Thursday, May 24th


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How often would you say throughout the week. Here are happy. Funny funny here. So so the navy and week is too much for you may be over the course of a day you say you really happy. Ten to fifteen time Powell attended fifteen times a day you're out and then ten to fifteen times and m.'s side. Or cynical. Well this this study don't you or your happy if someone makes a last Friday. Sure I yeah I think laughter should tell us how our name of course or you know somebody does something many allied. The problem on what our share ten to 1520 times a day I'm happy. Ten to 1520 times a damn sad all right we'll just a moving target. This may need this is different because they are seeing pure joy. How often people experienced pure joy or is pure joy I want analysis study is that the average person. As 432. Moments of pure. Joy or happiness. A year a year which is eight a week. And on one of the can't think now they're putting some sort of a time when they NASA. I don't know they said. How often do you truly relax and forget about all the stressful stuff going on in your life this. Study found out that the average presents for injury to launch a true enjoy career a year that's eight a week. And they ask people to name the situations where their most likely to feel happy. And relax so these are the top ten times that people are most likely to feel happy and relaxed. Number ten singing along to the radio. Oh look at that we bring people happiness and no pure joy yeah. Or they might say some too much who will they could also be singing along to my. IPod do whatever that's all I send it says radio ominous and I'm through mesa were not sing along right now she you're ruining our pure joy and that's our guy and there's not arguing matter at all. I doubt anyone would say and I announced last moment appear JoAnne was and they were talking about. Pure joy on the radio and playing video games number nine. Okay yeah sometimes. I can be sure that I mean I'm just so we do appease Fuzzy finances. As sometimes is it's very stressful for me sometimes a lot of waiting around I get anxious I do throw things. If someone to watch me playing video games nothing you haven't they might not think I'm happy OK but I think probably it must do something. Out shopping with friends is number eight. OK I do like that. And you like to go look at choose or something with friends or I don't know does go clothes shopping. You don't like to do that potential new. I like to do I mean I don't do it. All of everybody Lila pension yeah and Taylor his fans will go shopping or go to the mall or some and walk around and look at this. I mean like outlet Marley you know like does Zona Rosa herb or legends or something we just go look around a close awesome. You know like Joseph and I get a pretzel. At lunch and shopping don't do that I enjoyed that movie night with your kids is number seven like that he says that's her joy and number six I mean friends out for drinks slash watching sports with friends and a bar on that. This post it for like an extended period of time relied. You forget all your problems not just quit moments. Always gonna happiness and sadness as are very quick moment this right. It's the right things and take like an hour hour and a half two hours these are extended periods of happiness. Because when you so laughter I thought the same thing but if someone makes me laugh I. A hundred joy joy yeah they may only last four session right that's it. When you're outside walking your dog is number five I'm a dog. IE. I would not count that as a moment of pure joy that's in with something that's. Traditionally good shore kind of there is better than a lot of shores business and and I'd feel like I need to do I don't get excited about it I don't feel great about it. Beat your friend's barbecue picnic or house party yeah. Let me ask you serious question why have you ever Ben. I shouldn't say ever what percentage is times when you've been a friend's house for hours at a bar the other night. And the person was trial images of prisoners and was trying to set I invited some fast. They're trying to gonna come and I was like yeah. Oh yeah and on Mac and a these types of things how many of these things if you bend you'll Wear. You weren't thinking when you got there and be honest with me right now. How long do I need to stay here. Every time you you're thinking that every time ranked then you're thinking how launched I need to stay and then you look you're watching you say haven't been here long enough. Now things may get better and finally got to have more fun so I don't really think about about every time I arrive at any place I think going right to stay there. I even did this thing so we might somehow work I think it's earlier. How long event got to stay here as I mean every right every time I have to leave the house and go anywhere. My immediate reaction once I arrive at that places how long do I think I have to stay yet cycle out a bit about like when you're out all you think about is I need to begin back home. And when you're on like I guess I should maybe should be get ready go out there but. We will win some more on Saturday night. Arm. My girlfriend right to her friends I was like how stormy type of thing. And even when we pulled up like we knew that we and his we had committed to doing this and we pulled up in front of the house we still look to each other and I said are you sure you wanna do let's. She's an I don't know. What do you think. I said well I think you you want to I think if we don't do it you're gonna be upset with yourself that you didn't do it. But I just make sure if you're really feeling right now like you don't want a good talker and a non government. I'm really not because if I don't know trust me because if I could easily have said I'm new shoes she say good let's go but don't what happened is leadership that cat we are such. Losers we can't get on a carded one of the house was off. So I think it was the right thing but I still have to ask like if you are feeling right now this overwhelming sense of I should not be here. Tell me because I'm not gonna be upset with you have that's Richard feel like you be just feel like you can't do this but once I got in there. It's like all right this is I make a note this is what time does and I like these people. I'm gonna really do and I was excited it's nice out you TO set out back people are seeing people to drink and people are smoking it's nice. But at a certain point 020 Washington thought. Okay get anything after that we can lead starting now doesn't mean we have to leave right now but don't you do that I think now's been long enough and she look at me when I finally said. You can. We'll just thrown the kitchen like we're gonna get something to drink will dispel them and she said. We have been here long enough we've only been here like half hours it. Within an hour 45 minutes Jews no way. You you're wrong actually here's what time is now here's a time hedges let's get out of here that was it Linda. But I I do wish that I can really enjoy that but I feel. Uncomfortable sometimes in those. Settings so try to work. A sudden I have earlier rounds four and five minutes and an envelope. Run especially if you've been here for a half hour I'm like now I don't think he feels like so long they get here really early. I woke up this morning and there was no always in my street and I looked up front and they were doing some sort of work on the sewers or something. And I saw this guy got a back in his truck and he looked like he was probably as early sixties like. Our man that sucks is guy. Passing get up this early you know I still do ministers got to get this really trying to do is my girl was like it's gonna soma chooses 10 o'clock in the morning oh. I was like whoa feels it's still feels to really got their joined Marriott doesn't it but that's the most people. Do they do that they work for a living there really don't we were trying to maybe that's why they're also endorsed earlier slipped over a hot microphone that's sure. And they that's why they're better. My dog and pony show trying to make people happy trying to make him feel pure joy. Apparently you feel American barbecue picnic for us right top three on a date. But only if you're already in a relationship because first dates too stressful to peoples after on a date with someone that they are alike. But that's. Apparently a moment of happiness of pure joy pleasure on and it was so we are delighted yeah knowledge on. Leo I've done. Yeah I I mean Sher I like it it also feels kind of like a maintenance things have been that we need to do. So we don't become her I honestly don't feel like that okay. Been on vacation or on your way to a destination I do like that the second part of that is my favorite part of life on my way to something good none on my way homer on my way to a destination if you're on a road trip you're going on vacation you're on the airplane on your way there. As a best feeling in the world right got everything to look forward to nothing's gone wrong yet. I don't know man pummeled him watch. Where's Obama out on a day or dinner or their girlfriend right. Was my girl for I enjoy those times like all right we don't we can be ourselves and as a person and I enjoy being around right. We're going on vacation. I always feel like man. And I had a drive to the airport. I gotta park. I gotta get my bag you know I gotta go through security why did I do this is why I had pulled this I can just be at home. It's just a pain in the ass but it all to me it always sounds good when you're planning a long weekend. You know 1 o'clock in the morning and he just balking on orbit but the actual follow the rule that is. Almost I sometimes I'm like well just keep my trips someone else planned transitional houses land as I really. You don't wanna go to the airport. You know you're right. You're absolutely right every time I go on vacation I do have that thought of I could've stayed home stay home I wouldn't have to do this any of this what I am and I know there is a moment maybe it's just like driving to the lake or something but I know there's among alarm on my way maybe it's once you're already on the plane and you're on your way there where I start to get. Excited maybe now like a big vacation we go to Vegas for the weekend and that feeling when your on the plane on your way there that's a good. Feeling now. I feel like I'm overextended myself more time OK I think. Spread to then being number one moment of happiness to people's hanging out on the couch. Or in bed but their significant other it's the most common answer the people gave by far. There's just relaxing a home news with someone they like there are a group out there let's let's it and then that's all I do. There but it's also good thing. It's a good thing. But it's hard for me to say man I really I treasure that's because. It's our idea down to Chelsea doubt. Anything missing from Alice stood for. What makes you happy is during the week. I ask no car earlier and he said something about holding his baby and what it looks many eyes. These are all happiness that's pure happiness or love pure happiness. Yeah it feels good. He does good you'll never know it feels like in the those who say that I know I'm kidding I didn't Abbas really awesome to hold your son your child and ultimately it's it's a golfing it was a moment of pure happiness Syria and a as good what is soon. Well you know instances I'm sorry adopt this. The size hail Canada's have a nice thing. I understand you think like I'm sorry man like no no I don't think this is awesome I it's all good you guys immediately know how good for us I'm just saying now head. Went down and I love my kids under saying it's all good for us know sometimes I look at my kids and I'm like man no you've got to go to. College yeah. That message from Renton. Find out what an alternate your wrist was gonna die on your. The most inappropriate time I don't feel like there's no light there's a lot of stuff like that it just so much coming up. There's a part of it looks like man. Sorry. Sorry I never thought about that. Yeah like I know like it's going to be a 102 degrees at some point in your life and air conditioners gonna go laden. God dammit I'm sorry I'm sorry. You guys always find a way to make stuff there you go of me and I can't say dang ideas Joseph throw on the invest stop that your hand on both do you got. Finally make everything even talking about you anymore Stallone me. I'm Candice have a nice thing he just ask what you save your kid and I made a joke and if you ever think like man like life is tough sorry about that no. Well you don't know I won't see that's thing. Has now learned is you're never going to be like I'm sorry man no. Okay. Because that's I mean. Again that's around like yeah I think about that and I your mother had kids and talk Cuba I'll have my fear is that a little toddler Khatami says. And I'm scared to die and I say may do and he says well the Mike you have nice. I know I need. I don't have David Alonso I'm just saying like you know man I'm sorry an artist he's on personal life. When you're in school and you're writing a paper amounts felt tip pen explodes everywhere all over your answer your shirt and saw on your hands like. Sorry about that table I happen to you did you blame your parents I don't blame my mom host hello I'm bull I'm not saying they're gonna blame me I'm saying I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You're like I like the stuff can be very very hard sometimes send. I brought you into this and yeah I'm I love you when you love me and I hope you have a great life I hope you take everything I've done that's fun. And take everything out that's bad and then limit even better life and make what he saw my own own sound and I do know that at some point. The airlines don't lose your mortgages could be really convenient and I'm sorry about that man like I'm sorry. He's similar to protect his kids from all of the problems in the ears are a million women and hand man you know they're they're gonna government so we don't live and if you would've done out there and got them. Now you wouldn't and they would've gotten all the great joys of life brings either. And I understand that but that's not the part that makes me sad. Okay market legs we sad. Is that you know. Some girls and rivers are not. A man I'm sorry that sucks. My NAFTA knock on the neighbor's door and tell me you live in the neighborhood because you're on the list at some point allergies and I are college kids hobble. I know I guess. Our media up to you at some point they're gonna be walking in large Kroger gonna trip. That sounds like wanting to protect your child from all the terrible things in life that's normal that's what you're saying. That's what he's saying snow is so negative don't you wanna protect your kids from all the terrible things in life as Cheryl and I was a baby who got that I experienced pure joy right. And you wanna protect him from all lived. My thinking about Penn exploding in seven years it's gonna (%expletive) them off for something well. The prime unanimous on about. Us. Understand you are I'm loving the moment not experiencing the happiness that. I have right now. I don't need and some pouring today's I don't try to start a car and this is the starter on the go back and I don't know what that sound is. But when he figures out what the sound of starting an old piece of crap car let his dad bottom almost and a starter is out. That's good that's a depressing thing that was it's a horrible sound and it is the sound of most of your life. The soundtrack to realize there's a car that bad starter my friend how do you guys get through your days. I'm watching you experienced fewer dry I live vicariously through your happiness brings me happiness.