Monday, February 12th


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The righteous man. On all sides. Cheering your homeland. The value of dark. Will strike down low numbers on the. Yeah hope. Lot. Of the senate sodomized. The quote let's do the right thing like religion. But at the right thing to go June 20 in my life and the out of context is usually you're talking about where this thing trying guess that would. Throw a lot of do the right thing. That's good he shouldn't be trying to negotiate the right thing coach and put it down. And just before people get freaked out. I was saying because you know my beliefs and Wednesday night no matter what happens you cover for your kids I believe OJ towers for his kids that was the plan. No matter what happens to restrictions. Kids get caught doing some ten and cover foreign minister. Still car limitation any. I couldn't. I'm happy to say do the right thing like OJ general. Apparently it's still not love you. Politically driven. I exit was politically produced a funny thing to say yeah. Return minus. She does have a good weekend. I flew a million. For. When you get sick is that Santos Friday night. Those files photos diamond. Fever. By age his latest excuse Russia's chain. Scoring he might be dying there and I I treated and ensure amendment. Don't you let alone like I can die here no you know who's the biggest thing after the divorce was. Living on the the first time I got sick being in house alone now that was tomorrow's low. It does anyone each and does anyone know and the feeling I know that a couple people know that I'm sick and they don't care. Run and they shouldn't like how long it takes for anyone to come from San Antonio I kind of died Friday night. And knowing it and right now right and I still was nowhere to be there right now right. Yeah maybe a couple people who texted me that time and I do like that some of the bridge goes to me an answer. Toss a combination of being a bad person living alone. That's a weird feeling. And you do the thing where you think you might this might be its. Like you know watching live cases symptoms of the flu a man. Who loses says I'm gonna get better all right. What if this is the flu what if this is something worse he's heard a million people saying. Well you know it all started I thought I had the flu. I mean you know diagnose it mystery diagnosis or wherever have you watched tonight and I had the flu and the track had its. Inching it sounds closer and closer MySpace like. The Taliban blew her knew I was in denying manners it's that close to make a play tomorrow money you're gonna die. I wish I did you out of here. We got to hide the body. Texas is dying alone format sounds like heaven to me. Well where you form that that was not. Anything flex its muscles. So something anything and you took that for granted for so long that someone would get four in anybody's lives Grammy some new moon. Your mom and became yours and a long time ago long time ago. Your kids are on the grab you some and right. I am niners yeah that's already but I wanna stay. Well I'm alone talk anybody. Hello lane and closing the sometimes they need medicine like just didn't bring me some pills. And he's sleep. For way too long and then you wake up your body search and showing your depressed and because again these things at least for me when I'm sick did these vivid dreams senior. It takes a couple days change look at me now you look great. I still don't feel Iverson and make it. It's. I know massage and go. So I'll let you I'm Josh knows him why his hands are big and strong. Please answer I know I don't that's I don't like. They won't small hands from the launch miles Simon and here's a guy. Please please and it's. She saw way and that's jive finance. Commercially and and on how to fix. Was it for a pill for surgery can tell a really yeah. And you diseases called something. Yeah I remember we've had people like when we worked in the whole building you talked about if I play my hand down on the table for a couple of saves and picking up there's a perfect. Moisture trap. Imprint yeah. I don't this is the only this again don't have it my parents don't have anywhere I don't sweat that much but. My hands are only mammals players' lives for you and I been catching on driving to. They'll do the surgery where they removed the sweat please connect us. Nerve problems or some other schools are so you shouldn't should take. I enjoy that your hands become. Really appreciated so yeah so what assurance. That always makes you think you're anything. Tell when his hands are. You guys are a little bit us Larry hands right now. Yeah. Stuff owner I could put any urge. Only he's shirt. And we'll just Wear socks and it's. I saw that just scarlet fever dancer and the way way up and shoot it. And you are for him. People who are researching this. The most commonly used medications remain an excessive. Hands and spoke as a whole list of men's hearing combined they swept blacks and sweat water and certainly drive. I. I want did you guys. Or Washington the Olympics this weekend's I did. A lot about it and that's no word on. I shoot a wash a lot of Morris graves really cool isn't really hard. He just unlike TV and in Texas. She's seen it this morning the headline news it Davison winter sports are too dangerous. There was a real sports episode of the extreme sports is no no now on the Olympics now you have people doing the slips on snowboard is asking. And where are we stopping Sarah you can't condone this because. If some might not only has it happened when there's there's a guy who. Being interviewed for the real for season like quadriplegic paraplegic after Leno said there's usually windy at the Winter Olympics you're watching it and they may have to delays out and you are seeing some suddenly didn't get delayed should have been delayed. Yeah. Do you think. Saying I really can't do that it's like G. I think this weekend on Twitter about the figure skater she can telling him back fled. She's the only figure skater whoever did it and because she was so good at it because of dangers these abandoned. I said this is a lot anymore I'd never seen it before the people on Twitter were cheering all these. I like music for doing this crazy back lips ruling as they do you say you can do certain things because it's too dangerous Alicia nomination do mission management listening. Should enjoy this is awesome management I don't know and mile an institutional limits on right. Just like when they may have I mean it wasn't dangerous and it's just like when they banned the slam dunk because streamed in doing Noel stood. July while to battle exactly and I kind of time there. It's sentiments similar principle I saw this I never heard this grows figures here sauce black. Racial issues why do you like she's the greatest figure skater I'm on nine yeah there was the only girl who could ever felt like Clinton loyalists and she's black and the other girls couldn't Illinois. Right now loud it's too dangerous dangerous you know what does not too dangerous for me because I know it's. Too dangerous for your precious little princess. She can do it. I haven't watched any of the Olympics. Live and you can get up in the morning and turn on the launch a line I don't have a TV all these people we're passionate about it and yeah. We're missionary NBC's coverage and they're bitching about Katie Couric saying what is she saved rode their states to work. Did you see that I know we semis and Friday night was an Amsterdam the reason there's so good at ice skating is because they actually have to. In the rivers freeze so they did you save. Is the Netherlands is probably not a news flash to tell you that. Really really good it's. Eighteen all but five of the one and ten medals they won have been on the speedskating oval now why are they so good you may be asking yourself. Because eighteen is an important mode of transportation. This city like Amsterdam looks at the sea level. Has plummeted down the increase in the minors so for as long as those canals and. Well they say that's true that's like saying we slimmed down the street today for Plavix and it was nonsense and Russa was nonsense Netherlands Spain and is that was nonsense yeah. Man. I have heard. Me. I'm a people on Africa. Always win. Yeah marathons to Santa run like thirty miles to school to get there and they run there and Mac. It's just I don't mode of transportation I have heard this before being chased alliance. I didn't hear I heard that distance between everything when no other types of transportation our main main. Mode of transportation. Is running. I thought I'd make sense to me when I'm around him and look I know nice spin around in the Netherlands and they said that the reason they're gonna lower scores because they invest a lot of amateurs or else. Well I'm gonna win which ones are gonna one mourners wore. It always Florida and less money and maybe get another listless and everything about I am sure is that on June. Nobody knew what is and I'll love five and a 110 medals in speed skating a were instant death and that it was underscores again. Well there are making her I don't care the whole thing about this NBC coverage sucks. I don't need to watch the whole thing live without commentary I have no idea what the hell's going on. That American guy winning the medal for the luge this weekend I didn't know that we never want to lose metaphor. Even tell me that makes it exciting. I learned I learned from. I have to admit even though he doesn't doesn't really I do a special hour. I'm not so many deserves remedied and the job the enemy now right thing. Appreciate what he did at the Olympics and still think she's you know a horrible person doesn't mean. General election. Something while it was a really I don't usually watch the. The main channel lineup launching on whether. Let me NBC sports on that doesn't always I'm like you know there's so much so I can. Streaming all in the Seattle there's no commentary is all live I think that you're only the commentary it is you can sometimes but a lot of times you know what was going right and when they say hey you know these years has taken under 45 minutes that I'd like to know that pricing your weight of the. Tax on snow reviews don't don't have a picture of some fashion on your nightstand. I do. Someone gave me what I hear high school by school there went well Jean shirt you're staring us. I'm just gonna see your pictures. Live. Did you reset her own business yeah. Really it's almost all areas. We lived here and Mike John Wooden houses are surmising your pictures that are pleased to have this in his bedroom. Now usually I remember how you it was somewhere yeah does that make you do know that you're sending. Put them first. You just younger. Nothing wrong at the K seven hard. Crunch. Mean. As a helicopter crash this weekend and drinking and he she's done. Well software basically this anywhere. A lot of news now from. Where now that I haven't always but with the way they've done moments stuck now I'm good leaders get all the headlines like. First and I feel when they first or do nothing I first got so frustrated it's an unusually nice I'm just trying to summon more interest and a changed man. Jason Hill 32. His brother Stewart thirty he is gonna where news is considered museum of the chapstick now put an online you know on time. This guy's chest there. How is the he's been addicted to it for ten years and also a new show Monday night. I'm just addicted to this stuff I was like oh OK okay on you know Jonas said that OK stop do you have seen some guys don't yeah. You don't just thought. And winter and now and I summer littlest kids that can. I was on grass was into it's I was running. And I can honestly don't I wish someone would make is incidentally allows them. At least I am not a solution automobile legacy sing right female as young minds out there would be Wikipedia pages somethings and they will be printed and I have some there'd be some memory. Some. Proved that I existed. And even if you don't make the new CD if you get away with at least you're out there. As me and his consumer. I'll watch this as my cousin used as sex was no crowns. And she told me that he had a pictures who thought so it was nice and I come as a joke is actually true. Just persons says that their cousin used ads actually don't know and then they told the mammoth. That you actually. Have a picture of slim fast on your nightstand. You actually have a picture of him on your nightstand. And you have a fight you're kidding and you have sexually bonus there. I guess I love that snow cone is amazed that you're remains this is how amazing I mean I just. So don't response was yeah I just sent them. Wow yeah. I don't I don't get that doesn't freak you out. I ask you right now I've done now. I know on my right now at the request. Second who else in the world do you think it has a picture of you on their nightstand and a mother and anyone else. No just your mom and single white female okay bull yeah. It's. Is this this is the I'll visit Iran runs on this who's been. Never mind. Posts on the listens to when he dances in the Mir. I don't know but my god man. Okay. Who would be so weird for you got a picture of being around. United since OK those are two different things. I'd probably have a picture review and a folder somewhere in a dashed if I need to find at Booth I get the police were like do you have a picture of him. And well god dammit I'm sure I have one on my phone. Already don't answer to catch a conservative. I want but if mr. Graham everything else didn't exist I may be able to find a photo near my house maybe. But certainly it's not an a frame of my nightstand and yes it was freaked me out humans around them. So the kid wants to make a skin suit. But they can make a stand since. 2018. Tell us. Devising a lot of really good motion. Two other. My tongue. Helicopter crash. Thank union who cares about I don't care if this is more disturbance. Marcus Thurmond. Do you have a picture of him on an Einstein judge told isn't just Jim. It's his senior picture and you don't normally leaning over the thing you're gonna but not sure I got holes I was somewhere else on. Picture. It's a nice and picture. Leila let's make copies of it and I'll let other people would put on an ice you know what let's do. It was at its most asinine and shows them nice little picture. Here's a picture for your nightstand and you'll never be alone all those other people do we remain normal and him doing well. It's funny and he's finally bring girls over and sexually I've shown pictures. Oh yeah. Especially because there is set to do this the image. Of us this girl turning over look at it yeah that's why I am and I'm. These are just classrooms. As you despotic. So does my best bloody. What do you tell people has anyone ever asked who that is why it's there is an ever come up. It's tough honestly there's I think people looked at and normally dominate other 'cause yes it's. Crazy but some of it sounds like this thriller guys saw it and then this shoulder doesn't run. Gets to himself or herself. And one. Don't go away I said it's fine that luxury tourism behavior yeah there's really does he has. It's not that we it's nice to know that someone somewhere. Out there. Beneath this pale pasty guy. Is they give me. I'm not around it's him. Make him confident. Two and a beautiful mind I'd say yes you know me. It's your nightstand photo. What are you having your nightstand. Lamp. No pictures. Oh clock. Campbell book she deserved Drury united since there each accident Sox blew. Just socks and condoms. Jenna Smith. And I. A bunch of flooding there. Now he's in the helicopter crash. Simon and concentrate and yeah. Jason Eldridge his brother Stewart thirty Stewart drove them back to doubts twice and they all died. There are smoking less or critical condition it just so happened that is true that Soyuz Texas veteran little bomb bomb was conceived. Slim fast oversaw the whole ordeal. I wanna know did that was he can seem to your house got oh my god you watched a baby being made yeah you free care. While he's. There's things turn out. It's a pain medicine. Yeah. Anyway there were six Britons who had both this sightseeing plane and helicopter. And there is site I helicopters landed just before the new one of the passengers on the flight was a nurse so she was already there when the helicopter crash this is currently. Louisiana got some gas. The senate denim shirt Justin gray shirt. Whenever around. Visitors to help the people now accounts. And they were so badly ground and they are going into shock and the other gentlemen I'm. It was just screaming you know let's just incoherent and going trafficking anyways it was for a better. Have you ever been on a sightseeing helicopter before you know. That's a good idea and take a picture of me. Laying in bed looking at pictures. I'm praying that I can give you. I'm Goodman they all line. I'm not a psychopath. Will we are ninja who boasts psychopathic. Until we die. I've got a picture of me on your nightstand shows we're fan. That's right shows you and and sergeant us. And fun. For Rosh yes yeah all those types of fierce and fabulous routier's. Owning brands friends or. Never forever. Friends for forever. Someone sent some powdered and John junior. Conine now maybe but they certainly didn't sound that was cocaine in so it appeared. To be more like anthrax he didn't open letter is wife Vanessa open it this morning and it's not a life she's tester yeah. My email account amity does food and nobody else. Or maybe he is I know they see is status as feared being poisoned. May be trump junior got to visit his wife. Was opening up all the smell my children out there was a dress just seeing him when children's white powder. President Donald Trump's daughter in law has been taken to the hospital after opening a letter containing a white power church. The letter was reportedly addressed it to Donald Trump junior about his wife Vanessa opened it at their New York City apartment. There's an update your this is they don't think it's anthrax but. Gotta be. Just think. So the teacher in Kansas City. Has made national news because they wanted to sort of so I had it is I had writes it homes. On it looks like he's still at risk. Removal mountain there's this whole freeze and movements. In he's been here Allen's. Thirty years of the land. Thirty years too long and I guess though this is his wife talking to local ones yeah. National. News outlets. It's fun again. Just hoping and praying and crying is searching for people who can help me do. There was a judge him freedom and stay here or something like deficit doesn't it doesn't. Looks like it's gonna hold in the Soviet. He's chemistry so I don't understand. I mean more than thirty years. How does not benefit us. I don't know. All just seems like they would saying. Hey you know you never you've been here for thirty years your chemistry is your teacher. So here's doing these guys cancel stuff you need to salt this paperwork so we can get used to the we have you accounted for I understand. Saying we need to be able to account for you. You're on document or whatever I don't and I guess he might not be indoctrinated to just oversees these are how that works anyway let's get this in the paperwork and say hey. Here we need to sell the stuff. We've looked at it even you're over thirty years your chemistry professor weir gonna goes on to sell LaSalle. By the way I don't rule him out imagination deliver every hour. I remember when I cannot think both sides and get Mattingly for this looks good tonight and anger both sides opened the right and the left who get mad at me. But remember when. Roars wishing to HDTV. And they ran those commercials and they said it was like two years long ride and they send if you don't get a new TV are important. This free thing on no no longer be able to watch TV hello. Let Israel and Iran and Iran TV and they did it in magazines and papers right I think Michigan this same thing. For two years we just run ads and everything is as saying. If you were born here you have in Juneau. January 7 20/20 one. A swing and I want of these local offices in its favor works and when you do that your gun but you gotta fill it out all right let's go again. No no no or kicking people out that was. We do that for dreamers it was a sign up and common dream. What he's saying is you've got a guy here music professor overstayed a visa and I'm giving many options they're saying that's right everybody is free and clear you're clear. Com and sign his paperwork. Now you're gonna go beyond no wonder she. Get a chance to be dire scenario if you sent out on your documented here accounted for and we now right now on taxes. Basel. We just need to put you in the system. Yeah. And while you may not like that now we have a system apparently Rihanna and by the way we're listening to audio conversation in his cell phones you can. Bridge loan scream whenever you want to do so got to command folks they were a dozen Americans behind him. And I shouldn't pay taxes and wound. And no fly list. Doesn't. Showing by that place used to live RadioShack and I'll closed down. Grant someone out there where you decide in. Any RadioShack for Circuit City in your neighborhood. Still drizzling mind. To five years old. Bangladesh born chemistry professor. Mannerisms for long two weeks ago. You cannot take his son. Daughters yeah. Does Texas is immigration currently doesn't work like diner talking on amnesty exactly right it's like the one thing I agree when Reagan on the may dragon. And plus why are we doing. Why are we spending any money sending someone a Loren Starr restaurants 55 year old professor. Not even if you guys know me and I'm gonna for the humanity. It's just still grand. Shoot church. W bush said last week. He's giving a speech samarra solid colors and we went there and ask many immigrants and we ought to say thank you. Immigrants and welcome them it was like on and houses his disease known. So that was always his CNN pretty open season Reese understand it all comes from the bush. Reagan. This doesn't have to be a Republican sure. I think it shouldn't be. It's like when drugs are talking about. Making you don't see any Muslims from entering the Kinshasa every once or sharing that clip on FaceBook is from the Republican debates eighties between. Bush and whoever I'm rule was running but there are they're asking them about sun. Immigrants you know. I think the question was about. What would you do with the students in Texas who wants it looks good out there and neighborhood they were all just talking about meaning behind me prices need to basically what you just said. He mission and they're accounted for. Right when we don't have somebody can't go to school I don't know turn from being. Thanks I love that analogy. We also know a bunch of people turned on the TV today after only surprise in mark. And I Streisand gave me three years of unemployed the time or money in advertising. Is after January debut pulled over by the police at three years from now. That's a dollar advertising. They'll ansari. No it's not a perfect system additional one I came up was a moment you know comfort. I'm on north. The most controversial shall be welcomed linen jeers and balance largely on TV I'm sorry. Now what if you OK so let's say hey they register. I'm. John doe he gets registered. All right he's here he's an incredibly once a RadioShack he got registered on an estimated front. Now he's committed three times do you just treat them. And say well he goes prisoners like an American or do you say all right you were on some sort of probation period because you get you can usually yeah chance. When I ran include primary go to jail here. That's what happens. So when you wake up in the morning is the first thing you see a picture of me on your nightstand. Mikey just open your eyes match between his erection you. Didn't mean I don't yeah. Because it's just so those essential part of who you are and Herman and notices like it made the move with him. It's they're now of course. I was top priority unmoved. Remember. It's really we're not noticing some serious funny and it's really rare and really we are. I get maybe like cute funny to take a picture on it one day and ham it up there but it actually panning out there and have sex with the ball. And people tell other people that is out there while I had sex video that really weird man. Who really weird I think it's cute that's clearly you're making. I can make you win the tax line did send. Does not gonna have a picture of a pump Muslims as I was nice things my cousin essentially says it was there and got freaked out down. I layer where I know about it. I mean you know his persistent feeling we share something intimate that. I was wearing rain and snow tumbles as a bonus they didn't get.