Game of Thrones

Friday, July 14th


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All right so easily and organize these two I tried to talk about game of Brown's cousin excited and so suddenly launching season six. Is that six seasons here and it's been six seasons group. What season was really guys out. Yeah and menu just hijacked conversation and I'm like I'm going on in the world. I was and is trying to equate it to game apparently trying to participate. I just Yemeni Eads and its estimate. Did I no way I one NG to produce high politics that's what I've you know I've I. Luckily at least is really pretty typical in my world these days tell everybody participates in a way that I want them to participate tell me about game of the well. I don't know op I was looking TU designer you've read. You read all of the books yet but I know they've gone off the the books and you are it's. Look man I need them. Rick physically EDT. George RR Martin's write the book. At the pace. Of one every seven years. So I had like a whole bunch input to get right and then I've been waiting in ways that finished a book man you all know what we all know what we want to see you know we wanna sees me wanna see John Snow greasy. Did it who wanna see brother insisted her other brother and sister her. And now there are is that what they are masking I don't know I don't know. Are they I don't feel like that prepare as if he's the one do. So her mom. I'm so confused I know it's a lot and so confusing it's funny because it's like it's just like. I'm not taking this comes as my eyes just like the trump brush it things are so many layers. There's so many layers to the damn thing. Just do what you want and no I don't wanna do uncertain why you do your breath more entertaining to talk about game throws because it's almost like in a bubble with a safe place to be like do you believe it is because. It's not real threat people aren't like I empty the lions harassed her right. But what's going on in the world today so often. And sometimes it's you monitoring yeah I can be overwhelming it is very overwhelming stuff like game of the and discussing like I never get terribly dis I simply game experience I mean NGOs like he had gotten. Can't really really yeah I did no good disgusting and I like is found Obama tell it to light off it's like not follow. Yes I know season seven is turning ice and I was really want change now season six I made that clear cut outs that made accumulates finally yeah that's fine. I'm no John he's turned nasty people are seeing their hands in nephew I want them all personal Tivo. Malvo he. And I like it can't mom dirty old man like girls step mom. In this step aunt that's so funny. Yeah I watched as that he hasn't had a lot of my game at the rounds ago. Well brother and sister that's I don't like that I know my dad is I don't usually watch your brother and sister. Again coercion herds. The all Jermaine and younger. They did Jack White layer. I take it but I do I like okay. She realized music feels dead minutes to a Yankee game and I feel so good on my lap and that. The world and rightly so my lip and let me show you hello. There Jack Black tie ball into this time I'll send me a good summonses or half siblings. CC Toledo in now nobody knows anymore gave her dad was the managing. Right heiress air so I retain that information for sure are okay. Summonses or three heads. To the dragons brain dead period right so it's tearing and mean. Who's gonna end to being retired air watch that you million dollars that he's not Alanis her exactly. I do love him yeah I I mean I mean I wish that trump administration had a tearing and yeah they don't have a hearing and it's very likable bright big big day interior standards. I he's sentenced to waste in its past eight trump says that. The other lines. Let Baylor Daylon data now Graham rushed the great joys now now degree juries I don't get the great joys where they fit in to all of us outages see people I exact. Luckily I don't get to see people I don't see where they can end which is one book in it's it's I think it's a feast for crows. And it's the longest nothing happens in that book out and there's a big thing about like. The king of the north. And the whole thing with a trying to reverend out once he is the one that was where it sounds. Peter Bailey is now Peter below you'll want to see us not pray Houdini Mary asked to do its thing and axles that owe reek. The one that kind of Oakland Bolton braves he Bolton yet Ramzi Ramzi ran him grabs me. Crazies like Eric trump right I mean America. Yeah trams Ramsey whose band and that's and I am I right grievous ha. There's so many package are there yet who's Mike Pence oh my god my pants that guy. News Mike Pence teary exam is probably the nagging chip yeah so it's redirecting to me is that when dad. Lou the dragons. Oh are the real dragons yeah in the Facebook if and show that in the schacknow. There's only two dragons are their only theatre our youth there's a fairly high graduate killed and I don't think they children did like diseases threaten. What happened in the other dragon. Where their only ginger and I mean maybe a little while when I get a rental at Bagram. Do not I don't. The dragons like Tiffany trove like this. We might think he's the third had why they are is everybody comparing. Why misery that is three dragons. I get in the white doesn't have to be. Could we see your engineers whenever John Snow on their prom dress your eye off from dragon. In theory yeah I think interior and it is. Dragon yes because did you see and we watched it season's sixteen he had release is a drag this. This very. Even if you don't watches you know I think this is hilarious because it's so ludicrous and in no way he was talking to the dragons was the sweetest thing. I'm eased went down to release them from their kids. And charge about how when he was a boy he wanted to drag it just is Graham Herbert I drag and how much she loved him. It. It's gotten more pressure room. These tents miers and wait a second bigger I just showed you my stomach and my pills a dealer. Five in this conversation is over. Wait. And waited there. Get up. System archer back and look back at him I mean like attractive. You don't mean. Remember when Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller were high comedy Dele. Now. They're it's. That's great town great job he can sit down. You're very convincing dragon. Should feel good about that house. Okay here's the deal tens and I were possession for a couple of dealers. Fine. Look like you guys could. Especially you know OK don't feel bad about that but I like you pass we'll tell you where it is. The first. I need to see something okay. And it's gonna involve both the F. Not bloody. Ski weird. Can dragons. There is the third dragons live you ran away. Comes back well that's as you get a feeling she comes back writing. She doesn't appreciate that dragon Nazi pays to distance and the food and now that's not true she was only dragons now she loves Somalis in my. The only aimed at different. The different. But clawed it obviously aren't they had done understand you know. Who I think dragging Claude you name Klein yeah do they have names to dry flawed. Now now really it's clot Ezekiel and jeopardize. I'm down agenda Diana actually none of those are real and now I'm gonna Wear underwear. Easy.