Tuesday, May 15th


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Under Sean does zinger around Horvath. You get zinger annually won the hour Arie my iron. Our mind. Why do that because that means I'm only being two of the three zinger that means I'm only now you are not anti they want others there as and a possible calories. It is certainly got a housing area and dammit when ice was K Groban little Ben is double include Kate. With a good icing is very moist it's moist and it like add twinkie chocolate twinkie with for costing very good on there area. I'm ready to go out there you give me a legible. There's going to be. T cheeses team hamster crackers and a give me pizza that. Needs all thing two thirds. Through her sort of if there's repeats everything he's deserves it. I two thirds of not eating a 100%. Of the right. That's it 13 reduction in calories automatically tuned I'll I got to do is cut it off now I don't know how to math carries over. If I eat a good sense in which is say 7 o'clock invite six inches at seven brands. And then I made six inches it nine. I don't know but I feel like you wanna keep the dump trucks like you want me should dump first you pull into the dump in dropped their load. Like. Like in order instead of like one giant load dropping in. You know I mean term. Anyway things or is there yeah the problem I appreciate it here you're at this some is in your house is tough I have a question at a supermarket incident yesterday. Program in my life. Aren't we go to a grocery store which shall remain nameless. I know are you shop yeah evident mine obviously. I'm not saying that right I think an hour as a guy so. There is you know you get mailers. You know mailers of coupons and stuff. Non talk Tamara. So there we get a mailer aren't and it's like some sweet deals. On twelve packs of soda. And chips. I played really good deals for twelve packs of soda how rides for chips sodas or did you yeah. Yeah my IA. For the expect models to be like dollar idea. When does that ever happen and yet to commit a couple weeks yeah. Then you get a coupon I payday is only yes yeah I don't want that yeah I mean it and they never have the top I want grant. Other co zeroes up is gone for X we got Coke zero I never have come zero why is that there is and learn how Coke zero or Pepsi zero. Well. They're broad delicious. I mean. Who defaults. I do have it Seaver a cut that's there all the time it's fair not paying and then I went to got Coke zero. Cherry Coke zero in regular Coke. Fernando. That's a good yeah that's a good deal yet Heidi you know devoted. Shareware is that's why did you town name I don't know why is good at it and they were. Any kind of full size twelve and I can well talk balance. Pulls one Troy ounce gloves scans chug on Poland announced. And so we go we grabbed you know. T it's no limit right so we go we grabbed. Six I hit six and we got we got seven kids when opportunity. My kids that we opportunity when he shows up you got to stock up I don't do is agree and then there was some chips available you know lazy kids go through pop and chips like. It doesn't last it does now I'll still do it being really crack one open and they take a sip and leave it sitting on account there. I hate that trial that could have negative phrase of regulator when it's flat I don't care. As I've gone a ways dammit. So we go and it's like hey what are we don't or we got this deal over it and chips starting Coke kids come back and get stocked up right. Go in there give its is ago no big deal locket out checking out cashier and this problem I look at these there's no deal. Though he's zero and they remain amazed that people would buy chips and soda. Well that's a lot of chips and soda. Connie chip with. Or back. Seems like the nearby and six. Paxson Bob Wright like you David are we gonna picnic eagle once in my brain structure is I saw do you normally by this much soda. Into the judging judging judgment from the cashier and I look at however might not mean it's this is a good deal we're here for the Zedillo. Either one about its ships that's a lot of chips. But he says I have a lot its depth. I think it's also part of the deal is it well you guys must like great deals because this is a lot of chips and soda. I can go back there. Suri go back that don't judge me on my chips in my soul I should stop. Fortunes it was uncomfortable. Rectal with the older younger he was like little. He was though you as well. I've ever been shamed maegashira four. I feeling. Some people at their word or inappropriate. Yeah. And name. Now but I have to keep those here he's like I'll be here tomorrow. I'm Mike RA because. I wowed spoon good. Yeah cashiers the EC you know and now lives DM do you avoid them on now I well I ask you now he's saying. It personally he's funny MI what are easy entertainment news makes that I always an out Z you're rags no grocery store is right. I'm of the dollar merger if your act now that your have a variety of characters serving you well I was depressed ever yesterday and my I'm not paying that. So my answer choppers Schaumburg her I did that mean crown the figure mailer. And they went man we had no. Hey I mean so now as I cannot pay him an act like every Latin. Because they have popped. I am I'm not pop my kids go through LA gets it out of pocket near you the weather doesn't help either and so my and they always drink mine and thank mother of hers. Folks there is a good three I'm biased publisher had a bad day and it it is our trade debt during get it down or spray there's anti does during Vietnam and my Coke zero is gone Mike are clearly on closer. They got to begin there's got to be it comes here idea no doubt be a code zero there's not a cub zeroed it out now because they're as hot three. Gazes at Coke 0413. Dollars is not a DL prince Albert. It's not thrown out there that's it's twelve yet and it's a lot is like a not named that happens from now on I'm takes demonizing them Seattle Leo let me know I'll let you know anybody let me know what they're saying how it is here I say now I went to buy united deal locker cashier and yanks are leg. Avnet so I get half the things I need it from rice chopper. He's down they don't have vetted she's off to the dollar jury. Because then they did the I'd buy it I would I am telling our that I I would by the dollars at a dollar Bob and the joy I go there and the guy is just. It's a long time at the cash register yeah. I he has a second. You know way too much I know and I know what he Dan I'm mothers today do we cut more aware he works full time. It was the law lying. And I'm being courteous jabs in now. You are you are you should be courteous I am Alan I horrors of course of course the worst round of cool words. And then the other thing about the grocery stores these days is like you have to wave off the geriatric come in a bag your groceries. And you feel bad about waving him off but I don't want some guy that fought in World War II backing up my Coca-Cola sir I'm with him. Like you think now go away though I got Steve to do this for forty years you like oh my god I wanted to die. Yeah and that's our signs right try buying plan mean for real little or no longer enough that they judgement is so we're out gaffe I that softball. It's not a you know you should never comment on that lake I feel like who wherever whatever pharmacy you're working out. Newman should retaliate you know to shout that when it comes at any of that yeah you know I felt very judged tournament. I didn't even viva glam he had hundreds he variety. Are the dollars or not. I raised. Bob my. About my wife when spotted time the path terra that's my app terrorist day after bill. And the lady was just like OC when her body so they catch your judgment Israel. It is really were on his leg man. Act. Just teachers. Knows of a lady yes it does buying for pregnant woman one time. End. What is she says she asked me about what I was buying was for pregnant woman I have like. Ice cream and pickles and the other things that she is that I was Brandon. Little did she now. We just flat found out the we're gonna have another baby well and told anybody yet seen there are lies NIC thing I didn't know what to say. Yeah I knew but nobody else decides that maybe maybe not that I just walked away I have a field. You look accuser I've not feeling that they can tell a lot of value by what you purchase. Absolutely and I think that's why and I scanned my down whenever he can you do I have a 100%. Jim I found scanning when I can I well view of all people are using technology. I don't care perfect motto I I can't get through without that light going off and I got. I'm pretty had to deny everything in the bagging area I'd everything in the bagging area an idea man and I put it away the land wanhatten. You know because I don't think anybody has had a bag anyway we've discussed this but I get a judgment. I can hear from the mast well that's too much pop. It's tuna but he many jazz edged human engine yeah I know there's too many jabs and Amitabh mantown needed down. Now ray out and shot the app. That's all that's what I want is that it is just now if you're in that position. That's a the other person's thinking. Boy it's not your job to put people on point out word that you have. That's a lot of chips that's a lot of jobs a lot of pop I gotta say. Does their judgment matter Aaron give us what they think I don't either I know but what does this peer interaction does it depends on my mail and yeah most days. I will give you 95% of the time I will be courteous. Now that 5%. Of baloney god I don't know how it's gonna go out. And that's what I'm afraid avid scientist article at CNET. That's a big Mac. That's yes that's just I don't know what I'll come out of I'm eating at that point is you're courteous securities are trading securities are courteous and then. One day in outfield to courteous. And god doesn't have an executive on the Internet Brett. That I'm on the Internet it was some video out some par of any out. Products yes. Yet anyway. I like buying I don't like when I urge you won't mean medical workers that they had Magnum is your kind Bangkok. Mac. Series jury want those residents. 'cause you're LA and they're probably do this ever happened.