Friday, January 12th


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The righteous man. On all sides. Cheering the homeland. Well these dark. Will strike down upon me. That's my rat to names for you. Voltage low rich. Hello Mitch yeah. No I got a likened the I want from me. And I I just had a really good rap name the other day. And since she has some new field bench. You can have the other one I got a finger lettuce and water and turn. Hundreds. How are you there you go and I'm like little losing. And losing serve. Like when they came up with that name is anything that he had when he was a kid I'm sure and they called indeed have an losing some point I would call you lose. It was a kind of what do you lose them we regularly see my name and everyone's little summed up the people who were little subplots and an average bull bow wow yeah chromium are they just bow wow Romeo no line. He's still a little like son he's a hand and. She's still alive and yes. I'm a sinner while. I think she wakes up every morning. What do you mean. Zune. Thanks. She's she's always in my arm. And Nate Burleson. Just embarrassed because. Soldiers face and now I was an actress servant in my little nose stuck in a room and but anyway I started trying to get room to wake me up yeah. And trying to talk to my sleepiness that she can wake me up there. And I guess I don't know cosmic noise or. But the I know for certain that I finally say I just really needed and I was like she's got and that all came out. Perfect news just re read what the UK. I did not say word I was somewhere Gisele bench and Joseph good. It's so embarrassing news out. Larry is so sad and scared and your dream I was trying to wake up and I was more upset than when I wake up. When I was stuck in this guy and I needed to get out on some of the league you know. You didn't think you try talking to sleep do. You trying to stream. And I mean you can hear yourself among them. Jammer noises and don't scared. I certainly don't get scared and dreams is not about us being scared is not a lot of weight don't bitch. Will nightmare. Well maybe bench. Austerity. The nightmarish little while to draw of those NAFTA or like form and the latest. Little while. I'm not scared you know carrying industry I just knew once mentally fresh yemenite jurors have to pick you up and hold you. I just you know. And managed to do for my kids and airline you know. One. They stream whatever they don't really wake up the news hole amendments call actually. I would do that for you. I just recently you know. With all your rights as a its resilience aren't my arm. Oh and you miss Sealy alarm. Lesser news. Yeah silly. And he votes this time. Mean little today. And change thing and email signature. Thanks in advance rule. Night terror and terror. Ensures our. And. He's still talking about TS whole country's. Or trump talking about us and trump so there is a small countries right now I don't know Communists and what's his tweet he says Saddam. Say anything derogatory about Asians love salt and sometimes yeah. Russell. There's anything derogatory about Asians and within Haiti is obviously a very forward troubled country never said take them out. Made up my dams and wonderful relationship with the probably should probably should record future meetings and fortunately no trust. Oh wonderful relationship when patients are. I'm betting does. When she trumpeted a circle of friends I think ebit Jintao a lot of nations. When you serve like that to treason and can't confirm. He Haitian. The news torch. Sean Penn accusation. And it's from. He had a vote who. Well Dick Durbin Dick Durbin Dick Durbin all Dick Durbin he says spot assuming I want porno I've seen him in a million. All Dicky Dicky dark little signal there I was on particular Dick Durbin. He says. A little dinky veterinarians all thinking but no Dickie Durbin. Old little Dickie Durbin says some opinions that language. And these Larry so I watched him do a set of bad world. Graham made his presentation. President. Questions. Course of his comments. 0%. We hate filled. Words like Verizon. I cannot believe. History. Present. Personally heard. Our presence. So luckily I just executed our room. We'll dinner and then after I trumpet for certain nations his ass whole country's. Again. She just didn't happen. In language usually meet today can be used toss. This was not a language used. You seem defending Amman I've done an unadjusted dry snitching airs on dry sit on the bench. Or is that only if it's inadvertent. Right yeah. Easy drive what snitching and I don't know what that is. Come on guys she's fresh and her clothes are dry snitch but I figured that would be inadvertently I'm not sure. Like an accidental snap and actually. Maybe. Indirectly telling secrets or offenses to a personal or. And directly. Well isn't there yeah I think so I think has the clear cut definition of dry snitch. Just don't think in those meetings he had the densities like blood and I. There's no cameras it's on the nicest places wrestles we can all agree right this is a part of him that thinks Barack gonna. No mention that's horrible man I'm telling you I'm soldiers from the beginning he knows what he's doing. He's doing it on purpose. It's another. It was so choose racist friends I got you. You may think I'm gone soft and here but I'm not. I got you. I saw Fox News took the he's just say moral sanction. Angle also he speaks like a real person. The story. He didn't. Storming like little stormy. And and and stormy Daniels rover was a non starter once. I'll I don't know anything about our existing gas allegedly. Allegedly paying. Renewed and the hill. President try hill's dean that helps web sites anytime I see story at least I can saying real greatness and you guys not say ass all. Not like Ken Ken would you please number cannot bear Lester holes saying I know impose user doesn't headlined. Even had a lot of some of the last. Why are we having all these people from all countries come here as they are old. And losing pulling that is this going well they disagree that we. CNN or any of these things are news channels anymore. Coal is what it's the word and puts us and it's basically her and I really am and I consider some Sussman the best news men in the business. You're really not allowed to say ash. For whatever reason. And I feel like we would not get many troubles we did. But you know it's a word tequila as basic cable has now decided. With the last couple years they're comfortable saying. I'm basically I'm a little sooner or all right see in his cables tonight you know they're disabled wanna snoozing Stewart cable really cable channels in the sand for a couple of years now that the T word. This yeah I feel like I remember when I watched shields on FX you can see every season they don't they're worried that nothing can get away with saying. And instantly access. And that seemed to be. Since the great you've got a good read a pillar of our ratings are better we don't need another shot and well orange cents a none of them. And I would assume people are looking for reasons to dismiss us and any moment anyway. It's like new many more ammo anything. NB CAC will CNN without writing today. We're really just say yesterday because it was a news story from yesterday it's easier than they deserve as long as the referring to the story to a quote. And I think the response they had font font font. It's apparently going to FCC's really busy answering emails so I don't know that they wouldn't get to us right away but. But the words you can sailors can send us some of them make sense. I can't say as privacy Bloomberg sure. What soon. Well I mean usually no rules it's clear cut rules it's just. Street's view of the anyway little stormy Daniels what you do or should sexson to trust her. They apparently a like doing that trouble paying their 130000 dollars to keep quiet about a consensual encounter in 2006. Apparently this payment happened. Around the time to Access Hollywood tapes surfaced during the Trump's lawyers Schiller 130000 dollars to adults start sixteen to keep for life. They usually sixteen bit happen and you don't ask you dollars and sixty hater when that solid to excellent alternately his voters don't care didn't. If he'd suck for the porn star theater current thirty it was a year out of there have been more audio and voters don't care they don't care. Curious. I'm Ali does she's literally he's never really pretend to be extremely values and views on these Stanley values Republicans there's not a lot of us are seeing them. It was Mike Pence right now I say come on runs trump. Jolie trumps a little arms are millions of course. This is today showed up at the convention accepting the nomination. With his third wife and amateurs and they're a instrument. Would you like crazy through like three different lines you know day that was all out there is no such as Johnny your sister walk all the time. We can say why. I would even being. Okay was saying and a almost enters a clock rules I don't know let us you're not. And CES award for some reason. Because usually just goes back to the Carlin saying yeah but that's not always. On the polish second country don't know for sure. And I might remind you John there's nothing harder. So what. Did you see Tom Miller was it Tony Blair said. In response to vessel countries think she said if they are nestled countries and other citizens stayed there and let's be honest. Paul like it is. It that he wanted people from Norway to move there because he just went there. If we just Larry just know the president is talking about Norway you know it's fresh on his mind thinking of these people yeah. It's nice nice and so you know people know where I'm not going to your personal record. OK now people are giving him crap about saying the other day. What he called the airplanes at fifty twos or whatever. He said that we saw that the US sold Norway at 52 aircraft is those earnings this early call of duty trumps first of I don't think internally as much equality NetSuite get confused. In the notes there's something about 52 planes and you were path series jets which is I guess what American border they originally start with the F. Since some months ago he they'd probably just had a policy or look like it's an ass 52. He just plays and reads it that is not newsworthy that is not. Gary making fun of them over there are plenty things to focus on other than the fact that let's you know who defended them. Yes you do many sent these fifteen women need to do whatever I made dozen years. Love ice and cooling US all this morning name they think that the wind was written on this paper. It was a thing is he goes on later to get it right ray says F thirty fives later I don't care. Well Don lemon average total. That's trying to and Don lemon says that so. We'll Don lemon. Says that trumpet is. But I salty in exit a gay man GE. Race the president of the United States is racist. Father was already knew that. Today president trump talking with lawmakers in the Oval Office about immigrants from hate from Haiti from El Salvador and Africa said and I quote. Why are we having all these people from the whole country's come here. But you know who he did say he would welcome here he said the US should bring in more people from countries like Norway. As soon as told us he went on to say why do we need more patients take them out. Those comments are frankly. Discussed. There's other language I'd like to use but we are on television. Thanks to unload a language. Those comments are I send tonight those comments a lot of suspect. His breath smells like yes. See Chris Cuomo and CNN London. Think he might have been. Close to crying maybe he was crying a little house. Isn't even trying to hide it anymore. CNN was told by a staffer that the base will agree with this latest slur like they did with the NFL players to actually I told you about that. Now the big question how to respond. And remember president trump is the kind of man who feels the need to tell you this. Right and released racist person then you have ever met. I am the least racist person. He's so nice he says it twice. He said today to the Wall Street Journal he knows wedges like no one who has ever lived and indeed he is driving one into the American people. Us and them. Whole immigrant and real American Christian and muscle. Just cross out the worse at the foot of the statue of liberty put big Trump's son there that says Norwegians welcome. Please send photo first you know be funny. If it weren't so damned depressed. Arm. I'm up for change in the signed. Say no modern. We're Cubans that I don't like guys Madeleine away. Give us give us a minute but yeah trying to get some stuff figured out. I'm on a scale of one to ten rate how bad things are at home. And then maybe sleep on a free safety really want us to go through this process or whole us is about eight years should be ready form. Hopefully in the next few years. All of this you're talking about stuff reminded me and this is time also subject to actually win on Sunday but somehow I got caught and now Wikipedia holier than ninth. Did you black guy. Steve dude cheer whatever his name is. Right some museum a fox morning shows are still on that I think so. I see him quoting my young Nam. Loves watching you yeah he is on fox morning news or is it FOX & Friends has done his marksmanship. Know that he was raising Kansas. And that he went to the University of Kansas now and that he is d.s first on air DJ hammer. And KJ HK. What. I had no idea this dude she sees the tall guy is blind guy yeah does one's always kinda happy willing you know. Stephen James Tucci. Steve you. Yeah. Do you know little or else. You know oh here's your it was. Okay yeah it is a first on air DJ for KJ HK radio student operate radio station and ideas and some monster mile. I'm sure that's true shrine Rouse juicy prizes I don't think for most. Thousand do you don't. I had no idea. Solid and I'm Don Steve nutrition. And everyone who's ever so obsessed. I. See Indy get really excited about sands. That work rate I mean wall steady all we're really really into. Give Quincy Massachusetts. Storage depot. Young girl in Quincy. Battling cancer than never is when you introduced this should answer this summer blues. Something big honestly yeah. Young girl there I think she's usual name's Bridget. She has cancer and she's. Winning for treatment and she was worried all she was in the hospital that people school would forget about her. Her friends you remember teachers would remember. So. When she came back to school. The school decided to throw her parade. And the Quincy police even joined in on the welcome back parade they stood outside the school with signs that said Bridget the Braves. And they through this whole parade for her. Our first and next left European hospitals this is a cancer tree. It's usually open and always up police are hard to catch on in you know Larry as. He can't name their initial camp chimes and then as we are close to your school with a huge crowd of every run. Well they can't fake fat and then. It was just some I said. Burger what do you think about this. And she said this is awesome but it's really exciting to see her I'm so happy and so excited. One big thing earlier in our hospitals say that she mention me was like oh I hope nobody forgets me while I'm in the hospital. And fifteen months later. She has a great thrown in our ought to refer first they back at school and I'm just unbelievably proud of her she had huge smile on her face which is great to see that it could actually media. It was really calm. Now dead that's a feel good story right. We'll all line. I made it up that's how when he really should not enough they found out she was never sent. No she story. Leukemia. Kill my cousin. Mike Hsu. Nearly the same agent in nine. On March 6. I was in second grade and he was in first told that seven you know look for eight hours. I didn't know until it's my teacher told. She addressed the whole class. Oh that's my cousins and what's missing yeah. You know she was did you know that innocent now. Does your Stanley Noah said. I've around. Wouldn't call. My mom and she knew she and after enough to go to school is no cellphones are things is one of those things right at school the teacher gives you don't center. Yeah I knew the only media I mean I'd seen with you know after the key moments. And and. I was on the phone. I think it was. Harry tell them someone's here. Generally. Jerry is Jerry from one and so I wish those jurors from watching you don't. No sooner I don't Jerry. Sure hope. They just said Jerry's here you can. No talk magazine who knows Jerry had a poll zero depresses. You wait here responded that's not panel. There were smiles were known. PJ series Jerry I don't blame from last year. The person it was working earlier I don't think I never superhuman you know. Usually we'll call the studio they're looking for you. On Cameron who's Jerry. He's trying to figure out. A memo you just stares on the phone like at times it's Tuesday losing list. It's like. So annoyed me was some pace slocum. The purpose. So my little tiny things. It's not gross. I had a feeling. Jerry and Chris from planet comic meeting was not up from the mosey on these Coca. And he. I heard John Cusack it's gonna be here is that right let's let my third planning. Count. Look for what was she in we'll see how they met here. C superhero movie or something. Aside I'm moving. Mean and soon she's clinic comic con doesn't eighteen. Texas doesn't stomach do the current stance there was like six your mother in Quincy. And I'd have to say and everybody knew. They get an autograph for a buck season ticket picture items on your mother knows zero. So for a 180 then that means it's a photo any autograph. Is worth it to you yeah. Excellence is why so called news release tells the person on the planet and what do nothing that's the point. Pictures here. I thought you guys you know I don't I don't know there's a lot of people come and visit here although it's not only when they are so it's okay you say of course you do you need to know who you're speaking Madonna Verizon and it's under the kind of like the ones there. What we're doing today. When you wanna do much grass lawns and tell you next week all I told you don't want. I thought I told the whole. 07 a guest. And right he can't do intellectually. It's to come back. Just thinking I suppose ago and it's. Where this practice. Oh. Bar there was a restaurant that he memorized you know I don't put me in the if you listen employment UMass and employment but nobody's ever asked me to meet anyone anywhere anytime it's your call I'm so I'm just take you see when we Amy you're supposed to. I'm saying that I think that I dropped the ball on the soon and then I was supposed to invite you. We were supposed to go to this thing and meet them. For guns. Tell us please. Apologize. I apologize to me Nixon. And they really are eager to meet you. Anything else in the news. And we knew it was golf greens. Someone has seen loses student opened an investigation. Circuit attorney or something launch investigation they. If they find out they did blackmail portion of the story is true that I think he sounds like from what everybody sending EPS to resign. And they are going to investing. I heard also Alex Matsui of the Pro Bowl. He sure is good. Use replacing Philip Rivers. Don't some Saigon London a you know he says his defense. Obama made a bad deal moving that in this even though that was all done. You know was all starter of the Bush Administration is safety stimulating as he moves. Out of the city. But Trump's claim you don't like I'm saying it's a bad real estate dealers and then we spent too much money on us embassy. And it just you know one of the many mistakes Obama and that's a second ago but of course people are speculating that. One there's some people in. England you don't want American. Like as an elected people into. They think it's a big reason he really isn't going is just the amount of protests that they would have to do so hours. Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart and a new HIX paid maternity leave. And they closed when Sam's clubs the sorry. That's your time. What about the guy at north who shot a police officer of the flares. Is that story. Play counties of north right. He's resisting arrest and not a competent. Flare gun. What if I flare gun. Yes my boat and comes with it. Keys I was on like on Amazon. Should use to. Yeah. Yes you can finally Amazon. 26 bucks. Wolf why don't we have one of these. Oh man you see seal gone after Oprah now. CC illustrate and ends are Graham to call out Oprah Winfrey. After her well received Golden Globes speech this past Saturday. The musician alleged that the former talk show hosts knew about allegations of sexual assault and harassment against producer Harvey Weinstein. Oh I forgot the singer wrote in a men's program captioned using images of wins free associating was Weinstein and especially purchasing them. That's right you heard the rumors that you had no idea it was actually serial Leo assaulting. Young starry I'd actresses who in turn had no idea what they are getting into my bad. And then let me put. Hash tag it sanctimonious. Hollywood. I mean yeah. I just sort of flare gun in my cart and now I'm looking at a mace. John you can buy and pepper spray gun 32 dollars each regular right. Decide which color. Flare gun says it's up on pest control premise is crazy. Some people are saying dish. Oprah thing whereas and Harvey Weinstein. So. It's weird. But say. Let's whereas she'll let's say Oprah knew about Weinstein what was she supposed to. Accuse him publicly over secondhand rumors galvanize all the women of Hollywood to catalog all the executive actions experiences. I. Assuming also near made a selective outrage and extreme hypocrisy you call a browser crimes. I'm a man she knew Richard Finley and forgot to mention your ex wife and mother and her children Heidi Klum was also a close friend of that same man did she know to. Who's a someone's mad at him yeah yeah all that stuff like what was over supposed to do I don't know the same thing you wanted Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who. Everybody else to do right. Machine they're pushing them so my thing is a motive picture that he'd put on NC Graham she's kissed him on the cheap. What were they close friends and looks like I don't know I mean. He posted a message for the rest of us on FaceBook it's seven million views. Sealed sealed it. She knew she upset and we're part of the problem. I know she's enjoying a boom for. He likes you. Like that sun kiss from a rose yet. His own moves alone. Some from Batman tenants and incidentally that man is there any other songs and I know. Yeah you wanna. He's had a lot fun. There was another. Let's secondary assist. Have no idea and number I'm useless. No. And I really don't know I was as nervous. We had as something other than that I was 25 years ago remember certainly in other songs yeah. It's his biggest song is just tomorrow's second biggest song is crazy. I don't know this. There though there's two biggest. There's there's a drop off between. To a three though because third base that is this Christmas. Prayer for the dying. Earnings see that as one of his top songs I'm listening into singles early show. Fly like an eagle. Is that yeah I don't know the stand by me. Yeah plus other realm of congress and if this were still around them. That these are numbers like the lady which is crazy also cover. If someone else's they. Okay get crazy I've got. Well good for him very go on sale squared off I can't wait to reelection. Silver's Oprah. Twining you've gotten. When he told Tony twine on Tony seal on the rock against Oprah and inch. Oh seal lions gate to VP moms you know throwing coins thing or you know us are gonna work for her. To finance the sale of redemption among Russian action. I Tom Hanks everyone talks about Tom Hanks Oprah Hanks. Cloning. Maybe cold until. Oprah and Gayle again sealed. And over the Redmond pitched. Well. Who would you vote for Oprah. What's your friends and Gayle Oprah Gail. And the Roxio. She hill. Sharif's return to sender about what I know about CO. The American known. These English right. There is. Born in London he's done American camping. C'mon that's all. We'll deal with that and a few years low levels recede amendments can be made seat to Oprah seal rock. Roxio Roxio yep new. Should Roxy gap over Oprah Gail. Yeah do. How do Roxio.