Getting In Shape

Friday, January 12th


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We don't well. I think I got my hopes up a little bit I saw this headline you read time magazine sometimes or go to the website do you see the story about. People who were couch potatoes their entire lives it is big study on them back to find out if all that you know. Laziness. But it ill effects it has on your body back can be reversed not a member would be pleased to say if you smoked. Ash I don't know where I heard this but it if you quit smoking area takes twelve years or whatever your lungs might be back to somewhat normal so is our and it just got to quit. Right before twelve years is too late he's Arnold went with them to a number of sixty so this says. This is for people who are couch potatoes are allies. And basically very center you don't exercise you don't get a lot of you know. Activity which is definitely me as the most my time sitting around. The good news is you can reverse it. Is says that you're gonna have to work now. For two years. And that to me aren't that to me sounds like a lot if they said six months. A year. In this study. Doctor Levine a professor of exercise science at the university of Texas Southwestern Medical sinners college city 53 help helping people. Aged 45 to 64 all the people were relatively senators sedentary. For their adult lives. Half for randomly assigned to an intensive exercise regiment for two years while the other half did a program more focused on balance and flexibility that included. Yoga. Balance training. I guess house what the hell's balanced train re just now that isn't sure and have to do that four times we three or four times a week. The people who were able terror reverse the effects of the people that took part Nia intense exercise program so that is a weekly hourlong. Exercise session they do by eighteen. Mike jogging tennis dance scene. Al weekly high intensity interval training and work out. Moderate intensity exercise. Two or three times a week and at least one strength training session weekly that's a lot of ways it's in a week. But if you do that for two years you can over I'm so tired of action is America to couch again. And now. Two years is way too long. I can convince myself that I can do something for six months and not do it that happens all the time that I can go a month without doing something or learning something but. Even I know that there's no way. I'm gonna work out for two years everything said that. It's also mart had the age you had to do it on your ego your heart can bounce back you know your body can bounce factor your heart can get healthier all those things. But the window for rescuing the hearts is. 55 to 65. He had to do this summer between there in the harmful effects of being a couch potato could still be reversed so that says it at 55. A wake up time by time and work out for two years. I'm maybe a little frozen. That that's only nice thing about prison. They were out you geez you think you're subway you'd read right when you work out you'd reading you work out and really worked out well what some are gonna do lamm it's only gospel TV is probably true but but it is the that I don't think they can do anything to you to make you work out you have to go to boot camp related helium making it. I think that would kill me. Volume volume there aren't bad break my spirit and they act like they kicked me out when I see prison movies. Or you know those overnight MSNBC prison shows that finger that's only possibility I would ever work out what. Master bay. A master watching. Yeah Amos met some fast master race those prison documentaries I don't want to but now I don't that is not what I told you you told me I set out or anyone came on it and stop now that is now and then make your day it just made you an Burroughs of action you just continued. Which was totally weird but fine it would make it was a lady's prison anyway it was. So guys as the buzz it was elation is right to resign I did not say that it would write a silence at one Nyhan rikers. Now I didn't say it was coming up but now. And your masturbating. And you're looking at. One Austrian and notes to present thing when it was time to finish. You find yourself looking at the prison screen as opposed to ports now believes that it down as it does just means I was injury and so whatever. I don't. Talk us. Yeah well. That's nick is you never had a talk about that because that discussion never happened but not like that just made that up right up atop my lots of it you made up a lot of I read about it so amazing that you just make up off the top of I was pretty specific Rikers Island recognize that they show on MSNBC late at night. Actually you're watching that's not I was watching border watching and I don't know what the name of the prison wasn't it was always for his thank you thank you how. I don't remember the name of the prison it was some ladies prison was annoyed is for is the only prison anyone can name is Rikers Island or Shawshank which isn't real those of the two prisons everybody knows. Rikers also and also. There you go Folsom. What's a sound on two of sand and water and now seeing Clinton yes and Clinton releasing it is saying the end of Shawshank redemption. Lot more re saying he says San want to name hello this is the second. One of those I didn't copy tres leavenworth. Al Alia eleven north will those are all men's prisons so I actually Brett I can't name a ladies prison. I don't know what I want because you weren't walk pitching this as it was about all ladies. You looked out the whole story the whole thing I traditional picture of the girl. This is a long time ago tuba. I couldn't find it. I wasn't masturbating. That parts also fabricated. To say and you watched. Dot president or there were a couple of pot gals guys and show she was sanctioning. It. Is Washington document and sings saying he said because Stanley. Isn't that snoop dog's friend. And man yeah. That's not who I certainly was I don't even feel comfortable the talking about that that means he variant comfortable with I did not say and a I was just trying to tell you guys if you wanna work out work upper tiers would be all easily share in the story with via a no snow cone and would liked it into shape he's talked about settings and New Year's resolutions and put down that. The drugs in the and the blues and once again and one night stands if those things are going in and analyze all power the resolutions come along yoga yeah mountain. Your piles of sand and and you and I as we walked in to sing sing let that at. Each other. View and whatever whenever I'm in Ottawa where's. Lorena says that's all made up social and. And Harrison company's. Business. I just want people to listen to what he said basically he's doing headlines only from tubs for drums when you said there is. Yeah may not like now this happened I heard it we discussed at fed does not happen. Owners and it sat. Said he made up so I just sat at least I'm starting to empathize with the guy that I am this I really adds a new does not present. I had to take everything into sat around me I didn't think there was anyway in the where you give me to come around to seeing things from his point you may have done it I think you may have done an inch.