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So righteous man. On all sides. Selfish. Serum yeah you'll mend. Valued dark. Will strike zone up on the. I told him and the boys are here. We are on shot show and I ever and a brother. And so clearly have a brother right. Some heroes are much olden here yeah. I swear. 90% of my apartment my parents and time is just telling them would you please quit did your brother in the balls that is not any presents. And they'll stop them like I. And you just hear screams from the other room and out you don't really need to know what happened you just need to know it's boot. Who had normal balls and then you want Iran and in some of the beyond their knees and Elena relied. And the balls are just it's constantly. The two best kids awesome to be around all the time. Cannot stop at each other in the balls. And we went on vacation. Toasts Florida. And my sister was there right yeah and now she has two sons. And there are like. Thirty and 28 right. She's thirty yeah the congressman Ryan to wanted to have you visited your burns right now this so he's like starting. And I was saying the same thing like I can't do she was like we were at the grocery store earlier and I regular one yelled. And I turn around a younger wanted to let him in the balls like it never ends does not close in age they'll continue to hate each other in the balls for the residents for the rest of their lives as a. Only thing native. Because my Brothers were older I would torment them a little bit to get their attention right there trying to watch T year whatever. Then the ball punching begins I've run streaming hi do whatever I'd lock myself in the bathroom Alai game there was a lot of route knowing where my escape route one Bryant went to bat him locking the doors screaming. And then she would say grade. This is why your Brothers don't wanna play with you Peter is gonna complain in my head not playing it's beating me up to this guy's got 120 pounds of meat. And that was still our relationship though his eyes on the ball as we were gonna communicate. The authority you know I again and like high school it had to be someone like the blogger on someone and the other person retaliated with a punch the ball. Let's say I winter and now. And I don't know sister maybe sisters are similar I don't know I don't have my sister earlier Noonan at me in the malls like she would push me down and out. Spit on anybody like her first. Inclination was to him in the balls discussion that many users and realized. How important that one's. Yet circuits and done and I never thought about handing her the balls because clearly. Hannity I needed no I didn't know that boys just continually bungee jump in the malls trying to force them. And we'll say it's mostly stopped around my house now not totally. But your brother still wants a while on Joey and I hit like that I think last year before I came home and my brother was in town for Thanksgiving and everyone else has gone to do my fifty year old man grown guys and this is management as we in his forties now and I'm in my thirties. And I'm sitting here on the couch he's city in you know like a recliner whatever watching TV. And I picked my nose in and held the bugger up too much and hate it. Pay any turnaround of rock and make you know a whole writing and then once he gets away from me am getting. I'm getting beat in the Walsh. Getting punched and kicked in the moments. And waking up the family what's gone on not them we're just socializing. Though did that doesn't go in and touch and so is my brother reminders to each other so they'd much rather have a singer and naslund. A punch in the malls what's what's what's that television don't stricter figures are each other's nationals and don't do that what does that have to look that up and you know that is I don't know but don't do that punch each other in the balls don't doomed it's. John says Llosa the and accused on extreme went well it's. Yeah so I think I'm getting the idea. And brand with OK we used to do this it says the restaurant when my friends and I all worked at the same restaurant delete. Sneak up behind each other in the service stations. Of the servers stations and we. I didn't know it was called Goosen and that's exactly what we did a reading the definition now to advance. Yeah you've reached behind some. You can sneak up behind him reach from behind but this doesn't say anything this says the U grabbed the you guys you slap you grab them from behind so Donna squeezing them. Mimicking the shape of the abuse snack okay I get. On Judah and just stick to the ball punching. And be careful what patents. I sought to get punched in the balls on the playground and fifth grade when it happened was he was standing over. On this other kid right that you they've been. Horsing around guys on his back other guys standing over and so the guys factors pitches up and we punched him so hard. That the Katie couldn't cry he couldn't breathe. And nurse had to come out. Into the playground with one of those little cloth to wheelchairs and command commander we'll come off the playground he's. He was so much pain he couldn't breathe in the first grenade onto a spiraling kids got down I kicked him in the balls and then. We're supposed to fight the next recess and he said he was gonna fight me because when he went in society. As blood. All of that use a serious cause for concern but it's not off vaults. None none none none none at all that's how you know you've gone too far down I thought about about a month collision after fighting them. Well. That's once that happens once Tex signs as my husband has three Brothers one of them hit him in the balls and walked on the altar on wedding. There is walking up to learn and grow and that's going to just never ends I don't think. Yeah this doesn't go one and my horns rock stars solutions by the way thank you for dropping off crotch on people a nice and myself all right put an excellent ball on his. Hey you never responded in my tanks were re guys finest pop in the building block or were where were you guys find in his hand in the building I think you're stealing it from me and only one who brings us here. Credit. Yeah. I told Emanuel as the reasons consumers whose usually like mister Bibby buys it highlight master of course you never see you do between Nigel or six years. Sometimes goes on mr. potato and next thing I drink doctor pepper ride but rise as you like and deserves any sauce and work but I like to do now. Yeah always like that forever and try in business single white female man is no single white female you. I mean here. I went back at some Bezos went back fact that I'm all do. I'm more about nobody it's like well you always our I didn't win but I'm I'm what is what writing. Laszlo has worked at mile an hour you have I know I'm going back thanks we're sure anytime I've had a motorcycle and a woman back back we're employees of the motorcycles and he did it. Don't you remember he went home but that's scooter bonus and I got the motors are losing and I really like to have something like this how we're the last few guys like three years after a motorcycle I've only had a motors an excuse it was like three days all three children and you Texans exercising you're looking for places I can I help you look stuff up online you stomach guy who delivered to you. You drove it to work for I don't know maybe a month and you sold it I don't pay a 1014. A day like today the Dow's all within a month and no ladies ladies ladies. Hey I like it and I'm flattered and latter's. Says Texas is don't encourage Bob countrymen can cause testicular cancer I'm pleased to calculate I don't getting in the balls cause there's no doubt in my and I did have someone tell me. He got punched in the L what's that thing called where the where the Danes did you get like why are some day all right and that's on your task ahead and removed it and surgery within field line and then move. Arteries or whatever does or does veins to have. And there's lots are like running Mosley it's been around in circles and something got rupture inside Denny had to have surgery men. Don't want to sit on the ice cream it's. Unfortunately. I'm not alone and I'm determined not sure venerated. She yeah you need your take training if you take. That's what you can kind of thing up on shown training courses. Have to cover the. How does a sausage fest today. Yeah it was awesome I love the fact. I mean I guess I don't know more than one on the back costume nearly one I'm talking about dog. I was amazed I was just I was so great. And I saw people discussing this last night online. And I was reading through the almonds. Just amazes me how people in. Is always gonna be the Smart people. I'm glad I looked up and no Secret Service came up to you until Jeanne needs and we leave this area no problems. So we're down we got a lot of then we had a lot of hot dog and extra hot dog. Supplies be donating those rights and also Obama shows Tom and good for you there. If we did everything in the nation come proudly and it was good news. Ronnie and I took scenes of about a lesson associated call me like five times yeah I had a bunch of schools and I was born in my second round and round and Houston. I don't lieutenant. What was it that you text music you please contact them and it sounded so stress. And whatever it was he said he didn't know the point is the conversation was done better I think everything's fine personally you know let you got to know lake. I'm like you you start sending texts like that you call and I don't answer in the bottom there. Luckily that's coming back I expected you've been arrested or something something horrible happened. We talk about the news. It's a you know there's stuff going on. China says yeah awesome and was held on June. And did you know Billy Knight at UCLA basketball eight slow ground ball punters. China Ginobili had eight. Late for UCLA in the what Billy Knight yeah late in the day. Billy Knight sales Billy Knight he's a college Vasco Berkeley UCLA from nineteenth 2002. Averaged fourteen point one points and three now I'm very well I mean NBA draft played professionally in France I mean I am. No really this is him. Hear me now that it would help but that's him or not I don't know if you like a big college and has long been the yeah I did you come I don't know and let's. It's making headlines because. It took his own life. And he. He instead of leaving a note keep you posted this relief. Tragic video on you to comment. Apologizing. And an even sane in this video you know this is probably my last message and starts talking about how he lived. Elect senate kept his brief because in those depressing them trying to nonetheless positions. But. You always hear people talk about. Any time a story like this comes up. It's just you know someone or if you are struggling with depression or mental illness you know. Here's some phone numbers you can call I seek help whatever. He says in the video that if you're struggling to seek help if you're experiencing anything similar run its you know. Once he personally I'm all I can think Louisiana with. He he's aware of it but he's still keep lowering ourselves to do it. You know where it is now. It's. A yeah. Apparently he was also hearing voices on something when you see them and he said he isolated themselves. From just about everybody. Million different things can cause pressure and anxiety river but. When you hear someone talking about the fact that they're hearing voices and they know that there's something wrong that's when you think I wish we had a better system in place. As opposed to just clean out after something bad happens here's a number you can call right. Yes is number you can call but it's not. And then I'm not mad at people who say that Hussein now the number of polling here and now moment. Sometimes it is. Maybe senator option but sometimes it is almost impossible it's not possible for a person to pick up the phone and do that something needed to happen. And as though before we had the legislation. For example in in the Kansas City area let's say less of the surgery experience something some sort of something that you think some sort of psychological stress or rational whatever. And and your doctor says you know what you really need to do is use psychiatrist right. The average wait time in Kansas City here in new page weighs about six yards and a huge problem. Why does it take six months to get into his psychiatrist a lot can go wrong and six months and go and ask someone. The suffering. When they see most are your new patient and other. That is a lot can go wrong in six months but a lot can also go right for a little bit so many like you know I don't need to pass stuff see you keep putting things off putting and off putting and I'm putting enough. Instead of getting help you need yeah. Right away. And not to mention the whole which is certainly knows a lot more on the tunnels and holes and we should take away the student founded on depression and then all those things from him. But the whole I think we don't talk about how we deal wouldn't and it does seem like you people are so much more open about it now people talk about written and you know. It's definitely been an eye just in a short amount of time it went from lines. What was your take in the room. What's of core tool. Of course you don't and people are over prescribed medications and now that's a problem but. If you really need help. Not having health insurance or not being able to find someone who. Who's able to do you win. Earlier than six months from today and the logistics that that should be priority. And any. Comes around. Constantly anytime someone shoots up the building you know how the country says well it's a mental health issue we've been OK so then this is something we all agree on. Nolan seems to be arguing that you know what Hussein we're doing a great job with me to do right for each we're doing all the right things. So let's let's fix that all right enough. Assertive us. Papa John's founder easier this news I could just use the I thought this had already happened I thought he was argued on. It was is coming John she now shatter. He's the boundaries of the ACC and in the commercials. He apologized. Today for using the N word on a conference call. Back in May. Tranche. Apparently this was part. Like got. Corporate training thing. So they're doing these role playing exercises that are designed to try aim for things. Some sort of public relations crisis I guess like what Starbucks did after the OK guys got kicked down. So he issued a statement. Instead news reports attributing the use of inappropriate hurtful language to meet your immediate change session regarding race or true. Regardless of the context I apologize. Simply stated racism has no place in our society. A student he'd already stepped down though is the official close until runner pop. John is stepping down as CEO of his pizza chain. John Schneider who appears in the TV commercials have blamed falling sales on the NFL's anthem protests. Papa John's a major sponsor of the league the move drew immediate backlash on social media and shatter later apologized. He will stay on as the company's chairman. So I guess that that the story years that one's admitting that it it was cited in this. Brown and I was on the right end and occasionally hears the words you shouldn't saying it sounds like if they're saying that bet if there was a racial slurs. Used while participating and our role playing exercise. Divine designed to prevent public relations crises. In a statement issued through the Taliban weren't known it didn't hundreds of a former according to the account and Forbes magazine. I was called Papa John. Was not call with this company called laundry service which is a marketing agency. And he was asked how he planned to manage future public relations flare ups. They. I guess at some point they don't give the exact. Account here but at some point. The N word is used. If she should talk about it. You know I'm I'm my guess is it would be like what do we do if someone says this what do we do something right if you're having it now is what the marketing agency. He sought to downplay the significance of his criticism of the league in players alone an old stuff. And then this is the quote and I don't know this is the quote from this exact conversation but both colonel Sanders called blacks. Really. That's the clubs and complaining that Sanders had never received backlash. This is it. According to George the other doesn't make sense and surrounding context of like an instructional video doesn't context of that's a lot eyes so that people should stand for the National Anthem colonel Sanders said this right. That's that's different Davis Payne learned you do if you say this. Using maybe I say hey you know what never okay there's those arguments about what a lot of new dream what if I'm just repeat any news or anyone else said. You can get around but just saying. And again just imagining. This setting. But doesn't sound like he's symbol colonel Sanders called black and see right yes as it sounds like and anybody could also be if you have a question because colonel Sanders all blacks believe them now so fire and a question Noah yeah. Don't let you complaining that's my older sister saying. I never got to walk to high school dance how come he gets two yeah I Sammy Sosa and won't Ahmad is racist does this other guy. Ryan how come he doesn't get any trouble and well one I don't own a colonel Sanders exist. C rivers and was this just go Norm MacDonald was right mustache on who's not sure what that is. So I think is Reba McEntire zoologist. Move on. I guess the big news is that he admitted he admitted that he say you admitted to forums they said it and it was during his goals. Okay. Have you done one of these escape from things before and I told you that's not I know people love them. And don't mind my Finley went dad like as a group thing Thanksgiving of last year they had a blast. I know they're popping up all over. I don't know if we've had a escaped from bubble yet or not but I know people like him for me as a claustrophobic person who also does not like to solve puzzles especially someone is watching each console because it's not a great. If you look. A burglar and Washington because Washington. Decided to break into this strip mall and I don't know exactly what he was trying to get. When he broke into the strip malls trying to find money and cash register what he's trying to do. But he actually got stuck in. As Katie yes they had to figure is seen in this New Zealand I don't know now so I guess eventually gets frustrated he starts like breaking. You know. Set pieces or whatever trying to get balls down but he couldn't get out and he had to be rescued oh my wife. Thumping like we gotta get out we got things going down he actually opened the door pushed over our lockers. Destroyed some nice to have flowers and then came enemy himself and hum. I feel kind of violated announce like we are as small business we put our heart and soul in all of our. Money into this place to make it work. And our sole goal is to bring happiness and fund families and businesses. And it doesn't do good to hit taken advantage. So. I liked the idea that is all that he stole. That I saw on that article was stolen beer out of the fridge and guessing that belongs to the owners and many soldiers there I don't know. And does he had a burrito. I like the idea that this guys is you know always wanted to do an escape room. And I know I don't wanna do people watching me I just can't afford to go do it escaped from its I'm gonna break into one of the middle and I NC I can figure out Willy dead. You broke again but he did not figure out he's tried to get out the backdoor. But so he could no opening. Gender comment on ones and so yeah he was stalking called my mom won't use the phone the front desk of the escape through place. I love he faces a charge of second degree burglary. That's good news trust and estate room riding. Hard to figure out who. He was ever at least 35 minutes. And he gave up room yeah they said they have one of the rebellious kids. Usually spend fifteen did you escape should shut out here and the record dating when it got out of this and aquariums 33 minutes. But I guess this guys. A record low counts in all beliefs. Jacksonville. Year old plays for Israel and this guy's name is Richard golden RA. He's now given himself the nickname the beast to the base so someone breaks into his house and senate on. Watching TV and years glass breaking there. Benny sees a man with a rifle approach him and demanded money. Now he says that she. This guy hits him in the head with the rice OK okay and and the B stomach on the peace a donation he decides. To fight back east. It based. They hit an inhaler arrival and by him on this haven't you can look at this right arm distract you when these tragedies. I made my mother's okay so he says that this Kansas irrational our body must have just shown up it's like science alias mobs in the front door. His body is there and at that point he makes is moose I grabbed me lot together and thought the clip Phil. Try and those are trying to. He's so he group saying he grabs the gun truck the clip out of the gun but he knows that there's still around in the chamber and they're either still wanted to chambers. And win golf I don't know what day and Nolan shot. And now just the military giant occurred Realogy. Thought Phil's brain. Our house that I'm really gouge his eyes and through gouge in brain guy until he said he could feel his brain then. He gets on top Medina and continues to doubt Jim in the eyes and tell the cops out there in his job until the top guy here. You're holding in my Papelbon Yang and the team was own god that it don't go away from being lit. All right these are usually when people give themselves nicknames. But that's what journey that's legit guy does that mean eyes now. And they set up I looked at three different articles trying to figure out specifically what is injuries were all like to find is that they identified the suspect as Timothy Henson. And they said he was treated for these injuries in the hospital he's gonna be taken to jail he's been Helen 250000 dollars bail as court appearances until July 30. But some of these stories may psyche gouged at least one of his eyes out I don't know that's the thing and and they train they really train you do you have an what are your thousand. Toms that's true runnin' utes someone broke in your house. I that million pounds is half a mile. Com. But why word am I right here the guy's name is Jim Bolden why would you give yourself that's what I'm is a real name is already being called he's got an amazing name. Sounds like that's cool all. When they say no last names are so I gold and Decker yeah right I you know again as may embolden them like why would you have to give yourself a nickname he's already he was destined to be like a morning show host some wire. What this name he wouldn't have to change neighborhoods and our son Morningstar whatever you want it Blake is mantle and no one's no one's ever happy with that name again there was one big goal difference. He went for the beasts. Just try and get people to play different name your kid. You have frenzy like some guy and he looked up to maybe an older brother's friends or something yeah some friends older brother that at a cool name more. We just didn't like your name never happened no you. Yeah I wanted to call Brad. And I would tell people. When I met a new group of people it's okay Brad you know if you see what's your name you do that they re introducing each other and something you like and I would say. I injury bug people call me Brett. They don't register nickname because really wanted people to comment on random account I never stuck to do is just you lived in the neighborhood behind mine and when we played football together he was. The toughest guy in the neighboring. Yeah by six straight PRD had not all of his teeth on hand as they once you get to this mountain view's. As fast as he was friends use at least I just not read as a little kid I don't like can't be an adult that's that's my name's Katie got to have a and an adult name and I wanted to be Brett. I'm so jealous and immediately saw like gentlemen. Yeah we'll that's that's a lot to ask. Classrooms look at graders. I then last story. This happened. In Dallas or just outside Dallas. A mother. Is out of her car and she goes to get back in her purse got two kids who were in the backseat now there's a carjacker. In the driver's seat that is due to our kids in the car so she hops in the passenger's seat and tells guy bull car over. You know and racquet away whatever he refuses. She reaches in the glove box has a gun and shoots them and I had to shoot some. Now works now works the car crashed into a hole right after that don't really this guy's alive because he's being charged. And the woman no I think I can see in these articles is at the mother and so like I just wanna move on line now that she's not unlike the beast which are an open against the BC she. Not out there ourselves while there I think she just wants to move all their life so they had to interview her neighbors. Two. You know yeah I guess get some some part of for the news always. That if she had the deal was she it'd be. Were accused B. Horse she before how will she be there right now they're worried it would be gone now with the keys. Silicone. Do you think. Your baby mama especially is a new mother stuff all those foremost on rocks Towson. As I've been doing great honor to protect these kids have never loved anything more in my life. Did you do that. You think if she hadn't. A pistol and I don't know anything about her whether sabres haven't done our part what is she did. Did you do that yet to a just. Mama bear instincts kick you grabbed Johnny shoot again. It's pretty us now I'm insiders. My mail me you know my feelings on guns and you know my feelings on the death penalty Eminem's on the bus. And those individual bases like you're trying to my kids there in the car. I'll tell you running right now we'll tell you. And I've got ran a system. That says that we are not allowed to have vigilante justice but in this situation like gives me you know my kids woman. I'll try to tell yeah. Look what it's like a time to kill of course he unite talk about this a million times with a capital punishment I don't like the idea. Of the jury and prosecutors and judge all these basically the government deciding what a night he deserves and I know our government having all these resources. And give you a lot of people getting. Other public and miners are bad but not getting the same amount of resources. As a prosecution team again not having those resources and in the death penalty being handed down back in my garage pleasure pain I'm just someone goes your kids are you. Sure don't. I gather what I was any time on that jury I say history ago exactly depending on the circumstance but you've got major U freak out. Major. And there's and he should tune kids in the backseat. We're getting. Updated business. Little advice and just you know. We're joined by Sean was definitely OK if someone says steele's win the and these. Okay fine. I guess his picture and the rules of evidence or good number when I fumble is.