Friday, August 10th


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The righteous man. On all sides. Cheering your homeland. Values dark. Will strike zone up. I don't do that again. Any area you were you selling I'm. I tried to tell us. Can you explain what they do. Leaving one individual homeowners here now just think about it and want to do and and yeah cautious. You have yeah. Precaution aren't. The actual I don't. Actually. Both worked. Right and he created some and you can just doing wants. The good news do not want us. Like winning lottery yeah. Really yeah. Colin do you mean wants it in his life. Or just wants he wants. Between him and a nice lady. You guys Tim wants an intimate. I don't I can't. I mean. What are the odds. I'm not uncheck a lot of. I'm looking to her. And Spezza line as if there's any other way for this to happen. Mineral. And original. There because he's so you can make Palin is a mile. They really knew given misinformation. The chances of getting. So in his last summer having unprotected sex from one time I think. It is an average person. You have no test of strength. It used to. But it doesn't give me. My you can just tells me there's more. Boys and girls. It's. Are you going to the different age. Mercy. Just curious. Only eight of course is not always a reason for renewing your pregnant even if big time correctly when you anomaly ovulate it is only good for 24 hours each and even if you have an odd percent ITN unprotected sex on the right day of the month. So. Therefore aren't again. Incredibly it's a sex on the right day of the month they're still only at 20% chance of conceiving. So just six on the right day of the month there's still only 20% chance. What happens like I mean like in a bottle. So it doesn't really say goes on him guessing at 20% chance. And and one I mean we're talking one and I have no idea to kind of mass but. Ten race. But that's gonna make you feel kind of good to assure. You know you're capable. I thought I was and a mathematical probability of getting pregnant. And. And you have slightly better odds than analysts. You know. Well congratulations. Your debt that's that's. And three months. It's. And chances are. It's human reproductive sciences. It's. On one hand you have to take into account. Instead of just. He got to look at his overall sexual history is I think that the hospital lob over throughout your life. The number of times you have Sachs. Your odds. Oh man that's like you you talk a mind that's gonna put me. The numbers up on the roulette wheels. Every time as a new set out Ozzie doesn't matter if five came up the last time or not it's still the same set of odds are number final. Every spent rat race span and heard a little. Bing bing is a new one yes but bailing mind isn't doing the more times he does it do you know genes do increase overall no they don't. Of course they do know they don't. The more times you have sex it's not like I'm now under a lot of students from one lottery right. I'm saying if you had a 20% chance. A one time on the right day whatever I've seen over the course of his lifetime of all the times insects your chances go up and if you just had 61 time. I think it's 1% of every. Yes I do with the same type but oh yeah. If you do get these bad sign on the rule that we know your odds of getting I've eventually. No Bob what I'm seeing is yet you keep Betty I went I know the odds that you're going to hit five eventually there. Yes goes up if you only play once. Ozzie Haiti are one and 36 army numbers are hundreds but if you play a hundred times yachts do you. Actually hitting that number go up. You lose. You have every casinos so went ten million people trying to find every time. Right but if it's a visually it's gonna cost a lot of money do you feel the odds are in their favor of the number of times it taste yeah morning is right corner so right doesn't pay enough to make up for all those times he lost money if you abusing your logic would mean you lost every time except from one. If the odds go up to some point you'd be up to 80% odds to win right. No not at all I'm running much overall overall ease your likelihood that number. OK so if it's 20% the first time yeah. You keep playing a hundred times right young lives that number get up to 30% at some points 40% at some point like each time I've seen I think you have to look at it overall each. Roll free spin whatever you McCullough is the same Blakey said it's 20% of whatever is each time. But if you look at his sexual life as a whole. In the odds of him. Getting someone pregnant increase. Because he's had the number of times he's had unprotected sex despite the odds of you hitting a five. Over clean entire night are higher than the 95 and you just play one and one role he's an insane. You're looking at his whole sexual history. And the real champions. Either way it happens. So. I think congratulations are in order. It's called the gamblers fallacy that is I didn't wanna get into into science and you failed Madison gamblers bouncy think that it gives you morons in Kansas and no I know but I don't think I honestly. I rolled the is that of local. I don't think that my odds each time Goldman seed over all the odds of hitting a five. Are higher over a hundred rolls and they are the things one. Still it's still the same night preview on that each time he's playing minds but the more you play the odds that at some point you'll hit that number increase. This techniques and steal the. I think the best thing you miss an episode of the show. From the right. I'm saying that if she played a hundred times and the chances of him. He has Biden in a hundred times is higher than Katie in one. Time I don't know if that's fun season a year. Iran. Well. A thousand please do incorrect notion that previous failures and create. An increase probability of success on subsequent to right which I agree on. I agree with that then there's the rainy and overall each time see Sam not our game and I've seen if you look at the entire. History. So you play a hundred times the odds are unified and only give you only guess number between one and ten and I get one chance and gas. And you keep changing and write to us. Just like the reload we're gonna be random and you gave me a hundred chances to gas I have a better chance and eventually. At some point over the history. But and with relax we're talking about your betting the same number each time. We're seeing your betting if I'm whatever. I'm I'm happy and maybe I'm not bitter explain myself maybe I'm just. Miss England the entire. I I agree with you about Venus her. Every time you pull the lever on the slot machine hundreds and hooked it taste ever so. I greeted include those numbers up they're trying to secure and thinking oh look it's been a long time since this numbers today election that this number. It's one. I don't know look sure. What the odds are having a shooting in the news. Well senator one of five. Just so happens today is today it's in Canada I know you don't generally how other countries but you kind of made an exception for Canada. Two police officers. Were among four people killed in the shooting and Fredericks in New Brunswick. And no names are being released this time. Say please appreciate this difficult time for their families and our colleagues. Have a suspect in custody and pricing has been contained. It's a new investigation is ongoing and the suspect is DG for serious injuries because. According to witnesses there was and exchanging gunfire. I went to my back window and I seen a fire truck coming around here as well maybe if something blowing up like propane or something. Then I realized that the area was filling up pretty quickly with police officers. And that I better hit my ground so I sat on the floor my. My were my house and a few more shots are going off in a few more here and there. They went down hill for about twenty minutes there was no shots are followed a safer. About five more shots went off and then it was quiet for another half hour and there's two more shots room. Believing they took down the suspect. There's your very Canadian witness. That's the biggest. Really the biggest news story of the day or at least so far today. Trying to avoid some business and leave. And headlines every day Monday NFL things. We have to talk yeah right penis anxious concern. Yes you talk about space force and every once and space force a distraction. You must talking about similar investigation what's going on with the Russian drove. I don't know about all that I don't know if you're gonna try to treat an entire new interim military reason we're trying to practice was certainly the NFL thing seems like a good. Distraction for. So obviously their person pre season games and there were some people who took in need. I'm knowledge no signs yet people season you'll see an alarm resigning the second guy in his liver. Tell instead I think he stayed in the locker room. The first guy in this clip in his mouth and Jenkins I think he may have assisted nearly as a few people who live there there's an Air Canada took. Knees and of course trump tweet about it he said the NFL players reading and taking you need when they should be standing proudly for the nationally and there were numerous players from different teams wanted to show their outrage at something that most of them are unable to define. They make a fortune doing what they love. And. I think it's important I don't continue to and the you know keep this. Conversation going I love my team dedicated to my teammates and that's what we talk about I'll do that day it was I hope he was sitting restrict. So. That was Tobin Smith and I guess he stayed in the locker room. Loses in this picture. Miami Dolphins procedures. He stills are now we'll still see if anybody saw play here already. So what do you do. I I thought that they had this agreement. And I know latest gas nick about earlier but I thought they come to some agreement about bullying goes a lot of room but if you come out and I don't know it's. So now we're not known yeah so. So will they try and find the players of the mind of the player Jews are as I'll agreements someone unknown. I do wish the players and talk about him. I certainly. And behind them and their right to protest. I think once they protest is just me. Once they protests and and someone asked him about it after the game and that's the time to get your message across. So they say I have no comment OR I'm just standing up for what I believe and I would love if they came out and said more like this is why we're doing at this is what it's about. Because when they don't do that Palin trump Ben the NFL island. No you know I don't president of the and a salary chairman Larry is they let all these people. Yeah. Dictate the conversation. I feel like you can take a conversation back when they ask you. Why did you take a knee or why didn't you come out if they then gave their part of the story. I feel like you can take that conversation back when you don't do that you allow trump to dictate. Part of the conversation by saying. Back you guys make tons of money now salute to flatly on American. They're allowing their their outrageous something that most of them are unable to design and show you allow him to dictate to conversation that I don't like. Instead be happy be cool. So again. In advance of pain so much money to watch and enjoy is no place to protest most of the money goes to the players anyway. Find another way to protest stand proudly for your National Anthem or be suspended without pay. And that's permanently or you this is spend a rhino it's. Source and. Because he doesn't say. Should I think they should stand for the National Anthem or be suspended he says stand proudly or be suspended without today. So that he's gonna personally do something about. You guys watched a video of the girl being pushed into the river in Washington. So they're on this. Grinch about a sixty foot drop into the river has drilled Jordan Hall Gerson. Sheen is staying on the bridge. Originally she said that she was going to jump she changes her mind her friend starts filming she's getting ready to jump and you can hear her saying. Something along the lines of I'm not gonna do it. And shortly after she says I'm not gonna do it her friend pushed herself class here's a video. It's a huge drops I think she's six this evening's. And you'll see these arms of a pusher into the water when you. And now. Renminbis. Way too far yet she was hurt. I mean pushing people into a pool is one thing well not only that people made the point that when they pushed her now she's in the belly flop position I was prepared she thinks she may have actually fainted while she was in mid air. Remember she says she's remembers when she had the largest and oldest patient more governments you know started to slam. The media hype leading to death is about 49. Yes a phase of safety and they talked about this in the evening and today. Of course depends on how you please do she saw the equivalent of a slightly over three stories or something. And it's. I think the senate only needs to be like three times your hi Lawrence. Your honor because and this it was resource plays you. But she said that NASA. Or you don't she got bush there was no way she's she was trying to. Anywhere she wouldn't be able to even if she wanted to leave you she was able. And she doesn't remember she had. I've broken ribs she has air bubbles in her lungs. There was some of those and haven't joined the friends. Bush served. I heard or saw a statement from this girl's mom did the friend is an adult so I don't know how old friend is this girls sixteen. So maybe the friend is eighteen shoulder I don't know I. I guess I don't know if that's a dire real question about how easy EMC arms but they haven't said inning they did say that people were leaving messages from the friend counsels me some people know who the friend is obviously and in the same things. Someone. Interviewing Jordan asked her about picking her friends you know how do you choose your friends are uneasy about the issues for. Trying to do her job but they haven't said anything I've seen about. So that's another person in. Mean I'm well I don't know I can't say I don't mean to hurt her though I would at least as soon now maybe there's friends who were there who didn't bush saying. The pusher. Felt guilty and had no idea this would happen and we look good again. It's an element AM and then she pushed her penny lane that I think she chided him jokingly say us yeah. Have any night player and a sixty feet. Yeah I mean it's way to try to do that the mistakes do happen. You do make a mistake to single and lives are like I don't think as she tried to murder her or her term intentions weren't. I don't thing our intensity were harming her and it would be different this girl wasn't standing there ready to jump now I know right Busch says like I'm not gonna do or whatever but. That's different than say here's a random at pick you up and throw you over this bridge in new watering your swimsuit. She was. There. With the intention of yours you want to answer the front nine is damages saying when that moment you think I was gonna do it wired teens along this'll be. Like when they do account downs on the bungee cords and countdown to two and go to. I could see you portion some cars average shot I can definitely itself was I guess you got big honestly you guys they like I don't know you like dome. If you torture really does like action movies you do them but I do see me doing it if I would go to new places which you. I'm just saying when he I don't see myself and a bridge. In a bathing suit jumping off the field I don't see myself in that situation. I do see you guys stood to review any kind of slow trip. That on a bridge like let's jump off and slim pushes you know I can see that happening. Earlier Bob bridges doesn't summertime where they're stainless. Wait too hotly watched video and they're looking down it looks like you we need. Perish. And I know they've. Said in this area that there's signs on the vs say no jumping or wherever that people do if there's been other people have been injured sitting guy last year in his forties. Was severely injured when he landed in the sitting position. I don't know what happens in your lane in the sitting position but I can only imagine if you terrible scenarios that may be broken back isn't even hadn't. How long trips to the sure whatever by the river lane on a pile Iraq's a dangerous and against people have been hurt their forerunner. But when I get there I'm not telling anyone else I don't want. I'm not gonna waste anyone's time I think I might talk myself into doing this I'm not going to. I remember doing it's let's jump in south lake when I was younger. And I would do I guess. Whatever the shorter ones I have no idea looking back coming feel as well as injury here in the boat easy people jumping it doesn't look RL you get up zero. This is a lot higher on time. But now everybody's watching sold to a but I remember friends who go on twice as high and run through the woods jump off these so let's as a phenomenon today. The risk first reward just isn't there. But I want to take good news press charges against President Bush is wrong. And you heard the branding in the audio he set this and that's. I think he's resisting. And we took their run. You see when you see her all that part down version of closure I knew immediately think oh no doubt skills and I'll. Isn't twins in the rear. And your food. Today is national lazy day. I. My concern is always delivers the delivery is free all day today. Only on all online orders. Three delivering a final check. Thanks consensual. Did you ever go live. You can backed you know we used to do. There is a giants. Like rock quarry. Outside of Detroit that we skipped school and go to in the summertime. And John Hoffman into it. But I felt like someone phoned him. There wasn't like and play some zone you don't mean yeah so there was like you know there's parking and you can go win them but it was a jolly good job loss and lift by. Numerous people there were I don't know who are ignorant and into this parking and that's because I've ever. Like Germany possibly can bridge and nobody's there. Our friends. There's a couple of versions ago there later dying. That's his singing doing it nice and you don't control anything he can't seem. What's in the water. Don't look so. Texas has come on slim more times you go up there and chances are jumping only increased its lifetime. Now me I'm there. That girl's gotta being. Not such an integral pushed her I think I. For some reason I was under the impression that it was a girl I thought maybe they were saying there's gonna talk about Leona solution. As soon as you bush and then everyone's yelling and you look John CL far that is I'll see your friends belly flop. I think you know right then that I may have made a huge save gas and you know anyone who don't know you make a mistake yes. And you are a mess of a leg my littlest thing John Cho was getting ready for school and hand. Who is put on a shirt ride in get hammered for scorn on. This used infidels like I'm in another shoes rightward doing and doing it and I don't reliably good and he goes yeah and then he goes to me and I don't act like this blight. I like that like my little guy tonight but I didn't touch a great thing just like this to you extend ugliness I really dislike. And again and again but I don't touch some great arm but it's done is like. Any break down I was like I don't know and I don't ruin your first as soon as you do read. Where I thought I was like you know me a young little rug rat you know I mean. And then when I saw he was scared me like I'm I'm in mistake now that. Damages to that are nothing else. But you know less and I think the person who pushed her off a bridge just like all my dad I didn't even think of the ramifications of them trying yes. Yeah. Throwing something in my friend. Yeah little we have feast was handling a little rockets shut down their arms something impressive run. I had muscle thing was likely. I'm not the way to the marble. Yeah. This thing happening in any kind and shoes grabbed designing its what is the feeling of no. One agencies and so iciness sauce laureates cotton is black man isn't a whole no no no it. Such as you're skipping school almost summertime yes a group of school started today. And Johnson county and some around didn't. Yeah my voice first as fascinated summer night dinners demonstrable and you are in school during the summertime parking lots were full well. We drive around schools look Carlos I turned out loud he's not allowed to. Tell school zones require any you don't drive around backwards from a drug might choose that's how he knows centerfold and the sooners moved back in town instrument and take a different route and yes there is no other run bomb. So I guess is in this and that allowed them. Yeah they are based on his hands are full so today's the first day they start on Friday. Jesuit half day on the ten. And I have stated intent is too early. Come on that's just beyond I see all these and no amount judging but. Like you know let's just keep to meet. Bomb. Give bombs when schools yeah like I just missed ours would then that I could've had like it's just. I really needed going all those things and it's good for laminated as soon as friends but. I don't ever feel lied oh man now I got time to myself I don't know remain go walking out the door to go to school and just like. It's going to be so well Angela Wright is a lot of friends laden you know let it ride again you know amounting it is you know relax whenever I've. I feel like I'm like I wanna throw up like downtown. I don't like to see them walk away. I'd rather than just hang out when they have to go so early and don't used to be they get out early too they do things I think here they do. We just used to go I mean they made it easy when I was a kid we just went whatever it is like more. They don't Labor Day is a memorial day of her school day after Labor Day and then Memorial Day it was season the end of it yet you had June July and August those. Months were pretty much. Yet that was apparent definition of I don't wide angle backs of world doesn't make sense. Especially windows I. And people are really odds are going to school on Friday. Another taste. Yeah I don't I don't love and I'm missing. You know. Yeah money. Especially being a source of having kids do you miss a couple days here in home. I'm fifty or sometimes you miss a couple days in the days you do have a much like to spend all that time a woman now. You know into school and no where before. You know we woke up at like nine or whatever you know I kind of until 233 remembers Tommy could spend together. Just you know soccer scene there in elementary school debt why do elementary school kids need to be in school about long. Always tough for many hours. I know every time it comes excellent parents jobs and subs. Paying for day care and that's really how we determine the school schedule maybe it is I don't know. But August 10 just feels wage really seen all those kids back to school. My team being world anti science is as I take my little guy out of school. From time to time to do I did I do not take him to go see movies or whatever but there's just no it's not the same as every day. I wish I were a billionaire. And it. I can just. Billy Madison and it's like man just you know I just didn't go right Romans found in the backyard don't worry about working hammering and it's fine let you don't have to. Don't learn anything don't worry about that much sense on. Meet the legal minimum requirements. I didn't really totally understand the story from Missouri that is making national news about the grandparents scams Tracy this and the couriers saving these people from getting scanned. But this is a courier service in Missouri. Hussein they saved this elderly couple from losing fifteen grand in cash. Win this couple felt first hand and these are rules were the only thing the grandparents scam I guess it's a pretty darn thing now where someone calls an elderly couple. They can do research about them online you know FaceBook I don't know girlfriends now. And did they say my your granddaughter is in trouble or your bizarre. Rather see your grandson. Because they pretended to be Minnesota it's. Name. I'm just arrested in Seattle. The doctor he's got plenty of money right but he said you know. Don't have any money on me because an in Seattle did you Wired News on the real self importance and like 700 bucks just yeah. Yeah they said this apparently it's it's common that works. They put someone on the phone with this couple that was pertaining to be their grandson and the couple says something about how they thought it sounded like. Their presence in this urgent call from someone say no public defender out of New York unit they're Missouri and they gives us a long convoluted story about somehow your your grandsons been involved in an accident. And so we need you to send us some money. So they even put someone on the phone hoping that they just. Won't notice that it's not actually there drink yeah. But they said it sounded like their grandson that's what she's just that this person knew like this friends' names in there right now. I don't waver Johnny Johnny. Like a lot about it. Well so somehow the courier news this was all suspicious because they had just address the address to the money was supposed to be going to business I guess. But the address was for private residence and and someone had hauled. The courier company but the area code was out of Canada he said this whole thing is suspicious. And most able to figure out just a scam and they got the money back. We looked like he had Derosa came up there's an address in the Bronx. And apartment building in this was supposed to be going to business. And I went home and it was bothering me bother me and I got a call around 530 from sunset hills police department asking if I could come up there. That that the envelope was a scam. The victim received a phone call an urgent call from an individual purporting to be a public defender out of New York. And he gave them a long convoluted. Those stories about their grandson being involved in an accident people don't realize how much information as I hope they're on the Internet about all of this. And what information some of these people are able to glean about our ages and who were associated with her family members. Not to mention. I doubt any idea what their grandson sounded like by. They can look at their ages and trying to side but it also is they have a bunch of green kids. Easy hey here's your grandson. And I remember everyone's listening and thirty bring kids in this city sound like I saw a story this morning that there's so that's the grandparents camera. Apparently where you call and Cindy you know. Strangers are and so. I saw a story this morning about a new scan lines and you should watch out for a place their targeting affluent neighborhoods. There look. They leave no lettering your mailbox. And it says something along the line I never check my man. It says something along the lines of I knew your secret room. And slow down if you don't want Howard Stern I would cry yeah I was just out I don't clap and cry. Rampant crime is revenue from. This guy I know is a graduate all gotten. This guy in this story save for I think about the secret Muslims yeah. They don't tell you. Course known. They just say. I know your secret so then they say send X amount dollars or whatever I think they want to point. To this account not neutral ideally I was gonna get paid. You had this many days and how you know my secrets and Anaheim and got it. Kids aren't big clock and we'll tell meaningless. Here's a quote it says I know about the secret you're keeping from your wife and everyone else well I'm really go down I'm way more importantly I have evidence of what you've been hiding. So in this particular guys say Easter I think we certainly anything to have any secrets. That would be bat crushing blow. To have friends are famous answer is yes so this guy decided no he didn't think interactive there was anything. I can't believe the town that would be worth this money went 151750. Dollars and there. And I guess it works a lot of times because they're talking about the psychology that it so simplistic. But also even if you think I think she does seem like it would be good scam psychological part of your brain knows. Either not being specific this pain people are gonna find out there aren't seeing who the handler and tell me what the secret is. But it suggests. Probable enough. It's scary enough and like this Casey he's trying to think oh god what army secrets of their more secrets what secret is that they have when. These are asking yourself just cannot even thinking about that they know I'm just forgetting is that that would be devastating to me. But I should be paid 151000 dollars to trying to. Keep in the dark. It's. Anger and I guess it actually sorry you. Affluent neighborhoods. Medicines and John it's taming money. That's what you do for a living you go around and drop letters people's mailboxes. And hope that someone wires they signature yeah. Apparently it works and I could summary an old Leon is. If you put enough letters out early on again and someone goes on every time that's right. Well if you have a five foot 101000 letters on the odds they may start a 5050. About time in the 101000 letters and partner damn near certainty. I'm gonna get one person right. I have no idea how many people responded seemed to put enough amount to deny Jane Skinner has made millions and millions of dollars over the years to someone's calling for stuff that. I think that's true it's. Just time for the moon. You drive up 101000 miners are so Sino U did last summer. Yeah. I couldn't see in New England couldn't get on the phone and saying. Grandma. It's taste and I couldn't get our 151000 dollars from an elderly couple trying to there naked Noonan and you. I know lesson could he has no idea music soft spot for old people. This ten they're equally as guilty as everyone else and now more so B is a day our time on this planet causing problems. He puts them on the traffic yeah I had no problem steals or walkers. You couldn't on homers. And scheme and out of to thousands Davies. I'm a soft spot for children but I mean at that age when our two Israelis do these little things right. Another wet smell. That's you know what that's room. Okay just because they're all doesn't mean the dumb. I you know what I stand an object. Do you sing and all old people lose their faculties and her dom. And it's easier to scam all you guys are stupid. I'm not saying there centuries and use of faculties. When you scam all people it's bad because there are more prone to has likely demand like pushing a baby is pushing a baby. Yeah same Arnold revise their old people have been around the block and I used to get up form around semite and scale on steroids I don't know. The sense of morality. Towards an old person will do I don't personally as a cut me off in demand and an offender Wheldon you know later defended I think you gave him the finger first. In thank god gave me the finger right out here and I followed him in an ivy parking lot and I say why you give people the finger and Jason what are you gonna new breed of an old man as I might. I said it's your solo why you get the thing I don't be able to have Bobby said my mouth goes faster then my body. Thinks that's a sign up. I learned my god I guess a lot of your. Big old baby I would like to think that once they had a certain ejected Johnson and often have to worry about the you can Max. Would you like Russ luckier you never know. I so I don't leave. I mean I know that you don't. Feels. Sympathy or whatever serve. Aging members of society but I don't think you can call. A little green on the phone asking yeah team Brandon sleep easily and I don't think you can do. Well I mean sleep easily because Ozzie and it caught. Because you felt guilty about taking the money from Ben Tom Golan that our film. I was still nervous about getting caught. Well yeah that's why wouldn't scam people because I don't wanna get caught. Well these guys I don't I don't care use big points on AC NN day and I don't think. John bellows steam looming iris detection a scam that they tried on us trying. So round on the ground and it on gas and and it so that happened to someone the other day similar note I said I thought this mentally arrested all these people. This was what three or four years ago when my guys are calling you the latest under in the that a bunch of people said they had the same thing is that we will employees and this is the IRS and run you owe some money. You can barely hear them. But it works on some people works. Apparently the junior again. I like the idea of the letter that just as I know and here's the John let's imagine the guy came up with actually right in Nigerian being the prince sameness. Donald. We know that thing where he got those other guys are the basically on my grandparents can this. Grandson and trouble. What else can we do well our guys are more willing to pain and if you Rhode. Letter USANA. You're not gonna believe what your husband do. Hours 101000 dollars tritium found yes I know his CN NS I feel like women doing. They would use their husband's money to pay you for being seriously why do both. But just in case just in case people on the guy's windshield and the girls they just sit back and wait for the big tri star generals today as long as there are like seventy. She realized how lucky I am. No no seventy year old's life because I told you I'm Ronnie and me got Social Security permanent dent who didn't are you there recently only lasts about their original mission another and then Social Security whether there Richard. Yes that's a Medicaid and Medicare is trying OK I got less to worry about my taking their money. Took snow cones money and I mean I feel more I feel worse religious pilgrims and Arnold persons. When you. Is no real way to make their money back winners got sales and take forever he's got a two game and all these other things all people have to worry about their kids anymore. They got it you know aside income coming in most likely not gonna live much longer can all that's enough that's. He's got a point oh I'm sorry I brought up that people older dying. You guys call us to Brandon and I have no no no I'm the snow and Susan faculties are easy to tell you that we shouldn't treat them like children and I'm saying that some there are. Decided to add more to do more likely to die digital one on the immoral gruesome that's gone on you don't plan and I would say any given day those chances increase.