Gretchen Carlson

Tuesday, November 21st


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Eric Christian right along shoot Kansas. Interest and Danny boy Erica. Good morning to attend. Power here. Into mastic thank you for joining us times shocks now it's like they're aliens and Carlson term. Formerly of Fox News and Brian's. Joining us but it's great you are on here what we're talking about with you is be fears union black. I'm harassment and empowerment out now and be here stop harassment and take your power back. Yes I think it's been out for about a month of practice they'd been on the near times best seller list. And really the goal is to try reading a book about the procedure going back to make it took courage to empower girls and boys but. The hole in that it was to share the stories of the thousands of women that I heard from after my story broke back in July 2016. I realized that it was it her fate. Epidemic in our. I absolutely a 100% agree you which we see every day now. Everyday we hear another story and yet another story and yet another story in of people aren't familiar with viewers scratching you worked at Fox News cracked. And not on July 6 2016 I filed my lawsuit after it that they decided to end my career for me there. And I decided that if I didn't do it who would. I agree with app now prior to EU being Flacco and where is there hawks. Sexual harassment. Did you speak to anyone fox. Yet though lenders that happens a settlement. That you cannot Cowell and it did you tell them what you went through our you know what. But the circumstances were bad people wanna read my complete online might lawyers at the ability to kind of strategy to make my story public otherwise he would have never heard about what happened to me. That we we solve. The Chara situation society and fortunately and both are secret for women. Settlement where we can never tell you look what happened and then in arbitration which so many people haven't either let a contract and they don't even know it. And that's ultra secret chamber where you can never tell anyone happened but really what we've done is set ourselves up as a culture should not. We know how bad this problem and it could we never hear about these cases. And we don't hear about them that they're going to secrecy. For instance or not only a year ago although you're saying we can read your settlement in your complaint online cracked. Scott lake Rose McGowan for instance verses. Army lines to. Larry Wright generation kind of settlement you. But she decided to break hurt her and yeah. You know all these years slick. And and a lot of women have decided she too to get that I'm also calling on corporations should not make women and men trying not disclosures before they even start job. I think it said for being able to protect trade secrets and and didn't practice we all understand why you wouldn't. Want a former players to be able to go out broadcast that information. It's not fair when you're setting up people he would not be able to save what happened to them which such human rights application which. And our. If feels like to me and you obviously know way better than I do but it seems like the reason these exist. Is to protect the moneymakers for whatever corporation exists that they value the money that this person might be bringing in over. The human cost to the person they were victimizing. I. They are talking to grudging Carlson. Her but beat fears stop harassment and take your power map. Did you think any point Gretchen I'm not going to Seau. Yeah I mean the fact that there are excruciating choice in my life. Didn't work in television more than 25 years. I've done a lot of other courageous thing that I like that nothing would be a candidate because look at how we treat women have come forward. Well not well exactly and then will you work again I mean the am trying honey I can imagine me questions. Or the decisions they're making will you work again and let are people thinking of you will they believe via. A white tea now. I categorized I don't really give me you know what about what people think about the candidates. Over and over immediate America did that firming trend fractures occur unfortunately. But all it has been in the news business. Listen it it's a cosmetic business people are Cochran trying to think about is so I. I knew that was gonna comment I have did you card that. Really my decision was. When my career with them before he I was like I don't do this who will make a difference it. Thank you for your kids I get for anyone listening to their kids could not about. But want bid for our kids we want access. And and that's really the whole message he fears in the book is it just like hell like story that elderly and story. And I love the ball forward and I say how I don't think. And it's not like he's excited I'm working to change log on Capitol Hill keep the secrecy of arbitration. I'm encouraging you to stop being bystanders and come forward and help us. Along the way I'm encouraging companies to hire more women in top positions could ask how we really get rid of it. So there are a lot of different ways in which we can inspire people to come forward and make it different it's not just a one off. And no one thing the and you made the decision to take on not only won the most powerful corporations buy at the end of the day when most powerful man in the world not only did you. Not only did you survive but I tell you now grads you chalk up. And you've taken into this new level where you're saying how do we move forward I think a lot of the political not that this is politics but I think a lot of the books that have recently come out that a made a lot of splash in the media. Have been about selling a story. And this is about more than that this is about. Making a difference and I really do commend you for doing that in its I I can't imagine how hard or difficult that was. And I think it's truly an inspiration you're here talking to is about to book today. Well thank you so much for saying that because it really really is about trying to fix the problem. And you inspire more people find the courage and and that's the scene happening or in a culture shift right now we are witnessing in 2017. Something is happening so quickly cultural shift don't have the overnight. The world watching. If so I just want to encourage anyone saying that if you have a story please. You come forward to your local media have a boy can't speak up if you're any accurate analysis caught on your workplace these also are encouraged. Come forward and help them. That's a scary proposition though what would you what are some things that you could. Give people might be considering doing that so what are what are some tips this is suggestions or some some stories that you could share the you went through that might help people come forward. Yep I mean the first the first thing is that how can you get a group of people within the workplace that you don't feel like you're by yourself. It helped it you have to trust at least your colleagues to tell them what's happening to you I know how. Can't get witnesses but we're still in the east that she said environments chapter four let book is actually my entire playbook for people actually get to the twelve point plan. The first international think got a call a lawyer don't just go right HR. You know look HR people out there let's think about it but it is inherent conflict of interest when it comes. Absolutely we have discussed as and repeatedly idea HR they're you know. They company pays HER. Exactly right ankle would be characters that the one regular paycheck I'm not. That's what it is. There her mother is writing a paycheck and you're going to that personable ads what's going to happen there nothing good. So I think it inaudible if you're actually you have much more provocative ways to make it safer for people to come forward by capping an independent up under treatment for example. Hopefully if I could come from the top and I can't imagine if the person in charge of the company would actually have. It's called group means that employees can take the buck stops here would not accept that. Celebrate people if it's happening to come forward while that would. I imagine that. I really I mean. I did I can't I'm optimistic. No I I love your optimism and the bravery but at you know. Think about dat Roger Ailes was he coming to everybody at Fox News and saying let's celebrate that this. And I. But he's not there are so you know what we gotta get rid of that rent a jerk got to bring in the people who want to have corporate culture like at him by the way. We also need to hire more women in opposition could. Happen but you've got to go to. Our and are okay great pleasure to talk TV fears stopper asthma and take your power back out now continued success scratch and it.