the hits are great I love all the big hits dead and bloated. Yeah so the Jared plays and probably dawns mostly a couple more he got in morning and we'll remember that put up that song her I always shuttle program right now some fresh record. They put out that's song that Saddam. They put up that song for the greatest hits it we like on the city you where I don't want us and so on national election 2005 or something or to maybe it was earlier in the app but still. As a matter of fact Laszlo I just remembered this when they put up that last record with Scott how long ago was that. There was a song on there and that you showed me that you liked he said hey I have something crazy to show you I said okay he's going to be listened to the new suitable piles Omnia. As I heard a song. Whatever the single was not not great. He said there's song on there it's actually pretty good I hurt my card today. You have to listen NASCAR. I think you have got like a pro LCD or something Europe's you know skip into the tracks. And I don't think any disliked the the single I don't even know at the single was how long ago did that come out. A look at up. The last album with Scott. Stone Temple Pilots. They put out that album. And then. 2010. OK so it's little awhile but you played this song forming. This was off that last on the fitted with him. And I saved this. Ringing any bells I got. How cinnamon rush hour. Canada well the lead singers now. Just got it from Detroit. OK and did you see the thing about X and I knew ma'am nu metal band called dry cell I'll cut. Iron season to extract her beau I got that right. Because I was. Oh no he was eliminated in season two but he was on this on season three. I think you won. He was a contestant on the X-Factor comes to I'm reading this on Rolling Stone. Eyes of 41 year old Michigan native logged time in early two thousand's new metal acts dry cell among other bands and more recently was a contestant on the X-Factor. Sings songs for many famous there's and so on to a post from Moscow while land them or their residents parish whose names just got. I'm sure isn't such. But what does this band came I've been to the hole. Playing in any odds of 23 years old and I just imagine this is a band member of budget 23 year old kids in Detroit. And run and they go and they're not called ACP and this is Merkel dries out. Sure and it got a song that also isn't called medal is up that's suck name for us on. But this can be really good I'm not saying it Andre book by its past. We assign him read like seven chapters lose barter and there hasn't got a man's best days are behind in time. Text line. Okay. He sounds okay. I don't wanna light despite kind of data. Nascent player state fair. And that's how funny is on now is losing him for instance. Does allow us on a mission plays out and learn that they have to solution for instance there think about what's going on the they have to keep tunis that they have to keep that. Touring under that name and finding new singers and number there's a shot him when he told Johnny marked just killing time and am fond is that when I was in Ireland tomorrow in the Manto. Please I would have thought what does that even mean surely he's not saying meadow except the name of the song is no right doesn't know he saved it from Shannon. But when you told Johnny always were. This is on the soundtrack so thinking I don't arts and yes. A man that was a great. You told time are not to get this mess back together because because there was beautiful when it died and I'm not trying to compares TP to dismissed from my saying. You had a thing he had a good thing. It's a good long lasting thing. And the face of that thing. The voice of that thing. The front man that thing is crucial to know she's gone surely you can make money doing something. If you're the drummer from as I can make you a lot of money. Now while I don't know must is that what they're doing right they say we're gonna tour is as TP I don't know how you can sell just as many concert tickets and T shirt as he never put out another song. Yeah all that does is gives you diminished return I'd agree if you went out just said hey we're gonna play the entire purple albums from front to back. Win this whatever his name is. These are just try to concentrate is if you put this out I think you put this out and people don't matter watch and tough fearsome than 3030. To a feat study. And there was great well she got well John it is guy not dot dot. He deaconess Alex out on a little bit. How about number teenage dressed down The Sims a new song like not. Like just I just slide away yen was a little long slide away and. Ask. Threw glow wherever like those songs I've heard this yet it's called swallow. If I do it I do want Washington were opening up mail you tell us whether or not you like it being attacks like 965 yours here this is teenager rests on his coleslaw. Wells pretty cool. I really like done too dangerous. Unknown. She either social connection through my know that. The council reform or listen to and I like Kent. Teenage dressed. Now. Didn't we play at least for male than we do that some. Slide away songs and not yeah. I like that anyway and I was gonna. Well I think I have. Pushed and one more go smoke a cigarette. I think NATO want more free because I don't think we've done this Familia and we heard it. They played it for us a few weeks ago ever masonic under lock and key like all right guys. Promise we're gonna play as sung labeled unknown song do not record this Roger phones away like whoa what is this. Like are you ready. Chains we concede and we have new Dashboard Confessional and wow okay. Leaks about the new dashboard. You know there's oil a lot of people who are I know but I was just surprised that it was like such you know. Sure we hold our opinions until after the site I. I'd sure but I kind of like anything will settle dashboard does name of the song is. We fights. I. 26. Israel as a we're broadcasting live from me a sporting KC studios push by the move are brewing company were happy to welcome again you know we don't let us. We don't have a lot of decimals program and I think you've been like three or three times now is that true. And hey it's this I think this is the fourth Israel and I think so we're such big fans yeah. All we love you ironed shirts especially. News dressed up well that's not what I usually when your name when he came in pregnant. Sure looks usually like to shaved a little bit Hutton walked injuries and why are you dress this month's interest up. Arnold sure is in Seattle and I saw holes splattered out kittens come and it is again engines. I guess and guess is it got a great. Just flowing yesterday. Since the Iranians are there records store brown. Now that the marine stationed right out and you play tonight the record are obviously knew when tambourine and what have you been up to when you've been doing is blasphemous on. O.s since last time that you solving a lot of touring right and yet I think we're in the middle of the Tor only loss came as K. Fitness is well that's driving in summer it was that yes. Those are guys are right now wait wait I saw somebody did somebody bring you the guitar that you smashed a yeah. Somebody had it yet trying yet these two guys brought distress Qatar those so cool yeah I brought today to the record long via. And signed it that's now he's so let's whose great. I send. Chaz over there a friend of mine and I see you all the reviews reviews from your side abuzz before unbelievable yeah and that was so awesome that I saw to ask you because I asked you after the show and you guys looked a little bit but I ask you said I think your answer was. I'm I'm a pro Laszlo I got this because I said how do you do. He. A wardrobe change whilst. Don't onstage because I believe I'm a human I know what I'm you're wearing yellow right and then I'll listen you're wearing red yeah but the result Hattie how do you do that. You can tell me pretty Yankee processing Rihanna is there's not there's not an extravagant. Okay now back to states actually. All think you I think there was some sort of tent so I kind of have to disregard annually is looking at the moment. I gotta do for the Iraq Iran it. I thought yeah terror away about the whole thing was some sort of in the final minute and underneath you won't really jump suit like out of a Superman type of thing yeah I mean it's good luckily the band also translated back in that situation not I'm just keep going and god has line thank him take so where does school. And I thought it was grand and really am. Not recite the tank room what a great show that was that was like and by the end of the shoulders as people standing next to watch him sing out. I can't believe I'm saying this is such a cool thing to watch as she blew it's an amazing show you put on. Thank you to arm while I loved Kansas City so once it's. Prone laying on my favorite cities in the many my fashion I'd say it's my favorite city to come do LA is a close tie but. You as a special. Yeah we've had a great run Ryan yeah face for a long time now this out. How long has it been how long ago was that was their first trip to Kansas City home. I feel like it was like a year ago but as they get older might know I was probably. Six. Years it goes something like I don't know I don't know finally even count that showed that wasn't terribly easily this so many is the first time we met. Oh yeah yeah now all they know I don't lose my god drew iPad here I'm thought yeah. I love that and then. You're on you're on the label at that time and then call Minnesota my god what happened I said dude it's it's rock and roll it's far India and I know all hours I'm like guys guys guys sets the what's supposed to happen yeah I just alternate I mean you know thing yeah I was I thought it was dry and I love that kind of stuff in my government was shocked and I was so OK without much greater yeah I haven't in the band wasn't. Early next day brawl in the men but yeah. And yes that that was my first time here at those middle of the map write a young man yes and came back right after them yeah yeah. Redeemed yeah so hopefully I thought it was right. I hope I'm hoping to see you do that idea and it scares me. You pleasant little song as your mind yeah and I go let's do this can live on the bus. The song's called fallen in. Trash. Is boom. You know then. And. And and me and you still. Rob Lowe and easy and saying ha yeah DNS. I had Montserrat. And I need the time and playing and. In its. You rat Wayne why is CNN. News saying though he's. Lou now. And man yeah. And chance sure I changed the name. Hello Leo son. And name names. No anger wall. Room it's. CN. This. And tall and. And boom. I. You're saying god I don't. And paying our good times good. Diana and it's there isn't her. You and your body is heinous. And dogs. There. Saves time and then. As soon I had an eye view. I. Game. Leon. And name names. No I. I. And and as you mean. And Anderson. She. And a sand alone to. And then made me so long I can. And me change only laugh. Spongy. Syria and have. No I mean. Wow. You were a and. Yeah my. Not easy. Around the email games. No I do. And. Don't know. And me. Yeah yeah. And sling yeah. Believe. Snore Ernie he mentions. Any sound change sure. Being he's playing in the us. Young. Amazing that you are an amazing performer oil and it is unbelievable. Two be able to stand in there and jump next you're in the same room it's really Lowe's stores and I'm watching something really cool. I'm really wants Allah is great and cool they you know. You have all season you've been touring inducing but I also know that you have how many songs and urine 1560. How many. And yeah I didn't like dogs and an inability have you heard assigned to acknowledge and really Geisinger song. And I will be an attachment OV seven I don't I don't know if you're already doing well here it's thought that Oregon yeah look at those. So yeah it's YouTube constantly doing that because. I've heard so many end I mean. You know at Durham learn you know amazing yeah and so I you guys constantly. Working together on music is that. Yeah pretty nice I mean. Yeah I guess yep for the past two years since I release my my full length. Debut. Yet CI has been I inside demean and I'm finishing now we have a group of like fifteen. And almost finished songs well item vetoes. We're gonna narrow it down but yeah I know that at and a lot of the a lot of recording sessions like at the end of the night you know bulges and out. Listening to all the material for like two hours right just like pull the you know holds of stuff we just stay in good dude got on to Craig is it when you're making a record you're just pulling from. Everything you've ever done and so what I can say no I wrote the song when I was thirteen I forgot about it you know rank and and third into the mix so. Everything and anything is Connolly in there. Let's listen to you talk about the safety you kind of say that. Flippant like I wrote a song when I was thirteen but the truth of the matter is you were writing songs you're thirteen and major labels and agents and people were trying to talk to the age of what 9101213. Another nine Doral but I mean I am most of the songs I wrote at that time or jokes you know I never interested me O'Reilly Media play you know the. You mean you've lived this life of mum. Not you know I don't wanna say under the microscope would you live a life where is it have been a certainly an interest thing. Of a lifestyle as opposed to a kid who's fourteen in trying to figure out how to get the PlayStation work ride it has an element here for you right this is that is true yeah right. There was a lot of pressure that age like did you. I don't know Saturday would you. Dean is just like such an awkward age in general you know. Alone but I don't know I. I think I think Ed is bigger ego at that time and you know I'm very sorry it's okay Zion and you got. I know you have to have that confidence right at that age. I had a little too much for my own guys mile trans things like middle of the McIlroy yeah. Larry nice and he's gonna be used or. Talk about a month Yahoo! lagoon back and I'm like you're this. You know there's it forty year old woman who's a but you're still really young is that all these years behind you doing this. Amazing thing right yes yes now I can look back where people are where people. Your age now. I just learning some of those things yeah dear Beulah know I don't know I don't this yeah I got yeah you know agent thing yeah totally and numb. I know you ensure regular grinning committee who a lot of them well yeah and you want to rebel held him back and says she was such a great. Person to be around because yes you were able to silly can you guys are youngest is now are saying hi Andre is saying that U2 walked up to. I think it was a drama is agreeing to me and he said hey man you left your homework in our bossy know. Santa is. Yeah we guys I was super cool yeah that was done though Superfund. And never the last name alone we had a clear indeed every Indian Colorado and down. The guys is hiding in houses like Johnny looked flake. But since these answers I get there are these have to have that money you know in the trailer really like Ed school I've done. Yeah it's it's different you know. Right yeah I mean it's amazing thing in them. We are amazing Emma fans we numerous unforced yeah little yeah I tell you rumor no we do this matter you are watching the tax line not. I was singing them I've never seen as the for these are four different phone numbers okay that all came in in order. Holy ass I'm in love right in the next one says holy asks she is after an unbelievable. Then the next one says holy ask. And I've been setting Foley asked who is this a million Iraq and only and I can tell us about it. And. Thanks yeah. And or anybody. In particular well are it. And. It's cool. From Boca. So this is a new cover and in doing. Old pictures of views. You yeah. This is bad yeah. And a I am then Manning then. With hands. I come. Lowe's move me. And where half. I could mean. We. And playing and so my and use. Crying all the math that. And only kids and sky and tall thing you. I am following is now close to really not being. It might choose view. That's dead dead now. Lonely and and do or I say well then yeah. I do know and tons in. This lonely and and Lou I land. And we ballet king now yeah. Why she is. Again. Venus. Only games. Do. And I know mom student need and need. Being. A good things. My team is anxious. June. The LL. School me. All I finished. Saying. Mind she's few. Amazing simply amazing can tonight and the record bar was hemorrhagic or might be some tickets left of there are. You should get them. I say is do I know we're friends and who we know we talked to each other and com. We text each other and being Chad sometimes touchy thomas' stuff and I know sometimes things and the music business they go up and they go down and things get frustrating and I've always saw this about you it doesn't matter because come in the end. People will never be able to do and not your talent. They were able to and the world will know that eventually it's as good as it sometimes I absolutely believe the world will know what Kansas City already knows. All things Laszlo I would like for you have been for religious take a look at the tax line and make people text you know we have bins in and they perform occasionally an end. Jerry has bands all the time like to go back and look at what people are saying and I've never seen. And he's someone here said I don't even notices that the entire story work to stop we were doing to listen. Also here in an acronym nobody's and they stop. That's pretty cool although saw thank you so manage these.