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The righteous man. From all sides. Siren. Homeland. Values dark. Will strike down low numbers. I ally LT. I'm great I'm never letter. As the weekend goes drainage. It's nice I'm. When I sing in this week. Good football games Kosher tumble basketball damage. And yet your texts about an excellent news. Taxed to our mutual. Brendon former co worker. Story about life coaching they do and I don't. I write this morning. In saint. I see who's visiting. Icing now as a reason why not because hurt his feelings. It's shocking new driver. Coming up. I know he says and I'm wrong. How Smith was terrible and did some brave souls did you lessons morning. And Andy came close circle. You should and at least mentioning names I thought about it when he got to the point about basically about how great Tom Brady is in the home. He wasn't even relief for the first cover me up because he's using this and now you look at this. You know. Even if you don't sale last whose name you can say you know a friend of mind. Talking about it. Think we should mention it's. Just not into something a little. Dog whistles like the term of the year my little dog whistle and not clear yeah. It was a well that was a good game. It's. It was going to be first things first who loves infrastructure allows you to both winners including a scary close predictions for the jags that you should. Talk about it. The big news at the government's right and I know closed. I did not close including content every 8000 nonessential jobs a lot of nonessential who's I don't know what what does that mean. What is it how did they decide what's nonessential. We're pinching perish did you see. All the White House over the weekend like the songs return on. Legislation or was turned out for a French right nasty means forces are trying to do my thing is to use a certain that this is gonna. Play out the way you want it. We apologize. The key to collapse and federal funding we are unable to take your call. He should've said but dude Chuck Schumer as obstructionist and our brains. We don't have any money but it just send. We don't have any money. They had voted today. And they taste this under the government for another few days. They were able to come together all round this deep that in exchange for agreeing to add to fund the government temporarily for these next three weeks. We're McConnell the Republican leader in the senate and made a commitment that he would it. Take up and act on immigration legislation to address these dreamers and I'm told will really push it over the line for Democrats. And that he agreed that if they can't reach an agreement by February 8. He then it made a commitment that he would immediately take up some kind of legislation to address doc got and the dreamers. If you don't. Have a basic idea what the timeline is how we got here. The U probably not. When he went for months right so I I feel like you can Google it of course she can get it from whichever side you want. Very very very readers Shia digest version is they had a deal. We had a deal Durbin and and Lindsey Graham had a deal we'll get too nervous Paul Ryan said. Hmm how stream congress doesn't like to steal a change deal we're gonna change it. They change to his descendants cynicism illnesses and warriors is that while we agree to. And also if you remember trumpet said put in front need you guys agreed to it all signing. And he can't change his mind on that later so. There's obviously. I would say there's more than two sides. The story can seem. Over the weekend it was very clear that Republicans are blaming Democrats Democrats are blaming Republicans and media was quick to point out that. The majority of Americans blamed Republicans out is the first time that there's been an eight. Government shut down to him one party control the house the senate. And the Oval Office right just the first taste happens Jimmy Carter to anything. But he said it was a state I can the first few decades I can't you as a first time that all three houses were controlled by the same party. Second zero. I wrote that downlink is a note to myself first time ever that it all three version sounds like you just heard something there. Because you otherwise the results. Newser George Jane bits and pieces of the era podcasts. Or. ABC news snippets. I'm fine. We we have a government shut down because they've they've they failed soon vote on a budget back in the Carter era this whole idea of Tony within days and coming within days of a government shutdown was a new single and a box. First came to one party is okay I'm. I I mean now Serb member hearing that you know when this started under Obama's day it does it happen 102030 years ago. We would be coming this close to shut down. They're living in Eugene daughter and that's. Carter showdown in the Washington Federal employees and says oh yeah and there was shot. But was it because they couldn't agree to a so again. Everything I interest you you're probably not. Listen to us. Get those facts. We're sitting here. And I still don't understand it. I hear some people say well does the original proposal had funding for the wall. You know and the Democrats are basically gonna save us really lawless and offense hear it over all their little whatever. We'll say it's not wall troubles say it's an all. You get your funding. The third of the people sister that that funding wasn't there. Yeah. Very confused. Have you guys been reading the iron fearing book I hadn't really not any relevance of this. No. And I'm alive. Much. You can read parts of the cup series you've been reworked. Shenzhen and he did you really excerpts on the air and then I did you read this I'd like I'm an all the front and I never been purchased the book and read it. Charge them. Big world and it's. Insurance. This commentary of foreign affairs who is really going on down from the White House. Cautious and that's true and Yahoo!. Entertaining. There was a school shooting today. Again I'm just not too long ago and first of all did you know that Italy taxes as a place. Again and as you said this is not real life it's on the news and there's a man and a cowboy hat join us about the shooting in Italy and. Texas this morning it elite police department and the department of public safety responded to an active shooter at daily high school. Hey fifteen year old student. Was transported back care slides of Parkland hospital. A sixteen year old male suspect was taken into custody by department of public safety and the only place apartment. It's one thing when they name a city after another famous city like to welcome to the for sales Missouri it's or Paris Tennessee or whatever you. And Tekzilla whereas apple country. I would imagine you can live in Paris her Italy Texas and just don't think that's something's gonna happen. But it's everywhere. It seems like such an eastern European problem right yeah. So this this guy this kid I've heard he went into the cafeteria and shot a girl and capture. Teenager was wounded at Texas high school. A sixteen year old suspect opened fire with a semi automatic handgun at. Please respond to call cafeteria and you heard yeah saying she's in the hospital. He is. Under arrest. Okay. What happened and Overland Park as we can we can get shot. The police. Story that I heard. Last I heard. I did recently about it is there isn't a suicide threat reported to have police raided this kid was suicidal seventeen year old garages and blue valley northwest now. And the police show up. And the garage door opens. Car pulls out of the garage and the police said that the car was heading towards them. So they opened fire. And kill them. In my mind garage door opens three snow even the fastest garage doors like you have time to get away I don't know the details. Everything from the you know that the local news channels. Tells basically the same stripped like maybe somebody listening knows a little bit more some classmates. As his Hannity a little memorial over the weekend. We want to remember him in a way it's honorable I believe that this visual brings awareness to how good he was he didn't he wasn't always painted in the best life. Also think it brings awareness to suicide as he was suicidal. His name was. John Albers. And he was shot and killed Saturday by the oval park police. So as us are responding officers approached residents to make contact a garage or open and vehicle accident or garage rapidly towards one of the responding officers. Do officer discharges service weapon striking the male driver in the drive's dying to see. The shah's retirement officer who was not injured police said investigators at the scene sending nine. Use at least nine small orange cones and. So the same merely to statements and we are are heartbroken at the loss of our beloved son John we truly appreciate the outpouring of support from friends namely. And community thank you for your thoughts and prayers are for respecting our privacy during this very difficult time John Muslim and understand and I wasn't there may be the car was barreling towards him just to that garage doors open Internet and. Mean. Well Larry Ellison was behind the garage door. Let's sensing the grudge durable you don't just shoot because you don't know what's final outcome value coming up right so when the car so basically and gradually over Newsom is a good solution is my first thought is. Somebody's got I hosed on from the back to their car. Let you know there's carbon they're trying to carbon monoxide planets and entourage I don't know what the what the police were told other than they were told that there was some suicidal my thing is. A garage door opens someone is backing out there driving race it was fast but he shot and killed in the driveway so he's. He's in the car. He's back in the driving age and jewel for. Back him brush again I don't know what happened that's where they read it just seems. I just wonder. There have been handled differently. What you know and maybe he was maybe Florida maybe see that the universe I've noticed I was aiming for the police for an officer I don't know even know that the cops are out there I don't know. Assuming he didn't talk to police. I registry and their FEMA number and call the police say an. He was. Suicidal so I don't I don't know unlike a set I thought maybe because that was the only man you know a solution. Stuff I don't know right in the local news channels offense and same thing I'm just wondering if anyone that we would. Report on speculation from the Texans had a curious if anyone knows more details about what happened. Remember a couple years ago and did similar thing happened for a village Centre courts of the woman who was suicidal assertion of baseball bat she was like out front. They shot her. Think that was very village militias if and again. There weren't really many details I don't know exactly what happened that was all I heard. Some suicidal losing his baseball bat. Yeah. She knows. I don't know what they're told to do Lynn. They get a call someone a suicide or maybe they think. And I don't think you assume that someone's being held hostage because. Some of suicidal. So you're worried about the person who's suicidal. I'm thinking that their necessarily trying to learn how harm anyone else right he's there to help. Your brother to help. Do they send like. A negotiator counselor someone that tries to talk to the person. Due to stay close and social media shows friends don't count so I was Jackson's wealth and energy in the Stanley didn't say. It's going to famous and were outraged that you know that this was you know the family I read the statement on her broken glass her little son John song is not. They obviously know more about what happened in the run and we do you. So. I got to assume that and maybe I'm wrong man. I got to assume the garage door overload cart is slowly pull out. The topic and I mean if I'm wrong on this and clearly that the mid morning is being investigated but it seems. Hard for me to believe the guitar slowly pulls out of the garage. In the top on loans and an affront Winona car threats seems much more realistic that it has and all right why it's a garage door opening what's going on they want towards the garage. As then again I'm just speculating as there are towards the garage the car comes out at a pretty healthy rate of speed. At one of the officers. He does though it can't get out he shoots a car. And that's what happens to me sounds like. That's what I know it's easy garage doors are to open honest Georgia cars coming out event I don't. I didn't know coming on and I think I at least have time to say OK maybe even images stayed in the yard and maybe they did maybe he backed out certainly the yards story that I saw us knee is sound like he was shot and killed in the driveway. But maybe they had this their squad cars in the drive and maybe they pulled up you know to block off the drive we became that nothing had the cars park parallel trying to block the entrance. Any serves barely now. I don't think I don't know this is just me I don't think and I'm a person walking up to a house in the desert and Lance does is suicidal situation whenever. And I garage door opens I don't think the cars coming at me. I may think your kids walking out and Macy's. But so did happen in the garage but I don't think women opens the car's gonna come out there are cars going to come out. I think it could be a person I think whatever I think as it over understanding that your police officer Juergen. You're gonna say hey what's going on a man. You know let me into the garage and also if the car comes out pretty fast. Especially what sounds like happ in the garage door opens are standing in the driveway the car comes out faster view. I can't see any other way it happened any other way than as a serious problem. Well others say Johnson County officer involved she. Shooting an investigation team and they are investigating. The shooting. That's really what to name is says to Johnson County officer involved shooting investigation team and pretty self explanatory front. And I shall I look for every shooting right and I did see that he was placed on I think there was placed on. Administrative leave what are holding us. I just feel. Football to this. That first game at least unbelievable tennis. Pretty major turn down no I was with a buddy of mine we're watching the game we were arguing about what the score would be when the patriots won not. This is escort every twice three torn because they kicked two field goals or you're twenty forged money. Because this coach or some thousand or may not whether the patriots went even going to halftime I was watching Oprah can choose how well look it looks like the jags have been witness and known. It doesn't looks like they're gonna lose. He's capable. It was cool to see his say in happy and this is an argument like to make and monogamy when nick I don't know about you guys understood. Protects honest certainly well argued this would mean. You say greatest quarterback of all time. Greatest football player of all time. I is saying the greatest athlete and all time. Only people allowed to be in that discussion win them that you can debate Wayne Gretzky Mohammed Ali. Unless hardest part of this morning's anti Jordan's list now Chris Carter Israelis tiger why I'm saying Jordan compares to what ray. Ali and rescued. Sort of a Tiger Woods has learned certainly Tiger Woods is more concerned I don't know that people say that but I don't know that Tiger Woods is better than Jack Nicklaus and I think if you're gonna talk about the greatest act. Athlete. You certainly have to be so far ahead your sport and he manages Michael Phelps. Now let's talk about then. Clearly Mark Spitz Jordan passed in congress say welcome Jordan LeBron. So you can dominate his sport than you can't be the best athlete we got to dominate yours or first and more. But is he better than LeBron go wobbly moment amassed in his only matters what you have met anyway here are some in the mantra is let me average sports is subjective when it comes allowed us. But I don't think you couldn't make a argument argument that LeBron. Or careened. A batter and Jordan I think that argument can be made I don't think there can be an argument can be made it. That there is a better pro football player and Tom Ridge announcing an argument can be made that there's a better hockey player and Wayne Gretzky. And so I think Dan take you out of your sport. Who's a great staff involved aren't well he used to look at things like lawyers everybody gonna say Jim Thorpe. Yes OK but in a lot like I also understand presidencies and non presidencies and I don't have to be alive to understand what happened during an idol I get to see gyms and I don't really know. Exactly. Everything and he did so I'll let you put Jim Thorpe. In June the argument. Really the same argument from Jordan using drugs and better and hurrying to get better I think being paid for Mohammed Ali this could be better. Always sold. Well Elian but most of them by James most of Donald's. If you want to Galliano that's fine I'll let Sally know I'm really going to miss them greater zealots are Gretzky. And right. Ali and Bibby got knocked down and George Foreman maybe maybe to take a lot of Ali and give them and take Alley out. Readying rescue greatest athletes of all time. Excellence and she didn't go recession. Just I thought Chris Carter made a good Clinton's renewed talk much outrage doesn't have a huge arm it's not like Jordan who's you know this guy who's flying through the air and known for just. Brady is everything music gaming units. He's got to be the most clutch. NFL player multi ready mean fortunately you just look at the number of fourth quarter comebacks. Just in the playoffs. Right and then you look at last year's super. Senate race. Where Tyson was dominant for a few years of this knocking everybody else. Brady's hands this. Long long career where he's just been able to. He's as good I don't know I don't know exactly speeds and some. I'm waiting. That's sending a signal as we can all these people who have these super bad diets and you know tricks in all of this is my trainer. I think at this point we should be eating whatever Tom Brady tells steam. We should be doing whatever his trainer tells us TV club I'm like yeah. I'm ready to start buying them just because I think the guy they were showing pictures of him you know back in 2007. Or something in his numbers are showing now he looks. Better now he's not pictured it did Nick Price since it was a semi side deadly loads better now than he did in his twenties. And then the second game was not what I expected all I'm not the Eagles might well I was dream for the vikings but I wasn't expecting that. It's. You were the busy this. The net so. Nick fools and all glory being done. And she's young yes you know that he wants last season. Right it was a last season or seasons whereas last year thousands. It was last just trying to get us here who's either last year or the year before. He was here. And I am I even think about that we're. So I know this morning about pit bulls are you now he's a bunch of money Olson right you know they don't win the Super Bowl Eagles all of a sudden. I don't know if anyone people's cellphones and digital time write to us and Tony teams did. The quarterback. And eighty years. Now. Knew what he thinks yeah. You have to enjoy just. Tony seventeen yes. Yeah I mean she doesn't. What do you think it's here's some. Some uninteresting. Facts about. As soon. Course there's some. I'm sure your assault and conspiracy theories about the rest helping the patriots win does that play in the fourth quarter where it. Miles jacks stripped the long. And look like scooter run all the way back from the touchdown but the officials blew the play did a lot of people on condition of dead. I actually thought that I wasn't home. And I'm induces you guys know I was there is a guy you know I lived there for ten years like I was like I thought they're gonna win I was rooting for on the I thought. If you want to play I thought he lost control and in reunion and many regained it. And is there I was like god dammit they're not gonna call and a fumble they're not gonna call a fumble and I was watching women's I don't think the colorful look like. And it looks to stop moving and he's down. So yeah. Oh yeah I mean I get why you be angry I was and jags fans. And see this as being human I mean I'm not even sure that was. On the something nobody never really lost control. Because he was down and he was just starting wasn't really starting sizes they lost control and got back to daddy got him back then. So that's one of the of course there's also the the penalties the patriots are penalized once for ten yards jags. Where it six times for 98 yards in we've all seen now harsher line we have seen classes going it's clear that video of the rest. Caddie gray and he's the first person can gradually ready for leaving out the field these big congratulations. I don't think that that's a terrible thing I understand your but people are saying it's the optics and the raptors starting all these conspiracy theories about how they favored the patriots. Don't do it. On the field again and they're human just ending the refereeing the football game he tried to call the game as well as you junior standing in the presence of greatness. And you stand next to me saying. John damn man room. Not that I don't like hello Thomas sometimes is displayed you weren't settling what's his name the old receiver after the game pass plays and actually music player. It's a good inflation management team dislodge them that's your friends at your buddies just catch raspy I don't need gas and some Rivera then I. I don't like you when the first baseman. Has learned talks to the guys and they get this thing I agree why you're being nice to be just a single just a lot of rappers and play god damn well on land his resignation was still playing after every game his schedule and every way. Guys that's a time and a I don't know night. Referee and I thank you congratulations. And what doesn't kill me. And I don't think there's proof that he was calling the game in favor of rain bullets no feeling just seeing because we all this stuff about this than the rest they've renamed just be professionally don't go over and be the first person to congratulate him on win. I do counts Ryan tells you obviously missed the second half after that. That was killed in Australia we'd be you know we'll turn ballot check it was like. Hugs I really in the industrial and it looks a defensive coordinators name that other countries it's convenient or easy that's. Well I'll Boston television station. Posted a photo and talked about the patriots win this is in Boston. And the use of pictures and Hernandez. I didn't know did demeans a leader later and how does that happen. You know how that half. Happens is they see here's the images as we deal with Balaguer images you have the right to use might even though there Boston station designed to go through on a sense of here's pictures that you're allowed to. Posted for some reason and their images there was a picture and Hernandez went in uniform and maybe the person Posey just wasn't sports fan right. Completely possible. Well then there was the fighting in the Minnesota or Philadelphia game the on field fight I don't fury even my childhood. The cheerleaders come running out hey I sound cheerleaders are gonna get involved I thought the same thing everyone else of masters like they're. The choose how to count or pillows and they're not certain that serves your driver there. And then centuries old pictures of I saw on ready to Volga. Holes around Philadelphia like holes cost around the Frisco. Greece to keep people climbing poles affluent didn't stop me personally yeah. And it's. For now as cells whenever this staff was written. The Eagles are the biggest Super Bowl underdogs since 2009. Which I thought okay how are you I've plunge is really out Vegas Portland hasn't five and a half went under doesn't surprise us the biggest. Underdog in almost ten years come. But they were underdogs and I receive the last two games aren't dog mass so. I don't I don't miss it yeah five and now it's just nice right. It's good angles in the room I don't know I usually do watch I decent shot to monumental it's. Gonna be an hour. I'm gonna regularly in the senate and you can go to the vikings game I wouldn't think now an ascendant. Me neither agency is coming. Around and I don't even Eagles well and you know I think it's interesting thing to kind of let. On an open game is obviously Nepal's political arsenal wins who really cares next fall's no matter what happens usually assume rows back and quarterback next year. My sons are but I think they are serious this is Patrick what you meant they may be able to get some money for him on trial probably. That sent he's been a journeyman Foreman boardroom LA student she's she's. So I mean. More I am known but as a team come along and say look at how good he wasn't a game and everybody is running a drive and every other line and do it that's fine but if he stays Eagles you're talking about a huge career backup quarterback. Against the greatest of all time ends right. At the end of the gala no matter what happens neither one of those things change. Brady gonna lose supported the Nazis still the greatest of odds on that discussions owns. Somaliland text size and Joseph Montana stopped. That jump into an argument was or Super Bowls ago now. Does not even if it's not even a discussion I was trying to explain to grow last night like. When I was a kid it was Joseph Montana right at the end of his career and there was no name in my mind it was bigger here's a hint it. Yeah wasn't that I think you certainly can arguments from the quarterback Steven and they were all these names are driven that you had you know. And named vs Tom Brady right. It's it is not an average citizens not just not a conversation they had no matter what happens loser who's the greatest quarterback went on. Crystal ball player won't. It was it was a stat that I heard. I think I heard mixed saying this morning the patriots. Didn't that Tom Brady. Is it DA he's been doing AFC championship game almost half the years he's been it was that would allow us. I think he's he's been it eight. Does that sound right. Eight AFC championship games. Doesn't mean we start green office. Those stats history you know Tom Brady's well the jaguars is indeed play off. Okay man and that's his face he's like yeah yeah no I didn't do list goes on our own about the comebacks. Verses like you know. The second and third place teams are even close I have you seen half of his career almost half his career he's his season you really play. So does that mean atmosphere I think. Maybe she's. I think it was AFC championship game. Everyone fourteen division. When an eleven AFC championship and swift. With very liberating. You know zone and it's super. Including six in a row and they won seven. But I could have been a nine NFL draft was 2000. So send send if you look at any nation of five times sumo champions four time Super Bowl MVP. Moon. All right here we go here's all the stats. I served it would be their tenth Super Bowl berth in team history right which ties them I think I heard it was. The Steelers right there 94 AFC championships including. Six and one and home. Since Robert Kraft first team in ninety religious and played in an NFL high 42 post season games. 42. Postseason games. Tom yes she was the 44 anniversary of perhaps taking ownership and they're 21 and four at home playoff games and 33 and nineteen overall in the post season. Of course feast. Stats include. But for a great time breathe easier Fella 66. Post season touchdowns. 26 policies of hundreds of 127 right. I know I'm in London and she's courage he seven and four in AFC championship is now eight foreigners think this was. Senator. I. Brady's playoff record is 27 and nine. There were four sudden nine. Another key news. Lot of them not even close to there were four players from the patriots on their roster who played in their seventh. Straight. AFC championship game. Including brain. Seven straight. Is that right. That's seven even in the N I don't. Is that right I don't feel like I remember hearing now. Can use looked up and I AFC championship games and less. And here's here's some. His records might play out shredding. Most games played most games started most games one and most consecutive wins. Most consecutive wins to start a career most career home wins most consecutive home wins most touchdown passes most passing yards. Most passes completed most passes attempted most division titles. Most NFL conference championship appearances. Most NFL conference championship and wins most career 300 plus passing yard games in the post season is twelve. There's 111. Conference championships. It was an eleven conference championships he's won seven of eight now right. I was it and now I get Super Bowl. These these are his records in the Super Bowl most touchdown passes most passing yards most passes completed most passes attempted. Most wins most passes completed in the first draft laws passes completed and a single super who almost passes sentence. In a single Super Bowl most passing yards and a singer Super Bowl and most Super Bowl appearance okay did tell me Joseph Montana's but I love that that's how I was right listen to us. That's straight AFC championship games you had. A New England Jacksonville. New England Pittsburgh last year Denver new England's. New England Indianapolis. New England Denver. Baltimore New England Baltimore new England's goes back to 2011. That is insane. In a row even in the Super Bowl. 50% in his career OK so it's super sorry about my job. And they have seen this 2016. And news is I think they said it was. They have this season Marines injured. So he Kelsey Z playing the next half his career right. A gain in my final question about this whole thing started sixteen years his roommates are animals us and it fit to pursuant to prisons and formal. I totally understand. People gain they don't like dynasties and lest they live in the right of course of your and I understand deaf people like through for the underdogs I do too. I cannot. Not lying yeah. The patriots and west knowledge I just feel like when I'm watching it might sing his. He's still playing Belichick still coaching. Every time it might just act kind of wanted to jags twin rabbit doesn't watch the game I I just. Start rooting for you guys are getting excited about the right way nose and I think it's just because they're so good in your watching your life for like just blow ahead indeed. You're already this fast just be even better news. Go ahead do until your 45 as you sit and watch and you see the score. And they're down and you realize. They're not gonna lose. They're not gonna lose. And even though you're going into the best passing defense and I'll never have time you knew even though they were down you see them taken Nino like in this the path to teachers are gonna win this game exactly. And it if it were any other team in that situation base I was just chairs you know because they're down to what the patriots it's. Completely just. But I know that that I'd I'd look at Twitter I know it's funny people hate him. Plenty of people we mean of course I mean I. Remember I I didn't. But there's something about as long as the chief Terry out of it. And the Odyssey to she's playing us a little different but. You're watching your lives for listening that's a little. Don't remember politics gets full falling you have to come on when you're kidding hurl these names. You know John naymick and anything you think about or any app is an invasion route through Babe Ruth right or Mohammed Ali you don't manulife for a right now you're watching it. They're not only you watch it but this team continues to just. Making it harder and harder and harder to argue that they're anything but the greatest. Dynasty he's pleased we're right on you and that dollar check just. It's an amazing. Joining. And others that argue about who is it. Is it three years of Belichick's response. They're both sides just a wasted your huge balls in my zone. When they do we did they play when they're down the way to think planes were. For those figures sometimes so I think sometimes you can tell when Joseph Montana together they don't when remember when Bill Walsh and then I think sometimes a coach. Coach can struggle. Until he finds the right player. And I think for whatever reason those players that play meant coach in the world the same way. Bans same vision and play the same way they do the same things they think about the world the same way but also the clutched. You know I don't show it wasn't a dumb coach before this and when Tom Brady retires exaggerated dumb guy after that but for whatever reason those two people came together. And it worked. And plan more pain if you hate him he says the stringent truck race politicians rich. Every time you hear the guy talk. I said will see. It's not a go it. How about Jack doesn't like is talking about injuries much I. Just for you guys here. There's just a pretty good cut it the end. I doubt the best I could be lucky to have the best teammates in the world because without them we're not stand up here. My future quarterback I had. Got like ten stitches in his hand to him. You can't make the argument I maybe maybe altering mistakes. Maybe they put a sound as though people are saying you know mussina but I wouldn't be surprised. So I know sports talk to us. Nicklaus. Here. It's sad time here zones there this morning the rest easier out oh yeah very upset. I was I was only song I know your families were well yeah when this when you're on Alaska's favorite people has been nominated for rising he's and I and a Twitter moment in their absences are very upset so we're gonna talk to the founder of the other restaurants and just finesse.