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The righteous man is sent on all sides. The value of dark. Will strike zone of the. No all rules being taxed I'm running late I didn't realize what time Illinois suggests. Gives away from me sometimes on flies. When you're here work them on idols O'Connor I say walk in Europe since I don't think notes and I know I didn't Imus program. How's your 410 and will you wanna do as you know. There's no news is good and multifamily. It's actually. Nice I think the mom had this whole idea in her mind. For this year we don't normally do anything as a Stanley on the court it's Thanksgiving Christmas. She sent this email this year did you send. This is what I meant like you guys that we didn't know I didn't know anything nice or getting text from my Brothers and 1130 and anxious and you know at what bush talk in front. But just have a good tactic is it was just as if she knows we might all think that we agreed to this previous three corners. And it worked and everybody showed up and senator John Zach did exactly played games late catch political all the whole. Thing though it was nice. Are you. What I do yeah I'm friends over you know you can see the fireworks from America aren't yet. I didn't have the boys because they were with the mother for. The fourth of July so it was weird to have kids in the house and none of them reminds it's a large and I'm really is anybody. No I don't care speech and I is limited and zero whatever. Yeah the parents last. Hope you're all right. That was interesting and of course fireworks from my house you studio room parts fireworks yeah. I love the fourth. Sucks and it landed in the little weak but. This is still great. Assays are Pirelli Christmas is a major holiday. It is nice definitely the best summer. That's for sure you know Memorial Day Labor Day is moving Jamie McCourt to July use yeah should sauce and I school. Let's guy's name Alex Jones and still out on Twitter yesterday he would send it liberals we're gonna start a civil war with the conservatives. On. Fourth of July and I saw a lot of people see know a lot of funny tweets and we'd get the memo. I didn't get them and did anyone tell you I mean your IR Iowa and yet we're supposed to sign started you know got decision. And you showed showed up. Tell us down. Second civil war. I'm a fourth of July and I was Wednesday. One. This was a drunk. My console everything seems to be the same today. As I've been getting. Emails and tweets and stuff asking why and headlines we have not talked about the tie soccer team and I said Russell has a strips. No other countries and headlines my policy and bless America somehow gets involved now these. Boys who were in this cave were originally found by British guys no connection narrow. But then I heard today did Navy SEALs were involved and I'm OK we'll now we can talk about sure. But then it when I was watching the news later they were talking about the Thai Navy SEALs. And they also called Navy SEALs and his name is. I guess again Navy SEALs rendering rare thing but sure I guess they've happened there was I called him something now she now but there are so I apologize Indians beat it wanna talk about the speed is a crazy story so. These boys went on this field trip with their coach. And they've been missing how long within this circle like 1011 days something like that there is twelve boys on the and they were searching for these kids they found him last week at the news is British and that originally figure out where they work they had gone down and these caves when these caves flooded. They were trapped there weren't able to stand started raining. So. They've been bringing them food medical supplies sent a few of the boys serve a little bit malnourished are trying to give me energy back. They have this decision to make. How are they gonna get them out of their they've been drilling into the rocks and draining water to try and get the water level low enough that these boys can walk. Through the caves in Canada under the name. The highest water level hopefully still have their heads above the water the. As far as other children and others are aware of the drives and retires at dinnertime Harrelson stars we just have to assess everything Marlon. We have similar conditions for me. OK so that's an Australian police. Officer who's over there helping in this and his people from all over the world trying to help witness. The crazy thing is they drained all this water millions of gallons of water they got the level to go down with the rainy season is about. To start up again it's been unusually dry the monsoon approaching yeah and so then there's all this water this about it became so they have to make a decision. Do they train these boys. How to scuba dive because none of them have any experience which they have been training and they've been some of them don't even know how to swim I think errors over the most of them don't even know how to sweat. They're trying to teach him how to swim teach him how to dive and potentially teach them how to scuba dive. To escape I guess not I heard today. That the other option right now is to wait until rainy season is over. And just continue to bring them supplies and check on him which is guess how long now will be. Three months. Oh and in about potentially leaving these boys on their three months until the rainy season's over because they're really worried. About the risks of trying to. Teach these kids how to scuba dive and have them dives underneath these rocks. I saw animation I'm one of the networks today you showed and they've already got a whole 3-D map now the caves where they are where they have to what it's due to get out if you look at it. It looks simple enough I think that they got to dive into that Iraq needed to come back out there some. There's any idea but when you're an 88 it's dark and you can and their kids right. And it just feels like now if you message shares on the players. If you were in that situation it's a bunch of adults and you're one of do you say. Go and teach me how to dive. Or do you say just keep bringing me food the next few months they'll walk out of here. You try not to shine I'm around you know. Why can't they bring them oxygen tanks and all is that is that what they're talking old school look is in the animation they showed them what he snorkel and I thought. Hopefully they're if they're teaching them how to scuba dive to be teaching them what. Oxygen right. Yeah they're OK they're gonna do that. There is what. Some of the experienced divers are like this is incredibly dangerous for experienced divers out of these people trying to for the first time don't know how to swim meets certain. No matter who QB if that was when your kids. Out there with the soccer coach couldn't field trip and they get trapped. In a cave. Obviously he didn't plan on this. What happened was it unexpected rain that caused the came to flood in the first place after this little. And I'd be dead before this even happens. If I'm trapped in the cave in this water rising have a heart attack right there I'd be I'm very claustrophobic in the idea being down there for 1011 days before you even found I think you were probably not going to be found. I would inserting people. Out of hand. There are several heart attacks and I survived a jesuit coach you brilliant all those kids yeah. Some more rain this weekend. Personally I don't cover that that's putting to rest I'm wondering can you know I'm sure they. Now highlight of the night came now is like their guys. I don't know I can target the same like OK here we thought and everything went OK so yadier but the water's getting in everybody's differences president we're standing right my answer Ria ready if you look at the animation the water's coming in from all these different sources when it starts rain users coming up a lot of ground while yeah and and the fact that they were able to drill through these rocks and pull all this water up to they've already play is millions of gallons that they've already extracted to lower the level. But it's just not low enough. He's the picture of them sit on that yeah. Down and it's crazy those oil blankets that they always the other gives up like going to. Yet they put him when you go to jail they lay one out free if you see the pictures and its families caved in have been detained at the border and they get them what what are those who. I guess maybe just as a stage dry out. Seems like they can put some things in their bring them some some sleeping bags and there'll just in the pictures lane on these big foil blankets. Waiting but the kids do seem to be in good spirits are smiling. They're talking news. Maybe they're not telling them everything maybe they're not telling them if we may have to be here for three months and you might keep that from. I'm Tim Tebow swimming other way and get an. Bacillus which underwent a backwards way like Internet there's a way to swim around look generally when this when Ryan I think they're trying to get to swim out the same way they came. Which is meeting now that it's divers swimming in gas yeah right so why can't these divers just you know and again I'm sure that's what I want to just take one case well miles one owner did you hold onto the honor on the occidental is how sweatsuit like the body says he is yet to do that needed to get out. Doing one at a time. There's obviously reason they can. But obviously it anyway maybe it's a really tight space. We are watching that that little animation this winner not the same thing seems like you could just take more time and haven't died. And if you go skydiving someone does it with you must do before some sort of in it again. I apologize and even some sort of wire red lights and bright and just drag the iron and clears though where there right. Some sorrow I decide to solve that experienced divers don't even for the best I was in the world this is incredibly dangerous duo and the caves tight spaces. Having a kid it was too dangerous. It's always interest in watching this is a terrible situation. And the whole world is watching this is always interesting to watch when something like this happen like that the miners in Chile show laughs no there was an illusion Russert on Daryn well Obama's associates at Oakmont. Like I saw let's yeah seen how. The world comes together to try that the value that we put on human life now especially these are kids so it seems like. Even more of an emergency. But it is kind of inspiring to watch all these people coming from all these different countries to try and help figure out ways to get these kids out of there alive. Does not being down there so my understanding is it their rains this weekend's. And they're not out there already and they're definitely gonna be there for awhile. And they're talking about potentially be down there for three months and that Kate's. And he. You gotta feel bad for coach. Television. Did you see this latest done. Starbucks story. In Philadelphia another Philadelphia. Starbucks since it's different on. But. They're under investigation. Sorry now under investigation. Is under fire because some apparently customer came in there. With his friend and he had a starter. And when he ordered his drink according to them. The priest says says. Case this assistance assists. Am online and then even rode on the cob and there's a picture of the company's services assists AM one in there on the cup. And we just went through this whole training employees and this is Howard Schultz dogma the train a couple of weeks ago or. Only it's just to try and provide the reference. In the tools. For people to understand that. We all have had a life experience and and that life experience has provided us with a level of understanding that may be different. Then the level understanding you have. Well. Did well you know sorry you've got gambling style earlier and you've got and then he employs some of these stores so many employees and you can't be responsible. It's for every person is clearly registered listeners are fired and grammar sorry and you can have this Russian rationalize and by the way. We apologize and that's an Aussie. Right. What kind of person that does that an adult who's able to hold a job yeah I guess in Holden for very long but. Your work gene. And a professional setting you're dealing with customers all day what kind of a person mock someone for a speech impediment I don't get and I'm Donald Trump. True true I mean I grew up my dad starter his whole life tonight there was such an I'm never known since I never saw anyone makes no I don't agree announcers. Oh yeah that's facing you at a stutter via in the clubhouse there yeah my dad's there was pretty bad but I never saw anyone whether we were out to eat and he got hung up on words and no one ever made fun of them and I'm sure he would tell you. Well yeah happened a lot and I was secure whatever but I never saw and all the years that we were out publicly and people over I never saw anyone even mentioning you just. Letting go. Breaking news governor shames him. She's single and yes. Scott Drew is on. Is huge addiction and that they are. We had I went to school at the key starter ought to elementary school in Elgin. To a song gimme some one time I said something tonight. Colin because my dad started right hey I personally just first and easily hey. Do not. Do that. And this kid who did use it kind of kid you probably also got picked on lots of English town now. At that age. Look in fifth grader whenever that happens a little more expected. Then a professional setting motto here and I don't know tennis employee was it could have been 1617 himself. That's a bad decision yes beyond doing yes. It's hurtful. But if you're 1617. Re also don't have to hang him up for the rest of his life because image on some now but there's no less than just now and turtleneck and a little Starbucks accountable for a run I don't do that again that's right. Danny was his friend was or what are the other thing when the Starbucks saying was you don't get the bathroom code until you buy some thing right there's a lot more than window that is just one. Sixteen year old friend. The friend said quote my friend Sam who is a starter Studdard on his name when ordering coffee at Starbucks and priestess said quote okay. Sis AM when he received his copy he was shocked to see the name on the cup was written sisters of saint. Which was disrespect. It's disrespectful in an effort to have the issue addressing reportedly reached out to Starbucks customer service received to stay in an email along with a five dollar gift card an apology. Well clearly Starbucks missed the point. It was about how you treat people with speech impairments aren't I I'm down nice and promised are much but now they fired the first so. The five dollar gift card an apology. Prime the standard response has not okay. Starbucks and there's no tolerance for this type of behavior we've taken immediate corrective action and apologized to the customer we want our stores to serve as a lawyer and all I'm saying when they do let's do they did to customer service. They get a standard apology in a five dollar give gift card and then Starbucks fires a guy like he. It's not Sam he doesn't do anything else sounds to me like this story got traction on FaceBook. When you have done it got an. So Starbucks is an oration and he commented on the poster knows how to Sam now. Starbucks should have a better customer service plan. And bush. It's like an immediate loss edition have to go viral again exactly attention you know angry again and that's what happened planes as a man. Tom. And it's Philly again. So people injection. Data or maybe they're just say that's so women as well and it causes and it was those noble in the past I ask. Cheer. People getting hurt on the football's bill and most people applaud when somebody is obviously chairman and get hurt like it's a tough city and brotherhood. I like him though I've only been once as I love years ago it's so cool and exceed all the people I counted were super friendly. My name right right like I'm Simon it doesn't matter. Scott Drew resigned I just knew that. These people urged. Took awhile but it did happen. He says because it attacks on him and his family to the tools. Maria. You can find out from say do find your flying coach multi tool. Ensure that's actually true. Did you hear about Ed Schultz find her true does suck sucks everybody and you know even if you never experienced first class still sucks that. Ed Schultz pass then yeah. You probably remember him from MSNBC you probably don't remember him and only people are talking about me. Some people it's fast and he's shown ten years probably well he says the I remember that whole controversy was it. He said he MSNBC was trying to suppress. Inform you negative information about Hillary and they didn't like that he was a Bernie brown is I guess he was a big review get in fights with people on cable news about burning ship. Why isn't she lobbying against it the United States senate why isn't she picked up all these all the phones and call these people in the senate who were endorsing her and say you know what we have to defeat PPP this is bad for American John I love doing that's the only reason why she's against it because birdies against it. He had few of those moments a common viral and you get angry on us television show 64 and again that's way too young. And all I read losing he died of natural causes many to know what those natural laws are. We need to know. I know the funeral although such things that's all private matter but please. Let me know what happened so that I can trying to prevent it because 64. You've Gaza he used to say mid sixties it was except you also. And late sixties sugar. Baby lets 66 hours for Charlene 68. Man's early but it's not overly early move depending on how you and your life holds series. 64. Don is five years would be shocked. If he died today yeah. He died and he did shock me right on five years really really right time something about the late sixties early seventies show that's about what you get him. What is like expects us now. 78 point seven years. I just things in the US right now 78 point seven. It's. It's been declining. Lucy Guitar Center and here I'm alone and not right because there's plenty to make and tonight news yeah. Well I don't know if you guys watch the Nathan Lewis. Hot dog eating contests yesterday. It is it's kind of amazing when you listen these announcers Al. Seriously they take and it's not I know obviously they're having fun with the professional. It is always a documentary about. Competitive eating may take it very seriously miss Joey chestnut guy which if you ask you Joey chestnut as. I would say country music singer some sort yeah sounds like a country guy isn't their chest not. Country singer just the change and that's when I'm thinking of Majoli just how long it's his eleventh I think competition ends. If you got that update on your thumb in the city want any sixty some hot dogs that was wrong he actually ended up breaking a world record shots. That he thinks that Roger Federer food with the eleven. Unofficially. At 64 but we believe there made feed me scoring discrepancy. Jolie just not as certified. By Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez. Until. Spots and you're out when nobody new world record you know I am going to be as Israel on the radio so bask in the union judges and even though they are doing. They fell behind but. I've done a great rhythm in attempted through brighter than the contest and I I was calm and happy does the Miami. Listen. The column Joey jaws chestnut beasts like 7030 or records for them to us now busy busy getting paid like this is he making good money from this are not sure just. I got to know who whose sponsors. Don't companies highs and tunnel world records and list. Seeding give me an estimate and Internet harassment a snowboard and I'd be curious. Seven on earth and it talks about news or just let them. 800000. Okay that's not bad for me not dogs right it's when he's real good I don't know where there's always almost a millionaire might be a millionaire now that's that's pretty damn good. Are realizing this is gonna be a little bit controversial. Jewish. And it. I got a shy away from contrary a lot of it hinges on your responses to did you see Susie and Summers was on on Fox News and talk to bow. Morgan Freeman. I'll just play the clip of bush sent. I totally understand the Weinstein and have found the cause skin that's like there of course but I feel like you're in Freeman's big flirt. K I know I'm really well I'm species you know like your dress until like your hair and he'll like he'll like a lot of things and I hope. And fans sentenced on. This is seduction is flirting all those things are really fun so I hope there's a way we can find a nice premium with fast. DC she said she hopes the dance doesn't stop flirting it's sick that seduction death as you said at the beginning. What Weinstein didn't. And I aren't as essentially a month and they're not the same eastern flirty comments on. Women's dresses and their hair and that's how he does it and that she hopes that that doesn't stop. I feel like a big part of this movement has been that it does need to stop especially in workplaces and we talked the other day about that in. That we know that's true or not but supposedly. Netflix has a new. Guidelines that they sent out a bow. Whether or not just from my sister is someone for more than five seconds things like that. Because the workplace isn't a place for flirting and some people would just say public places in general aren't places for us. I'll and we don't find a happy medium. Where women can feel safe and six here. And also men and women can you talk to each of her when she learned when each other and everybody can feel safe sand. Not like they're going to be drugged raped killed. Or any of those sanction. But that day and only allowed to say hey did you look great today or whatever room. As someone to a movie if you want right like looters trying to place. We've already talked a little bit about how it is to distinguish between. The NPR guy what was his name prairie home companion was right in there and someone like Bill Cosby those accusations are very different. I I think that they should be looked that. Very alert degrees American and I feel like we've put everything into one tracking we don't do that when many thing. We don't do that when burglary and we don't do that with fraud we don't know when murder we don't we don't know what many things up for we're doing it this himself I think if everything. This sexual assault. Will punishment buying. Termination and write more public outrage and fire. Ben really becomes nothing. Is sexual assault right. Religious values on this becomes a seriously a married these races and nothing's race is the very sexual assault and nothing sexual assault. This have to find Negron silly man that's what it is seriously wrong. Okay. There's just. He levels to murder right. You think you sweet if they were able looked hole. I don't know. Really good sample size. Of adult women in the United States I'm do you think would agree with Suzanne Somers and I hope. That the dance continues I think most people he's that you need behind majority would I hope that it doesn't go away I'm like yeah I knew his. Your somewhat respectful and I mean and I mean someone because you want somebody would say just learning in general. This disrespectful but as long as you know you're above board and keep it classy and I'm grabbing people by their vagina is like our president. And it doesn't really really nice today you know I think I believe most people would say yeah. You can score was someone who worked its okay yeah. They say and tempting but here's the other part of that as soon as the woman says well. Noninterest it could talk enemy initiated after we talk yeah. I heard from two different women and one week one here work. And then my girlfriend. Who were both complaining. At different times I didn't bring this up it was brought up by them. And they don't get complimented as much anymore and they don't know if it's because of how they look or because of this movements the movement. And my girlfriend said that she went out one day hoping that someone would compliment her put on the south face she had errands to run and she was really thinking normally I would get company and opened she said it wasn't until she was on the way home she's walking. To Rouse and guy pulls up rolls down his window and said something along the lines of hey shorty. You looking good enough to be my baby mama and she said thanks I feel good and he says you should you look good and he rolled out the windows and away. She loved it right OK she felt great about this but I could definitely see why a lot of women would not feel great about that then you write what. I too need challenges we also have rim also sending. We've also so that all women respond the same way they all feel the same way Amanda movement has stayed strong women. I'm not sure your girlfriend clearly was fine when I'm not only that she liked it she was. Hope so it can't mean apparently not everything can be the same for everyone and our co worker was telling me basically the same thing that she was in an airport. And that someone complimented her and they had been so long since someone in complemented her. And store it felt really good because she didn't know is it was like I said. Her or this new environment. Tell me how to stop for league astronaut ornament and yet behind I see people sort of volatile mortgage problem it's done. So she doesn't leave. Probably. I've noticed some treatment and mentally and it's. I mean much untrue that I love. But I mean doing cooler. Rolling down your car window to someone who's on foot and in saying hey shorty you look good enough to be my baby mama. I would think in my mind that that is probably over the line for those people and comfortable for most I didn't know that that could be a good thing. Bush she said now than they used to happen analog and like actual cat calling walking by somebody says something. And that she liked it it's just forever and she said I know that some women don't like. I yeah. I I'm not a whole. I just gotta look good enough to act only nominee and I think they look at me guilt I MA you look nice today guy. Yes I do not a lot yes. I noticed that I do a lot of us you do to an Indian women to though they I didn't I don't remember him now extensive look good today yeah. And she just didn't to a guy that we work with. Well I just I was like man I like. To cut you didn't know I was like hey man has a little concerned I designed it looks like done. Now sounds like a new York city south soon if he was like absolutely. He got a it was like all monotone ER I mean look at this article. We said the I don't see John I want to belong. To us. I think you know. We set a co worker. Over a decade ago that you you colder beautiful. And she says she likes that and it's. I said it once a long time ago somewhere. I think it was like at the grocery stores. And then I was not planning on sameness. Just tremendous I don't know maybe I mean and my dad used to say it but. As she put everything should thank you I said thank you beautiful and that was like only. God one kind of and I told my girls are issues like don't do that which is weird too because. You said that you like it when the guy pulls up and show. I just beautiful out so I read June misogynist stigma or maybe it's a little bit soon you know above board she likes more on the you're good enough to be. My baby's mom I usually do I don't know Amanda I'm on beautiful to be a little bit more old school first is like please don't do Latin. Yeah well other women can be shooting out they can be beautiful my. I remember us. The third the response was oh. Thank you and that's putting on any what I said like oh. Why did I just say that. You over the guy you know I've talked about this the guy this is years ago who worked at a hospital I think he was a doctor and in the cafeteria there was a woman there and every day would come through and get his lunch and she would say thank you may be. All right maybe you have a good day and he did like that and he pressed charges now. I really like that. I really like win you know there is special insights. To me it's it's a maternal feeling at some. How chilling comparisons say to me thank you Mary is an elderly environment right now OK and it's on Saturday Ron Tugnutt and run for some reason with a good eye and judge senator they're extremely maternal. Right don't they just you know I'm masters or not don't go run Las Vegas maybe. Right all right. It almost feels like they've really Jew. Chair and if you did something wrong and they were watching if they didn't know you like what are you doing you know better than that you know I mean get over here and as a guy and because we're all kind of mama's boys and hard it. It feels kind of good to have someone say. Because those same women are the ones who were most likely to say other than your mother who looked handsome human right today. You look good does that you know whatever is some sort of compliment about Luxor and it does feel good. But this guy didn't like she eventually they do that is as a mother lived thing Netanyahu is now so wanna feel like when I pull and it. Took parking garage and it's there where you don't Mary and I say hey I gotta run into the storm by sooners now you know those are good for you exactly numbers as well that damage due to disease does and I actually don't you call it feels like shake it feels like they care it feels like we're in this society were raised in the world together you know we all do in this together thinks that I care about you right. Raise some boys in my own and I know exactly what you're up to I know how to deal with fuel. It's my dad tells every Mormon kid and I hate it I I called everybody can. This just goes thing that's a gender so it was a good was okay and I think it's an East Coast and I really do I don't know where your dad's from the that is I've heard people say that to me. That I call women kid. And it makes I don't know if that makes him angry and I've just days notice things besides I've tried to. Keep an eye on him but that is not change. That is something completely normal and I wrote it and you say to men and women. Yet that doesn't notice who doesn't like. David a record reps from New York right because you knew it was Jim. It doesn't matter how old you are that's just like. It doesn't matter to me in my mind doesn't matter man or woman that's like. Were friends. Yeah it doesn't bother me I don't even think and that's not derogatory light once a chief ore bodies yet foresee more varieties those are derogatory I feel like kid is more like. Mean you kid. We got to student body bothers me the most anybody I would if I can say 201 troubling to worry about a man against him. Like young girls on that doesn't. You only those chemicals water. But if somebody at work or whatever and says hey bud anybody. Mom and I'm I'm in my mind that feeling gets the same thing and it's a failure is from and it's the same thing as kids are just. Feels like just. Our user edgy konduz and yeah me too like you're talking to analysts on I was born. Sometime. Also like Aso accuse a slot. They sorry. Really it's kind of everybody every day similar link below 100 days. That feeling you're having a conversation with another person in the conversation ends and he says thanks blood banks money I don't lose. This is you can keep glance I do find myself like don't know someone's. Saying honey hey I say man thanks venom. Do you know. We're going on June. Let's talk about. Clinton. But what was seen chestnut Joey chestnut room useless to countries like and things Thursday. Sure let's go to our produce some we've tried some songs of course.