Hate Mail

Wednesday, May 23rd


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Well good job defending all women I do know that is not. You're here that was not a minute that was not mean. I ate stayed back. And listened sat back and listen that had nothing to do all. Whitney and by the way there was a news story that woman. Was already getting criticized. For what she had done it was a newsroom because I brought attention to it tweeted about her something. I got got and emails snow gone from. You know that a contact us name at the Ronald penis style I'm now yeah sure and it says it's from someone named Maureen in Regina. She's penis or vagina in vagina she says insist on long time listen a big fan however after listening to your podcast from Thursday may seventeenth. I will half. I'll have a very difficult time ever listening to you again the discussion where you was on a hard shall seem to arrive at the conclusion that white women can't complain about sexism. Because our black woman facing sexism to honestly made me speechless. I can't understand your logic here this isn't a racial issue how on earth could you equate it with 1 AM by the same logic black women can't complain about sexism either because there might be a blind woman facing sexism. And blind women couldn't complain either because there might be black blind midget burn victim also facing sexism. And Stockton shot sort of measured yeah I'm offended by an apple and stuck in traffic by your logic I can't complain because there might be a black woman also stuck in traffic. With more systemic traffic barriers to overcome. I found this discussion extremely expensive and will no longer be listening. True your show often but that will happen when I was a little I don't know I don't really recall but I just responded and said this wasn't my logic I only said the woman's parity of the childish Gambino video was a bad idea and you should music video that was attempting to bring attention to cultural appropriation or racial injustice. To complain about a look to complain about women not getting equal pay that's not to say equal pay isn't a legitimate right worth bringing attention to invite you all Marshall made his own points about the current state of fort wave feminism and how he feels it can be racially toned up the times. I merely listen to then I made a joke to lighten the mood in the conversation his opinions are his own good. You know good on me this is out a parody video that girl that of the NBA YouTube. YouTube verse she got a parody video of the childish Gambino video and it was about women's rights are able said. And maybe not the best video to parity we wanna do. When your white MS zionist is a video while I'm not tell your clauses and Josh. Just. You're actually. Doing. Almost exactly what he's talking so then I just talked about the news story and literally read it like out. Part of that but people are dying on our people are jumping on the train of that woman who made a video I don't think so I have been reading that article said that he has his own problems with certain types of feminism the current state and a certain aspects of feminism which I did not interject cordless also add back and say you talked. Yeah did you ever you know mr. Rosario. And then at the end I do believe I said. Bitches be trip and the. I was clearly joke. And that was my joke that as I said in the email to lighten the mood India and then dump that was it but I don't removed consider mood lightens upset about that. She says that it's the discussion last slow heart soul and neat. We're happy where we seemed to arrive at the conclusion that white women can't complain about sexism be all right why were they white women have to on the privileges well. We never said that's it that's basically what console side yeah there's my dad. It doesn't nothing works and we all on our privilege. I'd sit that's basically what arsenal side yeah. And I didn't think there was all that controversial and now you know world where everyone is offended by everything we really didn't get. A lot of push back now from that there were no I want the tax on those. I'll really unfairly yeah wc yes. So I'm sorry that we offended you and you know. I was only offended us arson doesn't come he's not self aware enough to own his own white privilege. But which is something more discussing. Maybe while he's here he's not here right now to defend himself. I'm sure he's out playing golf for Lewis knew Blake when did you record or something but next time he's here we can bring it up.