Thursday, March 22nd


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From the righteous man. It's just set on all sides by the inequities of the selfish. And that to renew your. Evil men. Lessons do you. Shepherds the weak. The value dark. Clinton lost she. And I will strike down upon the U with the great vengeance. And jewelry design nervous those who attempt to. Oh sorry I'm great how are you great man and a good runner good good good enough feel in any better note. You are those so let's OK I told you I was dying you're not I'm sorry I mean I would didn't know. Not I assume you can imagine if I'd known you warm feeling better I don't know I was assuming it was somewhat sooner. Yeah I didn't know I don't know you how do you not know I told you you ask me first are you still sick and I said no right. And and if I'd known as you know second and you're like I'll use I'll say it again I just told them still Cigna to bring up again sorry what I'm saying is if I had known that you were still sick. I would have said that I still wasn't feels a great sound make you anxious but I'm sure you're fine anyway drew about probably just got on touches something. It's a touch of it's gone around. Of I don't know I don't know anybody else losers don't deserve the three weeks. As someone on sat chat after we had a conversation yesterday someone on Sanchez he said he delivers parts to a guy at a dealership whose wife is having same symptoms. She didn't and likes to us sick for a week. Which I have said that she had you know. Stomach problems she's gonna. OK I'm not doing them a story just church are facing UC LQ had the I tell you after a few college and I don't have anything else are they had diarrhea no that was you. Well I'm sure your fine you see his feelings get to Q call time but you don't puke I must tell it hurts like on a scale of one attendance about three isn't bad enough that you're afraid to ask the doctor does run tests another I think I should go. OK but I have a national impact. That's Obama. Buying. I'm sure your fine. You should go decision had the peace of mind that you treat as many Chinese Italy claiming get an ABC on fine anyway who does not go through extra yeah. Praising your friend doc you play golf with your doctor right just in McCall. Do you text him and say hey before. As I've always been really jealous of your relationship with your doctor would be awesome if I get text when I was a hate. I need you to promise me that you're not going to tell me who that sounds bad even thing your head you're thinking ooh that sounds bad here's my symptoms and then tellem. And then wait for his response. Excellent I'm okay I'm just gonna do delay I'm not gonna say with the results are that something bad this year with a known and just. And besides OK so you have nausea right China's long term loan. They can be accompanied live by other symptoms such as constipation diarrhea stomach pain. Most common cause irritable bowel syndrome. You have motion sickness emotional stress. That's a third most common cause right there I skipped pregnancy to look. Emotional stress your doctor bill I don't know emotional stress there's nothing series on this list and emotional. Motion sickness emotional stress indigestion food poisoning viruses exposure to chemical toxins Jim and Russia lately have you. Maybe your fine we could have gallstones. Citizen I think through its own thing not show is strange spell level three. Now feeling great. The agency or no question just perfect headlines now let's talk about Joseph Biden. Vs trump and Priscilla no Biden's gonna run for president points money I don't think he said but. He was giving a speech in Miami he says that you disaster and it's yeah woods so he talked that he eat breakfast and you say what he referenced trumps. Access Hollywood tape and you know he said this is a guy says he can grab a woman where every once you get away with millions say that. He didn't say. He's an inning I'd like to specifically that he was specific about one place because I think I just beginning of that audio. You know he said he can grab him anyway back and here's a zionist 5050 this. True slightly misleading and. They ask me what I like to debate this gentleman. I'm seminars and learn how it's going to take you behind Jim did that a lot of them. Locker rooms my whole life in pretty damn good athlete. Any guy who talked that way was using the fattest ugly SOB in a room. OK so he says he would take him behind the gym Michelle wants before they weren't taken time to kick his ass but anyway he said. That he didn't want to debate him. Wanted to fire he'd rather take his ass and he also said any guy who talks like that in my group is I was quite athletic. I mean July leave them on land like any guy chopping down a locker room is usually the status and is as soon be in the room. Donald Trump responded of course is not cannot. Let this go. So we treated today crazy Joseph Biden is trying to advocate tough guy actually he's weak both mentally and physically and yet he threatens me for the second time with physical assault. He doesn't know me but he did go down pass to Hodge crying all the way don't threaten people joke. Crying all the way. Now this is open the floodgates to people debating online who would win in a fight between Joseph Biden. And it's. Donald Trump Donald Washington Post actually printed it. This side by side comparison. That someone put together so here's the stats Donald Trump he's 71 he's 63. He weighs 239 pounds his athletic history includes based on high school. Golf that van and sense. Joseph Biden he's 75 height six vote weight 215 pounds athletic history baseball and football in high school. You guys. Got a favorite I I know so consider drug Joseph Biden would kick his ass I'm not so sure I would still lives of four years on my you know the last thing I need to seize 275. Year old man slug it out behind in Germany and elementary school. But I just don't think it works well. I don't think it's an exciting fight probably them I think they Bolten who's. Their energy predicts quick someone's got to land someone's going down okay trump utilization and wealthy. Guys grow up in New York. Ben privileges entire life I don't I looked at all the stats you know Washington Post even printed off that she chose chose the side by side. Another agent wait on us up. Like you said Joseph Biden got a few years. On non trump Trump's also got a few pounds on Biden. But they're both in their seventies. I just when I see Trump's trump does. Seem to have a lot of energy I don't I'm not just saying that because he set on the championship but the guy. Does seem to have lie energy Joseph Biden when I think of Joseph Biden I think of an older guy. Then when I think of trump don't you. I guess I'm proud rolling fine looking animals now it looks like he's a better show well I mean refusal and yet you're just looking at at room. Well we're gonna pictures MO I think trump looks like he can take that take your head more so than Biden you don't think so well why. Biden looks like an old man to me these government privileges whole government close to a final total it was much too so I I think a lot of shocks them. Any drop Suu Kyi means you're implying that Biden's somehow. Has a lot of experience the street fighting. When the last time you think he got a fighting Linspire a little while I imagine you crying in his kids will play one. As a kid doesn't teenager he probably got some fights and Iger got a really films and a Scranton. Trump was born to those don't business. Here's my issue we were talking about these two fighting in high school I would have all my money on Biden no question I'm sure some summer men and fight I'm Venus. No idea probably had him in line before okay and I'm not other genre one that he would be so. Shocked to look at team. No one although there's a chair and stat trump can take a punch just because that is dead Droid BP S on time you take Biden in Amarillo on I don't think it's close I think Trump's got a class action on our look at it easy. I don't think Biden does that's what scared me I'm wondering I'm I'm long strong face. I'm afraid some gets in there he fights dirty right he's almost breaking the rules it's not grammar police are struggling by zero error does something no. But doesn't eulogy you look at them play golf doesn't look like he'd taken it. Some pounds I'll tell you guys are all over again all right though it looks like his make up would run on. All right and they did is ask this there was all browsers I feel like you could rip his weight off there's a lot of things Biden to do. She guys have both taken Biden did trump I I don't I'm not clear how your mind. Not out of my mind knowing you are on your mind you think cuisine you just a few minutes ago was the oldest zeros the first thing and negotiations. As four years a man by just 75 yeah but the more I look at it. The more on take them in I'll take the older guy must be rooting for Biden don't get me wrong I just. Put money on it wrong I don't want it. I think they should run a simulation. They probably won't have to hear it I mean isn't that hard to imagine is it better do match the next couple years will read a story. That trump and Biden encountered each other and started throwing punches. No I guess not when firefly case and I think trump does apply and I think he's running away gonna fight and now this is stupid. And their balls 200 presented by each other's pretty stupid John Daly former vice president I am president now ordered back to duels and I know I'm dual amounts so I don't your camera and now I know I wish Biden didn't have to play that trump game one's giving speeches a lot of I don't mind now. If he's gonna run for president I king is apparatus so this sounds and images and not like come on guys. Unified Camara Firefox and you feel like we've diluted politics and twenty we're gonna say yeah I'd say a small deck and a punch. Today so we need someone who's who's willing to cinematic way you know what I say that and it sounds like I'm upset about it but really now. And an unavoidably much better than lightened glory but there's all of these kids. I'm on my junior small Dicks facing allied background of the there's a reason he won and there's a reason let's be honest when he first started running we were all laughing. This is fun because this is really fundamental yeah he's followed 211 a good time I mean I never win but this is awesome right. Mark Zuckerberg was on CNN he apologized very sorry it's you can't trust me group's interest not everybody isn't something like that. This is a major richer for it and I'm really sorry that this happened. You know we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data and that we can do that and then we don't deserve to have an opportunity to serve people. So our responsibility now is to make sure this doesn't happen again and then there are few basic things that I think we need to do to ensure that one is. Make sure that developers. Like Alexander Hogan who got access to a lot of information and then improperly used to just don't get access to as much information going forward. Maybe I'm the only one again here I know I was an Olympic trump I'm not trying to be contrary and does anyone else feel like when you sign up for a FaceBook account or anything else are you just handed over all information to the Internet and that any. But he basically in that millionaire thing I type anything anything onto the Internet right people that information and the only thing that gives me any comfort is deal. Kinda school of fish mentality I think William they've got my info they also got a billion other people's impose a hopefully when someone goes to grab the an identity they just don't grab mine it's a numbers game. They've got everybody's. So I guess I totally understand count on anything about it what do you mean I am in Miami and think all the schools fish mentality and a state. I just sign up for FaceBook and I'm buying new avenues as log into your space program like us we value so it's usually easier. I don't mind I don't make fake email accounts in this house we was later on down. Radio and what kind byline room all can I use apple pay or whatever okay I'll do that boom boom boom like. I'm all about convenience GTX four that convenience I risk privacy. OK did you did you think if you got your virginity was stone became this huge headache because it wrecked your credit may find him and obviously I would think about it again. And in the future just like you used to not you used to drink and drive right and any idea on sale I got to think about that regularly on the Wheeling and say right. Of course and then the only thing however some guy Ryan out I got arrested for a crime right now I didn't commit knowing not service found decided it with him like an all mama I've never. Don't golf course and I'll promise that are my bank account was down. Those seven dollars and has left and it brought whatever the case may be of course that has happened yet. We ask you designing you know in the sings askew saying says you can sign in using your FaceBook account. Or your Amazon account. Or there's there's a few of them used to I think face that was the first time ever saw all that implement it where you can use another counts and yeah is there one do you have like some eternal loyalty Rio I think you'll save for using this one does for whatever use reason I use my Amazon account whenever I can't whenever says login with your Amazon. Or your face I just or is FaceBook a guy uses FaceBook. I never really go to FaceBook I don't you know that's the other thing where I'm like I'll. This log in through FaceBook and and on the other anyway so right that's always used to work for me is to log into things. And everyone slash talking about how much money Zuckerberg losses week because you know. I guess investors scared of the draw some people to leave their FaceBook accounts I saw a story this morning. In the Washington Post about it is how hard it is to delete your account I haven't thought about it I don't use my count. I was close. I would any of you have a hard time if you don't really hard time deleting it I don't let us you you would. I am because obviously those games of mount Sinai got a that's through FaceBook those games you player you're also interface where you buy those third party that's right and it says log on interface all your history of how many times you played the soccer right in his golf game whatever it is. I have all those points okay accumulated OK gotcha. Yeah I didn't realize that you're logging in with FaceBook for those that that makes sense you do love those the soccer games I'll Obama that's the thing keeping up play video games and I play more leader infamous moment you know the biggest scares me the most watched porn. On my phone yeah. Played video games on my phone checking email. Check email occasionally cannot write and I read. Some news articles. That's that I rarely text or call him. The biggest kid me about not having to FaceBook account is if which I feel like in the last ten years I've searched for just about everybody I've ever been curious to see them look like now. Not feeling we get excited Rio we have. Remember and thank you nice to play with when I was not I wanna look him opposes lesson I've run out of people look up on FaceBook I'm afraid that as soon as I deleted. I think of someone but I think did you use a mile is usually that aren't you really don't shoot I mean I. I'm so nationals I don't think it but I don't care winner and spent Shannon Stewart ran the same thing right but owns and so and I am I just like you can't just delete everything. Got to say I'm no longer doing social media that's why I bring about your identity being so Iraq yes yes I have used don't likes. Based organizing and marketing and you're worried about like oh my god. This is a wake up call me at all this information from Madonna got the wrong hands on either delete my FaceBook yeah Willie raised Clinton's lead everything. Us does Twitter and do some of these apps have less information when he's on his face looking to give much time information right like your. I think you're a lot and your address sir and thanks god I'll ask from you anyway in my experience and screaming and at one point healing your Twitter don't post on your FaceBook got Twitter is done only for myself. Other kids what are those where you are right now and what you wait for dinner yesterday. Yeah I I really honestly haven't even thought about it because like I said I assume everyone has that information right but I guess I'm just trying to play devil's advocate someone my symbol Twitter you just need an email address and screen name. Like face what they want to use your real name they want information I don't dismissal wants a sign up I don't remember. Everything you. Have to hook where you are may soon have to put to the right place but they drop notes where you are. One FaceBook and you weather and hamster and you allow them you know I don't mean those. Actually everything. If he knows who you root for its earlier tweet did you ever done it where probably where you live. Certainly where you live. They can Trace that back just your target project got someone's. It's almost we did a thousand times their live image and tell you a lot of things amount of talent just give me no once we. Yeah and if you're worried about that I mean you don't even need social media that plane to roll a Microsoft all of them know you are yeah. And you we've already decided that we are all right was surveillance company. We descended toward what sucks about this about magical thing about FaceBook is that they knew about this in 20:15 so I am apologizing now. Yes but he thought he might get away with that goes women's events he's apologized because he got caught lol yeah. You should just give me a little bit work more business partners here in the sense is that how you operate you don't apologize for something unless you get in trouble for George criticized him for any other point would be and are you trying to tell me that Twitter doesn't know of some sort of violation. Or at least some sort of breach of trust between you and it. And another party of some sort and is Donna just knots and I think I have no idea I would hope that both my testicles. That all of our social media apps are used in ways that we buy other companies views in ways that you not allow for that. And when my app asks me allowed Twitter to track your location and I say no I used to sooner says amounts to batter Sosa duplication but I just don't think it shows how little error on the top my phone letting me know that something distracting my location. I don't allow any of those things on my location. And I just assume they're all tracking my location of course there are. In the Austin bomber unmarked Condit a suspect in the dostum bombing did you years doing his contract your location as me. Right now I don't care and care now fair you know. The Austin bomber obviously. I killed himself when the police and former name ran off the road they they got us on there's a video on his phone. And I think they said that video list I think deep mindset how long it was only five minute I thought it was twenty some minutes. They won't tell us everything is simply won't release he had because it's still evidence. He does not at all mention. Anything about terrorism. Nor does he mention anything about hate Boston interim police chief Brian Manley says the 25 minute video doesn't show motive. But does offer a glimpse into the mind of bombing suspect mark Condit or also indications. Other actions he was willing to take in the future. I also heard that in the video he described. Like how he made the bombs where he got materials or what matures he used in how I figured out how to make. These bombs and that he described on video and I guess he recorded that video just a few hours. Before. He killed himself for his busted so and also I don't know we news yesterday but we talked yesterday about how they did you know. Under retailers that they are papers has been made him we date we saw a picture from FedEx history now there's been a few more pictures released from surveillance footage of him dropping off packages. But they said what they did to catch him when when he dropped off a package. He was wearing like gloves in that way you look a little suspicious they were able to zoom in on a security camera get his license plate. Once he had his license plate that's how they got a cell phone once in a cell phone that's how they located him. So if you ever wondered can name triangulate your position what the cellphone and who knows maybe they didn't even trying your latest position using cell our mandate its use FaceBook or something. Maybe he had a pizza delivery. Apple on his on those track his location and they were able the use of but somehow once they knew what number his cellphone was they were able to figure out where it was an inside track down and caught him. Again I just assume it's someone I myself on number right I presume they can trying to Parse you ultimately his arms through FaceBook. Yeah. That. Image is so much easier to send this package.