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Courageous man. On all sides. Sure you'll ma'am. Lovely dark. Will strike down low numbers on new. Well I yeah yeah. Yeah so good. How are you a great man. Excellent. Everybody's good everybody's brain. I almost volleyball is supposedly. Was out last night. I think it was coming up and coming up on me yeah I'm in other news this week as solid cancel. Is national news. And in the morning show when I don't go to on a lot of show I don't know that I can read that stuff bunch. I do like Tyler and while you guys know about me. Ben mammal like hip hop artists who I like common and blouse. I guess toll call you John and usually you know once you lose by John Jay Z. Most out. That's right it's true that common most of us toll quality I Jay z.'s big John Legend. As far as I know an interaction. Good list. I was a little confused I was trying to understand all of last night's. Our songs stories where I know he was upset about a metal band that was supposed to play and I. I couldn't brand that more wars just to tell you really maintained he was they were. At least Swedish her symptoms I was there really isn't up to those unable to tell us and apparel broccoli can you guys seem calm. The documentary and 176. Now it's you know and if you if you have Amazon and so on and and a lot of it goes through real Malcolm McLaren days. A dollar now. You know like Chelsea now as a punk rock band and then the real world. Billy Idol loser of the sexual. They truly singer out. And American Generation X. Wright who. And then also the Sex Pistols you know they wanna hang out and Malcolm McLaren this fashion shop and its resolve problems and I was really kind of about. I share them. Politics and shocking it. You know we'll Malcolm McLaren saying never trusted him being dry but it and it was all those things and a lot of times those guys named charles' ex Trace backs that kind of stuff. They would Wear. I'm not seeing. You know honestly feel like download. And band and there were Nazis it was a Braun to it was about you know shockingly. And then it was also about bringing attention June. You know these horrible governments not only the ones that you hate and despise the ones that are also. I'm controlling your the same time so it was about the shock value tied Bob. You know. Wake up right stay long type of thing rioted in south I didn't know I don't know anything other advantage of frontal maybe they're like an old clash punk rock band. From slows from 76 on. Only thing about it. Listen to and. That's nettles who think. There's no double bass pro I was just trying to figure out a way to judge and I love black star himself I was just trying to figure out whether or not they aren't actually said in an anti name. Islamic stops and never respond like a big daddy Kane we hate all religion. So did is they said that they talked bad about our religion I got a little island there was a good to go line from the song that was. Disparaging to Muslims. And the singer suddenly did you read the Bristol it's disparaging the whole foods we were little we hate religion in this lost a good thing that they were talking about. According to the story I read it only happened at the show in Germany once in Germany and I was an attempt to do shows in Germany where they left he did it in Germany. For shock value according to him. And so there's always a shock value Marilyn Manson are shock value or is it today me shock value. Such Bristol shock value that's not on them. I guess like some illness and Alice Cooper's show last shot yeah like W hitting. Just trying to be shocking. But no under current stage medal off now I don't yet know he says no. I mean everything I read me a semi no wonder my you know Nazi punk stuff off to ride I didn't snow. Music and I thought maybe this is a Nazi punks at all I'd love. Sure I'll mab jolly Polly didn't read enough into it I don't know there are pictures as humans that are. Don't know for sure it's the band that looks like there there. Someone's gonna Nazi salute log well you know then around the time. I'm not defending the because I've never heard of them okay rebound them and I just didn't feel I can do prior to jolly golly. About back. I defer to him. Let him figure out. Molly's got a pretty good job is an old political activist seasons it. Most of the causes I see him stand out horse speak out about like stand your ground. You don't stop what does what was the sergeant first thing or whatever aliases used and generous sorry you know standing up against that stuffy seems to being. Pretty well educated our issues and I'm guessing a and made it a point to not play in the club because of this banning got to feel like he has an idea and that it wasn't a game. Jello Ted Kennedy Center. Right I guess yeah I don't know I just like to see someone show me you said he saw pictures of him doing Nazi salutes and instead I'm I don't know for sure that was. It's hard to sing you know us on the IOC didn't look at today last night didn't seem like anyone yet had. Links that I found to learn. Evidence of them being my daughters and that's it's every Monday you know seller for the last time we are not Nazis we are not to sympathizers. We're death metal we hate pretty much everywhere on the human race and hope we're not the civilized. Whatever. I did more shocking to me honest real good tally Crowley was gonna play the right room that that that's surprised you. Like a little and John I don't know anything about it but I mean liberalism load isn't pulling any other movies like music I Lawrence seasonably bigger rallies. You know yeah I thought the same music man. Yes it's been awhile. Does that mean. Tell me if you can't shoot the scene playing. I wouldn't seeing snow okay yeah. You know record its own uniqueness plus. Diligence and bigger than anything else. They were together. I was surprised to slew. Seems like he should be I don't expect him to sell out the midlands. You know zone but yeah yeah something bigger than you. Italians all you can do some another people. You know I'm feeling good runner. Documentaries don't punk 76 and it's now straining on. Amazon. Just see evidence about the elections and I'm really kind of cool interest in interviews and bands you know. Back then and now you can see which ones which ones held out right and which ones don't look so great anymore. It's really done this was still not. And I find it fascinating because they talk about the saucer an inning and punks wearing a wider war in the 1976 in London a couple days later try Bryson Larry you know he'll let you watch document early data automatically fix now like clone this legend Dolly is due stroke stroke went you know I mean negative backlash here. The latest on what nine. We're not picking up on it because we want in London in 1976 right. And it's a huge problem right now it feels like Don. Let maybe maybe not such a case. Maybe this is and how Malcolm McLaren inspired dance ring. But I think it's so good answers questions so this this early jumping on ads these guys social media's like Chad Wagner which happens so often now people taking quotes out of context. Accusing people of being something they're not. And then you almost you. You run the risk of being ostracized yourself and say hey wait. Wasn't dispersant mean satirical disclosed in a legal right yeah yeah right here's a crisis like all right I'm just gonna stay out of this right. And how I am not Johnson sympathizer. And when news. Not all the due process and more on social media. And others not to. But I've never heard. Live to deliver a big daddy Kane her big daddy king. Daddy. I don't know where they should bring Senator Clinton. Sprint center then dedicating. No big got a chance hype man loves. Think you've told us this once before. Jay-Z okay. So that sun. That's what you're talking fruit here trying to figure out. It is being and was. Whose side we're on I saw a news item on. And I'm not sure you you're now saying you'd call to. Telling thing yeah I mean good. He's a pretty well respected him. There's a lot of other stuff going on in the news email never go to her room and yeah I didn't really like the and accusing them of being sympathizers. It's like national saudis said spears and I don't like the idea and then you can. That as a venue. A full and orange. And hard does any thing. That's created from nothing. And people like. So it's just slide or discuss it right. So even if these guys are white Nationalists I don't like the idea venues shutting them up well I don't problems and look we don't book racial holy war okay like I have never been here I do and I get that. And if someone else wants to do it whatever I don't think that they would. Let alone this is the same thing like well they basically. The same. And maybe this band is I don't know but I couldn't find anything last night didn't they jumped out there OK here's the evidence. Size is big Danny Cain anything like all the data yeah. I was a lot talk about the lawyer that was indicted by Muller. The attorney you mom. What's Xena Alex Saunders on your hunger he's also released. I he was charged with making it materially false fictitious and fraudulent statements. And representations to special counsel Robert Mueller his office and FBI agents he. Has pled guilty now to run many like guilty and it's. Trump or not so happy London based attorney Alexander vendors aren't books by the FBR. There's about this one why did you feel the need a lot of the special counsels sir vendors won his. Dutch national who married the daughter former Russian no regard. No lavish wedding that lit up social media he pleaded guilty to making false statements about contact with gates. Who at the time was manna for its business partner Venice one admitted to destroying emails connected to his. Roll the PR war the man affording gays were allegedly involved in to support Ukrainian politicians. Backed by Russian. Law. So. If you're trying to keep track at home this happens. Trees trump presidency. Main important gates are involves. It's become so confusing now. I've got to the point where I see he's risen like I was waiting for. All the indictments to be done and someone to make sense of this trump sent out a tweet. It says questions. If all the Russian meddling took place during the Obama administration right in January 20 why aren't they the subject of the investigation. Why didn't Obama do something about the medley. Why aren't Jim crimes under investigation. Asked Jeff Sessions usually come Jeff Sessions and running and actually between fiction. Ask Jeff Sessions. This whole thing. Blue pill that there are this many people that aren't. Deeply involved with Russian oligarchs every time us another name comes up they say we'll this guy does get money from these oligarchs he married the daughter of Laden's friend who tunes and it just keeps going on an alliance of these into account for a long time. I like him and daughter home. No kidding. Daughter of an older. He doesn't album name. The brand name yellow tape. The oligarchs daughter were. Good poetry book. So the sea floor shooting. Probably the biggest story. Today because a bunch these students don't charter buses and drove the capital of non they wanted to protests. They didn't mean they are trying to get their representatives to take action on gun control. So these kids got into the capital last night and then there was this little. On whether or not even have a debate about regulating assault rifles and ends. And in Florida and this was voted down they can even make it as far. How do you debate whether or not assault rifles. Should be controlled just. Stay motion to consider a bill proposing a ban on assault rifles. Was struck down 36 to 71 Stillman Douglas junior Sherlock Korolev was watching the vote. Your. Yeah. I heard other students you know the rest engines that are about developments and we knew that this wouldn't be easy everyone told us. Even though and just lost all these class amazing you witnessed this thing it's going to be a long row we have to continue. The giants like displaying and there are some democratic representatives in Florida who were obviously. Trying to reach out to these students. What happens when you got all these kids on television and then making these passionate pleas. Whether they're at a rally where they're doing an interview on television really using social media what happens we'll of course you know ten. Tantamount to attack them on Twitter you attack them on social media and you accuse them of being crisis centers. Crisis actors would you tell anyone ever heard that term thrice is actor. Well this week. Just and they are hearing this guy and you. It's happened before and they send me. See the shot and it. We Orlando nightclub. I Soledad. S gas and that it was saying. Red flag and over a crisis sectors you can see some of them walking towards I don't know. Just bizarre flatter stuff that's the big Al Jones where the right does it brings us. Well. David Hogg is an industry news seems to be getting the most accusations of being a crisis actor he's the student. He said he was a witness to the shooting survived and his father. Was just is a former FBI employee and now once he said his dad was former FBI and of course Davidson dealers pro regulating guns he was gonna be a part of this movement. Right wing media said not all right wing media but it started. These different little. Strange sights and it's certain to slowly make its way more and more mainstream accuses can have been a crisis actively ceding go to school there. They found a video from him. On the local news. Remember how long ago this is it your ears for a couple years ago few years ago. Something about well what was in the speech there is an unusual lights are you in spite of the beach so I'm. It is they use this book is similar abuses can count for you doesn't live in Florida. And the media had already looked into mainstream media hasn't looked into these accusations of this kid didn't live there and they say were. Now he does he did go to school here he is a student as dad in his former school every mountain towns and he was. Affirmed the right. So that's all that's only confirmed an ending confirmed I mentioned another things that is when an earpiece during our view the photos and the like. And also yeah that's we can hear or see any means Fannie answers cities to articulate. Right to be a real student may have missed some of these kids to articulate. So I can hear the reporter asked him. David had two on. Go on CNN and C NAFTA but he went on scene with his father. To address these accusations have resigned with Anderson Cooper and Anderson Cooper points out. And some of the origins he gives you background on this whole conspiracy points out some the origins and visa. Where they called crisis sector experience. One of the most some guy on Twitter who called themselves Thomas Paine. Send out a tweet with a links in this story this story and using her uncertain about and being. Price is actor. And mean and I don't know if you guys saw someone who likes this tweets you guys see who likes this tweet. I'm calling themselves Thomas Paine re tweet and hold true pundit article and this parts imported because while we normally be reluctant to even give these conspiracy theories any oxygen and all. It's what happened next that makes it newsworthy because the person who hit the white button on the Thomas Paine tweet. Was none other than the president's own son Don junior. So Don junior and likes the tweet that this Thomas Paine purses so he's out with a link to the troops under an article about David being a crisis. So he and his father were interviewed. And you know he said exactly that Monica prices actor so's my dad was in the union. People are saying that's. Because his dad was in the FBI has just further illustrates this. Deep state conspiracy against trump right near the guy is out to get trochmann and it got her own agenda and. It's always been conspiracy theories. Source but this is all this high end of that documentary great state to whatever you guys watch that now brings to cancel the tournament and I watch him it was killed after. Trying to make some movies and announced Jones like tonight. I'll Riordan. But this you're hacking victims and students. You have from all the Florida a Florida State representative. Shaun Harrison. And made. Email sent out an email claiming that. These kids were crisis center. They took us through its email and shared a decent name. You fire these Giuliani fired an eSATA tweet to send and honestly Kelly was terminated from his position as my district secretary. I'm a tall. Act in strongly denounce. His comments about the part when students and rubio is about as well. Everybody is saying claiming some of the students on TV after hard Lander actors is the work of a disgusting group of idiots with no sense of decency. You're faced agents. If someone's yeah. I'm bailout that you know I've. First time in six years you know yeah and isn't nailed it. I saw someone on social media earlier said that today Limbaugh. Was further aid some of these theories is that true yours. But was he dreamed. And Susan green is notches. Giving them they're time. Citizens and oh yeah okay just so there's and he heard him talking about how the students were to articulate like further innocence. Stevens you articulate so we did CNN at least. Let's find out. And I know he. Jones is he's a singer didn't happen again he's still says that I guess they're resident and now yeah. Right summer and I can't really none and Limbaugh described the cartons pieces articulate an angry but he also said they're being used by the left to unite Democrats and and bin. A candle so it doesn't look like it's. Cues that love. Of being crisis. So this what I isn't that would be a big story I think if you just unannounced Jones saying it is would be expected really said something like that. So that was attacked by the winners and video on YouTube this morning about this David hock kin the student. That people are claiming one of the students are claiming to be crisis sector. This video listening to put together and with all this evidence of online music price sector that was the top training video on YouTube is when they had to pull the video down. They simply don't violated other rules is how many people have to be in on the conspiracy. That's what all the conspiracy gears and on every student. School. And in most. Residents of that. It's it would have been involved. Then to be true and that's true in most senators are you serious. But this does feel like a new. You now taking students. Children who survived this massacre where and you're accusing them loves. Lying. If she's not mean actors. It's one thing to disagree with the schedule I disagree with what to do about guns than disagreeing but don't call them prices actors don't say that they were never there yeah. I can't find that you seeing are worse than tech science in the local news going. Now. He retreated. But I guess I'm. She let you know. He'll lose first single hey here's a story. Some people. You know re tweet only homeless. Blow like Jersey but I can't financial. I. So that aid this email they save you got fired. Shaun Harrison the right now. Easy emails sent on those kids in the picture now students your actors that travel to various prices may happen. That's lazy Nelson. Like not there's hey you know there's some rumors out there. I let us you know. No well some people probably on. On the death today I'm guessing and I know people always tickled Billy Graham. And. Kelton. Don't you contact him. Now we're gonna that does reverend Billy Graham an iconic and beloved evangelist has died at the age of 99. Carl Lewis learned from my mom love you. Come on what you've done how bad did you move and I love you. As a modern day massacre roommate and if you notice any rival the reason why Billy Graham there's a way now. That is so easily spread it throughout his life group preached lied to more than 210 million people and 185 countries and territories. 210 yeah. I didn't know that Billy Graham and didn't I guess I didn't know really anything about Billy Graham. I know he didn't have a zone church. They were saying this morning many key question now is you go out he would. Give these speeches sit state fairs like that and not BC when television came hardly certain neurons on television. But I guess it was assumed he was telling control listening and he had a congregations some more I know he's spending. Essentially retired for the last ten or twelve years but I didn't know that he was just. Traveling preacher. How much money. Is easily imagine. I mean she's rich. I was Tressel arena where they cities were 25 million. At the time of his death notice an updated point five million dollar and high net worth the time was definitely eighteen. So he was southern Baptist that's a denomination rings sure that's an official denominations southern Baptist. And your parents want. Lynch is relief agents anyone ever talk about delete him. How us. I don't remember Billy Graham MB I remember listening to Billy Graham in the car or on television I knew the name. I'd sum on TV TV he was always a guy that trades for a politicians knew he was the big names the household name. Minister. When everyone's. Preacher he's an idiot. He edited the watch. Changes because he died. Truly complete as soon have some respect. I don't understand that yeah. When people die guns being a little bright as soon as fumes I am videos Billy Graham. There's five courageous closer Billy Graham I'm like yeah. There's like a hundred more lows mainly complete tracking. These sand. I know Billy Graham is to. Somebody was talking in my that there is an atheist who's a nice person he served that's just a fluke. Bad if you're an atheist you have no reason to be good. Or bad you just finished just yet no reason. To do big things. It's. They eat invention morality. Lesson you know that. No reason to be more illness. There's no afterlife. Have you guys been watching any of the speeches today that the students were giving. The Florida students and I mean it's just I'm trying to remember what. My classmates were like when I was like Tyson always in these kids are amazing here. And now I'm hesitant to even sit back. Because this series that yeah a little too amazing not able to most other massacres and very. No it's it's it's it's really. Shocking. How well some of these kids are able to communicate ideas and let them control girl shaved. The things if you look insane about her online music calling her names just the articles easier. Their eyes and it doesn't even call her but they still out there and geoghan BS speech that was that was good there will gain this feature someone on the radio this morning saying not. For those again I think it was her for those of fuel. Cool I think that you know we can't make change. Does he. And looked even if if you say yeah we'll someone that's because she wrote OK fine but the fact that they're able to get out there you go out and do this in front of these crowds not all of them some of them are really nervous I saw a drill today was really nervous speaking of those microphones and the cameras on which is to be expected Muller then at 1617. But man they're. It's inspiring and gives you both these kids are kind of making their shooting staying. National attention yeah I was like some teens and finally change you know of the candidates and make it better. I just of 24 hour news cycle goes like they're yeah they're doing it. Bennett took the kids. I was voted to moms. Right marriage education consultant and let's not forget Sandra day there like millennial Olympics did you see that huge. Some like. What was it so he's been able to name which happened is just final logo. Being able to tax DiMarco without looking up from your phone and a bunch of dozens and as I was reading them and so many smile and I thought. Hello all the ones you want actual gold medals and why do you boomers out there and there was absolutely guys just crushing me Olympics is bad. I've been slower sales in the Olympics right about snowboarding and we did pretty good amount. Guess it was a bad year for the Americans to keep hearing about how. And this Winter Olympics goes for United States in the medal count. Always people who they expect to do so well. Ran into issues. This kid who just spoke earlier. One of the many Ryan teach he's a senior. Any set a bunch of stuff under the voting but he says sun the more they don't act the more they don't deserve to be an office. The more that I know me and my friends we are turning eighteen I'm a senior I'm eighteen myself now I can vote. And I know I'm not voting for. A lot of these kids are 16178 right I mean these kids are about you know. Hopefully they note yeah I mean face it history has taught politicians that you won't right. I'm saying in June as if you're a young adults 181920. Now and you listen to this program history is taught politicians and not do anything for you because they know you won't show up. If you show well. Those are listening. This is encouraging. Seeing all these kids you're on buses in the and you walk us right how do you feel about the other is a lot of students into participating in this nationwide walk out. Gun reform I saw one of the superintendents and some southern school. Sat down I think it was a similar schools and it was a very red district where the school was the principal or superintendent Sid any of the students. Participate in this walked out will be punished I think it was three day suspension or something and it doesn't matter data know their parents. You're gonna be suspended if you participate in this. Any in my does it look you make choices those choices have consequences. That's how it is. I'll keep things I've got to look. Maybe this guy is maybe look into his personal history and he's turn right wing you know yeah RA sticker on the back was cart kind of got fun. He set about if you have a walk out you get in trouble because now I'm just walk out. And you can you make that choice and I did you enjoy smelling and that's fine and the rest. There's probably not a way out a little bit. But. I think it's on. Building about a mile there was an innocent even if your parents. Excuse your parents should always be an excuse to sit there. Let's say mr. much cooler something. I don't like the idea of passing him my kids in the school today in the Brussels says I don't like that recent. So it seems like maybe you're right in my school lunch below average not sure they can. Our principal got really mad when parents who write letters say that these students do we're gonna be sicker gone gone home opener. Because a lot of kids less literally come over. Ans. I became a big thing like this threat that all right wolf we start getting too many notes from parents are in a moment you're going to be punished. My parents and I'm sick person and I'm excuse I'm excuse. As far as I know I mean up until it's semi graduated. People were preschoolers into our home opener. And as far as I know all the people who are excusing in any trouble this is obviously a little but that's going to be a little differently as an actual they were allowed to walk all right. Right I think I think what he's out. Choices and consequences are gonna sources Susie and get in trouble for you're really gonna do on the other thing is you know kids know that there's power numbers there's always power numbers on us so everybody gave everybody locked out of that school going to be a long three days from those teachers and principals should just sit and about themselves and I SS terms any relief full. So there was to get us. I'll go home for three days ago all right fine. Everybody's got to do. Let them finish when so sure. I'm sure they probably supports him. Along party lines for the most part don't you think a lot of them probably speed although I saw that numbered 75% of Americans. Want it stricter. Gun laws. There's obviously a lot of people who vote. Republican. Who also support this. What about the kid. And I just saw this further on the air you guys name are you read this little one of the kids she's who escaped the shooting at apartment. His dad was at that did the shooting in Vegas Jason I'll talk show there a way yes yes they made. So so his dad was a bad shooting in the sun was it involved in the shooting I just saw a picture of the I don't know what America is now that's the thing I ask you better bring. You can find its entire resume Hiroshima and and disease Bailey tonight or Sunday. Should yeah that's OK and experienced news published an article in survives because I didn't. Like damn I had yeah. I leave the World Trade Center and driving to the yes exactly and manage to get safe. Or even worse times and yams tennesseans feel like I'm here ran into populated areas right now I'm really great. We're gonna bills' offense and this video is hangars now was an honest big twelve is a getaway and everything. He does look up you gotta be kidding honey this is that like Parkland survivors that escaped harm in Las Vegas shooting. Father and some stories are supposed to look like this quote I was trained for my friends and in Libya case and Braden. Three kiss a freshman at just dumb and Douglas high school right it was after. Yeah US inside the school in the guns or shooting great and eventually into his parents' arms they've been trying to reach him repeatedly up until that point. And they had feared the worst quote we were one of the lucky ones we were able to give him and he was safe. Reynolds is death but now maiden in his dead. Have a shared experience in a way that they could've never imagined John Street kissel was in Las Vegas in October when the gunman opens fire on to a concert crowd. The crowd of people were running towards as soon as the shooter there's a shooter we were lucky enough to jump into a taxi cab and get away and that is the next lesson near par. Right lose the baby shoes over okay. Some people are asking me about this. And I'm not right on this guy's name is no ma'am are screwed up. Option two home. Yamaguchi. Her show yeah and he has as a survivor of balls on Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings. So apparently he was a resident of Nagasaki and I think. Any trials to Hiroshima. On business he works from Mitsubishi. And the city's bombed an 8:15 AM. And then he's survived in return the Nagasaki the following day. And despite his wounds and return to work on August 9 the day of the second atomic bombing. Cash so that morning while being irradiated. By his supervisor after him as crazy. After describing how one bomb destroyed the city. The other bomb detonated so he's like man you're never gonna believe this is bomb blew the whole city homeowners must like some permission to ensure your line. And Dylan doesn't. I. Maybe having your dad. And you will be decided mass shootings of its. She's just the right yeah. Yeah looking at pictures of I mean look at this is in the capital Florida. Look at all those kids and there's just kids the little people and. That's encouraging him encouraging. Someone pointed out that. Paul Florida voted. To not discuss whether or not they should have you know restrict the sale of assault weapons they decided that they would go and discussed and not formed. It's a serious health issue it's gonna discuss that. In case you weren't there not anything. To keep kids safe this thing. What's to be the guy who today are that he can destroys it. Posted video of him. Essentially he's brilliant and done an owner of gun lover I guess ray had this summer with the visas for fifteen years or something. And he said look I saw the pictures of the kids. Under the victims saw those pictures side of what is more important the right to do it on this assault weapon. Or protecting. Not just like losing isn't worth people's lives for me to have just this dawn. Spurs and yeah Austin and we. The image slumped to a younger and they show you how to build one yourself for the treatment of the tournament it he says she. This is not what you're expecting. I tell us.