Gas Station Shame

Friday, June 22nd


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Yeah okay you think that morning buzz good morning and incentives in here American here. We angelenos a wonder tickets for tomorrow night up. We have the IP for you to when he went up a show empower might say yesterday. Yeah a stop to get smokes for people being mean on the way to the chairman to go see frank turner. Early assays and arc and do not order. And the guys I ache. I really like to share. My day looks like and I was really nice about it not even thinking what I cannot. Which is exactly what I have more. But look at my shirt. And the way that I would like in Geneva and John emulate. Look at what I am wearing. Oh my god right eye candy we can't describe that. Well I think it's a deer or data in a female. It's. The season a swing. As this wing made our may be some sort of branch thing. It looks like your swing anyway. It's a deer and a woman together. Basically yes Andrew Giuliani again things BA I. I'm. Tired out I was gonna say a dairy. Great word. They are being gratuitous. The deer is gratuitous Italy. The lady I clear vote princess and you didn't realize that was I didn't realize it was on my shirt and tell. I got in the car and I just started laughing hysterically. As the way I simply can't. Think year lakers are afraid era and then I realized. What shirt I'm wearing. It's a goal bordello teacher teacher and my goal goal I guess got a little risk today. I don't even know that I purchased this I did and I think it was given to me knees so yeah I mean I got my teacher and I always and grow. That's the other thing bow. In addition to the dear lady. You guy you've got there's a little medically managed a little. I don't think you see anything right now I mean it's just you naturally. You were external academically as that is stripped. That as a 100% or like sir I was fairly this is inhaling your shirt like what are you gonna save act day. I didn't know what shirt I had died and I was so sweet about like all bakeries like our thinking oh no perhaps I set it just like that like super over the tops week of about how nice thing for and in fact it. Eric in light to compliment you on your out bad that's super nice man I appreciate that. And they. I realized. What's your eye and I and I just cannot stop laughing. What a funny guy I've never and one of my irresponsible. Ridiculous you know idea I had no idea. He's got to remember dear sure lady he'll never forget dear sir lady waiting for you come back here next year you'll accidentally lawyers lecture. I'm really cognizant. That's what certain and it's one of my favorite DNC's as a matter of fact tape. She is period they probably actually need the money to buy me a new land because I am holes and and the for a I don't know what idea. Yeah I think it's all the weird cleaning that I do. Noon and were meet him is proud to have belly panic out there than way I've been amount some assurances you know open an erotic cleaning service. Anyway I have a few favorite DNC's. And in. One hander retired thrown out it just wasn't gonna make it anymore now that Smith seizure. I wore that BNT shirt and dancing. About Morrissey did and you could kill he had a legacy investments in yet he definitely helped. Back. It was floods is one I'm content. Tranche pick up the kids and I'm wearing my slips may anti Shia have shirts like that great sure. I just happened to forget what was on this particular girl little bordello teacher and then I will put it on my answer Graham yeah. Hi just come shirt you have to I yeah it's so funny the way I of course he likes that seizure. It out of the Q. He was kind of Q these young yeah yeah it does Gloria. Now it's on so many fans it's the whining and I. Afghan deck guy Beckett is my guy I loved that guy. Mean I like. This there's different guys which one he's being get it this I know which guy it is there's a new damages star ratings still sooner as I write this duo might sound like to relax a guy he got that as a lot of work and they bring it out you can do that I know we've ever 'cause gathered around Athens. It's is. Why does he said it I was like it was just. That's awesome man. These hero when I appreciate Alec I needed that today when times and it tumbling like my shirt. Personally raised higher fines or other kinds pleased kind of embarrassing those kind of fun. So like. My wife and I were. We're gonna get a little rainy. Riddled dear teacher. And you know sometimes they are now than you know it's like was mentioned the songs legendary C guide me. You purchase an herbal supplement from a gas station a he's dead and ya know like in there. And like say here. Like Viagra energy policy act again. Danny knows I had Boehner tells I had Arctic gas station and I love that that's your pharmacy that's revamp your router arrow is what and they work I'd I don't know. I had truth everyone's allowed you won't find a good show right. I mean how lot. How he'd say give intermission and how in the hell yeah oh yeah now its entirety you intermission and definitely to an emissions. At least I was at the app I. Is it whatever or discussing comes back to you and having sex or rewrite because I think my life may I get a Rihanna that carries. So anyway the guy that guy I might so which way do I guess is they'd have the normal ones because no Lagos throws you know. And easily. Hey. And I. The this. And he hands you the Ali offered you deeper lineup for me is that he gave Mickelson he's like everybody gets in bodies are OK so did you buy that on his recommendation I am Iranians against Asian order of Knowles yeah I'm the attendance absolutely recommendation right the guy and Ebert show how did you have. So then La Soledad you know fantastic and then couple days later outcome and a work I stop and grab a soda. And I've I walked in and he goes and as they hey Elaine. Others were born in conflict. You arrive here is like I've I mean really weird relationship you have with the gas is an agenda and then every time alliance. A lot of August and I agrees is a high five each other he's is out he's like today I announced yet but he wants now if you're reading about I don't consider the right yeah. CDS if not you must do it off and there is an out what it is is such an interaction between the two of us see. I go to different languages to a different place now say. I asked I got a different places for stuff. You spread your shape. Well. And get shameful quack you're like do drug drops a different houses so no TSA did drug drop as different houses you know like so they think it's not yet so go to FedEx facility pick of the week you know I'm saying. I know I don't but I yeah. And is giving you a metaphorical. Library of Asia. Say my boyfriend used the warning go motor. May. Can't let that happen. I like the it was because the black. Because there's so powerful and carry fifty pounds of body. Which brand did you use Danny and it's let granddaughter bell there man and I take it and about overtime. The most consistent would be like a euphoric as well. It's probably four but the most and this is my experience is that they offer the reality is ahead and again I think it was the black. May make a suggestion up please I began a brilliant idea. Why don't we ask that gentleman and to discuss. Bauer pill products I don't amazing thing either as in my view he's seen plays like he's nos have it the same guy he likes my teacher yeah. A lot that looked like he liked my teacher a loss of pinky oh yeah and now I understand why. The idea and they guarantees you go buy some from the iMac on whereas I'm wearing that same out fat yeah. And Tanzania in our music and Hispanic men I don't feel is there really weak he's I guess I I was in San disagreement I agree. I agree to I don't agree with you that I you have to ask. I'm not gonna go again he's an idiot I disagree about. Non nuts I love music a more plant sand and we will reduce and we absolutely suck. Figuratively and literally. 100% where in on this lacking in. Or down from where we're not until later Ferrer we get it we're used to it I'm surprised you I'm not Omniture with the beer. I am surprised I'm nine and assured either went. You know all stances. Al's third. Well I can well reindeer and more to play then tirade you're not sure. I men's Antara yeah I don't know why and yeah as and that just easily not Santa. You know like why are angry at sands I have no idea as our own deep seeded Freudian panacea yes maybe. I do like journey Aleman. I need to change that. I was not working for me like it's. I got a license and house. This is the beautiful though the bordello on them as just our way out.