Fry Sauce

Friday, April 13th


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Hotel your mamet does. Or ankle why coming to town I'm from Tony Horton. Be agree Chaffee never seen them MB great show you have gotten. Always good to see Jack five. He's an American treasure. At least mine anyway he has announced an American church he really does. He's our go to one analog to contribute or. A hundred per is a 100% and somebody's and I mean injury the Rolling Stone article he then does it would help better. Understand me new album. Yeah I mean look. You kidding me better understand bad things that people do all the time. You know if I try yeah I really I don't know why do that it violated nobody gives me about doubt I mean I feel like we shouldn't wasted when we do give people benefit of the doubt we shouldn't waste. Where is sort of like a news. It's like give they give us again why not why not music I mean it's awesome to lobby a lot of things I don't think this is needed explainer. For music if I need I mean it I see here it and I should get there is enough. You know I mean. Yes however with certain people. And bands you really really banking and I need it I mean here I gagged him when he dead and I'll tell you this I never got AC DC until I got the AC/DC live double disc. Suddenly AC DC made sense right. It's all about. Sometimes any of that tiny and where you are in your life I was like nine. Perfect. On highway de L. If there was thunder storm. He listened and yeah ours again net interest or no I got it it like alarming and a million harmony in the penny thing it was called Columbia house Fred Meyer. I'm Fred Myers is a grocery store no it was also abuse in Salt Lake it was that it wasn't it was the it was just a store is again is like target. Yeah yeah I gonna have as in Seattle and Oakland and Horry and Aaron and on the Fred Meyer going to Fred Meyer yeah. Herb Meyer whom and where is that the level it's I think it's on West Coast everything. I hate. Does beacon of localized things yeah I have a question sure what you call replicates mammalian. He mastered. The art. I don't call it anything so nobody knows it and talking about that there is. A concoction that exists like you can go to McDonald's and Salt Lake City your Burger King in Salt Lake City your. Any burger joint that serves reference only city in say gimme for a sauce. Are you call Fries in it comes prepackaged. In its ketchup and Mayo corporate us EA and mcdonalds here to Salt Lake yeah press offs they haven't there. It's a thing census catch up and man it's as a premiere together. Price a similar cards eagle parts of those people those funky stuff to I buy. Maybe we'll smoky paprika. I imagine. You know it's like to replace a different price sauce it's elegant thing Harrison never did never never I only know the one thing that has priced it's like a Mormon thing. Freddy's as Fries spreading at a press I've heard praise is for any. I mean that I they have Fries hospital to have price do they do and then they have a spicy priceless as well. Now a new job I mean look at them and pretty gay and black Greenberger over the phrase yeah as a pretty got to run. So I guess Vegas who cares so much about the split Heinz Ketchup. Is making pars house well the narco hip bristles. They're calling it the calling it a new product quoting quote. And they're calling it may coach up. When they got mailed to me you know Cho I don't match child's eyes and may have your hopes up. I'll mail and chat I like mail it showed better and on the manager of 98 charities youth who made it. It's it is talked about they tweeted it out on two days ago I don't doesn't cut moms puzzles things within. Everybody knows Fries us is never CNET package yeah it's really weird did they caught me notes up. Man shot and like between it is has one easy one hash tag mail it shop in stores 500000 votes for yes it will release that he's Aussie Americans. Guys this is been standard. I don't appropriating Mormon culture and I'm not okay with that. Now where I grew up we didn't have price this. What do you have any localized regional sauces of that was a combination of others. I mean I don't think so. Yeah I have a daily daily sauces and the national region that until until I'd like to do the ranch in ketchup. That's disgusting Branson. And people do that rants against him I had never done that I can see it like I'm not a economy hater like some people of this radio stations I think whatever you want a taste it's flavorful and delicious steel especially if you wanna put it on hash browns is fine. K but there's some people here who are just like anti something and I don't know why. But I see is rude to act like you invented. Fry sauce. I am now I like I said were I grab weed induced price ice. There were not pre Baghdad's nobody called the price Haas. You know people makes cats have I think getting mail you know they've been doing it a long time. I was sick right side and they don't show. That's the best you came up. Hoosiers CEO. Our. Company. Paulus got them from Pittsburgh related Bamba but their first of all. It's not like Hines is from Pittsburgh Hines is only now is owned by Berkshire Hathaway in three G capital. It's based out of Brazil. While apparently Simmons texting and share that and countries like Puerto Rico and as well plays and have people over even doing that. Who they have that product an avenue to they've had ever doubt they have the combination of Mayo ketchup yeah yeah. That's right this is why now I know why they called a male job I know why Heinz did a horrible name. Heinz is CEO. Of Kraft Heinz. Is Apollo breast seal. Okay. Cannon who's who is also point nine years old. My house that point nine year old woman late in his career prize houses you Tynes it's usually it is the die institution people like to mix ranch and barbecue sauce. I like to do like a little Hickory smoked. BB keeps us light on the tank and sports a male winner. Ketchup and mustard. Yeah now man out there on Eliot call that I don't think that it needs a name its upper I would just sometimes depending on shop. On the Friday although I have to say. Ted Moore had teetered tot debt for me you like I spicy mustard and Newt. I like sometimes yeah Allen's haters out but so intense and he didn't you know I don't have like a love honey mustard. You know they're trying to do by calling a man child. Now I'm hungry dad cry thanks you know start the and a lot of late catered to not try and label for white people who visited that I did say it excited tennis has visited thing because regain their early 90s I am telling you when I was five years old I would have McDonald's is holly city Utah got a happy meal Astra fry sauce. Is like ninety. 87 I don't think it's just a Utah. It ended in America. Definitely. It's an all know it's hard price I hear Leonardo multitask as it was cannot baby you chopped hair is hard to be in central Latin and South America we'll show that makes a lot of sense. You dozens more resolve all over the world. And probably as far as being packaged and Utah's only place Newton. And branch and mustard yeah Bryce sauce was originally popularized it in the United States by a chef named Don Carlos Edwards. Who's served and it is first restaurant Don Carlos barbecue in Salt Lake City so he was is and I'm Hispanic descent no power lines of that and explain why southern American Don Carlos Edwards. You think Edwards is not as they are I mean I don't mean it Harlow has had warrants. Out. Import there you go. He's from Puerto Rico and no I'm saying in Puerto Rico. It's widely used for fried foods William Tito. And yes it is credited to Don Carlos Edwards. Who opened a restaurant that eventually became Arctic Circle. If your front you saw in the Arctic Circle Arctic Circle was in Horry to let it really. Are the bird. It was weird there would they were good burgers okay good meat could burger. They did didn't like flour or something like you covered the powdered doughnut on my mind like as a four year old we'd go there after church. I always get our took off there was the dentist redshirt. Dark circles as a deep for now it is I have our sensor around main delegates aren't they circle the air. Larry you're dipping says is like Brennan burger. Sounds that it regretted burger it's like a burger that when you take your fingers off come visit it's dusty the that it does Seattle is the bind I don't know what kind of viable I'm Matt Lauer. Yeah as a flower by flower. Arctic Circle was pretty good they tell us about it's clearly not that in Jakes were dead they also had slashes. ICC's. So did you saw that today do you first KFC was Salt Lake City, Utah though ours Kentucky fried chicken. Utah other hubbub of culture. I mean I wouldn't banged by an area out. They brought as mailing ketchup thank you yeah. Ray's yeah okay except green jello prozac. Yeah loans. Have. And mills I was gonna say Brigham young cousins is Steve yet and let's say yeah I Syria or yen and the Arctic Circle and I just to know you know. Or may know you know it's Utah but I just don't like to make. Mail catches. It's all right so until we get earnings are going Maryville Missouri. And it. It shouldn't be package it's only to remake yourself disagree every restaurant has its own different take it's fun. Boo how do you like this priceless you like hires price us. I think that's like average wave evil thing rice also yeah oh yeah mixing Mayo ketchup. Always. Eat all the rich people. Yap beloved. Mayo gets him to do it. Ideally we have one kind of minute time in my house in a jab jab it's like ketchup on everything terror against Kent Simpson was discussing now and I'm out ketchup I thought they could try out egg hunts of something. No we Hines okay it's just like it's unnecessary and a as they may be mapped Pallet changed maybe. See don't enjoy cares about me and I now or never I don't med plans are being created to me love out of intensive though that's below. And may mile but we've got to meet who've been on and off I mean I guess solo for me to the that was announced. Hello. I'm not meet. A lot of them do you believe. The modern and had them. Founder and Nadal. Grifters.