Monday, July 9th


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The righteous man. On all sides. Your homeland. The values dark. Strident tone of the. And we. And wondering are you I have never been better. That's in the here. Do it. You know I hope everything's good. Proud. Weekend. This course is good unless supposed to notice a little points. And we can swing so yeah. Thank you. So it's. Been in Iraq. I'm sure cost is on the way everybody settled in life has done copies on the way phones and charged on. Here's thirty being. Drank. And. Do think on this weekend. Plow into soccer game my son and random into the pool and a funny stuff do. Now. My brother move some furniture. Into cleaned the house. This exciting. There's. He's good I'm not complaining to look nice things southern manners. I. I did play a lot of video music downloaded new video game when he thought. As the name of the horse and then vampire or people know presenting its famous for its part to something. I think it's collect vampire. To work hammer someone tax. He sometimes they do the whole game for free Jesus beta Lucci tested so right. I did that that. Took a lot of time a lot of time doing now. I can play a lot of foreign. So you're totally in out of our mall and I think there's a new season starting lines. The next privilege you talk about it lama's all over Europe they just decided. That's going to be one that passes you by and of course I hoped early on like maybe this bull. Passed quickly. Maybe this plus all the once I saw people at sporting events during the dances and stuff and making for tonight references I thought okay this is really really big but. Pokemon doe was really really big moon and disappeared. To maybe I'll get lucky yeah. And so because I just feel left out and I'm and I sucked out itself I such a true church. It's nothing I mean if I think you underestimate how bad I don't understand. What's happening. I just get killed and killed and killed and children have to wait to. Drop back in and try again into really two minutes no idea what I'm doing. Come and learn put together cheese I should just excellence. But new ram ram is doing the rounds and I like. The world what's going on a map. Well they started rescuing some of those kids that we're talking about last I did shoot and Thailand's. In. I'm happy that they're. Getting these kids out of there. But I was kind of excited over the weekend when Elon Musk said. As it was on Twitter but sometime last week someone had treated Ilan mosque considered hate. Did you help get these kids at the cave and he said no one's asked me but I'm willing. Something along those lines like I do it but nobody's asked. Him this guy. He has such a need going on the demeanor and a bad way it's just like yeah course we can do that. But the net that was Kennedy individual inane over the weekend they started saying. He was making these child so young marine here. And he said he could get them built an eight hours. Or just say have a model threes on bodies they can get these submarines done in eight hours. I saw someone tweet it and it's a hidden in the week it puts an MP3 players and they're so the kids to listen to music and be less scared and he responded usage yet. But it's. The as far as I know none of his. Little submarines for years now and now why shot even if they are used why stop production on the same sense that I thought there's got to be useful and some more if nothing else just for recreational courses and I'm soon. Some of the leg and knows arch. How cool that me. And we'll be pretty cool. Tesla submarine my personal ties submarine that you could rent answers for kids need to go underwater and explore. Aid workers have been drilling a hole. The rescue teams can more easily navigate the darkened west can't hurt their efforts are paying off winning two minutes they were on helicopters. Flown to a hospital and train ride. Where they were lined up at the front door so far Thai officials say the elaborate rescue operation has gone better and faster than they expected. So I think we're told is they rescued four more so eight of the twelve Childers the last that I heard. Have now been messed. So there's four more kids in the soccer coach still don't although they can be out right now but that was when I heard that the Navy SEALs died. Indicate. I doubled in this in and it's bad because if he can't. Do this how we gonna train these kids to Venus. I know I said alas he don't you love. Scenes stories like this you see people coming there's acts birds and and police in just all different walks of people from around the world. Who flew to this caves. To help. Get these kids out even it was just offering advice or whatever they could do. It's pretty great. And seen the pictures of the it's been reunited with their parents can you imagine your kid's been gone for what. How many days is this now we talk in 1718. Days something like that that they've been missing there you hadn't seen kids. And then they find your kids they tell you their tragedy Qaeda we don't know how to get them out but we're working on and you think OK yeah. In making me anxious here what's the word that's what we might actually come down there to three months. Disaster I would I mean the thought of leaving enough. They endowment for three months just seemed. Unreasonable to me now we have to find another way there's definitely some I mean again. No reasons for me right now. Originally those big oil rig drills and throwing them I mean which I guess they were trying to do when I saw those big drills they were using. The they're get him out of there when you ever go into one of those caves on the way to let you know charged by night she's place again so I was like you know line. Act really no need. Those all too but I don't want any Barbara have to crawl under is seeing and it is when I was in college my. Biology professor was just a longer that was his thing anyone has to go with them and this is that a strong put enough. I think that shrimping. I could be wrong. But this old thing was like you gotta Wear and hats with the lights you guys are all through these things as a non active and I'm claustrophobic. I need to make sure that lots of people of common guns a commercial business someone's taking a look at this place. There's lights. The whole deal I'm way too clusters. Judge Simon Says I feel like submarines recreational use is not a good idea EDS for kids too many parents are put churches and Eminem les. I'm glad to task on the issue controlling their phones. They get a reminder on their bonuses hey kids and underwater for three hours ago again and hit the button brings it up to succumb brings him right back to the dock. There are only on purpose. Keen. Okay that it was. And I'm sure you sign something. In what happens if you drop your kids off the key chain clean place. Do they know that you draft your kids up there. I think eventually it close news and an airline enters this internationally are isolated and a submarine underwater. May be harder to find parents yeah. As opposed to Chucky cheese yeah. But really I'd never thought of that before obviously this everything is different account reading it now come back to the Chucky cheese the only place you can walk out of there with kids in there. And in the kids. Would be the only ones who know their parents are where they live down right where they don't know Q. Chucky cheese in your stance you can't he was someone else's kid a wrist band isn't a. Things with the. This textures and they continue their war hammer. Berman tide that's. Only Donald Dallas. It would shut. He opens and it took both I don't. Got to love love. A season isolation. Things just North Korea not knowing quite as smoothly as trumpet held after that meaningless. Jim and I really Singapore us on the senate floor feminine mask and a student. But he said today he remains confident that North Korean leader Kim Jung and intends to follow through on his broad pledges of denuclearization. Here's his we have confidence in Kim Jung little honor the contract he signed an even more importantly our handshake. We agreed to the denuclearization of North Korea China on the other hand it may be exerting negative pressure on a deal. Because of our posture on Chinese trade hope not. Because that's just happened there were people. Whoever I don't know if it's CAA or the military that watches this looks like they're not do anything about it actually may be losing ground in. No real news on what's going on in. Global what's the plan now and union. And Pompeo and over there. And he talked to you because a North Korean said that America. Was gangster like. Sure with our demands sounding gangster like and Pompeo said look I'm against a world thanks David. Counting on chairman Kim to be. And so if those requests for gangster like there. The gangster because there was a unanimous decision the UN Security Council. The world visiting Kansas that's exactly. It's. Who would have thought. Dumb dumb ass from Kansas wasn't behind us. I thought they had the whole thing Don you guys in Kansas and negotiate I mean. Okay. On assaults from the stuff I'm Melissa masters. Meeting. Seemed like everything was done like we're friends. He declared that the US North Korea achieved historic results in the north we was no longer a nuclear threat. We knew that he hadn't Kim Jung and committed anything on paper but that's not a business elites on the us. Gotta do face to face you shaky spin on it I don't know. I just pulled over. Stripper in Miami. I don't think he knew he chooses to ruining older over. They pulled her over. And tennis on a lot of money in the 20000 dollars. One of the stories actually said the money heading. Their way to 20000 dollars. So. Her boyfriend's with the theirs guns in the car. Blazers guns money and they surged to bassoon players and movie should start out. So they were arrested after they seized these guys are six guns. Three of which were like the sole right to iTunes. And then they thought they had done marijuana suspected marijuana well. And there were bottles you'll hear her in this clip see that's my medicine that's my medicine because they found these bottles of coding that they said didn't have valid prescriptions. And then they confiscated the when he ran 191934. Dollars. Life. There were found so I guess they thought that this was drug money. And just sugar sugar right no money well you've seen these seen zero John Oliver did a special announcer decision how police are allowed to just hold your money and take your assets. Amount. Or venturing out and then your generous allowed just and number. I don't know what the minimum business like you face being. OK. Well. She explained the reason she was carrying so much cash seditious those who go to the bank and deposit the money he said. But we've gotten. Bills today. Hello when remind them. I think the comp is sanity smalls pop I can't overtures on countless. Whereas others from the. All club you Erica. We're mr. Bloomberg. Felt like I just and bad on. So the couple was charged with armed drug dealing. And some other felony charge they were charged with armed drug dealing so. The money was hers from DC and her lawyers said. They do you have the right search the car turns out they didn't have the registers are the search was legal Sonoma prosecutors dropped hastening gave her ma and 2000. I don't know glitter and all. Oh in those weapons all legally only valid permits even had concealed carry permit. Mean you. It doesn't say and hear what they decided it was to do with decoding maybe she really did have a two guys are really serious bank off. But maybe that was also under the you know you can never registers are always industry. Their cancers a car and I think any fine and I. I felt that the glitter on the seized cash was compelling evidence but apparently the police department disagreed or in defense attorney. June fast Saddam. Miami Dade circuit judge Rodney Smith ruled there was no probable cause for the seizure and poured the money returned to the couple. If you had. Cody you've been prescribed noting my dad used to get all the time I checked myself or not. Think honestly get after it was all over the house I didn't know truth that. It was such a hot item you know but he's trying to ensure an end and see you back in the days when. Was not hard to find prescription drugs not that it is now and it's harder to. All these guys who drink. Certainly you know whatever yet these guys who are drinking and all the time is that still a thing in there and I know. There was that documentary about loneliness friend was worried about and we see drink too much deeper. OK so he's obviously very very very wealthy country can find someone look for the rest of these guys where they find all this alluding. Is it easy get anxious to level. Insist that level of living as plaza is anyone ever come up do you as a nutritionist coding like you're reading you're at some sort of a gathering somewhere. A radio thing and someone histories of Michael here he wants them. Was encoding. And I usually adds I've always seen us or you're the guys are doing a great company great guy ranchers sure. As soon ones impersonation. That someone was drinking in my house right. We should do that's in time. And here I do it all the time yeah you never offer and here Andrew Luck. We try and offer you freedom and stuff. And hundreds of nurturing and I'm not saying in the you have to traded. Pound for pound it's like to try it lands that's all. Did you like evil can evil when your kid. The other some people who talk a little bit before my time is a little zoo and like people who are out of sight aware of them. I got new territories on their level of motorcycles you can do but I don't think there are some do anything did you watch the documentary that. Johnny Knoxville that gets them. Bet like made him as famous as any stump that he didn't release according to attacking manner you are certain people that you hear talking at all. Evil can evil like he was zero. Seamless. You know who's the greatest thing on television days we're assessing you still see eat today. That logo that he came up with a you know people have heard on the you know motorcycle jackets seven I think a lot of people just assume it's. A Harley lure everybody it's evil and evil. And I'd IBC two young I didn't see this happen all I know anonymous on a document which you remember. When he tried to make that jump in Las Vegas and in my old smash his policies in a coma for like thirty days and Travis Pastrana did it last night. Not only did he do it when he said he was gonna do it. I thought this is gonna be a little bit different is how they got these high powered dirt bikes and stuff like that and any time I've seen Travis was trying to jump on a night it's. A dirt biking you learn some nitro circus what should always turn their into that stuff right there. He did not motors sign he didn't like during Indian scout it was like you wanted to be really similar to the fight that evil can evil was on but the thing is they've done all this expansion work out in the parking lot there's no he didn't have as much room. T get up to speed okay so we have to start. Closer to the ramp and then trying to think this is seventy miles an hour. And eat landed. Does this girl and what do I gonna do and I dissolved couldn't do. How you feel muddy mess just such an honor to live a day people's footsteps and it literally is boots. Thank you all for coming out I mean to be here in Las Vegas so much in my history has been here I've proposed my life here at the first love. Oh and I just exterior thank you own history thank you federal Watson and thank you all cable cam for coming out non. This this was definitely one of the coolest things if they coolest thing I've ever been overdue and before ever enjoy yourself. You gotta love that guy death of course. He's so great journey you like chemo. Just seems like the nicest guy. Into neat I think you should try and I know winner of the laws even I just I know how it ends. The ball I don't not only the pop we reason my motorcycle never never never never never. And only in one way for me I think you're already doing bill for a you know they were CNET. One these are Jose resident business like one of his last big things is he's nearing the end of his precinct thirty. Three years something good can you always do enough stuff in his forties and fifties. Sun June day but it gave me a member of each night to do this thing over the union address your rate just. There's thousands of people who try to entertain us as athletes there's comedians then. You movie stars on the season now trying to entertain sure but to meet. Is the ultimate and maybe that's why I always loved Jack ass so much for this ultimately this could absolutely Kilmeny. It should jump and and what a lot of but I'm gonna do it. Partially because I'm a little touch. And I don't think any of them denied that I'm not running there's just something about them they have to do this they feel this need to take these risks. But also there's party were you watching it the first time and think you Honolulu Austin done. You wanna watch it as a party has to be going to watch you because you might sign. But I don't want once again tonight I want a delay in the I don't know I. So exciting just watching on TV. I like that I wish I was friends and a guy. Is evil and evil museum in Topeka. You like to really. What do you guys and later. Bobby you're actually doing an answer. So you got some of that review. You shouldn't compete it is selling. A on the mound that I could. Secure and are not a normal and Clinton are. You know only three years and not enough learning that veterans are but then there's no. Winners looked for a top pocket and just looked for revenge from China clearly you're looking and you pointed. It's a very targeted. If your kids. Sad I was first thought they say hey dad look what I want when he kisses him what I want more than anything it is a little dirt bike. Would you have. I know age and after. To me so here's the thing I think like you have to proves to me yeah you can do it we got to breath doesn't take starch right. Like you got to show me you can try to bite. And AM to show me you can and cannot under all circumstances. You know. Ryder buying. And and if you wanted a bite out on the trails and jump. Pills and Latino citizens vigna after proved to me that you can do not at all times right so you're now and I like not just goes right to know. Well let's digital motorbike to see you can jump oversold now because that was donated I was I was curious if you even allow the the dirt bike even if you say here's the rules no grandson jump you know whatever your I'm going to be showing you let you have the last serve of bicycles harsh. So potentially potentially dishes Michelle my granddad and manage your passion that is sure. You are just not going straight down. But the moment when they came decides I do wanna start jumping ramps. What could be worse and her parents or loved one. I was nervous for this guy don't even know one can only imagine what people in the same thing you were sitting there watching his each time you don't know this NBA. A all the career pass. I'm money and Travis Pastrana makes good money and he seems to be incredibly happy and he's doing what he loves sure on the other hand I don't know that there's a worst career path as far as your team least concerned for their well Venus led us through their nerves. Such were the ones who is such rude. And you have to sex workers. But they do. If your kids sad. I think I'm anybody I wanna Venus I wanted to can always Venus for money. I'm gonna get a limited Biden camp should dad now. Bomb top says. Then eight uses his own or manage a newsroom anybody Greece. We'll man's renewal means communities are not sex work late if your kid decides for some reason if you prosecuted sex Turkey has to be boy congressman my. Clearly option at Christmas I get an invite. Them I request what does he says I wanna start doing some months. Saturday shows on the weekends. I cinema like for the bite and it's. Vital in the bike anyway it's bigger the sale. Register with us. Chambliss. Won 100 schools that is true. And sent out. Those guys and gals. Below what flips and never drained it just gives in the balls. To do that stuff. You we did you were expecting it and sprint suited you that. Was it nitro circus and grabbed one of those things right and had a huge gap type things and people are flying in hundreds who shares on the one of Wear him and his dad always. Can Adair is there's a documentary cameras 'cause Pastrana someone else but him and his dad would always I don't know if that's his dad it's stunt coordinator that's a friend of his on the show. There is a guy connected needed in this decade and there's I don't know another some documentaries you really jumped out of the airplane with just has sponsors media. Okay John Bachmann and I think it was an and is that going up. We'll talk okay so little jump out of a tree hire new this higher and they're always pushing to your father in the son Travis just kept going. Yeah I forgot all about jumping out of an airplane with no Paris should thank you watch that that was insanity. This is his boxers yeah and then somebody had it coming catching the who has a parachute when they were breaking the law it's illegal is you're curious to jump out of an airplane that occurs you do it yeah but I was weird like well. Then why is it legal to jump over 700 cars caesar's palace on and on the Indian scout for a guy you can jump the cars on the scalp. Contingent on can't jump out of an airplane in a controlled situation where someone is supposed to capture. Texas is not a ten kids prefer a fight over a mainstream Sunni myself. I usually odd man out I didn't say that I prefer you said you'd rather be male sex workers or UA stunt motorcycle stunt guys so. Memories she. Remember this conversation I just wanted to know. What do you do with your kids suddenly turned into little. Terror doubles when he did. John many bikes stuff and you put a stop to early what's in their twenties he can't stop look. Until you're ready to set amateurism parents and they master whatever is certainly like doing my views that is delicious can. Give them many vitamins from mountain on. Fields and ride those around soon happens I mean just doesn't Fannie and doing tonight. Legends baby settles masters is so loved the idea of a that's a bit like duke and compassion and a more about it and say what about a sixteen if they ask for money to help by motorcycle. Thousands and they were really meanwhile causing him they ridden a bike and a moped and Ali sings as I'm saying I just say that yes okay so they don't drive I can and I got a moped and I love them open wrote a multi revenue wanted to never sixteen now like. I'm like a smaller motorcycle Aurora maybe and maybe they say like on the take that class are out there and older danger. I don't get my license then if I do all that in when you help you buy this motorcycle. Lumpur restrictions on when wanted to write a captured. I was gonna alma. I had to and from American tunes from school did not deny crying like down. No major roads like yeah maybe the maternity link where you want. It. I always wanted to June the street loose thing. You know where they lay on those he seemed to guy's and street Louis and Dallas I wanted to do that sadly none I know it is and night there's part of me that. A major part of me knows that that is extremely dangerous and would kill me but there's also some other party needed thinks that. I'm not gonna build super fast and beginning all star owns slower hills were overnight I think I won the masters the Sony get good at that. I wanna do that. I really wanted to do that thing is that it's like it's one of minuscule move a muscle. Could kill you but you also might just take a tumble and break a couple limbs and and we even get back up its U college course before and so I think you probably I was I was younger naturally just. Natural welcome surface and resent. I used athletic ability I'm always my thinking. Do as a natural god given athletic ability you know my first thought is always remember any role also multi duplicated. I used to lay on my back I just instituted funeral and to me the it was a fumble and there was also a seven touchdowns I need that day. But we never never gets my joy and has system in Houston on ruling Jamaal Charles never fumbled the ball for Alex Smith never fumbled the ball to an turnaround you know and the snap polling was a bad snap a have a hold of it yet they were Russian made shoulder and an okay. And they says he scored seven touchdowns untruths as you see the sand lot. Yeah I think zoos and run the spot stand there it's in the hands no database and I played against you perhaps the day you won't even on the scene at. Dan. I've got a new line many football out there in the car right now you can go out there come on man you're telling me smallest. A playful tackle right here in the grass. Don't do. Trying to. I can catch can throw like Enron the penguins'. I played catch all day on fourth of July. I'm arms loose. Your legs are so long Andre tomorrow. They're long and quick and fast. I was in his best college then that's a good receiver can reach up and grabbed the ball. Coming. So I brought about they're clearly athletic. This is an argument about criticism I say when I was kid I wanted to be a street Lou I think you're better I'm somewhere around trying to find romance cleansing are trying to force upon your car. I think you're more equipped to handle it. A bunch of fireworks this weekend. I really want Roma are window or something with them on there's just there's something and in this so it's. Fourteen year old need. Spirit is saying take these fireworks put him in the car struck throw him out the window I really wanted to shoot off fire throwing out the window I don't know like. Scare people line in the military you're driving you just throw out some lady fingers or something and is scares some people. Or holder Roman candle on the car and as you drive down the street George's daughter users you know fireworks but I really wanna. Chewed off these fireworks or borrow these fireworks after the fourth of July consumer on sale now. I don't know worship tomorrow. I should not clear how special month for your house version mark on the golf course like the legal and that's illegal like everywhere. That's the problem that's my got to stay moving. It's got to take a drive by firework. 200 dollars do I noticed like to be pretty bad ass. You jump car. Old man's penis and the Roman candle. Actually sticking around in a lot of back and explain shooting Roman candles and act like I've done a pretty bad ass I'd be basically Travis Pastrana. He would probably look me up and finally there are immense pain we want you to join ninth two threes were huge with the old man's penis but I didn't say anything about old man's penis. Looks I'm not saying that I can do it I'm not saying that I'm gonna try I'm just saying. It's cool. They did it and isn't there part of you. It was there ever anything when you were younger and you said. I'm gonna do that one day and he's gave up on it. Resell because once you saw your original motorcycle over seven our allies that I would reduce street illusion I wanted to lay on the on one of those things and write down hills that's what I wanted to do a don't let them. I've given up on that dream. Good seeing you governor Andrew Goldman speaks. But the Islamic prefer old mean Venus this conversation and go find when there's plenty of them downstairs we're willing and ready. You watch me you know no time my yeah yeah. Well I'm gonna go find them under champion.